1987-02-26-Various Aspects of Soul

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Topic: Various Aspects of Soul

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



I am Abraham I am your teacher

All Good evening Abraham

Welcome students. Before you begin your queries, I shall request of each in turn your commitment to this class of knowledge. Begin Selina.

Selina Well I would like to come every time we have a class.

Teacher: Yes, continue.

Tommas Tommas here, I would like to come as often as I can make it.

Teacher: Yes, continue.

Kit This is Kit. I would like to commit myself to your teachings

Teacher: Yes, continue.

Dominica I am Dominica. I would like to come to all the teachings as well.

Teacher: Yes, continue.

Belinda I am Belinda. I would like to come as often as possible.

Teacher: Yes, continue.

Eddie I am Eddie. I would like to come to get deeper understanding of the faith.

Teacher: Yes, continue.

Charles I think that is all Abraham except for Barry who’s having his first evening listening to your teachings this evening.

Teacher: AH!! Yes

Charles So his commitment will be perhaps after he’s heard.

Teacher: Then I say this. There shall be agreement on the time, place for your class, allowing for some flexibility of the day of your class.

Charles Abraham, we had thought of perhaps sharing the place, in more that one home. I believe Kit would like sometimes for the teachings to be in her home.

Teacher: If this is the desire of all, then so be it. When you are together, you come to me, wherever you may be.

Charles And I think we decided on a time of being present at 7.30 and hope to be started at perhaps 7.45 in the evening.

Teacher: Yes

Charles For the sake of Ruby getting home before it’s too late.

Teacher: Correct. Then I say welcome. Yes. Then you may query.


Tommas I am Tommas. Could you tell us a bit more about the watchers?

Teacher: I can, but at this time I shall not.

"I understand

This shall be at a future appointment. You see, one does not read the last page of a book before the beginning.

"I understand

Charles Abraham, could you at this time tell the class or advise in some way, subjects that could be asked. Some people ask me, what can we ask, in what area, in what time zone, and I have said, you can ask virtually anything you like.

Teacher: This is of course correct. I will say this. You may ask of anything you desire. Do not feel embarrass for your query. Do not dwell too much on your past incarnations. There are of some importance ~ but are not of such importance as your previous ~ beg your pardon ~ present incarnation. You have understanding.

All Yes.

Teacher: If you query, as Tommas query, is not at the correct time, do not concern, it shall be answered at the correct appointment. Then you have queries.

Kit Abraham this is Kit. May I ask what my given name is please?

Teacher: Yes. One moment please. Your name was and is from the beginning ‘Petta’

Kit Petta

Teacher: Correct

Kit Thank you

Charles Will you give us the letters Abraham

Teacher: Yes. P E T T A

Kit Thank you

Charles I am sure you understand Abraham, there is a shyness upon the first time of speaking with you.

Teacher: I am understanding hesitance. Yes.


Tommas Tommas here again. With the world and the way it is, with all the troubles, will there be a time when there will be peace?

Teacher: Yes. This is of great concern for all. Yes. You see, there are more people as you becoming aware. Yes. And as the numbers grow, yes they shall, to use a seeming harsh word, they shall conquer, yes. Do not allow fear of the negative to affect your life; to affect yourself. If all persons fear the end of the world, as it is known, than so it shall be. You have understanding?

Tommas Yes

Yes you see the earth shall not be destroyed as you are fearing, through man made arms, weapons. Fear and negativity shall destroy positivity. You have understanding?


Teacher: Do not have embarrass. You shall find I am a loving teacher. Yes.

Dominica I am Dominica. Do we share our guides with other souls, with other parts of ourselves?

Teacher: Ah!! You are requesting similar information to you friends Charles, Martin, Benjamin. I shall not answer your query at this appointment. You see I shall explain my reluctance to answer certain queries. I am assessing your brains, if you wish your mind. Yes. When I have assessed I shall decide how your lessons shall be programmed. Yes. You have understanding?

"Yes. Thank you.

Selina Abraham. I am Selina. Do you teach many classes such as ours?

Teacher: But of course. There are many such as you. Yes. And the numbers are growing. There are many teachers such as I. Yes.

"I have been reading a book about the great pyramid, why does the year 2001 seem important in that book.

Teacher: Yes. You see, it is of little consequence. I shall explain thus. In the measurement of your time, you are at the year one thousand – nine - eight – seven (1987) that is since the death of Christ. Yes.


Teacher: This is not the time measurement of your time. So you see 2001 was many, many, many centuries before. Although it is of course quite correct that in 23 years you shall have 2001 and it is possibly –and I stress – possibly – I miscalculate 13 years.

All Laughter

Teacher: It is a possibility – I stress possibility -that this will be a time of much harmony through out the Earth planet.

Tommas Nice thought

But you see there is, I have termed, the ‘correcting time’.There is no set time for this to occur. The ‘correcting time shall be known to you, when it is known to me. Yes. You have understanding?

Selina Yes I have. You mean the correcting time may come before the year 2001

Teacher: Or long after.

"Thank you Abraham

Teacher: And also you see my inference was that approximately 2001 years before now, Jesus was born. You may reflect upon this if you wish. This was approximately 2001 years since my last incarnation.


"Abraham, would re-incarnation be classed as a reward, or it is more of a punishment.

Teacher: It is neither. You see, planet Earth – your physical life’s journey, is merely a learning. It is as this class. Yes. It is your university. Yes. It is indeed a privilege to have a body to transport the soul. Yes. You have understanding?

"Yes thank you Abraham

Teacher: Do not restrict yourself to one query. You may challenge my statements if you desire. Do not be concerned that you disagree – I am quite used to this, am I not, Charles, Martin.

Charles Your mention of the year 2001, I wondered also, we have been fed through historic records of the power of that time, would it not give off a positive power thought, that the thought itself being strong enough would make that time a good time.

Teacher: This is pertaining to my answer to Tommas.


Teacher: Yes. There are many such as you. The numbers are growing. Perhaps by this time there shall be so many to conquer the negativity.

Charles The reason I mention that was because Martin said to me just last week, or actually Selina said how come, for three years, there has only been four of you, and Martin said three years ago, it wasn’t easy to talk to so many people in this way, and just in that short time, this sort of thing has become more acceptable, just as other things on this plane and more acceptable than they were a few years ago.

Teacher: This is one answer. The other is – that you see, the class of Charles, Martin, Benjamin, Ruby is of a slight differing nature. You see, there has been much ground to prepare for Ruby’s comfort, for my usage of her as a channel. Yes. But I have said before times, yes, I shall bring to you. Yes.

Belinda Abraham, Belinda speaking. Going back to what Selina said before and your answer was that it is a privilege to come to the physical plane, how can it be considered a privilege when the physical plane is the lowest plane.

Teacher: I have said it is as a university. There are many lessons to be learned. There is much learning to be done here. Therefore it is a privilege. Yes. In this manner soul is able to effect some change on the physical environment. You see, very little can be done from where I am without persons such as Ruby. You are understanding.


Teacher: We do not interfere with ‘free will’ but for messages from God a physical person is required. Yes. And it is not a degradation to have the physical plane as the low dimension. You have understanding.

"Yes thank you


Petta Abraham, this is Petta here. I was reading tonight a small piece that Charles showed me where, if I remember rightly, you dis-associated yourself from the actual words of spiritualism.

Teacher: Correct

"Well, because of my beliefs, I refer to my self as belonging to spiritualism as being a spiritualist – is this then wrong – because in our society people are expected to have a name for the religion they feel akin to and so therefore instead of being one of the many religions, that is what I call my beliefspiritualism. May I know what you think of that?

Teacher: Yes. One moment. My reply to Charles was this. In answer to - Charles mention of the word spiritualist – spirit – in reference to myself, I gently rebuked – and said this – I am not spirit – I am not spiritualist – I do not wish to be associated with such. I am Abraham. I am your teacher. I am of the higher consciousness. You see, I Abraham am a living energy. Most persons relate the word spirit to that which is non-living. You have understanding.

Petta Not quite – No, I am sorry.

Teacher: Then I shall continue. Referring to your query, I do not tell you to refer to yourself as any thing other than a spiritualist if this is your belief. You see, yes, you see you have read a sentence taken from a large sentence. I shall find the correct manner to describe for you. One moment. You will agree there are many words in the English language that have lost their true meaning, have lost their true worth. Spirit means soul by many persons I believe your belief is in this context.

"Yes I think it is.

Teacher: You see my explanation to Charles was rather as persons indignantly call themselves ‘a good Christian’ rather as our friend whose epistle Charles has read to me, ‘good Christian’ is misused. The word spiritualist is misused. The word spirit is misused. To many persons it no longer refers to soul – or a person who believes there is a soul. Yes. So I shall say this to you, I am understanding your explanation of your faith as a believer in the existence of spirit or soul therefore you refer to yourself as spiritualist. Yes. I also say this, to be a whole personality you may also refer to your self or persons you perceive as being of a whole personality as a Luminary. Yes. And in my reply I am no spirit, I am not spiritualist I do not wish to be associated with such does not condemn those who believe in spirit or soul, but rather to those persons who misuse the word spirit, spiritualism, spiritualist. I am not referred to as such to them, or by them. You are understanding.

Petta Yes thank you Abraham

Teacher: Then you have more queries or you would wish a discussion break.


Belinda It’s Belinda, can I just say is it then not necessary to have a tag or a religion, you don’t have to have a religion.

Teacher: A religion is a man made description of a belief in God – within and without. Religion has many churches. Yes. You have understanding.


Dominica I am Dominica, do we have many lives at one time, but in different dimensions? Is that correct?

Teacher: This also I shall answer at another appointment. I refer to your previous query.

"Thank you

Charles Are there any more queries or shall we have a break. Thank you Abraham, I think perhaps it will be an appropriate time for us to have a break, to stop and refresh.

Then I shall return.


I have returned.

All Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: I wish to speak. I have been assessing the nature of your queries. As is often happening, the child appears to be ahead of the parent, in other words, this class appears to have reached the same querying as my other first class. I have spoken before times of such, have I not Martin?

Martin Yes Abraham

Yes. So at our next appointment I shall proceed with your preliminary queries. I mistake. This is your preliminary queries. Your next appointment shall be answers to your in depth queries. Yes. You see you each have read "To teach you the truth" is this correct.

Tommas Most of us have, or some of us have. Some are yet to read it.

Yes. And in this you see most of the preliminary has been discussed. Yes. This is of satisfaction. Yes. Then continue with your queries. Remembering I may choose to defer the answer. Do not allow this to defer your query,

Petta This is Petta again. Please could you tell me when my last incarnation was and I was wondering if my husband and I were soul mates, I feel we have been, and probably in my last incarnation.

Teacher: One moment. Yes. I propose to give you a riddle. This particular physical is your last incarnation, there are others. As to the question of soul mate, this is correct. You may ponder the riddle. We shall discuss at our next appointment.

Petta Thank you very much.

Teacher: You are welcome. Then you are not a feared of your teacher.

All No, no way, I’m not

Teacher: You are not of hesitance?

Petta Only through being able to form questions in the right way so that you understand exactly what we………….

Teacher: Do not concern, my understanding is large.

"Right, well, I’m certainly not afraid of you, in fact I admire you teachings.

Teacher: Yes

Charles Abraham, if I may, to use your word, this will cause a laugh amongst this group of people, but as a young man, I had to conquer one of the social diseases of this plane, which was shyness, and I think it is a kind of a disease, I have always seen it that way, and once that barrier is broken down, it’s a lot easier, and I think it tends to be mainly with the men side of the species, are more shyer that the females, and I think tonight we have two men, that are shyer than the rest, who haven’t addressed you yet. Once they do, and the ice is broken they might feel a bit more at ease.

Teacher: I am aware

Barry I am Barry, and you were aware I believe,

ALL Laughter

Teacher: Yes

Barry Did you not prompt me before

Teacher: Yes


"Would you please tell me my soul name?

Teacher: Yes. One moment. Yes. Your name is and was from the beginning ‘Phillip".

" You knew that

Teacher: You wish letters?

"Yes please, I wish letters.

Babs breaks into laughter

Teacher: I have two manner of letters. Your guidance is jesting. F.I.(More laughter) L.I.P. I believe there is a meaning to this manner of Filip.

Filip That is correct

Teacher: It has significance for you?

Filip Possibly

Teacher: Your guidance tells me this is so. Perhaps the book you use for describing words may be of assistance.

"Yes I need to check it. It is a small part or portion I believe.

Teacher: You have – as does all, a guide. Yours is a particular humorous. I believe you will find it with your description.

Filip That is correct. Is there a name for my guide?

Teacher: There is

"Could you tell it please?

Teacher: I shall, the name of your guide is ‘Michael’ and he is happy to communicate. This you may do in the stillness.

Thank you

" (Reading Dictionary)

. Is the spelling correct of Filip?

Teacher: Michael says it is such

"Maybe it’s an old spelling. I wrote it with two ‘LL’ originally because with one ‘L’ - there is no one ‘L.’

Teacher: Read the description for two

"Ah! Pronunciation is with one ‘L’. Filip – anything that stimulates or livens up!

ALL laughter

Teacher: This has significance?

ALL laughter Yes

Teacher: Your guidance has enjoyed. Yes. He has livened you up . Yes.

Filip I believe he does

Teacher: He does. You may or may not be aware. Guidance often nudge, do they not Benjamin.

ALL laughter

Teacher: And at times, they do push, as I have want to do with Ruby.Yes. But it does still mean, you may ignore. Yes. You have free will. A precious gift Yes.

Filip Could I continue?

Teacher: You may

"Thank you, could you tell me about Michael

Teacher: What is it you wish to know? He is, yes, as are most guidance, of a similar personality of your own. He has been chosen by yourself, your soul, as the most appropriate person to guide you on your life’s path. He is aware of the pitfalls, yes.

"And will he guide me in the right direction.

Teacher: If you are willing to hear, yes

"I think you are aware I am willing to hear, is that correct.

Teacher: Correct

"Could you give me any further description of Michael, age, or……..

Teacher: Age is not of necessity

"No sorry, this an earth plane type of question, all right, history, where he originated from, or what he did…….

Teacher: Yes, one moment. I will explain my usage of ‘one moment’ I converse with your guidance, you are understanding.

"Yes I understand

Teacher: One moment. Michael’s personality was such a force to be reckoned with, a humorous person, yes. He was a person who entertained others, yes. A meticulous person, yes. Instruments he used. Yes, for exact detail measurement, yes. End of information.

Filip No information on the time span, I’m trying to……….

Teacher: You wish his last incarnation?

"Yes I am trying to imagine the instruments he used…….

Teacher: This also a riddle perhaps. The year A.D. 4245

ALL Astonishment, gasps, laughter, surprised reaction

Filip Abraham that is beyond the range of the Hebrew calendar isn’t it.

Teacher: Correct it is also beyond the range of the calendar you are using in your dimension.

"But some instrument would work it out for me.

Teacher: If you wish. Your queries, or your guidance information I shall discuss at later appointment, such as Dominica’s queries, and those of Selina and Tommas

" Thank you. Could you also………….

Teacher: You see, I hold a carrot before your nose, yes.


Teacher: I am good

More laughter

Belinda Abraham, it is Belinda here, have I had previous lives with Filip

Babs laughs

Teacher: Excuse my humour. Yes this is correct.

Belinda Was it a very early incarnation or recent, and what form of relationship was it?

Teacher: It is as this particular life journey. You are understanding.

Filip I have the feeling of the Middle Ages for Michael and castles and hawks, am I in the right direction

Teacher: The particular year date you have been given could perhaps be considered middle – but it is not the middle age you are speaking of. He did live in the physical at that time, yes.

Filip This possibly explains some things for me

Teacher: Yes, it is often the way of a guide to be similar in nature to yourself. Yes. You have found this Filip

"Yes I think so.

Teacher: Yes I am certain

Michael will guide me in my right direction from, as I go through this life?

Teacher: Guidance endeavours to do so. You see in the life between the physical you assess that which you need to learn, the situation is chosen best suited for this learning, you then choose a suitable guide. On entering the physical body soul memory door is closed - but your guidance has knowledge of the memory. They endeavour to guide you on your rightful path. It is your free will whether you endeavour to unlock the door of soul memory and heed your guidance. If you do not do this it is your free will. You are understanding?


Filip What method would you use to unlock the soul door?

Teacher: In the stillness. Yes.

Tommas I am Tommas. Some of us seem to have difficulty in seeking, or reaching the stillness.

Teacher: Yes I am much aware

ALL Laughter

Tommas This is something I presume will come with practice.

Teacher: Yes, you see, in the searching, in the effort, the stillness is lost. You see, it is all simplicity. Humankind are forever making difficulty from simplicity.

"We could be trying too hard

Teacher: Correct. Two minutes in your 24 hour is all that is of necessity. If during that two minutes there is but one second of stillness then that is good. Do not concern, it shall come as you find simplicity. Yes.

Tommas My soul, which is me, and my personality, in incarnations, is my personality the same, or does it change, can it change.

Teacher: Your personality is made up, your soul, your genetic inheritance yes, therefore it does not remain the same. Soul does not in one respect remain the same for it is ever growing, hopefully, and therefore changing, you are understanding. But remaining constant. A riddle for you.

"Thank you

Selina Abraham, I am Selina, God the force is everywhere, is that correct.

Teacher: Correct – Within and without

"and you Abraham, you are everywhere also.

Teacher: Correct

"and us, does it apply to us, are we everywhere

Teacher: Correct, and your query relates to queries Dominica has made and shall be discussed at a later appointment. Yes.

"And how many students will our particular class grow to.

Teacher: Ah! That is for me to know and you to discover.

ALL Laughter

Selina I wondered if our homes were large enough on a practical level

Teacher: Do not concern. It is of no consequence.

Soul, Memory

Petta Abraham, it’s Petta here, we were talking about, or you were referring to soul memory…….

Teacher: Correct

Petta: . . . and how when we are born the soul memory is a locked door, I think that is right, is it because the soul memory hasn’t quite been locked away, that we can have children who are, in the world I mean, not us as individuals, but in the world, who are intellectually so mature that a child of 4 or 5 playing piano sonatas, and so on, is that why, because their soul memory is quite not closed.

Teacher: Yes. You see soul memory door does not close at the precise moment of birthing. A young babe has much knowledge, much soul memory, as the intellect grows, the soul memory door closes. It is then the duty of the person, to open by unlocking this door during the years on the physical dimension. Some are never aware that the door exists or where to find the key. There are those, as you have mentioned, whose door does not close. There are persons who are in physical years, old, in mental years, very young, but on soul are extremely old and who are able because of the young mental, to be able to perform many of the magnificent. Yes. You are understanding

Petta Yes thank you Abraham


Teacher: Then if there are no more queries, I shall leave you with this..

"Remember self

Be true to self

Think of your commitment."