1987-05-07-Class Size, AIDS

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Topic: A Balanced Life

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Charles says opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All - Good evening Abraham,


Charles - Abraham, I am Charles, we wondered if you might have an open forum for a few moments, while we discuss some things that concern us, and would like to discuss in front of you?

Teacher: You may.

Charles Selina or Wilma is worried about the size of the class.

What is the concern?

"The concern is because friends are being invited along and people are speaking of you and more & more people want to come & listen, and the fear is the class may get so large, that it cannot fit into this room.

Teacher: Yes.

"And second to that, those that were here at the start of this class, will not be able to move forward with fresh, new people arriving all the time.

Teacher: Correct.

Then I have a suggestion.

Those persons who have made commitment shall, I believe the word I need to use is, semester (six month division of the academic year) of a period of 10 (ten) appointments and these persons who have made commitment shall attend for TEN appointments. At the end of this period of time, if it is desired, for a further ten appointments, so be it. If, at the end of ten appointments, there is need for a further class to commence, I shall discuss at that time. You are understanding?

"Thank you Abraham. The other query was put forward by one of the class that perhaps it would be easier for the learning if a few set subjects each week were discussed and, we didn't zoom around from one subject to another quite so quickly.

Teacher: To what purpose?

"To the purpose of a more in depth understanding of a particular subject.

Teacher: This shall evolve by natural means.

"Thank you.

Teacher: You are all agreeable?

All: Yes.

Teacher: Then someone repeat in your words. That which I have said.

PettaIt's Petta here Abraham. You have said, that those of us who have made commitment, will have ten appointments with you, and at the end of that time, you will either decide that perhaps we need to have a further class for other people, or we will continue to have another ten appointments, before that decision is made. But I also, I wasn't sure on this point, does that mean that we do not bring in other people until our ten appointments are up?

Teacher: Correct.

"Thank you, was the rest of it right?

Teacher: Correct. You are all agreeable?

All Yes,

Bryoni Abraham, it is Bryoni here. Last week I did not make a commitment, because it was my first meeting.

Teacher: Yes. You wish to do this?

I'd like to.

Teacher: Yes.

Clara It's Clara here, may I ask a question?

Teacher: One moment. I have said persons should be not

turned aside, if they request, have I not?

All Yes.

Teacher: Persons who wish to attend an appointment, may do so, at certain other times. Arrangements to be made with Ruby, understanding?

Your commitment is accepted. There are others here who have not committed, I am aware. Do not concern. You wish more discussion on this subject?

Selina Yes, I've got something I'd like to say Abraham.

I am Selina, would Hagadah be allowed to come, she also did not commit herself last week, as it was her first visit.

Teacher: I am understanding.

If it is her desire to do so, then she may.

Thank you Abraham.

Filip It's Filip here. We can perhaps help Bryoni & Hagadah with the teachings we have had already. Perhaps we should do this?

Teacher: Correct. You see, to this appointment, many persons have come. It would be unwise for others to attend during the next ten appointments, considering the reasons for discussion.

You are understanding?

All Yes.

Teacher: Your query concerned this discussion Clara?

Clara No it wasn't.

Teacher: Then I shall return to you shortly.

Thank you.

Teacher: More discussion?

Charles - No. We stay closed.

Teacher: Then you have a query Clara?


Clara - Yes, thank you Abraham. I was asked last night about re-incarnation, and my understanding is, that you choose, I chose, when I come back, and to which Mother, I choose, This lass was told that the reason she had such an ill child, with so many allergies, the child had to come back, and didn't want to at this time.

Teacher: Yes. A mis-conception. It is true you choose a situation most suited for your life experience. Yes?

Tommas - While we are on the subject of re-incarnation, we choose the path, and the parents, this is correct?

Teacher: That is automatic, considering the choice of situation. "In the situation` where the Mother gives up her child for adoption, and then the baby is offered to other parents, are some cases sort of pot luck, "I'll go down and just take whatever, path leads".

Teacher: The situation is chosen, it is known whether the birth parents shall remain the parent.

"But not known who, will adopt the child?

Teacher: Correct.

The situation is chosen.

"Thank you.

Teacher: Although it is possible for some to have chosen this way, yes.

Selina - Did you finish answering Clara's question Abraham?

Teacher: I did, you are content Clara? (Thank you, yes)

"Tommas, - Are you talking about our Son

Tommas - Well, not particularly ours, but any situation where the child would know who is going to adopt him.

Teacher: You see, soul would know the birth parent would not remain the parent. It is possible some would know who would continue to be the parent figure. It is also common for the child to remain with the birth parent, but another person, is as the parent. You are understanding?

Charles Do you mean when a friend's parents can almost adopt physically?

Teacher: I do not. I explain. The child may live with the birth parents, there may be another person who has more parental influence on the child than the birth parents. This is clear for you?

All Yes.

Tommas The first baby we were offered, I didn't like it at first sight, and I've never really been able to explain it, and people have asked me why, and I presume now, that the vibrations just weren't in tune with mine.

Teacher: Correct.

Selina How does that sit with me Abraham, because I would have adopted that child, if Tommas had not had a say in the matter. That makes Tommas wiser than I, probably.

Teacher: Not of necessity. It is a natural maternal instinct is it not, to care for a newborn babe?

"Well I think it would have been with me, yes.

Teacher: Yes. That does not indicate you are less wise than Tommas.

Selina Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: There is a child present. You wish to speak, child?

Do not be embarrassed . . .

You wish for someone to speak on your behalf.


Jessica - No. My name is Jessica and I would like to know my soul name and my guide's name, please.

Teacher: Yes. This is important for you?


Teacher: Do you have understanding of your soul?


Teacher: Then it is unwise to give you this information, until you have understanding. You are young in years yet. You have much to learn. Do not hesitate to ask queries. You are understanding child?


Teacher: Yes. For the benefit of all, I shall explain. The soul name, vibration, sound, is of importance to each. With wisdom built from life experience you can gain understanding of the meaning, of your soul name, vibration, sound. For one, who is young yet in years, it is too much, too soon. You are understanding? No castigation intended. I am ever willing, and pleasured to speak with children.

There is something else you would wish to know?


Teacher: Then you may ask.


"How do dreams come into my mind?

Teacher: Ah yes. One moment. You have a box which shows pictures with a switch yes?


Teacher: Then your mind is similar. When you go to sleep, the switch for the pictures is turned on and your mind entertains itself. When you awake, the switch turns off, because you entertain your mind during your wake time. You are understanding?

"Yes. Thank you.

Teacher: You are welcome. You have more queries?

Teacher: "No.

Thank you for coming.

Then there are more queries.?

PettaIt's Petta here Abraham. I have got a query but may I introduce to you my daughter Julia, who is with us tonight, to listen to you.

Teacher: You may.

Julia Good evening Abraham, my name is Julia

Teacher: Welcome Julia.

Julia May I ask my soul name.

Teacher: One moment. The name of your soul is & was from the beginning, I have difficulty one moment, do not concern. Ah, I have it.

Odette you wish letters

"Yes please.

Teacher: O D E T T E

"Thank you.

Teacher: You are welcome.

Free will

Petta I was reading through the book that Charles has had printed of your first teachings, and in that book, we are told that we are working well to head off the storm of destruction of the planet Earth. But if man has his own free will, may I ask how we can change the free will of those men, so that we are not destroyed.

Teacher: We cannot. The only manner, in which we can have influence, if you wish, is through persons such as yourselves. Enough persons, who make much voice together, shall perhaps turn the tide. You are understanding?

"Yes thank you Abraham.

Teacher: God may only be heard by persons such as yourselves.

"We have a lot of work to do then.

Teacher: Perhaps so, but there are many such as yourselves.

Filip, you wish to speak

Filip Yes, would that be a physical voice

Teacher: Correct.

"So we would need to broadcast our thoughts in a physical sense?

Teacher: Not of necessity, but you see, there has been much noise made concerning peace in your time. Concentrated thought on this yes.

"That will have a similar affect as a physical voice?

Teacher: Correct. There are many opportunities for persons such as yourselves, to concentrate your thoughts at one time, space, yes.

Clara This is Clara, we have a terrible disease around the world now...


Teacher: I am aware, Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome, it is of much concern.

Teacher: Was it a mistake of scientists?

Teacher: It is a natural occurrence spread, yes, you see, let me explain this, there have been many diseases throughout the history of humankind, as knowledge grows to match the disease, new challenges are brought to match the knowledge. You are understanding?


Teacher: And considering the fact that viral infections are living organisms, they mutate, they grow immune to humankind attack, and so mutate to form new shape, intensity, etc. You are understanding?

Clara - A comment which was made to me the other day, which was, the aids is like the [black plague, the population is getting too large and its natural to rid a large amount of people off the earth.

Teacher: This is a common belief not precisely correct. I refer you to my answer.

Filip - You mean to say, that this disease mainly affects the people who do not conform to the Ten Commandments, shall we say?

Teacher: You may say this, yes. It is the code for life journey, simple but difficult to adhere to for some.

Belinda There is a lot of innocent people getting killed off also.

Teacher: Correct.

Tommas - But if they find a cure for Aids, there will possibly be another disease pop up anyway, and take over.

Teacher: Correct. You have heard the term "SUPER RAT", a similar occurrence, and you see much protection which was natural to the planet Earth and all life thereon is being destroyed therefore contamination from other parts of the Universe is occurring. I leave you to come to your own conclusion regarding that.

So Clara, in some respect, scientists are and have made mistake, at some time, yes. You see, there is really never ONE reason, for anything. There is a multitude of reasons for everything. Yes? Multifaceted, as a polished diamond, yes. Multihued as the bright clear rainbow, yes. Then you wish refreshment? Then I shall return.

  • Tea Break

You are of comfort?

All Yes thank you.

Teacher: There are subjects for discussion?


Dominica I am Dominica. I saw a picture of vitamins under a sort of light, and they are all the colours of the rainbow, that's what they were made up of, and I was just wanting to confirm that every cell, every living thing, was it made up of the colours of the rainbow as well? (Polarized light photograph)

Teacher: But of course, you see, the colours of the rainbow are a visible sign of the vibrations of each & every living thing. When visible, gives much pleasure. But persons forget when it is not visible; it is still perceivable, yes.


Charles - Abraham, if I may, we were discussing soul names during our break, and it was mentioned that sometimes we don't like the vibration of our soul name, could you explain that a little more for me?

Teacher: The vibration of your soul name should be of comfort, it is possibility for the strangeness of a different name vibration to cause some discomfort for a short time until becoming used to the vibration it invokes. You are understanding?

Tommas - Would it help to repeat the name, out loud, to yourself?

Teacher: But of course. Spoken words, spoken thoughts, spoken feelings carry more intensity than mere silent thought, feelings, yes.

Charles - Would it be pure coincidence that my soul name was our traditional family name, that my Father didn't bother to give to me.

Teacher: Correct. And Charles is but a shortened method of using Charlemont.You should perhaps use Charlemont for yourself.

Tommas To get the right vibration.

Teacher: But at times such as this, Charles is acceptable, to abbreviate is not correct.

Clara If one could find out the soul name of a new babe, would

it be to the child's advantage to be given that name?

Teacher: Not so. For the reasons such as given to Jessica, the child.

"I was meaning the sound, would it help the child throughout it's life to be called the soul name, even though it didn't know it's soul name.

Teacher: At times it is coincidental that a parent named the child, not knowing it is the same name, as the soul name, but it is for EACH & every individual to pursue knowledge of SELF and to come to know self and the name, for self, by self. You are understanding?

"Yes. I was thinking that the vibration of the soul name would help that child be a better person....

Teacher: Not of necessity. If the child has no understanding.

Understanding you see, is the key to all things.


Filip At a previous appointment, I asked about the number of dimensions, and you said there were seven dimensions and suggested Martin: show us his drawing, which we have now seen, and I was asking Martin about the different dimensions have got different names, and I couldn't find anywhere in the writings where you have mentioned the names, and then Martin found that you had said the 7 rays, these are the same as the 7 dimensions then are they?

Teacher: Correct.

"So we started life on this plane and then life of the body, life of the mind, life of the heart, life of the ether, life of the realm above, before we get to God.

Teacher: Correct. You may travel through all these in one life time experience, if desired.

There are those who do not proceed beyond the life of the physical.

Filip And then in the 6 segments of each plane, we have got Abraham, the Watchers, Bertha, Past, present & future, That I believe, is Martin's understanding, I am correct?

Martin Yes. I think we were given those at the time.


Charles It was Martin's way of explaining it, he put the words in.

Teacher: You see, it matters not, the descriptive name for each dimension. You may choose to have them called by different names for your understanding. This is clear for you?

The understanding that there are 7 dimensions each, differing from the other, but being the same -time, space. The understanding of this is of importance. This is clear for you.

Filip If I am correct here, the watchers are in one plane, with 7 dimensions, and then Bertha and yourself, and the past present & future are the same and we can be in any one of those 6 and go through the 7 dimensions. Correct.

Clara Can you slip back a dimension, a different life?

Teacher: Correct.

Charles queried an experience when he had lived as female. He was given a time, date, far beyond the year in which you live at this time. It was a riddle for Charles, but he has understood. It is a riddle of time, space, past, present, future, all exist at the one time, space, yes.

Selina Abraham does that mean that, for example while we are asleep on this plane, for say 6 hours, we could be living another life, during our sleep time here on another plane?

Teacher: It does not.

When do we pass to the other planes?

Teacher: Charles, you wish to discuss your understanding? I welcome open forum.

Charles The planes are, to my way of thinking, symbolic symbolism, and you can go through the planes by learning each phase and understanding, and as you understand from the physical, you realize you are physical, and as you move up to something, let's say, spiritual, you realize you control the physical easier, so you are not physical anymore, you are spiritual-physical, and you can move out that way through knowledge. So the planes as drawn are purely symbolic, and you can climb unto the top & be as one with God, in understanding. So it's not a thing, you do in your sleep, or you pass through from one to the other, you become all. It's purely understanding what is, that all those planes are here (in the mind)

Dominica Abraham, I am Dominica,, I would like to ask for clarity now. I sort of understand it as though, if you had a straight line, and our life now, is just a dot on that line, and we can only see that dot, at the time, but once we finish with this life, we can see the whole line, our passed life or lives and future lives, it is all the same.

Teacher: Correct.

From the bottom of a mountain, what do you perceive?

When you arrive at the peak of the mountain, you see before you from horizon to horizon.

Tommas And we can re-incarnate back to any point on that line.

Teacher: Correct. Yes.

Selina So when I had a 'dream recently of, what I thought was the first Selina, I thought was history, I could have been watching her.

Teacher: From your future, correct. You see, past, present, future exist at the same time space. There is much depth to this for you to consider, yes. And Melda, you are of comfort?

Melda Does that mean eternal life?

Teacher: Perhaps so.

Selina Abraham, when you talk about, tread your path with the light, does that mean to go with Jesus or God or knowledge?

Teacher: The light„ which is truth, which is love, which is God, yes.

Holy Spirit

"And when the Bible talks about the Father, that is God, the son, that is Jesus, what is the Holy Ghost.?

Teacher: Yes. One moment. It is the Trinity. The Father, the son. and the holy Ghost. The Father being the God, the Son being Jesus, the Holy Ghost being the Invisible Link, yes.

The Invisible Link which joins every living thing.

‘The invisible link to us then.

Teacher: It joins every living thing. You cannot see, hear, smell, touch. There are those of course, who are able to do so. And the Invisible Link is God, is Light, is Truth, is Love, yes.

"And a Luminary, is that an Angel?

Teacher: Ah, A Luminary is one who treads his path in light, which is truth, which is love, which is God, as are Charles, Martin, not forgetting Ruby.

"So a Luminary starts off as a Truth Seeker and becomes something more?

Teacher: Perhaps so, and what is Luminary, you may look in your book of words for full understanding. Consult you book of words, yes.

"Notable person" A body that gives off light"

"A person of outstanding qualities" "a glow in, the darkness" "giving out light" When you have the light, which is love, which is truth, which is God within, and it reaches out to the God without, other shall notice, and shall ask, What is it you have found, how may I find it also. You are of comfort?

All Yes.

Dominica I am Dominica. A question I want to ask, may seem a bit strange, because it is in the Bible that Jesus died on the cross and was brought back to life three days later but several people have said that maybe he didn't die on the cross, he went to France, as there are reports of him being seen there after his supposed death, and I have been wondering about that, it is such a contradiction, that I have been getting confused.

Teacher: Yes. I again refer to previous appointments regarding this. Charles, you have the information for Dominica to read? You see also, it was not Jesus’s physical body which people touched, spoke with, it was his soul body but read the information which Charles shall give you for your understanding. It saves energy to repeat, you are understanding?

"Yes, thank you.

Teacher: Nevertheless, do not concern, I am always here for queries, whether they have been queried before or not. If I refer you to previous material, it is for energy saving, I am most economic.


Selina I often wondered Abraham, exactly what the Holy Grail was, and I understand now, that it was the cup used at the last supper, is that correct?

Teacher: Modern terminology.

Was it buried at Avalon, in Glastonbury?

Teacher: There are reported relics of Jesus life & death of the physical at differing places on the planet Earth. Some are correct, some incorrect; it is of difficulty to find truth in many of these.

"Yes, I have read that they believe that the Holy Grail is buried there, along with the Holy Lance that pierced Jesus’ side, they believe that the two are together.

Teacher: There are bones from Jesus fingers, there are cloaks, there are a number of so-called relics.

As I have said, it is of difficulty to find truth for these.

"Yes, I just wondered if it was connected in some way to the legends of King Arthur, who they called, the Once and Future King. And I also believe that Christ's Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, took Jesus to Glastonbury, when Jesus was a child.

Teacher: Jesus did indeed travel much, yes.

Self Realization

Filip Can we just talk about the 7 dimensions again. I get the feeling that all the other people on Earth who have not had the privilege of communicating with Abraham, are all on the life on this plane, does that mean that we are progressing off of that, and further up, the more we learn?

Teacher: If you believe this to be so, then so be it. A riddle for you.

Charles I would consider that anybody gaining knowledge about themselves, must be progressing somewhere, but you just can't pin it down to just one teaching, there must be many teachings, not necessarily church could be in understanding, belief….......

Teacher: Knowledge of self, understanding of self is of great value, more valuable than the finest gem, yes, but so disdained by many, yes.

"Yes, I think you gave a clue earlier this evening, Abraham, when you mentioned that sentence, knowledge of self, I wrote it down because we all ask questions of, let's say, compared to knowledge of self, mundane things, when really, the nitty gritty is to find out about our selves. This is where the truth lies.

Teacher: Yes. I have been nudging this way. You see, what greater learning is there, than to learn of self, to understand of self, to grow of self, and through this, to grow in the knowledge and the light, which is love, which is truth, which is God.

" In this group of course, we find pieces that we don't like of ourselves, that we have to wear away, or somehow get rid of.

Teacher: Correct. You see, it was queried at the commencement of our appointment, that perhaps a differing subject of discussion should be at each appointment I disagree, you see, when all the Chaff is gone, what have you? The grain of wheat. So in asking your diverse and many queries they are as the chaff and you are left with the wheat, the grain' of self, yes. And I tell you this, some of your learning may be of a painful nature, but do not concern, growth comes from pain, as in the birth process, painful though it, may be, much joy, much beauty, much love, much growth, yes. You are prepared for this?

You see I tricked you. You committed yourselves at our last appointment, not fully understanding such commitment, but you see, you are still at liberty to not take the next step. I am all understanding, but you see I do not wish you to leave this appointment. concerned that you must now query of yourselves, it shall come of a natural event, you are understanding?

I do not intend to encourage fear in your hearts with trembling for the next 10 appointments. Fear has no place in my class. Fear is destructive. Fear will stop your growing. Fear of fear, is not good, so be at ease in your hearts, in your-minds, and in your body, and so your soul shall also, yes.

Mansion Worlds

0 Silent one, you have yet, again been silent, you are of comfort?

Mondaa I am of comfort. I do have a query though Abraham.

Teacher: Yes.

When each of us in this room has finished with this life on Earth and we go back to spirit, will there be a contact in some form, will we recognize each, other in that dimension and will it be on a vibration?

Teacher: A good query - You see those who are, who have, soul mates shall meet at the assessing time, those who come from a similar, or same, soul consciousness, shall also recognize. You see at this time of your life, you are vibration, yes. And like vibration attracts like vibration. So yes you are correct.

Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are all understanding? Of course it is unlike the physical where you recognize a person from the shape, size and colour of the physical body, yes..

Melda, you are of comfort, your bandwagon is empty?

Melda Yes, yes it is under control .


Teacher: Then, I shall leave you now and I leave you with this.

To grow health & strong and in beauty a flower needs tender care, water for refreshment, sunshine for warmth.

You are as flowers in the garden of life refresh yourselves from the ocean of truth, grow in the sunshine of God's love and grow in beauty from tender care from yourself to yourself.


All - Shalom Abraham.

Closing prayer.