1987-07-30-Poltergeist, Power of Thought

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Topic: Potergeist, Power of Thought

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



Charles - Opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your teacher. Then, there are queries? We have visitors. You are welcome.



Petta - Could you please tell me what conditions would be prevailing, when poltergeist come into being

Teacher: Confusion.

"How does one then stop it? I have been told to have a cross and to ask for peace and for it to go away, is a cure but I’d like to know what you think please.

Teacher: They need rescue. There is much confusion.

"With normal rescue work though, you are actually in contact

Teacher: It is a delicate process.

"Is it possible without the aid of a medium?

Teacher: This should be undertaken with much caution, much protection, and much assistance.

Selina - Abraham is it true that these spirits seem to enter homes where there are teenagers, or young children?

Teacher: They enter where ever there is access, not intending harm, but seeming to cause harm, due to confusion. Confusion attracts confusion, whether it be confusion on a physical plane, attracting confusion or visa versa, you are understanding

Petta - Not quite, I almost feel as though you are saying, that they can attract you, to be confused.

Teacher: Correct.

"So they can make you confused, not just you attract them because you are confused.

Teacher: Correct.

"So there is no easy way to ask them to go away, when they come.

Teacher: Correct, you are troubled by such?

"I'm not troubled by such, no, but I do know where poltergeists do exist, not just in the home, but in the place of business, very strong.

Selina - Can Melda not help you?

Petta - Well I haven’t enlisted anybody's help, I just thought I would ask Abraham tonight.

Teacher: There are persons such as Melda, whose work it is.

Petta - Thank you Abraham.


Tommas - On the subject of power of thought, I've noticed most of my life, and probably other people have as well, if you are talking about somebody, and you are talking to somebody else about them, they will quite often turn around, and look at you, almost as if they have picked up your thoughts, is this what happens?

Teacher: Yes. They have become aware of the energy of the thought,

"And if somebody was thinking evil thoughts towards you, would your guide protect you from that? Or could it influence you?

Teacher: Your guidance may protect only if you desire. Your guidance protects you when desired, by allowing the light of protection to fall around you. .

Bryoni - The last few years, Melda and I have done something to protect ourselves, whether this works or not I'm not sure. We felt there is an influence here by using a mirror, and writing that persons name on a piece of paper, and showing it into the mirror, is this actually working?

Teacher: To reflect back the energy to the person, is this correct? So sending back negativity to the person, yes?

Yes, because we felt for protection, otherwise it can be quite destructive.

Teacher: It does "work", to use your words, but it is not good work. You see, by protecting yourself with light, as your opening words suggest, you reflect negativity, up and out, it is also absorbed by the light and becomes powerless. By using the method you described you are returning negativity and may not reach the sender, may be reflected to others.

"Thank you,

Teacher: You are welcome.

The opening words to our appointment are a useful tool for your protection,

Selina - And we could say that daily, Abraham?

Teacher: If it is your desire.

Filip - It was suggested we use it when we go into meditation. But I don't always remember it exactly.

Teacher: Correct.

Selina - I was thinking more about what Bryoni - was saying about negativity being sent out to you perhaps from people that you work with or so called friends or neighbours, to protect yourself without it bouncing off you and going back out to others around.

Tommas - I found comfort in the words whilst I was lying injured in the hospital bed. And the distance our thoughts can travel are infinite?

Teacher: Correct. Time space all existing at the one time, space, so time does not exist, space does not exist, other than in your terms of reference, yes,

"Do our guides sometimes come to you, with things we have been chewing over in our minds, prior to these appointments? At times, especially if you are thinking and turn your thoughts to Abraham, on two or three occasions I’ve been at work, chewing over queries, and how to phrase them, and the subject has come up before I have gotten around to it.

Teacher: Yeeesss.

This is the true meaning of telepathic communication.

Selina - But are the thoughts Tommas - ’s to start with, whilst he is at work, or has his guide put them there, to start with?

Teacher: A little of each perhaps.

Tommas - I sometimes feel I am thinking, a discussion with myself. A sort of question and answer, as soon as I realize it, it stops.

Petta - I think we have all had it.

Teacher: This is lower mind, intervening with higher mind.

Or conscious thought intervening with higher consciousness

Filip - I quite often get it when I just wake up, and I think, that's the answer, but sometimes the answer is not really what I think it should be. Since the last appointment I did that, I woke up one morning, and I made, what I thought was an answer, but it wasn’t a loving, caring, Christian answer.

Selina - So you have discarded the answer, or you are going to think some more on it?

Filip - I don't know, I'm still pondering.

Teacher: You do not wish to disclose this answer

"Yes, I could I suppose, as we are all family. It concerns my stepson. I decided that probably it would be best if he didn’t live with us, which is not a very nice thing.

Teacher: You think so?

"Well it's not very caring or loving is it?

Teacher: It is not so?

His age in years?

"16, not many years really.

Teacher: And it is not time you believe for him to try his wings on life's journey?

"Maybe I'm doing what Selina - does, and thinks for other people, but perhaps he is not ready, I don't feel

Teacher: He is in employment


Teacher: He is of independent income?

"Yes, but it's not very much though,

Selina - But if he went flatting with 2-3 others, he wouldn’t have to pay the whole of the rent out of his own wage etc.

Filip - Yes, we all know that, but I don't feel he is mature enough,

Teacher: Ah, your expectations of maturity, is perhaps not correct.

"Well if you do things against the law, I feel he has not learnt maturity.

Teacher: So, you wish to discuss this?

"He is driving a vehicle and he hasn’t got a license to do so.

Teacher: This is your responsibility? Or his responsibility?

"I thought it was part of my path to assist him, part of my path was to teach him the right ways, or the ways of everybody else,

Tommas - At what age are you legally responsible for him?

Filip - I don't know

Selina - I would nave thought once they have left school, and earning their own wage. Who does the car belong to?

Filip - His brother.

Selina - Well his brother would be more responsible than you, his brother shouldn’t let him have the car

Teacher: One moment. Ruby gives me information, the law of your land is, guardian has responsibility until legal age has been achieved, you should perhaps discuss this.

Charles - you mean now Abraham

Teacher: Not now, you shall receive conflicting advice.

Much laughter....

Teacher: Your thought, your answer was not uncharitable, was not un-loving, was not unkind.

Filip - Seems rather selfish though, I know we talked about looking after self, but it seemed very selfish, mind you, it would be good for other people as well.

Teacher: It is selfish if it is to rid yourself of all responsibility, wash your hands of this person. It is un-selfish if you wish for the person to stand alone, to grow alone and to grow, become part of family, if you are desirous speak to Ruby at refreshment, she has something of information to give.

"Thank you, I will, perhaps that's my revelation.

Charles - We have talked of the female having great knowledge and wisdom, and the male being shy at this stage & holding it back, I was wondering if the same would be of youth and wondering whether as years go by, if you reach understanding at an earlier age, we may reach a time when our talk of maturity of age, can be very young indeed, would this be a point that we may reach in the future

Teacher: And indeed it is occurring. I have said, great change takes place.

"We have always assumed that aged people are more learned have more understanding

Teacher: Ah, aged persons have many years of wisdom growth, but some do not attain this wisdom, young persons as you know, babes are born full of truth, innocence much knowledge, which becomes lost due to physical growth, mentally, emotionally, & physically, some are re-gaining their new born truth and wisdom that are young in years age, there are still many who do not of course.

"Yes, l think every body in the room would know that younger people tend to pick things up quicker, like computers & things, they seem to have no mental barriers, and if older people have been taught slightly the wrong way for years and years then they are in a worse position than someone without any knowledge at all, because they have a bias.

Filip - This goes back to what we said last week, about rats each side of the world, picking up from a total consciousness, more people know about computers now, so young children will pick it up, because it is in the ether.

Teacher: It has become part of humankind consciousness therefore has become part of soul consciousness.

"So the more there are of us, that are aware of soul consciousness, the more it becomes aware around the world.

Teacher: Correct the 100th monkey

Then visitors, you are of comfort

Joanna Reasonably, a bit nervous,

Teacher: Yes. Do not be of embarrassed, it is I who should feel of embarrassed, you, I can see, Me, you do not see.

Then you wish refreshment

Petta - I’d like to just ask one more question. When we were talking about the thoughts in our mind, when we get an answer to a question that we have, how do we know, is it just a feeling as to whether it is the right one for the problem? Sometimes one wants an answer to a decision, and something pops into your mind.

Teacher: I shall give you a rule of thumb method for discerning.

If it appears to bring calm and comfort, then it is a good decision. If it brings, not calm, not comfort, and leaves still questioning, then it is not.

You are understanding?

Petta - yes thank you.

Teacher: Filip - also

Filip - yes, that is good,

Teacher: You may relate it, to any decision, affecting any area or part, of your life journey, whether it be which food your body needs, which journey you should undertake etc ad infinitum.

Then you wish refreshment? Then I shall return.


Teacher: You have queries

Bryoni - This morning I lost, my Grandmothers engagement ring, and I was wondering is it still in the house.

Teacher: One moment. Very large box like construction, end of information.

Selina - Is that the car park building where you work? Very large.

Bryoni - Could be the garage perhaps, somewhere in the house, fridge.


Odette I have been given a name in my mind, I am wondering if it is my guide's name, could you tell me if it is?

Teacher: One moment.

The name of your guide is THEA do not forget.

"I won't thank you Abraham.

Teacher: It differs from the name you had?

"Will this help me more than the name I thought I had?

Teacher: It will. You see, you have each a principal guidance, not forgetting there are also others.

Charles - Is it true that some may have more guidance than others if their involves……….

Teacher: This is correct.

Selina - If their work involves what?

Charles - I was going to say working with lot and lots of people.

Bryoni - (speaks but cannot hear what she said)

Teacher: It assists you in concentrating on your guidance.

Charles - We are only given names because we name everything on this plane.

Teacher: Correct. I could give you a sound, it would appear strange for your understanding, so the sound is a name, for your understanding.

"Which is a vibration also.

Teacher: Correct. You see, I could give you the vibration, the sound by using a tool similar to that used for tuning instruments, but thereafter it would require you to use such a tool each time, it would take from you a certain freedom of will, you would become inhibited, if by chance you had forgotten the tool.

"This is why lots of religions have lots of chants and sounds to bring the vibration which was universal.

Teacher: Correct. So as you are used to words, you are given a name word, to bring the sound vibration to your consciousness.

Joanna Abraham, could you please tell me my soul name

Teacher: Yes, one moment please.

Your name is and was from the beginning ANA (AH NA) say ANA


Teacher: Correct,

AnaI was also wondering what my guide's name was.

Teacher: One moment

The name of your guide is Peter, he is happy to communicate.

This you may do in the stillness, your friends here shall explain the stillness if you desire.

You are of amusement Dominica

Tommas - Caught you (much laughter)

Dominica I remember Mum looking at me, trying to get me to ask my soul name, and she is doing the same to my brother.

Petta - And he was just going to ask it.

Teacher: Selina - ?

Selina - Yes Abraham. I know, but I seemed to have waited a long time for my son to come to a meeting and I don't want him to loose the opportunity now he is here.

Teacher: It is his free will.

"I know (much laughter)

Teacher: Do not impose your will, rather impose your will on self. Yes.

Charles - I'd like to say when someone asks for their soul name, and guides name, it always sends a funny twinge through us, it’s nice to hear a name. I know when I first heard mine, it was quite a thrill.

Tommas - It's almost as if you were welcoming somebody into the family.

Charles - It's almost a holy moment.

Teacher: It is a recognition of the self. When you as a babe you arrived in the physical, your parents gave you a name, so to, at your birthing as soul, your deliverance was a sound vibration, the sound vibration is transformed for you into a name, yes. It is of importance, yes.

Charles - Certain religions give a name once you have dedicated your life to the religion, is that more of a reason to forget the old self rather than the soul name

Teacher: Correct. Nuns and monks discard all physical, outward signs and become at one with the Christ and the Church and in doing this they are given a new name for them to concentrate.

"Is this something that has been misconceived as the bible has been misconceived for so many centuries, that perhaps it should have been soul names given in the early days, and it’s ended up being like this

Teacher: Brother, sister are signatures to the name. You are correct, but the existence of soul names sounds, vibrations are not of ease recognised in your tongues.

Lots of ancient tribes, what I have read, would also name the child after a happening, or something they looked like, or plant or something, which also seems more closer to me, like a soul name, I'm thinking of Red Indian tribes,

Teacher: Silver Cloud, Fleet Foot, Strong Heart, Shining Moon.

"Your name is very close to your soul name, Abraham.

Teacher: Correct, but of a differing vibration,

"Yes, that is what l was going to lead to, it would seem to me to be a similar vibration, but you are saying it wasn’t.

Teacher: Correct.

"It was a tradition in my family, to be given the name that is my soul name, but my Father didn’t bother with it, he said he didn’t agree with it, then I found out it was my soul name, it struck me as rather odd.

Teacher: The abbreviation of your soul name.

"Yes, true.

Teacher: There is a tradition of handing on a name, Father, son, father, Son etc, which becomes generation by generation the family given name,

Charles - Would a vibration be genetic or each soul name purely totally different.

Teacher: Correct. Each soul is of a differing vibration.

Petta - In my previous incarnation my soul name would not have been Petta -

Teacher: It would have been the same.

Filip - Your physical name would have been different.

Teacher: Soul name is un-changing, as soul.

Charles - So if you came across some one with the same soul name or vibration would they necessarily be from the same seed

Teacher: Probably from a similar consciousness, soul.

Filip - Selina - & Belinda are very similar,...

Teacher: This is not correct, just a similar pronunciation is not the same as a similar vibration.

Petta - Would the names Hagadah be Mondaa with a heavier accent,.. , .

Teacher: Does not mean the vibration is similar. The vibration is of importance, the name given to translate the vibration for you to understand may appear similar but is dis-similar. There may be two names which appear complete different, but the vibration, is similar.

Charles - So your soul name is as a fingerprint, there is really only one.

Teacher: Correct.

"We all have finger prints which look similar there are differences,

Teacher: Correct.

Petta - (speaks but I cannot hear)

Teacher: There are more queries?

Free will

Tommas - I have a young chap who works with me, who is a heavy smoker, and I have been pestering him for months to give it up, because he has a lot of chest problems, is it wrong for me, as it is his free will to smoke, but I feel it is so bad for him.

Teacher: Charles - also has this.(much laughter')

Charles - Can you help there, Abraham?(much laughter)

Teacher: A short answer

Free will

Filip - You have got the free will to say what you like....

Selina - And he has got the free will to ignore you.

Petta - But Abraham has said that we must not abuse our bodies, we have to keep our bodies in good condition.

Teacher: Never forgetting free will.

.Filip - But that's for people who are aware, some people don’t want to hear.

Teacher: The desire to cease must exist. Ruby also is pestered.

Filip - The drug is stronger than the desire at the moment then.

Teacher: You see, unless desire to cease exists, it is not a possibility.

Charles - This is true of everything though.

Teacher: But of course. The habit which Ruby has, your friend has, and many others have, if the desire to cease does not exist....Ruby has been given much advice, she has free will. Freedom of choice which exists for all does it not?

Charles - I have often thought that we all have something, somewhere that is (BAD) to contend with, can we be forgiving of others who also have something, just like we all have little funny quirks, perhaps about the house, a table being clean, seats being tidy, curtains pulled, etc that's the way we live.

Teacher: End of comments

Mondaa My guides name is Markus, could you tell me of his previous lives on earth, what type of work he was doing and where, and if we ever shared the same time on Earth together

Teacher: One moment, Yes, Cold white conditions. Furrier by trade (Deals with furs and skins)

End of information at present,

Petta - , you have unravelled the abstract?

Petta - No. All I can say is, I brought it on by asking the wrong question, and got an answer I wasn’t expecting. I really wanted to know a similar type thing to what Mondaa has just asked.

Teacher: Ah, but your query & answer are of simplicity.

"Well you said I would come to understand, it.

Teacher: And so you shall.

"Well shall have to work at it

Correct. A task for you, but not of great difficulty. Do not make it so. And in, fact, a clue for each and every one concerning guidance is in the answer to your query Petta - ,

Filip - All the weeks & months I still cannot imagine what type of instrument Michael would use in the year 4,200 and whatever a measuring instrument.

Teacher: Again it is of simplicity, you see, you indulge yourselves in difficulty.

"Is it difficulty trying to imagine it or

Teacher: It is not, but you make it difficulty.

"Yes but I was thinking that it is not terribly important that I really shouldn’t need to worry about it.

Teacher: You are concerned perhaps that it is an instrument not yet in use.


Teacher: Then that is the wrong part for your answer.

"It could all be simplicity in two thousand years time, knots in pieces of string.

Charles - Hands.

Teacher: Is it not enjoyable?

Filip - Oh yes.(much laughter)

"I'm a forager, I want to find out. Is it possible to reincarnate within a couple of years of our earth time years?

Teacher: But of course.

Filip - Because we spoke before times about these feelings I think about, I have this great affection or something for Spitfire aircraft during the last war and I was only physically born some years after that event, and I wondered if I had had an incarnation at that time and died and came back almost immediately.

Teacher: It is a possibility.

"Is it a fact, or just a possibility, was that one of my lives.

Teacher: One moment. It would be of interest for you to know that you were involved with the construction of these craft,

Selina - Instruments again

Filip - That means I got killed during the bombing raids in England during that time.

Selina - No, it might have been a heart attack.

Petta - Got run over by a bus

Selina - You didn’t have to be killed in the war.

Filip - No, but there's a more likely chance...

MondaaIt could have peen NAFFI food

Tommas - I think a lot of us feel that way especially with the spitfires because of what they meant to England.

Selina - They saved England

Filip - I was talking to Benjamin earlier

Bryoni - (something about knowing of past experiences being useful now)

Teacher: Not of necessity

Present life journey is the one of importance. What was, was, and what is, is. Not of necessity, what was is.

Bryoni - (something about reading a book, people who accumulated music ability over several lifetimes?)

Teacher: Correct, but you see it should be of a NATURAL EVENT, the interest in craft, such as Filip - , does not of necessity indicate he shall become a constructor of such a craft, but the knowledge gained may be used in a similar manner for other detailed occupation.

Filip - I have always had to work outside, I couldn’t work in an office. I've had to travel from place to place, which as you said I used to do before times, and the same this time, making things or mending things, I’m doing again, and selling or trading I'm doing again, it seems you've got this feeling that you've got to do that type of thing. Tommas - was saying, about people who can make things and others who can diagnose faults on things, everybody has got their own job.

Selina - Talent. See you are good with your hands, like you tinker with cars, and clocks and radios etc.

Tommas - And some is also hereditary.

Teacher: Correct. It would also be of interest for you, the name of the craft you were constructing is not the same you have inquired about.

Selina - Messerschmitts. ? Spaceships (much laughter)

Filip - Was it England, or another country

Teacher: Further than this I am not prepared to give.

Selina - Airships balloons

Teacher: A little and often. Never-the-less your interest…. End of comment.

Teacher: Think, it shall become clear

Selina - Abraham talking about employment and professions, does it really count at the assessing time, for very much, if for example you were a good plumber, and a very kind person, would that compare if you were a good doctor and a very kind person?

Teacher: Of course not.

"So as long as you are good & kind it doesn’t matter what your profession

Teacher: As long as you learn your lesson, as long as you walk your path.

Filip - A Buddhist monk doesn’t do, anything, except communicate with God.

Selina - But you'd think....

Teacher: A vagrant does not work, a vagrant need not be a thief but may still be walking the path, lesson learned that is all that is required, simplicity.

"I always imagined for example, Nuns or even Doctors that work in terrible conditions, with the diseased people overseas....

Teacher: Is their path any more difficulty than that of a vagrant, than that of a King, of course not? On the surface seeming different, seeming more of difficulty.

"I was going to say, seeming more worthwhile, worth more at the assessing time, but this isn’t so then.

Bryoni - Do we find out at the assessing time whether we have learnt the lessons required.

Teacher: Correct. With the help of your guidance, you assess your path, yes.

Stuart - Could I find out what my Soul and Guide names are please?

Teacher: Yes. This is your free will?

Stuart - I suppose.

Teacher: I jest. One moment.

Do not be concerned, I have difficulty with clarity. One moment.

Ah yes. The name of your soul is and was from the beginning Ebron, you wish letters. (A-bron.)

E with a mark above B R 0 N (E' bron) say,

Ebron, Ebron

Teacher: Correct.

For your guidance one moment....

The name of your guide is ANDREW, he is happy to communicate, this you may do in the stillness.

Then there are more queries?

Julia - Could you please tell me my soul & guide names,

Teacher: One moment

The name of your soul is and was from the beginning

A D E L E N E, Adelene, . . . say Adelene, Adelene

Teacher: Correct

For your guidance, one moment,

The name of your guide is Victoria, she is happy to communicate, this you may do in the stillness. These names, young persons are of importance, do not take light to heart these names, they are yours to cherish, to take care of. You may request information regarding the stillness at the end of the appointment. Charles - or Martin or Benjamin may assist if you desire. Then if there are no more queries, I shall leave you with this

Your presence at our appointment is welcome. Your queries at our appointment are welcome.


Remember the light of protection.

Tend this light with care.


Charles - Closing prayer.

As the door closes on the light, let it be known the light still shines within the hearts of us.