1987-04-16-UFO's Communication

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Topic: UFO's Communication

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Charles says opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham. I am your teacher.

All Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: You have queries?



Charles Abraham, I would like to speak on behalf of Tommas, it's hard to remember all the names!!

Teacher: Yes. You are of comfort Tommas?

Tommas Yes, much better this week thanks.

Charles Tommas says he has been reading reports of UFO's that have attacked people and forced their vehicles off the road. Where would these beings come from? They have also landed in places where they will be seen, and then attacked anyone who approaches. I take it, that not all UFO's are from the Watchers.

Teacher: Correct. Just as with rogue animals, rogue humankind, so also rogue watchers.

Charles I think that Tommas felt like me, that if we saw a UFO tomorrow, we might walk up to it with open arms and say thank goodness we have met you, and be blown away

Teacher: Yes.

"So we won't walk up.


"Another query, Man has slowly developed over thousands of years but in the last hundred years or so the speed in which we are advancing, is increasing all the time, is this man's doing alone, or have a lot of people had help from higher consciousness?

Teacher: Part, part human kind, but you see, the whole is based on communication. Not only has communication grown from humankind to humankind, from differing points on your planet earth, communication has grown with God to humankind. Yes.

You are understanding?



Charles Tommas also says, when he was injured the other week at work he asked David for strength and courage, and would just like to say that he has been of great comfort, and Tommas felt neither much pain or fear at the time, or just after the accident. Also whilst asking of David's name, he saw in his minds' eye, a beautiful blue/mauve colour, really brilliant. and I would like to add the fact that, just during meditation my guide gave me a flash of that, so I know what you are talking about, it's really quite incredible.

Teacher: Yes, yes.

Would you like to tell Tommas anything of the colour that he saw?

Teacher: It is the colour, the vibration of guidance.

It is this colour Ruby sees. Violet. Yes.

It's the colour that's used in religion a fair bit too. I believe Lent, is there any tie up with religious people through meditation seeing that colour as a spiritualist colour?

Teacher: It is a possibility. But it is also fact that this was known many, many times before when all was simplicity. It is the 7th. Yes.

The higher vibration of this colour is GOD, IT LEADS TO WHITE LIGHT.

Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: I have said there is much strength, wisdom for you to tap Tommas. You have witnessed one aspect of this strength. Yes.


Selina Abraham, I am Selina. You have explained the 7 colours of the rainbow, and we have talked about the 7 planes or, dimensions, and the Bible tells us stories of God creating the world in six days and he rested on the 7th, we talk of 7th heaven, are there more sevens that are important, or is the number itself important in some way?

Teacher: The number has importance for 7 rays, there is no other. I do not suggest you should clothe yourself in a seven. I explain. Each number, colour, gem, etc. has a vibration, I have spoken of this before times. 7 has a particular vibration associated with the 7 rays, colours, of the spectrum of light. There are of course, many ways you may find a meaning for 7. There is none other magical quality I am aware of. You are understanding?

Yes I am, thank you Abraham.

You have just mentioned vibrations, my daughter Dawn, has just bought me tonight, a painting I like very much. Do I like the painting for itself, for the vibrations the painting gives off, or perhaps from the vibrations of the artist who painted it.?

Teacher: You wish me to tell you?

Yes, I would like to know.

Teacher: You do not know this yourself?

Well I used to think I liked paintings, for the painting, but now I no longer know.

Teacher: You have answered your query in your query.

Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Repeat your query, for your answer.

"I like the painting very much", that was the answer.

Teacher: Correct. You see the vibrations of the painting, of the artist, are one and the same, yes.

Thank you Abraham.


To change the subject now. When Atlantis perished, some of the race would have escaped; did they have sea going vessels such as submarines as well as surface ships?

Teacher: One moment. They in fact escaped through a time/space doorway.

So they had flying machines, what we would call UFO's?

Teacher: Not of necessity. You are understanding time/space doorway?

"No, I don't really understand that. You mean they just thought?

Teacher: Does anyone understand?

Benjamin Benjamin here... Is that when one increases one's vibration to enter another reality, another dimension?


Selina And they did this using their crystals, or they could do it without using any physical aid.

Teacher: They were of a highly developed race of persons.

They had the ability to do such.

So when they traveled, I mean local travel, they didn't use machines of any description?

Teacher: Oh yes!. Machines were used

And machines more advanced than what we would have today?

Teacher: Correct. But at the time of destruction, they escaped through a time/space doorway such as described

Selina Thank you. And that brings me onto Noah's Ark. Did it exist, and if so are there remains of it lodged in ice on a high mountain top, as some people believe?

Teacher: This query was made some time before Charles. Charles Yes. It was actually our daughter.

Teacher: Correct.

"I'll have to refer to the notes to remember the answer.

Teacher: Then pass your book to Selina

Yes. Can I query something Selina said before of entering a doorway. I believe from the description that Benjamin gave, there are wise sages and Gurus on the Earth today able to do the same thing...

Teacher: Correct.

Selina And I have a question that Tommas has wanted me to ask for some weeks, I keep forgetting. How did the huge animals, we called the dinosaurs come to die out all over the planet, and do we still have these very large animals of certain types in our deepest lakes around the globe?

Teacher: Another query from some time passed.

Teacher: I refer you also to this book

Great changes occurred, atmospheric, physical,


Are we back to the planet being a living entity, is that the sort of thing.

Teacher: Correct.

[some small amount of material deleted that was repeated from previous classes -Ed]

And could you tell me why do some young babies die, with what we have come to call the "Cot Deaths". They often die in their sleep, mostly at nights. What are the circumstances that end their lives?

Teacher: Physical.

In knowing the answer, we can't help in any way to prevent more?

Teacher: All is being done to this end.

Some escape, to use your words, because they are of a slight physical maturity.

"So we can't take advantage of your knowledge in any way, to help, to let the public know what they could look out for.?

Teacher: Research is on the correct path.

It is research pertaining to the maturity of the physical. Yes. In the word maturity, I speak of maturity of development, of certain parts of the physical.

You mean like their lungs or something like that.



You have also told us that the Watchers meet the people of our planet in the physical, but you also said that our planet cannot support them in the physical, how do they physically meet humankind then? and how long are their visits? and you said that they require our assistance, are we supposed to ask our guides, or soul memory what it is the watchers require, or are we not supposed to know?

Teacher: The watchers shall request assistance, when necessary.

Their visits are of short duration, they have the equipment necessary to sustain them for short periods.


I refer you to previous appointments, concerning queries you make. Be not deterred by my seeming hesitancy in answering your query, it is of benefit to read that which has been previously written.

Yes I did read it, that's what brought up the question tonight, because you said two different statements

Teacher: I had?

Well, you had said that they do meet, the watchers do meet the people of our planet in the physical, and you also said our planet cannot support them in the physical,

Teacher: Correct. For long term physical existence, as you experience. Their numbers are many. There are not the resources of the planet earth for their total existence. This is clear for you?

"It is. I feel I want to go on and ask more, but I'm not sure what, I think I'll leave it for a while.

Belinda. Do the watchers appear in the physical?

Teacher: At times they do so. They choose. When they shall show themselves.

And the people that are aware, they know they are the watchers?

Teacher: Some. Many are afraid.

Selina If we saw a watcher, what would we actually see, can you describe what the picture would appear to us as?

Teacher: It is not possible. I have said they choose when and how, they shall show themselves.

They can vary their, what we would see

Teacher: Correct. Some have been sighted as small persons.

Some have been sighted as extra large persons.

"Are we back to the Leprechauns of last week, that sort of thing?

Teacher: No.

Charles Do they come on a mental vibration, in other words as a thought pattern, that everyone has a different thought or vibration of what they can see?

Teacher: It is a possibility dependent on their choice. They are often observers, but not observed.

Belinda They don't come as apparitions then?

Teacher: In a non-physical manner you are intending?


Teacher: It is possible.

Selina So they can really come as anything at all around us, can't they.

Benjamin Abraham, is there way of describing the dimension that they exist in normally, in terms that we would understand?

Teacher: One moment. It is of great difficulty. You have read of Ezekiel's experience?


.It was an experience unlike any he had had before. He had nothing to measure this experience. This is of a similar. Yes.

.One moment.Ah yes. You have a mirror yes?


Teacher: But this mirror you may see yourself? Yes


Teacher: You do not see through this mirror yes?


Teacher: There are persons on the other side who may see through as a glass window. You are not aware of them. You know of which I speak?

Selina Yes. A two way mirror. And they could step through the mirror if they wanted to?

They allow, you to see through the mirror. This is clear for you?

Selina Getting clearer, yes.

Teacher: It is of great difficulty to find an experience for you to measure. Yes.

Filip And the sailors on the Mary Celeste, they were allowed to look through and decided with their free will, to go through....

Teacher: Correct.


But people lost in, what we call the Bermuda Triangle", not necessarily go through with free will?

Teacher: Correct. This is a particular doorway, which sometimes is of difficulty to pass by. Unintentional though the passage may be. It is of difficulty to return.

Belinda Is that where it becomes a state of confusion for them then?

Teacher: They are helped once they have passed through the doorway. Some accept, others do not.

Filip Is this caused by the Atlantis Crystal, or is it not?

Teacher: It is a natural phenomena caused by magnetism, Natural occurrences the atmosphere etc... Yes.

And this connects the same as the one off Japan?

Teacher: There are many. Some unknown.

Martin Martin here Abraham. Does this refer to the Ley lines again

and the grids? The grid system around the planet?

Teacher: This has a bearing on the matter yes. A pun I think.


Charles We almost missed that one.

Selina And are all the doorways at sea.

Teacher: Not of necessity.

But you see water has a differing , I find the word, magnetic quality to solid matter, I am correct? So it is of ease to find these doorways.

Charles Once again, through our communications in this day & age, we are finding these places through science.


Martin And when you say magnetic, it’s the energy field on the magnet, it’s a magnetic force.

Teacher: Correct.

Selina I presume they enter down from our skies into our oceans and not from our oceans up to our skies?

Teacher: Humankind ever think down, up.!!!

I prefer, to enter and return.

Charles Once through the doorway, the matter would become anti-matter?

Teacher: I am not certain of this. The term anti-matter is a not positive meaning, in your terms. I am correct?

Yes. I pinched the word from somewhere.

Filip I think it refers to when we talk about vibrations, in the form of a wave, it goes from the positive to the negative, and then back again to the positive. And I think the negative part is the opposite of this plane, that's one way of thinking.

Benjamin Yes. That was my understanding.

Teacher: Yes. This may be. One moment.

When passing through a doorway the vibratory frequency changes. The physical construction of the atoms also changes. And may remain in the same form without changing, aging, etc...

This is clear for you?

But it is at times possible for the vibration changes to effect a rapid aging effect.

Filip So that the physical would disappear and you would go straight to soul?

Teacher: I have not said this. The physical construction of the atoms changes and at times aging ceases with the vibratory change. At times rapid increase of aging occurs. You are understanding?

Filip And the aging is still within the earth time span of a human person?

Teacher: But it may take place for instance 20 years of aging may reduce to be done and complete in a day.

"Which is the theory of relativity again?

Teacher: Yes.


Martin What I was going to say Abraham, is that we have talked of this before, but you get the frequency changing, but you still have, what we would call, the envelope of another modulation frequency on the outside, so that would still remain the same, but the frequency, the carrier frequency would change.

Teacher: Radio wave expert!

All Laughter.

Teacher: Your terminology is of a clearer understanding. Yes.

Selina only for you.

Teacher: Then, I am aware Martin was requested for a picture, you have brought such?

Martin Yes, I have brought it and I was showing them and explained the picture and explained the picture and also the book is there for them to read further if they wish, but I have explained it to my knowledge anyway.

Teacher: And you are perhaps comforted Filip?

Filip Yes, but perhaps I need to forage more on this one.

Teacher: Then time you shall have.

Selina Abraham, I am Selina. I have done some reading, well just yesterday, on the 7 levels, and having written out a lot of questions, and then I saw Martin's diagram, and I think I am more confused than ever now. I thought I had grasped it, but his diagram changes now, what I thought I understood.

Teacher: Do not concern. Read what has been written concerning the picture, and then perhaps you shall find a relationship with your previous understanding.

Do not rush yourself for understanding.

Understanding comes at a slow pace for your own benefit. Yes.

Well if I read what I have written, what I was going to ask you tonight, could you tell me point by point, if I'm right or wrong?

Teacher: I shall do this after your break. And you wish your break?

Charles Yes Abraham, I think it might be an appropriate time.

Teacher: Then digest and I shall return,

Thank you Abraham.

  • Tea Break

"We have digested during our break.

Teacher: Then Selina?



Thank you Abraham. Well, I read that the 1st plane was the plane of creation, through ideas alone, where we create home and possessions....

Teacher: Physical?

Yes, and another name for it in the book was Summerland. And the 2nd level was called First Heaven, and that was for souls wishing to serve others. The 3rd level was the 2nd death, where you truly see yourself, the flaws, the failings the cracks, a self-analysis. The 4th level was called 2nd Heaven, and that was for the questing spirit to grow and develop. Where you find out the answer to the question...Why Me? and you learn from re-playing your past lives.

The 5th level was where you received advice from wiser beings on how to deal with ones future earth life, a sort of counseling level.

The 6th level is clarifying the true nature of your particular group that you are in. We find out we are responsible to each other and to the world, and we find out the special tasks assigned to that group, and that task was assigned when the group was created.

And the 7th level, which was called the 3rd heaven, where you can go on to a new cycle of lives, on another planet. You move on as a group soul. when every member is ready to go on, so that no one is ever left behind.

Is any of this correct or similar to....

It has relevance. It has more relevance to physical life journey. Yes. As I have said, you may ponder the picture Martin has produced and marry the two for your own understanding.

"Thank you, and does this also tie in with the descending and first ascending passages, grand gallery, "Chamber of the Triple Veil" and the "Chamber of the Open Tomb"?

Teacher: The tomb, the pyramid was a learning place. You may marry this also, Charles may be of assistance to you, if he is willing.

And with the passages in the pyramids, does this refer to humankind as a whole, or to us individually, growing, searching...


"Thank you Abraham.

You are welcome.

You have more queries.

Clara, you are present. You had some difficulty? Yes.

Clara Yes, but I made it, that's the main thing.

Yes. There are more queries.

Dominica I am Dominica, I have just remembered reading something about while under hypnosis it is possible to have operations performed on you without the use of any drugs and you don't feel any pain, I was just wondering if that was right.

Teacher: It is a possibility. The mind, yes, can have suggestions of no pain, yes,

Filip And is the mind strong enough to change matter?

Dependant on how the change and what is to be changed.

"I'm thinking about passing through a doorway by using the mind.

Teacher: It is possible for some.

Teacher: "And how is it given to some?

Teacher: It is not given to some, they have learned and earned yes.

"By seeking the truth?

Teacher: Correct.

"And do crystals assist with concentrating the mind?

Teacher: I have spoken of this at our last appointment. A crystal is a transmitter, receiver instrument. The purer, the clearer, the brighter, the clearer, the brighter the transmission.

"And the crystal could be used as a source of energy, maybe as the Atlanteans used.

Teacher: Again, a transmitting, receiving instrument.

"Which if we could re-learn the secret of, we could use as a sort of power?

You may use a piece of wood to transmit, but it is of a dense material construction. The crystal as I have said, and the clearer, brighter more pure the crystal is, the clearer, the brighter the more pure the transmission receiving shall be. It is a tool. You are understanding?

Filip Yes I think so. In the past the secret was known to the people of Atlantis and we could re-learn it again in this life time or in future life times is that correct?

Teacher: Correct.

Benjamin Are you saying that the crystal referred to, wasn't the primary source of energy….

Teacher: Receiving, Correct.

"So perhaps they use the energy from the sun or something like that.

Teacher: The Universe.


Selina The Atlanteans, they didn't discover this knowledge by themselves, they were taught it from the watchers?

I shall answer, thus.

In the beginning, all was simplicity, all was understanding. Over many thousands of your years simplicity has become difficulty. Understanding has become clouded. Yes.

And because of this, we will never re-discover.

Teacher: I have not said this.

You see, there are many whose understanding is clearing. There are many whose difficulty is being replaced by simplicity. There shall come a time, when all shall be simplicity, understanding.


"And when our scientists work with laser beams, or sonic beams, are they on a similar track to the crystal power?

They would not accept that, but yes. There are few of a scientific mind who would accept that, and acknowledge, yes.

Martin We have been reading some articles, that state that there is a certain amount of energy, an energy field around the planet, which can be used,

Teacher: Have I not said this Martin?

Yes, but certain people have already discovered this in our age, but it’s been hidden, because of the power of different nations are trying to keep it secret for fear of the others knowing.

Teacher: I believe I have discussed this, before times.

Yes, but this is certainly on a slightly different area that's been given in these lectures, they have actually gone around with these instruments that have been able to be used, like a bulb, that can be lit up anywhere

around the planet, and this is by using the energy that

is given off by the earth, I think this does tie in with the other one, the other low frequency things that we have been talking about, but this lecture seems to take it a little further.

Teacher: Yes. If all Universe energy was harnessed, you would be astounded of the result. Yes.

Misuse of this harnessing produces catastrophic events. Yes.

Understanding must come first. Yes.

Filip So information was given to Tesla was it, who put forward these theories?

Teacher: It is presumed so.

"And the same as the information about the splitting of the atom, that's been misused, is that right, we have spoken about that before have we?

Correct. You see humankind tamper with non-understanding, yes. It is as give a child an axe without the child understanding the dangers of mis-use of such, yes.

Selina And once again, our scientists are given free will, even though they don't understand, they are allowed to go ahead.

Teacher: Yes. scientific minds, not all, but many, ignore inner understanding.

Filip But eventually truth seekers will have more control over the technically minded people?

Teacher: Perhaps so.

Selina Become the technically minded people.

Teacher: You are all of comfort, mentally as well as physically? Yes.

All Yes.

Clara This is Clara. Riley CRABB spoke at our seminar in Auckland, and he was talking about boxes, and how these boxes can be used to treat drug addiction and various other things, which he said was something to do with a power source, would he be on the right track?

Teacher: There are differing methods of harnessing energies of the universe. I am not familiar with this personage. I shall make inquiry.

Benjamin Abraham, scientists have discovered that the ozone layer around the South Pole area has become very thin.

Teacher: Correct.

"I. was wondering if you could tell us the reasons for this.

Teacher: Mis-useage of chemicals. un-witting, un-understanding.

"'How will the earth be able to rectify that situation?

Teacher: If the damage is ceased, repairs can be effected over a considerable period of time. As with any wound, un-molested can be healed by nature, yes.

"Is the main chemical concerned called FREON?

Teacher: You do tax my knowledge, of your technology. One moment. There are in fact a number of interfering chemicals. It is not the chemical in itself, but the reaction, yes, rather as the atom in itself, but the re-action of the atom yes.

Clara Last week I was working with apples, and they stopped all apples going overseas, because they thought somebody had sprayed the wrong spray on the apples, then they discovered that there was something in the atmosphere that the spray and the apples re-acted to, and they thought that was what was wrong, so that would be the same type of thing that would happen with the chemicals and ozone layer, would that be correct.

Teacher: Correct.

Out of Body Experience

Belinda I am Belinda. Can I ask something to do with astral travel?

Teacher: You may.

"I was told once that if you cannot astral travel over water, that you appear to be evil, and that's where you could meet your end, it's where you could die through drowning, or some connection with water, is this right?

Teacher: Superstition. As the planet is, I believe, 2/3 rds covered by water, you would then have many astral accidents, would you not?

I'd like to ask something about soul. Are you able to take soul through the void to soul plane to reach self realization, God realization?

Teacher: You speak of after death experience?

"Yes, to go through the void, to soul plane.

Teacher: That is not my position. There are guides to do this. You have your own guide for this purpose.

Belinda The guide that we have now?

Teacher: Correct. You are led, guided to a place of rest, where you will be cared for by nurse guides until your soul is comfort yes. Then you are guided to your next learning.

"Once you reach soul plane, you don't have to re-incarnate to learn, do you?

Teacher: This is correct.

•Can you tell me the name of the plane that you come from?

Teacher: The 6th dimension.

I am closest to God.

And. are you familiar with the name Sugmad

Teacher: Repeat?


Teacher: I am not.

Teacher: Correct.

"Is this an appropriate time to ask for information?

Teacher: One moment. I shall assess.

There is still not clarity. You are troubled of mind?

"Not really.

Teacher: You are troubled of heart?

•No. Not really. Can you explain what you mean by troubled?

Teacher: You are not at ease.

"Not in a group situation, not really, no.

Teacher: So you are of discomfort.

"Slightly, yes.

Teacher: Yes. When your discomfort has gone, clarity yes, so it is not the correct time. Do not concern. If you worry yourself, you shall remain of discomfort. You shall affirm your self calm. I am calm. And you shall calm

"Thank you Abraham.

Filip Could some of Belinda's unease be due to our earthly situation?

Teacher: Your personal earthly situation?

Teacher: Yes, that's what I mean.

Teacher: It is not my place to say. But it is not unusual in a class situation such as this, for persons to be of slight discomfort, until trust in one's fellow students has grown. You are understanding? Belinda?

Belinda Yes, thank you Abraham.

Filip We have heard before that Charles & Benjamin & Martin in previous incarnations that they worked on the pyramids, could you tell me something about Filip for me, in passed lives.

Teacher: One moment.

Filip is unwilling to impart this information at this time for reasons known only to himself. Do not concern.

I won't.

Teacher: Good.

Selina Abraham, could I ask a similar question for Andreas, am I less agitated at this lesson.

Teacher: You Selina have enough information to assimilate for your benefit at this time.

"'I seem to be getting, I don't know, an urgency, which I presumed was coming from Andreas, I keep getting the feeling that I ought to be DOING something.

Teacher: For you also, calm is of necessity.

Calm of mind, calm of heart, calm of body, and then you shall have calm of soul. It is of importance for you at this time. The urge to do, is to be calm.

SelinaYes, I do understand that. Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Yes. There are more queries?

FilipYes, I also have this urge that I should be doing something or I am searching, I am going towards something I must do.

Teacher: It is not yet clear for you.

•But in the fullness of time it will be? Correct.


Selina I have the impression that there isn't a lot of time„ that time is running out, this isn't right then? We have plenty of time? I just feel I have a mission to accomplish, and I want to get on with it before the time span runs out.

Teacher: Then be, calm.

Filip My feelings are the same.

Teacher: Correct.

Selina Its such hard work, to do nothing.

Teacher: It is of difficulty, but calm you must.

For all benefit, and when you are aware of that goal, you shall know.

"Well I already feel, I ought to help people, only I don't know how, or what is intended.

Teacher: Then be calm.

A small word, with much meaning. And Filip you also shall know.

"Will we know together, Filip & I?

Teacher: Perhaps

I just wondered if it was something we were going to do jointly, that's why I ask.

Teacher: I shall not tell you. I may see you huddled together whispering, plotting, when you should be calm.

All Much laughter.

Teacher: Filip.

Selina (Laughing), It's hurting Tommas to laugh.

(Bab's says It’s hurting me)

Teacher: You understood my answer to your query regarding information of Michael?

Filip Do you mean at a previous appointment, or this appointment.

Teacher: At this appointment.

•I asked about the past lives of Filip, but not Michael

Teacher: Yes. Did you not request information of Michael also?

"At my very first appointment, from memory.

Teacher: I had thought you had requested information of Filip and of Michael, at this appointment.

" No, not of Michael, just of Filip, what I did in previous lives.

Teacher: Yes, the answer remains the same.

"I accept that. I will remain calm. Sometimes the things we are doing on this earthly plane, seem to interfere with what could be done, I mean, the need to eat and have somewhere to live, but in the fullness of time this will be explained will it?

Teacher: Your physical responsibility, you are speaking of?


Teacher: Yes.

Explain your statement so others may understand.

Filip Because I need to have food and to provide for Belinda and children, I need to go to work

Teacher: Correct.

"Which restricts me in doing things for other people because I can’t do that while I have to earn a living?

Uummmmm. I am understating. Be calm. Frustration shall become an obstacle for yourself, for your understanding.

I t has been for a while: now.

Teacher: Then be calm.

"I shall. I refer back to the early writings in the black book which keeps me calm, previous words of yours.

Teacher: Yes. Then you have more queries.

Selina Yes, I have another question Abraham, are our guides totally different from us, our guides are not another one, of ourselves, are they?

Teacher: Correct.

They have perhaps a similar nature, a similar humorous disposition, or not so humorous. The right man for the right job.

And Andreas in his time, would he have been a researcher, like I do, like reading, questioning?

.Did I not say Selina, you have enough information? Another dog, with another bone. I give you this advice for your benefit.

"Yes, I do realize that Abraham.

Teacher: Yes. Heed my words.


And if there are no more queries...

Charles Abraham, there is just one more thing I would like to ask before you leave us. Petta & Mondaa's daughter apparently is not well this evening, I would like perhaps a prayer to be given for her. Then so be it.

Teacher: Then it is done.

Tommas may your sleep be of peace, may your discomfort diminish.

Filip, Selina, may your minds, hearts, bodies be calm.

All Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Shalom

All Shalom

Charles Closing Prayer. As the door closes on the light, let it be known the light still shines within the hearts of us. Amen.


At our last appointment, I asked you about my guide Tobias and I asked you for some information about him and you couldn’t give me any, because you said it was foggy,