1987-08-27-Space Bodies, Building

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Topic: Space Bodies, Building

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Charlemont, opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: You have queries?


Tommas: We have quite a few visitors tonight, some haven’t been to our meetings before.

Teacher: Yes, I am aware.

"Our scientists have discovered a large asteroid that is headed in. the direction of Earth, and if it continues on its present course, they say it could collide with the Earth in the year 2015, could you comment on this please

Teacher: One moment there have been many instances of this. Some large some small as to further comment on the validity, I shall not.

Tommas "There was a suggestion that the major powers on Earth could try to blow it up with nuclear weapons which is probably not a good idea.

Teacher: Yes. You see, this particular method would cause the Earth to shift in its orbit. There have been other instances where comets, meteorites, etc., have passed seeming close to the planet Earth, leaving an effect large or small but I shall not comment on this further

"I understand.

Petta I have also been reading that the ozone layer over the world is posing a threat to us, could you tell us more about this, is there any way in which we can combat it.

Teacher: Yes. The scientist has this matter in his concern.


Filip He spoke about it on the radio this morning.

Teacher: He did?

I query, He did?

"Yes, he did. He spoke, they are aware of the problem. Certain places in the planet have stopped using the propellant that affects the ozone layer, and they have just got to try & get everybody else to follow on, and use model 22, which is the one that breaks down in the atmosphere. Enough of the science lesson. _

Teacher: Yes

Selina Are we one of the countries that are or are not using it?

Filip No, we are still using the propellant that affects the ozone layer. They carried out tests during the Antarctic Summer

Teacher: You see, an effect in this particular part of the Earth, can manifest as major flooding of the Earth's surface, but the scientist has this,, yes. There are more queries


Martin I believe you want us to say what we felt with our meditation on the 16th and 17th after last weeks'....

Teacher: If you desire.

"Well it was when we had to line up our Chakras with the planets. I started the meditations, and I think it was the longest meditation I had, or have had for quite a long while, it was about an hour, and I got a very peaceful feeling, I could have gone on, and I had to almost force myself out of the meditation. I didn’t get any special effects or visions anything like that, it was just a feeling of peace.

Teacher: Yes, you see, this formation of the planets was in the element of fire, energy, some may have noticed a not so peaceful experience, but resulting in much calm.

Petta My experience when I sat in meditation in the same way as Martin, as well as asking for peace calm for the world I was also mentioning various people that I knew who needed extra peace calm and as I visualised these people individually, I brought the golden light up surrounded myself with that, and when I thought of these people, it was as though I had a golden thread going from the gold around me to each individual person and that was a wonderful thing to visualize, and I’m hoping that no I'm sure, that they did in fact receive the extra power that they needed because of this experience.

Teacher: Yes.Any other

Tommas: I can relate an experience but I never got as far as meditating. A few nights ago I awoke and was very restless and could not get comfortable. After a while I wondered if I had been awoken to meditate. As soon as I had asked for protection and called upon my guide, I saw a beautiful vision of bright colours which seemed to form various shapes & patterns some of these were very distinct, forming woven patterns in bright red & black, similar to the Maori style of weaving, suddenly everything went very bright, golden colour of various shades, forming multidimensional shapes. Some resembling machinery of some sort, buildings, but seemed to keep changing. Then the patterns & colours came back more in the form of ancient Egyptian sort of head dress and clothing and once again these would change and a sort of gold light different shade would come back and then back to the Colours & patterns. The colours were very bright and it was a beautiful sensation, but I do not understand the meaning of the experience, if there was meant to be one.

Teacher: You wish for me to tell

"Yes please, if you could.

Teacher: Yes. You were given insight of your guide. A journey. Yes.

"Thank you. I wondered if it might have been.

Teacher: Yes.

Filip Is this the same as the sensation I get in my thought.

Teacher: Which is?

"I spoke about this before times, where it feels as if I have got a trunk coming out of my forehead, or the left side of my head starts to melt, I had it again tonight.

Teacher: One moment. Becoming unaware of parts of the physical body at times such as the stillness is of a natural event. Your consciousness is losing consciousness of the physical body. You are understanding

Filip It sort of felt like that,

Teacher: You are all of comfort.

All Yes.

Teacher: Our visitors are at ease? There are more queries

Charlemont I would like to query. You speak to us of calmness, are you referring to the calmness: that we could have for a few seconds in the stillness, or minutes of calmness over a longer period of time.,

Teacher: A good query. One moment. I assemble words.

The stillness is your pool of calm, when in the stillness you may find calm, you may draw on this calm to live with you in your everyday busyness. You are understanding?

"I might explain further. I felt in a particular period of this week that I was calm, and I know Ruby felt that she was calm, but we noticed while speaking, and I admitted the fact that my temper was very close to the surface, and has been for some time, and it doesn’t take very much for me to lose my temper, and yet I am feeling calm, I wondered how often we were supposed to feel calm or to be calm and I wondered how many others present felt similar

Tommas: I think your temper is also like a safety valve as long as you don't dwell on it. I don't think it's good to keep bottling it up, if you can get it out, you'll feel better.

Charles: I think that's the key. I felt I was being calm, by staying calm, whereas in actual fact, the calmness was holding down other emotions.

Teacher: You see, the calm can ease much, it may temper your temper, yes. You are understanding

Clara Tonight I had visitors from Auckland, and she was saying her wee baby of two, was watching TV when the prime Minister of N Z and the Minister of the opposition came on in a discussion and their little girl became so aggravated that the mother was convinced that the aggravation between the two men was affecting the little girl. And with all the agro that has been going on within the last few weeks with politicians, is it having an effect on people

Teacher: One moment. Transmitted waves which are polluted with negativity are received by some yes.

Tommas: Getting back to temper. I was wondering if it was more harmful to bottle it up inside, is it better to have a little outburst & clear your mind & body of it, quite often you do feel better after a little outburst and go back to being calm:.

Teacher: Yes. As I have said before times, left to fester shall cause harm, provided anger is not harmful to others, yes, You have more queries ?

Clara The prayers that were said over Sunday & Monday, did they have a calming effect throughout the world?

Teacher: The effect of this is long reaching. You see as with ripples in a pond so the effect of this prayerful days shall also be, you are understanding?

Tommas: It was quite a good feeling to know that you were adding your little bit to all these thousands of people all the way around the world,

Teacher: Correct.

There are more queries?

Perhaps our visitors may benefit from refreshment for their comfort & I shall return. Yes?

Melda Before we have our refreshment, Margaret the friend who I have brought would like to know her soul name and the name of her guide please.

Teacher: I think refreshment, and I shall return. Yes?


Teacher: You have queries?

Margaret Good evening. I'm a visitor here tonight. I understand you can tell me my soul name and the names of any guides I might have, would you do this for me please?

Teacher: Yes, One moment, your name is and was from the beginning= BRONWENN.

You wish letters? BRON- WENN You are aware of the importance of the name of soul? You also desire your guidance name, one moment. The name of your guidance is = Felicia who is happy to communicate in the stillness. You are of comfort?

BRONWENN Yes thank you.

Teacher: I await your queries.

Tommas: Is it O.K, if Aldiin, when he is visiting Hamilton, on a Thursday night, if he comes to our meetings, he is not always in Hamilton.

Teacher: If he is of desire,

"Thank you,

Deborah Could I please have my guide & my soul name, please.

Teacher: One moment. I give soul name first. Your name is and was from the beginning= TERRISSE' (Teresa) (the name of soul) One moment for guidance.

The name of your guidance is Amos who is happy to communicate in the stillness. You are also aware of importance of soul name?

TERRISSE Yes. Could I please have the spelling of the soul name?

Teacher: One moment, TERRISSE (Teresa)

It is the SOUND of the name which is important. I give you letters for sound, yes. There are more queries?


BRONWENN I would like to ask you a question, but it's a bit long, will you bear with me?

Teacher: Of course.

BRONWENN I'd like to ask you, if you can explain to me my understanding of Karma is that the good things we have in this life, and the not so good things we have in this life, are a result of things we have done, or not done, perhaps in a previous life, that's the first part of the question, are my assumptions correct?

Teacher: End of query?

"No it's not, shall I go on?

Teacher: You may.

"I also understand that Jesus Christ he came & he said that he came to save the sinners that his life & particularly his death, wiped out all our sins, that he took his sins upon us, does that wipe out Karma then I've been reading a book that says we no longer are under the law of Karma, but under the law of Grace and Love, is this correct?

Teacher: It would be of great benefit if this were so, would it not?

"It would be beautiful, but is that the way it is

Teacher: It is the way it should be but given human frailties, human conditions, it is not possibility. Karma is but cause & effect. You may experience causes effect in one life time. Not of necessity, the effect of causes from previous experiences of the physical. The quotation of Jesus taking the sins of the world upon himself was his desire, and it was through the sins of jealousy, greed, etc which caused his physical death, the effects are still in existence, the shame, the guilt, etc. from this unjustified act of human kind is but a small example of humankind behaviour each to each. Yes? His desire was, that in his death, he would take these sins from human kind and leave realization but it was not so. Human kind’s physical experiences are ever learning these lessons. You wish to query my answer?

"I think I need to think about it, thank you very much.

Teacher: You are welcome. Are there any other queries to my answer? Then there are more queries?

Maurice I'd like to know my soul name & guide name please.

Teacher: I give soul name first, one moment.

The name of soul is, and was from the beginning= EDOURD (pronounced ED/ w/ ARE/D you wish letters?

EDOURD (Ed/w, are, d )

You are aware of importance of soul name?


Teacher: I give you guidance, one moment.

The name of guidance is Verr-on who is happy to communicate in the stillness. You are aware of the stillness?

Edourd yes.

Teacher: You are all of comfort? Your minds are of comfort?


Charlemont You have mentioned in the past, when somebody asks for soul name, you contact through guidance to find this, to the persons’ guidance, is that correct?

Teacher: Correct,

"I understand that would take time on our level, why does it take time to find the guidance name, if you have already contacted the guidance to find the soul name?

Teacher: Ah yes III

It takes transmitting from one to once to once to one to one to Abraham. At times, dependant also on the persons requesting the information and their comfort with their mind. Some guidance are reluctant to reveal their name just as human kind are reluctant at times. You are understanding?

"I don't understand why the reluctance would be there.

A shyness.

"Yes. I was going to mention Ruby and I saw a candidate for parliament talking with friends who were all eagerly chatting to the man, and then he stood on a soap box to ask queries of the general public and hardly anybody asked him a questions, then when he finished & got off the soap box, he had people all around him, asking lots of questions, and it made me think of tonight, where, when 3-4 of us sit around you, the questions come flowing forward, when 20 of us sit around you, there are less questions, which seems completely reversed to what you would think, so I can only assume it's a shyness of us, to speak with others listening.

Teacher: But of course.

But I'm amazed to find guides suffer the same as what we do,

Teacher: Your guidance has been chosen for similar characteristics, as I have before times explained. You see, they are not only being revealed to the person they are guiding they are revealing themselves to many. You are understanding

"Those that actually become truth seekers and come to meetings such as this have already crossed a certain bridge to actually reach this point, and I would have assumed that, that actually would have been enough to alleviate some of the shyness.

Teacher: There are many factors. Shyness of the manner of the appointment. Shyness meeting other persons unknown to them. There are many reasons; vibrations are at a differing rhythm. You may be unaware of discomfort, but it is discomfort.

"Is there any advice you can give us when you ask us, are we of comfort, obviously most of us aren’t of comfort really then, and we are not aware of the vibrations of this discomfort, is there something you can tell us to help us to find the comfort when we are in your presence?

Teacher: Calm.

I am aware of uncertainties. Inquisitive minds bring many persons to such as this.

Charlemont Yes. It's become rather a joke with us, that the best thing to make us quiet is for you to ask for any queries.

Teacher: I am aware.

Tommas: I had a course at work yesterday, where we had to present and prepare a speech, and eventually we will be speaking to our own groups of workers, but on this occasion we had guys from head office plus managers and people from other departments and I found it not too bad, I even volunteered to be 2nd, which was quite good for me, and there was 9 of us there, and they said when you get in your own environment, and amongst your own crew, you'll find it a lot easier. I think all of us did quite well out of it. We had one Italian guy who was very embarrassed because his English is not the best, but once we cajoled him into the chairman’s seat, he went away quite well in his own language; we even gave him a round of applause, which did him a lot of good.

Teacher: Yes, you see persons meeting for the first time, do much sizing of each. Their conversation is not personal to begin, until comfort with each other has come, so it is with appointments such as this.

"Yes, even the person who was taking the course, and has done this right throughout the companies branches, said even the first few minutes, he was a bit shaky until he got the feeling of the group. And he said it was a good half to three quarters of an hour, before he felt relaxed, and this is his job, going out meeting people, and he still gets like it. So it's a natural thing.

Teacher: Correct,

Charlemont If seeking the truth is, and it seems to me, my path has been a very, very personal path, and from where I am sitting it would seem for everybody, it must be a personal path, how then, can a group of this size ever achieve the personal path to truth, if we have the barrier in each of us, of shyness to combat?

Teacher: This barrier may be overcome, given trust, given time, yes.

Filip We found this on our first 10 appointments, didn’t we, that it slowly got more personal.

Teacher: And truth for each differs from the other. Then, if there are no more queries.


Dominica I would just like to say that I am sorry, but I won't be here next week as I have another commitment, but I would just like to say that at the time the prayer for peace was happening, I tried to meditate, but I didn’t get very far, so I said to Mary, maybe I'll have a dream instead, and I did. I dreamed that our whole family was in the kitchen including my Nanna, and we were all talking, when the phone rang, and I answered it, as I was the closest, and this lady was talking to me, and she seemed to know me, but I didn’t know who it was, and I didn’t believe her, and she kept saying, I am your Nanna, and I thought, well that's rubbish, because my Nanna is next to me, and my other Nanna has been dead for about 12 years or more, anyway, I can't remember the exact words, but I said, prove it, and she said something like, the lesson is LOVE and find the STILLNESS, which I sort of went into shock, and ran over to mum, and cried, but I told her I loved her, and I put down the phone, and I was really……… it still sort of shakes me up. I was really pleased because I didn't feel that I'd had the chance to tell her that before.

Teacher: I have checked your dream Dominica, it was truth

Thank you.

Teacher: Your tears are of joy?

Yes, and amazement I think as well.

Teacher: You are requiring physical comfort Dominica

I'll be OK, thank you.

Teacher: Be of calm. Truth comes in many disguises.

A dream of truth is truth indeed. Remember the message you received.

Yes. I wish I could remember the exact words but I remember near enough. (life’s answers are in the stillness).

The essence is sufficient,

Selina The nanna Dawn talks of is my Mother, and it's her birthday today, or would have been, had she still been alive.

Teacher: I am aware,


Clara I just want to apologise that I won't be here for the next three appointments.

Teacher: Yes. I accept. You shall be thought of

"Thank you.


Then if there are no more queries, I shall leave you with this.

Charlemont Abraham, if I may just say, after you have given that, we would like some healing prayers for Hagadah and anybody else that needs healing at this stage.

Then concentrate your thoughts. Then I leave you with this

Once = Strangers

Twice = Acquaintance

Thrice = Friend


Charlemont says closing prayer.