1987-10-15-Finite & Infinite, White Light

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Topic: Finite & Infinite, White Light

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



Ch.Opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher

All: Good evening Abraham

Teacher: Greetings. Clara, you may begin.


Cl.You asked us last week

Teacher: You may introduce your self.

"Sorry. I am Clara.

Teacher: Yes.

"You asked us last week about the infinite and the finite, the meanings of, and I looked up the dictionary to understand it better. The finite is fixed, having limits, the infinite is the opposite, having no limits, immensely great, of God, time, space, vast. Which I was able to understand so much better.

Yes, your book of words is of benefit, yes,

Sl I am Selina. You also told us last week to think of good things we do, think of good things that we think, feel. I was thinking tonight, that Tommas & I have been invited out to tea on Saturday, and the last 2-3 times that we have been invited out, I have offered to take a dessert or a supper, which until very recently I wouldn’t have bothered doing. If you are invited out to tea, you usually go for the whole meal, and I find myself just wanting to help out. Years ago we used to take a bottle of wine to a meal, but friends stopped bringing to us, so we stopped taking to them, and just recently I have wanted to start doing it again, I just want to give to people in some small way. And both to Dominica & I, within the last few days, 3 different people have told either Dominica or myself, what a nice person I am, and these people are just, they are really just mere acquaintances, you couldn’t class them as friends, I don't know them well enough, and it was nice to hear, something said so nicely from, almost strangers, made me feel good, cheered me up, and I thought well if virtual strangers can say that sort of thing about me, then I must have some real worth there after all, I must look for it more.

Teacher: Yes. When you have discovered this for your self, you shall speak of it.

Bry.I am Bryoni, I was reading in the weekend about the white light, and in this book it said that there is a white light and a magnetic light, I didn’t think there was any difference, I thought that if you used the white light, that it would be the same no matter how you used it, and it suggested that the magnetic light, and I think the only explanation was perhaps it was being a little bit manipulative, and I wondered how this could be. My understanding is that the white light is good because you are only going to be using it for good anyway.

Teacher: Correct. One moment. You are inferring white light and magnetic light are 2 separate lights.

"This book was, yes, I didn’t think of it like that, but I just wondered if the book was correct or my interpretation was correct,

Teacher: White light of which I speak is of God and could be thought of as magnetic, drawing one to God yes

Bry.Yes, that's what I would think, but the inference was in this book, that you shouldn’t use the magnetic light and I couldn’t see, how. If you use a white light, that it's purity & goodness anyway,

Teacher: Correct. As with all things, there is magnetism in each. If a light is used for a person the light colour used should be one complimentary to that person, yes. As you know, white light is composed of all colours, yes? It is not of a negative magnetism, but a person could repulse the white light, you are understanding?


Teacher: You are welcome.

Speak each in turn for ease of communication if you will be so kind.

Dom. I am Dominica. During meditation I was thinking of my old class, and I sort of got quite sad, and I started missing them, and l thought that if the love that we had, and I sort of felt just

Teacher: Yes.

"Just to know it's still there.

Teacher: Once found, never lost,

Tms.I am Tommas. I have had a good week, I’ve concentrated on...

Teacher: One moment, if you please.

Dominica, do not be of heavy heart, it is not of necessity.

You wish comfort?

Dom . Yes please.

Teacher: You see Dominica, the bond forged with these persons was of importance for yourself, as it was for those persons also. Remember even though no longer in close proximity to these persons, the bond forged cannot be broken, yes? Only if you desire this. If you desire you may break the bond. You have received comfort?

"Yes thank you.

Teacher: Tommas.

Tms.Yes I was saying I've had a good week, I've concentrated on my self, on being happy, I’ve tried to spread this happiness to people I work with & people in contact with at work, to try & brighten their day and I think a lot of it has rubbed off. It’s been quite good, we seem to have a lot of fun at work and I feel good about it.

Teacher: And you are content

Yes thank you Abraham

Teacher: Yes.

Selina, you may return.

You are well Dominica?

Yes thank you.

Teacher: Charlemont, you wish to speak

Ch.I am Charlemont. No thank you Abraham, I have nothing to say at this stage.

Teacher: Then, Petta.

Pta.I am Petta. I likewise have had a very good week.. In many ways my, the opening up last week of learning to say I am Petta was quite a revelation, and I had a tooth extraction that was supposed to give me a lot of trouble afterwards, but during the extraction I was asking the healing guides & spirits to help me, but I was affirming time & again first & foremost that I was Petta, and I had not one bit of pain from that tooth extraction, so I'm convinced that all the knowledge, that we have is of great help providing we use it at the right time and in the right way.

Teacher: Power of thought. Acceptance of self, yes. Yes. Mondaa, you wish to speak?

Mnd Yes, I am Mondaa, Abraham. My feelings during the course of the week, I come into contact with the public a lot on the telephone, mainly old people and they are always asking lots of advice and I've been getting quite a lot of good feelings back after having given them advise on various subjects, and that's what I feel I have been receiving this week.

Teacher: Yes, yes. Giving & receiving, giving of self, receiving for self. Giving of God, receiving of God. Yes.

Martinus, you wish to speak?

Mrt,Yes Abraham. I am Martinus, I have been reading all this week and been using our book of words, which makes me feel happy now and also I believe I've had a feeling of the infinite and it's sudden thoughts of things I should have been doing earlier on and they just suddenly came to me and I think this was virtually the infinite mind virtually putting it into my finite mind, that's the feeling I have.

Teacher: Taking the finite to the infinite. It does not come to you, you go to it, you received your message?

"Yes thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You understood?

"Yes, I understood and I believe I am coping with it now, as I say, I have been reading quite a lot now and getting over my fear with reading by using the book of words alongside.

Teacher: Yes. Was it not good of me to give you a message?

"Yes it was thank you Abraham, it's nice to know- that, I wasn’t forgotten.


Mid.I am Melda. I've had a peaceful and very quiet week with a chance to really relax and I've been reading an interpretation of the book of Revelations which is very different to the sort of things that we had been told about. It seems to be the journey of the soul back to God, (near as I can hear to type it out)

Teacher: And revelating for self yes?

Korde, you wish to speak

Krd.I am Korde. I have had a mixed week. I called on my guide quite a bit for comfort on a trip that I took, I am having a bit of a time with my Boss. I guess I have to shine the white light around me a bit more, and, I don't know, try to love him I suppose.

Teacher: Ahh., a word of advice. Do not be mislead into the belief that you must love persons you find it difficult to love, yes. Give love, so, do not look to the person to love, just GIVE, love, BE love, BE light. Just BE. Do not consider the person, you are understanding? Remove from your mind the thought which you have expressed, you must love, this person, yes in it's place, BE light, BE love, Removing the obstacle of the person, you should not experience difficulty, You are understanding,

"Yes, I think so. I shall try.

Teacher: You may query if you are not understanding.

"I'll think on it, thank you Abraham.

Teacher: Yes. You see, in the effort of trying, to love a person, there is your barrier. Think on my words Korde, and we shall discuss this, perhaps after your refreshment. Belinda you wish to speak

Bld.Yes thank you. I wish to apologise for being presumptuous in addressing you as I am Belinda. I wish to seek your permission to address you as such.

Teacher: There is not the need for apology. I am understanding. Explain your understanding.

"I understand that my soul, which is perfection, which is God, it is within this physical body known as June, and who is striving for perfection is Belinda was from the beginning and will be eternally.

Teacher: Then hear it, know it, understand it. You may introduce your self.

"Thank you, I am Belinda.

Teacher: Welcome. You wish to query

"I have nothing to say thank you.

Teacher: Then, you have all discovered for your self your self, soul, God. You may have wearied of appointments, which appeared to be dull, un-inspiring. I give you this to think on, and I have said this before times, GIVE & YOU SHALL RECEIVE, yes? And you have learned what it is you receive when you give. YOU GIVE OF YOUR SELF, AND YOU RECEIVE FOR YOUR SELF.

Then you shall take refreshment and I shall return.

Discussion took place to help Korde.

Teacher: I am aware of your discussion, of course. Korde, you wish to speak?

Krd.I think I know what I have to do.

Teacher: Explain in your words,

"I'll just be myself and how I am with my customers, and my staff members who I love dearly. I will try and, not try; I shall just be my self.

Teacher: There is perhaps misinterpretation of LOVE. It is not the love of human kind of which I speak, it is the love that is God, which is Light, yes,

"As in good thoughts.

Teacher: Correct, you are aware of your self? Yes Know it. Know your self. Be, your self. It shall be noticed, you see, this barrier of this person, is causing your aura to diminish thereby disenabling your self. Remove the barrier. You should experience a difference before our next appointment.

Does anyone desire to speak?

Tms.Well I quite often get people say to me, why are you always so bloody happy, you know, and I just say, well I'm happy, and I think it must be something that, well it is, I'm just giving this off.

Teacher: It is your self. Happy with your self, others shall notice and shall enquire of your self, and you know why you are happy with your self?

"I know why.

Teacher: Then, tell them if they should enquire.

"Yes, I think I hold back.

Teacher: You see, when you are aware of the light of your self, it shall shine forth from your eyes. They are the mirrors of the soul. And others shall notice.

Clr. Coming in contact with people is it advisable to put a white light around yourself, and also to put one around them, or do you just put it around your self and give out the glow.

Teacher: Give light, and it would be of benefit to utter to your self on awakening, the words which open our appointment, yes. And then having called to your attention the light that is love which is God you are then able to transmit. You are understanding

There are more queries

Belinda, there was a query & answer for Filip, you have received this?

Bld,Yes thank you Abraham.

Teacher: It is clear for your understanding? You are comfort with this?

"Yes. It seems to be the only way at the moment.

Teacher: Do not concern. It is the way of the path for this time, space. You are not absent, even though you may be in the physical. You are understanding?

Pta.I am Petta, I wanted to ask a query. A person who upon waking from sleep whether it be in the morning, from a night's sleep, or in the day time, from a light sleep in a chair, is there a reason, is there a cure for, them waking up as though in deep shock?

Teacher: You have a particular reason for this query?

Yes, I happen to know someone, not a relative, but someone who is affected like this, and it disturbs me to think that their physical body is going through this so often, so regularly.

Teacher: It is after each sleep?

"It appears to be after each sleep, yes.

Teacher: This person is great in years?

"No, young. Young as in their 20's, in our age.

Teacher: How is the sleep, disturbed or serene?

I believe it to be serene, but the sleeping is big jerking movements, arms & legs in all directions and a definite fright.

Teacher: During sleep?

As far as I know, no, it is only on waking.

Teacher: This person has suffered a shock on being woken in the past.

"So without knowing what the shock was, without them realizing what the shock was then it probably can't be dealt with, cured.

Teacher: This person should request calmness before sleep.

"Thank you Abraham.

Bry. For a long time, I used to be like that, and suddenly I realized what was happening, and as I was drifting off to sleep, I just kept telling myself I will wake calm tranquil and eventually it worked, it was just that point of time of drifting off, because I used to wake up and it was like a panic, and I'd think perhaps I'd had a dream or something, but it wasn’t a dream, I was waking up with a panic feeling. So I thought I will wake up calm & tranquil.

Teacher: Correct. It is the power of thought. Again, power of thought. You must all consider this. It is of importance. Whatever thought you have, shall come to pass.

You are understanding

So Selina, if you allow your thoughts to be fearful, you shall be fearful, if you allow your thought to be over-reactive, then so you shall be also. If you allow your thought to be calm, then so you shall be also, yes?

If you have grown the habit of expecting the negative outcome, then so this shall be also. If any of you have this habit, you may desire to reverse, yes?

Bry.10 days ago now, I suddenly realised that I had a couple of thoughts that I can't put my finger on at the moment, they were thoughts that were so vague that I wasn’t realising that I was thinking them, and suddenly it clicked what I was saying, that I literally wrote down the opposite of what it was, and it's made a tremendous difference, aid I hadn’t realise what an effect those particular two thoughts... one of them was, I don' t know how to cope in this situation, so I changed it to, I know exactly how to cope in every situation., for the good of everybody, and I just feel so different.

Teacher: Correct. You are. It is most noticeable.

"Thank you.

Teacher: You are communicative, you are calm, you are less pessimistic.

"Yes, I have noticed it too.

Teacher: You are your self, yes. And it is pleasurable to see how you reward your self.

One thing I did find that fear and until a couple of weeks ago I would have said it was impossible to control fear, but that's not so, it is absolutely possible to control it.

Teacher: Correct. There is no greater fear, than fear, itself. Remove fear, and all is well. To even remove the word fear.

Fear of height for example, can be exchanged for a dislike of height. Lessening the burden of fear, yes. You are all understanding?

You have more queries

You are of comfort Dominica?

Dm.Yes thank you.

Teacher: You are all at ease

All Yes.


Then if there are no more queries, I leave you with this


Having just discovered your self and the wealth you have found in your self do not forget, continue with the excitement it has brought you, the calm it has brought you, the understanding it has brought you. Delve into the jewel of your self and bring to our next appointment some new discovery of your self. For, as you are becoming aware, this journey, path that you are on, is the path of knowing self, God. No other path is so full of wisdom, learning, enjoyment, calm, and love, than the path which you tread to God, for God, with God. Walk with your Teacher, do not lag behind, do not run ahead, side by side, how else you can converse with your Teacher. Light your path with this knowledge.