1987-03-05-The Watchers, Darwin

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Topic: The Watchers, Darwin

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



I am Abraham. I am you teacher

All Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: I would speak. There is a certain normal unease. You are at one for the purpose of your gathering. Physically there is slight unease. I urge, you should join physically your hands, close your physical eyes for a few moments. This will join your physical, yes. This is often times, yes. You may release your physical hands. You see, you have each been busyness, you come with your heart and your mind for a oneness with each and with God. There is a slight unease when the physical is not used to each, you are understanding.


All Yes

Charles Abraham, if I may, just to say that the full committed class are here that were here on the last communication plus Melda and her new friend Eunice.

Teacher: I am aware, yes. Welcome friend Melda. Then you have queries. Selina, much foraging, shepherding, you have undertook.

SelinaYes, I can’t seem to help but be busy, as you said earlier.

Teacher: Yes, there is much healing in this for you Selina.

"May I start with a question?

Teacher: One moment. I would speak. You are concerned whether you should increase the class, are you not?

"Yes, that’s right Abraham.

Teacher: I would say this, do not put it upon yourself to concern regarding this. It is taken care of, yes. If however persons request to attend, do not turn them away. I am clear for you.

"Yes you are Abraham

Teacher: Then continue.

"Well, my main problem is really, do I even talk about what we do, in case it encourages somebody else to want to join us.

Teacher: Yes, there are many ways of talking. Of but natural event the subject should arise, then you are obviously bound to speak, you are understanding.

"Yes Abraham.

Teacher: And therefore if these persons request attendance, do not turn them away.

"Right you are then. I’ll start with a question then. Abraham, could you tell me how did I come to meet and come to know Ruby, Martin, and Tommas in my past life or lives and what was my job.

Teacher: One moment. In a past incarnation you were aware of each to each, interest in similar occupations, yes. But you see, as soul, in between physical lives you have known each to each. It is not of necessity for soul to incarnate each time and meet the same persons. You are understanding?

"Yes I am

Teacher: This has answered your query?


SelinaYes it has, thank you Abraham. Do colours have good and bad vibrations, and if so, what would be the colours that give good vibrations.

Teacher: Yes there are seven are there not.

"Seven in the rainbow.

Teacher: Correct. They may be likened to vibration, to ray, yes. To wave length, yes. The colour RED – in all its varying shades, is for energy, the physical matter, yes. GOLD or yellow is of a purity – for protection giving life as of the sun, yes. GREEN is of growth, new growth. BLUE is for calm – yes. In its varying shades, yes.


Selina That is the end of the answer.

Teacher: It is all you get at this time.

ALL Laughter

Selina My last question for now, Abraham were you also Jesus.

Teacher: I am not, was not Jesus.

"O.K. Thank you very much.

Teacher: You are welcome. I explain the short colour. You have all you need to know at this time. As we progress I shall inform you of the other colour. You are understanding?

"Yes Abraham, I am, thank you.

Teacher: Then there are more queries.


Dominica You said the Watchers plant seeds, what are the seeds, was it thought or energy or actual beings.

Teacher: Thought, energy, beings, yes. The seed planted yes. You see, the Watchers are as your parents. The parent of humankind. You do not resemble your parents. You have understanding of my words?

"Yes thank you.

Teacher: You see, the seed was planted; humankind grew from the seed, so thought/energy was present. You are understanding.

"Yes, thank you.

Teacher: You must think on my words, Dominica for full understanding. Would anyone care to discuss this further?

Tommas I am Tommas, could you tell us in what manner the seeds were planted.

Teacher: I have said this. Dominica, my reply to you discussed this. Therein lies your answer.

Tommas And could you tell us more of the Watchers.

Teacher: I await the discussion. You see, I give information, I do not learn for you. You learn for your own discussion, so discuss. You remember my words Dominica.

Dominica Some of it, yes. It’s sort of a hard concept to grasp still.

Teacher: Does anyone understand my answer?

Petta I think it is as you said, it is energy and in thought, that’s how the seeds were planted.

Teacher: Yes, you almost have it. The Watchers ‘thought’ - energy is ‘thought’ - physical is ‘thought energy’. Is this clear for your understanding.

"Yes thank you

Teacher: Tommas

Yes thank you

Teacher: Dominica

Yes thank you

Teacher: Filip, this is clear for you.

Filip I’m becoming aware slowly I feel.

Teacher: Yes, this is how you shall find our teachings. You learn in your own individual manner. Each coming to your own individual understanding and in doing so you form full understanding. Then Tommas, your query.

Tommas I wondered if you could tell us more of the Watchers, how they came to decide to put humans on earth.

Teacher: Yes, you see, their world was coming to an end. Yes. They must find a new place for growth of humankind to house soul, yes. The Watchers keep watch on their offspring, yes.. .

Teacher: " And their physical form wouldn’t have suited Earth.

Teacher: Correct, you do not resemble your parent, yes. You see, each environment has needs, yes, you have understanding?

"Yes thank you

Teacher: There are more queries?

DominicaI am Dominica, did the Watchers also plant other animals?

Teacher: Correct. Also as I have said, the man Darwin’s theory was almost correct. And there being certain elements within the planet Earth, life forms were created. Yes. You are of comfort?


Selina That was quite a simple answer, I feel, quite a nice answer, why couldn’t we have handled that a little while ago, a few weeks ago.

Teacher: Did I say you couldn’t?

"You said you would tell us later

Teacher: Correct

"and I imagined that to mean we couldn’t have handled the answer at the time.

Teacher: This is not so

"Oh I see

Teacher: You see, I have said, I assess, I have needs also, part of my needs are to assess persons present. You have understanding?

"Yes I do, and all my other questions now seem silly.

ALL Laughter

Teacher: Do not concern, Selina, you may ask of anything you wish. Do not be embarrass.

Selina You were talking about Filip last week and his re-incarnation in the year 4000 and something A.D.

Teacher: His guidance Michael

"Oh yes, do you mean on a different dimension

Teacher: I do not

" You mean on our earth calendar

Teacher: Correct

"Thank you very much

Filip It’s Filip here. Could you, just to continue, am I correct, in that Michael gave me some information to enable me to work out the riddle.

Teacher: Correct

Filip Thank you

Teacher: You have done this?

"I have. I have reached two conclusions. But I don’t really know which is the right conclusion.

Teacher: Probably both are correct

"So that would mean two incarnations for Michael

Teacher: Possibly, probably, yes.

"and possibly, probably the same for me.

Teacher: Correct

"May I Continue?

Teacher: Continue

Filip We’ve learnt that we as a group, maybe met in previous incarnations, or we know one another in soul, are we going to progress together from this point in the earth plane to increase the awareness of the rest of the. New Zealand, or this Earth.

Teacher: First, comes self, yes. This is your reason for being together. If by chance, it should help other people, so be it. But you see, when self is shining, others shall remark on this, and ask, ‘what is it you have found for yourself?’ you are understanding?


Teacher: Continue, you have much to say.

Filip I think in the last week, I have thought of lots of things to ask, but I need to be fair to everybody that are gathered here who may wish to ask as well,

Teacher: I give you permission to ask.

"Thank you

Teacher: You see, who ever, whatever, is asked, is of assistance for all. Continue.

"I’m trying to, find out, or imagine, what I am to learn in this earth plane. I’m confused as to why I’m here to learn in this reincarnation

Is not all persons, yes.


Teacher: You shall not be told this by Abraham. This is for all persons purpose to rediscover soul memory wherein lies your path, yes. This is of confusion Filip?

Filip No, I think I just needed to know that was the correct method or….


Teacher: You see, heed your guidance, you shall not stumble and fall so often on you path. You have free will to heed your guidance or not, as do all persons. If a person told you, your path, your lessons, what then. It is not good. You have not then the purpose for your life journey. You are understanding? Yes. Self knows, self is soul, yes.

"I find it difficult sometimes to know when I am being guided.

Teacher: Yes this is of a natural event. As you become as of more comfort with your guidance, it shall be more of ease for you to recognise such. You shall find your path has bridges, rather than stumbling blocks, stepping stones, yes. You may heed your advice from your guidance, it may not enter your thought mind, for perhaps days or weeks, you are understanding?

"I am understanding, but I feel I need to know some things fairly soon

Teacher: From you guidance

"From my guidance

Stillness, Journaling

Teacher: Then you shall find the stillness.

"At this stage I am having problems finding the stillness.

Teacher: Yes this is of a natural event. It may be of assistance for you to write your query – enter the stillness – and when you return from the stillness – write your thought – or your feeling. It may be this is your answer. You have understanding?

" I have understanding, I believe this has happened before to me

Teacher: Correct. You are all of comfort?


Teacher: You wish to continue Filip?

Filip I need a moment to collect some other theories, or questions, sorry.

Teacher: Very well, there are more queries. Melda, you have been of a busyness, in your work.

Melda Yes

Teacher: You are of comfort Melda?


Teacher: You have queries?

"Yes, when I am about to do something, I get a "don’t" in my mind, is that my guide speaking to me

Teacher: It is a possibility. If it is of a comfort to heed the advice given, then you may be assured it is your guidance. You are understanding?


Teacher: You have more queries?

"Yes, when we went into the silence tonight, I felt a shudder, I often feel a shudder and I wondered if you could explain that to me.

Teacher: Yes, do not be concerned, your guidance is drawing near, yes. You have queries or you wish your beak. Perhaps to discuss, yes.

Charles Abraham, yes we would prefer our break now. Thank you

Teacher: Then I shall return. I shall not however leave..

  • Teacher: TEA BREAK

Then you have queries?

Martin I am Martin, Abraham we think we found out why there was an uneasiness to begin with, because there was a cat in a box of papers, making weird noises, and I think that caused that little

Teacher: Yes

uneasiness amongst us.

Teacher: Also, you are not all used to being together. This is correct?


Teacher: There was no castigation in my words. I seem to awaken your awareness, each to each. Yes. You see, in the appointments to come, you shall have built for yourselves, a trust and comfort, each to each. You are understanding?


Teacher: And also, a trust and comfort for your teacher, yes. Then there are more queries?

Eunice I have just one Abraham, I am Eunice and I just wondered what my soul name was please

Teacher: Yes one moment……(long pause) you have much thought Eunice, yes, yes, quieten your mind. (long pause) Yes your name is, and was from the beginning Clara. You wish letter?

"Yes please

Teacher: CLARA

"Thank you

Teacher: For clarity, yes. You see your mind was full of thought, I could not receive information, yes. You must use your name to relieve your mind of unnessessary thought.

"Thank you

Clara Could I have, this is Clara again, could I have the name of my guide?

Teacher: You may

"Thank you

Teacher: The name of your guide is Simone. She is happy to communicate with you. You may do this in the stillness.

"Does she help me with my dowsing?

Teacher: But of course. One moment, I give letters and correct pronunciation, SIMEON (simmyon)

"Thank you

Teacher: There are more queries?

Dominica I am Dominica, and just to go back to when you were talking about the seeds, you said that thought and energy and physical, was energy as well, does that mean that we are illusions

Teacher: Good query Dominica. Your physical is an illusion. Reality is where I am. Food for your thought, Dominica.


Teacher: There are more queries?


Petta This is Petta here Abraham, I’ve got a query that really isn’t related to anything else we’ve spoken about tonight. Over the years I have read books written by a certain Lobsang Rampa. The books are entitled ‘The Third Eye" "Beyond the 10th" and quite a few more titles. The books have encouraged me that I am on the right path, in the way that I feel, and look upon life, and they gave me a lot to think about and believe in. But a few weeks ago, someone saw I was reading one of these books and laughed at the fact and said the writer was one of the world’s best fantasizers and that he had not taken part in any of the things he wrote or spoke about, and although I didn’t show it at the time, it was almost as though somebody had knifed me, because I felt that if this was so I had lost a friend. And I feel that your answer will probably be, that if I got comfort from the books than that was alright. I would like to know if this person has in fact been part of what he says, perhaps if not in this life, whether it is his soul memory that is doing the writing.

Teacher: Yes, my answer would have course, would have been that. This person, yes, one moment. There are many persons who write information, speak information who have not direct personal experience of that which they speak, or write. Information is given to them and they deliver. You have understanding?

Petta Yes I have, as long as the things I feel I have learnt are factual…

Teacher: I shall say this, all experience in life’s journey if given comfort, is not of a waste nature. Do not concern yourself with the person giving the information. Merely, notice the information given and concern yourself with the content. You are understanding?

"Yes thank you Abraham

Filip It’s Filip here. Following on from that, does it mean that Darwin was allowed to give information from the Watchers?

Teacher: In the growth of humankind development the scientific mind grew first, or so it seems. Darwin discovered certain information regarding the origins of the humankind’s species. He was not fully correct. Man did not evolve from the ape. The ape was a mutation of mankind. Also many of a scientific nature do not embrace the ‘Watchers’ or ‘Soul knowledge’. You have understanding?

"I think so, is that because their scientific mind is only on the earth mind, not into the higher mind?

Teacher: Correct


"Could you perhaps help us with the use of Mediums, the information they impart, is that from our guides?

Teacher: I am not familiar with your usage of the expressionmedium’. In which context do you refer?

"Sorry, I will explain. The term ‘medium’ is used for someone who communicates with the spirit world or the dead, or, I’m not quite sure, but that person is referred to as a ‘medium’ who receives messages…….

Teacher: Ah! Yes. You are aware of course; these messages do not come from a person who is dead, but from the Soul Consciousness which inhabited the physical. You are understanding?

"Could you perhaps explain further?

Teacher: Yes, there are persons who believe that a dead person may be contacted after death. This is not correct. The soul has journeyed on to a learning place. May perhaps have already entered another physical for another journey. The message received comes from the soul consciousness that was the original physical. I am clear for you?

"So that means that………

Teacher: You see, I am Abraham, I am your teacher, I am a living, but I am the soul consciousness that was, is, and shall be, Abraham. This is clear for you?

Filip Maybe I’m getting confused. I understand the soul consciousness of you as Abraham, but am I correct in thinking that when you were on the Earth, at another incarnation, there was a soul that could be contacted by a medium after the death of your body on the earth plane.

Teacher: Contact would have been made with the consciousness of Abraham’s soul. You see, I find words to describe such. There is a shaft of sunlight. Perceived in the sunlight are particles of dust. Yes. Moving. Yes. This is soul consciousness, containing the consciousness of many souls. A soul returns to the physical, the memory of the soul’s previous incarnation is retained within the consciousness. You are understanding? My words are clear for you?

"I think I need to ponder on these.

Teacher: Yes. It shall become clear for you. I have answered your query.

"I have heard messages, from supposedly, beyond the grave. I was trying to establish whether the messages that were sent through a medium, were from a persons guide using this medium as a communicator.

Teacher: Yes, I am understanding. Rather than the guide, it comes from the memory of the soul consciousness, I have spoken of. It is as the echo of a memory. You see, perhaps this may help you understand my description. Radio signals sent from the planet Earth many years before, are now being received back on earth. You are understanding?

" Yes, I can understand that.

Teacher: It is as this, for soul consciousness. This is perhaps clearer for you.

"Yes, thank you, it’s good.


Tommas I am Tommas, just to clarify a point, we were discussing the Watchers in our break, am I right in saying that, on their world. They had physical form.

Teacher: Correct

"which was not suited to our world now.

Teacher: Correct

"Thank you

Selina Abraham I am Selina, if the Watchers created us, did God, the force, create the Watchers?

Teacher: But of course

" So in a roundabout way the ‘force’ still created us as the Bible implies.

Teacher: What is God?

"Energy, thought – energy.

Teacher: Correct. What was the seed?

"Thought - Energy

Correct. But much larger than you have concept of.

"Yes, but it just seemed a long round about route of us being formed

Teacher: You think so?

ALL Laughter

Selina I’m trying to cut out the muddle man

ALL Laughter

Teacher: Yes

Selina I was wondering why………..

Teacher: It is indeed simplicity. There appears complexity in the simplicity. The Bible re-creation of creation is too simplistic, but is still of simplicity. Continue

"It just seemed to feel, if God wanted us to be created, why did the "thought" the "energy" just not create us on this planet, why go through another life form on another planet, but it must have been to help that life form develop……..

Teacher: Why, yes, you may answer your own query thus…. "Why procreate as you do? Why not, should the "thought energy" continue creating" you may think this for yourself.

"and are the Watchers, is their planet still inhabitable for them, or is….

Teacher: This is not so. They exist on another dimension of Planet Earth.


Filip It’s Filip again, I understand that Charles, Martin and Benjamin have been given, shall we say labels of jobs that they are to do, are we all to be labelled with a job, or to be given a job to do, in this group

Teacher: I do not give you jobs; I do not give you labels. You have already decided for yourselves. I shall inform you of such at your next appointment, you see, you ask for your name, I give you the name which has been yours from the beginning. It is not a name I give you, you understand?

"I understand the soul name that I have, maybe I was confusing, Selina has been called the ‘Forager"….

Teacher: She is of this nature

"it was that type of name I was….

Teacher: I am understanding the nature of your query. My answer was to illuminate my previous answer. When your soul entered your physical body, your job description was already decided by yourself. You are understanding?

"I’m still searching, with Michael’s help, to find my job description.

Teacher: Yes, you shall perhaps discover this for yourself.

"No doubt I will, perhaps I’m just a little impatient

Selina Another forager

ALL Laughter

Teacher: It is a possibility. But you are all "Truth Seekers". Yes. I wish you to think of "Thought Energy" = God, and the creation and procreation for your next appointment. Then you have more queries?


Dominica I am Dominica. Next week I have to work in a rest home, looking after geriatrics, and I’m not too keen on this, is there any advice or help you can give me?

Teacher: Yes. What are your feelings concerning such.

"I’ve never had to deal with anyone who’s more or less 100% incapable of doing anything for themselves, I’m not sure how I’ll react, like taking them to the toilet or shower, looking after them on bed rest.

Teacher: You have perhaps concern with the person’s dignity

"Yes. Plus my own embarrassment.

Teacher: Your embarrass is of natural cause being in youth, sound of mind and body, ministering to those who are much in years, but as babes yes. Do not concern, they are as babes, their minds perhaps also. Treat them with gentleness, compassion yes. Do not be concerned with their dignity, they have much you shall not remove it from them.

"I was also worried that I will hurt them as I haven’t really had any detailed training, we have just been told what to do.

Teacher: My previous answer also refers to this query. This is of comfort Dominica?

Sleep, Out of Body Experience

Dominica Yes thank you. Getting off the subject, I was interested in astral travel and I was told once that this happened as soon as you went to sleep, that your mind travelled, is that correct?

Teacher: Correct

"is that like another name for finding the stillness?

Teacher: It may be such. It is not an "out of the body" conscious traveling.

"Would you explain that?

Teacher: Yes. In your sleep time, your mind is freed, the soul is with the guidance. In a conscious out-of-body experience, you are aware of your physical body in one place. And that you, your other body is someplace else. I shall discuss this further at a later appointment.

"Thank you

Teacher: There are more queries or you wish to close.

Selina I have one last question, Abraham, I am Selina, you mentioned earlier this evening that I receive healing, do you mean physical healing or a calming influence?

Teacher: It is a combination of spiritual, mental, heart and body.

"I am not totally physically well

Teacher: You shall become so.

"Thank you Abraham

Tommas I am Tommas, carrying on from what Dominica was talking about, I’ve had on three or four occasions, maybe more, feelings, where I’m not sure if I’ve dreamt them or not, where I seem to be totally awake, in bed asleep, totally aware, but I can’t move my body and I do physically say 1,2,3,4, go to make myself move. Now could you explain this? I may just be dreaming, but I’m not sure.

Teacher: You are perhaps experiencing out-of-body. It may be of ease for you to find your body with your other eyes by conscious 1,2,3,4 you are returning to your body. You are understanding?

"Yes but I find it quite frightening when it happens.

`Do not concern. There’s not need for fear. Fear shall return you to your body in a suddenness. Yes. This is a time for you to call on your guide Michael, pardon David. Filip, Michael says you experience this also.

Filip I am not aware of it. I haven’t been aware of it. But I think I must do it.

Teacher: He say’s you do.

"Thank you

Dominica I am Dominica. Referring to the previous question is that like when you are in a deep sleep, and you kick out, or lash out, could that be the soul re-entering.

Teacher: It is a possibility; it is also a natural cause for the body’s muscles during relaxation to make sudden movements.

"And another query I started asking at our last appointment, about whether we have many lives at the one time, in different dimensions.

Teacher: Correct

"The query actually, that I wanted to know, going on from that, is, if that was correct, do we all die at the same time, for like a total picture.

Teacher: Yes. (Long pause)

It is our divided selves, Charles, Benjamin, Martin. I shall discuss this at our next appointment Dominica. It is a lengthy subject.

"Thank you

Filip It’s Filip again, just while we are talking about further appointments, it may, because of the things we are involved with on this earth plane, it may not be possible to always come to the next appointment at the correct time. I’m thinking of myself in a couple of weeks time, is it permissible to come later to join you?

Teacher: If it is made aware, yes.

"I have a meeting in two weeks time, to do with, could be called "World Friendship" and I would ask permission to come late if I could to this appointment.

Teacher: You may. It shall probably be the break time you arrive. Yes?

"I would think so.

Teacher: Yes. Then if there are no more queries. I shall make one query.


Belinda Yes I am Belinda. I was once told that when you send out healing prayers or protection for other people, sometimes you could be changing that person’s karma, and if you do, you could take it on yourself, is this true?

Teacher: I shall explain. Your guide will contact make with the guidance of the person you wish to help. That person’s `guidance then will attempt to prepare the person to receive such. If the person is ready to receive such then the healing can occur. If the person is not able to receive such, then it is not received at all. It is dispersed. You are understanding?

"Yes thank you Abraham

Selina Abraham, by dispersed, do you mean that it’s wasted, or that it is shared around to others who may need these kind thoughts.

Teacher: It goes, if you wish, to the light, it is not of a waste nature.

"Thank you

Teacher: I make a query. You are of comfort each and every one.



Teacher: I shall leave you with this.

"At the heart is the centre,

At the centre is self"

Remember this