1987-10-08-Perfection, More About Barriers, the I AM

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Topic: Perfection, More About Barriers, the I AM

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



Ch. Opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: Mondaa, you wish to speak

Md. Not at the present, thank you Abraham, I have no queries.

Teacher: You have comment?


"I made a few notes of my barriers that we spoke of last week. You advised to acknowledge and understand the barriers which is a form of releasing them from self, from such, and understanding the process of, that puts the barriers in action. That's about the only comment that I had

Teacher: You have understanding of this?

"I think I have yes.

Teacher: You are understanding the finite mind.

"Yes, I understand that.

Teacher: This is your every day physical mind. Infinite mind is the mind of God. You may think on these words.

"Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Petta, you wish to comment.

Pt.Well you asked me to give my explanation of what perfection was, and also consider the environment at the same time, and I had a Mother who was a perfectionist therefore it was natural for me to follow suit, but I am not a perfectionist in all things, it's just some things, and where friends are concerned or caring for people or having them in my home to look after them, that's when I tend to perhaps try and out-do myself,. shall we say, but I don't expect other people to be perfectionists, so I think it's something I’ve grown up with & something that as I get older, I'm learning to relax more, but other than that. I have no comment.

Teacher: Yes.

Clara, you have comment.

Cl - I have thought about my barriers this week, and I let them down, and had a good howl, I don't know that I felt any better, but I thought about them.

Teacher: What were your experiences?

"With my barrier, in crying

Teacher: Yes.

"I found that the barrier, my father gone, that I was missing him more, and the fact that I'd missed so much of his life and that really hit me between the eyes, I'd missed him growing older and that really upset me.

Teacher: Yes, take comfort from the acknowledgement of this. Yes? In acknowledgement there comes understanding.

Korde, you wish to comment?

Kr.I haven’t had anymore barriers come to light so I've got no comment at this stage.

Teacher: You have no comment on those barriers you have discovered?

Kr Well, I know of my barriers and none of them reared their ugly head this week, so no, my week went well.

Teacher: Yes. Selina?

Sl. I've been coming to terms with my self. Admitting to myself that I'm not perfect & I never will be. I’ll probably always do the very best I can at everything, but should I stumble, I decided it's only going to be a pebble that . I trip over, it's not a ravine that I'm going to fall into.

Teacher: Yes. And what is perfection

"Well, God would be perfection.

Teacher: Correct.

"So, as I am human, I won't ever be perfect, and if I was, I'd be back in soul consciousness, probably pleading to come back to a journey somewhere in the Universe to carry on my learning all over again I am here to learn and if I want to learn, I mustn’t be perfect.

Teacher: Yes. I shall discuss this when all have spoken. Yes. Melda?

Md I've had a good week, there has been lots of small things happening and I have been opening up more and I think I have cleared up one or two hurdles, one or two places that were creating barriers.

Teacher: And you are of comfort?

"Yes. I feel very much happier.

Teacher: Yes. Bryoni?

By.Yes, one of my barriers was fear and you mentioned that myself was a barrier and I analysed this and noticed that when I had this fear that I could actually do something about it, and I found that quite good, and about perfection, I had always strived for perfection, and then, when I didn’t get perfection, I would discard it, perhaps give up, and I've only just realised that, but that perhaps striving for something, if I was a bit more casual about some things I could actually cope better. That was 2 areas that came to light this week.

Teacher: And you are of comfort?

"Yes, very much so.

Teacher: Yes. Dominica?

.Dm. With my barriers of failing, for the week before the last session, I found I was thinking about it all the time, so I decided that I hadn’t accept it totally, but had started accepting it, but this week I haven’t thought about it at all, so I feel that I am not worried about success or failure because I haven’t thought about it, so it's not been on my mind

Teacher: Yes.

"And also I just thought that I am not hiding my feelings so much anymore. I am more able to admit to other people concerned, how I feel about them, of love and missing them which I sort of always covered up.

Teacher: Yes. )Filip?

Fp.I've tried not to look back, and of course I missed last week, but when I was reading the notes and I came to the part about what is perfection, I stopped and wrote down what I thought would be perfection given higher knowledge & physical factors or whatever it said, and thought that, I went back to this original thought, where I would like to have the time, where I would be calm all the time, and I would have ample time to help every, as many people as I could and do things for them and to have love for everybody and not to have any hate arid that, that was what I sort of thought when I came to that part in the notes, would be perfection for me.

Teacher: Yes, we shall discuss this when all have spoken. Tommas?

Tm Well I used to look forward to these meetings with excitement on one side and a lot of anxiety on the other side in case things are a bit flat, there are no queries and I’ve always felt a certain amount of relief at the end of the evening that it had gone well, and I haven’t had that this week, I've looked forward to the meeting, I feel quite happy & comfortable. I feel good about it.

Teacher: Yes, because you allow each to take responsibility for self, yes.

Charlemont, Martinus, you wish to speak?

Mt.Yes, I'd like to speak Abraham, if I go through part of my lesson...

Teacher: You speak of your barrier?

" Yes, it is part of my barrier, yes.

Teacher: You shall keep to your barrier and. do not digress, if you please.

"All right, thank you. The only other thing I have written on the infinite mind

Teacher: Perhaps you shall not speak just for the time, space, Martin. I shall speak, and you shall understand my comments to you Martinus. Charlemont?

Ch.I did give some thought to your words to the class on perfection....

Teacher: Then, you shall not say your words, for reasons I have stated.

Yes, I understand.

Teacher: Then hear this, perfection is God. God is perfection.

Have I not said, you are part of God, God is part of you.You have within, each of you, perfection, which is God. Use this knowledge to give you comfort when you feel you need to look back, when you feel hate, When you feel failure when you feel lost, when you feel imperfect. Remember, there is a portion of you which is perfect. GOD.

Then, you shall take refreshment. You shall discuss this messages and I shall return. It is of importance and I wish you to discuss your understanding when I return.

Discussion took place.

I am aware of your discussion, I say, this, you have considered the query with the infinite not considered, you have used the finite mind, you have thought of yourself and your environment in purely physical, earthly terms. What is your self and the environment in which your self lives?

Fp.I a m Filip, but currently I am in a physical body called Barry.

Teacher: Correct. And what is the quality of your self and your environment.

"You mean me as Filip, or you mean me as Barry? You mean me as Filip?

Teacher: Filip is your self, your environment is your physical body. What is the quality?

"I’ve learnt skills that I can pass on, can communicate Pass on, I can help people who haven’t got the knowledge skills that I've got. I don't know if that's, is that what I am trying to

Teacher: Develop your thought. Does any other wish to comment?

SlI was going to say my quality would be imperfect.

Teacher: Imperfect?

"Yes, because we have already said that in the physical we are not perfect, but that's not what you are looking for either then?

Teacher: Your self, and your environment, where is the quality?

Md The quality as far as I can see, is each of us striving for Godliness.

Teacher: I shall assist.

Your self, soul, is your God part, which we have said, is perfection. This is quality. Draw this to your physical self and expand your thought.

You spend rather considerable time space considering the not so perfection physical. I suggest you spend some considerable time space considering the perfection of self. And draw on this perfection of self, of God. Replace your negative thoughts of the physical with the positive thoughts of your soul perfection. You are understanding? You are not understanding?

Tm I think we should be looking for the good parts of us, the good things we do, the good things we think & feel.

Teacher: Correct.

To give you a more harmonious manner of thinking of your self, yes? Who does not understand?

Fp. I think you've, I think a lot of people got the impression that you were going to, to tell us how to do that, instead of it being a question.

Teacher: I have given you how to do this.

Ch.Just told you.

Teacher: You did not listen.

Fp.Yes I listened but you, the way you said be of more, harmonious. I think a lot of people thought you were going to continue and tell them how to do it.

Tm. Sort of re-phrase what I had said?

Ch You are not listening to your own words Tony, you said it,..

Teacher: Repeat your words Tommas.

Tm That we should be concentrating on the good parts of us, good thoughts and good feelings that we have about things.

Teacher: And of self.

"And of self.

Teacher: Correct. If you are uncertain, if there is not clarity, discuss if you please.

Sl Well I wrote down be in harmony with self, and then I wrote down, good points.

Teacher: You see, Selina for example, grabs with eagerness any indication she sees, hears, feels that is not good of her self, yes


Teacher: Then I say, replace this, and grab any thought, feeling, you see, hear or feel which is good, of your self, yes

"Yes, good points, that's what I wrote down.

Teacher: You are trapped in your manner of seeing, hearing, feeling the negative of your self, yes.

"Yes, it's a hurdle I haven’t got over yet.

Teacher: Then practice the opposite. Only then will you achieve harmony and balance. You are understanding?


Br.I thing a lot of us have been brought up, that we mustn’t think well of ourselves because

Teacher: I am aware it is a human kind...yes, but you see, we have speaked of failures, weaknesses, I wish you to begin thinking of success, and of strength to balance the years you have failed and weakened, you are understanding?

All yes.

Tm. Maybe we should be thinking more that, for instance "I AM" Tommas, rather than I am Tony.

Teacher: Ahhhh: and what is the meaning of this phrase, Tommas

"That I am Tommas, that is me, my soul, and accepts that Tony is the physical that I am, but I am Tommas.

Teacher: And Tommas is soul, is God, yes.

"Yes, which is perfection.

Teacher: Correct. So, Tommas you will greet me in this manner, you see you have all introduced your selves "I AM" Selina, "I AM;" Filip etc., without full realisation and understanding of the importance of the words you utter. Tommas has understood. This manner of thought shall do much. Do not all begin to introduce your self in the "I AM" until I give you permission so to do. When I give permission, you may be assured of your understanding. Yes, you are clear on this? If any of you wish to seek permission for this, you may do so.

Md.Does that mean that when we address you Abraham, I say "This is Mondaa"?

Teacher: Correct, until?

Permission is given.

Teacher: Until you ask.

"Then may I address myself as "I AM MONDAA"?

Teacher: Give me your understanding.

"I understand that my soul is Mondaa, in the body of Eddie, seeking understanding.

Teacher: Then, you may introduce your self.

"I am Mondaa.

Teacher: Welcome.

Thank: you Abraham.

Fp.I also would like to introduce myself as I am Filip.

Teacher: I have waited, and you are understanding?

"Yes I think so. I understood during this week when I read that Benjamin said, I . AM Benjamin.

Teacher: Yes. He was stubborn, yes, but understanding is mine. Then you may introduce your self.

"I am Filip

Teacher: Welcome.

With your introduction of your selves, know it, feel it, understand.

Br.May I introduce my self as I am?

Teacher: Give me your understanding.

" That my soul within this body of Aileen, is Bryoni.

Teacher: which is?

" Perfection, God.

Teacher: Then, you may introduce your self.

"Thank you. I am Bryoni

Teacher: Welcome.

MlMay I introduce myself as I am Melda?

Teacher: Give me your understanding.

Melda is my true self, within a physical body of Joy

Teacher: Which is?


Teacher: Which is?


Teacher: Then you may introduce your self

"Thank you Abraham. I am Melda


Sl.May I introduce my self?

Teacher: Give me your understanding

"I am Selina in Wilma's body, Selina from soul consciousness that always was and always will be, and that part of me is God.

Know it, feel it, understand, then you may introduce your self.

"Thank you Abraham. I am Selina Welcome

Cl.This is Clara, may. I introduce myself as I am.

Give me your understanding.

"That Clara is my soul consciousness, of perfection, and of God..

Teacher: Then, you may introduce your self.

"I am Clara.

Teacher: Welcome.

Petta This is Petta here, may I introduce my self as I am Petta?

Teacher: Give me your understanding

"Petta is the soul part of the physical Kit and the soul part of me is perfection, God

Teacher: Then you may introduce your self.

"Thank you, I am Petta.

Teacher: Welcome

Dm.May I introduce myself as I am?

Teacher: Give me your understanding.

"I understand that as Dawn I am limited and as Dominica there are no boundaries and that the form Dawn is just a convenience, a body, so that the soul consciousness of Dominica, can learn the lessons.

Teacher: Which is?

"Of God, which is perfection.

Teacher: Then you may introduce your self.

I am Dominica

Teacher: Welcome

"Thank you Abraham

Kr.Can I address you as I am, I'd be proud to do that?

Teacher: Give me your understanding.

"That Korde is the soul of Maureen and that I am striving for perfection in God.

Teacher: Then you may introduce your self.

"I am Korde.

Teacher: Welcome.

Then, a major step on your path you have undertaken. I have said feel, I am, know, I am, understand, I am.

You see, you are beginning to comprehend the manner of your teachings. I have said before times, ask & you shall receive. When you receive you are giving, when you are giving you are receiving.

Use the knowledge you have gained at this appointment of the "I AM" and the importance of the "I AM" to balance your self, Do not waft on a cloud of soul knowledge and forget your physical vehicle, for without the care maintenance of your physical body you would not be achieving your lessons, Take care of your body, of your mind, of your heart for your souls sake. Exercise your body, your mind, your heart. Feed your body, your mind, your heart, water your body, your mind, your heart. Breathe fresh air for your body, your mind and your heart for the sake of your soul, yes

You wish to comment?

Ch - Abraham, I would perhaps after the lesson, like to read one paragraph from the "URANTlA" book, concerning the "I AM

Teacher: You may do this, now if you wish Charlemont.

Thank you.

The concept of the "I AM", is a philosophic concession which we make to the time bound, space fettered, finite mind of man, to the impossibility of creature comprehension of eternity existences, non-beginnings, non-ending realities and relationships To the time, space creature, all things must have a beginning, save only the "ONE CAUSED" the primeval cause of causes. Therefore do we conceptualize this philosophic value level as the "I AM" at the same time instructing all creatures that the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit are co-eternal with the "I AM"; in other words, that there never was a time when the "l AM", was not the "I AM "of the "FATHER" of the "SON", and with him, of the SPlRIT.[1]

Teacher: Yes. So you see, you have received the lesson of the finite mind, your physical self and of the infinite mind of God, of which your soul is part. No beginning, no end. Your physical body, mind, is used to beginnings and endings. Beginning of your dawn, ending with sunset, it is not such. This is of importance for you to digest, to remember and. do not take to your self with castigation if you should forget your self. You see, because of finite mind limitation, it is of a natural, human kind event to stumble, to fall, to crawl, to slip back, do not let this concern you. If this occurs, accept it as a natural event, if you give it too much emphasis of thought, feeling, you shall heed your progress, when you fall you are always lifted up. When you stumble, you are always sure footed, when you slip back, you always move forward. Never forgetting there is always the other side of the coin.

Then, if you have comment, make them and then I shall leave you to digest.

Tm.- Those words are a comfort to me because there has been a few instances this week, of people doing cruel deeds to animals, to each other, and I've suggested some rather nasty things that should be done back to them, and then I've thought, I shouldn’t do that, and I haven’t worried about it, but the thought has cropped up and I've immediately checked it and pushed it to one side.

Teacher: If you can, when you have these disturbing thoughts and feelings, concerning violent actions by others, look for some portion on which you may bestow compassion to these persons and it shall relieve the distress of anger which you experience, which leads to a feeling of consternation and failure, yes?

TmI normally think, initially of the victim.

Teacher: Correct. Look to the offending person, see if you may bestow some portion of compassion on them also.

"I have tried to mention them in prayers, but I must admit I don’t find it easy, or of ease.

Teacher: You are not used to this, do not concern. Every effort you make is noted.

"IThank you.

Teacher: And to change a mode of thinking and behaving is not easy done. For you it shall take time also, yes: Be kind also to your self in your thoughts. And I say this to one, I say this to all.

There are more comments?

Ch.I would like to say Abraham, something you said to us a year ago, might shine slightly brighter this evening, you said, I am Abraham, I am your teacher, I am higher consciousness.

Teacher: Correct.

Perhaps those words at the end of this lesson might be easier for everybody.

Teacher: Yes. You Martinus, Charlemont, understand my restrictions on your comment earlier

Both Yes.

Teacher: I have your pardon?


Teacher: As you have mine. Then,

Fp. May I make a query

Teacher: You may

"Thank you, I've been talking to some people of a certain religion, the Mormons and I’d like to know what the truth there is in the story of Joseph Smith and the information he was given.

Teacher: With all religious teaching, there is an element of truth. Some truths meander and are lost or confused, but truth is there none the less One is not higher or lower, better or worse than the other. You are understanding?

You mean one religion?

Teacher: Correct, one path for some is correct and other path for others is also correct and there are many, many such paths for many, many persons, yes

Yes, this is what I said to them, that they have of their path and I've got my path.

Teacher: And where do these paths lead?

"To God.

Teacher: Correct.

"it's just that the Joseph Smith episode was comparatively modern in our time space it's not lost as the bible, you know, way back, I just wondered how accurate it was.

Teacher: Yes, as I have said, some truths become confused. End of comment.

"I expected you to say that. Thank you Abraham.

Dm.I'd like to say that for the first time with the same story where Dad got angry at the offenders who hurt the victim, my immediate reactions were to feel sorry for them, the victim, and in the same instant, I felt sorry for the offender as well. That was the first time, and yet it felt so natural, and I didn’t feel any anger, and I didn’t feel anger for anything that has ever been done before.

Teacher: Yes, and Jesus said "Who among you shall cast the first stone", yes. Consider this when you are tempted to sit in judgement.

SlI wrote down while you were talking, what Jesus said about "God forgive them, for they know not what they do".


Then, hear this, know it, feel it, and understand.