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Topic: Auras

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



Charles - Opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher. Good Evening Abraham.


Teacher: Then you have queries or matters for discussion?

Tommas - I have had a pretty good week this week. After weeks of being pleasant to a chap at work, who is particularly nasty, bad tempered & grumpy, I finally today, got a good response back, a pleasant answer to my question, I felt really good about that.

Teacher: And you have achieved.

"Yes, it's taken a long time, but I got there.

Teacher: And he shall benefit from such.

Expectations, yes. His expectations, your expectations, have been changed. Yes. A small example, but large.


Selina - - I was at a meeting on Sunday, and I thought I saw from the corner of my eye, a lady with a Halo around her head, it was very wide, about a hand span it seemed to me, and it was yellow, but as I turned to look more closely, it disappeared, and I thought I had imagined it, so I looked away, and just as I turned away it seemed to come back to the corner of my eye, and I worked with a lady once, and a man told her, that he could see a blue halo around her, do they come in different colours, and if so, do the different colours represent something?

Teacher: Yes, I refer you to our earlier discussion of such.

To rainbow colours do you mean?

Teacher: I do

Belinda - To the aura?

Teacher: I do

Selina - - So blue halo is for calm then?

Teacher: Healing

"And yellow is for protection.

Teacher: It is protection, it is love, yes.

"And are there seven colours once again?

Teacher: Yes. I refer you to earlier discussions on such. Some are not always complete, some are dented, some have spaces. These have been used & not re-furbished.

Korde - - In our many lives do we have the same colour aura?

Teacher: In one day, do you have the same colour? of course not. It changes with your personality, your mood, your emotion, your physical well-being, your mental well-being and it is soft, undulating, rather than sudden flashes of change.

Belinda - I saw someone's aura on her left shoulder, it was green, why would it just appear on one particular part of the body, why not alI around, would that be for spiritual growth.

Teacher: Green is for growth, perhaps the rest was not so strong. As I have said, it is often broken in places, has not been re-furbished, re-newed, repaired, re-constituted.

Martin - You told us that our guides appeared on certain parts of the body, would there be an extra light of brightness where the guides were?

Teacher: At times, this is so.

Charles - - Would other living matter, such as plants be aware of the aura of human beings?

Teacher: Of course. Body heat is felt and this radiates quite some distance from the body.

"I was thinking of people that are called green fingered, that express love towards plants, and feel happy amongst plants, and if plants pick up the vibration, and I was also wondering about dogs, which have an incredible sense of smell, I wonder whether animals like that would be aware of colour.

Teacher: Perhaps not colour, but vibration.

Tommas - So this way they would sense whether you were frightened of them?

Teacher: Correct. And also different emotions evoke different odour from the body, un-noticed by most humankind. Most evident to animals, birds, plants who are more sensitive to the subtleties.

Charles - Some of the more ancient tribes are aware. Indians can smell fear etc.

Teacher: Correct.


Clara - - On Sunday we had Riley Crabb speak on the grid systems etc and the woodpecker system, which is in use in Russia to disrupt people, can we fight the system with love thoughts, to combat it, or can it only be combatted by another electronic device?

Teacher: As all matter, whether humankind or no is a vibratory energy, then it may be combatted by concentrated effort Clara - of vibration, thought energy, yes. You see, never forgetting the power of thought. I have spoken of this before times. It is most potent in it's potential danger, protection, and any other you care to think of.

"If you are getting bad vibes from somebody, the system of putting their name in front of Clara - a mirror, and just leaving it, with love, so that it returns the hate, or whatever you are getting, can that be done with the woodpecker system?

Teacher: I have not heard of this method, presumably it would have a similar effect. You see, it's still computes to the power of thought, yes?

Tommas - What is this woodpecker system?

Clara - The Russians have a system, that they transmit a certain pulse, supposedly to disrupt & cause riots, unrest……..


Filip - They send out a very low beat, which is below the supposedly 8 kilohertz which is the pulse of the Earth, but England was doing it during the war, the same, so it's been going on for years

Teacher: To confuse, disorientate. It is used to subdue. It is used to instigate powerlessness, fear, there are systems of varying methods of a similar nature, used throughout humankind, nation to nation, person to person. Just as you are able to control your thought waves.

Charles - A wave bounces as ripples in the water, so sending a wave any where on the Earth would be a very dangerous thing to play with.

Teacher: It shall bounce back in time.

"I find the fear of this, more dangerous than the thing itself.

Teacher: I have said, remove all trace of fear from your hearts and your mind.

There are more queries?

Petta - Apart from our classes here do you sometimes unbeknown to us, have contact with us, in between times? or do you perhaps visit us between times.

Teacher: It is a possibility, but not forgetting YOU do the visiting.

Belinda Do we have contact with you through our guide?

Teacher: Correct.

Petta - You see, I have spoken to myClara - guide, and I have spoken to you, but I didn’t know if perhaps I was being a "bit above myself", in expecting to be able to speak with you, without the aid of Ruby and our classes.

Belinda A one sided conversation? are you getting replies or are you just speaking.

Petta - I'm not getting a reply back, I just speak for comfort.

Charles - Abraham has said he is higher mind, so everyone should be able to reach higher mind.

Teacher: As I have said, you do the visiting.

Petta - Right, as long as I am not imposing, thank you very much.


Belinda At a previous appointment, I queried various levels, known as dimensions, which you wouldn’t expand regarding this, would you discuss it with us tonight?

Teacher: What is it you wish to discuss?

"I was asking about the etheric level, I wanted to know, I asked what could you see on the etheric level, yes.

Teacher: You were given a plan, were you not?

Filip - Martin's drawing.

Selina - No. I actually drew a stick man, on scrap paper whilst Abraham spoke, and drew the fields radiating out from us, the etheric field Clara - closest to us, surrounding and growing from this the Aura/Auric field, the Astral plane is beyond this.

Teacher: I am unclear of your query?

You have your plan?

BelindaIs it, you mean the one that Martin gave, are you referring to that one`

Teacher: This is correct.

"The Tower?

Filip - This is not what we are talking about though.

Teacher: Then expand on your thought, Belinda

Belinda I asked, what could we see on the etheric level?

Teacher: Yes

"You said it was to do with the aura.

Teacher: Yes.

"But isn’t that a dimension that we go through? So what kind of experiences do we have when we go through that dimension?

Teacher: You speak of that, which is called by some, The Ether, otherwise known by some, as the Veil, Yes?

"I don't know, is it?

Teacher: Some consider this veil, ether, the doorway from the physical life to life of the soul or spirit, yes?

"The next stepping stone to soul plane.

Teacher: Some consider this such, it is correct.

"This is also known as the void?

Teacher: This is so in some thought, it has been called in mythology, the Ferry.

Selina - Pay the ferryman to take you over the River Styx

Belinda I would also like to know, going through each level, starting at the astral, what are the kind of experiences we have, as we climb through them.

Teacher: I shall not tell you this. Why should I give you free cognisance of that which you may or may not experience, yes?

"We could experience all these, going through all these levels before we actually go to soul plane?

Teacher: It is possible. I am non-committal in my answers for the reason I have given, this is understood? You see, there is a mystery, different for each, just as your feelings thoughts and actions are differing each to each, in the physical, therefore it is unwise to give a broad description of the passing through any, of these dimensions, and there are some who would latch on to a particular explanation and therefore commence to make it so for them. This is understood? You are content Belinda?


Teacher: You are uncertain?

Filip - I may be a little bit confused. The previous talk, you said that the etheric is a film that encloses a physical body,

Teacher: Correct.

"And that is also another word for another dimension?

Teacher: SOME, call it such, yes. I did not sayClara - I, call it such.

Filip - This is where I am getting confused with films around the physical body and different dimensions both with similar names.

Teacher: Yes. This is clearer for you?

So the aura we spoke about before has got different layers?

Teacher: Correct.


Mondaa- It's something we generate.

Teacher: When feeling emotionally, physically, mentally well, it emanates bright, clearer and from some distance from the body. When feeling emotionally, mentally, physically not well, it hugs the body, very tight, almost unseen, unfelt. Have you ever stood near a person who is feeling such unwell ness, have you stood near a person who is experiencing wellness? Next time you are aware of being near a person, who is in an unwell ness state, if possible, close your eyes, and feel with all your senses, you should notice very little body heat. It is contained within the physical. But a person who is displaying wellness shall have much body heat. Yes?

Tommas - And other people can pick this up from you, because I have noticed a lot of people at work, they have either called me across the factory, gone out of their way, for a chat, I think it must be coming from me.

Teacher: Yes.

Charles - They can drain you too. They can take some of that good energy.

Teacher: Hence the spaces, the holes, the un-refurbishing, un-replenishing. People sap your life.

Tommas - But you can build that up again.

Teacher: With help from others, by giving you in return. You can do this by yourself, but it is more difficult. There is one method which is not of difficulty to achieve this. Although the method itself may appear difficult, and that is,


Teacher: Correct.

Tommas - I try to recharge myself everyday.

Teacher: It is your generator. When batteries run low, you re-charge. yes? and by doing this you re-charge by using more electricity, then in the stillness you shall find your receptor of electricity.

Selina - Abraham, when yon go into the stillness, you don't physically know if you have been there or not do you?

Teacher: Noooo!!!!!

Sometimes I don't think I ever quite get there.

Quite possible.

"It doesn’t matter, as long as you have made the attempt?

Teacher: Correct. Do not concentrate on trying. Yes Martin???? In the trying is the difficulty. You have already limited yourself, simply say, I AM GOING TO THE STILLNESS. Not, I shall try to go to the stillness. Boundaries should not exist.

Selina - Yes, I usually say to my guide, I will meet you there, or, let's go together, but sometimes lately I just feel I never make it, I just don't complete that journey. Do not concern. Sometimes the journey appears of difficulty, fraught with obstacles from your everyday business. Half way there is of some benefit. And as I have said, even if it be a few seconds of your time, it is of great benefit.

"Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Then, take your refreshment, and I shall return.


Teacher: Then, you have more queries?

Then I shall query you. You all gained much from our last appointment?

All Yes.

Teacher: Yes. You gave & received, yes. Matters for discussion?

Selina - (Whispers good news and bad news, karma = cause & effect, what you were in your last life you shall experience in the present, and Abraham asked about what we feel when coming to these meetings)

Abraham heard. THAT is the portion in which you gave & received, YES?

Tommas - I feel re-charged, ready for the next week.

Teacher: Yes.

Filip - Don't you find that in the stillness?

Tommas - Yes, but Thursday nights are like a booster.

Filip - Oh yes, but sometimes when I get up not feeling too good, and then find the stillness, the rest of the day is alright.

Tommas - I think it's because this is a group thing.

Selina - Yes because Martin said, how three years ago, he thought could he regularly give up one night a week, and now he gives up two, and I said to Martin, well I could do that, that's how I enjoy this so much, that I feel, if it came to it, I could easily go to group meetings like this, 2,3 or 4 nights a week, I would fit everything else in my life around these types of meetings, because I enjoy them so much.

Filip - That's how I felt, a long time, ever since the first meeting.

Selina - I enjoy coming here & listening although of late I don't seem to have had much to ask, I seem to have ground to a halt.

Teacher: There comes a time for digesting, partaking of information, food. Then digesting & some may regurgitate. But you see, at our last appointment, and our previous appointment were very much involved with bad news and at the end of the last appointment, you gave & received good news.

Charles - Abraham, I would like to ask a personal query. I have come across a diary of mine, and read some things that I was interested in 10 years ago, and was horrified to find those same things still drive me, so although I have learnt a lot the last 10 years, especially with your teachings, I am disturbed to find that, the ME, that is Me, is still digging in the same trough virtually, so could I assume then that my higher consciousness is learning, but the lower consciousness is still wallowing in the same area?

Teacher: One moment.


I say this to you Charles - , and I say this to all, Martin also, has been told this ………….. Accept this which you are, and then you may overcome your difficulty.

It is Clara - as with TRYING TO FIND THE STILLNESS. In not accepting, there is a barrier.


Charles - Yes, I can understand that. If I can clarify it. When I was a very young person I used to think that the older I got, a different person I became, because of age and experience, look different, be different, and that isn’t really so, you have different ideas, understandings, but you really are still the same basic you. It's taken me a long while to realise that.

Teacher: And adapt to circumstances, yes.

Tommas - And also to accept other people for what they are as well.

Teacher: But you see, to accept ones self, is of greater importance, to love ones self is of greater difficulty, yes?

Charles - Yes. and I think that's where I was most disturbed. I thought, if I chipped away all the things about me that I didn’t like, I would slowly eradicate them all, and end up being perfect, it hasn’t happened.


Teacher: You were told in the beginning, you were needed AS YOU ARE, with a few rough edges smoothed. You have also been told, this is a great time of testing for yourself, personally. Do not concern, you see, one moment.... as with fear, I have said, do not fear, yes? but then, it is possible to fear being a feared. So, it is such with person’s personality traits, wishing not to be a certain personality, fearing to become a certain personality, and this fear, produces that which is fear, yes? Accept that which you are, and it shall not be a difficulty, it shall not become a barrier to your true self.

You are a highly sensitive personality, sensitive to the vibrations surrounding. Accept this fact, and it shall not be of such discomfort. Also using the exercise you have been given at our last appointment.

You are understanding?

There is discussion on this?

Filip - By the exercise, you mean look for the good news?

Teacher: It was speaking of a particular exercise given for Charles - .

Selina - At the Tuesday appointment it must have been, not our Thursday one.

Teacher: Correct.

Petta - A specific thing for Charles - .

Teacher: Correct.

Selina - I don't know if I am thinking along the same lines as Charles - , but there is certainly things about myself, either that I don't like, or things I wish I was good at. And I have days when I think, I should have tried harder to do that, why didn’t I think of it at the time. I don't think of trying harder until it's too late, the moment has passed. For example, I could be more tolerant of people, I get very frustrated.

Teacher: How may you be tolerant of others, when intolerant of self? yes.

"And I can't change that? is that just my personality?

Teacher: accept that you are intolerant of self at times, and it shall ease. Fighting such within your self, brings more intolerance of self, yes?

Yes, I can see the logic in what you are saying.

Charles - It's not easy to do, either.

Teacher: Correct.

Selina - Well, it would appear so easy to be kind to people, but when they have been rude or sharp with me

Teacher: Begin with self.

How many of you are kind, tolerant, loving of self. As I have said, it is of greater ease to be kind, loving, tolerant of others.

Charles - It also does help if others are kind to you. I said of someone today, how often do we say to each other, thank you for being what you are, what you have done for me today, and how often do you say it back, Staff to Boss, Boss to Staff. We accept what we get, and we ask for more all the time of each other.

Teacher: So, how often do you think your self.

Clara - You can't love other people, until you love yourself.

Teacher: Correct.

Belinda Is it true what they say about, what you don't like in a person, is what you don't like in your self.


Teacher: What you see in yourself, that causes intolerance, or dislike, causes you to see and be intolerant with others.

You see, I wish you to do this. Bring everything back to self first. Because I do not like such & such about my self, then I do not like that, in that person. Therefore it becomes easier to change that, within yourself.

You are understanding?

If you are aggressive by nature, you draw aggression to you. It is not because other persons are aggressive, that you become aggressive.

You are understanding?

As I have said, thought is most powerful.

Charles - Yes I was thinking about that the other day Abraham. Someone asked me what we were learning, it would be how to control thought, in your lessons really.

Teacher: If for example, you are experiencing a lower vitality referred to as depression, yes? Not, I would suggest, true depression, but nevertheless, accept that you are of lowered vitality, express this feeling, thought, understand this feeling, thought. And it shall pass with ease.

Tommas - Are good thoughts stronger than evil thoughts?

Teacher: Depending on the strengths on the thoughts.

Belinda - Charles, said that, he thought we were learning how to control thoughts, I think its more, how to direct love.

Teacher: Is it not a thought wave energy, vibration? You see, Love for some is a feeling, expressed into a thought then into action, yes? to some it is a thought expressed as a feeling and then into action, yes? It is all. And a love thought, feeling, action, can be as weak, or as strong as you desire.

Charles - On a lower level, on the conscious level, is where we find it hardest to control thought and therefore actions to go with it, as we learn to work with the higher thought consciousness, so that develops, and overpowers the lower.

Selina - So if I love myself more, I could love others more?

Teacher: Correct.

"And I don't love myself very much at all really. There are so many things about myself that I don't like, or things I wish I was, or things I wish I could do. I don’t have any,... One good gift, I can't arrange flowers, do hair,...

Petta - You have got a good gift, you've got a husband & a family, you are together, that's one of the greatest gifts, there is.

Selina - I'm talking about Self. I myself don't feel I'm really good at any particular thing

Petta - Yes, but it's because of you that you are all together. No, you are putting yourself down, and that's wrong.

Clara - You are a nice person to know.

Teacher: Do not all humankind do this?

You see, as I have said, it is as your good news, bad news, it is of great ease to see so called bad sides of ourselves. It is of great difficulty to see so called good side of ourselves. I include Abraham in this.

Belinda - It's really the way we react to things that makes us what we feel isn’t it? If we reacted with a positive note, we wouldn’t get aggressive feelings.

Teacher: But you see, to accept self, is the beginning.

You are understanding? without acceptance of self, without love of self, in which you deny love, which is God, which is truth which is light, remembering to be loving Clara - of self,Clara - and giving this love to others, not keeping for self.

Selina - I work with Korde - , and she is one of the most loving people I have come across. She is so unselfish, to those around her, and to those who work with her, to relations, to strangers, she gives of herself, her home, her time, and I just admire her so much, and often come home thinking, why couldn’t I have said that, why couldn’t I have done that.

Teacher: You are not Korde - .

You are Selina - .

You have your gifts.

You are looking for external signs of these gifts. Look inside yourself for your gifts. You shall discover these for yourself, and you may tell us at our next appointment.

Filip - Is there not a danger if you love yourself too much?

Teacher: But of course.

Selina - Ego trip.

Filip - Yes, exactly what I was going to say.

Teacher: But of course.

Filip - You look down on everybody.

Teacher: I have said, remembering to love oneself, and to share this love with others.

Tommas - Comes back to balance.

Petta - It’s when it stops at you, it becomes ego.

Teacher: And it is acceptance.

Filip - That's what I was going to say, you've got to accept that you are like that though.

Clara - The first time I was in a course, I had to write down things I liked about myself, and things I hated, or didn’t like, and they said stop at 6 things you don't like, and it took me ages to try and find out exactly what I liked about myself and I came up with "I make good pavlovas", that's the only thing I could think good about myself. Then I started analysing it, and each item I came up with, it was something' somebody had TOLD me, "You make good pavs," etc - as was the negative side, that somebody had said to me.

Selina - You saw yourself as other people had told you, they Clara - saw you

Clara - Yes. I didn’t know MY OWN SELF


Teacher: It is of so called great ease, you see the so called BAD SIDE of self, and as you have said, they are usually remembered remarks. Then I shall leave you with this to ponder

Where there is no love of self, there is little love for others, and you renounce the love which is God.

Remember this,

There is a greater love for you.


Charles - Closing prayer.