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Topic: Dependency

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



Charles: Opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: Then there are queries?


Tommas: After your words last week, I have left my work mate alone, with his cigarettes, he has been looking at me sheepishly and wondering why I am not saying anything, so I just said to him, it's your free will, if you want to smoke, you go to it, He says he is still going to try & give it up, but I haven’t nagged him.

Teacher: Good.

"and the other chap at work that I have had trouble with in the past, who has been un-co-operative and bad mannered, once again he came to my help the other day, helped me unload a truck, all of his own free will, so I feel quite pleased about that, because everybody else is saying how un-co-operative he is, and I say I don't have any trouble with him.

Teacher: You have released your will from theirs so there is no conflict, acceptance, yes.

"And the other thing I have realised about myself, I have got a presentation at, work tomorrow, and I am going to have to stand up in front of the whole factory, and say a few words, and last time I was nervous for about two weeks before, trying to rehearse a speech, and I realised today that I am not worried at all about tomorrow, I have not even rehearsed a speech, I shall just burble out whatever comes to mind.

Teacher: So you have found calm.

"Yes, and a bit more confidence.

Teacher: Yes.

Petta Is it a very long job for us to learn how to astral travel?

Teacher: Dependent on the person.

Tommas: Is it something you learn, or is it something that happens naturally?

Teacher: For some it is of a natural occurrence, for others it is to be learned.

Petta Could you advise us of any way in which we could investigate whether we are capable of carrying this out?

Teacher: Enquire of your guidance.

Speaking of your guidance, you have understood the abstract? You have pondered this?

"I have pondered, but probably not as much as I should have done, otherwise I would probably have found the answer by now, but I'm afraid I haven’t Abraham, so I shall have to ponder some more.

Teacher: Yes. No matter.

"It's been crowded out by other things I'm afraid.

Teacher: No concern.

More queries?

Belinda While we are on the subject of guides, do you have any information for me, on my guide please?

Teacher: What is it you would know?

"Something of his nature, his past life, or his previous life, or his last incarnation, and type of work that he did

Teacher: One moment. I shall be of a mischief. You also may ponder abstract. When you have fathomed, I shall give both more information, it is of importance, yes.

"So if we study the dictionary of the meaning of the word abstract, would we have more information, or more knowledge of the word abstract?

Teacher: It is possibility, but I would suggest you need not your book of words, you need to ponder on the inner meaning.

It is not in the manner of an examination I give you this, it is of interest, yes.

Mondaa Abraham, you gave me information on our last appointment regarding my guide Markus, that he was in a land where there was lots of snow and that he was a furrier, could you put a name on that continent for me?

Teacher: One moment. Northern, of the Americas, I have.

Thank you Abraham, Could you put a year date for me please?

Teacher: One moment. 1, 5, 5, 9

Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: A. D( 1559 A.D. )

Thank you very much Abraham.

Teacher: You are welcome, this is not the year of birth or death in your terms. It is but a year date during the life time.

Ken Abraham, this is my first time here, could you tell me my soul name, and the name of my guide please?

Teacher: Welcome, one moment.

You are understanding this is of importance, this information for you?


Teacher: With this information you may come to know yourself, which is soul, and your guidance which guides your path. One moment.

The name of your soul is, and was, from the beginning, Aldiin, you wish letters?

Yes, please.

Teacher: A L D I I N(Aldeen)

One moment. The name of your guide is FREDREK he is happy to communicate in the stillness.

Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are understanding the name ALDIIN is significant in its vibration.

I will try to understand.

Teacher: You shall perhaps gain information regarding this from Charles: or others present, if you wish. You wish letters of your guide?

Yes please.

Teacher: F R E D R E K

Aldiin Abraham, could you tell me something of Fredrek?

Teacher: It is not appropriate at this time. Suffice to say, he is happy to communicate in the stillness. When you become at ease with the knowledge of your guidance, then you may request information.

Others shall say, you may not receive such information. I jest.

Thank you,

Selina Abraham, Aldiin is a visitor to our city, if he has questions, can we ask them on his behalf

Teacher: If it is his desire, although his presence at times may be of necessity.

Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: There are more queries

Melda Abraham, would you verify something for me. At several of our meetings, when we have had our meditation, I have felt that there was somebody with me, and I have said, we are waiting for Abraham, you mustn’t come now. But when I was alone, I allowed that being to come through and it came through as someone who’s name I think is Sara, she seemed to signify purity and I felt that she was one of my guides, was I right

Teacher: Of course.

Thank you.

Teacher: You had not doubts of this.

Not really

Teacher: So I say, of course. If there are doubts, then it perhaps is not correct, because there is not comfort. If there is comfort, then it is correct, yes

The message I get with my other guide Anthony, is the word FORTITUDE

Teacher: You see, there are many qualities, yes, your guidance is chosen for certain lessons, having mastered certain qualities and so they guide you through your life experience and so perhaps you are in need of guidance for fortitude. Guidance of purity, yes. As are all. Fortitude to halt the climbing on your bandwagon, Melda. Purity in your heart to understand the necessity for fortitude, yes

There are more queries, or you wish refreshment

ClaraHas it been discussed, I was told of the 7 levels of consciousness. Could that be explained please?

Teacher: We have discussed this.

Belinda We have a diagram, but we haven’t really discussed each level.

Teacher: Then I shall do this after your refreshment.

Clara Thank you.

Teacher: You have more queries


Tommas: Are our guides with us all the time we are awake

Teacher: Awake, not awake, yes.

It was mentioned before, that sometimes when we are asleep they will leave us.

Teacher: They do not wander far. They are always on call,

Correct. They are uniquely yours, as you are theirs. And as your soul is attached to your physical so also, is your guide, yes.

Charlemont May I ask how many guides I may have in this life journey?

Teacher: No. I tell you how many you have at this present time space. There are potential guidance awaiting in the wings, so to speak, which you may or may not call on, dependent on your will and the path you take. You are understanding ?


Teacher: You wish the number for the present time space?

Yes please.

Teacher: Eleven. There is one, who is most contact for you, the others are also at hand giving support for Jeremiah, for you. Yes.

Angelic Contact

And do the guides in the physical sense contact certain parts of the body, each guide a different part?

Teacher: If it is necessary for them to do this, yes. It is not always of necessity.

I was wondering of the connection between certain persons have certain ailments through their life and whenever an illness takes place its sometimes in that one particular persons area they suffer most in, such as headaches, backaches, feet, and I just wondered if there was any connection between those areas and the guidance.

Teacher: Energy centres of the body.


Teacher: Chakras I believe is a common term.

You are connecting the touch of a guidance and a particular ailment of a particular place of the body?

"Yes. When you say, your term is, being nudged, sometimes an illness could be taken as a nudge, for instance, if you are eating bad food, you could have a certain ailment I just wondered if there was a connection with guidance giving you a nudge, to show you this.

Teacher: Not always, no. Guidance use your intuition, the inner voice.

Can you tell me then, the necessity for more than one guide to help, if they work through the intuitive senses is it because of the wisdom of their own existences? Collective knowledge


As with you seeking help with a query, you would call on help to answer certain queries?

Teacher: I contact the guidance present, to gain access to the terminals.

So being as you have told me Jeremiah is my voice guidance, when you contact me through guidance, you would contact Jeremiah?

Teacher: Correct. And your own higher consciousness.


Teacher: Correct. You see, we speak of the soul and of the physical. You are used to thinking of your selves as physical human kind. You are learning, there is another part of you, called soul, self. Do not think of these two parts as separate. Rather think of your selves as a whole personality. Knowledge of self, knowledge of the physical. You are understanding? You are not understanding

Charlemont Are you referring to me?

Teacher: I speak to all.

All Yes, all seem to understand.

Charlemont The body is of a more gross nature therefore the part of us struggles, and once that other part of us is known, felt and shown, the physical body re-acts in a positive way, and becomes healthier and more beautiful to be near.


Teacher: Correct. Because in the self, the light, which is truth, which is love, which is God, resides. The door is opened and this light shines encasing you in light, which can be observed by many, yes.

The vibrations we have, we are told people have good vibrations, which can be picked up in the same manner as the light being seen, how does that tally with the light vibrations of our soul name. Can a persons vibrations change as he gains truth and wisdom?

Teacher: The vibration of soul name remains constant. What occurs is this. When the light, which is vibration, wave length, yes?, reaches a pure light, it matches the vibration wave length of your soul name, yes and become very obvious, but never forgetting that human kind emotions, thoughts, actions, may still effect this light, causing it to shrink, to vibrate at a faster or slower rate, yes ?

Thank you Abraham.

Petta I think one of the hardest things is when your vibrations don't match another’s, somebody that you have just met, and you suddenly get this dreadful feeling that you are not compatible, your vibes, or whatever you want to say, I find it very hard to be normal, shall I put it that way.

Teacher: Correct. It is as two magnetic fields, repelling.

Acceptance shall ease disturbance, yes.

Charlemont It is the same basis of all illness, from soul to body. When you are feeling negative, you are out of gear with yourself.

Teacher: Correct.

Belinda Is an illness a kind of warning for you to take stock of what's happening to you?

Teacher: Quite often a physical illness is the result of unseen vibrations. Whether it be invasion of the physical body by infection, yes or whether it be invasion of the body by thoughts, feelings, actions of a negativity, yes?

And the cause becomes lost, in the effect, yes.

Tommas: Can noise vibrations from places we work in affect us as well?

Teacher: But of course. You are surrounded by vibrations, wave lengths, you are living vibration wavelengths. Yes.

Aldiin Abraham, does music have a spiritual significance

It can have a calming influence, it can have a disturbing influence, again vibration wavelength. Everything is vibration wavelength. If you consider this, you shall have understanding, yes?

Mondaa So that means more pleasant music for us, is better for us?

Teacher: Not always.

Belinda It would depend on your choice of music.

Teacher: Some so called, calming music, can have a depressant effect, yes, and some so called, active music can have a depressant effect and the vice verse too.

Clara I have heard today, that a family moved to Christchurch because their children were being affected by the Waikato sprays, the food, everything, and since they moved to Christchurch, the Mother said she couldn’t believe that Motherhood could be so blissful. We have had an experience which we have just found out about, of the chap next door spraying his potatoes, three years ago, and we are still suffering from the effects of those sprays on our horses. The sprays in the Waikato, is it causing upsets in us, because of being in a hollow.

Teacher: There is so much which pollutes the Earth atmosphere causing a change in the vibration wavelength, yes.

And this is one of our concerns, yes.

Because the Waikato area is in a valley, are we at greater risk than those say in Auckland with the sea on either side?

Teacher: One moment. I must geographically compute. One moment. Ah yes, without causing alarm, you are correct.

Charlemont Thank you Abraham. I think perhaps we will have our break now, if we may.

Teacher: You may. I shall return, I shall not however, depart.

  • Tea Break

Teacher: Clara, you wish discussion?

Clara Yes please.

Teacher: Commence.


Is there 7 levels of consciousness, or is there more? I'd like to understand it better.

Teacher: This is in reference to the planes we have discussed before times?


Teacher: You have but given them a differing title. What is it you wish for understanding?

As we learn, do we develop to a different level or do we have to go through reincarnation to go through, up levels or can we reach those levels on this earth, at this time?

Teacher: Yes. It is possible to reach or pass through each in your present life journey. During the life between physical journeys you also have the possibility to pass through each and so on and on. What experience each time, is a deepening awareness of each. And throughout your life journey you may pass through each, and return again to any level in your words, to re-fathom and to reach a further depth, you are understanding?

Clara Yes, would we be on a level one here, or are some of us on a different level?

Teacher: This is correct.

Could I ask at what level I would be on now?

Teacher: I have no need to answer your query. You are aware of this for yourself, and as I have said, each person has the possibility of travelling through each and returning to any of each level for a further depth of understanding.

Thank you.

Teacher: This is clear for you,


Teacher: There are other queries concerning this matter? You are all understanding?

Then there are more queries

Out of Body Experience

Charlemont I would like to go back to an earlier query of Petta's, to do with the Astral travel, I would like to know more of astral travel. Am I correct in my understanding that as we know astral travel, it is when higher consciousness is travelling in it's own sphere, that lower mind is also at that same place, is at the one place together, and lower mind can remember this, usually during sleep

Teacher: One moment.

Your soul part, the essence of you, is attached to your physical body, rather as the unborn babe is attached to the physical body of the mother, yes? At times it is possible for soul to leave the confines of the physical body and go a journey of discovery for self. It is possible to be aware in the lower mind of this occurrence. It is possible not to be aware in the lower mind of this occurrence, but it is highly probable that self is aware of this occurrence.You are understanding?

The most common we hear of are people that can see themselves, looking down in a room, they will see their physical self.

Teacher: Correct.

And others say they have gone on the most incredible journeys.

Teacher: Correct.

What would lower mind learn from such things, just another dimension that higher mind is, consciousness is.

Teacher: If lower mind is aware of this journey of self, it is learning of self, awareness of self, acceptance of self, and all there is. And how important self is, yes.

Charlemont It is also experienced, apparently many times by people that physically died, but had been brought back to life, one way or another.

Teacher: This is of a slight differing. At such times as this the physical body has ceased to function as a suitable vehicle but self realises it is not the correcting time for release, and so once again takes its place in the physical body.

And by "miracle", the physical functions continue and there is a hint of an awareness that this has occurred. At times a very vivid awareness, at others none at all.

I wondered how this tied in with earlier statements Discussion of guides, where I'm sure everybody has experienced times when an inner voice has guided us in another direction away from a bad happening somewhere in the physical and I wonder whether that is guide tapping into higher self or just the higher consciousness knowing of this and nudging the physical away from that direction. Are these related in anyway to guidance, higher consciousness and even in some form of astral travel with higher consciousness, they'd know something was there?

Teacher: There is some confusion here.

Yes, I'm trying to relate three things together here wondering if they have a thin web joining in some way.

Teacher: At times, there is a premonition of an event. This may be due to warning or guidance, and heeding of warning. At times, it is from an astral travel journey which has seen an event, and acknowledged by the physical, and heeded. At times, it is by guidance.

Thank you, that's what I thought.

Teacher: And most often by guidance, heeded, not heeded, more often, not heeded.


Tommas: I've read that animals sometimes act strangely prior to earthquakes or other disasters, is this the difference in vibrations...

Teacher: Correct, Animals operate on a very highly tuned frequency, able to receive and transmit vibration frequencies un-felt, un-seen, un-heard by human kind. Because human kind are of a denser vibration frequency. This is clear for you?

Tommas: Yes, I've read of some countries using them as early warning devices.

Teacher: Correct.

Charlemont If we attain the higher consciousness, with the lower consciousness, would we also pick up a similar thing to animals, in that way?

Teacher: It is a possibility.

Tommas: We sometimes sense danger, don't we?

Teacher: Your senses are not used to being used for the purpose you were given them and these must also be re-learned.

You have more queries?

AldiinAbraham, this is Aldiin. Can my guide help me overcome the darker side of my nature?

If it is your desire. As with all guidance, they do not inflict their will on yours. They may nudge, and if not heeded, they can do no more than wait until such time as you become aware and desirous of their guidance.

How can I obtain their guidance?

Teacher: In the stillness. You are aware of the stillness?

Not completely.

Teacher: Charlemont perhaps you will enlighten.

Charles: Now Abraham, or after.

Teacher: At the end of our appointment.

Yes, certainly.

Teacher: This is of satisfaction.

Aldiin Yes, thank you.

Teacher: The stillness appears to be of ease to find, it is of difficulty, but once mastered, it is of ease. Two minutes of your 24 hours is sufficient unto your need to begin.

Then you have more queries, or you wish to close our appointment.

Mondaa I have a little confusion on a description you gave of my guide, as to whether he traded as a furrier or a farrier....

Teacher: One moment. Furrier by trade.

As in furs.

Teacher: Skins, furs, correct.

Thank you Abraham.


Petta Belinda & I have both been thinking about abstract, and we were wondering if it was because neither of us have formed a picture of our guide, we are content to know our guide is there, without forming a picture is this why you say abstract because they are there in our mind, but we do not view them with a body or features.

Teacher: You have solved your problem.

As you said, it was simple.

Teacher: Of course, and you see, for some, it is not of importance to have a physical view of guidance.

Belinda But why do we ask the questions, what does our guide look like and what does our guide do etc.

Teacher: You tell me. (much laughter) And you are of satisfaction.

Petta Yes.

Teacher: Belinda?

Belinda I suppose I really wanted to know if his nature was of a similar one do mine, but I suppose it must be, otherwise he wouldn’t be my guide.

Teacher: Correct.You see, similar lesson learned, similar path trod.

So if you know yourself, then you know your guide?

Teacher: More or less. The best person for the job.

Bryon iI'm smiling here a little bit Abraham, because I get very confused in lots of things, and if my guide is of similar nature, it leaves a question mark.

Teacher: You become confused

Yes, you mentioned last week, I think it was, that we should always feel comfortable, and we'd know if we have made the right decision. I don't know whether I am alone in this, but often, if I am indecisive, the decision has been wrong, but I've felt comfortable with the decision, though it has been wrong, well I hadn’t found that applicable to me, I am a confused sort of person in fact, and I wondered if my guide was that way as well.

Teacher: Not so, perhaps you are not contacting your guidance as well as you had thought. And this is not castigation. When confusion comes, when indecision comes, and then is the time to contact guidance for clarity, for decision, yes,

Thank you.

Teacher: You are welcome.

Tommas: Is it possible for guides to fail in their role as a guide or not.

Teacher: If so, they would not be guidance.

There comes a time when a new guide, who has been waiting in the wings, so to speak, to come forward and assist because of a new directive you are taking on your path.

Belinda And who guides our guides?

Teacher: WHO???? (much laughter)

Teacher: The light, which is truth, which is love, which is GOD

So our guides are guided by the source then?

As are you, yourself.

Teacher: And what of Filip, he ponders still?

Good question. Actually I was going to bring up the thing he was discussing last week, with you. It really concerns free will on my part. I feel that I am being, my free will is being taken away ay the decision that I am being asked to make, and my decision is not really the same as Filip’s, and I' m wondering if I stick with my decision, is it the right way.

Teacher: Yes, when a 3rd person, is concerned, and I assume this is correct, the other person should be consulted, and free will of that person should be consulted also, for a joint decision making exercise.

Yes, it's sort of two against one, I feel,

Teacher: Yes. You are receiving assistance for this.

Yes, sort of. But I don't know whether the assistance is going to be of use.

Teacher: You have a battle of will.


Teacher: And what is battle, conflict, and what do you have with conflict, victims, refugees. There are never conquerors, but there may come a peaceful resolution from revolution.

This isn’t really my problem, because I don't feel I have a problem, it’s more the other two parties that are in conflict. I appear to be in the middle, trying to keep the peace.

Teacher: You are meditating. The runner, the message bearer, not an enviable position. It is possible for you to remove yourself from this position, and to become a spectator.

Belinda Yes, I have tried to do that before though, but if I didn’t say anything, then I felt that things wouldn’t turn out right. What should happen, I feel, won't happen.

Teacher: So you are the Emperor, you have two gladiators.

You give the thumbs signal yes?

'Yes, in a way. I'm like the buffer.

Teacher: Yes. Becoming bruised.

'Yes, very much so.

Teacher: The slings and arrows of conflict, do not direct them towards yourself. Remove yourself, if possible in. emotion and thought, not of necessity of the physical, stand aside.You know the situation; it is for you to decide. Using the assistance you receive.

So my decision will not necessarily be the wrong one.

Teacher: Correct.

And yet, Filip last week, did feel that his decision was the right one, and yet it's not as it's the opposite to mine.

Teacher: And what of the 3rd person

He feels a similar thing to me.

It is of a complicated matter.

I'll just stand aside like you suggest arid take it from there.

Teacher: Arm yourself with calm.

I could try the figure 8 of light around the other two parties, couldn’t I?

Teacher: You could. I wish you well in your endeavours. There are more queries?

Melda In the last lesson, the last meeting, a mention was made of the use of the mirror, to reflect back antagonism to an instigator. Lately I've been using another method and I'd like you to comment on it please. Firstly I imagine a place of complete security, this place is filled with the harmony of love which completely envelopes me. I become one with that vibration, I enter a state of perfect serenity, my feeling at this point is that my aura is extensively, an extensive field of positive radiation, and the thread which had united the antagonism to me seems to pulsate in a positive manner and draw the antagonism, the antagonistic negativity towards me, as it enters my aura, the negativity is neutralized, the pulsation along the thread becomes positive again and travels in this form to the instigator of the previous antagonism. Is this a form of returning good for evil and is this the best way that I can do that, is there a better way?

Teacher: It is a good way. You are washing clean, yes. You see, by returning good vibration, you do not reflect the antagonism back to the transmitter, as with a mirror. You are understanding?



Teacher: Yes. Then, if there are no more queries, I shall leave you with this: -

To love self, is to be true to self.

To be in truth, love, light, which is God and it shall be returned to self, to enrich self.


Charlemont says closing prayer.