1987-08-13-Sentry Duty

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Topic: Sentry Duty

Group: New Zealand TeaM



TR: Babs



Charles: Opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your teacher. Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: Then, you have queries



Tommas: I have heard of a strange happening from a chap at work when his brother died, he went to the Maori burial ground to mow the section, because there was going to be a lot of people there, and his grandfather is buried at the top of the hill and they were going to bury the brother near the bottom.. So they started mowing round in a huge circle, as they approached the grandfathers grave, the mower cut out, and wouldn’t start until it was pushed away from the grave, arid each time they came back round, it cut out, until eventually they came away from the grave, and then they just mowed round and round with no trouble. I wondered if you would have an explanation for this or how it could happen

Teacher: Yes. Sentry Duty.

"By who?

Teacher: A field of magnetic force such as your electric. It is not of harm.

"Why would the forces be there?

Teacher: To protect. Only the weight of human is allowed.

"They have mowed the area at other times with no trouble, it was just this particular occasion.

Teacher: Yes.

Petta I don't quite understand the reasons for that because I thought, that once we passed over, our remains were just a shell, and if the soul has gone, what needs protecting

Teacher: The shell, it is deemed of great importance to some, that there shall be no disturbance at times such as these, and so protection is provided, you see, the protection can come from the desires of humankind. you are understanding?

All yes thank you.

Dominica Where does the protection come from, is it from the soul that once occupied the body or others

Teacher: What is thought, but electric? You have been told of the power, of thought yes. So human kind transmit the thought power to protect.

Tommas: They also have another problem. They always dig their own graves, and they paced out the coffin, dug out the grave, and allowed quite a bit extra as they normally do, but they got the coffin half way down, and it wouldn’t go any further, they had to keep getting down & chipping more away, and wiggling the coffin to get it down,, and they said they have never had this trouble before, they always allow a foot or more, and the coffin just kept getting stuck.

Teacher: In the wrong.

"Yes. Somebody thought maybe he wanted to be by the grandfather.

Teacher: Care. This resting place should be looked, with care.

Tommas: In what way?

Teacher: You may ask your friend, I presume you enquire with his knowledge?


Teacher: Then you may ask your friend who is resisting this burial of resting place. As I have said, humankind power of thought. Often at the passing, family do not allow resting. He may enquire as to who.

"Thank you.

Teacher: You have more queries.

Bryoni The other night we were given a pamphlet on vibrations on the 17 August, and in tonight’s paper there is a reference to it, I was wondering if there is any significance in this date?

Teacher: We have spoken of this before time. Martin?

Martin yes Abraham, we have actually got the information of it here, with us.

Teacher: You shall discuss during refreshment, yes?


Bryoni I went to visit a friend the other day, and I was feeling really great when I went there, and she wasn’t feeling terribly well, as the visit went on, I really began to feel quite sick. I didn’t think anything of it, just a bad feeling in my solar plexus, then when I went away, I felt great again, and came to the conclusion it had to be something to do with enemies, I wonder if you could explain to me what had actually happened?

Teacher: You absorbed transference, yes, power of thought. This is clear for you.

"There was no animosity at all.

Teacher: Of course not. It is not of necessity to have animosity, negativity, to be caring for a persons condition of heart, mind, body, is often sufficient for this transference to take place, to those who are sensitive to the needs.

"The white light, would that have protected me if I had thought of it....

Teacher: Correct.

Tommas: Did you have after effects from that or did it slowly wear off?

Bryoni It wore off when I got away. It was a dreadful feeling.

Tommas: So it possibly helped the other person anyway.

Teacher: You should be aware of this possibility.

Bryoni Yes, it’s probably happened before but the circumstances were such that they were so obvious.

Teacher: The area of your physical body you describe is the receiver, transmitter, protect yourself.

Tommas: If you deliberately set out to try to absorb some of this to help somebody, knowing; you were doing it, could that still be O K?

Teacher: Providing protection is requested.

Petta It would be like healing then Abraham?

Teacher: In a manner. Correct.

You heal, but don’t absorb.

Clara So that means that Bryoni is with her therapies, and her mind will be able to help more so, is that why people feel so well after she has given them therapy

Teacher: A possibility.

Bryoni But I never feel like that.

Teacher: Preparedness, un-preparedness.

Filip I think when you are healing, you are doing that for a purpose, but you just sort of went there.

Teacher: You have more queries

"A building, could that give a similar sort of negative vibrations

Teacher: The building on its own could not. Thoughts perhaps. You are understanding ?

"Thoughts that are in that building, or our own thoughts?

Thoughts remaining,

Melda Can you be affected by the shape of a building, I'm thinking of the pyramid.

Teacher: But of course. There are some buildings of narrow confines, dark & austere, which may cause feelings of over powering. Buildings which are of a light airy disposition cause feelings of light, airiness, yes,

"And colours too.

Teacher: But of course. I refer to previous discussions. There are more queries?

Tommas: I have heard of domestic animals, cats & dogs, when they have been removed from the dwelling they normally live at, the people have moved, and sometimes moved many miles away, the animals have managed to find their way back, could you explain how they manage to do this, is it magnetic forces they follow?

Teacher: It is a combination of many. Their senses being of a finer tuned than humans.

"Would humans have had this ability once?

Teacher: But of course. And animals of a domestic nature follow the sense of smell, never forgetting the inhabitation of a building. Smells permeate and become part of, and linger long after the occupants have gone. Yes.

"Yes. But sometimes these animals have been taken by car, say sometimes a 100 miles away, and they wouldn't have picked a scent up.

Teacher: They have a radar frequency.

"That would make it easier.

Bryoni it's Bryoni here, this may have been spoken of before, but do animals reincarnate as we do?

Teacher: On their own evolutionary, yes.

"So that when we sort of feel that an animal, you know some of them are so wise, that could be that they have been a few times?

Teacher: Yes.

Bryoni Thank you.

Clara This is Clara. I was told once that animals are a group soul, is that correct

Teacher: Are you not also a part of group consciousness?


Teacher: The two do not intertwine, do not pass from one to the other,

"Thank you.

Teacher: Then take refreshment you appear of slight discomfort. I shall return.

All Thank you Abraham


Teacher: You are all of comfort

All yes thank you. Abraham.

Teacher: You have queried


Tommas: I am Tommas: . We have a new Truth-seeker with us tonight. Her name is Lyn.

Teacher: I are aware, you have queries

Lyn Can you tell me what my soul name is

Teacher: Yes. One moment. The name of your soul is and was from the beginning, Delia (De, le, a) you wish letters?

"I do.


Delea Thank you.

Teacher: You are welcome, you are aware of the importance of the knowledge of the soul name.

"No, I am not, can your tell me?

Teacher: I shall. It is a sound vibration which at the time space your soul was created. This is clear for you

"Yes, thank you.

Teacher: There is explanation in. writings of the soul vibration, is there not?

Selina In our notes, yes

Teacher: Yes, you, wish more queries Delea?

Delea Can you tell me what it is that I am seeking?

Teacher: You do not know for yourself?

"I know that I am seeking something, but cannot put it into a form.

Teacher: Then I shall leave it for you to discover. As all here are discovering, this is correct?

All yes.

Teacher: Strange my answer may appear, but it is not so. You are understanding?

Delea yes.

Teacher: I have said I am your teacher, I teach the truth, which is the light, which is the love, which is God. The ocean of truth is vast, yes, this may assist in your discovery for yourself, you have more queries?

Tommas: Do our guides see us as light as you do

Teacher: Correct. You are all light.

"And do they see our physical world through our eyes at all?

Teacher: At times it is of necessity, but you see they perceive through your vibrations that which you experience. I refer you, to my previous mentioning of the light of you which may contract or expand according to your self yes.


Teacher: You also perceive each other as light although you are not physically aware of such, you have seen the light shine forth from another human, yes.

Most yes.

Filip Not that I am aware of.

Tommas: I haven't either,

Teacher: Then perhaps soon you shall Tommas: , you have seen the light of yourself?



Teacher: It is as this, you have more queries?

Odette Abraham this is Odette speaking. Could you please confirm my interpretation of phobias? I believe they are the result of past experiences in previous lives. Is this right?

Teacher: At times this is so. What is phobia but fear, it may be a learned fear from living in the womb before birth, it may be a learned fear from a young babe, learnt, from those persons in contact, it may be a remembered fear.

"Is there any way of overcoming, our specific phobias?

Teacher: Dependent on the fear.

Can our guides help us if we ask?

Teacher: Correct.

"Thank you.

Teacher: Patience with self and remembering the greatest fear is of fear itself, some persons experience a shock to the body mind part which may be termed fright which then translates to the person fear of such experience and then the expectation of a similar experience producing a similar fear brings a similar experience the similar fear, power of thought, power of thought projection yes, so you may use the power of thought projection to heal fear.

Thank you.

Tommas: Yes, when I went back to work I saw one of my guys using the press that I was injured on and I went straight, over and started helping him, and he sort of looked at me, and I said it's not going to get me twice, I'm not worried about it, and I just really I think wanted to confirm to myself that I wasn't frightened of it and I felt. O.K. and I have used it since with no problem at all.

Teacher: Yes.

Although we have made a piece of equipment which is safer than the unit we were using that, flew out and hit me, so it shouldn’t' t happen again anyway.

Teacher: So you have used your fright experience in a positive thought projection.

Tommas: yes,

Teacher: You, must all remember there is always the other side of the coin, yes, it may always be turned over. Yes, you are calm Selina?

Selina yes thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You are of comfort?

"Yes I think so.

Teacher: Your pain is diminished?

"It isn’t as bad as last week when you gave me healing.

Teacher: Your mind is of comfort?

"Yes I would say so.

Teacher: You do not forage


Teacher: Why so?

"Probably because I asked 10 million questions in the first few lessons, I don’t know, I have just ground to a halt.

Teacher: You are content to digest.


Teacher: Yes.

"I was quite pleased to hear Aldiin, was it Aldiin? Our new member last week, was that the right name?

Teacher: Correct.

"I was pleased to hear him say at, his very first meeting and amongst strangers, that. he was asking for help for the dark side of his nature and I thought that was a really powerful question to come out with at his very first meeting I have been coming for a long time and haven't led up to anything like that yet,. And I just felt quite proud of him for having the courage to say something like that.

Teacher: Yes, two sides of the coin, yes.


Melda I am Melda. When a drug addict has a child and the child is born a drug addict does that child decide before birth that he will to a drug addict? And it will be born a drug addict?

Teacher: Not of necessity, you seem to all take my words in a literal sense, look beyond my words to the real meaning of them. When a soul decides a situation is decided upon. In this situation may be certain lessons a certain path to be trod, yes. It is not of necessity to have minute detail of the situation and the path, knowing only that this path shall be the path for learning. There are many instances and situations which have certain lessons and there are many different varieties of learning, drug addiction may be one, but another path may give similar lessons, you are understanding?

"Yes. There is a controversy about the effect of drugs, some people think they are good for you, and others do not. Do they affect the energy centres?

Teacher: But of course, any that are addictive, where the body becomes a slave to itself and where chemical damage is irreparable. Energy centres are affected as I have said before times, moderation balance in all things

Melda And is all this tied up with the endocrine system?

Teacher: But of course. you see, given you are energy, electricity, wavelengths, vibrations, yes, to give a burst of power to a particular part of the vibration stimulates over a protracted length, of time may cause that part to become burned, unable to operate, therefore the rest of the vibration wavelength, is affected. Yes

"Yes. Are these energy centres affected by, do they have certain corresponding planets affecting a particular energy centre?

Teacher: Considering all in the universe is vibration, wavelength my answer is yes. You are understanding?

Yes, it just confirmed something that I was reading.

Teacher: Yes

Tommas: The pollution that we are also creating around the world will also affect it?

Teacher: But of course. If you understand vibration wavelength you understand much of the universe. And also understanding that you are part of the universe and the universe is part of you. You are therefore part of each, to each to each, yes.

All yes.

Teacher: In communication such as this you are in communication with the outer universe of the mind part, yes. Higher consciousness, one you are not aware of often, yes?

Tommas: The light you mentioned that we may see from other people would that be seen with the physical eyes?

Teacher: It may be seen with the physical eyes, it may be felt. It may be seen, heard, felt, sensed with some unseen eyes, yes?

Selina you, mean the way we are drawn to people sometimes?

Teacher: Correct. Not always, you see like attracts like, light attracts light, yes.

Tommas: Sometimes you can meet somebody for the first time and you instantly like them. and sometimes you instantly dislike them

Correct. If you think of vibration wavelength you shall have understanding of this.

Filip But can your wavelength be adjusted to suit the other person?

Teacher: It is possible. At times a great drain and not always sustainable for long periods as with everything. To give and to receive, to receive and to give, transmit/receive yes, each to each. Yes.


Free will

Delea It's Delea. Is it possible to get inside another persons body, inside their mind?

Teacher: From, the living state.


Teacher: In a manner of speaking it is. Through invasion of a persons mental thought. But, to invade another persons physical body, is not possible in the living state you may invade another persons auric field with your vibration wavelength or your thought transference causing disturbance, you are understanding?

Delea Is this dangerous to do?

Teacher: It is not of a wise condition, you have reason for enquiring?

"Yes and no, yes from the point of view in the work that I do I have often thought of trying to get inside another persons mind.

Teacher: You, see I have spoken at length before times of the freewill. To invade a person’s freewill with your will, unasked, uninvited is not good. You are understanding?


Teacher: There is a manner in which this may be done without, causing alarm without imposing will on freewill. This manner is thus. You may request of your guidance to ask the other persons guidance if they shall accept, aid from yourself through guidance. If the other persons guidance is able to pass information freely and willingly accepted of the other person then it is of benefit. If the other person does not, hear guidance and does not desire to accept then it shall not be of concern. Harm shall not occur, you are understanding?


Teacher: You are all understanding?

All yes.

Belinda I am Belinda. What about children and their freewill. I mean we talk about freewill because we are adults but how does it work on children?

Teacher: A child has freewill just as an adult there is no difference. There is a difference in the freewill of which I speak and the guidance of which a parent must operate yes.

BelindaYes, but when does it stop becoming parents guidance and the child’s freewill?

Teacher: When the child and the parent agree that it is now time for the child who is no longer a child. And may tread his path, her path independent of parent close guidance, yes?

Your standing aside is of ease, Belinda?

"Yes, there have been a couple of occasions last week that I've tried to stand aside and say that's not my problem.

Teacher: It has caused discomfort?

"No, actually I felt quite calm when I said it.

And in the doing, there was Calm?


Teacher: Then you have more queries before I take your leave.

Melda I’d like to go back to when we were talking about the planets. In the book I was reading, the 7 planets that were given as corresponding to the energy centres are the same seven planets which are mentioned as being in line this weekend, as being in the fire area which is purifying, so is it more that this weekend the effects will be in us as humans our consciousness, our outlook, rather than, the actual Earth itself.?

Teacher: It is for both. It gives a time, a space for concentration, yes. An alignment of the physical planets and alignment of the non-physical vibrations of planets influence within yourself. Yes, as is in the Universe, as I have said, is also in yourself. Speak.

"Has this anything to do with the correcting time you speak of

Teacher: You shall know, when I know,

"Thank you.

Selina The re-occurring pain I get in my side, that you mentioned earlier, is there actually anything physically wrong with me, is there an infection or something

Teacher: At the close of this appointment I shall request assessment, Selina, yes'

"Yes Abraham.


Teacher: Then, I shall leave you with this.

And I use your referral of the planets.

Take the opportunity to align your 7 inner planetary zones to correlate the alignment of the 7 planets in the outer zone, to re-establish yourself to re-establish your world. Draw on the universe which is light love God, for your self. Grow, yes. And at our next appointment you shall have experience to speak of.