1987-06-04-Truth in Folklore

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Topic: Truth in Folklore

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Charles - Opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham

Teacher: Greetings, you have queries? You have discussion point?



Petta I have been reading a spiritual involvement book, by the words of White Eagle, that's come through, and there was one little part in there that I thought you might be able to explain to me please. He talks about us having the heritage of great spiritual knowledge from Britain, Scandinavia, and Europe and he said, "When much of the Earth was plunged into darkness many centuries ago, wise men withdrew to live in the hyperborean, or northern region this again has a mystical meaning which we will not go into more deeply now, but we want to make the point clear that from the North, man has inherited a wealth of spiritual knowledge wrapped up in folk lore. I just wondered if you could explain that just a little bit more to me. I’ve looked in the book of words and found out that hyperborean, means North Country, or cold and I just wondered what this darkness„ when the Earth was plunged into darkness, meant, and were the wise men perhaps connected to the Watchers?

Teacher: This is perhaps referring to that period of Earthly time referred to as the Dark Ages, you have heard of such?


Teacher: There are many folk lore, who consider the North to be the departing point for departing souls, one moment. It is quite of a simplistic nature. There is the North, considered the top point, there is the opposing South considered the bottom point, correct?


Teacher: To go up, in the eyes of some, is the only way to go. I leave this for you to consider. You may discuss, if you desire.

Clara The Maoris believe in going to the North, in New Zealand don’t they?

Melda Cape Reinga.

Teacher: Correct. Also the native of the Americas have similar beliefs.

"The Maori, in his belief, believes that the soul leaves from Cape Reinga and goes to the homeland.

Correct. In simplistic terms, this is the belief for many native of the planet Earth throughout the history of mankind.

Petta Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You wish discussion?

Clara Well we don't have to go to the point do we? Our soul just leaves. We don't believe that we need to go to the North.

Melda Well is it another way of saying the soul returns to the point of origin?

All Yes.

Teacher: Then, there are more queries?

Tommas Gnomes and Fairies seemed to have cropped up on the odd occasion could you explain their role?

Teacher: Yes, you have heard tell of those, who on behalf of nature, take care of those plants etc? They are as such. There are those who do not believe such exists and therefore do not. There are those who believe that such do exist, and therefore, do such. This is clear for you?


Clara Do the Devas or the Fairies or Gnomes belong to the trees? I have a spiritual drawing at home, of an Oak Deva.

Teacher: Yes.

"So they do exist?

Teacher: Referring to my previous comment. You see, each has his or her own perception. You are understanding?

"Not really, they are either there, or they aren’t there.

Petta But we can't always see them, it's a bit like being a clairvoyant or not being a clairvoyant, you are either gifted that way to see them or not.

Clara But it's like a train going along a railway line, you don't see it, but you know it's there.

Petta No, you can hear that. In my book it says that if you really believe in communicating with them, that you can see them, probably from only the corner of your eye, because they are wary of us, until we have given them a lot of love in our own particular garden, but they are there, providing, we are offering ourselves to them as well, with love.

Teacher: You see, I shall comment, if you are a person pre-disposed to understanding such, then belief comes natural, yes? If this is an occurrence far removed from your conscious, sub-conscious, then if in fact faced with such, you shall not perceive, because your sub-conscious and conscious do not allow you to see.

This is clear for you?


Teacher: If it is, one moment, I give you this to consider, How is it you believe in Abraham's presence?

Clara We can hear you.

Teacher: You can hear Abraham?

(We only HEAR Ruby's voice)

"Your knowledge we can hear.

Teacher: It is far removed from such.

Belinda We can hear your vibration.

Teacher: Continue, expand on your mind thought, for herein lies your answer.

Petta If you believe, you shall perceive.

Selina We accept you Abraham.

Teacher: Ah!!! Yes,

Clara I have believed in Devas but I haven’t ever seen them but I believe that they are there.

Teacher: It is not of necessity to see with your physical eyes to believe a being exists. You do not see Abraham, you do not hear the VOICE of Abraham, you do not touch the physical body of Abraham, then acceptance that such communication exists, yes. Therefore for you it shall exist. For those who do not accept, such communication exist, it shall not exist for them. This is clear for you?

All yes.

Teacher: So I should request for you all to use this analogy to expand your thought in open discussion, if you please.

Charles I've never believed in Gnomes, Elves, Devas and I still don't, but because I don't believe in them it doesn’t mean that I can say they are not there. I will accept the fact that they are there, but I just don't believe that they are there, so I'll never see them anyway.

Clara But if you talk to a plant….

Charles That's got nothing to do with a Deva to me, that's just purely vibrations, love, heat, but I don't want to accept

Teacher: One moment, you have all side stepped my meaning.

Belinda You have to accept that the other person believes that they are there, but you don't have to take their point of view, it's still all right for us not to believe, like it's alright for them to believe.

Teacher: I do not disagree.

You are still not following my thought waves.

Selina You want us to accept other things we cannot see, like God, and things like that?

Teacher: Not of necessity. I bring you to the thought of collective consciousness, which you have brought to your own consciousness by your queries. You are understanding

If there are queries, please speak.

Selina Do you mean, we believe in this life we are living, and you have already told us this life is illusion, reality is where you are, if you believe in this life, you ought to be able to believe in other things as well, accept other things as readily as we accept this?

Teacher: Part of.

Charles If enough people believe in the illusion, that their minds tell them, they see, then the illusion becomes, what we would call a reality.


Teacher: Correct.

So the reality happens in reverse, the reality we do see is an illusion anyway.

Teacher: Which brings us to ….


Correct, and the



You are understanding my words? If queries please speak.

Martin This goes on then, that when enough people with the consciousness of God get together, this is when the POWER OF GOD will be here on Earth, when we will get to the 2nd coming again. More & more people are getting conscious of God, it's always here, but a lot of people are not conscious of it, it's dormant in them, this is where we are beginning, to feel and know the consciousness of God aren’t we, and more & more people are becoming aware of it.

Teacher: To know it, to feel it, to deem (to think, believe) God consciousness.

Belinda I think most people are aware of it, most people don't speak about it, don’t admit to it.

Martin Some don't, do they.

Teacher: So you see, referring to Devas, fairies, goblins, elves, the acceptance that such can exist is all that is of necessity. The acceptance that God Consciousness exists is all that is of necessity. No matter the understanding of that God Consciousness may differ from person to person, religion to religion. This is understood? But you see, there are many who call themselves Christians, Christ like, who not understand God Consciousness

Filip I would say there are more of those than there are of us.


Melda Is this what concerns the Watchers more than nuclear fission and things like this?

Teacher: The Watchers, as I have said before times, are as a parent, concerned for the welfare of the child. This is clear for you

Filip They are just concerned about the physical development, not the soul consciousness?

Teacher: Correct, of course, they may be concerned of this also, but their prime concern is the welfare of the child.

Belinda Are they as close, or as far away from God as we are?

Teacher: Collectively or individually?

As a race.

Teacher: As the human kind race some are, some are not. Others in-between. Some do not know. Others do not wish to know, yes, similar.

Tommas So they would be going through a similar process of learning?

Teacher: Correct.

Mondaa When one of our countries explodes a nuclear device in the atmosphere, what sort of affect does that have on the Watchers?

Teacher: Concern


Teacher: In respect to the vibratory effect of such an explosion. It is as a massive stone into a pond. The ripple effect lasts for a long, long, causing disturbance through the dimensions as well as the disturbance on the physical earth, and the surrounding layers of space, time.

Tommas A while ago, two or three appointments, it was mentioned that the light that we give out, sometimes attracts others who come & observe

Teacher: Correct.

"Would it be possible that earth bound souls could also be attracted?

Teacher: It is a possibility, but it is not a probability.

"I just wondered if they could be helped by the others that have been here.

Teacher: You see, at times such as this, you have also protection, from the light, by the light. Their light is attracted, but also repelled. This is understood If they do venture close, they shall not harm.

"I wasn’t worried about the harm, I was just wondering if they could be helped.

Teacher: There are those who are available for assistance and they shall be guided to the correct place. You have more queries or you wish to take refreshment?


Selina I would ask you something Abraham. Some months ago, before I met you, I had two dreams, and my father was the central figure of each dream, and they were so important to me, that I think they are the only two dreams that I have ever felt compelled to write down in a note book, and I have forgotten about them until I talked of my parents last week. I looked for the notebook and re-read what I had written, and I am still not sure why I wrote them down at the time, perhaps you can explain them to me.

In the 1st dream, I am in a room that has got dark panelled walls, and tiny frosted glass windows, and my job was to answer the knocks at the right hand door, open the door, smile and indicate that the gentlemen that came through that door, had to cross that room, and go out through a door in the opposite corner, and I had already let two or three gentlemen in, and had indicated the other side of the room, and at the next knock, I opened it, smiled, indicated the other door, and realized the man hadn’t stepped through the doorway, so I moved to see why he hadn’t come inside, and it was my Father. So I let go of the door handle and rushed to him, threw my arms around his neck, and he threw his arms around me, we cuddled each other, he patted my back, he wore a dark blue double breasted suit, had black hair, would have been in his 40's. Neither of us spoke in that doorway, but I just felt the love, and the comfort and the caring that came through from him, and I woke up crying at that point. As I say, that was before I met you, I just wondered if that dream was telling me something.

Teacher: Leave Taking.

Selina What does that mean?

Teacher: Taking your leave.

Selina I was visiting him, or he was visiting me.

Teacher: You had met in a place suitable for leave taking.

"Well, the second dream, a couple of weeks later,

I was in a very busy street, with lots of traffic, many people, lots of shops, somebody was standing next to me, talking to me, I felt at the time it was my mother, only now possibly, now that I know about guides, perhaps it was a guide, and whoever I was with, we were looking at my father, on the other side of the street, and he was walking past the shops with a young Asian/Japanese girl on his arm. He was pointing out the different shops to her, and I asked the person who was standing next to me, who is the young girl with my father;' and I was told she had died and passed over, and does not know. She thinks she is in a strange country, a tourist, so my Father is showing her around, and he will break it to her gently."I asked, "Why do I know this place, it's very familiar to me, and I'm not scared; and I was told "that's because you are just visiting you cannot stay yet." So I ran along the sunny pavements, to kiss my father goodbye, his shirts sleeves are rolled up, it's a hot sunny day, I throw my arms around his neck, and it's so real, I can feel the warmth of his skin, the hairs on his neck, the rough stubble starting on his face, I tell him, I dreamt of him in the doorway, and that I kissed him hello then, but that was only a dream, this time it was much more real, that when I patted his back, I could feel his shoulder blades inside, so THIS MUST BE REAL, He just smiled….and I woke up very sad once again, because I had wanted it to be real this time, and stay with him, instead of keep waking up and being without them again.

"Am I dreaming the same, is it the leave taking again?

Teacher: Not quite. You had been visited to be certain he was of comfort you had found him such.

‘And who was with me, was it my mother or a guide?

It was your guide.

"And the young girl on my father's arm, was this Selina again, or somebody different?

Teacher: It is a different soul, just as was described for you. So you see, your father was of comfort, explaining all the details to the young soul, unsure of surroundings etc.

"Yes, because you had said to me last week, that perhaps my father was helping people on the other side, that perhaps that was his role, and if so, he was still learning, and that reminded me of things I had written down, of these dreams, in August 1986, and forgotten about it, until last week.

Teacher: Correct, yes.

"Thank you for giving me the answers to those two dreams.

Teacher: I merely clarified what you already knew.

I had waited so long to find out, that must be why I wrote them down.

Teacher: Clarification comes in many, differing forms. Yes.

Filip I was aware of relatives of mine visiting in a dream. I knew they were dead, and they came to see me.

Selina Everything was so real. To touching, you could feel the warmth of the body, just so real, I was so pleased the second time, when it wasn't a dream, I thought. It was so real; it just had to be true.

Teacher: You see, a soul may present itself in the guise of flesh & blood for easy recognition If you were to see, and I use the word see, advisedly, soul in pure form, you would not recognise. This is understood?

Selina I used to believe in Fairies and goblins, gnomes, & elves, up until I was about 12 I think, and then I found out during a class discussion, that I was the only child in the class who believed in them, and got laughed at for many weeks afterwards, and so much so, that I just decided that the rest of the class must have been right and I was wrong, although I had never seen of these things, I just simply believed that they had to be there. And when the class asked me, did I also believe in Father Christmas, and I said well, yes, of course, and they said, well that's your father, so if they could prove that that was true, I just assumed the others no longer existed either.


Yes, they won but in the end, they've all lost, because they weren’t believers, and I’ve won really.

Teacher: Correct.

Then you wish to take refreshments. Then I shall return, when you return.

  • ……..TEA BREAK……..


Teacher: There has been discussion concerning the God consciousness of the Watchers, correct

They are most conscious of soul consciousness. You may discuss if you wish.

Charles Would the family of fish we call the Dolphin be similar in that knowledge?

Teacher: Correct. I have said this before times. This has answered queries?

"It should bring some, I thought.

Tommas It sounds like there is a lot we could learn from Dolphins

Charles Exactly, that's why I asked, in the tea break, what Selina meant by that question of god & the watchers, see cause I wondered, see god consciousness is understanding the vibration of what god is, and the Dolphin lives God consciousness, because it lives vibration, they know, they live on vibration totally, we have lost a lot of that.

Belinda Is it a state of awareness then?

Charles Awareness of the vibration that is God, yes.

Belinda You mean at any level though or you just mean the awareness of God?

Charles You better ask Abraham, he could probably answer better than me, but it should pose a few queries.

Tommas Are Dolphins attracted to our vibrations, because they seem to like human contact.

Charles They story goes from what I understand, they have evolved in the sea, and we have evolved on the land, with the same God consciousness to start with, but ours is being distracted away from it, whereas theirs is more pure, and they are still very much more conscious of the vibration of life.

Petta We have lost a lot then, haven’t we?

Teacher: I shall give you some food for your digestion. I have said....


Belinda God is all.


The operative phrase GOD IS

You may discuss this if you wish.

Charles Every single thing you can think of has a vibration, the vibration between me and the settee and you and the curtains, between these, is the link, that's what God is.

Melda And is the vibration different; therefore it produces a different density or produces a different form.

Charles A different physical entity, so because we live on a physical plane, the only vibrations we are aware of are the physical vibrations, but there are vibrations beyond that that we are not aware of.

Melda So that the watchers would also be of the same substance, but at a different vibration, therefore a different density. What about things like apparitions ghosts, things like that, also a different vibration. The same vibration, the same substance at a different vibration therefore a different density.

Teacher: Correct.

"Well when Jesus, between the crucifixion and ascension was able to appear to people, was he using this same substance to produce a physical appearance?

Teacher: It is as explained to Selina. Pure soul energy would be not recognised, just as pure God energy is not recognised. You are understanding?

Belinda Is it so bright that you couldn’t even look at it?

Teacher: Correct.

Charles Like staring at an atomic blast.

Melda Sometimes when I am meditating, I get a very bright flash of light, is that. This vibration?

Teacher: Correct.

"It was rather startling the first time.

Teacher: Correct.

"'Although I wait for it to come, and I like it to come I know that I couldn’t stand it for very long.

Teacher: Correct. Your physical would not be able to assimilate. You would in fact, implode, internal combustion would occur.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

"Is this tied up with human spontaneous combustion?

Teacher: At times, it is a possibility. There are other reasons, such as the internal thermostatic qualities of the human organism fail to regulate the body temperature causing such combustion.

Belinda Would that person have no indication before hand that this was going to happen or….

Teacher: It is of a suddenness. Think of any cooling system, it is of a suddenness.

"People that feel the cold all the time, is it not as likely to happen to those as to others hot blooded natured…

Teacher: It makes little difference. It is a rare occurrence. You have more queries?


Tommas When people see Ghosts and such, is it because their vibration level has altered, that they appear?

Teacher: They are at times able to use a frequency, which enables their physical shape to be observed.

"And they can also produce sounds like footsteps and things?

Teacher: Correct. You see, if you are understanding the sending and receiving and the usage of radio signals, radio waves, light waves, sound waves, you may be able to understand how this is possible, yes?

Belinda Why is it then, that some people have premonitions, and some people never experience these things, is it because they don't want to see them, or is it because they haven’t been chosen to see them.

Teacher: There are many reasons. One being they are not open to that part of their self. Do not wish to look, do not wish to open the door. They are not at fault with this.

Charles So if we are all vibrations, thinking of the electricity, we would be as transmitters and receivers, that is why some of us are clairaudient, clairvoyant, just because they are a different kind of receiver.

Teacher: Correct.

Tommas What sort of range of vibration, infinite?


Belinda Has it got anything to do with the levels of consciousness?

Teacher: This has some bearing, although there are those who are not aware of God consciousness, who are receiving such. There are those who are much aware of God consciousness, who do not receive such.

Martin This . Abraham, would be because certain people, have certain jobs…...


Teacher: You see, just as there are so many individuals each individual having many variables, think how many variables there are. This is clear for you? It is not clear for you?

Belinda The apparitions are all seen on the astral level?

Teacher: They mainly inhabit this plane, correct.

"The etheric plane then, can you tell me what is seen on that level?

Teacher: One moment. This may be of assistance. There is your physical body, surrounding, enclosing your physical body is a film called the Etheric. Surrounding and growing from this, is your auric field. Yes.

Known as the aura?

Teacher: Correct. The astral plane is beyond this. The etheric, the auric, surrounds and encloses your physical body. Your protection, if you wish, your signal, if you wish.Your receiver, your transmitter, if you wish.

"Did you say that the etheric plane was before the Astral plane?

Teacher: Correct.

Selina It’s a film closest to you.

Belinda You see I was told different to that. I was told the levels are the physical plane, the astral plane, the causal plane, the etheric plane, coming to soul plane.

Teacher: Yes. One moment.

(We Change Tape here)

Teacher: On cue!

(Much laughter)

Teacher: The astral, the causal, the ether, is that which you refer. Sometimes called the etheric. The etheric as I have said, is a film surrounding and enclosing the physical body. The auric field surrounds and encloses this. The physical plane, is not your physical body. The causal plane, is not your physical body. The ether is not your physical body. They are not your soul body either. I shall discuss this more fully at our next appointment. They are of differing terms you are understanding?

All Yes.

Teacher: The reason for this is your time frame, is shortened for this appointment. I do not wish to broach a differing subject in the time frame allotted. This is of comfort?


Belinda Can I just ask one question relating to those then. On each of those levels do they all have their own worlds?

Teacher: This may be called such. I use dimensions. You see, world conjures an Earthly world, yes? Dimensions is a differing picture, yes

All yes.


Belinda Yes, but I was looking at it, more, when I say world, I mean experiences in that plane of each level.

Teacher: Experiences in each dimension yes. I clarify your words for others benefit, you are understanding


Teacher: You are of comfort

"Yes I am

Teacher: You are much of comfort, you are querying much.

Yes, I think I feel I am becoming more used to you,

Teacher: Use for you.

All Laughter.

Teacher: And you are all of comfort

All yes, thank you.

Teacher: And you are all visiting soon?

Selina Yes, this weekend.

Dominica Abraham, Hagadah wishes me to ask a question on her behalf.

What does it mean to continue to hear a dove coo at the same time each evening?

Teacher: No significance unless you wish there to be, for you. This is clear for you? You see, my answer may appear obscure. I have said all is simplicity, to look for difficulty, where perhaps none exists is to remove simplicity, acceptance of that which is, yes you are of discomfort Hagadah?

Hagadah (in a faint whisper because of a throat operation)

Yes, I am.

Teacher: Of a physical occurrence?

"Yes it is, thank you.

Teacher: Your other bodies are of comfort?

All Yes, thank you.

Teacher: Hagadah, other bodies are of comfort

All much laughter at the mistake

Teacher: Never forgetting you are comprised of mental, emotional, physical, soul, yes.

Then your three well bodies shall recover your physical.

There are more queries? 'You wish to close our appointment?

Tommas Just on these vibrations. Is each person’s vibration level constant or does it vary?

Teacher: Ever changing. There is a constancy in, how shall I phrase, supply. It is the demand which fluctuates. You are understanding?

Clara I was reading a book last night on bio-rhythms, which I find very interesting, and I was trying to work it out today, so that would be the constant fluctuations of the body, of the emotional...

Teacher: Correct. A manner of charting, yes.

Bryoni I've been also interested in vibrations with numbers, can certain vibrations of numbers have effects on people or circumstances

Teacher: I have speaked of this before times, have l not?

Selina It may have been before Bryoni joined our class


Teacher: Yes.

Selina And colours, you said colours were the same.

Teacher: Correct. This is of course relative to the colours of the rainbow spectrum. Yes. You may read your book concerning such.

Bryoni Yes I will, thank you.

Teacher: You are welcome.

Clara So colours and numbers go together do they?

Selina Well they have vibrations which can affect people, like you have a favourite colour, and you might have a favourite number, something that you are happy with, you might buy a lottery ticket, and you always look for the number 4, for example, because you like that number, are happy, with that number.


Teacher: Then I shall leave you with this

And I have said this many times



All Shalom.

Charles Says closing prayer.