1987-03-11-The Departing Soul

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Topic: The Departing Soul

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your teacher. Then you are come again, and we are joined by other persons .

CharlesYes, Abraham we have two ‘truth seekers’ this evening who haven’t been before.


Death, Resurrection

Teacher: Yes. You have queries?

"Yes, I think there are some queries this evening, I hope there are some queries this evening. Would anyone like to go first with their query?

Petta Yes, it’s Petta here. I have a query regarding when a person passes from this life into the next, it’s generally accepted that they have a space of three days. I’ve known it to be for the Silver Cord to be finally parted so they can depart from this life into the next, before they are buried or cremated and it does concern me at times, now that I have this knowledge, that my own mother actually only had two days, for this space of time, and I’m wondering if this made her journey from here, somewhat of a hardship to her, more than it should have been.

Teacher: Not of necessity. It may be of a short duration, it may be longer. It is usual for the comfort of the Soul Departed to oversee those loving left behind to be assured of their comfort. Two days – five days – ‘tis no matter. When the soul is satisfied it is then guided to its rightful place. Yes.

"Thank you Abraham

Teacher: There are times when the living hold the departed to the earth plane. This causes much confusion, much pain to the departed. They are torn between the beckoning lights of their guide and the beckoning arms of the living. Yes.

There’s one here, who has much to query, who has not done so. You wish to speak? He is aware of whom I speak!!

Eddie My name is Eddie, I have a query.

Teacher: Yes!! (Laughter)

"When one’s life is finished on earth, and one passes over to soul, is there a meeting of friends who have also passed to soul, and in what communication do those people have?

Teacher: When a soul departs the physical, it is guided by the guide to a place of rest. It is then, those souls who have known this soul in previous times, gather around, rather as moths to a flame. Much comfort is given and received. It is of a much differing nature than the physical, yes. You have understanding?


"Yes thank you. Another question I must ask is what is my soul name? So everyone can complete their sheet of names please

Teacher: (Much laughter)

Teacher: Yes one moment. If it appears I single you out from the crowd, so to speak, it is for your benefit. One moment. Your name is, and was from the beginning Mondaa. You wish letters?

Yes please

Teacher: MONDAA. Mondaa, emphasis on the last syllable I am told. You see, as I have said before times, the sound, the vibration is of importance.

Petta May I ask something about my soul name then please Abraham? Because

Teacher: You may

Petta: . . . because I’m not sure of the exact way of saying it, I’m not comfortable with it yet. And I have an idea that is sound similar to Peter, and yet there was a different emphasis therefore I am torn between Petta and Peter, and I’m just not sure.

Teacher: One moment

Thank you

Teacher: Pay-ta spelt Petta emphasis the last syllable.

"Thank you very much.

Marion Abraham, would you mind please explaining about the soul name because I haven’t heard of that aspect.

Teacher: One moment. Yes. When born into the physical your parents name you, yes. This name is yours for your physical journey. You are recognised by persons as such, correct?


Teacher: As soul you are also named at the beginning, and as soul you are recognised as such. Ever unchanging, always the same name. Yes.

Marion Who would name you then?

Teacher: Ah!!! Perhaps I shall discuss this a little on, in this appointment. I have reasons for doing such.

Thank you

Teacher: Sighs of frustration I hear (Laughter)Yes

Dominica Yes, there are several of us with the same question.

Teacher: Yes, but you see, your queries shall lead of a natural course to this query. This query should not be the first. You are understanding?

Clara, you have found clarity?

Clara Yes

Teacher: Yes, you have been of comfort?


I have been seeking too…..

Teacher: I am aware.

You have queries?

Filip I was just waiting for a break in the conversation, questions. In our last appointment I queried about our job descriptions,

Teacher: Correct

Filip . . . and I was told it would be revealed at a later appointment.

Teacher: Correct

"Is this the appointment?

Teacher: I do not give you job, it shall emerge of a natural cause. You are understanding? You see our Forager/Shepherdess has already shown herself to be such. You are understanding?

"I am understanding, as I said before, perhaps I’m a little impatient.

Teacher: Perhaps two foragers!! Perhaps our forager/shepherdess is shepherdess and you forager. Yes. It is of no concern if there be two foragers, more food for a larger tribe!! Perhaps two are required, yes. I am thinking my statement is as of a correct nature, yes. You would agree? You see, there is no need for me to give job. Your job you decided a long time ago. Yes.


Filip Perhaps you can help me then, the decisions I have made since our last appointment, am I on my correct path? Is Michael guiding me in my correct path?

Teacher: If you are of comfort, it would appear so. You see, yes, you ask for confirming from myself!?

"If you could for me please.

Teacher: Yes. One moment. I chat with Michael. I would add, - chat – is Michael’s term! (Laughter)

Yes. You shall find the correct path, Filip.

"And I will be of comfort with that path?

Teacher: You shall.

"Thank you

You see, more than this, I am unable to say, I must not interfere with your free will. You are understanding?

"Yes I do understand, I just hoped that my free will was the correct one. (Laughter)

Teacher: You shall know this, yes.

"And this is also Belinda’s path is it, as well.

Teacher: It is for Belinda to find. It is not often times you shall receive a directive from me. I shall say this - You have not taken the wrong path - yet! (Laughter) Message from Michael. I have said he is of a humorous nature.

"I understand entirely, that’s how I would say it.

Teacher: Correct. I would say this, Filip; it is of ease to converse with your guidance for me. An indication you would find this also, for yourself.

"I am still having problems communicating at the moment.

Teacher: Perhaps the problem is not in the communication, it may lie with the understanding of the communication. There is a great difference. You see, to attempt communication with your guidance, if struggled with, shall be of difficulty. And communication lost. It is of ease of simplicity, I refer you to your radio tuner, if it is done in a simplistic manner, it is of ease to tune to the correct frequency. I am correct? If done in a heavy handed manner, with difficulty, the correct frequency is overlooked. I am correct?


Teacher: Yes, it is so, in communication with guidance. Yes. You have understanding?


Teacher: You have more queries Filip.

Acceptance, Ascension

Filip Going back to Petta, when the departed soul leaves the earth plane, I gather from your previous words that the people on the earth plane could prevent it from journeying onward,

Teacher: Correct

"Does this happen very often? Is this due to stress or…

Teacher: It is due to the unwillingness of persons to accept reality, therefore holding back that person, that soul, wishing that soul was still alive. Not understanding that the soul is more alive than they thought. Also, a soul who has met physical death in a traumatic manner can be caught within the trauma of death and be unable to depart. Blinded by pain, blinded by fear, deafened by fear, deafened by pain do not see or hear the guiding light, therefore they believe the manner of their death is still occurring. Valuable work is done by persons, to rescue such souls in torment and guide them with love to their guiding light. You are understanding?

"Yes. Can I continue on that?

Teacher: You may.

"Who does this healing to guide them to see the light?

Teacher: Physical persons, there are some persons who are tuned into the vibration of confused, in pain, in fear, souls. Who may, through love bring them to awareness of their condition. Melda is one such. There are others who operate this way, and there are others who operate in a similar manner. Yes, much valuable work is this.

Clara I am Clara. Can I ask a question pertaining to that? With the going to the light, do we ask for people from the other side to come through to bring those people to meet them?


Teacher: This is not of necessity. When your soul departs your physical body, your guidance waits to guide you. Souls in torment, fear and pain, do not see or hear, their guiding light. It is waiting, and can do nothing until assisted by persons in the physical. You see, the soul in torment, is more attuned to the physical vibration, therefore needing physical intervention. You are understanding? While speaking on this subject, I refer back to the question ‘Who gives soul name?’ There is not a personage who gives name to a soul. When soul, yes, I shall use the expression – created -- it is created in a particular vibration. You are understanding? I shall continue – the name, which is not a name, is a sound of a vibration, which was in force at the time, space, when a particular soul was created. This is clear or you?

Strange, interesting

Teacher: Go back to my query for you to ponder. A neat tie up I have done. Yes (Laughter) if you wish, you may take refreshment to discuss and I shall return. You wish this?

Charles Yes Abraham, I think the choice is for us to have refreshments now. Thank you.

Teacher: Then I shall return, I shall not depart.


You have discussed.

Charles Yes, discussions seemed to balance around harmony and vibrations to do with our names

Teacher: Yes. The planet’s Sun, we shall call the womb of souls. You have heard of sun burst?


Teacher: It is this. Imagine the womb of souls as the sun, yes, which is what you think?

Light and energy.

Teacher: Correct. Operating on a particular frequency. Correct? Each time a soul is created, or birthed from the womb, it is as a sun burst. At this particular moment In time, space there is a particular frequency and as it leaves the womb, the sound frequency is the name given. You are understanding? This womb may be called many names - God, Creator, Supreme Consciousness and many others. I am certain you would have a name for this of your own devising. This is of clarity for your minds?



Teacher: And a soul’s vocation is to return eventually to the source of creation. This may take many, many life journeys. Yes. The memory of creation, the memory of purpose is to be remembered throughout physical life journeys. This is clear for you?


You wish to query?

Dominica I am Dominica. When you said that the soul’s vocation is to return to the source, is that when you have reached the level of understanding, and become more like you Abraham, more of a teacher?

Teacher: Become Godlike yes. And the soul who has evolved through many stages of learning shall become part of the source once more. This is of clarity Dominica?

Marion Abraham may I ask a question please?

Teacher: You may

When new souls have been created, would these have been new souls that have come up through the animal kingdom?

Teacher: Animals do not evolve through humankind. There are some who believe such. Animal kingdom has it’s own journeying. Yes. Akin but not of the same source. Yes.

"Where would they come from then and where would they go back to then?

Teacher: They return to their source. Yes. As I have said, akin, but not of the same source, rather, I shall describe it as thus, your physical family, yes, is akin to the person who sits beside you, that person’s family is akin to yours, but not the same source. You are understanding?


Teacher: You have more queries?


Tommas When some body on Earth’s life is over and they have led an evil life, committed maybe murder, how is that soul received?

Teacher: The same as any, with love. Correct. There is only love. That soul, as with any soul, shall assess his or her life journey. Yes. There is no retribution, there is not judgement, sentencing, only assessment and perhaps redirection. Yes. You see, love the lesson for all persons. There are others of course but LOVE is the lesson, and you may think of how many facets there are to this, and you may see how many lessons there may be within love. Charles, Ruby has remembered queries you have received. You do not have them, she has them.

Charles While you carry on , I shall go and look for them in her bag.

Teacher: Many of the queries have been touched upon. You shall not find it (the bag) Charles.


Ruby I’ll tell you where it is, it’s in the car.

Charles Actually Abraham, we discussed it and thought that Martin, Benjamin and myself could try to answer the queries as they are. Queries we have asked in the past and should know the answers to anyway and check our queries with you and pass them back down the line.

Teacher: Correct. I believe many questions have been answered at this appointment, yes?


Petta Please could I ask another question here?

Teacher: You may.


A friend of ours was seriously hurt in an accident and had brain damage, which resulted in 18 months in a coma. He was looked after and fed but other than that, there was nothing anyone could do for him and we are led to believe that during that 18 months although people felt that he could not be communicated with or communicate from himself, we believe that he did in fact receive much communication and also we like to think that he was in touch with the spirit world, as a preparation for when he finally did pass over, would our feelings on this be correct please?

Teacher: Yes. You see many persons who in the physical find themselves in this predicament of no communication with physical persons. Totally dependent on physical persons for survival have much soul communications, yes. There is no thought in the physical manner to impede this process. It is as when, during your sleep time, much is going on, yes. I would say this – it is not of necessity for any of you present to enquire if you may ask a query. You have already done this by your presence. You have only to state your name if you desire. Although I know who it is without this. The name you speak is of assistance for your scribe.

Marion Do you like to work with soul name?

Teacher: If a soul name is given, this is how I know. My answer is obscure?

"I find it very hard to ask personal questions.

Teacher: It is of discomfort for some, when in the company of many persons unknown, yes?

"No it’s not that, it’s more I feel, I’m bothering you.

Teacher: Do not feel such. I am here at your request and you have come to me. I am your teacher. You may ask of anything you desire. There should be no embarrassment. I expect none.

"I understand there are two of us that don’t know our soul name.

Teacher: You wish such.

"If it is acceptable please.

Maureen Yes please

Teacher: One moment. Margaret, Marion, this is correct? One moment. Marion, your name is, and was from the beginning ESME. You wish letters?

Marion Yes please

Teacher: ESME

"Thank you

Teacher: Margaret, one moment, your name is, and was from the beginning KORDE. You wish letters?

Maureen Yes please

Teacher: KORDE’ with apostrophe

"Thank you

Teacher: You are welcome. These names, these sounds, vibrations, should feel of comfort for you.

Charles Abraham, is there any connection between names, as a vibration, and the languages that we learn to speak?

Teacher: I am not understanding your query.


"The language that we speak in communication on this plane that vary from continent to continent…..

Teacher: Ah! Yes. Yes I am understanding your query. There is no significance, but I am aware of the reason for your query, again I reiterate, the sound, frequency, vibration, rather than the name, is of importance. There may perhaps be a manner of discovering the vibration frequency for each soul name. There is such a tuning instrument, perhaps there is some such for this also.

Filip Is this the instrument I spoke about during our discussion?

Teacher: I am believing so, yes.

"Do you feel we should investigate that, on those lines?

Teacher: It may be of comfort for you to do so. It is for you to make this decision.

Charles I was thinking of the vibration of course of OM and AMEN and other so called spiritual sounds

Teacher: Ourmen.

"ourmen, and of course I was thinking of the trumpets of the walls of Jericho, where the vibrations……..

Teacher: Yes, I give you a sample of my meaning.

A distressed cry, which vibration does it respond to within yourself? A tenseness of the physical, a listening ear, a sharp, keen mind, yes?

A laugh of gaiety, which vibration does this respond within yourself? A warmth, a freeing of tension, a lifting up, yes?

Then your sound – Charlemont, Tommas, Belinda, Filip, Selina, Korde’, Dominica, Esme, Martinus, Clara, Melda, Petta, - I have lost your sound


Teacher: Mondaa, yes. Each will have a response within each. You are understanding?

Charles Abraham, as a very young man, I had a weird fantasy that I had colours for every day of the week, and when I heard the name it represented a colour in my eyes. I used to think it rather a childish thing…

Teacher: It is not so. This is correct. Words are but the physical response of a vibration frequency. I am clear for you? Colour also is of a vibration frequency. Colour and word are at times are of the same frequency.

Melda Abraham as a child I once saw numbers as colours.

Teacher: The same meaning. It is a physical response to a saved vibration frequency which comes from thought. Thought is a sound/vibration/frequency. You are understanding? I believe we spoke of this at our last appointment.

Filip That is my next question. We spoke about four last week at our last appointment. There are another three we do not know about yet.

Teacher: Yes, and it is not the correct time.

Selina Abraham referring back to the days of the week, of which there are seven, do they correspond with the seven colours of the rainbow.?

Teacher: In a manner of speaking, this is correct. You see, here we come to mathematics, to quantum theory. There is much, yes, the pyramid is a physical reproduction of much. How many days in a week, how many weeks in a year. Lunar months, hours, minutes, seconds. And all this was built as a physical manifestation of the universe. You are understanding?

"Yes I am thank you Abraham

"Last week you told us that some of the colours in the rainbow, (and I felt I was starting to solve a riddle last week , but now I feel I was way off beam, with what you have now told us tonight)

Teacher: Speak

Well, I felt Andreas came through to me, perhaps you can confirm this later, and you told us that the watchers had to find a place for growth of humankind, and then you told us that the colour green represents new growth, and I wondered if that meant the plant life on earth is green. The colour blue represents calm, and our skies and water are blue. The colour red represented physical energy and blood is red, and the colour yellow represents purity, giving of life and our sun is yellow. I wondered if all this was planned for us, to make us comfortable here? But I don’t know the meaning of the last three colours.

Teacher: You are on the correct pathway Selina. Never, ever think you are not correct without consultation with Abraham, your teacher

Selina But it was Andreas who told me this.

Teacher: It is so, you see, I have said, your physical reality is illusion, have I not, yes, without, one moment, I find correct words. When light is broken into it’s elements, yes, light, which is life giving, yes? yes, and I speak of Life Force, and I do not speak of the sun.


Teacher: It is broken into seven rays, each being a colour, yes?


Teacher: These rays give you green grass, blue sky, water, yellow sun, red, violet, indigo – you perhaps think I have forgotten one?

Yes (Laughter)

Teacher: It is the colour between red, yellow, which is a combination of both (orange). All you see is from these seven rays, which give your illusion a sense of reality. The illusion of you physical world, a reality. I am correct Martin?

Martin I think so – well yes Abraham, you are. (Laughter)

Teacher: So you see Selina you are correct, you have brought, with Andreas’s help the seven of four colours I gave, into a practical manner of understanding for your physical world. Correct?

Selina Yes thank you.

Teacher: Indigo, violet, yes. it is time, I shall give you these meanings. Orange is but a higher frequency of protection but more of a physical nature. This is clear for you?

"Yes thank you.

Teacher: Blue is calm. Indigo is peace. Violet is where I am. This is Ruby’s picture of my presence. There are many shades and variations of each colour. The one light these seven rays come from is of course, the light which is truth, which is love, which is God.

Selina Which is white.

Teacher: And you see, without the benefits of the filtering of rays of these seven colours, you would not, you would not bear the full force of the light. This is true also in your physical world with your sun light.


Teacher: The light which is truth, which is love, which is God, is of a far greater intensity than your physical sunlight. This is of clarity for you?

"Yes thank you Abraham

Teacher: For all?


DominicaI am Dominica, I was just wondering if animals are colour blind, because they can’t see the filtering rays, because they have not got souls.

Teacher: Who said they do not have soul?

"I remember stories when I was little, that my cat didn’t have a soul when he died.

Teacher: I have said the animal kingdom have their own source, akin to that of humankind. They also have their souls. It is true, some animals, some humankind are colour blind, this is a generic fault. You are understanding?

"Yes thank you

Tommas There was an experiment done, two to three years ago, where people who were almost at death, were being weighed and at the moment of death, they lost ½ to ¾ of an ounce in weight.

Teacher: Correct

"But this did not happen with animals, so they presumed that animals did not have a soul.

Teacher: Yes

Could you explain why

Teacher: Humankind soul is four kilowatt energy, animal soul is much lighter. Not even ½ one kilowatt. There is not much weight. They are of a lower, as I have said, they have their own source. You are understanding?

Martin Abraham, Martin here. No you mean one watt, a kilowatt is a1000 watts. It would be four watts not four kilowatts.

Teacher: I am corrected. Thank you. Four watt. Four flame energy.

Teacher Contact

SelinaI am Selina. I went into the stillness and asked Andreas to help me with my role, whatever it would be. And I had a dream of an orange. I’m not sure I have translated it correctly, but I dreamt that all of us in the room, were as segments of an orange, each of us as important, but with the skin wrapped around us, we were as a whole orange, and then I think I dreamt of that there were many oranges hanging from the tree, and I took the tree to be God, in my dream, and He was supporting us, and giving us life, but later I felt that I dreamt of an orange grove, as though there was much, much more, we’ve got a long way to go, there’s much, much more to find out yet, is this coming from Andreas, and am I translating it correctly?

Teacher: This is a manner for your understanding. It is but a dream, but for your understanding. Yes.

"And I‘m now trying to find out which are my thoughts, and which are thoughts Andreas is pushing into my mind, did he tell me lately to be careful of a sink that would overflow, and to buy a certain flavoured cake for friends?

Teacher: These are but your thoughts. You see. I find words to describe. When newly initiated to your guide, it is often times common, to interpret every thought, every deed, to be that of your guide. It is not of necessity so. Do not allow yourself, and I say this to one, I say this to all, and there is no castigation in my words, do not allow your guide to overtake yourself, to be ahead of yourself. You have free will, use it. Your guide is there to walk alongside you and will not interfere with your free will. Will at times, when it is of a necessity, nudge, in your intuition. You are understanding?

"Yes, I am thank you Abraham, it’s just that the four or five things I have felt lately, have been of different strengths, so I’m trying to sort out, which could be Andreas, so I can recognise him next time, and which was just my own intuition, and the rainbow helps.

Teacher: Yes, and I shall say this. When your guide communicates, there shall be no doubt. As with the rainbow.

Yes, okay thank you

Teacher: These queries you make, are of great benefit to all.

"And Abraham, when Ruby and Charles go home, do you also leave? Because sometimes friends stay on for a discussion, I wondered if you ever stayed to listen.

Teacher: I do not. I leave, you leave me, just as, I do not come to you, you come to me. We meet together, yes. and if I was to remain, I would stay. As I do at your refreshment time, yes. But you see, what may occur is the energy stimulated by our coming together, at my departure, much agitation of the mind takes place, yes. Correct?

"Yes, that’s right

Teacher: Yes. Do not concern.

"Abraham it is an impertinent question I am about to ask, and do you know what I’m about to ask? And is it alright to ask it? (Laughter)

Teacher: But of course


"Well, could you tell me, how did God come to be?

Teacher: Yes, God has always been. I do not know the beginning.

Selina Thank you Abraham

Teacher: It is too far in the past, time, space. There is no beginning, there is no end. As with a circle drawn in the sand. Where does it begin, where does it end. It is there. Yes.

"Only the drawer of the circle would know.

Teacher: Except there was no drawer of the circle. Yes.


Filip You spoke before of the pyramid. As that was the universe, is there a reason why they were constructed on Earth, was it to…….

Teacher: As a learning place.

" The watchers instructed somebody to build it so those that followed on could learn from it.

Teacher: Correct. It was also a testament of earlier civilisations. Yes.

"There are some theories you see, that things like the pyramids and certain other things like Stonehenge, and so on, were built by people not of this planet.

Teacher: They were built, the physical work was carried out by physical persons of this planet Earth. The directions, the measurements, etc was carried out by the watchers. The instrumentation required for such a task, as the pyramid, was not known to humankind at that time. Indeed it is not known to humankind at this time.

Dominica We watched something on TV a couple of days ago about a Sun Dagger, is that the same principle?

Teacher: I am not familiar with this.

" It was like a calendar, a spiral carved into a rock…

Teacher: Ah! Yes. a similar method of measuring time, distance. Yes. as with, yes, yes

Esme Abraham it’s Esme here.

Teacher: One moment. I ponder.

There are many physical manifestations on the planet Earth. There are very large etchings in certain places. Are there not?


Teacher: There is one, the White Horse, there is Aztec drawings, yes. There are many drawings on the interior of certain caves in the Australian continent. There are large body less statues on islands, yes. There are many such, yes. Again, testament to earlier civilisations who were knowledgeable of the watchers. The Bible, your churches, use, have descriptions of Ezekiel (Pronounced Es – I – Kiel) of such, yes. I have answered your query Dominica.

Dominica I think it is something I have to think about.

Teacher: Yes

Selina Abraham while were on this subject of measurement and clocks, in New Zealand, I believe the Southern Island, there are very huge, almost smooth round balls of boulders. Were they man made? Or something to do with a freak of nature. They are still being washed out from the side of hills and cliffs along the coast. (Moeraki?)

Teacher: Giant marbles!! Yes. This is of a natural phenomena.

"A volcanic eruption or something of that sort?

Ley Lines

Teacher: It has, one moment, ley lines are indicated here. This could be a place which is, where two ley lines converge.

Tommas Could you explain ley lines please?

Teacher: They are particular energy forces on the planet earth. They could be called high points of energy. Earlier civilisations were aware of these places. Many built their church buildings on this site.

Selina But the boulders were still formed by nature, men had nothing to do with putting them there or carving them or anything else?

Teacher: This is correct. You see, we again speak of vibrations, wavelengths, yes.

Clara Is the grid system and the ley lines the same?

Teacher: Correct. Many believe that these hillside drawings, etchings are runways, which are on ley lines, yes. This is an involved subject. We shall discuss this further at a later appointment. This is of comfort?

All yes

Teacher: Esme, you wish to query?

Esme Back to the pyramids, you said they were built by physical, physically, how were they built, are the theories right? And also do the pyramids house records?

Teacher: But of course they hold records.

Besides what you said, that haven’t been revealed at this stage?

Teacher: They were physically built, by physical human kind. There were methods shown to them, yes.

Atom Bomb

"I know you mentioned the ley lines, there’s one question I would like to ask, if it is not the right time, it does not matter. At a talk the ley lines were linked to the splitting of the atom, is this correct? The atomic bomb we were told had to be at a certain point of the grid.

Teacher: The Atomic Bomb !! Is a mis-judgement. A misconception. Yes. Was a good theory. Misused, misconceived, yes. I do not wish to discuss such at this time. No castigation intended.

Thank you.

Teacher: Some queries are of a serious nature. Yes.

Selina Abraham, I have just read a book on the pyramids, and…..

Teacher: One moment. I explain my seeming anger. Misused, misconceived, use of the elements, of nature, of the Universe. Yes. A soap box I am on – continue Selina.

"Well one of the theories in the book, was that the tunnels and chambers inside the pyramids, were as the workings of a pump for lowering and highering the water level, to float huge rocks etc up the building, is this theory correct?

Teacher: The tunnels, corridors etc within the pyramid, are specific for learning. They are akin to the learning a soul undertakes.

"Yes I understand. That theory was in the book. So therefore did they build channels up to the pyramids?

Teacher: It was not of necessity. The Watchers provided assistance, instrumentation for the building of such. You are understanding?

"Yes, so it will remain a mystery to us until we have much more knowledge.

Teacher: It is not a mystery. It is of simplicity.

"I do not understand how they shifted such weights of rock.

Teacher: Technology, instrumentation was provided for such. This is clear for you?

Selina I must be phrasing my questions wrong.

Teacher: Instrumentation, technology, was provided by the Watchers, for the lifting of such, for the measuring, cutting of the materials used for the building. You are understanding now?

"I understand what you say, but I am really asking HOW

Teacher: I have given HOW.

(All join in to help Selina "The way to do it" - "you want to know what the machines or whatever look like?" yes. "How they worked:")

Selina The description of the machinery…..

Teacher: You wish a technical, mechanical description?.

"If you feel, as a group, we could understand the answer.

Teacher: You could, it is whether the time for this appointment is lengthy enough.

Dominica I was wondering…..

Teacher: One moment. I assess this appointment time span. This also Selina we shall discuss at our next appointment. It has much to do with the previous delayed query.

Selina Thank you Abraham

Teacher: Continue Dominica

Dominica I was just wondering if the Watchers, or the people who actually built these things, I can’t remember the word, but where they can move objects with their mind, if they used that sort of method.

Teacher: I will not answer this. I refer you to my previous answer. The actual physical work was done by who?

Selina By the humankind of the time.

Teacher: The Jews, the slaves, correct.

Filip But somebody was sent to impart the information

Teacher: Correct, and we shall discuss this…… (Laughter)

"It’s just that you told me Michael used instruments for fine measurement, that was all.

Teacher: Yes. As also did Nehemiah (Ney-he-my-ah). As also did Charles, yes. Charles was there. Ruby, Martin were among the poor slaves. Yes. (Laughter) Charles was a seer. Yes.

Tommas I had a very strong feeling 2-3 days a go to ask about David, could you tell me something about him please?

Teacher: Yes. Much strength, much wisdom has David, for you to tap, to utilise, yes. A strong, wise personage was David, yes. How like yourself Tommas.

"I’ve yet to find it.

Teacher: Yes

Selina Will Tommas eventually be a healer?


Teacher: Each person living is a potential for healing power, a smile, a hug, a kind word, a kind thought, are in a manner for healing. The heat from the physical body may be used to give comfort to another. In the case of hypothermia this is of necessity to sustain the life. Yes.

"I ask because I’ve had much tenderness around my rib area recently and with Tommas just resting his hot hand on the rib for just a few minutes it just seemed to take it away.

Teacher: Yes, again I say all persons have the ability to give comfort with body heat to another. Each living person has the ability to call on God’s love for healing. You are understanding?

"Yes I am. Ask and it shall be given, you are telling me.

Teacher: Correct. It is not, I re-phrase. There are many persons who believe that a HOT hand is the hand of a healer. In a manner of speaking, this is correct, as I have described. The healing power of God’s love is not of necessity heat. You are understanding? .

Teacher: "Yes I am

Teacher: The hand used for this is not of necessity a hot hand. Yes.

"While I’m on the subject of my particular health. Last week you spoke of mediums, the people that get in touch with soul consciousness and a medium has told me recently, that she feels I will be having at least one, and possibly two operations some time in the future and she advised me to ask for your love and protection and to ask it of God, through you, at this meeting in case I am too sick at the time, if the time does arise, to ask it of you then. Could you tell me first, if the medium was correct? And if she was, is it permissible to ask you for the love and the guidance for myself and the surgeon?

Teacher: I shall not answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It is not for me to do this. It would be incorrect. It shall interfere with your free will of your body, your mind, and your heart. You are understanding?

"Yes I am

Teacher: As to protection, then so be it.

Thank you Abraham

If you wish you may ask Ruby at any time, you may also ask for protection for yourself. You are understanding?

Yes I am thank you Abraham

Teacher: Then there are more queries?

Dominica At an earlier appointment I asked about my guide Mary and you said you’d like to refer to my question later, is this an appropriate time to ask for some information about her?

Teacher: One moment, I assess the time span. It would be more of comfort for those present if this were deferred Dominica. This shall be the first query at our next appointment.

"Thank you


Teacher: And I shall leave you with this.

Do not interpret every thought and deed by your self, or others, as being the work of guidance.

You shall remove free will in such. Be aware of those who try to direct your life. Remember free will, remember "At the centre is the heart, at the heart is self"

There is a saying…..

"To thine own self be true"

In doing this, you shall be true to the light, which is love, which is God.