1984-02-20-Introduction to NZ

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Topic: Introduction to NZ

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs

Session 1

Introduction To the Material Received in New Zealand That Eventually Became The Basis For The Teaching Mission

[These notes begin in the year 1984. Also See a brief Biography of the celestial teacher Abraham at the end of this transcript as well as "Wilma’s Recollections" Text Print Out Approximately 48 pages- Ed]









…You have names that you have had from the Beginning, that are unchanging.

Mac, you are known as Charles, the European is Charlemont. Babs, you are known as Ruby, the European is Ruben. Your names are not male or female as you know it.

I would very much enjoy imparting some TRUTH today in the manner of a proverb

It is not for Man to know all the Truth at once, So a little and often is best. All men who are thirsty must drink, although to drink too much will cause him to drown. So, therefore, we will drink together a little each time we meet.



Many times we have tried to communicate with each other, as you are aware it has not been easy for you to accept us with you. Now the time has come when it is possible to speak with you of many things, and my first effort is to tell you of our great pleasure in you. It has been a wonderful experience to know we are in communication with our loved friends, Charles and Ruby.

My last Message told you of the drinking of truth, it is a vast ocean and therefore, it will take a considerable amount of time. We are gratified you understand that we should begin.

My Message is not for you alone. As you have already perceived, others will benefit from this communication between us. They will come to you. If they ask, do not deny them.

My dears, Love is the greatest gift one man can give to another. It is also the most healing of all. We would be happy to spread the Love of God through you, to whoever enquires of it.

It is a wise man who knows Love. Love is a healing. You will find it is in each Plant which grows from the Earth And in each and every Child And Fish in the Oceans of that Earth. Love hides away like a mischievous child, You only have to look, for it is always there.

The message I have for you now is very important. You must not neglect your Earthly Missions, they are of the greatest importance. You are chosen to be carriers of, the Truth.

I have told you not to deny those who ask, and I see you have already accomplished some of this. We are well pleased with the acceptance of our Messages.

Your Missions must not be in the way of doorway preaching but you shall gather those who ask around you, although you should be wary of some who could try to doubt you, yourself. You must learn to have Faith in yourselves and, although I know you do have Faith, it must stay strong, for you will have some trouble communicating with us here. This I tell you for to prepare you for your own sake. It is not a directive to you as I cannot control your Freewill, only serve as a Loving method of helping you carry the strain you may feel from others thoughts on your Belief and Faith and your Trust in the Truth of all Love.

There was a time, long ago, when Man first walked the planet now called Earth, when all was so simple to communicate, that there were some Men who did not understand our messages. They denied our Truth so became unhappy about us and tried to halt our communications. One of our Chief Guidance Messengers tried very long and faithfully to make communications with these unbelievers, but they had buried their understanding deep in the subconscious. He tried to unlock them, but in vain. We had to rescue Him from the mobs who would have destroyed Him. Fortunate it was that some who had remembered Him and His efforts have still that memory. We shall live with the fervent hope that those few will, one day, unlock the many. You are one of the few we can hope to do this. There are, of course, many such as you receiving the Truth, and more and more, we believe, will soon KNOW Truth as you are receiving. My story is based on one you will have read all over the years.. I can tell you no more just at present. I hope you will understand the reasoning behind my story to you and all Men. You will realize that by all Men we include the whole of Humankind on Earth.

The place where we are is not as you know space and time, it is all of the same space and time. Present, past and future as you know it to be, does not exist here. All happenings are circumstantial. That may seem to be an oddity, but, time, space, past, present, future, all co-exist at one space. It is very difficult for me to describe in your language as there is nothing you can measure my words by, for your understanding. The only possibility is to show it to you, but the time is not just now. I hope this is of your understanding my friends. It will be known to you at (as) the 'correcting time'.


Love, Health

Q. There is a great fear on Earth at this time concerning humankind’s involvement with Nuclear Arms

The 'atomic' fears you express are not the correct fears, the fears you have will not cause the world's destruction. The fears I mention are that the TRUTH will be denied yet again.

Q. How can we cope with all the negativity all around us?

The only 'weapon' (if I seem to use an angry word) is LOVE. Love is a white light from which all negativity hides. Shine with Love from your Soul and all shall be at ease for you.

Q. Am I, and are we all, God

In each and every Soul there is a memory of God. We have the Love of God within that memory, so yes, God exists within us. Were we not told, in God's House there are many Mansions? God's Mansions are those Souls.

Q. (Roy) Can you tell me my unchanging name

Yes, he was, and is known as Martinus, We shall call you Martin.

Q. (Ed) May I ask the same question

Yes, he was, and is known as Benjamin and shall be called so...

My message is, be ever thoughtful of this, it is most important for your life's journeys. As you walk the Way of Truth you shall not be giving your physical body pain if you remember this, do not forget your physical bodies’ need, for the loving consideration you can give them. Be kind to your vehicle through your journey. It must take you far because you have a lot of work you must undertake. Do not forget your bodies need fresh air, exercise, food and water, for it to function for you. This we tell you for your own sakes. It is easy to forget simple matters when one is immersed in greater things. My Message comes with Love as we have many appointments to keep together. My Message to you that Love of you will come through to you in your sleep times. I am aware the Message tonight may be a repetitious one, but I stress it is most important that to prepare for what is to come in your next appointments with us. We are most well pleased with our new, but not so new, friends and are happy with you.

Your minds are fragile and we must prepare you well first, then all will be well. If we do not prepare you well you will be ill in the mind and we do not wish this to occur. Have patience with us.

One thing I would enjoy to impart. The whole Universe is the Truth. The planet Earth is just one small portion of this. You will know the whole TRUTH.'We' are learning still, the Universe is the Ocean I spoken of before times. 'We' are not in space as you perceive of it.

I have spoken about the sanctity of God’s love. I shall enlighten you more on this. The Love you know is unbounded by any thing or matter of the mind of Man.It is all enfolding and all powerful. It cannot know any limitations.

The Universe is a place within and without. The TRUTH is the Universe. Man cannot see ALL with physical eyes. He has to go beyond the borders of those eyes. The Universe is made by God and God is the Supreme Being. God exists therefore, within and without, it will be known to few but we live in the hope that all Soul Memory will open one day soon.

God is Love. As I have told you before, it is not the Love you ordinarily feel and speak of. It surpasses that physical emotion and is of the Universe Love. Not all Men shall experience this. It is doubtful if a Man shall experience this until he opens his inner heart and allows the Light within to shine bright and clear. It is the Soul Memory which decides this.

Q.Soul memory, can you elaborate. Is this memory of past incarnations?

Yes, it is memory of the origin of your Soul's existence. Some never re-learn the memory of their Soul.

Q. Are these what we call lost Souls?

No, the lost Soul's are Earth-bound. The ones I speak of are the ones who never find their purpose of life.

Session 2


Second Coming

There are many things to tell you. The Second Coming that we spoke of is not the second but the thousandth. All over the ages CHRIST has come. You have heard of the last civilizations of Egypt and others, they knew of the Christ in their ages. THE CHRIST IS LOVE. The Soul of Jesus was and is that Love and Christ. As God dwells within and without you, so, too, the CHRIST.

The next Coming must be well prepared, all times before has not been well. The Truth must be allowed hearing next time by all Human-kind if at all possible. We shall be teaching through you and our appointments. You have no need for stories now, our work can begin. You see now your queries have given us a measure. We may still give a proverb now and then to help elucidate and illuminate our meanings.

You have made query of the 'Akashic Records'. These are the Universal Mind. It is difficult to explain, they are not books or such as these but a knowledge of the whole Universe. In our appointments you are linked to that knowledge.

May we share a well-known piece of verse with you?


The Plan spoken of, is this, now in progress. As I have said there are indeed many such as you, this will increasing(ly) be so, my friends. We have a Mission to complete, as you have also.My Helpers and I are but a small part in this Mission but of equal import to others. You are working well my friends. We have full understanding of your mind queries. We do NOT control, we only communicate when requested.

Religion is a Church orientated Teaching on the Life and Teachings of Jesus and Prophets as Ezekiel and others. Your work will not be associated with this but to teach others to find the God within and without through LOVE AND TRUTH

Creation through Evolution: This is some part Truth but not all. The Planet Earth was formed by mass eruptions of the sun and other planets. Some life forms then created from the gasses around and within the atmosphere The Human Kind was not created thus. I understand the Darwin theory to have traced origin to the Primates. There are similarities but you are not directly related. Some mutations did take place as a result of life-forms creating, but Human kind came from another manner.



Q. Do I understand that the mutation, or Ape, came from humans?

Yes, you are correct. The genes of the mutations continue on. You are, I see, having clarity of where I am from! We are from another time and place, and you have knowledge of this. You have ALL been here before times and shall return. All will be clarified for you as time passes.

Q. Can you give a description of the difference between Soul, Spirit and Guide?

The Soul is your Essence which lives on. Spirit is only another word for Soul. Guides are the Souls who help you in your learning, from here.

Q. If we have been where you are, why do we come here and then try to remember there!!

When we re-incarnate, Soul Memory is closed to avoid confusion. You re-incarnate to learn. You learn here too. On your plane it is possible to learn much of Human Kind. No more should I tell you just now, forgive me.

You will return, you have specific lessons to learn. You cannot take ALL knowledge from here or the re-incarnation lesson would not be learned. Remember, there are more than two planes.

Q. Our Christian way of life considers suicide as a "sin to God’.

It is looked upon as a sin, but what has occurred is a call for help and rescue. It is not understood as a sin here.

Your Soul has 'Karma' to live, and it does not necessity mean you shall live one life of pain followed by one of Love. Each life you live your lessons are the same but of differing intense. Your Soul Memory takes essence of Truth with each incarnate life, between times the Soul is evaluating what it has experienced and what it has learned.

It is a wise man who sees with closed eyes. For the Light penetrates even the dark. The Man who can see with closed eyes is not the Blind. The Man who has open eyes but does not see, is the Blind Man amongst Human Kind.

Q. Who is Master, Man or his Soul?

Man is Master of his Destiny, the Soul is the Essence of Man, which carries on.

Q. You have told us you are pleased with us, can you be hurt or pained by us.

But of course, do you not know the feeling of a parent whose children rush into things and do not heed advice? Our Love of you over-rules the pain.

As the stars are uncounted So are the ripples in the Learning Mind.

There is much promise in your mind learning, as the ripples spread, you will become aware of the dimensions of you. I am happy to have appointments with my dear friends. My Master also is pleased by this.

Session 3



Q. In an earlier communication you mention Soul mate, could you explain.

Soul mates are Souls who have been together before times and share many existences. They are bound to recognize each other through all incarnations but will not necessity live together in a life, they may only meet physically for a short time, but recognition occurs.

Q. You use the word 'necessity' when I believe you mean 'necessarily’

Yes, this is so.

Q. Can Humankind be taught from a Higher Plane than yours?

You are being taught from a Higher Plane, I am the Spokesperson for ABRAHAM who is Higher still, so yes.

Q. I am having a problem telling my own parents of . this communication.

You shall tell them whatsoever you desire. I have said, "keep the Love in your Heart and let it shine forth and you shall be known to be of the TRUTH".

As the grass grows,
Not touching until the wind blows,
And one blade touches the next,
So it is with Truth Seekers. One may not know of the other
Until the wind of time blows,
And one touches the other.

Always look at the Truth Seeker you are blown to, you may help each to each through the Seeking. Keep the Light, which is God's Love, within and let it shine forth to be recognised by others.

You are well on the Path of Truth, you may feel despondency with your minds, do not concern. Learning minds, which is your Higher Mind is well. Your Lower mind brings the despondency you may feel. Learn to stay with the Stillness and it shall pass. It is the trough after the rise of the Ocean of Truth.

The world you know is a better place once all communications with us here are established. You are to take care of your physical body at the same time as you take care of your Spiritual Body. You are well, on the Way of Truth.

One thing I would tell you

The man, who seeks, shall find. But he should be aware that some seek too hard and long and miss what it is they are seeking. 'You will know some as this. You have also the experience of this. You must Still the Mind to hear what it is you seek. Do not be afraid with the Stillness. Learn to listen with your Hearts and all shall be clear for you.

Q. Too much reading and discussing others work, could . this confuse our minds...

You understand, I am not a permission giver for your Freewill. I can only point out the dangers and Blessed events, then leave it for you to decide my friends.

The Love you give shall be returned a hundred fold. The Light when shined in the dark attracts other Light as persons try to reach the Light they see shining oh! so clearly. Some need help to reach it but if the Light is kept burning strong and clear they must surely find their way to it.

There are many stars which shine in the sky,
You are able to see them only at darkness,
But you know they are there,
Even in clouds and day sunshine.
So it is with the Love in persons.
You can know it is there in sunshine smiles,
So you must know it is still there
In darkness of sorrowful faces,
You only have to shine the Light of your Love on them,
And their Love-Light will begin to show itself.


Remember this always, it is not of ease. You may have to shine your Love-light for long before you begin to see the other. As God shines His Light, which is Love, then so must you my dears.

Session 4



Q Is the Stillness only there for a second, then gone.

Yes Martin, you do not need long with the Stillness. It serves as a balancing of physical, mental and Spiritual Being that you are.

It is only necessity to have this for an instant in time to achieve this. Balance your equilibrium, I believe it is called. So do not struggle to hold your Stillness. If you struggle you create much conflict so lose the effect of the Stillness. Later, it may not necessitate a struggle, but until that time, let it be just an instant.

Q. Why do Guides choose a particular person?

They do not choose you. It is decided the 'best for the job'. It is decided who can best help in a particular manner for your needs.

'He' is most happy for this as it is also helping the Guide to evolve. The Guide has always your interests at heart.

Q. Does this mean our Guides have already learned or do they share our lessons?

Yes to both queries. They have learned but also share in them with you. When the time comes when you will assess your life, the Guide will also assess it's life as a Guide and so has re-learned through helping you. 'His' lessons may give the occasion to help another on the same lessons to evolve more.

Q. What if a Guide sees or feels his ‘subject' being very 'evil'.

There is nothing the Guide can do. Remember, we do NOT CONTROL YOU. We are here if wanted.

Q . When one is 'evil' we think it may be a cry for help, could the guide

Yes, but who listens? These persons you speak of have NO STILLNESS and have closed the door to their Higher Mind, therefore, the Love Light does not shine and the door is barred for us.

Q. Should we help these persons?



You can help, if they desire. You see, it is difficulty indeed to force a horse to drink water! The same with Human kind. It is a sadness, these bereaved persons are as the Treasure ships at the bottom of the ocean. It is as it is. Do not concern.

The Heart of the Light of Love
Does good for all who contact makes with it.
The Heart which bleeds with pity does not good,
For it is stunted in it's capacities to Shine.
Remember to keep the Love-Light Bright
And it shall spread to many.

God exists where I am and more. God is that which holds all together. It is paining for God to see the Human kind punish itself so violent. The terrors that you have of Atomic destruction are not of God's Will. Mankind is so headstrong as a tempestuous storm. - It will be difficulty indeed to prevent the inevitable destruction of the Planet Earth.We are working very well to head off this storm.

LOVE must overcome this seeming hatred of the Humankind for Humankind. Only the strongest Love of God will stop this. We are working towards enough Love to achieve this. This is a subject mentioned earlier in our communications. I said then, that 'the fears we have are that the TRUTH will be denied yet again.[1]



Session 5



Q. We have friends who pray regularly to God and tell us there is no need for any ‘intermediate' as they can speak directly to God. Therefore we are not doing God’s work.

I am your Guide, Helper and Teacher sent to you to teach TRUTH.I am NOT a God. I am NOT a Devil . I am NOT an ill-boding Angel. I am sent to you as a Messenger for the TRUTH which is GOD.I am your Angel Teacher. God cannot teach all persons, as a headmaster cannot teach all pupils, and as Jesus could not teach all, so invoked twelve disciples to spread the Word of God's Truth. So there are many of us. We hope that your friends will understand just as their Church leader has differing study groups, each with its own leader, all under guidance of their Minister, who in turn, is under guidance from God, so are we working with such as you. We do not use the Bible as our tool, but as a reference to the history of God's Work. We do not need to take each word printed for dissecting, but, if this is your desire, then so it shall be. I shall teach you in any manner you desire. You are goodly pupils to continue asking clarification.


We have respect for your Minds, Hearts and Souls. Do not feel afraid to ask of any matter, we understand. You know 'We' is me, Abraham AND GOD.

Session 6



Q. How does Miracle Healing occur?

I perceive of you as Light Energy, therefore, when part of the Light Energy is darkened by an ill, the Healing Energy passes through to re-arrange the atoms and spaces by moving them in to the correct layers for the well-being of the Body, Heart, Soul and Mind. This is as with wave-lengths in the atmosphere. As you know, sound waves, electric waves, heat waves and x-ray waves can pass through seeming solid materials. This is how the Healing Energy operates on a patient.

Light has solid particles and waves, but is also a solid so to speak, it is made up with particles but as it also penetrates seeming solids, it is a wave-length, is this not so? The scientist's academic intellect lower mind does not accept the 'theory' of Light Energy you really are. We arrive at our 'illusion' and 'reality' once again my friends!

Session 7


There is one thing I would tell you.

You have been told that it is wrong to have Faith in yourself and you should only have Faith in God. You MUST have Faith in you, yourself, to have Faith in God. Do you understand why I say 'you, yourself'? To have Faith or Love in you, yourself, I mean to let it reside inside yourself, then you can be True to God and surely have Faith and Love for, and in, God. I know your Bible class friends have told you this (in their way). I tell you nothing but TRUTH, which is:- God is within and without. God is Light, and that Light is Love. So, if Love is Light, it is God. Remember to have Love enough in you, yourself, and Faith in you, yourself, and you shall not suffer the words of ridicule from friends to hurt you, yourself, my dears.


Q. It occurs to me, from what you have said, that disease could start from the Soul.

Correct, some illness is an accident of Nature. The Soul, Body, Heart and Mind, must all be Healed to effect a proper Healing. If only the Body were Healed, as in your present medical manner, then what becomes of the other three portions which make the whole? The person remains unbalanced and so more disease comes in many varied forms.

Q. I had always thought the Soul to be Pure

Alas, No Charles, the Soul has much to learn on this Plane. If it is not pure then the Body vehicle can suffer. It is a sadness, but a fact of Soul.

Be always Calm and know
the Love of God resides within you.
Be Calm, and you shall let the Love shine forth.
Be Calm, and you shall receive that Love from others.
Be Calm, and you shall.

Remember the Stillness. The Calm before the storm of life and after. You shall find the Calm to be of the utmost import to you for your Life journey. Always speak from the Heart. Always speak Truth. Always speak that which ails you. If left in your Heart will fester. Once spoken, the Calm shall Heal you. Do remember of what I speak, and of what Love there is for you from Us and of God.

As the ripples in a pond spread, so do our Teachings. When you link for Light to Shine, it joins all others like lights, and as the bright pure Light is shone out, it receives of the Light from God and that Light has a 'fallout' which falls on others whose Light strength is low, and so gives strength to those, and on, and on, as ripples -


God's Light be with you friends, we are happy with the strong Light of you.

Session 8



To see a Blind man stumble is not to be a laughing thing. If he has a stick to lean on but the stick breaks, is it not a kindness to offer repairs or a new stick?

If he has no stick and is floundering, is it not a kindness to offer stick or an arm to lean on?

If the Blind man does not accept the offer of kindness, do not be angry it may not have use for that stick, and may find one around the next corner. So it is with all who seek Truth. The stick you use may be too long or too short for another, and so with any other stick. Each must find their stick to suit their needs. Some of the time our stick can be used to help the Blind man on his way.

I would tell you this

Stand Tall
Stand Proud
Stand True
Stand for Love of God

As to the matter of Stand Tall, Stand Proud, Stand True, Stand for Love for God. When you Stand Tall, be aware of the part you play in the machinations of the Universe. When you Stand Proud, take Pride in the machinations of the Universe. When you Stand True, be True to the machinations of the Universe. When you Stand For Love for God, you Stand For The God Of The Universe. Know this, and be assured that each plays an important part in the Universe. Be Proud for your Humanity. Be Tall for your Humanity. Be True to your Humanity. Be Loving of God for your Humanity. This will help you to be a whole personality.


Q. The word 'machinations ' confused us!

My meaning of this word is 'workings', perhaps I choose a misleading word. There is no deceit or intrigue in the words I speak, unless it is intriguing for you! You are part of the Universe and the Universe is part of you. You are a part of God and God is a part of you. You are a part, therefore, of each and every living thing. When you hurt with words, thoughts, body or instrument, you damage a part of Self in the hurt because, you are ONE.

Love your neighbor as yourself, Jesus said. Do you now understand WHY Jesus said this? All the Ten Commandments given to Moses were for the same reason. Thou shalt not kill, is as I said above. Thou shalt not commit adultery, if this is committed, you only hurt Self. Do you understand now the earlier Messages sent from God, which are in the Bible? You see that the Messages were given at that time in the manner for the peoples' understanding. I now give you the REAL meaning of these. Everything you do, feel, say, has an effect on each living thing, whether there are millions of persons, plants etc. or not. You are part of the whole and, of course, when you hurt, you also hurt GOD. God does not stop Loving and this is my Message Never Lose the Love in your Hearts. Be of compassion and not hatred. When all Man feels compassion then that will be a joyful world. Too many do not have clear Hearts, they are darkened by fear, and, with fear, comes hatred. Be compassionate towards these darkened Hearts, let your Love Light shine from within your Clear Hearts and some Light will fall on them.

Angelic Contact

Q.Doris Stokes 'brings in' souls long gone from this plane, is it interrupting their learning?

The souls departed from the physical are in various stages of work. The 'medium' does not always contact a particular soul, rather a group consciousness. If that soul being called is no longer discarnate a group consciousness has then information to deliver. The time is all one with space and so we are able to understand this concept of a oneness of consciousness, but it is difficult to explain for your understanding. You see, even though a soul has re-incarnated, the awareness of that soul is still here in the consciousness.

Q Would your friends be at Tauhara

Each soul incarnate has a spiritual guide. The guide or angel is most happy to be in these arenas of Light and Truth. The energies are increased as the guide is able to open the doorway for the Light which is Love, which is GOD, for the soul could not accept this without the care of the guide.

Q. What is the difference between a guide and an Angel?

We use the word 'guide' to describe those who guide you. 'Angel' is a word used by earth persons to describe such, but we use Angel to describe those highly evolved souls who do not need to incarnate again and are closest to the Light of God because they have earned this privilege. They are the Message Carriers for God. To us 'Abraham' is such a one. When you get the Light of God's Love it is sent through us to open the way for you.

Q. What is meant by ‘'young soul?

A young soul is one who has not been on many life journeys. He or she may have been held here for learning of spiritual or soul matters, when, therefore, one of the 'young' souls re-incarnates, it may be the first time for thousands of years and, moreover, the first time as a male or female, and be a re-incarnation in to the opposite gender. If this occurs, there has not been any preparation, therefore causing much soul distress to reality within it's life journey.

Session 9



No pen was used, from now on, tape recordings.

I am part of the consciousness of the Higher Plane. I am teaching Human kind, that is Ruby, Charles, Benjamin and Martin, to prepare for the Higher Cosmic Consciousness, which is the Consciousness of the Universe, which is God. When in communication with me you link that part of you, to the consciousness of the Universe. I have said before of your being as the four sides of the Pyramid, Love as a base. This level of consciousness, where I am, is as the mid section of -the Pyramid. It is a place of preparation. If you do not link with me here, it is not well for you to go straight to the 'point'.

Have I not said 'you must ask’? If you do not ask, you do not receive. All Truth is inside each (person), it has been locked away, we have the key for the unlocking. Do you wish, is it your desire, to go forward with me to ABRAHAM?

We will be on a journey together, We shall learn many things together, We shall seek Truth together.

The object of the learning, seeking, is HEALING. Which I have already explained. First you taught on yourselves, this is almost completed.

  • There was quiet for a few minutes

The purpose for my absence now Abraham has sent a message

  • Total voice change. ALL taken aback by the Power of Delivery,


I will teach you of the Universe, which is Light, which is Love, which is God.

Bertha has mentioned she is in the mid section of the Pyramid. She is the doorkeeper. There are steps leading to a door, I AM BEYOND. Ruby is weeping. You must not weep, your friends will help you on your side, as we will, on ours.

Ruby, you must be more positive
Charles, my friend, you are well
Benjamin, my friend, you are well
Martin, my friend, you are well
Ruby, my friend, you are well
We shall work through you.
I shall leave you now.
Bertha again.

You have taken one big step this day, you will take another quite soon. There is one thing I would tell you . . . .

You spoke of commitment.We all have commitment with each other with the Universe, with Light, With Love, With God. I am your link to the next link, which is Abraham, to the final link, which is God.

I have said God’s blessing is with you. God is mighty pleased. Do not worry about commitment. It is a word. The feeling behind the word you already have, that feeling is Love, is Light, is God. That feeling is a wavelength, a colour, a sound, it is ONE. The word is nothing.


Our Love is with you. Our Love for you is grand. Our pleasure with you is grand. You are growing. The seed when planted in the ground spreads its roots through the earth. Eventually the seed grows through the earth and becomes a flower, a tree, a vegetable. So it is with our seeds. We plant them in the earth, the seed grows into a male or female.

Session 10



Q. I would like Abraham’s Truth on the Universe'

Do these words mean as we now know it, all the stars, planets and cosmos leading to infinity. This could mean to us that God is . the force from another galaxy, a force totally . immeasurable in earthly ways. This might be our scientific view. The modern unknown. We could then be ‘farm' controlled by an alien Lord and checked by U.F 0’s etc. Or, is the Universe, the . inner space between atoms. The heart, spiritual godhead. The knowledge of collective hearts and mind, which is an energy of and with, Mother Earth, and the illusion that we see as LIFE. We re-incarnate towards perfect soul beings. This might be our way of seeing . it through mysticism and legends handed down from ancient times...

As I see it, we may have been coaxed into reading certain books, as . in ‘The Pyramids' etc. so that Bertha and yourself could use them as a kind of 'picture reference' for us to understand your communication easier.

I think I have always felt at ease living within the 'Truth', now, how can I be sure I have ever known the Truth, have I only known illusion?


You have asked, and were told of the seed. Your seed comes from another time, another place. You perceive the Universe as the planets which revolve around the Earth, and the Sun and Moon and the Stars. Beyond this you cannot see, but it is there. It exists surely as you exist) n your Earth.We exist far beyond where you can see.The Truth is: God resides in each and every human, God resides within the Universe. I speak for God and I tell you this . . . .

God is a Force. God is a Light. God is Love.

Q. We constantly hear and see human beings at war and killing in . their God’s name. This does not help spread the Word of God or help ‘Truth Seekers’...

This is correct. They perceive God as a MAN. They perceive God in their own views. The Islamics see God as a Prophet. The Moslems see God as a Prophet. The Buddhist see God as a Prophet. All these see as humans. This is NOT so. They do not fight with God on their side. God does not wish for humans to fight each to each and kill in his name. I say 'his' for your understanding! But God is not human. It is not God's wish for Earth people to destroy their surroundings and the planet, which would damage part of the Universe. This is not God's wish.

Q. You did not answer a ' yes ' or 'no' to my earlier query

No, this we will speak on at a later time. They do exist in another dimension which you do not understand at this time. We will lead you there soon. You are just beginning to understand Love, in this you are just beginning to understand God. I had told you I am a Messenger of God. Do not think of God as human. God is God is God.

You have asked interesting questions, some of which I have not fully answered. You will understand the time is not now. I understand your quest for Truth. I understand your unease to believe you are not being given the Truth. Believe me, you ARE being given the Truth.

Through your life's journeys you have obstacles, you have different paths, you have cross junctions, you have problems, you have sadness, you have joys.These will all balance when you relax. It is difficult. I have said 'you are as children'. Please forgive me if I seem to denigrate you. This I do not intend. Sometimes it is easy to give picture parables. You see, I teach you to find answers within yourself, to your understanding. I cannot teach you understanding. By giving picture parables you each find the answer for each.

As you give, so shall you receive. This does not mean you must give up your life. Jesus gave up His Life but He knew this was His Purpose. It is not necessary for you to sacrifice yourself for 'the work' we need you as you are for 'the work'. Some of the martyr's of old did have sacrifice as a purpose, but, this is only on the physical point of view. Death itself is only a continuation of your REAL LIFE.

We have used the word GOD. I have told you, do not think of God as human, rather as Energy, Light, a Force, a Wavelength, Radio waves or Magnetism. All these things are God. All these and Light pass through solid objects, so does God. I use the name God because that is the name you have been taught throughout your life. It is the recognised name for which I speak and for which I am a Messenger.

Q. Do you have another name for this 'Force' Abraham?

Ah!I shall not tell you this just now. There are many names for God. Ancient Names, new Names, they are all the same. I could say, I call Him, It, She, The Thing, Commander. I could say, I call Him, It, She, The Thing, Captain . . . . Ha-Ha! But I shall not.

The whole group collapsed into laughter

I understand your merriment, you have felt mine! . ....

It is Truth that the Great Pyramid was built many thousands of years ago, by learned peoples as a symbol of their knowledge for the benefit of human kind from then on. We have used the Pyramid shape, the essence of the Pyramid for your learning. The Pyramid is, indeed, a message to human kind. You must understand many of the prophets, who are mentioned in the Bible, did travel to Egypt and saw, understood, and knew, the Message. They took this news back to their peoples. Many did not understand, but it was written in the Bible to be handed down through the years. It has been misunderstood many, many times over many, many years.

Session 11



Stray thoughts are a nuisance during meditation, are they not? This is your thinking mind. Do not struggle too hard. Be at ease. It will come. You see, in your physical life, you are so used to struggling everyday of your life. You work, you sleep, you work, you sleep, it is all one struggle after another to earn your daily bread. So, when there is opportunity for to relax in meditation, it is a new thing, it is difficult to stop the struggle.

Q. . I have read the Master said ‘Take no thought of yourself or for your life. . It . is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Also the power of affirmations as . in a spoken declaration. Also the Laws of Karma . in relation to creative meditation for money and abundance. I query these

You are speaking of positive thought. This is true, it does exist, but, I stress, it is not good to use this for personal wealth or gain. It is true, you should not over concern with clothing and such, but you have been told to take care of your physical body and life. It is a paradox, is it not? You must meet God halfway. You cannot lie back and expect God to help in your life's struggles if you do nothing for this yourself. You see, it was thought, long ago, that there was no need for Man to earn a living, to hunt for food. . . Leave it to God. God would provide all Man's needs. If you are sincere in asking for help with things which are needed, I say needed, not wanted, there is a very big difference, if you meet God halfway you will find God will help.

As to affirmations. It is the power of positive thought. If you say I am fat, I am fat, you will believe it, whether you are thin or not. Or, he is a bad person, he is a bad person, you will believe it, this is affirmation. Affirmations in meditation are 'prayer' because, in meditation, you an in communication with God, therefore, you affirm yourself to the ONE-NESS.

Q. Moral values and sex in particular have been discussed this evening


Ah! my friends, this is indeed a knotty subject. We cannot tell you how to direct your life. You have the Ten Commandments which are the only Rules we have laid down for you.

Human love has many, many sides. Sex is an expression of one of these sides. The Love that we speak of when we say the Light that is Love, which is God, is vastly different. It transcends the love of one human being to another, but, while that Love is there, it is possible to still have a human love also.

The moral changes you mentioned have always been. Some have moral codes which are very loose, others have moral codes which are more strict. Those with the stricter code have a more simple life.

Session 12



It is not necessary for you to become perfect human beings. If this were so you would not need to have a physical life.

The Man who drinks but bathes not, does not do himself a justice.

By bathing, I mean a cleansing of the body. By drinking, I mean the receiving of knowledge. Without the balance, you will be unhappy.

You must relax. Then I have mentioned exercise, I do not necessarily mean vigorous pounding of feet. Relaxation is an exercise which involves correct breathing. I believe it is called 'yoga'.



Q. We have all read 'The Gathering of the Eagles'. Without being gloomy, . it does seem inevitable that we are heading for some kind of catastrophe. Is this the time when we’ give hope'.

You have the nail on the head hit!! This is exactly so. What you are doing now is a training period. All of you have jobs to do, to prepare for this time.

The burning of the Earth will not take place as you have feared, by nuclear war. It will be a Nature 'Attack'. I use that word loosely, but an accident of Nature, as so often happens. There will not be total destruction of the Earth's surface, there will be places not totally burned. Your work will truly begin in earnest then.

You have been frustrated when you have been told, 'now is not the time for an answer'. Perhaps now, you will understand, why. We had to wait until your consciousness was ready to accept. You see, planet Earth burning is a frightening thought, and we do not wish to instil fear within your hearts. Fear will destroy what we are trying to work together for. From now on you will be prepared more. Do not rush and try to sort it out yourself.

This part of the world you are in is a fortunate place. It is a very, very spiritually aware place, partly to do with the magnetic force of the Earth. You were all together once before. You all decided you would meet where you are now. This may be large for you to digest but, you knew in your last life, and the one in between.

I have listened to your discussion during your break. I notice it has stirred up quite a lot for you to digest. You have been taught, when you do anything to another living thing, you are, in effect, hurting the planet which sustains you. You are hurting your body, your Spiritual body, your Soul, and the Universe, which you are part of.

Q. Is this the reason for the words, 'Natures Attack'

Yes. It is as your body is invaded by a disease, what happens? Nature attacks. It is the only recourse that the 'Universe' has, for the Universe survival. It may seem a harsh way, but, is not the way it is, more harsh?

There is so much. If I were to tell you everything now, you would not be able to cope. THE RIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME.

If I were to tell all now, such a small portion you would accept, and the rest lost, so it would be a waste of energy to impart all now. It is not meant to denigrate your intelligence. Please understand this.

Q.After the shock of the last communication . I thought perhaps . it was a necessary step . in the 'selected seed' to evolve to a Higher Being

Yes. This is correct. All through Nature there is a Natural Order of Selection, is there not? This is the 'fate', if you wish, of human kind on the Earth, as it is at present. All through the years, warnings have been given. Warnings have gone unheeded, as this will also. The few will heed the warning, the few will survive. I understand the inevitability of this is difficult to digest. Your humanity makes this so. If you step aside from your humanity, you will understand, you will digest. You will accept, and you will work towards your survival

Do not be afraid. Fear will destroy your acceptance. FEAR is what is destroying the Earth at present. It is one of your greatest steps, to climb above fear. If the majority were to heed the warning, then, the inevitability would pass. This is which we are working towards. The more we make aware, the more will heed the message, the warning.

Q. So this could be our work

Yes. This will not commence for some time yet. You must be well prepared first. As you have been to this point. We must take one of these great steps at one time. We cannot leap two or three.

You may think, you may believe, that to re-incarnate in a physical human kind form is not a privilege, but it is. It is one of great learning time. The greatest privilege, of course, is to become Highly Evolved Souls, when you become closer to the Light and the Love of God. To evolve to this height you must incarnate in the physical form. It is one of the steps of learning

Q. Query about Hell!

Ah! Hell is where ever you may think. Hell is of your own making. There are no fiery pits, except in your own thoughts. You may be in hell each day of your life, if you wish.

Q. Query about Life forms or energy on a Universal scale

This is as other time zones, other dimensions, these do exist. The Planet Earth, as you know it now, also exists in other dimensions. You could say there are other planets in your space. It is as you look back to what was yesterday. Where has it gone? I*t still exists in another time zone. When you look forward to tomorrow, that is already in existence. Past, present and future, all exist at one time, the one and same space. It is difficult to explain. It is as you look in a mirror and see reflection upon reflection upon reflection. You cannot tell where one ends and one starts.

Q.You have said we were together before, and chose to meet here, therefore, we must have some faith in the rebuilding of Earth.

There are many as you, all over the world, all working in the same way. You had all decided that you had to do this work. To do this work you had to re-incarnate into a physical body. We then work through you, as we do not re-incarnate into physical. So all these people, all these Souls of these people, were aware that this would be their work, in this lifetime.

Q. You have said, 'there is no . turning back'. Was the coming of the 'Christed' one a time when things could be changed.


Q. But, at this time, there . is no turning back!

There may be, depending on how much the work spreads, how many listen, accept. How many of these become the majority.

Q. Can you tell us how many times this situation may have arisen before

Yes, I can. It has been since the Earth's creation. Since Man first occupied this place on the Earth. There has always been this 'escape route', if you wish. At the beginning, things were good. As Man learned fear, as Man learned greed, as Man learned self-pride, things deteriorated rapidly, and what you see in your life-time is the culmination of millions of years.

These 'escape routes', if you wish, have occurred thousands of times in the past. The last time being almost 2,000 years ago, in your years. There has never been such a time as this before.

Session 13



Q. Query as to our Guides'

You were told that guides suited to your needs in this physical life, were assigned, or chosen. This is exactly as it is. When you link with your guide, you link with that part of you which links with a Higher Consciousness.

Q. The Soul of us is then linked to the soul part that was human once before

This is correct. You are, at this moment, linked with me. I am not a human being, but I come through a human being. My place is near to God, so therefore, you, as humans, and your soul part, are linked with me, which is an energy, a Force, a Light, whichever you may call it, which is part of God. Is this understood?

You see, as you have wavelengths, the air around you carries so many differing lengths of waves, short waves, medium waves, long waves. Rain : you can feel rain coming, you can see rain, it is in the air. Beyond the air there is another dimension, which is in a similar way to the air. Air you cannot feel, touch or see, except when it moves something, is this not so? Then the dimension I am coming from is as this.

If we touch you, it is as air. It is as a breath of wind. Have you not heard of the 'Breath of God'? Do not be afraid when this occurs. We are coming into close contact within your aura, passing through your aura to your physical body. This does not mean to say we entered your physical body. We are just moving closer to you because, you are moving closer to us, to where we are.

Q. People who 'see' spirit, are they closer to your teachings


People who 'see', have that part of them highly developed, they may not feel or hear, they see. Some can see, hear and feel, but it is few. What they see is the energy which vibrates from the soul, which is four watts in your light measure. That is quite a large amount of energy. Four candle flames, if you wish, throw quite a lot of light, do they not? It is the same with us. It makes me feel mighty peculiar to say 'us'. We are not as you. We are not human, well, we are, but not in a physical form. It is very difficult to associate myself, my energy, with you. From a non-physical to a physical. Do you understand what I am trying to explain?

When you feel heat, but you cannot see where it comes from until you are close to it. It is the same with those who see spirit, if you wish, they see the energy glowing. Some feel it as a cold air, because we do not have the flesh and blood, which give heat.

FEAR is a very strong feeling. It is as anger, any of these so called negative emotions. They are very strong, they are also easy to express. It is much more difficult to express so called 'positive', which happen much more gentle vibrations, such as Love, Kindness, Gentleness. This is partly due to the physical effects on the body. When you feel kind, you will feel soft. When you feel angry you will feel very, very hard, because of the metabolic changes that occur within your body. So fear is a very strong emotion. This is why I say, fear can destroy, but positivity can overweigh the negative. Positive feelings are more soft and sensitive. Are you understanding me?

Session 14



There is a lot to digest. I understand there are frustrations with the seeming contradictory answers you receive.It is all part of what I have said, you must learn to put one-self to one side. When this is accomplished, you will find things will happen. You will receive information. When yourself is in the way, it is as a brick wall. When there is a gate or a door, in the wall, and the door is allowed to be open, then information is allowed through. It is as this with one-self, you must allow the door to be open. You may only do this by a step to one side. Self becomes less important. The ‘whole' is what we are looking at. (That is not a 'hole' in the wall, by the way!).

I have said, when you stand Tall, Proud, True and for Love for God, you will become a whole personality. In this way, God can work through you and with you. In doing this, you must allow yourself to stand to one side, and accept that what is happening is God working through you. This does not mean to say, that you will become an automatic human being, as a robot, because you still need to live your life, do your work and, your play, but allow God to work through you and with you.

You MUST put yourself to one side. I have no other way of describing this for you. You must come to the understanding of it in your own way. Each will have a different understanding from the other, as each individual understands in their own unique way.

Session 15


If you study the physiology of the body, you will notice that everything in the body is part of physical Earth. The minerals, the salt water in your blood (58:1.4). All these are part of the physical environment in which you live. You are part of Mother Earth and, of the Universe.

To stand aside of self, is meditation. Meditation is peace of mind, stillness. It does not mean you have to sit with crossed legs and concentrate on meditation. It can be accomplished during your work day, and should be.

We spoke of the reality of where I am, and the illusion of where you are. It is extremely hard to find the words for your understanding.

Where we are, is where you began.
Where you will end, and where you will return
Time and time and time.
Where you are is Illusion,
It is a split second in Eternity,
Where I am, IS Eternity.

Session 16


Unfortunate it is, that humankind, when in the physical, do play so hard with the physical. You must rise above the physical, see your Soul. The strength of your Soul must override the weakness of the physical. You have heard it said 'the weakness of the flesh', this is my meaning.

Your Soul began a LONG time ago. The body it inhabits in this lifetime, is only available to your Soul for a short time. It is easy for humankind to believe that their physical being is the stronger, but, it should not be so. It is very difficult, even the Bible is symbolism only. If you rise above your 'symbolism', you will understand. I have told you, which ever you incarnate in, you have chosen for a particular reason, for that lifetime.

Session 17



There should be an equal balance, whether you are male, or female. Within each there should be balance. You have positive or negative. Male is referred to as positive, female negative. This does not mean positive is the stronger. It is as the North Pole and the South Pole, that is the difference. It does not mean the North Pole is stronger or weaker. In you language 'No' is negative, and 'Yes' positive. This does not mean that 'No' is weaker than 'Yes'.

Session 18


It is written "Let there be Light, and there was Light".[2]

There is Light, it does not only pertain to the day light. When it was written, it was explaining the Creation of the Universe. It is thought that it pertains to the actual building of the Planet Earth, and all living life, but, it pertains to God, to the Light and, to the understanding of human kind, of what God is. We have symbols again.

Session 19


You have the power of speech. You must speak, you must think, always be aware of what you speak. Is what you speak, yours and, I mean, thoughts? If not, you do it without truth.

There are many ways, and languages, as there are ways of teaching. I teach one way, another would teach another way. The Message, the Essence, is the same. It is unfortunate that people do not listen with their Hearts to each other. If they did, they would understand that they do all receive the same Truth.

Session 20


There are four Souls, who sit together.
There are four sides of the Pyramid
And they sit together.
There is the Trinity,
The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
You may wonder, where is the four . . .
You make the Four.
Wheresoever Man seeks
He shall find Truth
Be it ever so small.
As there are many grains of sand
On the Beach, each one in itself
Is a Whole TRUTH.

I have said of the Ocean of Truth, of it's vastness, have I said of it's depths? It is unfathomable. Each Truth you receive, examine it closely, and see the depth, as well as the length, of the Truth. As it sinks into you, it travels far. It becomes a living thing because you enact these Truths in your daily lives, whether you are aware of it, or not.

Session 21


All human kind has the Freewill to choose whether they seek the Truth, or no. We may not push, you may not push. All you may do is let them be aware then decide for themselves.

Every known living thing is on a vibratory level.


Q. Does this include you Abraham, are you on a vibratory level

I do not consider I am non-living. I speak of inanimate objects. The Soul, if it is vibrating at it's own rate without the lower rate of the physical, the Soul would not be incarnate. The two must match. Discarnate Souls are vibrating at the same frequency as I do. When in contact with us, your Soul would vibrate at this frequency. In your everyday normal life it is on a lower frequency to inhabit the physical body at a comfortable level. It is a shock to suddenly jump from one rate to another without resting period, just as it was for you to use physical exercise and then, without a resting period for your body's metabolism, for your heart to calm down to it's normal rate.

Q. Regarding an earlier reference to electric frequencies and cycles. Is the spiritual frequency the 'carrier’ , and the physical the 'modulator ' as radio waves..

This is so, the spiritual comes first and is always there. The physical comes second, comes and goes, comes and goes, but the spiritual remains forever. Yes, you could call the spiritual, the 'carrier'.

For some, the carrier wave is completely obliterated, it could be screaming for 'volume' but the physical is too busy. If it were shown on a graph, it would be even top and bottom, one after the other, very close together. Positive people are receptive to higher frequencies. Negative thinking people cannot rise above the mid-line (stillness).

Session 21


When you incarnate you have brought karma with you from a previous life, to work through. If you improve in your present life, then you are helping the two previous lives by - how shall I say - wiping the slate clean for many mis-deeds from your previous lives. This is what you may call 'bad karma', 'good karma', if there is such a thing! Depending on how you look at it, it has the same effect, that you will improve your next two lives. It is really correcting mistakes you may have made, to ensure that you do not make them in the future.

Session 22


As I have told you, to live a physical life of illusion is a great privilege, although you do work towards the higher spheres.

Q. I think we understand that concept now

Ah! Do you!!

The 'illusion', I think you have misconstrued my meaning. Reality and illusion in the way I mean it is not the reality and illusion of a magic trick!I shall try to explain. . . .

The real world is of God, is where I am. The illusionary world, the world of learning, is where you are. It is also of God, but it does not mean that your world does not exist, and that my world is the only world that does exist, but that the two must live together in harmony.

Q. As Body and Soul

Exactly, if you consider, you may see your body. It is real. You cannot see the Soul, but you know it is there. That is your illusion. In saying this, I am not saying your body is less than your Soul. Your body is a necessary vehicle for the Soul's learning. YOU ARE THE SOUL.

Now, I may not tell whether you will return to the physical or no this you will discover at the right time, and you know when that time will be. It is when you are no longer of the physical. If it decided that you have attained the extra privilege of remaining the Eternity World, the Real World, then you shall do so. If it necessary for you to return to the physical illusionary world, then you shall do so. Each time you incarnate your Soul Memory shall open as it is now. Some, of course, never do.

Q. Soul Memory, . is,, I presume, remembering past Lives

No.I mean, understanding who you are, who you REALLY are. Where you belong, where you REALLY belong. What your purpose is, what your REAL purpose is. What your life is, what your REAL life is.

I am sorry if I appear to speak in riddles, but I think you have understood the way we teach you.

Session 23



The past is gone. Do not use your previous lives as an excuse or escape, for what you do now. Here and now is important, and how you progress.

Now. I have a lesson for you. I have said God is Light. God is Love. God is Glory. God is Power. There are many names, as you know, for God. 'Yahweh' is one. 'Jehovah' is another. The one that is in the book that you call the Bible, is the 'word', and what is the other word for the 'word'? It is LOGOS. This you may call God. The Word is God. God is the Word. You may use 'Logos' if it is more comfortable.


Q. The 'Logo' has become very commercial today

I am aware. The Name God has become quite commercial, has it not? Even the Bible is the same. People use the word 'Bible' when they refer to anything. The do not mean 'The Holy Bible'. Some say 'God', they are not speaking of which you and I speak. People say the word 'Light', but they are not speaking of that which we speak. Some speak of 'Love', they are not speaking of the Love you and I speak. Some speak of 'Power and Glory'. Some chant names. Over usage is not good.

Our way of teaching would not suit some. They would find it too simple. You see, in the days of old, when the Bible was written, a man would sit on the ground.Other people, children, women, would come and sit by. He would tell them a story, he would entertain them. They did not have books. They did not have television, movie theatres. They had simplicity. The words they listened to were words of God. Which is how you are now with me. I am an old man sitting on the ground, telling you stories of God. I do not mean fairy stories, but it is the old way. It is the correct way. We do not need to stand on a platform and wave our hands around, and shout. There is no need for that. Simplicity, that is important.

The Bible was written by men who had received knowledge. It had been passed from mouth to mouth, in the [[Orality|spoken word]. When the Bible was written therefore, it was often written a long time between the spoken word and the written word. Things were distorted, mis-represented, and, mis-understood. The Truth was also hidden in pictures, word pictures.

The art of conversation, of teaching in this method, has long past. It is a sad thing that people rely on the written word. Information, knowledge through legends, stories and the Truth, used to be passed mouth to mouth. Long before, it was mind to mind. At the present time we are returning mouth to mouth.

When you communicate with God, it is telepathy. You do not see, you do not hear, but you know from where it comes, the information you receive.

There is a place,
It is small, yet large.
There are many people, but few.
There are old people, but young.
There are young people, but old.
There are those,
Who are neither old nor young,
These are they
Who are, and have realized
They must be.
You, are some of these people.
There is a place in you
That is small, but large.
There is a place in you
That is old, but young
This place is your Soul,
This place is the God within,
It is large, but small.
In the Universe
Which is large,
The Planet Earth is small.
But, from where you are
It is large,
And other Planets are small,
The Theory is 'Relativity'

I leave you with the Blessing and the Love of God, which is large but is small.

Q, I would like to know more of our teacher Abraham

What would you know? I am old in your years . . . . thousands. I have not incarnated in a physical form for thousands of years. I do not envisage incarnating in the physical form in the future, but, who knows? God may need me to.

Abraham was my name in my last incarnation, therefore, although I am not known as Abraham here, there is no need for names, you are used to calling each other by name, therefore you have mine. You are aware that I am 'of the consciousness' of the Abraham that is in the Bible.

Q. The Man who almost sacrificed his son to God[3]

Yes. That is symbolic, of course. That is giving up that which is close to you, and in the doing, realising, that it is not yours to give. That was my lesson. Also, that it was not God. In that I mean that God would not ask that of me. God knows that the child was not mine to give. A child does not, belong to a parent.

Q. Are you aware of our 'time'

But of course. I know more of your 'time' than you do of mine. (Laughter).

I know more of your existence, than you do of mine. I know more of your lives, your struggles, your pleasures, than you do of mine. I do not eavesdrop on you!

Q. Is there more you can tell us.

No. I really do not know what to tell you. I am so different now, to then. All you need to know is, what I was is WHY I am WHAT I am. My daily struggles etc. are of no consequence now.

Q. Are Light and Consciousness, in essence, the basis of all things?

It encompasses 'all things'. It should be the basis but, unfortunate it is, that for many it does not exist. The Light, the Supreme Consciousness is God, and that God resides within each, but some have darkened it, so it is not the basis for their existence.

Q. We have been trying to understand the 'Soul Consciousness Concept'

A shaft of light, what is in the shaft of light? - Dust.

Three shafts of light, each separate from the other, but each containing dust, waves, sounds, colours. There may be many shafts of light each separate, one from the other and each containing dust, waves, sounds, colours. Each shaft of light then, could be called Soul Consciousness.

Each particle of dust etc., are Souls.They are your Essential Essence, the Life Force, just as the blood and heart in your physical body is your Life Force on the physical plane. Not forgetting, the Brain. Now, in the shaft of light, are there not some dust, waves etc. at the bottom, some in the middle, some at the top, and all those in between. Think on . . . The higher to the top, the brighter the light, the more intense the light.The closer to the bottom, the darker and the wider. There are more down there than at the top.

Continue to think on . . . In each shaft of light, each dust, wave, colour, sound, is separate from each other but all within the shaft of light. Some may nudge each other, some may touch and attach to each other, some remain isolated. Your Soul is your Soul is your Soul. It is very difficult to explain. Even in between incarnations you are not as you are now. You do not think as you are now. There is NO thought. It is extremely difficult. It is as in meditation. Perhaps will help you.


I shall leave you with a thought -

As Dawn breaks over the Earth, So with realization on the Mind. It is slow, quiet until the burst of the Sun's rays.

May God's Blessing be with you, and may the Light of God's Love reside within you.

You are Son of God and the Son of Man. Child of God, Child of Man. One speaks of your Spiritual Self, the other, your physical.

Session 24


Because a stream appears calm compared with the turbulent ocean, it does not mean one is more powerful than the other. A calm stream may harbour many unseen. The turbulent ocean shows all. So then, which is the most powerful? Neither, they are the same. They had different ways of showing the power. A small flame will burn as easily as a large one, though it takes longer for the small flame to burn a large area.The effect is the same regardless the length of time it takes.

A thought for you -

When at times of distress, at times of confusion, at times of low esteem for self, envisage the Golden Light surrounding you in a moment of quiet. If this occurs when you are at a busy period of the day, remove yourself physically for a short time, it need be only a short moment. Quieten yourself and surround yourself in Golden Light to sustain you.

Allow God to flow through you from the Heart Chakra, it will touch each part of you. It will cleanse you. It shall lighten you. It shall fill you with the Grace of God.

Session 25



Q. A query about old people and senility

With old age . . . the mind, the intellect, loses some of it's functioning, therefore they live in their higher mind. Their lower mind is not functioning as it once did.

Q. This would be a pleasant place?

Is it not called 'the second childhood'? These people have attained their innocence, their Truth that they arrived in the world with. It is unfortunate many of them do not, cannot, speak what they feel, see and hear. At this time they are also physical as children, they can no longer do things for themselves they were once able to do. Taking care of the body becomes unnecessary to them, therefore, their body must be cared for as a child's. Also, it is unfortunate that other adults treat their minds as a child. They do not perceive that which is. If there is an opportunity for any of you in your lifetime to speak with a person in their second childhood, ask them, 'what do you see, feel, hear?' They will tell you. It is unfortunate that many caring for these second childhood try to get them to forget their childhood, and make them feel undignified because of their physical function.

You are as children. A child is born with a memory of the Truth. As the child grows, it is lost. It is then a striving of great labour to regain the memory. The Memory of your Soul. When found, it is mis-understood and mis-interpreted by many.

All men should search for their own Truth. It is simplicity. If only they would listen to their Guide, they would find their own Truth, and find them the same, each to each.

Session 26


I have said, Jesus was a son of man and a Son of God. Are not all children of man, children of God? You see, unfortunate it is that religion, which is a man made rule, should complicate it all, should try to find a hidden word when there is none. Jesus was the Son of God. Jesus was the son of a man and a woman. He called them, mother and father. He also called God His Father in Heaven.You also have a physical mother and father, and a Father in Heaven, which, as you know, is God, is Light, is Love, is Truth, is the Universe. All encompassing, all enfolding, all protecting, all powerful, all glory. The next Coming will be a son of man and a Son of God, especially chosen to Light the Way.

Session 27


It is said that you come into this world with nothing, this is not so. You come into this world with a memory. That memory is of God, of Light, of Love, and is of Truth. When you take your leave of this world, you take with you that memory.

Session 28



People’s visualizations of their own worth can be very small or very big. Whether they have the same worth in others eyes is a different story altogether.

You must look up and see how tall you stand. You are afraid to lift your eyes. You are afraid that when you lift your eyes you may not be as tall as you thought. The Truth is, you will find you are taller than you thought. This applies to all people. Some look too high, do not see how tall they are, and are afraid to look down because if they look down, they will recognise how far they have to go to reach where they thought they would be.


Q. We have been shown how infinitely small we are in the physical scheme of things

The grains of sand. If you take one away, what difference has it made? It has. If you were to continue to remove grains, there would soon be nothing. That is your importance.

Think of the atoms that make up your body. If one were to be removed because it was thought to be unimportant, would you be as you are? You see, no matter . how small or large, all is equal important in the scheme of things.

If your Soul were to be removed, something small, something you do not see, but something very important, if it were to be removed, would you miss it?

If your 'pumping' heart, small in comparison to your size, were removed, would you miss it? Of course, therefore, I say to you - You are important. You must not think yourself small.

Look up, and see how tall you are!

The origin of the Universe was so very, very, very long ago in your time. I do believe even I do not know! This may appear strange.

The Universe on the physical consists of many, many planets. Of many, many planets that are no longer there. Of many, many planets that are still forming. It is so very, very old, so very ancient. It is so vast, inconceivably vast, for you it has no end and no beginning.

What is beyond the part of the Universe that you can see? I tell you, there is more of the same, and on, and on, and on. It is infinite. There are other worlds beyond, far beyond that which you see, stretching into Eternity. To travel from where you are, to where it is, would not be accomplished in one life time. Are you beginning to understand that which I am saying?

I am speaking of physical travel, as a person, it is impossible, but the Soul finds it possible. This is why I have told you, there is no time, past, present or future, as you know them to be. All exists at one and the same time and place because of the vastness of the Universe. Each time the Soul returns from the physical, it may choose to visit one of these other worlds.

Q. I have been thinking that human kind came here as soul energies

You are on the correct track. The evolution of the human body, as it is for you now, came about because of the evolution of the Planet Earth. The comfort for the Soul. The Soul had to have a physical vehicle which was adapted to the conditions of the planet at the time of it's arrival.

On the one hand, Darwin's theory is correct, but, it is far bigger than any scientific mind may think of. God's Plan is vast.

You see, even the evolution of the intellectual mind, that in some respects has gone forward to meet conditions, in many ways it has gone backward. The reason for this is, to advance in one area, the other must retreat. I have, in previous communications, spoken about the Soul being able to wander whilst human kind sleep. It may not do this in comfort while you are awake. If it were to do this, what would occur? You would lose your mind, you would die, would you not? During your sleep time, your bodily functions are kept at the correct pace by your Guide. Your Soul is then able to freely move about without fear of damaging its vehicle. Now, the intellectual mind, had to improve to meet conditions. It could not, in comfort, improve while the Spiritual, the Higher Mind, improved also. One had to step aside or retreat, for a while. Is this understood?

'Astral Travel' is where your physical vehicle does remain on your bed or chair. Your Etheric Body goes with you - 'you' being the Soul. This can only be achieved after much learning, when this occurs you take your Intellect. What is left behind is just the shell with the mechanism functioning. It is as driving a motor vehicle, you are inside it as the Soul. The motor car is the body vehicle. Now, if you stop and get out with the engine still running, the motor vehicle is still working, is it not? When you return to the vehicle it is as you left it.

There is a Time
There is a Place
Where we shall meet.
There is a Time
There is a Place
For You.
This Time, This Place
Is NOT where you are now.

The important thing for you to remember is not to take your intellect as a thinking machine. In this I mean you must not be over aware of the intellect. It is a passenger


You may influence a child on a Spiritual path. You are responsible for the child's physical body. In some respects, you are responsible for their Spiritual awareness. Be gentle, do not steer them along a path you think is necessary for them. They may take whichever path they wish. Just as you may take whichever path you wish.

You may walk side by side with a child, listen to the child. Do not walk in front and pull the child. Give the child too much information at any level, at any stage on it's journey through life, and you do disrespect.

It is just as teaching on the physical level. A child will ask a question, do not fill the child with surplus information it cannot digest. A child's intellect is not fully developed. It is the same with Spiritual development. There is a balance act. Knowing how much, how little, how often.

Session 29


At times, babes do not survive at birth, this is a physical ailment. The Soul departs, and may return very soon or, it may wait for a lapse of time to coincide again with the original time and place.

If you work with the forces that surround you, you shall come to no harm. I say work with, alongside, not ahead and not behind.

Session 30



When you breathe air into your body, you are, as it were, recharging your electrical impulse it is as good, Nay, I say better than, strenuous physical exercise. One may lose weight, one may gain weight with correct breathing.

I have said, you may be 'all' or as 'little' as you wish to be. If you use the correct breathing, the correct meditation with your breathing, you will enhance the positive in you. You will then be able to be all that you desire to be.

Session 31


You, which is your Soul, at the passing into the death state in the physical, shall return from whence it came, with the Guides who have guided you throughout your life.

You then assess what it is you should have learned. What it is you did not learn, and what it is you have learned. From this you decide what it is you must repeat, and then, you decide when and where you will return. It may not be for many, many years in your time. You decide for yourself with the help and guidance of your Guide. It is a self-assessment time.

Then, once you return to the physical state, you have freewill whether you will take the path you have chosen for yourself, or no. Your Guides go with you to guide you through your life, they do not force you, they do not push you, they do not intervene. If you take the wrong path they can only guide you, and hope you will heed them. If you do not, no matter, you will know at the end and you will return again.

You will never be told your path in life, your life's journey. Part of this is, to remember. You will know when you find it. Your Intuition is the place and the method, your Guides use to speak with you. You may take notice, or, you may not. This is your freewill.

Some never, never, take notice of their freewill, of their intuition. Some allow others to lead them and hence, they do not lead their life. They will know at the Assessment time. They will know the mistake they made.

Now, a child, when a child is born it has the memory of why it has decided to be born at this time and place. As it grows the child forgets, as an adult it tries to remember. A child starts to lose the Memory as it's intellect is being used. Has it not been said of some children, they have a 'knowing' about them? They are wise beyond their years.

You see, the ideal is to overcome the 'child'. This is another paradox, the child is full of Truth. The older child forgets, this is the child that must be overcome. To return to the innocence and Truth of early childhood. We come to Acceptance.

If you want to look into all 'Truth Knowledge', on whichever path, you will find the same words, the same Essence. It is human kind who mis-interpret, who sometimes, wish to hug the knowledge to themselves.

You see, it is such as this - When you are drowning and there are others drowning with you. You find a log to keep you afloat, another finds a different log, which also keeps the other afloat. The two argue which has the best buoyancy. They both stay afloat. They both reach land, but still they argue. 'You went under four times, I went under only once, therefore, my log is better than yours'. They do not see both logs served the same purpose. You see, I have said, you are as children, is this not a child's way, to argue?

I have said - It is your work, your lesson. All peoples lessons to rise above your own personal dislikes, attitudes, to others on differing paths, but with the same Essence as yours.

If you should be so kind as to live your life in CHARITY, then it is a lesson which has many, many sides. If you forget one time, and become un-charitable, then, of course, repeat it you must.


In Faith you show Hope, Love and Charity, In Hope you show Faith, Love and Charity, In Love you show Hope, Faith and Charity, In Charity you show Hope, Faith and Love.

There is one alive who is embodying all these. She does Great work. Mother Theresa. She is a living example. She is not alone in this. There are many Blessed.

In the public eye you may do charitable acts all day. You have one un-charitable thought, it discounts all the rest. You see the power of the negative. It is again, a paradox. One would think that good would outshine the bad, but it is not so. It appears an insurmountable task, but it IS possible.

It is Christmas time, your time. At this time all arguing ceases, does it not? Twenty four hours of your time. Faith, Hope, Love and Charity would be epitomised if it would continue after the end of those twenty four hours.

There is much Hope, much Love, much Truth, in a new born babe. It is the seed of a new life, new Hope, new Purpose, New Love and new Truth.

Session 32


Q. A doubt . in our teacher ABRAHAM has caused us great concern

I understand. I come from that which we call God. I am a Messenger from God, of God, with God, and for God.

There are those who wish, who believe, that theirs is the only source of Spiritual Guidance, that they possess the only Guidance available to human kind, and that others may receive Guidance only through them. This is not the way.

These persons shall try to stop others from finding that which they have found. You see, each and everyone has a Messenger of God within them. This Messenger may be tapped by some, by many. Most are as you, who need to ask of someone else (through Ruby). This is as it should be. If you receive comfort and guidance in the manner in which it is given, then, so be it.

Do not let these others crush your desire for Knowledge. These others draw vast crowds. It is as it should be for them, but it does not preclude others from tapping into the same source on their own freewill, and they should not try to dissuade.

Now, if you think, if you believe, that I am from the Plane of Confusion, (spirit) then I must push that thought aside. THIS IS NOT SO.

You see Ruby's body, you hear Ruby's voice. I am using this. It is my vehicle at this time. Ruby is still here. How else could I manifest to you? I could appear as a ball of Light but I would not speak.

It is necessary to use the channel available. You are correct it is an energy. A Life Force, which is not Life as you perceive it to be. I am a Messenger of God. You know, but you think too much! In the thinking is the Understanding! The closed mind. I speak of is in thinking, in the working out, the adding up. The understanding is lost. You have experienced a flashing insight on a problem, a book, food. What occurs when your thinking mind tries to get into the understanding? It disappears. This is the closed mind when all understanding IS.

Session 33



Q. Is it as sin for unmarried persons to have Carnal Knowledge.

Some man made laws originate from God's Law. Not all, but this is one

As I say, in your time it is not thought to be such a Sin.

The act of Carnal Knowledge is a physical joining of female and male, is considered on a universal level, that this should be done when persons are committed to each other for their life times.This is not only the joining of physical, it is the joining of the God for each, and as mankind strives for perfection, then the closer mankind can become perfect, then, observing this Law is one way. It is a meeting of the God within, of the Soul and the Universe, and commitment each to each. As I say, this Law and the search for perfection, does not appear so important in your time, although indeed, it is as important as ever it was.

You mention, 'the only immorality is not having Love' or words to that effect. If you look at this on a Universal level, you shall see the meaning of your quotation. Where there is not Love, there is

God. Where there is not Love, there is not Light, is that not immorality?

Commitment between persons also must be a re-commitment. The act of sharing your life's journey with another by joining your life's journey to another’s, is a commitment of the Heart, the Mind, the Body, and Soul. It is a most important commitment, and is, indeed better it be for the length of the life time.

Session 34



You do have dreams of things outside of your experience, but there no memory of them.

Q. Does anyone remember them at all

But of course. John did. (Revelations of John in the Bible).

They are beyond your frame of reference that you have, to measure it by. Your Soul understands. You measure, you weigh, you calculate, every experience you have, whether in sleep or wake, by past experiences, whether they be thought, deed, or seen, heard, spoken, or actively taken part in. Therefore, everything outside this measuring device within your conscious mind cannot be easily explained.

May I give an example - 'PAIN' is hard to define in words. Words in your vocabulary are used to describe such. Pain can be described as a 'stabbing' pain, but do you know what it feels like to be stabbed with a sharp instrument? Unless you have, you cannot describe it, do you understand?


You see, when you have found the Stillness in your mind, you connect with the sixth dimension. You connect with your Soul Memory. This does not mean that you consciously remember. To re-awaken the Soul Memory with the Stillness of the mind is 'where the action is', if I may jest! Do not concern yourself with the conscious act of remembering what the, experience in the Stillness was.

You must understand those three words: FIND THE STILLNESS.

Thought - is a conscious act. Thought leads to action, whether it be a physical action with movement of the body part, or action of the spoken voice. You have heard persons who say that they have done something without thinking. This they do because their mind has not thought of the action.

A Dream - is a journey the mind takes in sleep, that can be upper mind and, or lower mind. In dream sleep it is often the lower mind, the thinking mind.

Meditation - The upper mind, the higher mind.

Astral Travel - Also uses the higher and lower mind because you are aware of the travel and are aware that your physical remains in one place. It is as though you take your eyes, ears, and your voice, with you.

Death - Is all these things.

Quite often, the lower mind is unable to decipher feelings, actions and thoughts, then the higher mind will often give a picture for your understanding. It is the lower mind which receives this picture to remember.

The mind, body, must relax. It is NOT a conscious act. There is a vast difference. You are very used to thinking. Relaxation is the key.

To find the Stillness, your mind must be still. Hear nothing - See nothing - Speak and Think, nothing. If you do this you shall pass into Stillness.

Had I asked you to concentrate on your breath, or given you a name to say and think, you would have used conscious thought. By repeating a word, by concentrating on a symbol, you have not stopped the flow of conscious brain activity. In practice, you may only achieve a fraction of two minutes with closed mind. This is good, it is a good step to take. I am aware of vibrations from outside which may affect you.

Q. Could this be called 'trance state'

No. You are closing your mind, you are allowing your mind to rest while awake. You are stopping the flow of conscious thought activity. You shall come to no harm. In a trance, people move, people speak, do they not? Trance is another matter.

You see, your thinking mind is the lower mind. The higher mind has understanding. The higher mind must, it is sure, co-operate with the lower mind, but so often the lower mind will not allow access to the higher mind. The lower mind takes over.

Session 35



Q.Could the prophecies of the end of the world mean the end of the Church structure?

A good point.They look to the Church Leader as to their Father, as a Guide, and One who will be their Conscience.

This is, indeed, a worry, but you see, when it occurs they shall be prepared. It shall not be in discredit to the person who is the Church leader at the time, merely the structure of that form of Idol worship, of pageantry. It shall be a new Beginning, back to when it was simple. The people of the Church are simple, but the structure of the man made Church is differing from the people. You see, in their simplicity they are as children. The Church leader is their Father, and will scold them if they do wrong, praise them if they do right. This is that which shall disappear.

There is only ONE GOD.

The structure of ALL Religions is not as it should be, has not been as it should be for many, many, many of your years. Even when the Church leaders came together in Roman times, to talk, then is the beginning of the complication of the structure of the man made rules.

Second Coming

Q. What of the 'Second Coming '

The work that is in process is preparing for this event. At the 'correcting time'.


The Man Jesus, who was, and is, the Son of Man, and The Son of God, shall not return as he was. How, in what form it shall be, remains to be seen. You see, each time it must be in a manner acceptable to the peoples at that time.

Now, you see, were a Man to come to your peoples now, as He was all that time ago, what do you think would happen? . . .

He would be stoned with words and deeds. Now, I say, it shall not be such as that again.

Now, think, how have we been learning?

Through the Heart and the mind

Exactly, and the falling down of structured Church shall not come about by earthquake, or the wrath of God, as was put in the Bible. It is possible it shall come from the turning away of the people from that which they no longer need, because they have found the simplicity which is GOD. There is much to be done.

You see, many of those ancient, in your time, Religions, are such as are written in the Bible.

Now, Moses received Ten Commandments, it was written. Have they not endured as a code of living? Many beliefs are also in the Bible, and that of many theories and ideals that Sikhs, Hindus, Moslem etc believe, are the same as in the Bible. THE FEELING you understand, not exact words.


Now, it is unfortunate that the written word distorts that which is Truth, and unfortunate it is that FEAR is used as a tool for making persons adhere to that written word. I have explained before, the length of time it took to write in ancient times. The value placed on someone who could write and read was of very high esteem. It was feared by the 'peasantry', because it was not understood. So you see, fear is used by many as a tool to bring large groups of people to one understanding.

Fear itself is a terrible thing. In the Bible it says to 'Fear God'. This is not so, this is a mis-translation. Fear as you know it to be, is not a good feeling, why then, should you have this 'not good' feeling for God. Therefore, there must be another word in, it's place.,

Fear is NOT to be attained. You see, to bring many persons to the one understanding, they were feared of fear! They were taught to fear God, because if they turned away from God, dreadful happenings would appear, so to prevent dreadful happenings they turned to God, but they turned to God in fear, not Love.

God should bring happy times and feelings, not fear. So, when you meet friends who have been given this fear, have pity on them. It is as real to them as their blood. They have soaked in this fear all their lives. 'Fear the written word'.'Do not think for yourselves'.

But you see many, many years ago in your time, how else could they explain to many thousands of people who had lost God? How could they be brought to know God? This was a mistake. You see, to many people, it is as a skin, the written words are their whole being, it is not easily removed. It must be soaked off slowly, gently, and put back when pain occurs.

Session 36



The lower mind is so busy with every day happenings, that it does not allow higher mind to be used. There is much talk of 'Evil' or 'Satan', this is but workings of the lower mind. People misunderstand and choose to blame an outside force. You know very well when your lower mind is intruding. Most of your day is spent in lower mind. This does not mean the lower mind is 'bad', not at all, but the lower mind is used most of the time. The thinking mind is the lower mind. The higher mind has understanding.

You have been taught all your life to use lower mind. Intellectually you understand. Emotionally you want to understand. Spiritually you DO understand. It is the tying of the three pieces together you must achieve. It is as a ladder, you may climb the next step if you desire, if you have the courage and the strength. Do not be afraid, you shall lose little, and gain much. It is unknown to you, but your Soul knows what lies ahead.

Love enough, and your passage shall not be long. Allow your Inner Heart to open as a flower to receive the Love which is God. Send the Love of you to your Inner Heart, allow yourself the privilege of Love.

Imagine if you will, a Golden Light entering the base of your spine and flowing upward and filling your Inner Heart with Golden Light. Allow that Golden Light to then flow forth from your Third Eye, the One Eye. Meet the Golden Light of each and the Light which is God. Fill the space around you with Golden Light and let it flow between you, around you, and over you.

It shall bring you Peace and Serenity. It shall Protect you, Enfold you, and Enlighten you. It is always there if you allow it.

Know that you are Loved by a Greater Love than you have ever known. A Purer, Selfless Love, which is God's Love, Light and Truth.

Do not fight yourself, do not push yourself. All things flow in the natural way. When you fight the natural order, there is confusion. Your Soul knows the way.

Session 37



Each Age has its own problems, and each Age problem is dealt with in a way appropriate to the time and place, but you have cause to concern.

As with all Nature's disasters, it is not easy to contain. Your latest problem attack of Nature is the Immune of the body. The anti-bodies are not present, or are destroyed. This is the problem.

There is great interest in Healers.

The number of human kind occupying the Planet Earth at present, is large, therefore, a greater number of Healers is required. Thousands of your years before, the number was not so large. The ease of traveling from one place to another was difficult. Diseases were then carried by the wind, by insects, by animal. Now, as you are observing, it is transmitted human to human at a rapid rate.

Each disaster brings rapid growth in its wake. Through disaster, through pain and agony comes the fastest growth. If I may give an example - The Birth process is painful, is a hard journey for the babe, is hard to arrive for the Mother. How rapid the growth of the babe, once born!

So, you see, through the agony of the latest Nature disaster, such as 'Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome', then will come rapid growth. Human understanding of human.


The transmission of this disease through the very life blood of a human being, which has been called 'the river of life'. Through the act of Sodomy. It is not Divine Vengeance, God is not vengeful, but can you not see the relationship between man to man in this fashion is against Nature?

Then, we have a natural Nature disaster. It is sad. Thousands of your years ago, Sodomy was practiced, and was considered a Sin by many, was considered normality by many. As with all things of your time, the growth of Sodomy has spiraled. There are more Sodomites now than ever, and so you shall see growth in this disease, until a cure. It is too late to stop by banning Sodomy . . . It is difficult to stand in Moral Judgement of two human beings who have decided they will be Sodomites. It is also for their own health protection that, if they wish to continue in this life as Sodomites, that they take all precautions to protect their health. In doing this, they will protect the health of others. It is when those who are aware ignore. Ignorance destroys, not innocent ignorance, you understand.

As with young persons who find difficulty in unravelling their emotions, so too with these persons. There are many areas of love and affection. The confusion arises when lust intrudes. They are to be pitied. I do not moralise. There are persons who are genetically confused. These persons can quite normally understand themselves. Those, who through emotional turbulence, decide they wish to follow an emotional involvement with one of the same sex, do so consciously and willingly, but they do not understand themselves.

Session 38


You all have a personal connection with God. God is within each and every living being, therefore, God is personalised. God, energy, force, whatever, is personalised in your living body, but of course God is also without.

You see, the Orthodox Church people see God as humanoid. They see, they say, they believe, they think God was personalised in Jesus the Man. They call Jesus, God. They think of Jesus-God humanoid.

It is far beyond that one Man, but also correct in that, yes God is personalised in each living being!

God is Father, God is Son, God is Holy Spirit. The Orthodox Church people want to hold this imagery to themselves and only through them can others know God. They hide the truth from others, that God may be personalised in each living being, for fear that they would lose their hold on persons. That is their belief. That is their faith. That is the Truth. It is not the Truth. Believe me, I know.

Session 39


The sacrifice or offering of blood to God, many centuries ago of your time, was considered the absolute honour. Blood is the very life of you, therefore, without the blood the Soul does not have a vehicle. Now, understanding this and understanding that the Soul was all important, they took the blood and in so doing, released the Soul. Of course God does not need this sacrifice. It was primitive (idea) of what God is.


Q. Still . there are wars in God ‘s name or the Arm of God

Yes, they go with the protection of their God for their Soul's journey when their life's force is finished. God does not need the taking or giving of life. Again I say, primitive ideas, logic and emotions. Many wars have been fought in God's name. This should not be but with infinite wisdom it is understood.

To close oneself from negativity is very difficult, when achieved is very good but why then bother to continue living. As we have said, physical life is a learning. Then to live as one we have spoken of before, who lives in goodness but is surrounded by badness. To live with God in her heart and does God's work, then she has not sacrifice anything. You know of whom I speak.

Q Mother Theresa(?)

The sacrifice comes from those who turn their back on God. They are sacrificing their Godliness, just as those, who, in the name of God go to war. If evil is held dear, is it then sacrifice to give up?

Session 40



At times persons destroy their own physical body. Many times this is a cry for help. They wish to start again understanding, at last, what it is they have missed, not knowing of course, that if they were to just listen, that re-awakening of understanding, the rest of their life could be better.

This is the trough. There comes a point in the trough when a glimmer of what has gone before, which is the peak of the wave. In their misunderstanding they end their life, to start again.

The Orthodox Church says that a suicider has sinned against God, and therefore their Soul shall not be liberated by the Church men. This of course, is gross presumption on the part of the men of the Church.

Their Soul is lifted up by their Guides who have heard their cry and have understood.

All through history, persons have mis-read, mis-heard, mis-interpreted many, many, important items for humanity's sake. This builds an enormity of wall. The wall must be taken down in small pieces rather than knock it down at once. Great resistance is in the wall for the battering ram but to remove one brick at a time. After many small bricks have been removed the wall shall topple on its own. You see, also there is Truth in the Church and it must not be destroyed. We do not wish to destroy, perhaps to remove a brick and replace it with a correct fit would be better.

Lesson 41



Academia is nothing compared with a simple ness of Truth. The children shall show the way, not the very young but those at the mid-point of their childhood, because they have reached an inner understanding of the simple ness of their Truth. If nurtured it shall remain with them. It shall not be so difficult as it is perhaps for you. You re-learn that which your child has, and it is an effort.

Never forget, just as you all have found the opportunity to learn again, so shall your children.

A flower left to grow untended, shall be choked with weeds.

A flower left to grow with over attention may look beautiful but there is something missing.

It's life is forced and therefore, weak when set in natural surroundings. A flower left to grow with small attention, correct attention, shall be balanced.

The flower is as a child.


Q.We have been enjoying your lessons for over a year, yet feel no different

Were you to change in dramatic fashion from one day to the next with the learning, people would not understand. You would not be yourself. It is as with the flower. A flower grows over a long period of time to reach it's full beauty. So too, with learning. You have seen plants that are force grown, their life is short.

Q. At the very beginning we were told that we were not a 'group'

You are more than a group. All human beings belong to a 'group' or a family. You are four individuals but you are part of one. There is a group, a society, a club, a party, members of. Are you 'members' of a group, if so what is the name given to the group? Is it Abraham's group? Martinus group?No.You are not a spiritualist group.You are not a psychic group or a psychic reading group. You are not a séance group.

If you wish you are a class. Am I not your teacher? You are my pupils. If you wish, you may call this your classroom! But there is no name to it. You come together, four individuals, and become part of the one, but then, I understand it is difficult for you not to name yourselves as a group or a circle etc.

Q. A name would . impose limitations.

Of course.We have no limitations, the learning is vast.The ocean of Knowledge of Truth is vast. There are no limits.

Session 42


This is one of your greatest lessons. To stay as you are but to know how 'tall' you are. You see, when these two are together, the staying as you are and the tallness, then ego does not exist. If you were to forget to stay as you are and only think how tall you are, I would not come. You would not learn. You would not Love. You would not know Truth. The Tallness would become enormous, you would over balance and crash down.

Again, you see we have balance in all things. Do not also visit the extreme of extra humbleness. This also will make a crash. The humbleness would push your feet away. In forgetting to stay as you are, you lose yourself.


Q.We have been talking among ourselves of the 'Psychic Mediums' who seem to contact 'lost ' ones in the Spirit world. Could you tell us anything about this.

They do work they believe is necessary, but do not call back the dead. They also do not call the Soul, they merely contact the 'Soul Consciousness'. Also quite often they are receiving messages from those on the confused plane. They believe in that which they do. It is their lack of understanding.

Q. Is not the Soul and the Soul Consciousness, the same thing.

No. The Soul passes through to the place it must go. When the Soul reaches the higher level it does not return through Psychic occurrences, it returns through the physical body as a new born babe. The Soul Consciousness is a bank, a store of information on each level.

There are those levels where Souls who have been lost, who have not found their correct place, who do wander aimlessly.

It is the Soul Consciousness as an echo of a memory and, of course the receiver does hear and does speak words which may be recognised by a living relative of the Soul, it is as wave band which is bounced back from many years before. A reflected light is you wish.

Also, those persons who see, they might say 'I see you have a friend with you', that which they see is the magnetic force which the Soul in confusion, brings.

Session 43



The mind is a curious mixture. The mind thinks, but underneath the thinking is a knowing, an understanding. The thinking mind blocks the understanding at times. When the thinking has ceased for a short time, this is when the understanding mind perceives.

The mind has many wavelengths.


Q.The mind that has convulsions or fits, what understanding has that mind.

In this, the thinking mind loses control. The understanding mind is unable to help. The manner of the fit or seizure is to stop the uncontrolled thinking mind. The understanding mind is unable help if these persons were shown the way to find the Stillness of the mind, then great benefit would they receive. In the Stillness there is rest. The thinking mind must cease to function. This does not of course infer that it will never function again, but to cease all conscious brain activity for two minutes Stillness is of utmost importance.

Persons believe 'to think' is to find the answers, this is not so. You may think often, of a problem, a query, an answer. It shall not come in the thinking mind but the understanding mind! All answers are there. It is so simplicity and so made difficulty.

I understand it is fearful thing to contemplate closing all conscious brain activity for two minutes. As I have said harm shall not come to your body or mind, it shall be washed by the 'rest' that you find then the meditation may follow.


Q. A query about the role of Women . today. Are they paying back some Karma.

It is unfortunate that many do not understand that on the one you have female, on the other, male. There is a balance. Each gives to each. Without one the other would not exist.

It is unfortunate throughout history this has been misunderstood. What is happening in your time is an over balancing from one method to another. It shall resolve. Again we have Charity, Patience, Compassion, Understanding, and above all else, Love.

It is not exact to say that Women of your time are living in a 'Karma', not so. It is the way of things. There are, of course those individuals who may through a past incarnation, who were down-trodden, have risen and stood against. The greatest thing is to learn to live side by side. Man does not walk ahead of Woman. Woman does not walk ahead of Man, but side by side. This does not mean they are the same.

Woman is all. Man is all, but together they make the Whole.

Session 44



Q. More query concerning Mediums and Confused Souls.

I have said 'do not call back the dead'. These persons (Mediums) their work is well, but the persons they give information to they will then cling to that Soul the message was passed from. This is not good. The more often these on the confused plane are communicated with, the more they stay on that confused plane. This is not well, this does not heal.

The Souls on the plane of confusion still believe they are on the physical plane. They do not see their lights and therefore their guiding lights cannot help them.

This is where many of the messages from 'the other side' as they say, come from. These persons working on this level do not understand this. They are trapped in their own beliefs and in their own Church.

You now see why this is not our work. Of course at times it is necessary to give information on a past Soul. The information may only be whether that Soul has reached the place meant for that Soul.

It is a pity that many believe at their death of the physical they shall be re-united with their loved ones who have passed over. It is not as they think. You see, because of their belief they do not fear their death. If only they were to understand, they have no fear to fear.

They wish to find a friend when they go over to the other side called Eternity, Heaven or whatever, just as they go to another place to live they hope they will find a friend. If only they knew the friend they seek is already with them and shall remain with them. Not one living person is alone.


Q. Query on the word God again. Gives a picture of a wise old man.

I have said before, you may call it what you will, it is the same thing.

It is Wavelengths, Energy, Force, Good, Light or God. It is all one and the same. I understand the difficulty you are feeling.

The Church is an Institute created by Man, but you are a Church for your Soul.You are a House for your Soul. A Church does not mean a building. A Church is people coming together for a common cause. Now, because most Churches meet in a place called a Catholic Church, a Synagogue, a Mormon Temple, a Buddhist Temple etcetera. THIS IS NOT GOD.

These are separate institutions with their own interpretations of God called Churches or Temples. They are the same thing, buildings. Because these institutions have God at the head, No, do not confuse that with God. Your description of your God for you is correct. Why let your thinking mind take you to the other God. Do not allow yourself to do this. The God in your prayer is the God of which I speak, not the God of the Churches. When you speak with another person ask 'what would you call it' and then use the word they choose to explain. It is all the same, it is a word but the meaning is the same unchanging for ever and ever.

The God I speak of is the God of Light of Love and of Truth. It is the same.

You see, the only Supreme Teacher is God. I am not God. I am a Messenger of God. You have God within. I teach through and with the God within. I still learn also because I have God within. I use Ruby's body but I am here, Ruby is here, Yes. So you see, you are experiencing my lesson also. It is manifesting through Ruby and then through yourselves. With your Love, your Compassion, your Understanding and your Charity, I learn also.

Also, another part of your lesson. Do not shine me too high. I am not to be worshiped. I am not a God. I am not God. I am not human as you. This is true. I am your Teacher, and the Love I have for you is grand in extreme. The Love that is God's Love, is all encompassing and all powerful and as you are aware, the greatest of all healing.

Session 45



Picture, if you will a cluster of candle flames. One of those is your Soul. You are gathered with other flames to discuss your previous incarnation and that of your next. In your terms it may be many years between, but here there are no years. It could be your flame is guided by others to a resting place, a learning place.

The assessment you understand is not done in a short time. When your next incarnation becomes a reality you have already chosen how many flames will accompany you in your physical life. These are called your Guiding Lights, Guardian Angel, or your Guides. These 'Lights' have memories of your assessment and of your previous lessons. You do not. Your purpose is to open your Soul Memory and to remember that you have your Guides with you. They are in your aura. When you ignore them they do not shine bright. They may do nothing until you remember they are there.

You may think of your Guides in whatever manner is comfort for you.

You will remember I have said 'Your Guides were chosen as the best for the job'. In previous incarnations you experienced many things, many feelings, and many lessons. Your Guides remember. They are still in the Soul state whereas your Soul is housed in a physical state. The Guide may be likened to an energy force, a wavelength or a beam of light, whichever it is all the same. You see it is a memory bounced back as a wavelength.

You see the Guide appear to a newly arrived Soul as a light, to guide the way. A light is energy. A light moves very fast. A light is a wavelength. It is as difficult to explain as it is to describe God. Some may think they have a small person on their shoulder.

Session 46


Soul Memory is as a flower. The opening of the bud is the beginning of the flowering beauty.

Human kind are guardians of Planet Earth. If Human kind did not give to the Planet Earth, it should not have grown. It should have stunted. It should have withered and died. There must always be balance. The Earth would not have survived as long, nor indeed, would Human kind, had it not been balance.

If all "evil" were to reign supreme, you should not be here. I should not be here, indeed, Planet Earth should not be here.

Session 47


There is a doorway that passes through time and space. What is time but space and what is space but time? A riddle for you to think on in the times you feel you cannot read!

This doorway’s light may pass through, wavelengths may pass through and, solid objects may pass through. Think! A morsel to whet your appetite!

I give you a little, were I to give you all you could not accept. Your mind would shatter, but then . ... perhaps I misjudge you!

Session 48


Time is measured by you with a clock. The sun sets, the sun rises. Space is measured as distance between one place and another. In between there is space, but think! Forget your clock and travel distance as space. I have said before - where is yesterday? Where will today be and where is tomorrow? You must untrain your learning and learn to think on other dimensions. You see, if there were no words 'today', 'yesterday', 'tomorrow', 'time and space', what would you have? A continuation of the same time, space, past, present and future. All exist at the one time, space, place!

It is almost mathematical, but that is not simplicity. You all still work within your limitations of measuring by words in which you are accustomed to use.


Words are a tool. The Word of God is a tool. It is a describing method, you understand. Even my words to you. I say 'light', what is your perception of that light? It is not outside of you, it is within and it comes out, and the light which is outside of you, comes in. It is a continual circle of Light. The word banishes the true meaning. It is not the light from the sun, or light from your electricity it is a Force, an Energy, a Perception. In the Stillness, you will know the Light!

Words are a means of communicating one to another. There is more than words. When the Heart speaks to the Heart, the voice is not necessary. In the Heart speaking, there the Soul is and understanding is, Love is, God is, all Knowledge and Truth - IS.

A masterful work, hand carved. Many, many hours have been spent with a small tool. We shall call that tool 'word'. At the beginning it is hard to see what is coming or what is behind the 'word', but after, when the tool is no longer being used, then you have the full beauty of the 'word', the tool. Under the 'word' and working through the 'word' is - the Heart!

In your life on the physical you use your lower mind because it is the physical. To communicate each to each on the physical, lower mind is used. To communicate with God, the higher mind is used.

Now, picture if you can, a time when it was not necessary to use the lower mind to communicate. Your higher mind was used. In the physical it is taught to communicate with lower mind, whether it be each to each, or with God. The higher mind does not possess a 'think' process. The higher mind does not think. Those that use their higher mind do, paint, write etcetera. Of course there are those who do think and paint, think and write.



Q.That is the difference between ‘putting your heart into it’ and not

But of course. From the inner Heart where the Soul resides.

Some think telepathy is a thought process. It is, in one respect. It is possible to transfer thought from one human to another, but true telepathy is a meeting of higher minds each to each, wherein of course, there is no thought!

Session 49


You see, there are many ways a human must learn, and many ways a Soul must learn.

There was a time when many Souls were taken together, young Souls. Mass departure from the physical plane, leaving behind much destruction, much despair and much fear. Those Souls took with them much destruction, despair and fear. Those Souls are and shall be, reincarnated. During their time between the physical, they are learning NOT to fear. They do not re-incarnate en masse of course. It shall take thousands of years in your time, but they learn on their planes in between the physical.

As I have said before, 'fear' is the greatest destroyer. If you imagine yourself fearful you shall know your aura almost fades away and therefore your Guide is further away from you. Your body shrinks, your mind shrinks and your heart shrinks.

Is this not a description of the fighting between Religious sections? Has not the body shrunk? Has not the heart shrunk? Has not the God departed? But of course! And because the God has departed, we can do nothing.Within these fighting sections there are those who have the Truth within them but FEAR destroys.

Fear destroys Love, Light. This is the evil, the devil which people speak of. They do not realise they have fear! In the name of their God "FEAR", they do dreadful inhuman acts, unloving acts, each to each.

There are those who believe they 'speak in tongues', who believe that through this they have found their God. There is no need for words. While they are doing this they have not reached the Stillness. They have kicked the door closed and they dabble with lower mind fantasies

Session 50


There is much Compassion, Love and Truth in EACH human being, when born. All Truth is within. The task is great and some do not realise until their life is almost done, that which they should have been learning, but it is never too late!

Session 51



When you see a reflection of an image, where is the reality? It lies between the object and the reflection, the space between. What you see in the reflection is not always that which is reflected.

What, you may ask, is the space between? It is the Stillness. Your lower mind is also reflecting to your higher mind, but there is conflict. The reflection from the lower mind is not the true image. The reflection from the higher mind is also not the true image. The space between which is the Stillness, that IS.

You see, you have two parts of you. What is in between? You try to find, you try to hear, you try to be the in between and THIS is the Stillness. The Stillness is WHERE YOU ARE, WHO YOU ARE, WHO YOU WILL BE, WHO YOU HAVE BEEN AND WHERE YOU HAVE BECOME. Reflect on my words!!

Session 52


You have a machine which has memory. (Computer)

Where, in that machine, is the memory? A small insignificant looking piece. A micro-chip. In the vastness of the machine it is very, very small, but without this small piece the machine is useless!

Consider this : you are that machine. The Soul part is the microchip. Without this small part you are not whole. The Stillness is as the chip. The micro-chip is a new term. God is an old term. What difference? None.

Session 53

Where your Guide is time does not exist as you understand time. Waiting does not exist as you know waiting. Years do not exist as you know years. Emotions do not exist as you know emotions. There is One and that is Love, which is Light, which is God. Fear we have not. Evil we have not. Hatred we have not. Jealousy we have not. Sloth we have not. Compassion we have. Love we have. Understanding we have. Light we have.


Q. You paint a beautiful picture, no wonder it is called 'Heaven'

Indeed, and so you may have Heaven on Earth. These are places that exist within and when they are understood, then they are recognised. They shall shine without and that is when the God within recognises the God without.

Open your Heart and let the Love which is the Light of God flow through you and outward to your fellow man, and in doing so, the Light and the Love of God shall return to you a thousand fold.


You are my dearest friends.You are my children. I shall nurture you as you shall, each to each.


Session 54


Is not Nature consisting of many and varied things? Is not your person many elements? Many persons believe that one part is the 'whole'. This is not so. This does not imply that you should dabble with every thing but acknowledge, accept and understand they are there. They comprise part of the whole that IS.

Session 55



Why are you here? Yes. I am ever amazed at these queries!! I do not castigate you but persons who seek and then doubt their seeking. The answer is there. The 'pushing' you feel is your Guide. Sometimes a gentle tap is not heeded so a push is of necessity. You cloud your mind with queries, this way? That way? Should I? Should I not? It is not of necessity.

If you would find just two minutes of Stillness every twenty four hours of your clock. All conscious brain activity ceases. Your body shall continue it's rhythm but your mind is clear. Your lower mind is not operating. You shall find in the higher mind all your answers because therein lies UNDERSTANDING and understanding IS. So often when a higher mind 'thought' is heard or felt, the lower mind pushes it away or questions the validity of it. The higher mind has more information than the lower mind would allow. It is not complicated, but the lower mind complicates. This does not imply your 'challenges' of life will vanish.

To discern that which is Truth and that which is not, is this not a challenge? Also to acknowledge your Soul Memory and the existence of such. It does not matter which manner this is found, whether it be an Orthodox Religion or whatever, just that it be found. Many do not find, many who find disregard it. This is their choice. They shall know at the end of their physical life that they have found and given away.


Q. Your description of 'Heaven' makes me wonder why we come here at all

Should it be easy? Is it of ease to go to your University to study? Is it not more of ease not to go or study but to stay in your home resting? Then what should your life and your body become? You see YOUR SOUL IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR BEING.

If you wish to stay without Soul growth, do not return to the physical. You stay on one plane for Eternity. Is this your wish? I should think not! You know the evolvement of you, therefore you may see your physical life as the first year at your University.

Whether you achieve the desired result of a degree at the end of that physical life that is your decision, depending on the effort and work that you do. In your first year you achieve your degree. Your Soul returns and assesses that year and decides that it wishes Higher Learning, more in depth discovery upon this plane. It cannot move to the next without earning the degree in the physical. So then it is decided which course it shall take for the next year at University. Then perhaps at the end of the second year a degree has not been achieved, no matter, come back and try again. This is assessed each time you leave the physical.

The Soul part of you is that which needs the physical for it's growth.

Session 56


What is U.F.O? Are not wavelengths U.F.O? Is not Light U.F.O? Yes. Could I be described as U.F.O? Am I identifiable as an object? Yes. It is a clever terminology, U.F.O!

Q.Unidentified Flying Objects are real to our sensory perception but are also recognised as Unexplained to date

Yes, there are many, such as Bacteria.These also are Objects which are Unidentified, flying through space and time.

You see, as space and time exist as the one time and space then everything and all happen at the one time and space. A riddle for you!! Our mirror image!

Q. Is . it correct this plane on Earth is for the lesson of Love

Yes, it appears when you say you 'learn lessons of Love' so, but think! There are many avenues to Love, for Love, with Love and without Love. Yes, each and every lesson that you experience in your physical life leads to, or away from, Love, does it not?

If everything you undertake, everything you think and say, or feel, is encircled with Love. Then all is good. The lesson is to learn to do this, no matter what it is that you undertake, whether it be a small task or a large task, for one or many persons. So you may think you learn many things but the one overriding all is Love, and what is Love but Light but God. Yes.

You see, I speak from my own vast experience.

Session 57



I fear I have not explained the 'Consciousness' where I am enough for your understanding. I shall attempt to do this for you.

I am called Abraham. Just as your Soul name is yours from the beginning, so too is mine. Yes. Just as your Soul returns to whence it came, so too did mine and yes, I am Abraham. All the lives I have led the experiences I have had and all the Guides that I have and because I am closest to the centre of the point of the Pyramid I am able to acquire much information.

I am not one of great many Souls here. I am a Teacher, a Messenger of God and for God and with God. I am closest to God. When you speak with me you speak with Abraham that was, and is, and shall be. You understand? You see, one of the debts I left for future generations was that of mass sacrifice. Yes. You have read I was to sacrifice my child by the knife, yes. I sacrificed my son and his mother and what have generations left? Mass sacrifice, yes. Still they suffer and still they sacrifice. Their land, their lives, their Souls, Yes, and this is the gift I give them? Yes. So I am Abraham and I am suffering because I AM THE SOURCE OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS of those Souls living now and non-living, gone but who shall return, Yes.

So then, you now understand the Consciousness of which I am the source? Yes.

You see, that should have been the lesson for ALL. Was not the Man Jesus also sacrificed and have not Men sacrificed each to each through the years? You see, where as once I was successful there was the time when I failed. And these are my Gifts. Yes.I am the Source of all Soul Consciousness. I have given samples. It is then freewill which to choose. They are my Gifts.

Correcting Time

Just as at your University, which we have spoken of before times, . you have a Teacher for one particular lesson. You have another Teacher for another lesson, yes. I Teach the Truth, the Light and the Love, yes, and as I have said, all lessons lead there.

It is also the greatest 'bad' sacrifice to rob another of his path. To take away that which is not yours to take. To take away freewill

Is it not a sadness when your student does not listen?

I have said 'There are many such as you' and when the majority, then we shall have the Correcting Time.

This does not imply there shall not be struggle, there shall not be faltering but it shall be more of ease.

Session 58


Understanding is growing and is leading to much. What is understanding? What is acceptance? What is Charity? What is tolerance? It is but Love. It is not the love you experience person to person but that which you are learning.


Does this mean you were the first to pray or meditate and in this Stillness of mind, found God within and without? You were the first to realise God is everything and not an object, Man or Idol?

This realisation was mis-understood. You were known to the Jews as the 'Seed’, in other words, the First.. Being the first to understand this, you naturally became the Teacher of all those following. You were the Consciousness, the first Consciousness of what God is.

It is mentioned in the Bible 'Abraham's God' and the Jews idolised Abraham and not the God he had found.


This God was, and is, the Truth.

Jesus tried again by example, to show this God, a few thousand years later and was again mis-understood, as. you had been.

You have also said you were 'next to God'. If God is everything, then the next thing to everything is to be conscious of everything. Next to IS must be the consciousness of that IS.

This is correct.I have said 'I am the messenger' of God.I am NOT God, I am the Messenger, I am your Teacher.

So there is only One God.The Force, the Energy, the Vibration and the Pulse, which is Light or wavelengths that enfold all things in and which IS the universe.

You are repeating my very words, are you not!! You are correct. I am the Source of all Mass Consciousness. Gone but shall return, Yes.

Q. Now it is. Important to give out LOVE and in this way balance your suffering of those still fighting and sacrificing because of the mis-understanding of your example.

Yes. All you have spoken to me is in total all I have spoken to you. Your doorway is the seven books. The pain is the knowledge that I must leave persons to their UNDERSTANDING OF THE TRUTH.


Abram was born around 2,000 to 1900 B.C. He is mentioned mainly in Genesis 11:26 - 25:18. His name occurs more than forty times in the Old Testament and references to him in the New Testament exceed seventy.

His Fathers name was Terah, a descendant of Shem and at this time followed the way of Idol Worship.

Abram was born at Ur in [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaldea Chaldees[ (South Iraq).

Abram married Sarai and with nephew Lot, departed for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canaan Canaan]. Abram settled in the Negeb, or South Country, but because of famine, continued on to Egypt.

The Pharaoh took too much notice of Sarai, who apparently was a beautiful woman, so when plague came to Egypt, Abram took Sarai and Lot to live in Bethel. They became very wealthy and Lot moved to the City of Sodom in the Jordan Valley. Abram settled in the Hebron area.

He found, by quiet prayer, his God. This Divine Source had told him of the land of Canaan being the place for his descendants who would be countless in number, 13:1 - 18 (a very important thing for a wealthy man to know).

The Kings of Jordan, and Lot, were taken captive by invaders from the North. Abram and his allies caught them at Dan and routed them beyond Damascus, thereby rescuing Lot and the other captives. Abram refused rewards but gave tithes to Melchizedek, who was Priest of The Most High God, and King of Salem, 14:1 - 24.

Sarai was still barren and Abram refused Elier of Damascus as a designated heir. Abram's God had told him of a son whose descendants would be as numberless as the stars, and would become possessors of the land of Canaan.

After special sacrifice came further Revelation predicting Israel's enslavement to and deliverance, from Egypt.

God's Covenant with Abram provided assurance of ultimate possession of the Promised Land for his posterity, 15:1 - 21.

Ten years in Canaan and Sarai had not produced the promised Son and Heir. She suggested her Egyptian hand maid, Hagar, could be the surrogate mother to Abram's son. Once pregnant, Hagar mocked Sarai for being barren and was consequently scolded, she then ran away to the Wilderness. She was rescued and upon return, bore Abram's first son, Ishmael.

Circumcision was established as the sign of everlasting Covenant with God. Then Sarai delivered a son, Isaac, and her name changed to Sarah, 17:1 - 27.

Abram received the name Abraham (Father of multitudes,17:5).

Abraham was made aware of the destiny of Sodom and Gomorrah. He made intercession for Lot who was subsequently rescued with his two daughters. Abraham, from the Plain of Mamre, witnessed the destruction of the Cities. Lot escaped to Zoar where, through incest, his daughters gave birth to Moab and Ammon, whose descendants were known as Moabites and Ammonites (18: 1-19 :38).

Isaac was born to Sarah when she was much older than normal child bearing age, she had ceased menstruation. Once Abraham had Isaac he was told Divinely to expel Hagar and her son, Ishmael, who exerted an unfavourable influence on Isaac. It was against custom, but Abraham obeyed reluctantly.

It was a miracle that Hagar and Ishmael survived the ordeal of the wilderness and Abraham had been told that Ishmael would become a great Nation (Ishmael became a great influence in uniting the Nomadic Tribes of Arabs as one peoples).

Abraham was put to test by God when told to take Isaac, who he loved, to the land of Moriah and there offer him up as a burnt offering, on one of the mountains. After building the altar and binding his son's hands, feet and placing him on the altar, 'God Called' to Abraham saying that Abraham had proved his Love for God, and not to harm Isaac.

The story of Abraham’s near sacrifice of his son, Isaac, . is well known.

Its true meaning will perhaps, depend on personal Interpretations.

Did this most amazing act happen as God way trying to show Abraham that Blood sacrifice is not necessary and indeed LOVE is the most important thing to show God? If this is so, Abraham at that time, did not show understanding, as he found a Ram and sacrificed it instead of Isaac.

Surely WE are meant to understand from this story




Wilma's Recollections

Communications started 9.30 pm 20 February 1984

with Barbara "channelling" automatic writing from her Guide "Bertha". Later Barbara would Voice Channel "Abraham"

Barbara (Babs) Soul Name "I AM Reuben/Ruby"

Malcolm (Mac). "I AM Charlemont/Charles"

Roy "I AM Martinus/Martin"

Ed. "I AM Benjamin"

(The Original four)

Wilma Soul Name "I AM Selina" (Joined the core of 4 in February 1987)

Tony "I AM Tommas"

Dawn "I AM Dominica"

Barry "I AM Filip"

June "I AM Belinda"

Kit "I AM Petta"

Eddie "I AM Mondaa"

Joy "I AM Melda"

Eunice "I AM Clara"

Maureen "I AM Korde"

Aileen "I AM Bryoni"

Thelma "I AM Chita" (Now a total of 16 regular class members)

These people became the first "core members" with many more coming and going during the following 18 months.

Approximately more than 40 people came to Tony, Wilma & Dawn's home over that 18 month period but many, many more had been to Mac & Bab's home, in one's and two's, since it all started.

Meetings were held weekly to start with and then became fortnightly.

It was mushrooming so much and so quickly that it was taking over Mac & Bab's life to the detriment of family, friends, children's activities and their daily business etc. They were getting inundated with daily/nightly phone calls, faxes, overseas mail & visitors.

The last large group class on a regular basis was held in July 1988. We each went our separate ways, bumping into one another occasionally. After that only rare small meetings were held. Approximately 5 years had now passed.

In 1993 Dawn, Tony and Wilma were in a serious car accident.

Dawn had near death experiences both in the car at the time and then again later on the operating table.

She told her parents that Abraham, Jesus and God had spoken to her!

. . . and so begins another Beginning!