1987-05-21-Feelings of Discomfort, Dreams

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Topic: Feelings of Discomfort

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



Charles says opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All - Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: You are of comfort?

Yes, thank you


Teacher: You have queries?

Petta - - I would like to thank you for telling us so much about being calm, at our last appointment. I thought that I was being calm in my place of business, but I was still able to be more calm and I feel very much better for it, so thank you.

Teacher: Thank yourself, yes. Are there any other comments regarding the calm? You see, it is of ease to listen, it is of difficulty to practice, that which you hear. An achievement, yes. Others have found this?

Tommas - I think I have been quite calm, I feel comfortable.

Teacher: Yes.


SelinaNo. I think I have had a mixed week, of calmness and agitation as usual with me.

Teacher: You wish to discuss?

"No, I don't think so, thank you Abraham.

Teacher: As you desire.

Who has query?


Clara - After our discussion, at the end of our last appointment, it was mentioned that Selina not have help from various people that were offering to help. Having had experience with a small baby, who was sick as well, this child had about 10-15 helpers, helping her, and that child is a very happy, well adjusted little girl, and each one of those therapists helped that baby a certain amount.

Teacher: There is no argument with such, but each has differing needs.

"But isn't it, you don't know if that person can help unless you try them, as I found with myself and with the baby, and the Mother too found that some helped her and some didn't.

Teacher: Yes.

"So it was only by seeking, that she found, what she was seeking.

Teacher: Correct, but you see, Selina knows, Abraham is teaching Selina. I do not wish my teachings clouded, but it is for Selina's free will to decide. I say no more. You wish to discuss, Selina as this is concerning yourself?

Selina - I haven’t sought anything to help me find the calmness, I'm in control of the pain most of the time, and Clara offered to give me a neck massage last week, am I allowed to go to her for that, to relieve the tension in the body I can't seem to control everything.

Teacher: You have free will, as I have said. Massage is acceptable. I do not wish to appear of sternness. There is much under the surface for you all. You are not free with your thoughts. As yet, you are uncomforted in the presence of each other. I have said, do not cloud my teaching, massage shall not do this, out it is for your free will to decide. Other help may cloud my teaching. You are understanding?

Selina - Yes, I am thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Clara?

Clara - Yes, I understand.

Teacher: How come you say with words, you are of comfort, but I know you are not of comfort? I say this to all.

"The things that I have used for help are not teachings as such, they are relaxation, or colour therapy and those sort of things, but not as teaching.

Teacher: You see, I am understanding, but, I choose my words, you have been finding for yourself for many years, be wary when meeting with persons who have started afresh on the path, not to swamp their sensibilities with your knowledge gained from many years search, you are understanding?

"Yes, I do.

Tommas - This would also apply to all of us here, when the subject of this meeting crops up with other people, not to get too carried away. As you once said before, don't start at the end of the book.

Teacher: Correct.

Fear, Intimacy

Charles Abraham, this is Charles, may I say something

Teacher: You may.

"I was just thinking that perhaps it's just the fact that most of us in this environment are not used to speaking with so many people listening to us and there is just a slight amount of shyness here with exposing our thoughts or feelings to so many people.

Teacher: I am aware.

"Is there something we could be told by yourself that would help us get over that form of shyness?

Teacher: The acknowledgement of each that this could be the reason for their silence, their uncomfort, would be of assistance to themselves.

Selina - I was more comfortable at the start of our lessons, back in January, when we were asking chaff questions, now that it is getting more personal, I'm all right up until now, but I feel as the 10 or even 20 weeks progress, I may possibly get more uncomfortable….

Teacher: Why so, why do you fear yourself?

Selina - Because I feel, you want us to tell you things, we are not ready yet, to admit to ourselves. You want us to discuss our feelings or our problems, or inhibitions and that is just the sort of thing that we keep locked away inside, we don't want to admit

Teacher: You are misunderstanding.

Good, GOOD, that makes me feel better. (All - Laughter)

Teacher: I am not your Father Confessor. Do not think of me as such. But you see, if there is discontent, disharmony, it should be discussed. If there is distrust, each to each, your learning shall - he stunted. You are in the classroom, in body, to partake of the teachings, you must also be in the classroom mentAll - y, emotionAll - y also.How can trust, each to each, be built if not speaked. Is it fear of embarrassment? Your query may appear non-sensical to others.Is it fear of your words in black & white for All - to see? What are your fears?

Tommas - I think for some people it may be

Teacher: Speak for self, Tommas - . I am understanding your words.

"I used to be very hard, I possibly still am, but I was thrown into a situation at work where I was in committees where I was, you had to speak up, and although I tend to hesitate a little bit, I'm nowhere near as bad as I used to be, very shy, very quiet, and through my work situation, I find I don't mind speaking, so much now, in front of other people.

Teacher: Yes. I would query this, you see Ruby's body, you hear Ruby's voice, you hear Abraham's words. You do not see Abraham, is this your embarrassment?

Most No.


Teacher: Dominica I think possibly with me, it might he, I'm not sure who I'm talking to.

Belinda - I feel the same too, I like an image to look at.

Teacher: I am aware.

Selina - Abraham, Hagadah saw you last week, you appeared to her as you are. If she had a drawing done, would it help Belinda - or Dominica, if they' could put a face to the voice?

Teacher: Perhaps so, but that is Hagadah's perception. You must each find your own.

"'Is there anybody here, you feel is comfortable with you, or do you think we...

Teacher: It is not for me, why should I do your work

(All - Laughter)

Tommas - I think one of the problems is that when we are sitting around, having a conversation with other people, you can tell when somebody is about to finish speaking, by looking at them, but looking at Ruby, we don't get that indication, and I think sometimes people have gone to speak, and you have carried on, so they have to shut up again.

Teacher: Ah! Then I shall - say END OF COMMENT, if this shall - assist.

(All - Laughter)

Teacher: Come, speak, discuss, only in this manner will you free yourselves from your fears.

Melda At the weekend I picked up a pamphlet and it said that we have two angels, two evil spirits are present with every individual, although a man is entirely unaware of this, would you comment on that please?

Teacher: It is not worthy of such, END OF COMMENT.

(All - Laughter)

Tommas - There must be a lot of people who get confused by reading things like that.

Melda This was quite a big pamphlet, with All - sorts of things in it. I just picked it up to see what it was about.

Clara I haven’t got around to reading it.

Tommas - /Dominica DON'T BOTHER

(All - Laughter)

Filip - Someone is clouding Abraham's teachings.

Clara I think I feel much more relaxed with Abraham, by Abraham saying END OF COMMENT, because I feel as if I am not going to interrupt you, and I feel more relaxed that I won't butt in, as you were going to say something else, if I can think of something to say.

Teacher: Yes, but you see, I interrupt, do I not.

All - Yes (Laughter)

Teacher: At times, it is of necessity. END OF COMMENT.


Teacher: Then I wish for you to continue discussant?????

(Babs breaks into laughter-discussant?)

Teacher: END OF COMMENT, I am aware you were waiting.


Filip - I feel I am quite comfortable, but I'm not reAll - y sure what we need to discuss. I, like Tommas - , was terribly shy, but I've learnt, and now I'm not shy anymore, but I'm not sure what we are to discuss at these appointments.

Teacher: A good comment.

Martin It might help if I said that we've gone through this, and we still come up with some very simple and sometimes sounding to us, some rather silly questions or comments, but it's leads to more discussion and also we had some very good answers from you, from our seemingly silly questions, so just rather smAll - comments have led to reAll - y good discussions.

Charles Plus the fact that we've now got, in this group, quite a number of weeks' notes to read, and we've always found reading back through the books, you suddenly come up with a question or a query from previous weeks, someone might have made a comment, had an answer, and you might have thought, I don't fully understand that or there might be something; leading from that, we have always found something leading from the previous weeks. The point is, if we can't sit up and even talk in our own classroom here, how the hell are we ever going to stand up in front of someone, at a later stage, and say what we believe in, if we can't say it in front of ourselves, the only hang up, is US, it's not the next person to you, it's ourselves.

Teacher: Any comment?

Tommas - I feel that only by speaking, are you ever going to get over it.

Belinda - It's having the confidence to speak up though isn't it.

Teacher: What lacks your confidence?

Mondaa Knowing what, putting the right words out, I think that would be my main concern.

Filip - Why?

Tommas - Getting something phrased properly?

Mondaa Getting something so that it is the correct point, instead of just ambling along.

Filip - Why?

Mondaa I don't mean with us, not between us, I meant at a later stage, having the knowledge to answer queries.


Filip - Abraham will teach you. Abraham said we are part of his family, we are All - family, so that doesn't worry me, but I am not sure what we need to discuss. Possibly we are getting pointed with the calmness, in that direction, perhaps we need to discuss how we find the calmness?

Teacher: At the beginning of this appointment, Petta - mentioned the calmness. I asked "Are there others who wish to comment"....NO REPLY, was the answer I received. Now, you are understanding a little. If you wish to comment, please do so. By sharing your experience, you may open the way for another to comment, and so on and on, and this is giving and receiving. This is growth of self. Yes. E.O.C.

Clara I do have difficulty in being calm and I had great help from Aileen, in giving some calmness and I need it every now and again, and a booster, so it is re-enforced, and she helps me a lot, in getting my calmness, with her hypnotherapy.

Teacher: And you are UNABLE to find this for YOUR SELF?

Clara Yes.

Teacher: Why so?

"I lie in bed at night, I usuAll - y wake about 3 and think now, relax, relax, and I go through All - the motions of relaxing, and then I start thinking of something, and I have to relax again, and again another 5 inches into the tied

Teacher: So you are perhaps, trying too hard. You see, humankind ever make difficulty when it is simplicity. You see, you Shall - LEARN to help yourself. You have the POWER WITHIN YOURSELF to bring calm for yourself.

Clara Yes, I have been taught that by Aileen, and I am practicing what she has told me, which is helping a lot, but I seem to have a body that wants to keep on going

Teacher: Mind, also?

Clara Yes.

Charles I think you may be missing the point. Finding the calmness is ACCEPTING.

ACCEPTING the fact that you don't need the sleep. Not saying "I should be asleep; I should be asleep" panicking, trying to get to this point where, I should be asleep, but saying, "I don't need this sleep" and getting up writing, or doing something. A lot of famous people only need a few hours sleep, and then perhaps you might find later, that you are ready to sleep and accepting what it is. We try to fit into slots and rules that someone else has told us, someone has said you need 7 hours of beauty sleep or you are going to be terrible in the morning, so we All - wake up feeling terrible.

Clara I have thought of doing that, well I used to get up and write, but I supposed I'm just too tired to bother getting up, but I think of All - the things I could be doing, if I did get up.

Charles I am only saying it to you, because I have suffered similar, and I find I just get up, I might pick up a book or I might sit and try & find the stillness, have a cup of tea, or whatever, and I don't chastise myself for being awake, it's not a terrible thing.

Clara I have been accepting that the last 5-4 days, that's O.K. I'm not going to sleep, so let's enjoy it...

Charles Yes, it could be a creative moment, when I get that, that's when I write a lot of things out, that's when a lot of my questions come.

Selina - Are you saying that being calm, is reAll - y doing your OWN THING, whatever you are ever truly, most comfortable and happy with, not conforming to anybody's rules that's when you are most calm?

Charles Yes. That's the point earlier, with you taking medication from someone, or anyone doing anything else to you. It's what you feel you NEED, is important for your calm. If you think you would feel better having a massage, then have your massage. The calmness is in your decision. That is where the calmness lies, in your own personal decision.

Tommas - I find if I wake up in the night, I might look at the clock and see it's 2.30, and can't go to sleep, so I try and find the stillness, I relax, and as far as I am concerned, I have found a bit of time to try & find the stillness, and I normAll - y drop off to sleep again. I don't try to go to sleep.

Charles I found the calmness in this last week or two, when for a couple of mornings I’ve been late for work, and I own my own company, and yet I panic about getting to work on time, and I suddenly thought, what am I panicking for so I'm 25 minutes late for work, is it the end of the Earth? I found a moment of calm, and I actually found driving to work quite calming and I was only 10 minutes late anyway. So I'm not setting myself up in little rules like I always used to, now I'm pretty relaxed about it, whatever it is.

Petta - That's how my work situation has helped this week, having an employer who expects me to always be doing his work, even when there isn't work to do, he expects to see me doing it, so I was getting out books, ooh I could do that, and ooh I could do that, and that was what was overcoming my normal calmness, trying to appear busy. This week I have taken a book, and when nothing to do, here's my book, he has come in and seen me, and I thought I'm not worrying, I am calm, he hasn't said a word, and it's done me the world of good. He might be trying to find lots of work for next week but I don't care.

Charles Your calmness will affect his calmness, and he will be calmer, because he may have actually been expecting you, that he should be finding work for you, because he knew you felt as though you wanted to be busy.

Petta - It could be a circle. It helped me, doing my own thing, as it fitted in.

Teacher: BRAVOIII You are beginning to free your fears. Clara, this has been of assistance?

Clara Very much so, thank you.

Teacher: You see, from this smAll - seed of information given, shared, may come a beautiful, strong plant yes, so continue.

Selina - Abraham, in All - the lives I've been on so far, is this the nearest I've got to God? Have I been closer in other lives? Physical lives I mean.

Teacher: How closer can you be, than to have God within?

"Well knowing, only I have only just found out in this life as Wilma, did I know more in other lives?

Teacher: One moment. There was a life experience, where you were thought of as a good and pious person. Whether the understanding of God was stronger then, than your present, is difficult to ascertain.

"It’s just I'd like to feel that I was actually achieving something in this life.

Teacher: This life is All - that it should be. If you are achieving, then so be it. You are understanding?

"Yes I am thank you.

I also think I have been to visit another Selina - , in a very hot country and she was terribly poor, could this be so?

Teacher: We have speaked of this before times.

"No. I have spoken of a young girl, I thought I was in China or Tibet and you said she was in a scholastic situation. This lady was walking down very narrow, steep roads, but they were covered in rocks and stones, and the wall - s on each side were rough, whitewashed wall - s.

Teacher: One moment. It is the same, but later.

"And when I am talking to you, I often get very hot. Sometimes I think it is embarrassment, and sometimes I think there is somebody here with me, would you know which, is happening to me.

Teacher: There are many persons present in the physical, the heat from bodies, rises, and is felt by All - . There is also the heat from subconscious thought, feeling. And it is correct, that you do have a guide with you.

Selina - Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Whether you experience this as heat, I am not able to tell. Each guide affects each, in a differing manner, constantly.

"Yes. I almost asked you last week, but once again I felt, if you said No, there was nobody here with me, I would feel silly. Another one of these embarrassing moments we keep discussing.


Teacher: There is no need for concern. I say this, you may say anything, any thought, any feeling, to Abraham, without fear of ridicule, Chastisement, etc.., in the not saying, festering can occur, causing dis-ease to the mind and the body and the emotions I leave you with that thought. EOM

Melda I have always felt out of step with parts of the communion service, as in the Church of England and other churches. The great emphasis on acknowledging, bewailing our manifold sins & wickedness and provoking most justly God's wrath and his indignation, did not seem compatible with the idea of communion, and our book of words includes these interpretations of communion, participating, sharing, fellowship, revealing, to converse with one's heart, which I thought was a reAll - y lovely way of putting it. Within myself I feel that during the communion service, earthly time is cast aside and we enter the eternal presence of God's time. A time when All - those of my family and friends including those who have died, are with me. A time when All - the hurts and misunderstandings of the past, do not exist, and we become at one with each other. When in Christ’s words….."do this in remembrance of me" are spoken, I feel we are All - celebrating at Christ's table in his presence, To me, sharing such a meal, is a happy time, not one for self castigation, remorse, but an enjoyment of sharing. Am I on the right track?

Teacher: What should I say to you? I would not detract from your statement Melda. You have understood, yes.

"That makes me feel a lot better. I felt so much out of step with what other people were saying.

Teacher: I say this to you, perhaps THEY are out of step. Yes. God is not indignant, wrathful, Chastising. Persons do this to themselves. Why should God intervene? Yes. Humankind ever judge harsh of self.

Charles I’d like to share something that we received on our last communication with Abraham, and I think it fits this occasion. Abraham said to us....


Teacher: "Persons come to our communication wishing to drink from the ocean of truth, which they perceive as a plan, little understanding that they have the ocean of truth within themselves. I am merely the guide to such."

Quite so. You see, if by communication with Abraham, you discover for yourself, light, truth, love, which is God, then your communication has been fruitful. If you also discover for yourself, trust of self and others, then your communication has been fruitful. To trust one's-self is of importance. When this is achieved, you may then trust your friends at your communications.

Dominica I was just wondering if we contact our doorkeepers through the stillness, like guides, are they just like other guides.

Teacher: You have been given the name of your guide? You have been told your guide is happy to communicate in the stillness?


Teacher: Then do so.

"I was thinking of Shanti

Teacher: Who is this?

"Hagadah has seen her....

Teacher: Is this correct?

Selina - Hagadah told a few of us that she has seen Shanti standing behind Dawn twice, and last week there was a heavy smell of Jasmine in this room, several people were aware of the smell of the flower, in this room.

Teacher: Yes. I will not comment at this time. You will speak to your guide in the stillness Dominica.

Mary is it not,

Dominica Yes. Thank you.

Selina - You have already told us Abraham, that we have several guides, and you gave us each the name of our main guide.

Teacher: Correct.

"Do the other guides perhaps come & visit, and grow with us, at our meetings?

Teacher: They are helpers. At times they are present, at times not.

Clara I was told that our helpers, or our guides, our main guide is helping us, but the other ones have jobs to do on the other side.

Teacher: Correct.

"Are they probably busy doing their own thing?

Teacher: They are call - ed by your guide, when of necessity to offer further assistance. Hence they are often not with you, but at times, they are.

I shall - not speak of this until Hagadah is present, and if she wishes to discuss such.

Selina - She was not able to come tonight

Teacher: I am aware,

Light, Love

Tommas - I have been wondering

Teacher: One moment. I shall - say this, when you meet such as this, a great light glows. Other helpers, who are not belonging to any of you, see the light and come forward to observe. You see, guides are call - ed by light. There are nurse guides who wait to receive a departed soul. If they see a light, they are drawn to such. This does not imply that each light they see heralds a departed soul. So you see, it is probable those persons seen are not belonging here. But I shall - discuss this further with Hagadah, when she is present.

Selina - The light they see from us, is it a growing light of love?

Teacher: What is light, but love?

Dominica As the group bonds together more, and the love grows, will the light get stronger, brighter

Teacher: You have answered your query.

Then Tommas - , you wish to query?

Tommas - Yes. I was wondering, countries that we call - backward, if for instance you had a child of a primitive tribe, and put it in a family of brilliant people, with their own child, would their learning capacities be the same, or does the parents' background & knowledge help more than say, a child that has been brought up in the jungle?

Teacher: You are querying whether "the brains learning capacity, of a primitive child to a, say a child of a scientist for instance, if you got the two together, and put them in the same environment, would their learning capacity be the same.

Teacher: Each to each. A child's brain, mind, at a young age is capable of learning much. Does not a child learn a language, some children learn two or three or more. An adult would find this of difficulty.

So you see, a child is new, a child is willing, a child's mind is open and inquiring.


"I was wondering why the white races have advanced quicker than, in that case, non-white races, if we have All - got equal learning capacities.

Teacher: It is a differing manner of living in the physical plane.

"Environment, but at one stage we would All - have been All - the SAME- when All - men were first here

Teacher: Ah! but you see, the so call - ed primitive race was once not so primitive. The so call - ed not so primitive race, was once primitive. Also the so call - ed primitive peoples have a simplicity of understanding, which the so call - ed non-primitive find difficulty in understanding.You may unravel that for yourself.

You see, what it is you are learning is to TAP THE HIDDEN WISDOM WHICH LIES WITHIN EACH AND EVERY ONE, which the so call - ed primitive person has tapped long ago. Then take your refreshment, discuss & return with energy for discussion.



Discussion took place.


Teacher: I am aware of your discussion. You see it is of benefit to share information. My teachings may appear obscure, I prefer to use subtle. You have queries

Mondaa I have a query. What plane do our guides work on, when they are guiding us, is it a differing one, to that of you?

Teacher: It is.

"Space & time, that's past, present a future is mentioned that this will be revealed to us at the correcting time, what will be our condition at that time, as we are here on Earth, or will we be spirit?

Teacher: I cannot say. The correcting time shall - be known to me, when it is known to you. There are many opportunities for the correcting time. Some opportunity are not taken, but you are also spirit & physical are you not? A riddle in your query, so I shall - answer, you could be both, you could be one.

Thank you.

Belinda - Is it at the assessing time when we decide we want to reincarnate?

Teacher: It is at the assessing time, that you assess your life journey, what it is you should have learned, what it is you have learned, have not learned, and it is at this time, it is decided whether and when you shall - enjoy the next physical journey. This is clear for you?


But if we can learn as soul on other planes, then why do we have to decide to re-incarnate in the physical?

Teacher: Yes, on the physical plane you are able to experience many, many facets of being. It is on the physical, you may learn of sloth, envy, greed, lust, etc.., it is on the physical you may learn All - the dimensions of love, etc. the plane of soul learning, is of a differing manner. This is clear for you?

"Yes, so we learn more then, being on, when we come here physicall - y.

Teacher: Correct. I would say there is more opportunity to learn more, on the physical plane. Not All - opportunity is taken.

Filip - Is it possible to feel a physical touch, when you are meditating, from your guide?

Teacher: Of course. You have experienced such?

That's right.

Teacher: Yes. You have more insight to what it is you are learning. You do not have more insight?

Charles, you may comment if you wish.

Charles Well I feel last week we were learning of calmness, this week we are learning communication to one another from ourselves, heart to heart.

Teacher: And also the calm. You see more communication will come from the calm. And the more communication, more calm.


Belinda - And I imagine more confidence too.


Teacher: But of course. And many other benefits too, you see, what it is you are learning above All - else, and which surrounds All - else is love, for self, each to each, yes, and what is love, but light, truth, which is God, yes. And understanding that God resides within each and every one of you, and that it is the invisible link between each and every living thing. I shall - give you, yes, close your physical eyes, be aware with All - your senses, when I say, you shall - write on paper your experience or your perception and then you may share, each to each.

Subtlety is the key.

96 seconds silence

Teacher: Then you may write on paper your perception or your experience, remembering subtlety.

Teacher: . ...............................................

Then it is done?

Clara you may commence.

Clara I felt a great peace. As I looked, I felt I could see a grass island house, and the peace that went with it, the relaxation, as I lost the picture, I felt the peace arid a white light in my third eye but it was right across my forehead.

Teacher: Yes. Melda?

Melda My breathing became deeper, I had a feeling of happiness, a feeling of receiving & giving lover almost wanting to sing, being of confidence, a lightness of spirit, and a feeling of glowing.

Teacher: Yes. Martin?

Martin I just have the feeling again of floating, and that my body just disappeared.

Teacher: Yes, and continue each in turn.

Petta - I felt aware of spirit by sensing a slight draught on my face, hands, and legs, and then I saw a spinning wheel of sparkling rainbow colours, and after a few revolutions It just collapsed, but it wasn't just straight colours it was like All - jewels spinning round & round, it was a beautiful feeling and a beautiful thing to see.

Teacher: Yes.

Mondaa I felt a great calm experience with a very pale gold light and a steady beat of a clock that seemed like words on each tick.

Teacher: Yes.

Selina - I didn't write anything down Abraham, I was only aware of an air of expectation, I was still waiting for a picture to form in my mind. I was aware of my Daughter breathing, the clock ticking, and my stomach was very hot. That's All - .

Teacher: Yes.

Dominica My breathing, my heart quickened, I sort of felt, what I call - my gravity feeling, like sometimes when I am going to sleep, and I'm not moving, I get that. Then I felt like I was on the edge of a whirlpool, and was going round & round & round, but also sort of down, then it sort of levelled off, and then I was just going round & round quickly and I was just about laying down, but still standing up, it didn’t feel scary, it was quite neat.

Teacher: Yes.

Tommas - I had no sensations. I just relaxed and just the words "We should learn to trust each other and learn to love each other as one" just came to my mind.

Teacher: Yes.

Filip - I didn't seem to get anything different from when I normAll - y try & find the stillness, except I had a sinking feeling down the left hand side of my head, which I don't usuAll - y get. I got purple and the normal sort of peace feeling, and I thought I smelt something but I'm not sure.

Teacher: Yes.

Belinda - I didn't see any pictures.I felt a light above my head. I felt a tight feeling around by my temples. I might have seen just a light colour.

Teacher: Yes.

Korde I had no sensation, just darkness

Teacher: Yes

Bryoni There was a complete stillness, I felt a cool draught, and there seemed to be a light, but it was so very slight and I reAll - y had to concentrate.

Teacher: Yes.

Benjamin I had a feeling of coolness, a light, and a feeling of peace.

Teacher: Yes.

Charles I felt the slightest of draughts, and the word cool came to mind and then the total serenity, I just felt serene.

Teacher: Yes.You have All - experienced your own experience, whether seen, felt, heard. It is unique to yourself. Do not concern if others appear to have seen or felt more than you. It is not so.It is your individual experience which is of importance. You are understanding? As you progress on this path, you shall - become more aware of the subtlety of the light, the truth, and the love, which is God. And you see, because you are individuals, because you are unique, each from the other, you are still experiencing the same God.

Charles I think it is something to hold close to you, when Abraham said, about not worrying about what someone else gets, because I remember earlier years ago, we used to go to meditation, Martin & myself, & people would say they had seen different lights, and they'd seen things, and we used to come away, and confess to each other, that we hadn't seen or felt anything at All - , and felt reAll - y bad about it, and I don't worry about those things anymore, it's just not important. So if anyone is feeling a bit disappointed, forget it.

Selina - Yes, I am. I feel like I just failed a test.

Charles Yes, well you haven’t, so don't worry about it. I know you felt that.

Teacher: You experiences heat, did you not. Selina -

Yes, and it's still with me.

Teacher: Then it is your unique experience.

"Abraham, a few weeks ago I was reAll - y depressed, physicall - y crying in fact, because I didn't want to be where I am, anymore, struggling. I want to be with you, where you are and I had this depression, for want of a better word, for several hours that particular day. It did pass, but I'm not sure just why I felt so low, if it's because I don't feel I can manage what lays ahead, or it's going to be a long journey or perhaps some sacrifices to be made along the way, I don't reAll - y know what troubled me. Would you know, and are you All - owed to tell me?

Teacher: I am not willing to tell.

I would say this, if you experience this again, you shall - contact Ruby and she shall - contact Abraham. You see, your path of learning at these communications is as unknown to you, as your path of the physical. There are always wondering of what lies ahead in your life, not only for yourself, others also query this for themselves. I am correct?

All - Yes


Teacher: To be over concerned, is not good. To live in the now, of your life is of importance. To live in the now totAll - y, and with enjoyment shall - fulfil your life and your life's journey shall - be more of ease. If you are continuAll - y hearing ahead of your life journey, you shall - stumble and fAll - on the pitfAll - s before you, because your eyes do not look, they are seeing too far ahead. You are understanding my words Selina - ?

Yes I am thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You wish to discuss this?

"Well I don't know what more I can add to it, unless the other gifted people in the room have got some advice.

Teacher: My words are making some sense for you?

Yes, they are, thank you.

Teacher: I would wish to make a comment. It is relating to something mentioned earlier. It is true, I have contact with your guidance, it is not true that I am privy to All - your mis-deeds, or your good deeds from the beginning of your journey. You are understanding?

All - Yes.

Teacher: In the telling you of this I wish to erase fear that I am All - knowing, All - seeing, of your life's secret. Your guidance will pass to me that which the guidance has received your permission to give. I do not intrude. You are understanding?

All - Yes.

Charles That ties in with asking & you shall - receive, if you don't ask your guidance, you can't receive an answer.

Teacher: Correct. It also means, I shall - not embarrass by the mention of a secret thought, it is desired not to be spoken of. You are understanding?

All - Yes.

I use the word secret advisedly my grammar improves

All - Yes (Laughter)

Teacher: I am aware I use strange words at times. I also have a book of words.

You are All - of satisfaction?

Filip - I have a comment. . We were talking about the communication amongst ourselves, am I correct in thinking that if we saw one another at times, other than these appointments, that communication would improve. I have answered my own question.

Selina - Yes, but you mean, if we got to know each other better.

Filip - Yes,

Petta - Out of class

Charles It may tie a matter of getting to know yourself better. The key is accepting yourself

Tommas - Unlock yourself?

Charles Yes. You can look in a mirror and talk to yourself every night.

Tommas - With the curtains pulled. (Laughter-)

Charles - And ask which is the image, which is the illusion,

Selina - And is there a watcher on the other side of the mirror?

(More Laughter)

Tommas - One thing I did learn, don't talk to your guide, while sitting at traffic lights.

Teacher: Commenting on your comment Filip - , as Charles has said, in this you shall - learn yourself, for yourself, yes. When you are at ease with self, then you may be at ease with others. You are understanding?

All - yes.

Teacher: End of comment. Beg your pardon, it is not the end of comment.

You may call - this path, self discovery.

Dominica I know you said you did not reAll - y want to discuss this but I was wondering if, the spirits that attach themselves to our light, could they do that to a group, that aren't necessarily spiritual, but where there is a lot of love

Teacher: But of course. Referring to your query previous. Love is light, light is love. They do not attach to cause mischief, they are inquisitive and come to observe, perhaps to join merrymaking. Perhaps to receive some of the light, and to shed some of their light, persons often regard visitations such as this as mischief, it is not so.


Petta - I think tonight I have come to a realization as to why perhaps I don't ask many questions because I'm sure that there must be many there that I want to ask, but I feel that every time you speak with us either telling us things or answering questions, you give us such a lot to think about and ponder on, and that gives me the food, that keeps me going and it stops me from wanting to break that thought pattern, of wanting something to ask.

Teacher: Then, why not query that, which I have said, to further deepen the understanding? It is not of necessity to search for new subject matter. You are understanding.

Petta - Yes, I do understand, but you don't usuAll - y leave a question mark on the end, you usuAll - y explain so well.

Compliment accepted.But even so, there perhaps are comments you would wish to make regarding that which I have said. I give you an example of your comment at the commencement of this appointment. This is clear for you?

"My comment was that I was calm and had learned the calmness

Teacher: Correct.

"So I had no need to query anymore.

Teacher: You have given of yourself discovery. From this more shall - come, you shall - always need queries, if you do not, you should query yourself why?

"No, I didn't mean that I didn't need to query, I just meant that I don't find, perhaps as many as you perhaps are wanting, as I take so long feeding on your food for thought.

Teacher: I am aware; perhaps my word "Query" is wrong. Perhaps "Comment" is the correct word. Query is a question is it not; it is not of necessity for you to delve & search for new subject matter for you to question. A comment on that which you have experienced between appointments may be what is necessary.


Petta - I have another comment then, although I know my guide's name, because you gave it to me, I haven't reAll - y used it, in my mind I converse with my guide, I have spent so long conversing without a name, the name is strange, but a few nights ago, I actually spoke to my guide as Vaughn, and I asked that if I did go astral travelling, if I could have a recall - in the morning, because that is something I don't get, and every morning since, I've had a recall - of All - my dreams, but no astral travelling, but All - my dreams, although they are so stupid.

(All - Laughter)

So I know that asking guidance for help, and just assuming that it will happen, it does.

Teacher: Ask and you shall - receive.

Tommas - Well I've done the same thing, I never remember dreams, and I asked to be woken up when I dream, and I have woken up, pondered on the dream, can make no sense out of it, and gone back to sleep, but I have woken up.

Filip - I am like you, I never remember dreams, June wakes up in the morning, another new story every morning. Late last night I was meditating, and I'm sure I went to sleep, and then I felt three fingers on my arm, and I woke up, and I could still feel the three fingers, felt it All - day.

Petta - I know that feeling, I have had a heavy feeling, like a yoke, I felt I was in the wrong company.

Teacher: So, giving & receiving, yes.

Tommas - In a situation like that, would saying a prayer lift this burden from your shoulders?

Teacher: Of course. It is a tangible means for protection, more so, if spoken, yes.

Then, you have much to report back at our next appointment. Yes?

All - Yes.



Then, I shall - leave you with this.

Prayer might be considered the physical link to the invisible link.


Charles Closing prayer