1987-05-28-Calmness, Power of Positive Thinking

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Topic: Calmness, Power of Positive Thinking

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Charles Opening Prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham

Teacher: You wish discussion?



Tommas I would just like to say, before we start, that my injuries have healed and my strength & energy has returned to normal and I would like to thank you and everybody else here, who prayed for me.

Teacher: You are most welcome Tommas.

Petta I would like to say, that when I was talking about being calm last week, I realized how true that was, because I went to the Doctor & my blood pressure was normal and it hasn't been normal for two years, so that must all be part of it.

Teacher: Well Done Petta!!!

Tommas Yes, I too feel that thinking positive about getting better helped me, when the nurse said it would be at least a month, before your jaw is back to normal, my first thought was "No Way", I'll get it working before that.

Teacher: Yes, you are understanding what it is, you are discovering about yourself.

The power of positive thinking.[1]

Correct, and. more important, the power of your SELF, the power of THOUGHT, yes. There is other comment?

Selina I would like to share with the class, what a really good week I've had. It started with our meeting here last Thursday I noticed when writing out the notes over the next few days, there was much laughter on the tape, more than there has ever been before. So I do believe we are getting much more comfortable with each other, much more relaxed. On the day after our last appointment, I don't know what was in me, I was just so very, very, happy, that whole day, to the extent that I was driving along in my car singing, I mean it's just things I never do, I don't think anybody could have hurt me that day, no matter if they had had an insult or anything, it would have just run off me that day. I had friends come into the place where I work, which both were a nice surprise and helped make my day, and I was just so full of, I presume it was Love, but it was certainly happiness anyway, and that has kept me going this whole week, to have had such a lovely day. The days after the feeling haven’t been so strong, but whatever I felt, it has lasted for the whole week. I haven’t been in any pain. I feel I have been calm:, and I have also been into the stillness twice, for quite long periods of time, for me, so much so, that Tommas has had to wake me up from it, which was also a new experience for me. I think that's it folks.


Teacher: Yes. So you have found for yourself, your self. Very important. You have found that it is possible to experience such.

"That's right.

Teacher: Now you have found, you shall not lose.

Ah, I was going to ask you about that, because I'm not quite sure how it all started, not quite sure how to get it back, when I need it again.

Teacher: It has not disappeared.

Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: There are other comments?

Others have discovered for themselves?

You see, I may give information, I may point the way, I may guide you, you MUST EXPERIENCE for your self. Each of you shall experience in your unique manner to your self, but it shall be the same for each. You are understanding?

All Yes,

Teacher: Then, there are more queries.

Selina Abraham, I would like to ask, sometimes I just chat to my guide, and then I think, Oh, probably he didn't hear me, or the chatting was wasted, because I didn't meditate to start with. Should we always go into the stillness before we talk to our guides?

Teacher: Not of necessity. In the stillness, you are in closer contact. When not in the stillness, your guidance is still at hand.

Selina Thank you.

Teacher: You have heard of our test?

All Briefly, some of us.

Teacher: Most interesting. It is of difficulty, the difficulty lies in communicating in Earth terms but none the less, interesting.

More queries?

Tommas I was wondering sometimes when meditating, I feel as if I'm a bit dis-orientated, and I don't want to open my eyes, but I seem to be trying to stay upright, is this normal, has anybody else experienced this?

Several confirm this.

Tommas Well, that's all right then.

Teacher: Your body is appearing to be in a different position?

Yes, as if it wants to turn upside down, I try & enjoy it.

Teacher: Yes, these are experiences of the internal body. You see, having closed physical eyes, after a period of time, your senses are re-establishing themselves.There is, there appears to be, no sense of gravity. It is an inner experience. There is no cause for concern. You are understanding? You see, with physical eyes open, you are much aware of your position, of your surroundings, of your place within your surroundings. With eyes closed, your external surroundings are non-existant. You have become aware of your inner body. Yes.

Filip, Belinda, your child is well?

Belinda Yes thank you she still asks lots of questions.

Teacher: Yes. There are more queries

Dominica I'd just like to say that, over the last couple of appointments, I've been a lot more comfortable with the group, and with Abraham, and that, I call it the "gravity" feeling, or lack of gravity feeling, I used to have that a lot when I was younger, and I lost it, but it's coming back now, and it's quite neat. I had my hands on mum's shoulders a few days ago, they were sore, and I was just trying to concentrate on Mum, so that she would feel better, and then I had that feeling, and I couldn’t carry on, because I felt like I was going to fall over, so it came at the wrong time then,. Otherwise it is quite good.

Teacher: Yes.

Selina Abraham, I know what the assessing time is, but I'm not sure what the correcting time is. Some people here have used the term, but I don't know what the explanation of the term is, and the same with, I know what soul consciousness is, but I don't know what the soul plane is, and it seemed as though it was something different.

Correcting Time

Teacher: Yes. The Correcting Time is the time for, what is termed, THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. When the correcting time is, I cannot say. This is clear for you

"Yes, thank you.

Teacher: What FORM THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS shall take, I also cannot say. Your query regarding SOUL PLANE, is this concerning the dimension on which soul exists?


"Well, Belinda asked a question of you a few weeks ago, I can't quite remember how it was phrased now, but Belinda talked about the SOUL PLANE in a knowing manner, so it was obviously different to Soul Consciousness, and I just wondered was it kind of a higher plane to the soul consciousness, was it somewhere you go when you have learnt more through your lives, does it take you closer to God, or something like that?

Teacher: Perhaps Belinda would care to discuss her perception of this.

Belinda Soul plane is the level you arrive at, as an after death experience, a plane you do not need tore-incarnate from a level you can proceed from, up into, God's plane is this correct?

Teacher: For your understanding, this is correct.

This is for your understanding Selina?

Selina Yes, I think that will help me sort it out, it's just that Belinda obviously knew there was a difference between the two, and I didn’t know what that difference was, but I think that will help me, when I read the notes back.

Teacher: If you consider soul plane as a dimension, soul consciousness, as an awareness of being, perhaps this may assist your understanding.

"Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are all of comfort?

All yes.

Teacher: Melda, how is your wagon?

Melda (laughing) Quite good thank you.

Teacher: Not much beating on the doors?


"No, but I did have a question that I wanted to ask. We have talked about the assessment time, and in relation to this, I'd like to discuss two incidents. Some years ago, someone who had given me a pretty hard time during her physical life, came in a dream, and began to discuss our association, I didn’t want to re-hash those unpleasant times, but she persisted. She asked my forgiveness, as soon as I said "I forgive you,' there was a deep feeling of peace Next morning my husband said "who were you fighting last night, I was going to wake you, but you suddenly started sleeping peacefully".

Resurrection, Self Evaluation

The second incident occurred a few days ago, I was sitting in my husband's chair, reading the book my Husband had finished, a few days before he died, the book was, "THE AIRMAN WHO WOULD NOT DIE", and is the factual account of after death communications from Captain Hinchcliff. Kevin knew I was involved in helping those, who, after death, have not made transition from the physical sphere to the spiritual. Kevin did not take this seriously, if it kept me happy and didn’t get too weird it was okay. This book was quite a revelation to him, every now & then he would put it down, and say, "this is the most stupid book I've ever read", but he always picked it up again, and finished it a few days before he died. On this day recently, I was suddenly aware that he was with me, and this feeling I had not had, since his death. He wanted to talk about our life together, the ups & downs, and it wasn't always smooth sailing. I realized we were assessing our relationship, the mistakes, the good things, and we were able to thank each other for the experience. These are not the only times I have experienced, what seems to me, to be an after death discussion. Can we, the still living, be involved in the after death assessment of another persons life is this a time for reconciliation, a wiping of the slate?

Teacher: But of course. There are not many persons who are aware of such occurrence. But it is, of course.

"So it really did happen?

Teacher: But of course. He shall go to his rightful place. The assessment time can be within days of the transition, weeks, months, perhaps years. Dependent on the time needed for rest and recovery of the transition. This is clear for you. I speak of course, in your time frame, there being none where he is.

Melda - Yes, thank you.

Teacher: There is discussion on this matter?

Afterlife, Ascension Career

Selina - Abraham, when my Father died, many years ago, my Mother was sitting in a park, and saw this middle-aged man coming towards her, my Father had died in his later years, and he had suffered with cancer, but he'd suffered for many, many years with shrapnel in his back, from war wounds, and was always in a great deal of pain, always stooped, and my mother saw this middle aged man, tall & straight, coming towards her, and her immediate reaction was that of, "Oh that could have been my Bill", and as be came closer towards her, she realized she was actually seeing my Father, and he came up and sat by her, and he told her that, her love for him was so great that she was holding him to the Earth,

Teacher: Correct.

That she had to let him go,

Teacher: Correct.

And he was just coming to re-assure her that, in heaven, because that was a word my Mother understood, he was at the peak of his fitness, health, be perfection that nobody in Heaven suffered. They were made

Teacher: They no longer inhabit a physical body.

Yes. He was in heaven to my Mother, he was as well, and as perfect, as the most perfect point he had ever been, on Earth, and in telling my Mother that, knowing that he no longer suffered, and he was better off where he was, she was able to let him go.

Teacher: Correct. You see, it is true living persons may hold a soul from inheriting its rightful place, and the soul becomes distressed. Because a soul who has passed into the non-physical state does not inhabit a physical body, in such instances as this, it is possible for a soul to construct a healthy, physical appearance, for the understanding of your mother. And gave her the confidence to release his soul, you are understanding?

"Oh I see, yes I am.

Teacher: You see, it is not always of necessity, closely related persons who do such; it may be a wider, extended family member who is calling the lost soul to return. You are understanding

"Yes, I am.

Teacher: It has been known for a person who has been widely known, by many persons, who has been perhaps a Father or Mother figure to many persons, not related, who may at that persons passing from the physical have such a sense of loss, to hold the soul and to call the soul to return. To let go of, is of difficulty.

Selina Yes, I have often felt that I also may have been holding both my parents to me, because I love them and didn’t want them to die, and l’ve often felt that perhaps I hold them back.

Korde Do souls after they have been there come back to their resting place, like on anniversary days, like on Mother's Day and things like that.

Teacher: Once they have found their rightful place, there is no necessity for them to return as such. Selina, you wish to know of your parents?

Selina Oh, yes well, that would be nice, if you can tell me anything of them.

Teacher: One moment. They have found comfort in their rightful place, yes.You have let go of.

"Oh, thank you Abraham. Can somebody, pass me the tissues.

(All laughing)

Filip Is it possible to know about my Father, I have this feeling because he died when I was this side of the world, he was the other side, that I maybe held onto him, as well.

Teacher: You did not say your goodbyes?

"No. Not those goodbyes.

Teacher: As a special treat, I shall do this. One moment, he also, has found comfort in his rightful place. .

Teacher: "Good.

Teacher: Selina, be calm.

Selina(All laughing) I think I am, I think I’m happy. And I KNEW I'd be the first to cry in this room.

Teacher: Do not concern. Tears of relief are of necessity.

You KNOW, you are of calm?

"Yes. I think- that news will keep me going for another week.

(All laughing)

Teacher: You see, it is a frightening prospect, the letting go of, but never lost. You are understanding?

"Yes I am. I was upset at the time also because my Father has appeared to a cousin, many, many miles away, and I said to my mother, "I loved him as well, how come he appeared to you, and he appeared to a cousin, and not to me" and my mother tried to explain then, about wavelengths and vibrations, but I didn’t understand then what she was saying to me.

Teacher: You see also, understanding yourself, would you have been calm?

"No. I don't think so. I think it's because of my parents' deaths, that I really started searching.


Teacher: Yes, as often occurs I had cause once, a little while before times, to give information to a person regarding the whereabouts of the soul of a relative, who had passed from the physical, some years before.

The information I gave was this, the soul had re-incarnated,

So you see, this caused a double of grief, a sense of renewed loss because the soul was no longer where she had thought it was.You are understanding?

Selina Yes I am, but I thought that, if you had said that to me, that would have been good news, they had gone on to learn again, I don't think that would have upset me.

Teacher: They are still learning where they are. Perhaps in a helping of other new arrived souls, which is in-itself a learning stage.

Bryoni I understand that it would be a double feeling of loss, because up until recently, I believed that souls didn’t reincarnate for many, many years, and I thought about my own Father, and sort of imagined him not being very far away, but the fact that he may be back on Earth, is quite upsetting. I can see that.

Teacher: Correct. That person, who you knew, was perhaps a child of a parent, of some other. Which may cause distress, but the understanding that the soul is ever constant, you are understanding?

"I think so, yes.

Melda I have wondered if my mother has not reincarnated as one of my Grand daughters. My reason for thinking this, is that when she was staying with me once, when she was about three, we told her to go and pack her bag to go home, and when we opened the bag, she hadn’t packed any of her present belongings, but she had packed everything that had belonged to my mother, which was in the room.

Teacher: Yes. It is a possibility, but not often this occurs.

Selina What happens in this day & age, where some of our scientists are able to freeze bodies, so that when our medicine is more knowledgeable, these people want to be re-awoken, and their disease cured, if we are talking about hundreds of years

Teacher: Where is the soul?

"Yes, where is the soul, and would it return to that body, that's really officially died?

Teacher: It would. The soul would be aware of the reasons for this. Especially if it has been requested of the person and would go to a resting place, yes, to await the re-birth, yes.

"So would the soul have to come to a standstill as well, it couldn’t carry on learning?

Teacher: It would go to a resting place wherein it would recover, if you wish, where the soul would be received much knowledge concerning the circumstances. Yes.

"Thank you

Filip The soul would have chosen that path, wouldn’t it? The soul would have decided beforehand that it was going to use that body.

Teacher: It would be aware.

Belinda Now when there is a death, does soul react or does it not, react, or is it not aware of grief that people, the loved ones that are left behind are

Teacher: Of course there is awareness.

"And how would soul handle that then?

Teacher: The soul desires to comfort. But the soul is understanding that grieving must occur for healing of loss to occur. At times soul is tempted to stay, to watch over those left behind in such cases they become earth bound.

Korde - What about those people that are left on a respirator and are just breathing by the machine, has the soul gone?

Teacher: The soul is waiting. You see, at times such as this, just as your aircraft are sometimes put into a holding pattern, I believe, so too there is such arrangement for soul. You are understanding?

Belinda Like automatic pilot.

Filip It means in close vicinity.

Teacher: You see, do not forget the silver cord which joins, just as the cord of life joins the baby to the Mother, it is such as this. When death finally occurs, the cord is severed and the soul is released. Just as the birth, when the cord is severed, the babe is independent and released from the body of the mother, to begin its life journey, and so the soul is released to begin its life journey. This is clear for you? Then you shall take refreshment, I shall return, I shall not leave.



Selina Ruby & Charles have advised me to ask you about meditation,

I am aware.

"Do you have some advice for me?

Teacher: Yes. I am aware of the discussions. Self discipline is of importance. Is this correct? for you Selina? Because of the peace, and the fulfilment that it brings, one moment, it is not of necessity, indeed not desirable to dwell for long than is necessary in the stillness. You should choose for yourself, a timeframe for the stillness that is of comfort. You shall request this for your self before entering the stillness. Tommas may be of assistance to observe if you return in the allotted time, you are understanding?


Yes, I am. I don't go into the stillness straight away though; it takes a little while to get into it

Teacher: Correct. You see, two minutes (2) of your time, of the stillness, is all that is required for the benefit of the stillness. It is the arriving at the stillness and the leaving, which may take a period of time. You are understanding?

Yes am.

Teacher: So choose for yourself, your time frame for entering, being in the stillness and returning.

Selina Yes, I can do all that.

Tommas, you are content to be of assistance?

Tommas yes.

Teacher: Be of a gentle manner, in a quiet manner you may inquire of Selina, if she is ready to return.

Tommas Is there any possibility of harm, if, for some reason say I wasn’t here, she decided to meditate, and was there for one or two hours, could this be harmful?

Teacher: This person, you Selina, being of an easy acceptance, it is not so much harmful as disadvantageous at this time you should therefore only enter the stillness when you are with a person who is understanding such. This is clear for you

Selina Yes it is.

Teacher: There is no concern you should feel.

"No, I don't have any concern, I just wondered if I made the commitment every night, if that is also too much.

Teacher: It is not. Given the provisions I have laid out for you.

"Yes, thank you Abraham.

Teacher: This is understood by all?

All - Yes.

Teacher: It is, if you wish, similar to being in the ocean, too long may cause dis-orientation, yes?

All Yes.

The stillness is as the ocean, yes. Vast, deep, and of much calm, yes.

Selina - Abraham, I have this heat in my stomach again. I only have it on a Thursdays, here at our appointments, is there somebody here again?

Teacher: One moment.This is your contact point for your guidance.

"And is it the same guide every time, that comes to me?

Correct. You see, dependent on the individual for the contact point of ease for the guidance, for some it may us the arms or the legs or another part of the torso, the head, you are understanding? This is clear for all?

All - Yes.

Charles Abraham, that's the first time I've heard you mention that. I was told earlier that I had eight contact points, from eight different guides, but I’ve never heard you mention contact points before so I’m quite intrigued

Teacher: AHH!!! I am full of surprise.


Teacher: Yes, but this is correct Charles. As with Ruby, Bertha's contact was her left arm.

"That's why she wrote left handedly? Correct.

Tommas I don't seem to have any physical feeling at all.

Teacher: You are not aware of such.

Not aware of, no.

Teacher: Correct, some persons are not aware of such.

Selina But you see colours, you see blue, l don't see colours.

Tommas Yes, I do see colours.

Belinda So it's not always by heat then, you don't always feel heat.

Teacher: Correct.

Bryoni - Is it sometimes just a tingly feeling?

Teacher: It may be any manner of sensation, dependant on the individual.

Filip - Can it be sound as well?

Teacher: Correct. You see, just as you are unique in your individuality, so too, are your guidance, so too, the manner of contact. You are understanding?

All - Yes,

Selina - Abraham, am I calm enough now to know something of Andreas, as I have asked before?

Teacher: Not at this time.

(All Laughing)

Teacher: You have had much occurring for yourself.

When you have digested, then you shall receive more.

Thank you Abraham.

Charles Abraham, if I may get back to a previous query, I was wondering about the mystics of the East and religions that meditate for hours on end, and we were saying is it good value to meditate more than moments of our time, could you explain more of the Eastern religions that meditate a long while?

Teacher: Of course. Their manner of life is far removed from your own. Could you, in all honesty, be in the stillness for the greater part of the 24 hours, every day, and continue to live your life, in the manner in which you live it?

Filip Be nice if you could.

Teacher: But you see, you shall live the stillness when you have reached the calm. It is not of necessity to sit in one position, in meditation, non-communication with others, except with higher self. You may achieve this from daily dipping into the ocean of the stillness, and your life shall become meditation. This is clear for you?

All - Yes.

Teacher: This has answered your query Charles?

Charles - Yes, I think so.

Teacher: You have satisfaction?

Yes, I must admit when you first answered me, I thought living a slower life style and being closer to the higher consciousness, they would be more at ease to find the wisdom, than us, having less time & a busier life, but you have answered that for me.

Teacher: You have more opportunity to use the wisdom, from the stillness, for your everyday business.

Charles Yes.

Filip - Is it possible to meditate without closing your physical eyes?

Teacher: You shall live in a state of meditation. I shall explain. You have heard Petta, Selina; speak of their experience since our last appointment, understanding the calm, living the calm, correct? Then, this is as living meditation, not quite, but similar, you are understanding? This is clear for you Filip

Yes, I am trying to reach that, or attain it.

Teacher: Do not try. You shall reach such. You see, the word try, implies hard labour, correct? It is not of such.If you remove the implication, of hard labour, you shall find it of ease. Try it, and see.

A PUN, I believe, or some such.

ALL Laughter.

Selina - Abraham, if it is of any help to the group, the way I found the stillness this week, I used to say to my guide Andreas, I'm thinking of you, I will try and contact you, and this week, I said to him, Wait in the stillness, and I WILL come to you, I will and twice, on the two occasions that I didn’t use the word, "try" I reached the stillness.

Teacher: You see, by doing such, you project yourself by thought. It is as a jet boost, yes. Selina, I require you to say this for yourself, you shall ask your guidance to wait, as you have done. You shall then request your guidance to lead you back in an allotted time frame. This is clear?

"Yes. It is thank you.

Teacher: Then you shall say it now, for practice, purpose.

"I'm going to ask Andreas to wait for me in the stillness till I reach him, and then I will ask him to lead me back in my allotted time frame, be it 20 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever I choose.

Teacher: Correct. And Tommas shall monitor such you may all practice this if you wish, for your selves, when you wish to enter the stillness.

Mondaa Abraham, I am going to need my guide's name, for that then.



Teacher: YES!!!

Mondaa Please may I have it?

Teacher: You may indeed, one moment.

All Laughing.

Teacher: The name of your guide Mondaa, is MARKUS

He is happy to contact you, in the stillness.

Mondaa Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are welcome.

"May I have the spelling please

Teacher: M A R K U S

Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are welcome.

Korde I've had a not a very calm week, I'm usually fairly calm, but it's the pressure from other people that seem to take me out of my calmness, is this just a testing of my, well of me? and when I go to bed at night, I call my guide, and I've never been one to take hours to go to sleep, and before I know it, I'm asleep, and I'm having all these pretty pictures, and then its morning.

Teacher: So, ask your guidance to assist you in resisting the pressures of others demands. This is clear for you?


Filip This also helps me as well.

Teacher: Correct. Once again it is the power you have for the benefit of self.

Then, you have more queries, or you wish to close our appointment?


Selina Well I would just like to say one thing Abraham. Filip last week, at the end of our meeting, tells us that he has a van that will seat a few people, and he suggested that we all go out on a trip together, and how many would be interested in going, and I believe Filip thought that perhaps 6 of us might be interested, and the whole of the room all want to go out together, and we tried to set a date when eventually we could all meet, and I think my feeling of happiness perhaps started from Filip’s suggestion at the last appointment. It was so nice to see that everybody was so keen to make a day of it, we all felt quite happy to wait and pick a date when we could all be together, and I just thought that was so lovely, and wanted to tell you about that.

Teacher: Yes. It is enjoyable for a family to socially enjoy each to each.

I MAY come also.


And Charles is going to ask for healing.

Charles Yes, he is.

Ufology, Watchers

Filip I've been reading a book about a lady who was taken, they believe by a UFO and tests were carried out on her, and she went to a great door, as she called it, to see THE ONE. Having listened to your teachings, it sounds very much like the Watchers.

Teacher: Correct.

"They have taken her and checked her, if she is developing correctly, and she has gone to this beautiful place but under hypnosis they can't, she will not reveal what she saw, is this, the Watchers

Teacher: It is.

"and what I've read is of truth?

Teacher: I am-believing so.

"So there is possibly a place under the sea where these checks are carried out?

Teacher: It is another dimension.

"Ah, didn’t think of that.

Everybody wants to read the book now.


Teacher: I am not surprised.

"Some of the words that she spoke under hypnosis, imagined could have been spoken by you.

Teacher: This is so??

"The writing only needed your voice, to complete the picture.

Teacher: Interesting!!!!

"But you will not say further?

Teacher: Not at this time.

Charles You haven’t been riding with the Watchers have you?

That is for me to know…….

(All laughter)

Teacher: I have said I am aware of the Watchers

The Watchers are aware of me.

Filip Would the writing that this lady saw, from what I could see of it, as she drew it, looks very similar to some of the writings from maybe ancient Aztec and Egyptian and Sumerian type letterings?

Teacher: It is a possibility.

"And the strange language she spoke would have been of something like that, or the Watchers language maybe?

Teacher: More possibly so.

Charles Perhaps we should send that book to our scientist friend.

Filip Well it's a factual book.

Teacher: Then, if there are no more queries

Charles We would like to call for a healing for Hagadah, this evening, Abraham.

Teacher: She is unwell?

Yes, she has an abscess in the throat, or something like that, I have heard.

Teacher: Then, you shall think of Hagadah, and send to Hagadah, your thought and if received, all shall be well.



Teacher: Then, it is done.

Teacher: And I leave you with this.

When your self is calm, all others is calm


All Shalom.

Charles closing prayer,