1987-04-09-All Myth Is From Truth

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Topic: All Myth Is From Truth

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



Mac says opening prayer.


Teacher: I am Abraham. I am your Teacher.

All: Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: You have queries?

Selina Abraham, I am Selina. I understand from the group that you sent healing to Tommas last night and I would just like to say thank you on his behalf. He is here but unable to speak because of an injured jaw.

Teacher: I am aware. Yes.


Selina Well, I will start with some questions. As a child I was always interested in Mythology, were there ever such things as Unicorns, or mermaids, giants, things like that?

Teacher: Yes. One moment. These existed in the mind of man. You see, Most, nay all myth, is from truth. Man on horse becomes to the perceiver, a horseman, yes. Peoples of a tribe, who were tall in stature, were giant to those of less height. Yes. So myth is born of truth.

Selina And Cyclops, the one eyed race that I have read many stories about, that's the same?

Teacher: Correct. You see, You have knowledge of the third eye, there were those, who's usage of their third eye gave them reason to not use physical eyes and the race adapted to such. Yes.

Selina And this race, was it Human kind or were these what we would call the Aliens?


" My questions tonight are rather a mixed bag; there is no real logic to any of them

Teacher: Do not concern.

Well I was reading an article on a life sized skull made from a large crystal, and it was called the Skull of Doom',' and our tradesmen of today feel that we do not have the technology today, to carve a skull of doom from crystal, and they feel it may have taken many generations of workmen to have made it, do you know to which I refer?.

Teacher: One moment. I believe so.

And did this skull serve a purpose of some sort?

Teacher: Objects serve the purpose man puts it to, or gives to the object. You are understanding? An axe only has a purpose if used by man, you are understanding?

Yes, what I was thinking, was that it seemed such a lot of trouble to go to, if it was just ornamental.

Teacher: You think so? Many persons spend many years carving, painting, drawing, building for pleasure, is this not so?

Yes, that's right.

Teacher: Yes, an object of beauty to some may be of ugliness to others. It is man's perception and thought, which endows and object with properties, you are understanding?


Yes, I am. The name of the skull, the "Skull of Doom", I wondered if it was used by certain people with sixth sense or an inner eye, that they could forecast the future by holding the crystal.

Teacher: Yes. This pertains to a query from our appointment last, Charles, Martin, I shall offer explanation. Crystals, gemstones, are transmitters of the energy forces of the Universe. A person who uses a crystal for purpose of healing or divination etc. uses crystal as a transmitter for their own knowledge from within. You are understanding?

Selina No, I don't think I understand.

Teacher: Martin, Charles, perhaps your words may be of assistance.

Martin If you were healing, if someone was healing, they could use a crystal to concentrate their powers or whatever they use, the crystal would act as a concentrating formula , or transmitter to make that more powerful.

Selina Oh, I see, you, the healer would hold it, and think into the crystal.

Teacher: Rather as a gypsy would use a ball of crystal to foretell future events. It is a transmitter for the knowledge within, yes. Just as your radio receivers use knowledge of radio signals. You are understanding?

" Yes. There is a crystal; I believe it is called the Bimini Crystal, would I have pronounced that correctly? I understand, I think, the Americans found it, but they have buried it deep into a mountain, and it has power, or properties that frighten scientists, and they never want it found or used.

Teacher: Yes. Certain crystal has much transmitting power, Magnetism forces, yes. The purer, the brighter, clearer, the calmer the crystal, the more power for transmitting. Yes.

"What power does this crystal have that our scientists are scared of? Or cannot harness?

Teacher: Non-understanding of nature, yes.

"Could it help us with such things as our weather, is that the sort of thing it could control?

Teacher: A possibility. But you see, just as the atom on its own is manageable, scientists’ tamper and split asunder and cause reactive energizing magnetism forces. They are perhaps afraid of the crystal for the powers they could disrupt if they tamper with such. You are understanding?

"Yes I am. Was this the sort of thing that destroyed Atlantis did they have a crystal, or crystals?

Teacher: This is correct.

" And in tampering with them, they destroyed their home and island?

Teacher: Correct.

Martin I have got a series of lectures here, that we have got for our class, and it mentions the ley lines and crystals, and also mentions the crystal that was used, and used for the wrong purposes, and that destroyed the land and was buried underneath the ground, so it seems as though these are the questions that we will be asking in the future

Teacher: Correct. You see, a crystal, as I have said, is a transmitter, some more powerful than others, just as some radio signals are stronger than others. You are understanding?


Selina And was it also a crystal that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?

Teacher: Not correct.

"Can you tell us what happened to those cities?

Teacher: One moment. A natural event. The earth shook, the buildings crumbled, yes. Persons forgetting the planet is a living organism, growing, changing every minute, yes? Many such incidences recorded are seen and believed to be God's work, forgetting nature. Yes.

Selina God can't control nature; they are two very separate things?

Akin, but you see as I have said, the planet earth is a living organism, growing, changing, so disturbances of the surface and which lies beneath the surface, and above the surface, occurs. Coincidental, simplicity, yes. You are understanding.


"Yes, I am thank you Abraham. It says in the Bible that the Jews are the "chosen people". Chosen for what, they have always seemed to suffer so badly, they are not chosen to suffer, that's not what it means is it?

Teacher: This is not correct. Chosen because they knew of God. Yes

"And will the Jewish race always suffer through the ages?

Teacher: You see, the Jewish peoples knew of God, Jesus was a Jew. There came a time when he was put to death, there arose the Christian faith, named from Jesus the Christed one. Persecution has been leveled at the Jews because of their part in his crucifixion, in their seeming denial of Jesus. This is clear for you?

Yes, it is. And that probably answers my next question, I was going to ask, as soul, do they always choose mass suffering but perhaps your previous answer has covered that question,

Teacher: Yes.

"Do they become closer to the Kingdom of God this way?

Teacher: Where is the Kingdom of God? Knowing God resides within and without. Yes. You see, the essential difference of Christian and Jew, Christian belief is you cannot come to the FATHER EXCEPT by me, said Jesus. The Jew believes God, and there is but one God, and every man may know God. Jesus to the Jew was a prophet of the highest order. You have understanding?

Yes I do. Are you also saying that the Jews are more correct in their belief than the Christians?

Teacher: It is more simplicity.

Well, now I would like to ask....

Teacher: One moment please. Jesus said, I am the light, the way, the truth, did him not?


Teacher: And I have said "I AM" is God, God IS, I AM.Jesus did not say JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT. You are understanding?

Yes I am.

Teacher: You have more queries?

"Yes, and I am changing the subject again. When our astronauts landed on the moon, what did they see?. Did they find something of a past civilization, ruins or hieroglyphics or some evidence that life had BEEN there before them?

Teacher: It is a dead planet.

"Human kind really were the first to arrive on it?

Teacher: For a Long, Long, Long time.

‘But there was life of some form on it, at some time?

Teacher: Correct.

‘And our astronauts found no evidence of this then, because of the time span?

Teacher: I am unaware of any.

"You have told us about the vibrations at birth, and each of us has our own vibrations, I just wondered though, how many Selina's there were. I mean, there must come a point where surely you must run out of vibrations, and therefore names, sounds etc..

Teacher: It is of a truth. There may have been many born of the same vibration as yourself. Those persons, those souls are soul consciousness, yes. You are part of that soul consciousness. This is clear for you?

Selina Yes it is, thank you.


Do life forms on other planes, or planets also have guides? It isn't just humankind that have guides?

Teacher: Correct.

"And every time a child is born, is a guide born at the same time? or there are spare guides for each time a child is born?

Correct. A guide is not born, as a human child, in the physical. They are much traveled, much learned souls. You are understanding?

"I think so. You mean when a child is born, a guide is called from some other place

Teacher: Has already been chosen.

"Oh yes, that's right, so he just awaits the birth.

Teacher: Correct.


Another question that has often bothered me. In the 18th /19th century, we had an old sailing ship called the Mary Celeste, that was found at sea with all the crew missing, did these people disappear through the Bermuda Triangle or some such doorway?

Teacher: Correct. A similar taking up, if you wish. A visitation and acceptance of invitation. Yes. Much foraging you have been doing! I congratulate you.

Well I don't know if it is of any benefit to the group, its just things that have personally bothered me.

Teacher: It is of always benefit.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Well then, there is something else that has bothered me, we have had a few deaths reported over many years, of people dying of spontaneous combustion, how is this possible?

Teacher: Yes. One moment. Yes. I have knowledge of scientific information. I shall relay in more gentle terms. You are aware of the bodies' cooling system to regulate body temperature? YES. Rather as your instrument for measuring body temperature has a mercury base. YES. Imagine if the instrument was placed in a receptacle of greater heat than it could register, the mercury would explode. YES. So it is with the human body.

If the cooling system is at fault, the body temperature rises to bursting point and internal combustion takes place.

And there would be no warning for these people Correct

I mean it's not like an illness or a disease?

Teacher: Correct. You see, your body being, I believe, 90% fluid, it is not impossible for this to reach above the boiling point. You are understanding? Thankfully it does not occur often.

You have more queries or you wish your break?

I just have one more and that will finish me I think.


I was thinking of Andreas one night recently, and shortly after that, I had a dream, which I don't know if it was a message from Andreas or not, but I dreamt of many people, and they seemed to be, I would say, Tibetans or Mongolians, and there appeared to be, a lot of old, I would take them to be old wise men, perhaps counselors or elders, who sat in a long row, high up on some stonework, and they were looking down at the general public, the people of the city, who sat on chairs, facing them.

I took it to be a public meeting or a ceremony of some sort, and there seemed to be a lot of tall stone structures, buildings or monuments around them. Was I just having a dream, or is there something, is there some message in that for me?

Teacher: One moment. It is a coincidental that another query similar to our last appointment has arisen, is it not? Now during sleep the mind is free to play, to wander at will. there are times when guidance shall take the soul on a journey. This was so Selina. You were taken to a far distant land, a far distant time, to observe how they arranged their lives. Yes.

Selina Did I meet the first Selina?

Teacher: This is correct.

"Yes, in my dream I seemed to have taken a great interest in a young, I took it to be, a young girl, all dressed in black. I think she had slant eyes.

Teacher: Yes. receiving information, knowledge. You were witnessing, I find the word in your language, a scholastic meeting.

A word of caution, do not dwell much on this event, you are understanding?

Yes, but the event didn't trouble me.

Teacher: Good. It was not meant for you to have worry, concern.

It seemed to be an odd thing to dream about, that's why I thought perhaps it came from Andreas, but I couldn't see what I was meant to learn from it, but your explanation has helped me. Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are welcome Selina.

I welcome your queries, they are of interest. Then you wish your break?

Charles Yes. I think so Abraham, thank you.

Teacher: Then I shall return, however I shall not leave.


Teacher: I wish to speak. Tommas I am aware it is of difficulty for you to speak.


Teacher: You are of comfort?

Tommas Not too bad thank you.

Teacher: It would be of benefit for a prayer for your comfort. This we shall do.

Thank you.

Teacher: You shall think of full recovery for Tommas and for peace of mind for Selina. Restful sleep.

Teacher: Then it is done. You have queries?


Petta Yes please Abraham. It's Petta here. Could you please tell me what is a demonic entity, and how can it enter into one's body and take control? What causes such things?

Another similar query! A demonic entity, I prefer to call confused soul, mischief, in the eye of the beholder it may appear demonic. When the aura of your physical body is bright, clear, calm, it extends some distance from the physical body, warding off lost or confused souls. When however, the physical body is unwell from various causes, also the emotional, mental, spiritual bodies are unwell, the aura recedes and becomes quite close to the physical. It is dull, unclear, uncalm. It is at these times a lost or confused soul may invade the aura and from thence appear to control the physical. This is clear for you?

Petta Yes thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You have more queries?

Yes. I think this is different, and yet at the same time I'm wondering. Why do humans get illnesses like arthritis perhaps, when one cannot see the Karmic reason for it? I realize we cannot see every-bodys Karmic reasons, but someone who gives their life in love and giving, how do they get things like arthritis that causes them such pain?

Teacher: Yes. This is in condition, which is ever present. It is the aging of the bone structure. In some it is not felt with any much discomfort. For some, it is felt with great discomfort at an early age. With some it appears sudden in commencement at a later age. It is a degeneration of the bone structure and is common in all human kind to a lesser or greater degree.

Thank you Abraham. I have one more question. Very similar to Wilma, Selina asking about giants and unicorns and things like that. One thing I do believe in, but I haven't had it confirmed, are nature fairies.

Teacher: Yes. There are such. Gnomes, Goblins, Fairies, Leprechauns, deva

"Thank you.

Selina Abraham, I am Selina. Getting back to arthritis is there some way we can slow it down, for example diet, by eating certain foods, can we help people by recommending to stay away from types of food, or encouraging to eat other types of food, would it ease the pain?

Teacher: It is dependent on the diet present in early life.

Some change of diet may help one person. The same change of diet will be of little help to another. Because of individual factors contributing. Yes.

Charles Abraham, on behalf of Tommas, may I refer back to the query that Petta put to you, about the confused soul. Tommas asked what can be done about it, how can we help when invaded in such a way?

Teacher: Ah yes. Persons such as Melda, even Ruby, with my assistance, are able to disposed of such unwanted visitors. You see, the reason in the main, why they invade the physical, is that they are unaware of their dead condition. They believe they still are living in a physical body. They perhaps have passed from life in a physical, to life in a non-physical, in a very traumatizing situation. The soul is unaware of the guide; therefore the guide may not lead them to the correct place. It is of difficulty if you are invaded yourself, to dispose of such and you should seek the help of one such as Melda or myself through Ruby. This has answered your query?

Tommas Yes thank you.

Selina Abraham, I am Selina. If somebody was suffering like that would they know, and could they come to you, would they know to come to you?

Teacher: At times it is possible for a person to be aware that they have been visited. At times they are not aware, and believe it behaviour etc. to be their own.

And if we had friends that would suffer like this, what would be the medical term for it, so that we could bring them to you.

There is not such.

It's not like the schizophrenia.

At times it is, but not always the case. The person may be experiencing severe depression. The person may be experiencing extremes of mood change. The person may be experiencing very little. The change may be most subtle. It differs person to person, soul to soul.

Selina Thank you

You told us that we may ask any question of you, and I gather that all our questions are paths to the truth, but there must be a type of question that would be better for us to know, we seem to wander around a lot, should we sort of stick to questions about the watchers, or religion or guides for example, would that get us to our goal quicker, teach us more, sooner?

Teacher: I am understanding your query. I shall answer thus. There are many streams, many rivers leading to the ocean of truth, yes.


Teacher: You may wander from one stream to another, but you would still arrive in the ocean. Now as time passes, your streams shall become rivers, your rivers shall become the ocean, do not concern, you shall find your river in time.

"(Laughter) So I am still in a stream (all Laugh)

Teacher: I do not say this; there are many queries to be answered. From these queries shall come your path. Yes. If I told you the queries you should ask, I should do you a disservice.

I just wondered if you would tell us the subjects we should concentrate on.

Teacher: You are concentrating on truth. Yes. You have more queries?


Belinda I am Belinda. When a baby is conceived, at what time does the soul enter the baby's body?

Teacher: Prior to the birthing.

Not at the time it was conceived?

Teacher: This is correct.

A soul is waiting at this time of conception.

The soul enters the body when the body is developed enough, for the soul to enter. This could be again, depending on each individual body.

What happens to say, a three month fetus, does that not have a soul?

Teacher: The soul is waiting, if it has not entered the body, it is waiting. You are understanding? It is close at hand. The soul is close at hand. You are understanding?

'No. You said when the body is fully developed,

Teacher: Developed, depending on the individual body. It perhaps might be a few hours before the birthing, perhaps a few months. It is dependant on the body and the soul. The soul is ALWAYS close to hand. This is, yes, I shall discuss this further at another appointment. It has, yes, there is much explanation.

Filip, you are of comfort?

Filip I am of comfort thank you.

Teacher: Welcome.

Belinda, you are understanding?

Belinda For the moment, yes, thank you.

Selina On a similar subject. I have lost two children, one was stillborn and one was a miscarriage. The miscarriage I'm told was a boy, he was never named, and yet a medium, the people we have discussed before, tell me that he has called himself David, which is the name of Tommas' guide, if this is true, is there some reason he chose that name?

Teacher: One moment.

It is his soul name. He is known as David.

" And no connections to David the guide?

Teacher: Correct.

" And my daughter who was also never named, has she chosen a name for herself?

Teacher: She has a name.

Am I allowed to know it?

Teacher: One moment. Victoria is her name.

"Thank you,

Belinda I would like to know something about my guide Tobias, can you give me some information please, his last incarnation, or something about him.

Teacher: One moment. I am unable to make contact, for information, Belinda.

•Some reason?

Teacher: Too Foggy.

There is not the clarity.

Do not concern, you may request at our next appointment I shall say this, it is of importance for you to remain calm, I say this to one, I say this to all. When requesting information regarding guidance. You are understanding?

No castigation.

You have more queries?

Korde' This is Korde' here. I went and saw a medium also, and she said that I was of a twin, and the twin died at birth, is this so?

Teacher: A twin in the physical?


Teacher: I am unable to give information.

One word I would say, and no castigation is intended. I have said you may query of anything you desire, a word of caution, however, do not use Ruby as a Psychic medium, this is not her role. She is a receiver for your teacher. It uses differing methods for contacting guidance for queries of this nature. You are understanding?

Yes, thank you, sorry.

Do not apologise. There is no castigation in my words


Filip here.

Teacher: Yes Filip.


•At a previous appointment we were told that we were watchers for another dimension. How many dimensions are there?

Teacher: Seven

And are they on different levels of knowledge, lower than ours and some higher?

Teacher: Martin, your picture may be of assistance. You are aware of which I refer?

Martin Yes our building.

Teacher: Correct. It would be of assistance for you to show Filip.

"Yes, I will do that.

Teacher: It would perhaps explain better than words. This is agreeable Filip?

Filip Yes, certainly.

Filip So in our sleep time, do we become watchers in our sleep time?

Teacher: Not of necessity.

So sometimes we get the impression, in the physical, that we have been through a certain action, or a certain sequence of events previously, does this happen in another dimension?

Teacher: This at times refers to soul memory.

So our physical incarnations could be very similar to one another every time we come on another journey?

Teacher: I ponder if I misunderstood, or you have misunderstood

One moment.

You queried whether during a life time certain events seem familiar is this correct? "

This is correct.

Yes. This at times refers to soul memory.

Soul memory, you are understanding soul memory?

Yes, I understand that, and then my next query was, that if soul memory remembers this sequence of events, is each life incarnation very much the same as the previous one?

Teacher: Not of necessity. You see, each soul is individual, yes. Therefore having specific tasks, lessons, it is not of necessity to live two similar lifetimes or more. This may in fact occur, but it is more probable that each shall be different. You are understanding?

Yes. But are we in all of the seven dimensions at the same time?

Teacher: It is possible. Past, present, future exist at the same time, space. You may ponder that answer. "

I shall.

Teacher: It is of an interesting is it not? Charles, Martin.

SelinaI already thought that there were six other Selinas, and if they experience something, I didn't have to, because as a group, we have all learnt that experience, have I got something wrong there somewhere?

Teacher: Repeat.

"I already thought there were six other Selinas, in different dimensions and different planes, so seven in all, I am one, and I thought that as each of us experienced different lessons, on our different planes or dimensions, then all that knowledge went into the, like the whole bubble, I am a little bubble outside the whole bubble, have I got something wrong?

Teacher: No

Thank you Abraham.

Filip In my foraging, I've been looking at the evolution of people on this earth, and there appears a time when all existing life stopped, and a new life started, in the form we are now. What is the explanation for that?

Teacher: One moment. I shall refer you to our discussion of the watchers, of the seed, of the difference, of Darwins' theory and the watchers, and I refer you also to discussion of the planet earth as a living entity, which has been discussed at this appointment. It shall perhaps bring information, which shall answer your query.

Yes, I'm trying to find out what stopped all the other, or what killed off all the rest of the inhabitants of the earth before the seeds were planted.

Teacher: I refer you to discussion of the planet earth as a living entity. I am aware you were not present, you must read the writing.

I will, thank you.

Teacher: There are more queries?

Dominica I am Dominica. I went to Tokanui a few weeks ago, which is an institution for the mentally unstable, I guess. It has been suggested that some people are there because they have, like confused souls attached to them, and that has made them so confused that they cannot cope in our society, is that a possible explanation?

Teacher: It is of simplicity to answer, yes, but it is not correct to do so. Each individual has his or her own illness, It may be that one is afflicted in such a manner, and the others not. It is unwise for me to suggest that it is correct. You understand?

"Yes. I am actually thinking of somebody in particular, a sister of a friend of mine, which is why I asked the question.

Teacher: Yes, It is possibility.

Charles Could Melda help in that query, as you suggested earlier?

Teacher: She could be approached; it is for her to decide. You see, persons in such an institution are often plied with medication and this is a difficult stumbling block for the releasing, yes. You are understanding?

Then if there are no more queries


Filip I would query please, Filip. When finding the stillness is it what we would call meditation?

Teacher: It could be. Meditation leads to the stillness.

And we could contact our guide in the stillness?

Teacher: Correct.

Now somebody told me that if you meditate, or empty your mind, that evil spirits, that's their word, could enter your mind and affect you, is that possible?

Teacher: It is of difficulty to empty the mind. What in fact occurs is this. The mind becomes calm. The stillness is calm. You should have prepared yourself with a prayer of protection, similar to the one you use for our appointments. While this is in effect, your aura shall be bright, clear and calm and you shall not be invaded. I refer you to another discussion of such, this appointment.

Thank you.

Teacher: Teacher: You have satisfaction?

Yes, I'm sorry I came late.

Teacher: Teacher: Do not apologise.

It is well you have arrived.

There are more queries or you wish to close? Tommas, you are of comfort?

Tommas Yes thank you.


Teacher: Then I shall leave you with this.

Be content to flow with the current of the stream of your questioning. It shall take you to the ocean of truth.

Be well, be at peace. Shalom.

  • Charles Closing Prayer:

As the door closes on the light, let it be known that the light still shines within the hearts of us.

  • From previous classes [Page 73]

Past, Present and Future all exist at the one space.

There is you on this dimension, at this time and space.

There is you in another dimension, another time and space.

Now and again you venture to see what has happened or to see what shall happen to you.

I must give you a picture.

You have a tall building with many compartments each one on top of the other.

On the bottom one is the physical planet earth.

At the top is where the soul resides.

In between there are seven planes.

This building has six (walls) rooms, each one is a dimension.

Now the soul may decide which dimension it will incarnate in.



You may draw! [Drawing is not attached]]

We are on the bottom which is physical and our soul travels up as it learns.

Teacher: Teacher: GOD








Attending: Unk, Tony, Wilma, Kit, Eddie, Dawn, June, Barry, Maureen (Mac/Babs)