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Topic: Commitment

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Charles says opening prayer,

Teacher: I am Abraham. I am your teacher.

All Good evening, Abraham.

Teacher: Well you have thought on my words from our last appointment?

All Yes.



I would request each of you to discuss with me your understanding of my message.

Charles Abraham, if I may, I am Charles, there are some people here for the first time

Teacher: I am aware,

Student: Is it possible.....

Teacher: They may listen, this is of importance.

Student: I wonder whether you might repeat, our message from last week.

Teacher: Yes my message is . ..To receive is to give, to give is to receive.

Then begin.

Tommas I am Tommas, the way l am understanding it is, that by communicating with you, and communicating amongst ourselves and thinking, is the only way we are going to learn.

Teacher: Yes, you are of comfort Tommas

Yes, much better this week thank you.

Selina Abraham, I am Selina, you also said to participate fully, should involve your physical presence, mental presence, emotional presence and soul presence.

Teacher: Correct.

"Well, I feel l participate, but I don't know if I participate fully in all those aspects.

Teacher: You are understanding of my message.

Yes, I understand you would like us to ask questions, and by your answers, the whole class receives.

Teacher: That is your understanding?


Teacher: Yes. Proceed.

Petta: It's Petta here Abraham. As I understand it, soul growth can only come, the more we delve into things and unless we delve, or forage then we cannot get the learning, the answers from you, and unless we get soul growth, then we might as well not be attending the classes.

Teacher: That is your understanding?


Teacher: Yes. Proceed.

Melda I am Melda, I would like to ask you something about something that happened this evening, before I came.

Teacher: I would wish to defer this.

I wish answer from each, of my message.

Dominica I am Dominica. I feel to ask questions I have to first have time to read, which I will be able to do, in a few lessons time.

Teacher: This is your understanding?


Teacher: Yes. Proceed.

Filip I have tried to keep quiet, but, to give everybody a chance, but as I've said at previous appointments, I feel I've, what I've put into my foraging, I’ve learnt a great deal from you, but now we're at a state where we need to move on to a higher learning I feel.

Teacher: This is your understanding?

Yes. I'm still prepared to involve Physical & Mental & emotional & soul to learn.

Teacher: Proceed.

Belinda I am Belinda, my understanding of your message was that we don't have to just be physically here, we have to be here emotionally & our soul presence should be here and I feel you only get out of anything what you put into it.

Teacher: This is your understanding.


Yes. Proceed.

KordeIts Korde here, I'm of the same understanding as June, as Belinda sorry.

Teacher: This is your understanding?


Teacher: Then you speak your words.

"We learn by reading & asking you questions and that I'm here for my own good.

Teacher: This is your understanding.


Teacher: Yes, Proceed.

Clara: This is Clara, my feelings, I have not given it much thought during the week, but straight off the top of my head sort of feeling is I'm here to give the questions and to receive from every body else, but I'm afraid I haven’t been giving questions enough and I see that I have to develop a lot more.

This is your understanding.


Teacher: Yes. For those not present at our last appointment it is not of necessity for your answer, unless it is your desire. There is one who is still silent.

Melda I am Melda.

Teacher: Not Melda.

Not Melda, sorry.

Mondaa It's Mondaa here Abraham.

Teacher: YES

"YES I am here seeking & listening & asking questions that do occur to me, and reading various things that I am interested in.

Teacher: This is your understanding?


Teacher: Melda, you wish to speak?

Melda Yes Abraham. While I was sitting quietly at home this evening, I've often heard noises in my house, and I've often put them down to creaks and groans of the building, but they don't seem to be quite that, and this evening just a few feet away from me, I heard a very loud noise and it was very startling although it did not frighten me and I don't want to be paranoid about it or anything but I wondered if you could explain it to me.

Teacher: With your agreement l shall defer this, for this particular time, I wish to discuss much. Persons who are new to our appointments you are of comfort

Yes thank You Abraham.

Teacher: You have each answered in your understanding for yourself it is of most importance for YOUR SELF, for YOUR understanding to have full physical, mental, emotional, soul participation. In the giving of your presence, physically, mentally, emotionally, you are receiving food for your soul. In the giving of this food, in the sharing of your knowledge and your own wisdom, you shall also receive more. You are understanding?

All Yes.

Teacher: When you first became students, I requested commitment of each, this is correct

All Yes.

Teacher: This is time for a renewal of commitment of each, for each, to each. I am aware you are recording in book form our appointments, correct

All Yes.

Teacher: You have access to these for all?

Selina They have only to ask Abraham. At the moment several of us pay for extra copies for our own selves, as well as the one book that we keep for Ruby.

Teacher: Then I believe that each should have access. This is your food, you are then able to study, to refresh your mind, your heart, yes, from this, growth shall occur. If you find you have not much foraging for yourself, there is perhaps opportunity to gather queries from previous discussions. Also I remind you, do not be embarrass of any query you wish to ask. I welcome open discussion, in fact I prefer open discussion. Yes.

You wish to query my words?

Filip This is so that if we discuss amongst ourselves, then all can learn from our discussion

Teacher: Correct. If there is a particular query you wish to discuss together, it is perhaps of benefit if I am present, I may witness your discussion, and may then comment. You are understanding?

All Yes,

Teacher: This is clear for all? Then I shall request you to commit yourself to yourself and to each. Yes. You may take some time to consider and I shall discuss with Melda.

From which direction was this noise Melda

MeldaIn the corner, to the left of where I was sitting.

Teacher: It was of a high or a low vibration ?

"It was loud, I would say it was high.

Teacher: Yes, one moment. You are kept much busy at present with persons calling on your assistance?


Teacher: Do not be alarmed. It is time for you to consider yourself. It is time for you to ask these persons to wait. You are being called on far too frequent. You shall protect yourself. You may say the words used at the beginning of our appointment. There is no cause for alarm. You wish to query Melda?

I cannot seem to put it into . words what I want to ask but I will do as you suggested, I'm not frightened at all it has just puzzled me.

Teacher: I am understanding. You see, often times an occurrence such as this, is due to the knowledge of a helping hand and all who need shall come without consideration for yourself. Knocking on doors, calling at all hours, it is not good for yourself. You are understanding? You have a phrase....Bandwagon. Yes. I am unclear of the full phrase.

.Filip Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.

.Ah yes. This I believe shall make clear for you.

Melda Yes it does.

Teacher: You have satisfaction.

"Yes, thank you.


Clara I am Clara, talking about identities, when doing hypnosis, are you open to identities, when you are under hypnosis or are you protected by your helper, does the helper work on the sub-conscious or the conscious...

Teacher: Hypnosis should be taken most serious.

Performed in good conditions.

If the thought says, your word, entity shall occur, then so be it. You are understanding?

"It was a question I thought of as I came in the door, if you are open to suggestion, well, you are open to suggestion, but it's such a great helping process.

Teacher: But of course.

"So it's only if I think that there might be scariness there, it will…..

Teacher: Manifest. Thought is a form of hypnosis. A positive thought shall bring forth such and then also the opposite can occur..

Thank you.

Teacher: The person performing such hypnosis should be clear, bright, and should be of high ethics. The human mind should not be tampered as with a toy.

Petta While we are talking about hypnosis, is it right for people to have hypnosis for regression, should we regress, is there a need for it?

Teacher: If the person wishes regression for self discovery and undertakes in the conditions I have described, then all should be well. You are understanding?

"Yes thank you, , it's just that I wasn't sure if it was really necessary' for us to do this, unless we have something like claustrophobia and we want to find out how we came by it, but does it really matter whether we' were Cleopatra, Boadicea or whomever?

I am understanding your query. You see,. I have said this many times before, to have knowledge's of previous incarnations, previous experiences, should not give excuse for any act, thought, word, feeling, in the present life experience. There are far too many persons who believe that because of certain life experiences that this excuses them from repeating

Belinda Does it help them to correct the future though?

Teacher: Your pardon ?

"I am Belinda, does it help the person to correct the future, supposing they have some psychological disturbance if they have an idea of their past lives....

Teacher: It can be such, but there are far too many persons who use perhaps a psychological disturbance in a previous life, to explain their behaviour in the present, one must always remember free will. You are given information on previous life experience for understanding, which is entirely differing to excuse. This is clear for you?

Petta Yes thank you.


Belinda I suppose it’s like referring back to excuses, I meant disturbances in the present not the past, that it had some connection with your past, that you had to work through Karma in order to straighten yourself out.

Teacher: Karma is neither good nor bad, as some persons believe. There are always lessons one begins a new life's experience to learn. These lessons are the same lessons on a differing vibratory than in a previous life experience.

I shall explain.

For example, how many variations are there for the word, the emotion, the experience, the action, the thought of LOVE?

How many lessons would you think are encompassed in that one simplistic word, when you have found your answer then you shall know, yes. This is clear for you?

Belinda Thank you Abraham

Teacher: Then you shall take refreshment, you shall discuss and consider your commitments l am aware I have not included our visitors, I shall do this after we return. I shall not depart.

  • Tea Break


Teacher: Then commitment, you wish to discuss?

Filip It's Filip here, I don’t think I need to discuss. The last time the commitment was made, I didn't make one, as that was my first appointment, but now I am prepared to make a commitment that I will learn as much as I can, and I will help anybody who is interested to come and learn at these appointments.

Teacher: Your Commitment is to SELF, and to EACH and in the commitment to GOD, which is Light, which is Truth, which is Love. Yes. Then I shall name each, proceed Belinda.

Belinda Yes, I am willing to commit myself to your teachings, and I wish to learn more.

Teacher: For SELF and to EACH for GOD, which is light, which is Truth, which is Love. Yes Belinda. Tommas.

Tommas Yes, I also commit myself to your teachings and to the group and to myself.

Teacher: And to GOD, which as light, which as truth, which as love. Yes Tommas,

Oh Silent One...

Mondaa Mondaa?

Teacher: Yes.

"Yes Abraham, I wish to commit myself to your teachings,

Teacher: And to Each, and to Your Self

"And to each, and to myself, and to God.

Teacher: Which is Light, which as Truth, which is Love. Yes Oh silent one.

(Babs breaks into laughter and says, "He said he as not going to call you by your name, you have got a new one")

Teacher: Ruby expresses my humour. Petta.

Petta Yes Abraham, I wish to re-commit myself to your teachings, and to the group, to self, to God,

Teacher: Which is light, which is truth,' which is love. Yes Petta.


Melda Yes, I wish to commit myself to self, to the group, and to God and I would thank you for the advice you gave me earlier. I. was letting other people prevent me from entering fully into this commitment.

Teacher: You are welcome Melda, and God which as light,

which as truth, which is love.


ClaraI wish to commit myself to learning for the benefit of self, and the group and to God.

Teacher: Which is light, which is truth, which is love. Dominica

Dominica I too would like to commit myself to your teachings, to the class, to God,

Teacher: And yourself


Teacher: And to God, which is light, which is truth, which is love. Yes Dominica. Korde

Korde Yes, I'd like to commit myself to your teachings for myself, for the group and for God which is light, which is truth which is love

Teacher: Yes Korde.

Teacher: Selina

Selina Yes Abraham, I would like to come again to learn more about myself, to learn more about the truth, to learn more about the love, and to learn more about God

Teacher: For your self?

"For my self, yes,

Teacher: And for the group?


Teacher: Yes. Selina. Then I am aware I have not included our visitors, you wish to discuss this visitors? or perhaps it is too soon for such commitment for yourselves.

Aileen Too soon.

Teacher: I am understanding.

Lawerline For me also Abraham.

Teacher: I am understanding.

Then, you have decided for your self, your path of learning.

In the giving you shall receive much, in the receiving you shall be giving much. For self, which is Soul, and for Each. For God, with God. You have queries? I have queries.


Selina, you have been more calm?

Selina Well I think so Abraham.

Teacher: I believe so, Selina. You are not at ease during sleep time?

"Well I wake up often, that's right. But I don't feel it's an agitated mind, I think it's just a physical soreness that bothers me.

Teacher: Yes. This concerns your mind?

"well I have a dilemma, the doctors do feel that there is something wrong with my liver, or perhaps my kidneys, and they can't decide whether to have an exploratory operation or not, and while they are uncertain, that leaves me uncertain.

Teacher: Then I say, Be Calm. Concern shall aggravate the condition. You are understanding.

"Yes I am, thank you

Teacher: You have found the calm to be of benefit?

Selina Well you could ask Tommas and Dominica; but I think I might get 8 out of 10 this week from the family.

Tommas Yes, she has been very good.

Teacher: Yes, you see, to heal, all must be calm, body, mind, heart, soul. Yes,

You are understanding.

Selina Yes I am, but you told us that we often bring our illnesses and diseases on ourselves, perhaps because it is a learning, that we have to go through, and- I wonder if l have brought this on myself because of something I have to go through, if I am going to learn……

Teacher: I shall not answer, if I do answer, you shall misunderstand my answer. I shall explain. There is a depth of meaning to my words, that none has discovered as yet, with exception to my friends, Charles, Martin, Benjamin, Ruby.

You are understanding?

I ponder. One moment.

I shall say this, you may take from it, that which you, shall, with the understanding, there is hidden depth.

'The thought of a illness, disease can manifest itself as such, the fear of illness, disease can manifest itself as such, there is also the reality of illness or disease, which can be magnified or diminished by positive thought.’

You are understanding?

You are all understanding?

This is perhaps an opportune moment for discussion with Selina, for Selina's clarity, proceed.

Selina The specialists are supposed to be the experts, if they say there is something there, surely there must be something there?

Teacher: Ah! One moment. A symptom, they do not find the cause.

Food for your thought.

"Yes, they don't know what the cause is, they keep telling me.

Teacher: Then, be Calm, and perhaps the cause, does not exist.

You might only have the symptoms, power of positive thought.

You need an affirmation, a belief.


You shall surround yourself with blue. You shall affirm to yourself,

repeat after me....


"I am calm.

Teacher: You shall say this to yourself until you are calm, and you shall be.

"Does the nature of the person, make no difference, you can be calm, whatever your personality?

Teacher: All persons have the ability to be calm, if it is their desire. There are persons who do not wish, or desire to be such. You are understanding?

Selina Yes I am

Teacher: You see, you have power of your self. Thoughtful, feeling, action, understanding. If you have desire, for calm, calm you shall. If the desire does not exist, calm there shall not.

You are agreeable?

All yes.

Teacher: You wish further discussion Selina?

Selina No, you have covered all points, thank you Abraham,

I certainly don't want to be ill and have an operation, it only bothers me, that perhaps that was the path I chose, because I was going to learn something, that's all that really bothers me.

Teacher: The thought you expressed, is perhaps your cause

Clara Can Bach remedies help Selina?

Teacher: It is a possibility, but you see Selina is on medication, this is correct? ,

Selina That's right Abraham.

Clara With Bach remedies it doesn't affect the medication.

Teacher: I am understanding, perhaps the medication

shall negate the affect of Bach remedy.

Tommas Would it be of benefit if I reminded _Selina to be calm at times.

Teacher: If you believe so.

Selina More than you already do?

Aileen I read a statement the other day, that what you believe, will be realized.

Teacher: Have I not said this?

Filip, you also were advised to be calm. You have been calm? You have been at ease?

Filip I think so. It's probably better to say at ease.

Your previous words help to maintain calm.

Teacher: Then there are more queries?

Tommas I am Tommas; I have a query, which I shall get Charles to read out first, and then I'll ask some questions.

Teacher: Yes. It is of discomfort for your speech.

Tommas Yes, it takes a while, but I can ask short questions, but this is a bit lengthy to start.

Teacher: I am understanding

Near Death Experience

Charles"I read of a woman who died in hospital, after a serious illness. When she died, she described how she was walking up a grassy hill with someone in a robe walking along with her.There was a beautiful gate at the top of the hill and beautiful singing in the background. When she reached the gate, it opened and she was asked if she would like to go through. Everything seemed so beautiful and inviting but she said she would like to go back, as she felt her husband needed her. She then described going back down the hill then being over the hospital, then back in her body.

She then sat up, and saw her startled father standing by her bed. Not only had she come back to life, but her illness was cured. All this took 28 minutes.

Tommas My queries are, why are some people given a chance to return to the physical?

Teacher: It is not correct they should leave at that time, space. A slight misunderstanding has arisen. You understand my words?

"'And, is there a period of time after death, that the soul still feels physical, and in natural surroundings, to lessen the shock, of dying, because she. felt physical she described walking up the grassy hill etc...

Teacher: Correct. You see, there are many souls who are not aware they no longer inhabit the vehicle of the body. They become bound to the earth plane. They believe they still walk, they speak to persons who do not hear their voice. They inhabit buildings, believing they belong in those buildings. They can cause much mischief in this belief. They are lost and confused. At the death of the physical, the soul takes some time to depart, you see there is a silver, invisible link.

"Would this still have been connected within the 28 minutes?

Teacher: Yes. This period of time, space, could be minutes, hours, days.

"Normally, if somebody has died for more than 3 minutes, they suffer brain damage, this didn't happen, is this because her cord was still attached?

Teacher: Correct.

"And this would also explain why her body was healed, she actually sat up and ate a hearty meal that was destined for somebody else.

Teacher: Yes. These are of rare occurrence, these experiences such as you describe.

"Thank you.

Teacher: You are welcome.

Belinda Is it true though, that the soul leaves the body many times before actually the cord is severed, sort of a preparation for the final…..

Teacher: But of course. Astral travel, out of body experience etc.., etc.., but you see, in the experience Tommas described, the physical was as though dead, this does not occur with normal out of body experience journeys.

You see, at such a time, the body's functions are still operating. You have your vehicle, the engine has not been disconnected, the occupant is merely absent for a short time. You are understanding? Oh Silent one!!!

Mondaa Yes Abraham, I am ready for a question. The query I have is the watchers, how do they see us, as we see ourselves in this room, each and every one…

Teacher: Correct.

I perceive -you as light, energy, the watchers perceive you, as you see yourselves.

"Thank you Abraham, I have another query.

Teacher: Good!


"When we are born, our soul is implanted, at that particular time, or near that particular time, in relationship to our parents, grandparents and great grand parents, what relationship is that with our souls, has it a great relationship or no relationship whatsoever?

Teacher: There are group soul consciousness, it may be your parents, or your grand parents, or your great grand parents were from the same soul consciousness as yourself, but perhaps not. There may be people you meet throughout your life journey who are of the same soul consciousness. There shall be persons you meet and from these persons, there perhaps shall be one, who you instantly recognise as a soul mate, who you will always meet, in the life of the physical and the life of the non-physical.

"Thank you.

Teacher: You are welcome.

Filip Are our guides of the same soul consciousness as well?

Teacher: Correct.

"So we would recognise them if they were in the physical as well.

Teacher: Not necessarily. Soul consciousness does not equate with physical.

Soul mate you would have recognised, not as a physical human, but on a soul consciousness awareness. You see, your guide is chosen as the best person for the job at hand, the job being to guide you through your physical journey. The guide has experienced a life journey similar to your own, who knows the pitfalls, the stumbling blocks, yes. The forks in the path, the blind endings in the path. Yes. Who knows those paths that cause you to slip and stumble, to slide on your knees, to crawl, and those paths where you are able to walk tall.


Our visitors have queries, you are of comfort?

Aileen - I feel very comfortable thank you Abraham, but I believe every body has a soul name. I would be interested in knowing mine.

Teacher: Yes One moment Your soul name is and was from the beginning BRYONI (Bry-on-i)

Bryoni Thank you

Teacher: You are welcome. You request your guidance?

"Yes please

Teacher: One moment. The name of your guide is KASS. He is happy, to communicate with you in the stillness.

"Thank you.

Teacher: You are welcome.

Lawerline I too request my soul name and the name of my guide, and l am privileged to be in your presence as a guest.

Teacher: One moment. Yesssss!

The one whose lips wish to be sealed. The name of your soul, is and was, from the beginning,one moment, I am receiving conflicting reports, one moment, do not concern, yes, the name of your soul, is and was, from the beginning HAGADAH. These letters are for pronunciation only, Hagadah.

Hagadah Thank you.

Teacher: You are welcome. You wish name of your guidance?

"I do please.

Teacher: This is of difficulty, you have more than one. I must decide who is the leader, a most influential for yourself.

You are aware of your desire for sealed lips?

"Yes Abraham.

Teacher: Do not concern.

Do not seal, for your own good. Be calm

One moment.

Ruby has said you are aware of Amos. "Yes Abraham.

This is not your guide.

Do not seal yourself from Amos.

I give you your guide, one moment,

The name of your guide is THYS (tiess)

He is happy to communicate in the stillness. He shall lead you and guide you.

"Thank you Abraham

Teacher: You are welcome. The name of your soul

is vibration, sound, you are understanding?

"Yes thank you, Shalom.

Then you have more queries?

Dominica I am Dominica we have learnt that ape comes from man, and not the other way around, but l was wondering if the same applied for the Abominable: snowman, Yeti & Bigfoot.

Teacher: A mutation also of APE.

Filip So they do actually exist?


Teacher: Yes. Have existed, a riddle for you to ponder, as

Is my want

A tiredness approaches.

I shall leave you with this.

My seeming harshness, words, are given with love for your self.

Do not be concerned.

A message for you to ponder.

Stand tall,

Stand proud

Stand True,

for God.

In this, you stand true, proud for your self.

Visitors you have been welcome.


All Shalom..

Charles As the door closes on the light, let it be known that the light still shines within the heart of us. Amen