1987-07-16-Frustrations, Brain & Memories

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Topic: Frustrations, Brain, & Memories

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



Charles - Opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham.



Teacher: Filip - , you have discussion with me? Concerning last appointment?

Filip - I have no great revelation this week. I pondered long, but really haven’t reached any great revelation.

Teacher: Where have your ponderings lead,

Well I first thought that I could have discussed at the last appointment, that which I didn’t, but some of that, some of the frustrations have gone away, shall we say, Don’t know, just not very far at all have I reached any conclusions.

Teacher: This is disturbing for you?

"Not really, not to a great degree, it's just that what was said last time, I expected to maybe have this great revelation, but I didn’t, but it didn’t worry me, obviously it is not the right time.

Teacher: Then has your pondering been more of a subtle nature rather than the blinding flash of revelation you had expected?

"No, I don't think so, I'm not aware of anything. I’ve been busy with other earth type things.

Teacher: Yes.

So many things going on inside the mind that's difficult to decide whether it's just mind wandering or anything else.

Teacher: And you are finding the stillness?

"I believe so.

Teacher: Then take your pondering to the stillness.

"Yes, I usually ask for guidance, but it's not any specific thing.

Teacher: Then perhaps you should take this pondering to the stillness.

There are so many things that I am pondering on.

Teacher: Yes.

"Myself, and other people and things.

Teacher: Are there any comments? from others present,

Petta - I just wanted to say that I have found a lot of calm and stillness in the past week or so, that’s due to circumstances that were happening, I didn’t expect to find and it has been due solely to your teachings, and I'm very, very grateful.

Teacher: Give thanks to yourself, yes. Benefit, yes.

Tommas - I don't think there is anything we can sayClara - that can help Filip - though.

Teacher: Filip - shall find his answer.

Filip - Oh, no doubt I will, but through all your teachings, it's my impatience to find out what, to happen, and what's to

Teacher: Ah!

"but I accept that this is my path, this is my frustration.

Teacher: Charles - ????

You perhaps have words to share with Filip - , regarding himself, which could be of assistance

Charles - Yes, I have already mentioned that I thought, I felt that our last lesson with you, was of such great value to me, I'd like to pass on to others, and I intend to do so at the right moment.

Teacher: Then perhaps during your refreshment, this you may do, yes? , and then perhaps there shall be discussion: when I return.

Then are more queries

Tommas - Something I asked at the last meeting, where I asked, do people naturally become aware of other than a physical life, and then two or three days later I suddenly remembered that I was working in the garage, asking myself, two or three years ago, "what am I doing here", and "why am I here, there must be more to life", but I let the thought drift away and then forgot all about it, I didn’t follow it up, I suppose that was an opportunity to look and search & see why I am here, but it wasn’t the right time I guess.

Teacher: And you now have found your answer

"Yes. The thought suddenly came to me, I did ask myself why I was here.

Teacher: Yes, of course. you see, in your terms, 2-3 years, is of some distance from your present, yes In non-physical terms, it was just a split second. A thought sent, finds the answer, time in physical terms, is of importance. Time in non-physical terms, exists not, as you perceive, and also this Charles - will share during refreshment, yes.


Flip - This brings me onto another query, I’ve been reading a book, a bit of foraging between appointments, is it possible for the human brain to store all it's memories or does it draw from soul consciousness all it's memories that it can't store in it's brain?

Teacher: This again refers to a discussion. Charles - , Benjamin, Martin, this is the terminals I have spoken of. You wish me to repeat, or you wish to discuss from your writings.

Charles - I think I would prefer you to repeat Abraham.

Martin - It would give the others a chance to discuss it.

Teacher: Yes. Picture for yourself, if you can, a vast computer, attached to this computer are many many terminals. You are as the terminals, within the terminal, there is memory, yes. But the vast memory bank may be tapped into for further information. Some choose not to activate all keys on their terminals. Some access them self to another terminal, who in turn, has full access to the memory bank, yes? You areClara - following my picture? Then the vast memory bank is HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, GOD, the TEMINALS which has ACCESS, and which you In turn access to, is as RUBY, and others like. You are Understanding? Then this answers your query Filip - ?

Filip - Yes, this would account for, mainly experiments done with animals, where animals on different sides of the world would pick up a Knowledge without actually being in contact with one of them. The same applies to men.

Teacher: Correct.

"But all the experiences that we have in this physical life time, are they stored in soul consciousness or are they within our own terminal?

Teacher: Some of each.

"I was thinking, must people can't remember fine details of when they were young, but under hypnosis they can recall it all.

Teacher: Correct.

Which is like accessing back to the bigClara - computer?.........


Tommas - Could this also be why some people are naturally gifted, in certain areas

Teacher: Correct. It is one manner, yes.

Charles - Can we associate that in a scientific point of view to DNA as to memory, as we know it, in our own lifetime, the two differences which are both, we carry.

Teacher: Genetic memory is stored within the human cells, yes.

"Is that what you refer to, when you talk of soul memory?

Teacher: It is a similar. Genetic memory is physical body built in memory, and there is a similar for remembering, which I have termed accessing the memory banks. But unlike the physical DNA memory, it is not of ease to measure, you are understanding?

"Because we are on the physical,

Teacher: Correct.

"So there is a parallel on the other plane, there is the physical parallel which we know and understand which has DNA & human memory and on what we call the spiritual level, we have the same thing again.

Teacher: Correct. Which I have termed "SOUL MEMORY"

But you see, as I have said, there are those who do not activate their keys, therefore not having access to the memory banks,

"And also, going back to Tommas - , and saying that he had a thought, and the thought was bounced, out he wasn’t receiving the answer, his physical self blocked whatever answer could have been there.

Teacher: In physical years there has been an interval, in non-physical years, no interval at all.

"He knew the answer in non-physical years anyway.Clara -

Teacher: There are more queries?

Petta - Have we all got the key to opening our soul memory?

Teacher: It is all available, to all. It is whether the free will has chosen to activate, to acknowledge the existence of such.

"I acknowledge it,

Teacher: Do not concern yourselves with time lapses.


Tommas - I was wondering today, how it is that some people, like myself, have just a natural ability to take things apart, see how they work, put them back together. I’ve got guys who work with me, when something breaks, they can make a new part, no trouble at all, but if a machine is running, but doing something silly, they just can't find out what is causing the problem. Whereas I can go to it, and say look it's right there, there’s something twisted, broken etc., and once they have found the broken part, they are away mending it, and off we go again.

Charles - Your natural ability.

Teacher: It is in part physical experience, and also you are needed for such. Another person is needed for the next step etc etc and it is all as links in a chain, yes.

Tommas - My Father was very good with his hands as well.

Teacher: And that, as I have said, in part, experience, in part a gene which has been diverted to yourself from Father to son, Grandfather to son, Grandmother to son, to daughter etc etc.

Never forgetting that most of humankinds traits, experience etc are learned each to each to each, and each person adapts that which it learns for its own purpose, yes. But a good observation of yours Tommas - .

There are more queries or you wish refreshment

Petta - - If we come into a newborn babe from choice, then how does the genes, in other words, how can it affect the child genetically, by say, the grand-daughter being the image of her grand-mother, if her soul only entered before the birth.

Teacher: Soul is soul.

You are speaking of PHYSICAL attributes, which are carried through genetic memory, yes

"Yes, I think I know what you mean, I will think on it a bit longer.

Teacher: You see, you have spermatozoa, you have ova, yes, in each there is genetic memory, that when these two join, they will re-produce a human person or a dog, a horse, a camel etc etc which ever spermatozoa, ova are concerned, this is genetic memory. Within this genetic memory, are carried, hair, eyes, skin colouring, body structure, disease also maybe carried this way, yes? Personality traits are also carried in such a manner.

"It’s personality traits I find so hard to get, especially if the two have not been in contact with each other.

Teacher: It matters not it is all in genetic memory. so many things touch, a vast amount of memory is carried in a small chromosome, (I believe) [chromosome= any microscopic body of a cell nucleus that carry genes, which convey hereditary characteristic] Naked eye does not perceive such, then using this, think also of soul memory, unseen by the naked eye,

Indeed, unseen by any physical eye.

Existing, yes, just as genetic memory is existing. Let your mind expand on genetic memory, disregard soul, in this instance, and perhaps your understanding, shall increase.

Selina - - While we are on memories, I had a dream when I was a very young girl, I don't know if I was a teenager, or younger than that, but, it was a black & white dream, and as far as I can remember, it's the only black & white dream I've ever has.

Teacher: Not uncommon.

"Is there a reason why you dream in black and white as against colour?

Teacher: Not many persons dream in colour. It is more often the case of black, white.

"For me, as far as I remember, it's the only dream I've ever had in black & white, which is why I remember it, it's so unusual for me.

Teacher: Do not concern.

"I was just going to ask you, if I told you what the dream was if that would mean something.

Teacher: You may not, it is of little concern for you.

Belinda - I'd like to ask about memory, to do with the brain I think. If you hear something, and you'd like to recall it, but you can't, do you have to re-train your brain to remember these things?Clara -

Teacher: You are speaking perhaps of a person who inside ears, can hear music, out who are unable to transmit this music to sound, is this your query

"well not music no."

Teacher: I was using this as an example.

"Yes, I think so.

Teacher: Therefore thinking the brain has not been trained to transmit that which is heard by the inner ear. Is this your query?

"Well I'd like to explain what I mean.

Teacher: Then you may.


Thank you. If someone speaks of a well known phrase or saying and perhaps in a month's time, I couldn’t be able to recall that, and say it word for word, is that because I am not listening, or because my brain has not been trained,

Teacher: Ah! You are speaking of memory, dates, times, places. Yes. This is a part of the brain for retaining information such as this. Some persons do not store such information, others are able to store and recall at will. You can, if you wish, train your self to store and recall.

Tommas - My Father's last few years of his life, he’d quite often forget, something you’d told him 10 minutes ago, or something he did this morning, and then you'd sit around talking, and he'd remember back things to his childhood, boy's names, names of streets

Teacher: Senility is this, second childhood. This of a common occurrence,

"Is this because the brain is old, no longer taking in information, and storing it?

Teacher: Part, and part because persons of great age are often in another childhood, reliving their childhood, re-running, if you wish, the events of life, for in childhood, life journey appears trouble free, yes There are those of great age, who remember and relive childhood and have no awareness of the present. To them it has become indeed, past, present existing at the same time, space.

Then take your refreshment.

Charles - shall read the writings, I shall return and you shall discuss.


Charles - reads; - This lesson came about really I think, from the week before, when I said I felt I had a mild depression, did I say mild?

Babs - No, he said it was (laughter)

Charles - We got stuck into this depression thing, and decided to ask why, we had quite a rough evening, and then Martin mentioned at that stage, that he helped me by using humour so we talked about how we use humour. Two factors carne out of the lesson;

1. Why the so called illness of depression, and

2, the humour aspect.

The first one he said was, acceptance of self is of great, importance, when you have achieved this, then others accept you also, this related to what Selina - was talking about the other week.

He mentions about understanding humour, I said by cracking jokes and laughing at whatever was annoying me wouldn’t be festering inside me, He said festering is poison. I have said, humour may be used as a weapon, when used as a weapon is vindictive and painful, when used with lightness of heart can bring much pleasure.

Are not all humankind, in a manner of speaking, one sided in their view, that of the physical view.

When you see a person has a hurt, is it not kinder to offer a soothing comfort and to give the person an opportunity to expel the hurt. By covering up such hurt, leads to a festering, when it shall perhaps show itself another time, another place, another space. It may have a more devastating effect, than it would have had in the first instance.

You see, when humour is used disguised as a weapon, for instance, a sweetmeat, which has buried inside a shard of glass, unseen until bitten and swallowed, that is mis-use of humour, and bantering humour between friends in a manner you described as jocular rivalry has its place.


To lend an ear, to lend an inner ear and your heart, serves much greater purpose than to scar it with so called humour. It is uncomfortable to be the lending ear, the inner ear, heart, out it is of immense value in many ways, so much of humankind existence, communication, in which ever manner you care to think of, communication, is of a superficiality, necessitated by human kind lifestyles, instant communication from a distance keeps the, lacks the physical view, therefore much may be hidden in this distantClara - communication, Therefore when persons are in close physical vicinity, communications remain distant, superficial, because it has become the thing to do. You may inquire of a person’s health and receive a short, brief answer, superficial query, superficial answer, distance remains, in physical time which is of the greatest importance to human kind, is a barrier to real, truthful communications. Do you have time, each to each, to give? Do you have the time for quality, communication, each to each, or is it all, no time, therefore superficiality communication. There has been aClara - remark, More Haste, Less speed. More communication, less communication, Do not allow time, to become an enemy, to be thought of fraught with the danger of such, more haste, less speed, more communication, less quality, Take your time, live your time, enjoy your time, fill your time, with which do you achieve this, with acceptance of self, love of self. When you have these, you have acceptance of others, love of others, and there by living God's love, simple it may seem, difficult it may be.


Charles - reads over what his reply was, be said,

I understand those words clearly on the level of living in this plane of time, I'm trying to work out on a larger scale why human beings tend to be going or living a faster and faster existence through time, I'm thinking of our physical work load now. Time is made an enemy which I do not want, we are frustrated by the lack of time. This is a personal view of my life.

Teacher: That is your outside time, I speak of your inner time. When you have your inner time paced correctly the outside time shall sit most perfectly, and you see feeling of low energy, which you term, depression or any outer feeling you may experience, endeavour to translate to energy source for itself. When feeling low energy, depression, use it to take your inner time to sit in quiet contemplation do not allow it to overrule your self, and to wallow in the mud of pity of self, or whatever feelings it may be. Any feeling, anxiety for instance, anxiety can cause rapid changes in the physical, heart beat, pulse, blood, breathing all at an erratic pace, the inner time is beating faster than the outer time, so divert and convert anxiety into an action, that brings the inner time to a more relaxing. This is something that you need to practice, and I say this to all. It takes thought to recognise a feeling, to translate a feeling, through to action and thereby translated to a new feeling, thought, action, it is a continuum.


Charles - That's as far as I got. We touched on depression and humour. I've been using sarcasm for many years, a side that I learnt through DNA of my father, that I managed to hone into a perfect weapons and I've decided to try & stop using it and I've found I have stopped using it as much as I used to, a few weeks ago. It’s really worked. I've got a lot more peace of mind, and I've not been so depressed either so one relates to the other for me very strongly.

Melda - Do you think you are not receiving those negative thoughts that would have come from a person you were sarcastic to.

Charles - Definitely. I thought that by cracking jokes I was avoiding the negativity, all I was doing was festering my own negativity, I wasn’t being honest with someone, and saying look I don't believe this, so I'd crack a joke to alleviate what I thought was trouble, because my excuse would be, that as a youth, I did not like arguments in the house, so I would always avoid an argument if I could, by laughing it off, or getting out of the way physically, now I realise that this is my role and that I just have to front up to everything and say honestly and clearly my statement and then leave it to the other person, if they want, that's up to them, but it won't affect me anymore, and I will wash it away that way. It seems so simple, but it seems to work. I will speak the truth.

Teacher: And I would say this, Martin also has experience of this, yes and yours,you give permission for me to speak

Martin Yes Abraham.

Teacher: I believe you would agree your use of humour was a refusal to commit your self, yes?

"Yes, I think so Abraham, yes

Teacher: So you see, there are many views of all human kind traits, attributes, not all are genetic Charles - , as I have said previous, most are learned and become habitual and we are creatures of habit, yes.

Charles - We do learn a lot through listening to our parents when we are very young, we listen to the way they relate to a certain subject, and then as we grow up we copy the pattern because that is the way we have been taught.

Teacher: Every thing human kind experience from the moment of birthing is learned behaviour and some is discarded as being un-necessary, others are learned from other human kind who are brought to attention throughout the learning experience of a human kind life journey, and as I have said, human kind, creatures of habit and habit may be broken and replaced, yes. It is not of necessity to use genetic memory as are excuse for ones' own faults, attributes etc, You are understanding.

Charles - I don't think I personally used it as an excuse so much as an understanding, rather like earlier this evenings we were discussing, astrology, numerology and other occults, where it just brings a level of understanding

Teacher: Of course, there was no chastisement in my remarks.

Bryoni - Lots of people do use those excuses, "I'm nervous like my mother" and things like that.

Teacher: Of course, Most persons use many excuses to hide them selves, It is perhaps a learned behaviour, nervousness is transmitted, most ease, from mother to the child, as is many such traits during, , . . one moment.... yes, by using expressions, such "I am worrier like my mother", "I am nervous like my mother", hide the real self, you are understanding a refusal to accept responsibility for self, refusal to accept there is possibility for change, for self, and a refusal for truth of self.

Correcting Time

Charles - We have had a good example tonight with someone trying to show the power of thought (Bryoni - doing a touch for health demonstration on Charles - ) and we have discussed the 100th monkey syndrome.

Teacher: Correct,

"Where thought around the planet Earth, where there is a lot of violence around as we have discussed, is global, so obviously there is something that is happening all around, it can’t be put down to any one thing, such as T.V. etc

Teacher: Correct.

"Not just communications, it is happening on a mental level.

Teacher: There are individual factors which enhance such growth in differing parts of the planet, but you are correct, it is as 100th monkey,

"And I see it as a spiral of human understanding, and this is one part of the spiral that we have to go through, the continuum, we have had it in previous times,

Teacher: I would prefer the continuum, you see, a spiral has a beginning and an end, a continuum is never ending never beginning.

"Doesn’t human kind have a beginning, the seed, perhaps an end?

Teacher: A continuum. Think on this, it is of importance. And you see, as I have said before times, there are many persons such as your selves and when the correcting time, a change shall occur. With communication being of quantity, thought transference (to Selina - , you are writing; my words?)

Selina - l have written some of Charles - , some of yours.

Teacher: You wish for me to slow for you

"No, we've got it on the machine thank you Abraham,

Teacher: then, thought transference is of a much greater speed thereby causing the effect of time going ever fast, yes? creating are illusion of such.

Charles - So when I said I am a worrier like my Mother, it's similar to people saying "this year has gone very quickly" , we all think, "Yes it has", if we all think strongly enough, the illusion of the year has gone quickly, but it's total illusion, because the hours and minutes are exactly the same as the previous year..

Teacher: I use another phrase which has been mentioned...."There is much violence"Is there? You are aware of, because of speed of communications, and it shall change, yes.

Then you wish to discuss?


Selina - Clara - I’d like to know what Charles - meant by his phrase 'inside time", and he said something about when feeling low, does he mean you would then contemplate, you'd meditate, you'd slow your pace down...?

Teacher: When feeling low, you do not wallow in pity for self, you use this time for quiet contemplation, in other words, use this period of time, mood, to benefit your self. 'This is clear?

" Yes you could look at your good points, or go into the stillness or do something to cheer yourself up in some way.

Teacher: Correct.

Charles - It's a natural animal thing when you feel low, to want to be alone, and my frustration is, the times I want to be alone is often the busiest time, when I am at work and I can't be

Clara - I had a depression period at one stage, and I was told, if I am going to be low, enjoy being low.

Teacher: Correct. Do not wallow in pity of self.

"So l just cried, and enjoyed it. I thought this is ridiculous, but I did enjoy being miserable, but you can only go so far.

Selina - By crying, that's letting that festering out isn't it. something which is better out, than in.

Teacher: And why inflict the poison of your festering on others?

Selina - Well I was in a temper with Dominica in the week, and I let her know it, often I let things slide by, to keep the peace, to keep the home happy, I just go away and get internally upset, and this week Dominica annoyed me, and I let her know it, so Tommas - said to me later on, did you enjoy that", "does that make you feel better", and I said, "it did, it actually did, because I didn’t bottle up my feelings" for a change. She now knew where she stood, and it won't happen another time.

Dominica - I just let, it glide right over me, because I felt I was in the right.

Tommas - The next day you were very good

Dominica - I just felt my priorities were in a different direction that time.

Clara - If each person knows how the other is feeling, there is a certain respect

Selina - Yes, did have respect for her, because I had left her a list, as I like making lists, of things I wanted her to do, and she didn’t do them, I was just cross with her because she hadn’t, and when she explained why, it wasn’t so bad, but I still felt better that I had told her off, instead of just, going away and thinking, oh, she's let me down, And she felt better, because she had explained why she had let me down, she had read good reasons of her own,

Teacher: It comes to truth.

Tommas - I explained to her that she could have done her chores and then gone out,

Bryoni - One of my questions tonight was about communication, I have great difficulty, I can talk, but communicate is a different matter.

Teacher: It has been noted,

"Yes, well (laughter)

Teacher: continue,,,

"It has been quite interesting this discussion because I realize now, that basically I have just been opting out, something I perhaps have to learn to do.

Teacher: Refusal to accept commitment,


Teacher: Yes. You all have this in some area, yes. and you see, do you feel relieved with your awareness of self?

"Yes in a way, but, I also realise where I have fallen down over the years, especially with the family and things like that,

Teacher: Do not look back. Keep your eyes on the path ahead and from here you may tread firm. "

Thank you,

Charles - I can accept what, you are saying, after some years of having a sense of humour of a certain type, and having an acid tongue, realising it in one lump, it’s refreshing & nice to realise it, but also there is a certain horror in wishing you had seen it some years ago, and had corrected it.

Teacher: And as I have said, truth, I said I could teach you the truth. You are learning truth of self, for self. In this truth for others, of others, living God's truth, yes, Simple it may appear, difficult it may be. To change the habits of a lifetime bring uncomforting thoughts, feelings, leading to hesitant actions, but with patience, tolerance, charity, faith in self change can be effected for the benefit of self and others. Responsibility for self.

You are all of comfort?

All yes.

Teacher: Korde - , you depart?

Korde - Yes.

Teacher: You wish to speak

Korde - Yes, I, . ...Not really, very nervous.

Teacher: Of departing or of speaking

'I Of departing.

Teacher: What is your nervous?

"I am going on a long journey, to meet people that l haven’t seen for a long long time, and to meet relations that I discover I have, so it's going to be quite an emotional trip, I feel.

Teacher: Nervous anticipation.

"That's right.

Teacher: Remember the stillness and your guide, and you shall not be troubled much.

" Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Does anyone wish to speak?

BelindaI'd like to ask about the violence, the communication. And it's changing, does that mean something is going to happen to break the communications so we don't hear about violence? or does it mean that violence is going to be lessened.

Teacher: At the correcting time, a charge shall occur. You shall know when I know, I shall know, when you know.

Selina - Abraham, how many classes do you teach?


"And all over our planet?

Teacher: And others.

"Other planets

Teacher: Dimensions.


Tommas - If we keep incarnating backwards and forwards, anytime, won't the problems that we've got just start all over again or keep happening?

Teacher: Not of necessity. To each life experience you bring much information for a purpose and each life experience is for, a purpose, when this life experience takes place, is really of little consequence. You are understanding?

Teacher: This is of difficulty for your understanding, Tommas - I’ll have to think on that one, read the notes through slowly./p>

Selina - The whole purpose of each of our lives is to find self?

Teacher: In a manner of speaking, yes. Tommas - , I shall endeavour, with a picture to clarify your understanding. In this life experience you have lived in the northern hemisphere of the planet Earth, yes?

Tommas - yes.

Teacher: You now live in the southern hemisphere.

Your experience in the northern hemisphere was for a purpose. It was for a specific period of years, yes, Consider this to be a life experience. Your travel to the southern hemisphere for the next period of your life experience, we shall consider a reincarnation, yes?

You may expand on this for your self, to see for your self, a broadened understanding yes?

Charles - Following that thinking, every day would be a reincarnation,

Filip - What you learnt yesterday, you now know today,

Teacher: But much of yesterday's memory you have forgot.

"Unless you want to recall it.

Correct And even though it exists at the same time place, space, past present future, confusion Tommas - or clarification?

Tommas - I shall read slowly in my own time, in a quietness,

Do not worry this, as a dog with a bone, it is of simplicity.

Charles - So emotions that humans experience would be one of the buttons that make you remember from a previous day.

Teacher: An odour, a sound, a taste, a sight, a feeling may ignite the spark of memory recall.

Filip - This brings me back to what I was thinking earlier, some things that I think or feel, would they be previous incarnations, like Sumer, like China....

Teacher: It would be unethical for me to give a broad answer in the positive, affirmative,

Belinda - But is it possible?

Teacher: Possible, but you see, to give answer in broad terms would not be ethical. Specific incidents I can confirm or deny. A common phrase in your time, I believe

Filip - it's just these hats I have collected over the years seem to jog memories or there is some reason why I have had to buy them, that's what made me think on those lines.

Teacher: Yes. This particular line of inquiry would need much specific detail.

"yes, but it's not specific, it's just feelings or thoughts.... maybe that's why I do things....

Teacher: It is a possibility.

Charles - I was thinking, when Selina - asked you about teaching other groups, I had a flash through my mind then, of you still teaching as Abraham, in the time of the physical Abraham, and because of your wisdom at that time, possibly being able to see ahead, because of understanding it got very complicated in my mind….

Teacher: Who's head?

"ahead, looking ahead in time,

Teacher: I jest(laughter)

Teacher: I am in a humorous

Selina - Abraham, can you see any of the other classes that you teach, you speak to us with Ruby’s eyes closed


Teacher: I see you.

"You see us as light.

Teacher: Correct, There is not the need to see your physical body, that is, your physical body is inconsequential.

"It’s just one evening, very early on in our classes, I just had the impression you were trying to, or Ruby was trying to open her eyes.

Teacher: Yes. This is perhaps an event which shall take place it will not of necessity intimate that I shall see you any clearer, than I see you now. It will perhaps or indeed, it shall enhance my view of you through Reuben’s eyes.

Clara - Do you see us as different shades of light

Teacher: Correct,

"Does that light change from week to week?

Teacher: Correct, from moment to moment

"So tiredness would show as a weaker light.,,

Teacher: Not weak, small, but still of strength, you understand

Tommas - What causes the colour changes?

Teacher: Many, such as tiredness, such as thought pattern, confusion, exhilaration, calm, depression, joy, any, causes change.

Selina - All the emotions,

Belinda - Our guides, do you see them as lights as well, in reflection to us

Teacher: Correct.

Charles - This touches on one of the basic fears of human kind, is for our friend or foe to know and understand us, in a way that we can't hide, and that's why I think a lot of people fear finding out something, someone knows what they are thinking...

Teacher: I do not perceive you as light, as you perceive light to be,

"I was thinking of people who aren’t searchers, who aren't interested because of the fear, they are stepping into an area where.

Petta - Do you think it is fear, or just disinterest?

Tommas - No, it's fear, I've got a chap at work, who asked today how our meetings were going, and he said "it frightens me",

Selina - And yet he will ask questions of us, even though he is not ready to come along, he still wants to know from us.

Teacher: Fear of that which is unknown.

Belinda - It may not be disinterest, we may not know their true feelings though.

Bryoni - Some would be fearful, but there must be a lot who are just not interested,

Teacher: This seeming disinterest can mask many feelings, too painful to acknowledge, so cover with disinterest. Similar to covering with humour. Then our communications cease or continue.

All Continue.

Teacher: You are all of agreement?

All Yes

Teacher: There are none in disagreement

Then so be it

There is one of our 10 (lessons) remaining, I believe

Mondaa - We did not know how far we had got.

Selina - Yes, I'd lost count.

Mondaa - So there is one more to come for the 10 classes

Teacher: Perhaps then, I may suggest, that our next it shall be a celebration of growth and achievement.


Teacher: Korde - , you shall not be present in the physical you shall be celebrated with in the non-physical.

Korde - Thank you.

Teacher: Then there are more queries,


Selina - Yes, I just wanted to tell the group, that Tommas - , Dominica, and I have been to the Te Maori exhibition. where there are a lot of Maori carvings, and it’s an exhibition worth going to see. I didn’t realise how spiritual Maori people were

Teacher: But of course.

"Yes that's right, but I didn’t, I didn’t know it, probably everybody else in the room would-be aware. They told you such things as, how some of the carvings have got three fingers, and that represents, birth, life, death, or life, death and life after death, and how the speakers at the museum, told of such things as, the Maoris believe there is life in EVERYTHlNG, from a wooden bowl, just in everything, just the things that you have told us about.

Teacher: Correct.

"And how you talked about ancient tribes having this wisdom, I presume the Maoris still have it today, I presume it is still being passed on through the generations.

Teacher: It is being re-learned in many.

"Well I would just like everybody here who has the opportunity to go to the exhibition, I found it very rewarding, very moving, spiritually I guess.

Teacher: They also believe in the 4 bodies.





Without 4, imbalance, one does not function correct, in treating one, does not achieve healing. All 4 must be treated.

There is much understanding.

"The other thing I wanted to bring up, was a continuation of Andreas from last week. You actually said to me, it was more apt I should enquire when it was, I first became aware of the guidance, and I said, just this year, and as soon as I said it, I knew that wasn’t right, so I'd like to ask you, when I did first become aware.

Teacher: You know the answer.

"No, I don’t know the answer (laughter)

Teacher: I shall not learn for you.

"Well I knew the answer I gave you was wrong the minute I said it.

Teacher: Then, there is part of your answer.

Selina - And you also told me that Andreas worshiped a God person, and I could ask that, at the next appointment, do you mean by that, he hero worshipped a prophet, or something along those lines

Teacher: One moment

He was aware of a god like person, such as Jesus. A person who was god's messenger I re-phrase. One of God's messengers.

This would be somebody in the Bible, like John the Baptist.

Teacher: It is for you to discover. I have given you clues.

Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are welcome.

I teach you to forage in, the correct manner, yes


Teacher: There are more queries

Belinda The next appointment is our 10th you said, does that mean that the class then becomes open for other people to join or are we going on for another 10?

Teacher: We shall re-discuss this, now if you wish, or at our next appointment, what is your wish

Selina - Well, we can discuss it now, to save Belinda waiting a week.

Teacher: Then do so.

"Well, Tommas - & I have had friends asking to come to the class, and at the time, I dearly wanted them to come, but now with the rapport we have built up, I don't know, I feel perhaps it would spoil the mood, the feelings we have got.

Teacher: Then perhaps I suggest this,

At the conclusion of 10 appointments, perhaps it would be fit and proper to open the door to others who wish to attend for a reconnaissance, then after perhaps, 3, 4, of such appointments, we then may resume the closed door appointments. You may discuss this,

Dominica We still have to be careful with the amount of people, with seating.

Teacher: There are physical difficulties; you are able to discuss yourselves.

Tommas - Well maybe we could just let, say whoever wants to invite somebody along, say right, you can come that evening, and maybe some of the others could just step out for the 3, or 4 weeks, whatever it is, to let the newcomers come in.

Belinda - I'm not giving up my seat, I want to come.

Teacher: How many are you anticipating? You wish to change venue

Selina - Anybody got a bigger lounge, more chairs

Teacher: It is of comfort at this particular venue

All Yes.

Belinda Now it is, but if we increase the class it won't be.

Teacher: Then there are how many extra persons who wish to attend?

Selina - It looks like there will definitely be three, possibly more, but they will be welcome. And Hagadah who comes when she can.

Teacher: There will always be a place for Korde - also.

Korde - Thank you Abraham.

Selina - If it's only for 3, 4 weeks, Korde - will still be away on her overseas trip.

Teacher: It is of no problem for myself.

Selina - No, but you want to speak the truth, but you want to be tactful as well, and not hurt people’s feelings, and not turn away those that asked to come, now that the opportunity has arisen.

Bryoni - I won't be able to come for one of those meetings, so there is an extra seat.

Selina - We will manage, there will probably always be somebody away, like tonight, Hagadah is away, we don't often get the full class.

Dominica Hagadah said to give her apologies as well.

Teacher: I am aware.

Then, for those who will not be present in the physical, you shall all stand on your feet.

You shall join your physical arms and share thoughts of love, each to each. Send it to the person on your right hand, each in turn receiving and giving.

This gift of love, each to each carries with it, trust, each to each, thanks, each to each, comfort, each to each, joy, each to each. For self, and for all others present.


And may God's love be yours.


All Shalom.

Teacher: Remain where you are.

Disperse at will. I leave you.

Charles - we will just say a prayer for Hagadah.