1987-03-19-Messsages From Departed Not From Departed

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Topic: Messages From Departed Not From Departed

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Mac says opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham. I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: You are of comfort.

All Yes, thank you.

Teacher: Yes. You have queries


Dominica When we had our last appointment, you said you would tell me something about Mary.

Teacher: Yes, what would you ask?

"I'm not sure. I am just interested in anything you would like to tell me.

Teacher: One moment. In the last physical journey she was a young person of a male, yes. Much did that person learn. There is not much information to impart. Be assured in the lifetime in the non-physical, Mary has achieved much. Yes, more then this you are not to know.

"I understand.

Teacher: YES.

There is hesitance, yes.

Melda I am Melda, may I ask a question?

Teacher: You May.

In some of the work I have been doing I have come across people who have learned of their past lives and appear to be possessed by their passed lives, in that they are trying to live that, in this life. Is that possible, and how can I help them?

Teacher: Yes. It is a possibility. It is of a sadness, previous physical journeys are not to be used in such a manner often times, persons believe a past experience may excuse their mistake in the present. Yes. You may speak to them of this. It may be of comfort. Do not look back, but forward, lest ye stumble & fall, yes. You are understanding?

"Yes thank you.

"May I ask another question please?

Teacher: You may.


"In the last few days I have spent some time with a friend who's husband died some time ago, apparently he is still in the household. I wonder has he passed over, and is he returning naturally to that house. His name is Charlie.

Teacher: There is perhaps something he has left undone, unsaid. Yes. You are aware of such?

"Can I help him?

Teacher: But of course. This is clear for you?

"Yes. Another thing that puzzles me too, when mediums are giving clairvoyance, they are giving messages from people who have passed over, have those people really passed over, or are they really, I‘m thinking of messages say, in the spiritualist church, have those people really passed over, and are they returning, or do they still need help to pass over. I don't quite understand whether they need help, or whether they have passed over and it is just their way of coming back, to give some sort of a message

Yes. I refer you to a similar query previous.

Teacher: Also, it is a possibility that some have returned because they did not leave. You are understanding

Melda Yes.

Teacher: Messages from the departed are not from the departed. They are from the soul consciousness. I have referred this before times, have I not?

Mac Yes Abraham.

Clara This is Clara. It was mentioned to me today, that because of I guess, fear, or whatever, that there was a lot more suicides happening at the present times throughout the world, is it something to do with the moon, or atmospherics, I don't know, I didn't quite understand.

Teacher: YES. This is of interest. We are agreed the physical is constructed by atoms, electricity etc.., correct?

All Yes.

Teacher: Atmosphere conditions do affect the physical body, heart and mind. There are also many souls who are not content and must depart. yes. You are writing?

Clara yes.

Teacher: I will refer to this after your refreshment.

"Could I ask one more question which is pertaining to this?

When these people cut short their life, do they choose to

come back and live out their life, their present span, or

is it their time to take their life then?


Teacher: At times a person- shall decide to end their journey. Through some unexplained message from their soul, the soul is then freed to continue where ever it is necessary. There are those who do not receive unexplained message from soul. Their physical life journey, body heart & mind, are much confused, much sadness. And the desire to end this journey and to commence a new journey becomes a desire of great need. You are understanding?

"Yes, which brings up another point. If they, in their life are in dire need of help, and they are really miserable, do they, and their soul comes back again reborn, do they start at that point of misery?

Teacher: Not of necessity. If they have made a clean transmission it is not of necessity. There are those who do not do so, who are in need of soul rescue.

"Thank you.

Teacher: You have more queries?

Tommas People who need help like this, they get it from somebody in the physical?

Teacher: Often, yes.

"And if not, somebody from the other side.

Teacher: Once they have passed over, yes. You see, as in all manner of deaths of the physical body, the guide is waiting. In a confused state of death, the soul may not notice the guide light, therefore remaining within the plane of confusion, believing to be still in the physical, carrying much pain, much fear, therefore the guide is unable to reach and intervention by physical persons is necessary.

"And if there is no physical person on hand, they stay that way indefinitely or until they finally……….

Teacher: Until they are noticed, yes

Charles Abraham, I am Charles. Am I right in understanding, you virtually said at one stage, in my words, that the soul could feel it were in the wrong classroom, as it were?

Teacher: Correct.

"And also the other thing I wanted to ask is, certain animals feel vibrations of seeming doom and tend to react accordingly, I wondered whether humankind also, if each ore of us could feel a certain feeling at a time a vibration, was right and cut the cord,

Teacher: This is, yes.

"I would think every human being would feel, what we call depression at more than one occasion in their life & come close to this, would this be one of the lessons of our life-?

Teacher: Yes. I have spoken before times of the trough, yes. It is usual to be followed by the crest of the wave. Yes. There are those persons who are unable to rise from the trough, yes.

Belinda I am Belinda, what of those people who try & commit suicide and don't succeed, perhaps come back to consciousness, and perhaps try it again, keep coming back & suffering all the time ?

Teacher: It is their choice. Suicide is a call for help.

A person in great pain & fear unable to articulate the pain, fear, yes. At time many remain un-noticed by persons in the physical. yes.

Charles Abraham, does this have parallels with people who actually create their own illness and distress? In other words someone that is suicidal, is just a further on extension of someone forming their own cancer or something of that nature,?

Teacher: It is a possibility. You see, when a person is of a disposition to be in pain & fear, the aura is almost invisible. There is little warmth from the body, physically, mentally or emotionally & certainly spiritually. You are understanding. Often these persons are shunned by friends, relatives, yes, not understanding, yes.

Teacher: You are all writing?

Some are,

Teacher: you wish for me to speak more fast?

No, we are coping quite well.


Filip I am Filip. We spoke our last appointment about things built on earth by previous civilizations. I have undertaken much foraging in the last period. Have the Watchers given information to certain people....


and Albert Einstein would be one of these people?

I believe so.

He actually said that he had a direct line with what would appear to be a higher consciousness I've read. I was just wondering if there was somebody, or maybe even yourself, that was, that taught him about relativity.

Teacher: Yes. He was in contact with higher consciousness.

He was also aware of the watchers, yes. As are many persons.

"And then going back through our earth history to the pyramids & Stonehenge & the other things we spoke about, the watchers imparted information to those people that we have no record of now, is that correct. So there are still lessons in the pyramids and Stonehenge are the ones I've read about, that we could still find are there,?

Teacher: Correct.

Filip And it deals with relativity and the quantum theory is this right?

Correct, you see, there is nothing new to be learned. It is old, being re-learned.

Ley Lines

"So the people that built say, Stonehenge knew, or had the information and have since lost it, is this correct?

Teacher: The persons who constructed Stonehenge are of course, no longer in the physical. The persons were aware of the high spot on which Stonehenge stands. yes.

"And this is on a Ley Line is it.

Teacher: yes.

"I need to do more foraging about ley lines.

Teacher: They are magnetic forces which cover the planet earth. At certain places where a number converge, they are of particular high spot. yes. Many are covered by building Yes,

"And are there places in New Zealand where there are not so many buildings covering these places.

Teacher: Yes.

"I believe you said previously that New Zealand is very spiritually aware, is that correct?

Teacher: Correct.

"Would it be partly due to this lack of buildings?

Teacher: Partly. partly because the land formation is not covered from its natural state. There are many places which are more ancient in origin, but which are uncovered, yes.

More ancient than Stonehenge?

More ancient than the part of the planet in which you live.

"There is a person in New Zealand who has been given some of this information, is that right

Teacher: There are some. Though whether they are aware of the nature of the information I am not certain.

"My foraging seems to think the same as that. I think the information he's got may be right, but the answer he's coming to is not correct.

Teacher: Yes, you see, there are some persons who are of a purely scientific mind. There are those who are of a particularly spiritual mind, to be balanced is the correct manner.

Brings me onto a query I had a while ago. Why are all the people here, being given the privilege of communicating with a higher consciousness

Teacher: Yes. My answer is ask & ye shall receive.

"Will you tell us why we are privileged to receive communication from a higher consciousness?

Teacher: "Did you not ask,

Petta We are receiving because we are here to ask.

Selina Abraham, I am Selina.

Is there any connection in the fact that most of us come from Britain, or from British stock originally? or is it, just coincidence.

Teacher: Do not most persons living in your part of the planet also have this ancestor

"Yes, this is so. It's just, that you said, some of us as a group, had planned, as soul consciousness, to come together, and we could have picked anywhere on the planet, I just wondered if we picked New Zealand for any special purpose, if it comes back to the Ley lines and the grid system?

Teacher: I am not aware of such, I shall say, Truth Seeker recognize truth seeker, and the winds of time shall blow truth seeker to truth seeker.

Selina Thank you Abraham. If we discover the ley lines, do they help us as humankind or do they help the watchers?

Teacher: They have much information, which could be of assistance.

Melda I am Melda. Could these ley lines be a source of energy for us instead of using things like coal and petrol & things like that?

Teacher: The energy is of a differing nature.

Selina Yes, I was wondering if it was like a health energy, if hospitals or spas were built there, if it would help humankind physically.

Teacher: This is a possibility.

Charles Abraham, these areas you speak of and ley lines, our ancient civilizations such as Maori, know of these areas and can feel if the vibrations are of bad mana or of good mana, and they keep away from the bad areas.

Teacher: Correct. Some do not harmonize with the physical.

Others enhance, yes.

Filip Do these high points also increase spiritual awareness?

Teacher: It is a possibility.

Clara Are not some of the pyramids, and churches, the old churches built on the ley lines.

Teacher: Correct. I have said there are buildings which cover some.

"Some of the churches have people who chose those Places because of the ley lines?

Teacher: Correct, but you see, the original builder was aware,

I am not so certain the present occupier is aware.

Selina Is there any specific reason for churches having spires and steeples, is there some benefit?

Teacher: I am not aware of such.

"One just follows the fashion of the other then? Architect design.

Teacher: You wish refreshment?

"I have one last question then. I spoke to Ruby before our appointment started and she said during this appointment to ask you for faith healing, from Ruby, during the refreshment break.

Teacher: Yes, you may request of Ruby.

"Thank you Abraham.

Charles Then we will take our break now then Abraham, thank you.

  • Tea Break

Teacher: Selina, you are of comfort?

Selina yes, thank you Abraham.

Teacher: There are more queries?

Dominica I am Dominica, a few appointments ago I asked you about all the parts of our souls dying at the same time, for a complete picture at the assessing time, you mentioned something about divided selves, and you said you'd come "back to it, is this an appropriate time?

Teacher: Yes. A cell divides but is still part, the same cell, yes. It then divides, there are 4 parts, they are still joined, yes. And on, and on... It is not of necessity for all parts to leave the physical at the same time, space. You are understanding.

Dominica When a part, a cell, does die, and is assessed, when the others come, is it continued? Is it added to the file?

Teacher: You may say this. You are speaking of the other dimensions of our self. Yes. They are all part of the soul consciousness. I shall give example. When you leave your physical in this journey, your soul is aware of the other dimensions of yourself you are understanding? There is then, not the need for the other dimensions to end their journeys. This is clear for you?


Selina And the reverse applies Abraham? If.... Correct.


Tommas When twins are born-or triplets, or even more, do they have different souls?

Teacher: But of course

"They don't share the one soul?

Teacher: Correct.

Dominica Could they share the same guide?

Teacher: It is a possibility. But you see they are individual, having individual needs, wants, journeys, yes.

Petta This is Petta here Abraham

Teacher: One moment, I give information.

Your use of the picture of more than one child born at the same time, space, from the same womb,

Yes, is similar that of soul consciousness.

Each coming from the same place, time, space, but each with individual needs, wants & journeys. Yes. You are understanding?

Then Petta continue.

Telepathy, Intuition

"Thank you. While we are talking about twins, when there are twins who are identical, and have similar feelings of pain, distress, happiness, even though they are miles apart could this mean that they have been, twins;:- in previous incarnations, and perhaps will continue so-?

Teacher: Not of necessity. Their joint occupying of the womb, they are much similar. Their Genetic construction has much similarity; their intuition regarding each other is greatly enhanced. Their guidance also are much attuned, each to each. Yes

Tommas Would telepathy come into that at all?

Teacher: Correct.

Thought transference uses the guidance communication, yes.

"This could work between people who spend a lot of time with each other, like a married couple, when one person tends to know what the other person is doing to do, and to say?

Teacher: Correct. You see also we have, yes, similar to that discovered within animals, and the underwater animals, who operate on a very highly tuned mechanism, one to the other. It is part of a physical nature also. You are understanding?

Yes. Would ancient man have used this thought transference? More than we do now?

Teacher: Correct. All was so simplicity, yes.

"We seem to have gone backwards, advancing.

Teacher: You see the technical mind; scientific mind has overshadowed simplicity and must be re-learned yes.

You have more queries?

Dreams, Sleep

Petta I have another one please Abraham Dreams that we have, are they just a jumble from our minds at rest, or do they; have some connection with future happenings, sort of prophecy as a lot of people tell us. My dreams don't seem anything like a prophecy, they just seem rather mad, but I just wondered what our dreams really are.

Teacher: Yes, one moment. During sleep time, the soul is free to wander at will. You are understanding? At times it is of a playful nature, and may incur seeming nonsensical content. At other times, re-tracing events, at others looking ahead, but not always with clarity, with truth. Usually the times when the soul is taken on a journey these times cannot be re-called. Also the brain at rest re-runs events. The computer plays, yes.

Filip You may be aware in our break, we were talking about that, and I said I never remember dreams, does this mean that every time I sleep, I travel?

Teacher: Not of necessity. It is more probable your brain re-constructs events, but in the deep sleep time following, you are not aware of such. You are understanding? That does not imply you do not travel at certain times.

"Is there any way of finding out about the travels?

Teacher: You may request of your guide before sleep to remind, or to give memory of such.

"Thank you.

Selina Whilst we are on the subject of sleep, I don't sleep very well the nights of the meeting, as so many others have said and you have told us, its because of much agitation, from our discussions, but I also write the notes up from the class and usually over a period of two or three evenings, and those nights also, I don't sleep very well. Is there something that I could do to help myself?

Teacher: Yes. You shall request assistance with your scribing you shall also request a sleep of comfort, and this you shall receive.

"Thank you Abraham. Do I ask it from you or from Ruby?

Teacher: You shall request from your guidance.

"Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are much in thought?

"Myself, or the room as a whole?

Teacher: All my students.

All Yes.


Tommas Would there ever be a time when the watchers would come down and meet the people of earth in `the physical....

Teacher: They are doing this.

"What about on a more generally known, scale?

Teacher: There shall come such a time.

Belinda In our life time?

Teacher: A possibility. There are more observations of their visits at this time, space, yes.

Filip Is this what is generally known as unidentified flying objects?

Teacher: Correct.

Tommas And would the planet earth ever support them in the physical.

Teacher: This is not possible.

Selina Could we know the name of their planet?

Teacher: It is a similar to your own, but another dimension. They request, and require assistance what form that assistance is, I am not at liberty to divulge

They also offer much assistance, knowledge, yes

Charles Abraham, are the other parts of us, the non-physical, aware of the watchers as you are?

Teacher: I correct you. The other dimensions of yourself. I have not said they are non-physical, and yes, they are aware. You are understanding?

Selina Abraham, do you mean by that, that other parts of our selves are in the same dimension as the watchers?

Teacher: It is possible, depending whether you are on a physical journey in their time, space.

Petta So when we read in some books referring to UFOs and people say that they have actually been taken by other people, into spaceships, and questioned & studied & brought back again, could this in fact, be true?

Teacher: But of course.


Filip And by us coming to your lessons, will we become more aware of the proximity of the watchers? be able to readily accept them?

Teacher: Yes, there is a mis-understanding.

It is true; you may become more aware of the watchers. Whether it be through my teachings or not.

I am not of the watchers. You are understanding?

Your query leads to the thinking, that I shall lead you to the watchers. This is not so.

But, it is true you shall become aware.

Belinda Then the watchers are here already and we have to become aware of them

Teacher: They come & go.

"In the physical?

Teacher: Correct.

"Are they like spiritual teachers then?

Teacher: They are not such.

Selina Can the watchers nudge our politicians, for example to make our place a better planet?

Teacher: They could try such.

" But they don't? or they haven't so far?

I am not aware

Belinda Do the watchers come from the mental plane, or do you teach us from the mental plane?

Teacher: I do not teach from the mental plane. The watchers, you must understand are not of higher consciousness, they are the watchers. They exist on another dimension of planet Earth part of the universe. Yes. I teach from higher consciousness. Your soul memory, yes.

Selina They are what we would normally refer to us Aliens then

Teacher: Yes. What is alien?

" Alien to the life form that we human kind know.

Alien is stranger.

Charles They would be similar, Abraham, to what we would call microbes, which were unknown a century ago but are now very commonly known of?

Teacher: Possible. There are many descriptions you may read of persons who have witnessed the watchers.

Filip And are these books we could read, they are correct?

They are as those persons remember.

Selina Abraham, I have read several accounts of people who claim to have been taken on board [[Ufology|space ships], but each of their descriptions, although they describe physical beings, all their descriptions are different.[1]

Teacher: Correct.

"Are there then, many physical beings to this planet, visitors: or is it that we perceive them, in different ways, because we are under stress at the time?

Teacher: Each person perceives for his or her self. When as with Ezekiel ( Ez-a-kyle) and his description was written much later than the event, memory, yes, also if you perceive something you are not used to seeing, words are difficult to find to describe such. You are understanding?

"Yes I arm.

Teacher: You see, with your lesson, you have a machine to record in full, every word spoken, yes

Selina Yes that's right

Teacher: You do not have to rely on your memory, yes. If it were possible to be equipped with such a machine at the time of encounter, then a true description would be recorded, correct

‘Yes that's right we have such things video cameras but I guess I'd forget to turn it on, under the circumstances

Teacher: Yes. And many such have been destroyed. Yes. Fear, yes.

By those in higher places?

Teacher: Correct.

Why do the watchers not make it clear, that they mean no harm then, and then the records would be looked after?

They do make it clear.

And still the messages are destroyed.

Teacher: Fear of the unknown, uncertainty, yes. The watchers if their intent was to destroy, or to harm, they have had ample opportunity to do so and have not, for their intention is to bring knowledge & assistance.

You told us before that the watchers were as our parents, are we the watchers of the future?

Teacher: You are watchers for another dimension. A riddle.

"Yes, but I do think I see what you are getting at.

As my parents looked after me, and I have grown up and now look after children of my own and they will grow up and look after others.

Teacher: Perhaps, this is my meaning. More likely not. I play with words. You must engage your memory and your brain to fathom for yourself, yes.


Abraham, I have a very bad memory, does that mean that my soul memory will also be bad, or it will be harder for me to try & remember what I am here to do.

Teacher: Not of necessity. Just as you may re-learn & re-open soul memory, so you may re-train your physical memory.

And Abraham when people have favourite colours that they either like to wear, or decorate their homes with, is that still connected to their vibration, at creation?

Teacher: Correct. It is a colour, vibration, which brings comfort, yes.

And if somebody doesn't have any favourite colours, is that bad in any way?

Teacher: Not so. There are more queries? Or you wish to close.

Filip I think you said there are lots of classes like our one, is that correct?

Teacher: Correct

Are some of these people in these other classes involved in music and do they write & produce music which is attuned to these teachings?

Teacher: It is possible.

"I've become aware of some music that is closely attuned to your teachings.Yes, it is possible. You see again we speak of harmony, vibrations, yes.

"And if we could find our vibration which is the sound of our soul name, this would help us in all our learning would it?

Teacher: Correct. It would bring to your conscious mind your harmonic vibration, yes.

"And this would be a physical type sound.

Teacher: Correct.

"Maybe an instrument, or with a voice.

Teacher: It can be made with whatever is available, you have instrument to measure?

"No. not yet. Not the one we spoke of at the last appointment.

I have not forgotten.

Angelic Contact

Teacher: You see, you are given information of your soul name; the vibration attached to this sound is your harmonic vibration and brings this to conscious mind. The name of your guide brings your conscious mind to focus on your guide, yes.

Tommas So we only have to say our name, to get our vibration

Teacher: Yes.

Petta It sounds like it would be better then, if I had the name of my guide, it would be better for me to communicate in many ways.

Teacher: You have this?

"No, I don't.

Teacher: One moment. The name of your guide is VAUGHN. He is happy to communicate.

"Thank you Abraham.

Korde' May I ask a question

Teacher: You may.

"Last week at the meeting you thought my name was Margaret, but it's Maureen, so is my soul name still Korde'

Teacher: "Could I too ask for my guide's name? please.

Teacher: One moment. Ah yes! You have this.


Teacher: Correct. You are welcome. It is letters of importance. MARGRETHE (Marg rett)

Selina Could you tell me anything of my Guide Andreas?

Teacher: Not at this time, Selina. You have much in your mind, yes.

Selina May I ask again later, or will you tell me when you……..

Teacher: Correct.

Filip We were talking before about the voice that the vibration of our soul name, is our voice good enough to get the exact harmonics of our soul name.

Teacher: I should think it is, provided pronunciation is correct. You see the tone of your voice box is yours. Is your manner of expressing your vibration, sound, you are understanding? Therefore when you speak your soul's name, you are speaking with your sound vibration. This is clear for you?

Filip Yes. Would singers be able to get the right harmonics better?

Teacher: They may perhaps, once the harmonics have been measured, they may perhaps make a prettier sound. It matters not.

You may use a singer’s voice, but you would not have the vibration, the pitch & tone would be different. You are understanding.

"If you use a different singer...


Teacher: Correct. I believe it is time I shall leave you.

Clara Could I ask just one more question please,

Teacher: You may.

Is it best to say your soul name going into meditation, will that help

Teacher: It is perhaps more of benefit to call on your guide.

"Thank you.

Teacher: Then I shall leave you with this....

Teacher: When you have your correct vibrations, you have correct harmony, balance of body, heart, mind & soul.


All Shalom

Charles Closing prayer.


One moment. This is correct.