1987-10-22-Noting Positive Changes

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Topic: Noting Positive Changes

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All Good evening; Abraham

Teacher: Greetings, Tommas, you may commence.


Tms. I am Tommas. You asked us to take note of any changes that we noticed. I've noticed that I have been more tolerant of people, situations at work this week. I've been quite calm and relaxed while others have been running round in circles,

Teacher: Yes. Perhaps observing these persons in part, you are observing of self.

Tms. It's very easy when several things have gone wrong, you can feel it starting to build up, so push it back and stay on top of it, I'm finding it quite easy.

Teacher: And you are remaining calm.


Teacher: Good, Filip?

Flp Yes, I er

Teacher: Introduce yourself.

"I am Filip.

Teacher: Thank you.

"I thought of that during the week, then come the time, I forgot, I think that I am going more back to how I felt quite a few lessons ago, where to be of calm, that's all I can think of at this stage.

Teacher: And it is of benefit for you

Oh yes, it was before, but all the changes we have had just recently think maybe I'm getting back to the way I was thinking before,

Teacher: Yes. You are of comfort?

"Yes, I am of comfort. Sometimes I'm not but then I think maybe I should be.

Teacher: It is sometimes not possible to remain calm in the face of difficulties and at these difficulties herein lies the challenge for your self, yes

Yes, that's right.


Krd.I am Korde. On the Monday before I went to work, I scrubbed my hair, because I always feel, from the song, I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair, and I went off to work with a more positive attitude and was very friendly towards the boss and have remained so all week and I've noticed a change in him, it might have been me that was the bear with the sore head. I feel though, as though I haven’t settled back from my trip, I still feel very cut in half.

Teacher: Understanding, yes. It has been a discovery time for you, yes. Melda.

Mid. I am Melda. I feel that I am coping with irritations better, something happened one day. I opened the door and found that there were two people there of a very definite religion, and the lady must have had her talk al! prepared, she was determined that I would make a decision as to whether I believed in the big bang creation or Darwin's theory of evolution and I was able to talk quite calmly and lovingly to her, which surprised me, because usually I've sort of thought, oh how can I get rid of this person, but it just did not matter, and I was able to say that I didn’t think it really mattered which theory you believed in, it was what was going on now, how you were living now that was important. Then she tried to get me to acknowledge that God was way up there!!! and I was a very lowly creature right down underneath everything, and I told her, that I thought God was within us, and I used the analogy of the rainbow and explained how the, physically the rainbow works, and God as the sun, who shone through us and that we were all the drops of the rainbow, and I found it was rather remarkable, there was a young man with her, who was very non-committal, in fact he didn’t say anything the whole time, and I noticed he just seemed to light up, and he seemed to sort of glow with interest as I began to speak, and I was able to thank her for loving me enough, to want to share her views about God, with me, and able to express to her that I was able to love her enough to express my views of God, with her. And I felt really good, and that's the first time that these people have come to the door and I have felt really good about it. I didn’t feel superior or anything like that.

Teacher: Yes. Understanding, yes Melda, yes, yes. Dominica.

Dom I am Dominica. I think I have been thinking more positively this last week and even on one occasion, using anger in a positive way and I felt a sense of achievement because there was somebody new at my Karate class, and I helped her quite a lot, and it was good to be able to pass on the knowledge.

Teacher: Yes.

Sin I am Selina. I'm quite pleased with my self this week because I have found a small amount of will power, something that I have always said I have nothing of, that I lacked it,, and this week, sweet biscuits, cake etc are my downfall, and I seem to get through quite a lot of biscuits a week, and with Ruby's advice, I have tried to cut them out this week, and from eating quite a few the week before (34 in 9 days) I've only had 2 this week, and I'm really pleased with my self for managing to do that.

Teacher: Yes, commitment to self.

Selina, yes.

Bjm - I am Benjamin. recently there was an incident with my son, his mother and myself, which could have been a very unpleasant one, but we all sat down and with tolerance & understanding really worked through something that could have been very difficult and we all ended up quite happy and respecting each others view points.

Teacher: Yes, you see, all who have spoken, have spoken of tolerance. It is an important lesson. yes, yes.

Mrt.I am Martinus. I think I have been rather fortunate that the people I have been mixing with over the weeks, the atmosphere is very good, very friendly, very loving, and I have been finding that I can sit down quietly more so through the week now and I seem to be reaching my higher self, I just say to my self, I am Martinus, and this seems to help quite a lot.

Mnd.I am Mondaa. I have been thinking of your words to delve within-side myself to find another good point and I feel that I'm glad that I have a friendly attitude and a happy disposition within my self, as I feel there is an awful lot of people that do not share this these days.

Teacher: Yes, and you may share this of your self with others, yes, Petta.

PtaI am Petta, and my work situation in the last week has been very good. My employer has been of a much kinder nature which has spread to the rest of us and I find that I am so much more calm in my self. When I have not very much work, I don't get up tight like I used to, I used to get so uptight that I'd get a headache and just about screaming, but now l find that I can almost go into the silence and let that time just ride by, so though he might be paying me for not doing something for a while, I'm more content and also in a family situation where I want to do my best for the members of the family that need help, and I find that I can do this quite well without tearing myself in half which it would be very easy to do and I believe that without getting; myself upset I am able to support each member and this gives me great satisfaction.

Teacher: Yes. Acceptance, Yes, Charlemont,

ChrI am Charlemont. I have had rather a bad week, with things, with pressure building up but I was very conscious last night when it peaked, of lying in bed & thinking of the finite & infinite and today it's washed away & I'm feeling on top of things again.

Teacher: Yes, Martinus, Mondaa, Petta, Charlemont, you have spoken of acceptance, of a part of your self. Another important lesson to be learned. Yes, Selina has spoken of commitment to self, another important lesson to be learned, so tolerance, acceptance, commitment. Yes, of importance. Then, you have queries.


Sln I have a query, the dreams I have, do they help to open soul memory?

Teacher: Of which dreams do you speak?

"Well I had a dream recently where I seem to be in a long building, I believe it a stationary train, and the train seems to be packed with very many people, coloured people, I don't know if I am in India or Africa, and I want to do something about the toilet situation. I want to build three sided screens out on the flat lands, away from the train, so the people can go behind some kind of shelter for privacy, and because of the flies and the disease, but I don't know if anybody will take any notice of me, because I am a woman, and it's like one of my real dreams,

Teacher: One moment, This is not of significance,

Sin So, getting back to my question in general then, astral travel dreams, do they help to open soul memory?

Teacher: If it is indeed astral travel you would know, soul memory is not opened of necessity by dreams. The opening of soul memory is far greater than this. It is, I find words to describe for you, one moment. It is as the unfurling petals of a flower, so beautiful and unique. These are words to describe the opening of soul memory. It is a symbolic description.

"Yes, that's what I was thinking about, in meditation, I was thinking about a flower unfurling and a punga (NZ tree) frond uncurling,

Teacher: As I have said, it is symbolism only. You shall grasp the understanding of this, if you contemplate.

"Yes, thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You see, Soul Memory is not in the brain, it is the brain which often plays and entertains during sleep time, you are understanding

"Yes, only the reason I asked was because I know I have traveled on 4 trips now and I wondered if it was my guide's way of opening doors for me.

Teacher: Perhaps so, just be calm an accept,

‘Yes, I am.

Teacher: You have more queries


"Only that last week we spoke about my worth, I don't know that I've really come to any big conclusions, but I did decide that I am the same as every body else, I'm equal to everybody else.

Teacher: Correct,

"I'm a grain of sand like every body else, and perhaps taller than I first thought, l come to these meetings feeling terribly humble, and I never used to think of myself as humble, before I came to these meetings, I used to think of myself as equal, if I ever thought about it at all., so I've decided to go back to my old way of thinking, and not to be so humble, and not to put my self down so much.

Teacher: Correct. Correct, you have your place, as others have theirs, of equal importance, of equal worth. yes.

"The only other thing ]'d like to mention at this stage, when you said back in March, that when we said our soul names, that you "knew" something, and it's bothered me for 7 months, and I kept saying to Tommas, when we say our soul names, Abraham "knows" something, and I've been like a dog chasing my tail, I couldn’t find the answer, I couldn’t see what it was you knew, because I was happy being Selina, and you must have known that, so it was something more, and I was cross with myself for not seeing what it was you were trying to point out to us, and then I remembered that when I was very young, I asked my Mother why we has a belly button, and she told me it was where God poked me with his finger to see if I was ready to be born, and seeing I was ready, said, you are now called Wilma, and it was just a story to keep a child happy, but she was almost right, because now I realize that God has left his mark on my soul and called me Selina, and that's given me a lot of comfort. It's just another story, for me,

Teacher: For your understanding, yes.

Each individual shall have individual understanding yes. Your understanding gives you comfort and clarity, therefore it is your, understanding, yes.

Sln Yes, and I know God is within my soul forever, it's up to me to find that love, but I know it's there.

Teacher: Correct. You have more queries


Tms I have a query on prayer. I have added to my prayers to cover different people that we have discussed before. People I normally wouldn’t bother with because I felt they didn’t deserve my prayers but now I realize that they probably need them more than others and I sometimes have trouble putting things into words, but I feel that the thought is there and is this cover O.K. and the fact that I haven’t really got the words right, but I know what I mean, I'm thinking what I mean.

Teacher: You have a feeling, is difficulty to find words for this feeling.

"But the thoughts are there.

Teacher: Correct. It is serving it's purpose Tommas.

"I'm finding it a lot easier, I've been doing now for a couple of weeks to include these people and I just do it naturally now.

Teacher: Yes, it is of ease to discard those who it is felt are unworthy of our thoughts, as you have said, you have discovered these are the very persons who are in most need, yes.

Thought, Negativity

Chm I would like to bring up a subject which I know has been covered before. It is strange that Tommas should bring up the subject of power of thought, That is, I was reading some of the lessons again that we have been told by your self as well, thinking of a bad way of someone, is as bad as committing the act, and I've always found this rather hard, as I feel being on the physical plane, if you can stop at the thought level, and not carry on, into the physical level, I always thought that was reasonable understanding of the physical you, and I still find it hard to, understand the power of thought, and how thinking in a bad way of someone, is bad, and shouldn’t ever reach that point, and I've always had difficulty with that.

Teacher: Then this may assist. What is thought, but wavelength, carried in a physical manner, in the physical world, yes, electricity is physical yes, and a thought, although less harmful than a bodily attack, is still harmful if in negative, yes.

Chm Yes, I think why I thought of this was during feeling rather negative, I realized that these thoughts are of one's self, the inner self, the thought of anger was concentrating inwards, not outwards and this was the pain then, the physical meaning is alright.

Teacher: Yes. Thoughts retained within the mind cause jamming of the air waves, of the frequencies, causing your physical body to become taut, your aura to close it's self to your body, the only emanations from your body are stressed electric negative thought vibrations in confusion. You would agree therefore, repelling others, yes. This is clear for you?

"Yes, this also made me realize that as you previously explained, negative vibration can be much more powerful once it's allowed to vibrate it blocks out the others.


Teacher: But of course, you see, confusion is of a strength yes, speak of confusion, what occurs when there is confusion? There is much noise, there is much movement, yes, and this is of a "strength" to overwhelm the calm,


Teacher: Correct. Perhaps that was part of Tuesday nights' lesson. Yes

Tms If we have had bad thoughts or feelings towards somebody can we correct them by realizing what we have done, and then having good thoughts?

Teacher: But of course, and this you may do, in a more concentrated, positive manner, because as you realize, when in confusion, you are not in control of your thoughts and your body, correct, yes, it is at random thought, yes, and you not only help your self in the calm, you help others also. This is clear for you

There are those sensitives who pick from the air waves thoughts, feelings, vibrations, and are as a sponge, and can draw these to them self. These persons I term sensitive should be on guard for their sake of this.

Chm When you are close to someone you love, we have talked of having; a similar vibration as with our name structure and that is when you tend to know the thoughts of the other person, we pick up the good or bad vibrations from the other person very easily.

Teacher: Correct.


"Yes, beyond words too, so it's, it must have been with man before words were spoken.

Teacher: Of course. Before the spoken word, there was thought transference. There was the sense of smell, of taste, of touch, of hearing and of sight, far, far greater than, you experience.

"It would be of more innocence, because trickery of these would be harder than with words.

Teacher: Correct.

Chm We still have all these, we give off smells of fear but we have lost the sensitiveness.

Teacher: Correct in your society, in your age, you disguise the nature with artificial scents, yes.

Tms Though sometimes if somebody is telling you something you can sense whether they are telling the truth or not, you can pick up quite often, the vibration that they are not telling you the truth.

Teacher: You see your sense of sight also assists you with this, you observe the bodily actions, you observe the eyes, you observe the overall picture, yes.

Chm - Where does guidance come in on this level? Through thought? When you have, are confronted with something you have a sense that is not correct, and we often refer to this.

Teacher: Intuition, correct. At times such as these, it is good to confer with your guidance, yes. You observe a young child, all they learn is through their senses, they touch, taste, everything they come into contact with, yes, they listen, they watch, yes, when speech arrives and is mastered, communication is through the mind and the voice box, yes. And young persons are often dis-encouraged for touching, tasting, yes.

Transmitting, Hypnosis

Chm At this stage could you explain perhaps again, how you manage to through higher mind of Ruby & use her voice box, how you get to that point, where you are there is no speech as we know it of course, so you generate.....

Teacher: It is, Ruben's vibrations must raise it's self. It is joined with higher consciousness. The thought of Abraham over rides the thought of Reuben. Through this she is compelled to speak my thought. I am, as it were, in control, although she calls me at will, I do not intrude. This is clear for you? She has thoughts of her own, during our communication, they do not intrude. At times she, her consciousness is removed, often it is not, and she is aware of our communication, When consciousness is removed she is aware of communication in a much, differing manner. We converse, Reuben & I. Usually prior to my announcement of my presence, and at the conclusion of our appointment.

When you say, converse, because we think of time & space, do you mean in our time a split second of thought.

Teacher: Correct. It is not as our conversations, although there are times she calls on me for assistance.

I have a fear of going to see a hypnotist with Reuben because we have found in the past she is very susceptible to this sort of mind....

Teacher: Control

And I wondered if it were right of me to have that fear, she seems to be more susceptible than the average person.

Teacher: Yes, it should not be attempted without her agreement. And it is not a game to be played.

Chm No. I mean we have hypnotists that entertain.

Teacher: I am understanding, hence my comment.

"Could someone with those powers of understanding do harm with Ruby's contact with your self, your higher mind?

I would guard against such. There is little opportunity for such to occur. Do not have concern for Reuben If she should ever decide to discontinue communication with Abraham it would be her will, I should not intervene. This is clear for you? Then you have more queries, or you wish your refreshment?

Then enjoy, I shall return.

  • ………Tea Break………………

Teacher: You have queries?,

Chm We are thought manifest to physical, is that correct?

Teacher: Correct.

"Where do you come from on that level, are you thought on another level?

Teacher: Higher consciousness.

"but still thought is part of your realm?

Teacher: On a much higher consciousness, yes.

"And our thought would be on a one level and yours would be on a multi dimensional levels?

Teacher: Your thought is not one dimension, how else does your thought prayer operate, but I am from Higher Consciousness, which is, thought, on a higher plane.

"And would God, on an even higher plane still be God as thought on the highest level?

Teacher: You could say this. After all, we have established thought is electric energy wave lengths, God also is wavelengths vibrations, yes, of a higher frequency. Think of this may assist, you are in the material world, and matter, yes, God is not of this substance, yes it is perhaps clearer than physical and non-physical. This is clear for you? There are more queries


Tms Is there anyway, or any words that we can give to people that we work with who we see are getting flustered and maybe in a stressful situation at work because of the work load? I can say to my self, Be Calm, and I am Calm.

Teacher: Yes. Explain the calm for them.

Chm Jesus said something about being an example is enough

Teacher: You see, I have said, explain the calm for them, in doing this, you shall speak perhaps of your experience of the calm, rather than telling them they should find the calm within them self and by your example, they may learn.

Tms one guy that works with me tends to let things get on top of him, and he gets headaches and migraines, I was thinking of him in particular.

Teacher: Yes.

Belief, Prayer

Sln I have a comment to make. I was talking to a stranger on the phone in the week, but he knows somebody that I know, and the lady had told him that I've been unwell recently, so the stranger asked after my health, and I told him that I have been a little bit better these last fey days, and he said he was glad to hear that, but that he would pray for me, and I was just so surprised by his statement. Partly he has never met me, we have never seen each other, and he was going to pray for me, and partly he was telling me, who is a stranger to him, that he believes in God, and I was just quite taken aback by this man just announcing over the telephone that he believed in God and that he would pray for me, and it's the sort of thing that I would have thought, that people that knew each other well, would tell each other about, but I hadn’t expected it from a stranger, and it pleased me that he said that, and I thought, well if he could confess to me that he believed in God, and knew God, perhaps it was time that I started telling others that I believe the same. Is it too soon for me to do that? What I mean by that is, I may not believe in God yet the way this man obviously did.

Teacher: Your belief is your belief, why take some other belief. Be confident in your own, you see a small word of caution, he at least advised you of his intention. You had the choice to refuse his prayers or to accept. Always be aware of this, I say this to all. You are understanding? You see, a person who is showered unexpectedly with prayer may have an adverse effect because of un-preparedness. Always remember to request YOUR GUIDANCE TO PREPARE THE PERSON YOU WISH TO PRAY FOR. It can be as harmful, I use this word advisedly, as negative thought. You are understanding? Because of the magnitude of the force of prayer when delivered to an un-prepared person may cause an over balance effect. This is clear for YOU? Do not be surprised when persons make known to you their belief, accept and all shall be well.

Krd Would it be the same if you were sending healing

Teacher: Correct. You should always request your guidance to prepare the person. Your guidance shall contact the receiver’s guidance and prepare for acceptance. Yes, or rejection.

Tms Why would there be rejection.

Teacher: Some persons do not wish for assistance. Maybe un-prepared to accept assistance. There is nothing guidance can do to alter this, but when transmitted guidance shall accept and transmit in a diffused manner perhaps. This is clear for you?

Mld .Is it sometimes people do not really want to be well, that they are using their illness for their own ends?

Teacher: At times, but you see, you should also respect other persons, yes, just as I do not intrude, then so also, you should not. You are understanding? You have more queries?

Mnd Man, with its manmade machinery produces electricity does that particular electricity carry thought?

Teacher: Not as you would perceive it to be.

"Does it assist our thought?

Teacher: Not always assist. Disrupt I would say. Filip, you are silent, you are of comfort?

FlpYes. I think the physical is tired, Filip's not, but the physical is.

Teacher: Yes. You are foraging?

"I'm always foraging,

Urantia Book

Teacher: Perhaps you should all engage your self in foraging to expand your mind, you are understanding

"I'm waiting for the time to come; it's obviously not the right time for me.

Teacher: Yes. As you have said, you have been of a busyness, much change has occurred. Be at ease.

FIp I will thank you.

Sln Do you mean in the Urantia book?

Teacher: If it is your desire,

"Tommas would like to buy it. I have been reading your first black book again, because there is things in it that take on a different meaning for me a third time around, or things that perhaps did not make sense to me, or perhaps I did not take much notice of in the beginning, So I’ve been reading that this week, but I don't know if I am ready for the Urantia book.

Do not concern.

Flp It will come when the time is right. I have had it on order for 5-6 weeks and it's obviously not my time yet.

Sln I just about freaked out when Tony said he wanted to buy it.

Flp Why

Sln Well. I said, are we ready to understand it, I’ve not understood the passages that Charlemont has read out.

Tms You wouldn’t sit & read the whole thing right through. I'd pick out bits. You wouldn’t read it from cover to cover.

Sln You gave me the choice, you said to me, shall we buy the book, so I said no. But then you said you thought you'd go ahead & buy it anyway, and just have it in the home for when you were ready to look things up, well I was more comfortable with that idea, having it sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Teacher: Do not be a feared, Selina, any of you, fear, as Martinus shall say perhaps, fear of a book, do not be so. Fear of anything, do not be so. Silence I am not content with. I do not give for you to receive if you have not given to receive. I cannot expand your mind, your perception, you are understanding? Without some little effort from each. You do this for your self, at your desire, I am unable to do this for you. Fear not.

"'Yes it, wasn’t the book itself that worried me, it was I think I was frightened that I wouldn’t understand the messages in the book.

Teacher: Fear of not understanding is a fear you should not keep to your self. In this fear of not understanding is a barrier so large, you shall inhibit your growth. I say this to all. Fear of making query, fear you may be repeating a query, fear you may be of embarrass, fear you may be ridiculed, inhibiting your growth. It is not good, but I cannot remove this for you. You do this for your self if you desire.

Mrt,I did talk to Selina on the phone about this, my feelings, and once I got over that fear, I'm quite happy with the book now

Teacher: FEAR is your barrier to a challenge, as I have said. Urantia book must be all your desire, if it is not so, then do not attempt. You wish to comment? There is little comment on my comments.

Tms Well I thought the book would be useful to refer to.

Teacher: Correct, as I have said, if it is your desire. I do not invoke my will and say you must, it is your desire.

"I got the impression from others that it would be a useful book for years to come.

Bjm I found that I began to read the section on the life of Jesus and I found that to be really excellent because it went right through and as he became older it began to set out in words of our language the accurate things that he was saying and thinking, to people at that time and each one of those sayings is something, a real life help, and it covers every subject you could think about.

Teacher: You see that is your beginning of the book.


There may be another beginning for Tommas, and yet another for Filip etc etc where-ever it is of comfort for your beginning. I shall not speak of this at length, at this appointment, but I would say this, there is not enough comment, not enough querying, from any, your minds are not expanding as they should, for your desiring of growth. You have set foot on the path, you are hesitant yet. It is for you all to find the courage to place your footsteps firmly, knowing you walk with your Teacher. Chastisement, castigation, you may believe are my words, there is not anger in my words, a gentle or perhaps not so gentle nudge, for you to release your fears and speak your thought, yes. Speak our feelings and then you shall have understanding. Do not forget thoughtful, feeling, action leads to understanding, you may speak.

Chm I had an experience that has happened several times with our discussions, I found myself saying words, that either I didn’t want to say, or they were coming from my mouth and they seemed like they weren’t my words, and I'm now wondering; if that wasn’t a sort of a higher consciousness It's like listening to somebody else speak, and it's not always the things you want to say, we discussed it after you had left. I just felt by saying that someone in this room might just let go and just let thoughts and feelings just flow out of their mouth because we are working with verbal things at the moment and we have talked earlier of the vibration of the voice, arid I have often sat here with nothing to say whatsoever, no queries. We tend to think of queries as classroom questions, I think we have got to get over the barrier of the query, and put it perhaps into a thought, speaking the action of a thought, might make it easier for all of us. Sometimes a thought seems to be a minute speck of nothing, but once verbalised can be extremely important especially when the answer comes from you.

Teacher: I am understanding. Correct. And you see each thought expressed may be of significance for others also, and by sharing your thoughts, you are sharing in a growth experience.

ChmYes I have also noticed on several occasions in the past that I have held back for those few moments, and Tommas has come out with a very similar query or question on that particular subject and I've often thought that's strange that it's happened. I'm sure there must be others in the room that must be having similar thoughts, but are not saying the thoughts; they are sitting on the thought for one reason or another.

Teacher: You see, I desire our communication to be of a discussion, with the thoughts spoken and freely given and received. This is for you to consider if you disagree, you may speak, do not be afraid to disagree.

Fip I don't disagree. I found that when we do have discussions, a few appointments ago, someone came up with a little question and it developed into a really good lesson, and it's good like that, but I don't know, tonight I'm not really awake.

Teacher: I am understanding. You do not all operate at the same frequency continuous, you have eyes close, tiredness, busy-ness, I am understanding.

"I will just say that things that Charlemont & Tommas have spoken about tonight have been of use to me, and the same again, I don't come to an appointment with a query written out. I wait until it's my turn and I say whatever comes through to me at the time, which is sometimes different to what I think.

Ohm I've tried both ways, and I use both methods, if I have a thought during; the week that I consider a useful thought from something I've read, I’ll scribble it down, and I also come to the table without, but I also have a flash thought that I just come out with, and I was explaining before, when it almost feels like a set-up when I am saying something, and I don't even agree with what I am saying, and wondering why I am saying it.

Teacher: But it is still of value.

Chm But it ends up as value for me.

Teacher: And for others.

Tms I seem to be concentrating on power of thought. It can be so powerful, and I'm starting to realize just how powerful it can be.

Chm It's what we are

Flp I've sort of been into that for 10-15 years. You know, there are books on it that, I've used for years.

Tms There is a difference between knowing something, and understanding something.


Chm This is a time when we should all be discussing things amongst ourselves like this. I foresee the future to be that this is how the lessons will be, we will be discussing, things, with Abraham eavesdropping, and checking us when perhaps we are going up the wrong way, wrong train of thought, rather than us coming to Abraham, to tell us what to think, and we've got it round the wrong way.

Teacher: Correct.

FlpYes I've felt this for a long time that some of the queries that people have come out with, we could answer amongst ourselves.

Chm I think that's what Abraham is wishing that we just sit around here discuss amongst ourselves, we haven’t come to church, for a minister to tell us how to behave tomorrow, we have come here to expand our thoughts and we have a guidance with us who will tell us if we are thinking wrong or right, and we are not doing this, any of us, really.

Teacher: It is a process you perhaps need to learn. Then you shall consider this until our next appointment, unless there are other comments on this subject, now.

Sln Well I sort of feel that when you are with us, and we talk to you, I tend to join in more freely, if you are sitting back & listening, then I tend to sit back & listen to the others as well, I don't think I join in as much, if all the guys are talking amongst themselves.

Chm But if you disagree, would you not say, I disagree, or would you just sit and listen.

SIn Well probably some body nearer your end of the room would disagree, and I'd just tend to let it go.

Chm I think that's where the value lies, our discussion will be taking the floor, taking it in turns, without splitting into groups, then Abraham will assist if someone is going the wrong way.

Teacher: Then is it something you would wish to attempt

"Well we have tried 3 different variations of getting these lessons going. We have had taking it in turns...

Teacher: Ah yes, I do not direct.

"There must be wisdom in this room from every one of us. Every one of us has a gift and wisdom and we are not sharing and that's sad, if someone is not allowing me their wisdom, then I am losing on this as much as anybody.

Fip Well what I was going to say was, how about any queries are not directed at Abraham, but directed to the group, and then we'll see what sort of answers we come up with, and then no doubt Abraham will correct us,

Tms To the floor,

Mld I think that is a good way. I've always felt that our queries should be directed to Abraham and that's inhibited me.

Teacher: Why so? What is your fear you may all consider this. I am understanding this is perhaps the view of all.

Chm It may stem from the fact that it may stem from our upbringing. School teachers and other teachers are to be looked on with awe, and you are told things, and it's almost wrong to challenge at times. Being told is enough. And this is subtlety different, vie are not just being told, we have to ask....

Teacher: You must take an active part in your own teaching I have said before times, I cannot learn for you.

Sln Sometimes I am unsure of my feelings, sometimes I seem to feel one way, but other time the points of view have gone backwards forwards, I could have changed my mind several times, and in the end I'm uncertain all over again, I'm not sure who was right.

Teacher: Then speak of this uncertainty and it shall be clarified for you. Do not be forever confused. Do not be forever uncertain. Be kind to self, and seek clarity.

So, you shall all consider the query I make of Melda, and perhaps this shall be the subject of our next appointment, yes. You are all in agreement


Then, I shall leave you with this;

Stern though my admonishment may appear loving kindness it is delivered. Receive it as such and give it your loving consideration for your self and in this it is for others and for God.