1987-09-03-The Planets, Scripture

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Topic: The Planets, Scripture

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Charlemont opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: Greetings, you have queries


Tommas: The insight that I had of my guide, that I mentioned last time, I presume that he was around at the time of the early Egyptians, and at some stage had something to do with machinery, but the red and black weaving, I'm not too sure, I didn’t know whether it was maybe Maoris or /Red Indian, I wondered if you could explain for me.

Teacher: It has no significance of importance. This is clear for you

"Yes, thank you. I've had the visions on several occasions since, and what has surprises me, is that I have always been awake, not while I've been meditating, normally it has been while I'm in bed, but I've woken up, and I know they are coming, and they just burst into colour and are there, not for very long, not as long as the first time.

Teacher: Then, request clarity.

"Thank you.

Teacher: Of much interest, Tommas: . You are of comfort

All Yes.

Teacher: There are more queries

Petta We are told that there are 12 planets in the Universe, is there a name for each planet, in other words, could l know what the 6th planet is

Teacher: I am not understanding your query, are you asking for me to tell you the name, or are you asking whether your self should know this

"I'm asking whether you can tell me the name of the 6th planet, if there is such?

Teacher: You are not aware of the planets in the universe

"Well I was informed that there were twelve, and then when I am told that a certain guide or spirit comes from the 6th planet, I don’t know to which one we are referring.

Teacher: They are in position relative to the distance from planet earth.

"Thank you.

Teacher: There are known planets in your Universe. There are un-named, un-discovered also. They have not yet come to mans' attention, you have the name of your planet for your self

"No, no. I was just told the 6th planet.

Perhaps Jupiter

Teacher: Perhaps not.

Perhaps . ...name your planets

you have Earth, you have the Sun, you have the moon, you have Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Bacchus and others.

And I miss Saturn.

You should ask of your guidance to give you from which planet it is numbered,

Petta Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: If it be numbered from Pluto, it should be differing from that numbered from Earth.

Filip I seem to have lost you there somewhere,

Selina You don't know about her guide, and the planet

Petta Well, I’m really asking this for Charles, he's the one that asked me the other day. There is a certain guide from a certain planet.

Teacher: This is your query Charlemont?

Charlemon In a round about way, yes,

Teacher: Then why not query for self

"It was a query I made to Petta in: the week about something else I haven’t sufficient information yet to ask you, there are a whole lot of queries concerning the book we have, it's partly to do with that, but I'm still studying the book. I hope to confront you with a lot of queries shortly.

Teacher: You see, some consider Earth to be the centre of your Universe. Some consider the Sun to be the centre of your Universe, I give you this information., you are the centre of the Universe.

You have told us in a past, there are moons we do not see, arid I assume from that statement there are Universes we do rot see,

Teacher: But of course, your Universe, that you are aware of, is but a small portion.

you have,,,

No, I shall not give more information. There are more queries?


Melda I've been studying Revelations and Genesis, and in Genesis, it gives the 12 names of Jacobs' sons. I understood they were the 12 tribes of Israel, and in Revelations when they talk about the sealing of the tribes, they miss out Dan who was one of Jacobs's sons and instead they put in, I'm not quite sure how you say his name, Manasseh, and he is actually Jacob's grandson, he was one of Joseph's sons, why was Dan missed out, why was the tribe of Dan missed out

Teacher: One moment.

It is not correct recording, as much of your bible is not correct recording.

"Which is wrong, the Revelations or Genesis

Teacher: Much of all is incorrect. You must remember most, if not all, was written long after events took place. After generations of verbally passing information, and you are aware of the changing value of verbal transmissions from generation to generation, from person to person, yes

Selina I have the heat in my stomach tonight, and I haven’t had it for several meetings, why does it come and go like that?

Teacher: Take notice of where you sit yourself where this occurs.

Well, most weeks I am next to you.

Teacher: Correct.

Selina Some weeks I am opposite you.

Teacher: I have said, correct,

Guardian Angels

"And I have been reading about Angels. The bible only seems to mention, 2, Michael & Gabriel

Teacher: They were chief, they are chief.

"and Charlemont lent me a book that mentions 5 others, and their names, they all seem to end with a similar sound, is this important, angels are, it's something to do with their certain vibrations, the sound of their name.

(Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Saraqael, Gabriel, Remiel, Raguel)

Teacher: Not correct.

"Which part is not correct? They don't really sound alike?

Teacher: They are of a similar vibration, Michael, Gabriel also.

"But the name has no bearing on the fact that they are Angels

Teacher: Correct,

"Does every race have its own guardian angel, every nation, every city & every church?

Teacher: Every person.

Filip (speaks but not picked up on mike)

Selinato Filip.... every person only?

FilipI would say so. Check with Abraham.

Selina You must be right, he hasn’t contradicted.

Filip Am I correct in saying that it's each person, each soul, sorry, has a guide, not churches which are a collection of souls anyway

Teacher: Correct.

Selina -And what is the Deity?

Teacher: God,

Selina God or God in Angel form?

Teacher: God.

Soul Mates

"Do we only have one soul mate, if our soul mate dies are we given another?

Teacher: You may have more than ore.

"Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: But, if your soul mate should physically depart, you are not given another, you are understanding

"No, I don't think I do.

Teacher: You are not given a soul mate to replace a departed soul mate. This is clear. We do not replace a soul mate as you would a broken plate or utensils. This is clear for you

"But you said we sometimes have more than one.

Teacher: Correct.

"So we choose several in soul consciousness before we start our journey?

Teacher: Soul mates are not chosen as guidance are chosen. Your soul mate may or may not incarnate in the same life journey as yourself.

Your soul mate may not incarnate until near the end of your physical journey but a meeting shall occur.

Tommas: It may only be very brief?

Teacher: But of course. You are understanding

SelinaI think I've got lost somewhere.

Tommas: clarify soul mate, it might help.

SelinaWell I thought soul mate was like a partner to you, or a best friend.

Teacher: A soul mate has a similar path to yourself. Each life experience is of a similar journey. At the end of your physical journey, journies, you meet, you assist each to each to understand your journey, with the assistance of your guidance. This is clear for you?

"Yes. Becoming clearer. Could several people in this room be soul mates to each other?

Teacher: COULD. Your queries leading somewhere Selina?



Teacher: For example, Benjamin, Charlemont, Martinus, Reuben are soul mates.

Selina I think what I was really doing was that Ruby lost a soul mate a few weeks ago, and she was very upset, I just wondered if she had more, and if she knew.

Teacher: Correct, but because a soul mate departs there is not an immediate replacement. This is understood?

"Yes, thank you Abraham

Teacher: But if it was the only soul mate, there is no replacement.

Bryoni Is it possible to go through life without meeting a soul mate or do we always meet our soul mate, or one of our soul mates.

Teacher: Always. Meeting may be brief, but recognition occurs whether you are conscious of this recognition, or not, Most often consciously aware, yes. Considering the time space lapse which has occurred, your queries are few.

Selina I sort of feel that we have ground to a halt in one direction, that we ought to be taking a new direction.

You should be taking.

"Yes. but I'm not quite sure what it is, and quite how to start it, just I feel it should be on the personal level, perhaps telling you things about ourselves but I’m still not quite sure what, not so much problems, not really confessions, but still something, something to help us grow.

Tommas: I was reading back through some of the notes tonight, before the meeting, and it's amazing how thick the file is already, and we've learnt so much, that once again

I feel that it will come naturally, is my feeling, that I don't have to desperately search for something, I feel that it will suddenly click.

Teacher: You see, your queries have been concerned with externalities, (This is a correct usage)? Externalizing, yes.

Filip We understand.

Tommas: To ourselves.

Teacher: You are of natural interest of your world as you perceive with your physical eyes. You are now becoming aware of your world you do not perceive, which is the world of your self.

Selina I thought Aldiin perhaps was on the right track when he spoke to you of his darker side, but……

Teacher: That is for him.

"But you just said for him to talk to his guide in the stillness, and we all know to do that, so I didn’t quite know where to go from there.

Teacher: You see, his visit was brief, was of an exploration, not all were of comfort, each to each, why then should I delve into this darker side.

"only because he had asked, and cannot come very often.

Teacher: This is correct, so his answer was to use the stillness.

Tommas: Yes, we spoke with him yesterday, and he is very pleased with him self, he feels a lot better, a lot happier, and he feels that even that one brief meeting has done him a lot of good, he said it didn’t hit him straight away, but it's something that's got through to him, and he was feeling quite good about it yesterday. Unfortunately he couldn’t be here tonight.

Teacher: Yes.

SelinaWe have his son & daughter with us tonight.

Teacher: Yes. But you see I have said many times, you are of comfort, your answers are always the affirmative, physically of comfort, emotionally mentally, and spiritually not quite of comfort, each to each. When this is at its fullness, then you shall discover the world of yourself. Do not concern, it shall come of a natural event.

"And in the meantime, we don't seem to have anything, any other questions, and it seems such a waste of an evening, we look forward to the Thursdays so much. Perhaps I should say I feel regret later that evening or the following day, but I'm never sure what I could have said to help the situation.


Teacher: Then I say this, to you, I say this to all, you receive that which you give, if you give, you receive, If you are receiving regret, what is it you have given, if you are receiving frustration what is it you have given, if you are receiving emptiness, what is it you are giving. If you are receiving fullness, what is it you are giving? This you must remember and also it appears I chastise, but I do not. You see, I have been guiding you to an emptiness of queries, whereby you are now understanding a little more of your path to self.

Selina And this path that is ahead, is it a painful path, emotional?

Teacher: Is it a joyful path, a bitter path, a sweet path, I know not Selina, if I did, I would not say,

"Inwardly we may know1 and this may be why we all hang back.

Teacher: You may all be surprised to find it is not as you imagine. Imagination is more often illusory than reality. Reality of self.

Charlemont I find my problem with my own queries, and I'm sure some of my friends, your lessons are so subtle compared to others I've read, such as Seth and other teachers, who answer queries in straight ways that we are used to from schooling, that your answers are of a much more subtle kind, that we have to go away and really think about them, and for that reason alone it's harder to make the queries because the answers are not the same as we are used to, from school, that's all I can say.

Teacher: Correct. I do not learn for you, I guide you, I teach, A teacher guides, shows the path, you must tread this for your self.

Filip I found we were getting really close, becoming more personal before we stopped the end of our 10 committed lessons and allowed people to come and investigate,

Tommas: Broke the mood a bit.

Filip That night we all stood in a circle, everybody was real close, it was real close group and when everybody's come and investigated and either stayed or gone away and we get back to that, l think that's the only, that's probably the way it's going to be, to go, that's my feelings.

Tommas: Though we have all benefited greatly from the meetings, I know myself, it's helped me tremendously in my life, I've got control of my temper, I'm not as shy, I'm more tolerant of others, and to one, I think it's just amazing, and it's only through Abraham's teachings

Teacher: Ahl!! Remember I guide, you tread your path.

Yes, I was just going to add that but you have done it for me.

Teacher: Yes. Then take your refreshments, I shall return.

Selina Before you go Abraham, we have a new truth seeker with us tonight that can’t stay for the 2nd half, yes.

If he has any questions can he ask now?

Teacher: Yes.


Richard I was just wondering whether you could tell me my soul name and guide, please?

Teacher: One moment.

I give you soul name first.

I beg your pardon, I give your guidance first. The name of your guide is B E N N E T T (Benett)

"I wonder if you can spell that please.

Teacher: She is happy to communicate in the stillness. One moment for soul name. I would add, she was insistent on being first.


Selina Just like Richard.

Teacher: The delay is, I check this. I am unsure of spelling, but the name of soul, is and was from the beginning Quoltraine

I have Q U O L T R A I N E (quol-traine) kol-train

Quoltraine Thank you.

Teacher: You are aware of the importance of soul name

"Not fully

Teacher: You wish me to describe for you or you wish to discuss with others?

"I'd like you to describe it thank you.

Teacher: Your name is a vibration, a sound, a wave length, it is yours always, your earthly parents gave you a name which lasts for this journey only. Your soul name goes wherever you go. Treat it with care, with respect for it is the name of your soul, yes you are understanding


Teacher: You have more queries 7

"How long do you think it will be for someone to contact their soul guide?

Teacher: This is dependent on the person and their sensitivity to their guidance, you are understanding

"Yes. Is there anyway of finding out how sensitive you are?

Teacher: You shall know, when you have contact made.

Thank you.

Teacher: You have been told how to do this?


Teacher: You have more queries before you depart

"No thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Then journey well in your discovery of self. I shall return.


Charlemont Abraham, we have been speaking of virtually the feeling of humbleness of where we are, and also standing tall and proud with your teachings (during; refreshment break) and I think this relates to our not asking many queries, we are in that cross road, feeling quite humble knowing there is so much to learn and the vast ocean of truth, at the same time being really proud that we are here.

Teacher: Correct.

"I was wondering if there was any way we could ask you as our teacher, is there a way you could help us and guide us into a way of querying more or learning more

Teacher: I have not done this?

"Perhaps a bit more

All Laughing

Teacher: Look to your self

Charlemont I have said to a few friends here that the lessons take place the week between the times with you and those are the times we should discuss here, am I right in saying that?

Teacher: Correct.

Tommas: I had a couple of experiences at work, one girl mentioned that she went to Tarot card readings and she said she didn’t like the readings she got, so she asked if she could do it again and got virtually the same cards and the same reading, then she suddenly said to me, "I want to know what happens to your soul when you die", so I told her, and just explained briefly how I knew, and about our meetings, and it's given her something to think about. Then there was another girl was telling me of a friend of hers who phoned a medium, and had a reading done, she said, "I don't believe in any of that, I think you just live & die, and when you die that's the end of it", and I couldn’t help smiling and I said, "Then you are in for a bit of a surprise" she asked why, and once again I very briefly told her about the meetings and I just left her to think about it. That's two people in one week, which was quite strange.

Teacher: Yes, I t is enough.

Filip I have also done that this week with the lady who does the photocopying. Of all the weeks she's been doing it this week she asked about it.

Selina She must have seen the odd thing that's caught her eye, glanced at the notes, and made her wonder. I would.

Filip I don't think so, because I spoke to her about the pyramids a long time before she ever did the photocopying, and she was sort of an aware type person, when I spoke to her a long time ago.

Teacher: A small seed.

Tommas: I know when we first started I felt there was a real urgency, what am I here for etc., that seems to have faded and I'm just sort of, feel like I'm waiting.

Filip I still think I’m still trying to find out what I am here to learn. I try imagining what I am supposed to be learning, and I haven’t come to any conclusions really.

Teacher: What is it you imagine?

" I don't know whether I am here to learn to live with frustrations or how to not be angry or how to be of great, calm, I always get the feeling I would like to be like Mother Teresa.

Selina Loving others?

Filip Yes. That would be magic, to be like a Guru, not to have to worry about earning a living, doing everything for everybody, not having to worry about the mundane things This is why I've been interested in Volunteer Service Abroad, that's a thing that's always attracted me, to be able to go and help somebody.

Selina Just to be able to love everybody.

Charlemont But surely her life is involved with the mundane things really, she lives above that spiritually, but her life is taken up with the mundane.

Selina Finding enough food, enough clothing, enough bedding....

Filip But it's not for herself though is it.

Selina Well she shares what the other have, she doesn’t live any better than those around her.

I don't want to love the world, if I could just love the those around me, I mean I've talked about how I struggle with my mother-in-law, l find it very difficult to love her, and I've had three or four visits over the last few weeks, and the visits now are better than they were a year ago, but I still go, I suppose I'm a bit scared each time of the reception I will get, so I go a little bit anxious, yes, and I try to be careful about the subjects I bring up, sometimes I don't speak, I just let her talk all night, that way if I don't speak I can't say anything to upset her, but we've had three visits now that have been quite good, now a year ago I couldn’t have said that, so are we coming to love each other, we are certainly more tolerant of each other.

Filip A year ago you weren’t involved in these lessons were you, you had not become aware of your self or the love for other people.

Selina That's right, so I thought we were here to learn to love each other,

Bryoni Do you mean here in this room.

Selina No, everybody, all over, but start with those nearest.

Teacher: Among other things.

"The other thing I was going to say was to find out more about God, more about the love force.

Filip And self.

Selina And self, that's right.

Teacher: You have each spoken of that which you are to learn, plus much more.

Tommas: I think it's the "much more" that's got us a bit stumped at the moment.

All Laughter.

Teacher: Do not concern.

Filip It will evolve won't it. I believe it will evolve slowly, this is what Abraham has been teaching us from the time we came, he always says, do not concern, it will come out eventually.

Teacher: From your personal day to day experience.

Charlemont That is where we are, in day to day, living those experiences, it's the reaction the cause & effect the living is, the cause and how we attack it and we are left with the effect, the way we react to it, rather like looking at a huge mountain, we all started walking up slowly, hand in hand, we are looking at our feet shuffling along, every now again when we look back, we've come a long way.

Filip This was in a book.

Charlemont I thought that was mine,.

Filip I've read it somewhere. As you climb the mountain...

Selina About going up one side and down the other. You see I had a dream in the beginnings of our lessons and I dreamed I was climbing a stepped pyramid, and it was a real struggle to get from one step up to the other, they were so high, the steps, and I climbed & climbed & climbed and I was really tired, and I looked back down to see how far I had come, and I was only just off the dirt, the grass!!!

All Laughing.

Selina Now that's frustration for you.

Charlemont I had a worse one; I was rushing down a tunnel saying to them, come this way, and it was the tunnel into the...

Selina pits?

Charlemont the chamber of chaos.

Selina Not a very good scout leader

Charlemont No, but Ruby stopped and was looking up the right way.


Selina This all comes back to what Abraham has told us before we can't love others until we love ourselves, and I’m continually putting myself down, there were such a lot of things about me that I didn’t like.

Filip This is what I said before, I couldn’t understand that.

Selina No, 'cause your so wonderful. Full of confidence.

Tommas: You always tend to put yourself last, you don't think of your self.

Charlemont You start to touch your own hang ups, Now my hang; up for instance if I may say it, is academia, always has been, so I think you have to be intelligent to understand this, and I'm slowly realizing you don't have to be intelligent, otherwise I wouldn’t be here, and then others around here have got their own hang ups, like Wilma's is, she's having trouble loving herself, I don't have much trouble loving myself, I used to, now I know I'm fantastic I'm alright, it's understanding, so if everyone admitted to themselves their little bits of hang ups perhaps that's the first step.

Selina Well my hang up's easy. I don't like myself because I don't like being fat. I am overweight. That comes back to will power, I have no will power. When it comes to food, I’ll just, pig; out on cakes, or biscuits or all the goodies in life, arid I don't like myself because I don't have any will power, because I don't have any will power, I am overweight,

Charlemont Do you like other fat people?

Selina Nooooo it’s because I can see its wrong, you shouldn’t do that to your body, so I don't like them for doing it to themselves, and I don't like me for doing it to me but I don't seem to have the will power to stop it, I have been on diets and I don' t stick to them

Filip There's that little path of learning,

Selina Well I suppose it is. I suppose I've chosen it, but I'm shortening my life by choosing that path, so the Doctors say.

Bryoni Could it be the other way round, you say you don't like yourself because you are fat, could it be the other way round?

All you are fat because you don't like yourself.

Selina I don't see why not, yes, probably.

Charlemont Trying to make more of yourself to love,

Selina Well I know that food to me was like attention getting, going back to my childhood, when my Father was away at war, and my Mother would spend long periods of the day feeding me, and once I had cleared my plate Mum would go away & do something else, well if I ate more, she'd stay with me longer, so am I still seeking attention, am I seeking love, but I don't know how to find the answer to these questions, all I know is, well I know something, but I don't know where I am going right or going wrong,

Teacher: You indulge yourself.

Yes, I do, but why do I do it?

Teacher: You do not accept this. Accept your indulgence of self and it shall be more of ease.

Charlemont Enjoy being fat.

Teacher: I did not say that. Accept your indulgence of self and it shall become more of ease. Acceptance of self is of importance. I have said this many times before. The exercise you have just, some of you have entered into is and shall be of benefit in the time to come. Discussion in my presence is welcomed by myself.

Tommas: This is how the meetings developed, we talked about this earlier. I think the break with the visitors has knocked us back a little bit, so now we have to get back into the swing, the old mood.

Filip We have reached this stage, didn’t we, at the end of our 10 lessons.

Selina Yes, the end of our 10 lessons ended with me moaning about me.

Melda It's resistance of accepting what

Teacher: Have I not said this?

"what gives it power?

Teacher: Have I not said this?

Bryoni You can't change anything until you accept that you are like that, not just Wilma, but everybody, until you accept that, you can't change it.

Teacher: Correct.

Tommas: You have to recognise your faults.

Teacher: You may recognise without acceptance. Acceptance brings understanding, understanding brings thought, feeling, action. Acceptance is not of ease, of the difficulties one finds with ones self.

Charlemont I think that some of the group have to face the acceptance of the fact, that the visitors came, and it shouldn’t be looked upon as a negative thing.

Teacher: Correct

"And accept it as such, there are others who wanted them here, all of us here it might seemingly put us back a bit, but it hasn’t.

Filip It's stopped us a little bit, but it's brought all those other people, made them aware.

Charlemont )

Tommas: ) We stopped it ourselves.

Selina The 4 weeks I didn’t have much to say, but it's partly because I wanted the new people to have their chance to talk because they perhaps were only going to come that once.

Tommas: I think we expected them to

Selina Yes, I think that's what it was. I expected them, my first meeting, I had so many questions, that I suppose I thought that others would be the same as I was and make the most of that opportunity and I was quite surprised and probably disappointed when they didn’t use that chance.

Charlemont I had a similar feeling when I came here. I thought you all would have so many questions that it would be fantastic, I sat quite frustrated for quite a few weeks because nothing was coming out from a class of 15-20 people, so it's a lesson there you see.

Bryoni I've got questions but I can't ask them, if I could write them down & ask you to ask them.

Teacher: Bryoni, what is it hinders your self?

"I'm not sure, I just get quite embarrassed.

Teacher: It is your self, hindering your self.

Tommas: Could you try a little question?

Teacher: Do rot concern. Accept your embarrassment.

Filip Do our guides stop us from asking questions at some stages?

Teacher: Guidance does not interfere with free will.

SelinaI would have thought it would be the opposite, if anything they would nudge you because they want us to grow, I wouldn’t have thought they would stop, if anything they would push.

Filip Yes, but what was said before times about guides being embarrassed or reluctant to give information in front of strangers.

Tommas: That was "of them"

Filip. But you are of a similar nature to your guide, that's what I was just wondering, you see because my biggest question is, my guide is called Michael, now is that the archangel Michael, or is it another Michael

Teacher: You wish your answer

"I would love to know my answer please.

Teacher: You have queried for yourself and found it is just Michael. None the less, the importance of your guidance is not lessened by this as is for everyone.

Charlemont.Don’t be embarrassed, I asked if I was a reincarnation of Jesus once,

Filip Well it was said once that Abraham found it easy to communicate with Michael.

Selina But then if Michael is like you, you find it easy to chat here, so perhaps Michael is a chatter box as well, he just likes talking to Abraham, he makes it easy.

Bryoni Have our guides actually got the same nature, or is it just that they have learnt the same lessons and they are helping us.

Selina A bit of both, some are a lot like us and some have had similar experiences to us, which is why they are there to help us.

Teacher: A retiring personality would not benefit from a retiring guide.

Bryoni Yes, two negatives.

Charlemont Why do we resemble our guide, because most of the ones you have mentioned have resembled their guide in some way?

Teacher: There are similarities, but you see, guidance are unfettered by physical restraints.

"In the early days the names you gave to Benjamin, Martin and myself had the clue that they were names from the Bible, that we could actually look up and read the character, which we took to be a clue at that time, and I still believe in that, they were very similar to our own characters.

Teacher: For specific purpose.

Bryoni I get a thought when going around my house, a particular thought, and I'm wondering if I am just imagining, is it a thought coming from me, or a thought coming from my guide, I find it difficult to distinguish

Teacher: What is your thought, I shall investigate.

"That I don't want to stay in that particular place, that it's the wrong place for me, I have difficulties making; a decision about it, but it could be just a selfish thought on my part.

Teacher: You desire for me to investigate this.

Bryoni yes please.

Teacher: One moment.

This thought you own.

"Thank you.

Teacher: It is for you to decide. You are all of comfort?

Those who are silent, are of comfort?

Belinda No, not really.

Teacher: You are not of comfort

"NO, but I don't know what bothers me though.

Charlemont You mentioned something to me on the weekend about your previous teachings, some query I can’t remember what it was, but I remember thinking you should perhaps bring it up here.

Belinda What, Eckankar?

Charlemont Yes, that seems to be something you are still unsure of where that fits within you.

Teacher: You are disturbed of heart, of mind?

Belinda yes.

Teacher: You wish to discuss this?


" There are some documentary television programmes that we see, sometimes on the news showing people that are suffering, living in places like the 3rd world countries, and in fact I can't really watch these programmes, and I get so emotional when I see their suffering, through starvation,,, then people that are rioting, the police are usually the ones that are giving out the violence the beatings to the offenders, and l can't watch that either, is it anything to do with karma, or is it just my nature

Teacher: You are not alone in these sentiments.

"No, but it brings me along to disciplining my children. I try to avoid smacking which I feel is a form of violence it doesn’t just hurt me physically, it hurts me inside, and not a lot of people feel that way, they think that smacking is a form of discipline, and I don't, and I feel am I in the wrong by not giving these children slaps, or are the other people right, because they do.

Teacher: There is a need for discipline. Physical violence is not of necessity, provided there is adequate discipline of other means.

"I feel the way I want to bring my children up is sufficient for them and for me because I feel if I create an environment where there isn’t any physical violence, that they in turn will learn not to smack their children, which in turn they will not smack their children, if we can find a solution other than smacking.

Teacher: One moment. I have information for you. You wish to receive this

"Yes please.

Teacher: Your abhorrence towards physical violence is from your personal experience, you have been of extreme mistreatment, mentally, emotionally as well as bodily, therefore, spiritually, also. You would do well to cast this from yourself. It is gone. It shall not be again.

Belinda This happened in past life?

Teacher: Correct, cast aside the thought, feeling, and the action, leaving yourself with understanding. Call on the stillness for guidance to assist, cleanse your soul memory. You have more queries?

Charlemont I'd like to add something to that, my own parents never smacked me more than a few times in my life, but my Father verbally abused me for many years, which I think scarred me equally as well as a smack around the legs or something, so I don't disagree with you, with not having violence in the house, it's been a thorny problem for years, but, it's just as well to remember, there is more than one way of being violent,

Belinda Otherwise you can be just as harmful.

Charlemont Yes, my Father was non-violent, but he was just as violent in another way. Most of us in the room are sensitive people and we would feel the same way as you.

Teacher: I have said, discuss this no more. Cleanse your soul memory. You shall not require detail. You shall not be given detail. Your comment Charlemont is adequate. You are more of comfort, Belinda?

Belinda yes, I am thank you.

Teacher: You have also query concerning our teachings?

Filip Eckankar.

BelindaI still cannot understand how not many people have heard of it, in fact I don't think anybody in this room has heard of it, and when I asked you, you hadn’t heard of it either. I was told that Jesus Christ himself was taken away at the age of 12 and given these teachings. Apparently it is a very ancient teaching and that all other religions stem from it. And that's why, most of my queries when I was talking about levels, through the astral level & so on and I spoke about the etheric level as well, and at that particular time I didn’t really phrase my question very well, what I really wanted to ask was, I didn’t want to ask what experiences we had on that level, I wanted to know what came through to the physical plane from that level, from the astral level I think you get

(can't hear the rest)

Teacher: One moment.

First I shall answer thus....

There are many teachings, so called, who purport to have eventuated many, many, centuries before times, who also claim to have indoctrinated the man Jesus, whence all religions came forth


One moment.

The etheric is a higher vibration of the astral level bringing similar.

Belinda Thank you. I will now put aside my Eckankar teachings and concentrate on yours.

Teacher: If this is your desire.

"yes it is.


Teacher: Then if there are no more queries, I shall leave you with this.

God is light, is truth, is Love, use the power of thought to bring this to feeling, to bring this to action, to bring this to understanding for the benefit of your self and therefore humanity.


Charlemont says closing prayer,