1987-10-29-Right Path, Inner Path

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Topic: Right Path, Inner Path

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Charlemont Opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham

Teacher: Greetings. Tommas you may commence. You have considered our last communication?



Tms Yes. I am Tommas, personally I don’t feel that I have a problem. I don’t feel that I am afraid to ask questions. The problem seems to be, what to ask. It's a bit like having a box of goodies with a combination, slowly picking away at the numbers, another tumbler falls, you may only get that little bit nearer, but you've still not got it open.

Teacher: Yes. You are unlocking the universe,

"But knowing there is nobody going to come along & open it up for you. I’ve got to do it myself.

Teacher: Correct. You have a solution?

Well only by still trying with the meditation, and asking my guide for help, The other day I got a sort of image or daydream of a lot of people walking along a path, all ages, shapes, sizes, some going faster than others, chatting to each other, but all heading in the same direction, and eventually all will get where they‘re going.

Teacher: Do you know which is your path?

" No. I know leading towards a better life, being a better person, being better to others and learning to.... I know God is within me, but I think learning what to do with it.

Teacher: Yes.

"I know it's helping me personally, and from my changed attitude other people are benefiting from it. Yes

Teacher: Melda, you have considered our last communication

Mld,Yes. I am Melda. I think my path is to want to help other people, not to do it because I ought to. To submit my will willingly to what I am directed to do.

Teacher: You think this

"I know this.

Teacher: And who is it you are submitting your will to?

"To God.

Teacher: I do not appreciate your terminology. You have free will, there is not need to give up your will. You are understanding?

"Yes, I think I put it badly.

Teacher: I correct you, yes. I am understanding your intent. So, in turn, each answer this query, have you considered our last communication

Bry I don't think I know where my path is, at this point in time I'm looking for it.

Teacher: You are not certain you are standing on your path

"Yes, I am standing on my path, but I can't see very far ahead is what I mean.

Teacher: Yes. This is not unusual. It is well you know you are on your path, even though the way does not appear to be visible, yes

Yes I must admit I have doubts sometimes that I am on the path.

Bjm You once told us that the self was at the centre and I think that's a part of my path to understand my self much more and in that way it's reflected off us as well.

Teacher: Yes.

Dom - I am Dominica, As far as my life journey path goes, I thought I had it sussed out for a while, but something happened this week that has changed all that, so I don't really know where I am going at the moment, but whatever my life journey does, takes me, I hope that I will always try to continue learning my lessons and finding out about my self, and spreading love, which I think is more important than everything else anyway.

Teacher: You have come to a meeting of the paths, yes. Do not concern, this occurs of frequency through out your journey. It is the INNER PATH you should be concentrating on at this time...

Sln I am Selina. I thought my path was to open soul memory and find God and having found that Love, to share it with others, to be kinder to others, to have more tolerance for others and for self. I have been unsettled in my job for some months now and I think it's because I want to leave my job and do something perhaps more worthwhile for others in some way, and I don't know if I am looking for a more interesting job, more challenging, or just a simply more worthwhile job, but I am no longer happy where I am, and I don't know whether it is something to do with this path of searching that I am on.

Teacher: Perhaps.

Bld I am Belinda, when I consider the pathway that I am on, when I think of all the barriers that I have to overcome, I know where I am heading, I've got all these barriers to get through first.

Teacher: Be of ease. Do not think of barriers, think of each barrier as it arrives and it shall be of ease to overcome.

"I have one barrier that comes up all the time, that of being a parent. It just doesn’t seem to have gone the way I would have liked, to be a parent.

Teacher: Then allow your barrier to stretch, to grow, to be of a flexible nature.

"I'll try.

Clara I am Clara. My inner path I feel I am on. My external path seems to be twixt 'n between. My exterior path is connected with other people so it seems to be at a cross roads situation,

Teacher: Yes As I have said, concentrate on your inner path. It shall lead you past the cross.

Mrt I am Martinus. I think my path is to find my true self and the only way I can explain this at the moment, I have always believed that you could lie to other people but you could never lie to your self because deep down the truth you knew, and so deep down now I know the truth and that's my path to learning to really work on that and find my path to ultimate truth.

Teacher: Yes.

Mnd I am. Mondaa Abraham I feel that I am on my pathway, but as yet, like others, cannot see the direction that it's taking me and feel the need for more understanding.

Teacher: Yes.

Pta I am Petta. At present I am happy with my path I just feel that I am at a resting period at the moment. I have found more tolerance with my self & with others. I feel that life is for loving living, for helping & giving, and these things seem very, very important to me at the moment. I was able to explain our way of thinking to someone quite new to this line of thought last weekend, and I found pleasure in telling her about it,, I found pleasure in seeing her interest, without telling her too much, and I have a little verse that I saw the other day, it says that;

We are like trees,
we must create new leaves,
new directions in order to grow.
And I think that symbolises a lot.

Teacher: Yes.

Chr I am Charlemont. I am a student of life, at this time, space. I am my barrier. I am my path. I am, my part of God.

Teacher: Yes, For those who are uncertain where their path may lead, who cannot see their path, I say this, your path shall be whatever you desire it shall be, and I say this to all, at our last communication, the method of our communication each to each, was discussed, you were invited to consider how you may improve this, how you may serve this appointment to the benefit of your self each. You will now please comment on the consideration you have given this topic. Who shall begin?

TmsWell. I feel we have got to try to get into more of a discussion of items instead of maybe directing our queries to you, say to the room in general, and if somebody wants to pick up on it, they may have their comment, or others, then you can butt in as necessary, or maybe afterwards if we have taken the wrong tack, like open forum, maybe that would help on some items. Some we would not be able to answer.

Teacher: This of course may occur, I have often requested discussion. There are other comments regarding our communication?

Mrt One of the things we should do is, no matter how small we think that it is, we should try and say it, because sometimes I've thought that I would wait for someone else to put it better, then the topic has changed, so we should say it as soon as possible..

Bld And the rest of us should listen.

Teacher: You see, each query, and I use the word QUERY, to mean any statement, sentence, word, uttered by any present, ANY QUERY & ANSWER, is for the benefit of all present, yes? And you may have gathered that I am not present to lecture, to advise, to give message, to give insight, to give truth, unless requested. I have often said, "ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE", you MUST, for your growth, for your footsteps on your path, to be firm and stable, train your self to query, to delve into your self where all truth lies, To search, to read words, yes . Is this not a manner of learning? I offer the ocean of truth you may drink. I do not force. I nudge. I would not push, for you to drown. But I give you warning, if you do not take the risk, and. test your footsteps on your path, you shall find your feet firmly rooted to the spot, and you shall not grow on your path, and your path shall forever remain, unclear, foggy. If my words appear harsh, take them, digest them, understand they are given in the light and love which is God, for your betterment, for your growth, for your understanding. And so, I say this, if you are clear on your purpose, if you clear, if you are firm in your commitment, in your appointment with Abraham, therefore your commitment to God, then do not be a feared, allow your self the privilege of growth, but if you are not firm and clear in your commitment, then you must query your self, whether it is of benefit.

I believe you may term this speech, a shakedown. It is now time to really search your self. You have made commitment after commitment, you have discovered the worth of "I AM", You shall take refreshment, you shall discuss, you shall digest and understand my message, and when we return, we shall discuss, "open forum" yes, you are agreed then in love I leave, with love, I shall return.

  • Tea- break


Teacher: Continue your discussion....

Bl We come to learn the teachings of Abraham.

To commit our selves to God & to ourselves.

Teacher: And what are the teachings of Abraham?

Tm To find our selves. To find the God that is within us and to make use of it, which I think is important, not just know it's there.

Teacher: Therefore if you are learning to use the teachings of Abraham in your everyday life experience, should this not give you much to bring to our appointment?

Tm Somebody commented that the faults that we see in others, and that we don't like in other people, we've quite often got these faults ourselves and don't realise it. And I've been looking for what is it about them that I don't like, and it might be, they say, I'll do that for you, I'll get that done, and they don't. Quite often I've also said the same thing to people, and not done it, and this week, whenever I've said I'll do that, I've made a point of going out of my: way to do it, and people have been appreciative, and that's been good. Sometimes it's been a nuisance.

Mt We haven’t always got these faults, we could have had them but overgrown them grown out of them.

Md Is it then that we are critical & not patient with them?

Tm Quite often you can criticize some body & then do the same thing yourself, then say, oh I'm just as bad.

Ch We are living on a physical plane, we now know there are other planes which we are trying to achieve God consciousness, God consciousness is beyond the physical plane, therefore if we can live, only slightly towards God Consciousness, we will be thinking & feeling beyond the physical plane, which will make us more forgiving of those on the physical plane, and I think these lessons are to enhance that feeling & thinking. We can still live the physical life & we are all here for a reason, but enhance it with the knowledge given to us from beyond this plane.

Thank you Charlemont. You are correct. As I have said, you teach your self through your life experience. Therefore if you are teaching yourself and learning, should this not bring queries to our appointment? If you are making new discoveries each day of your life experience.

You see, in amazement, I observe your animation, your speed of communication each to each during your refreshment, I have made comment on this before times, yet, in the presence of all of us together, there is no animated speech. Little thought, little communication, does it not make you wonder

Sl But in our refreshment break, we talk about trivial, every day things, physical things, things we understand

Teacher: YES!!!

"Well, what we talk about before and after the break....

Teacher: Do you not understand?

"Some things are much deeper & harder to understand.

Teacher: You see,

By I think it's because....

Teacher: One moment

No, I allow you to speak. I shall reserve my comment.

"Sometimes I think perhaps we feel that a comment we are going to make is about us personally, therefore we feel shy perhaps of talking about it, but during the break, that personal aspect seems to come forward much more easily.

Teacher: Correct, I am aware of this. I say this, I have said before times, I do not expect, nor intend for you to empty your self of your sorrows your joys to learn from Abraham. It is of trivia, so called, that important, major sentences are built, yes? A small seeming remark, may lead to a most great epistle, yes.

Ch I found in our break today I was given another concept of the LOGOS, through Abraham I learnt that Logos meant THE GIFT OF GOD and I realised we used the word to express our feelings & thoughts, and I've never considered the word in that way before, even though we've been taught around that, it had to come through my own mind, if you like. I feel very happy tonight with just that one thing,

Teacher: Correct.


Ch And also we discussed mediums and such, which I'd like to hear more of.

Md In a book I was reading, written by a medium's wife, in Australia, In this book she said that when her husband was IN TRANCE, people had to keep at least 3 feet away from him, and in no way touch him. And she recounted a time when he had come out of a trance for several minutes, when somebody accidentally brushed against him & she likened it to a knife being thrust into a toaster that was turned on, and he actually had physical damage to his body, and I wondered why it is, that here, we don't have that same difficulty with Ruby, why is it that this happens to this particular medium.

Teacher: Are not all persons individual? And all methods of receiving are therefore individual to each person? From communication to communication Reuben is differing, at times she is unaware of your presence, at times she is. There is a time for touching, a time for not. The differing manners for receiving is just as this. When there is protection, there shall be not harm, and who touches Reuben, none,

You see, this experience you speak, one moment, is not good to be this manner, each appointment, this person has little protection for safety. I would not allow Reuben to be in such predicament. These persons are of value, their physical body should not be harmed or in danger of harm.

I shall send messenger for this.

Your query is beneficial, our thanks for you Melda. I am much disturbed by news of this kind.

Pt There is a medium in Auckland who has a guide, an AMARIDEI, who comes from another planet...

Teacher: Ah yes.

and although the medium is not now receiving AMARIDEI, because he is ill, he did have him come through once or twice a year and he had a great force of energy around him, and he had to have people as protection, behind him, when he was receiving AMARDEI, and he could be unwell up to 2 days after this, but

Teacher: Yes.

He felt it was worth it, because AMARIDEI had so much to tell people.

Teacher: Yes.

Would you know of AMARDE?

Teacher: Not as I.

You see, in these two instances, Melda, Petta refer, the forces are from the Watchers, un-protected. You see, my transmission through Reuben is channelled and deflected by all guidance of Reuben. Others are called in when of necessity. Charlemont, Benjamin, Martinus are aware of times I mention. Much of the physical energy & entity of the human receiver/transmitter is used. It is a shock, to the physical system and must be relayed through guidance, large banks of guidance are employed in this manner. Also the presence of your physical bodies, your guidance assists. If this is not made available, then instances to which you refer, occur. Reuben has experienced for instance, sleeplessness, because there was not enough protection, too much stimulation, you are understanding?

Mon Does this mean then Abraham, the more people there are in the developing circle, the better the protection for the channel

Teacher: Not of necessity. The receiver/transmitter has much guidance available and more is brought when of necessity, your presence assists, but it must be requested,

Bl And does us being here help you?

Teacher: That is a, , , , , , what is the expression? Debateable, that brings us back to the "discussion"

Tm Are people chosen to be channels, when are they chosen, or do they choose themselves?

Teacher: It varies from receiver to receiver. This particular receiver has been such before times, trained without perhaps the knowledge of being trained by Bertha, many many, times, yet new also to this experience of receiver/transmitter,

Pt Are most of us like transmitters in many ways, for instance I find very very often when somebody is in need of advice or help or comfort, I utter words that aren’t really what I thought I would have said, I feel I have been given them without mentally forming those words and they are usually of comfort,

Teacher: Correct. And when you transmit a pleasant countenance do you not receive in return a pleasant countenance?

"So we are all capable, but not to the intensity that Reuben is?

Teacher: Correct, then, what is the outcome of your thoughts & discussion regarding shakedown?

Mon It seems to be an easier format of what we are doing at this present moment,

Cl. You make us think again.

Teacher: Ah, you make your self, think. You see, remember this, you are living energy, equalling thought, equalling God yes? so, transcribe thought, feeling, action, understanding, without thought if there is just feeling, action, you shall not have understanding, It is a progression, not of necessity, consciously achieved, perhaps for some it is thought, into feeling, into action, to understanding. For some it shall be action, into feeling, into thought, for understanding. But always there is thought. The action of thought may be words, maybe gesture, etc., and with it, is feeling & then understanding, and you see, you are understanding this thought, feeling, action, understanding explain your understanding.

Pt We cannot do anything without combining those three things.

Md Thought is the energy that combines, that creates these things. Thought is the energy that creates emotion, it is the energy that creates action and it brings understanding.

Tm You must have three.

Ch I should not use my past human life experiences as nothing but wonder or karmic adventures, it is your simplest way of showing me, Charlemont, of how I am a living continuum or an infinite being, I believe this because whatever I thought, felt or did yesterday, effects how I will think, feel or act tomorrow, in our physical time. My physical being is thought manifested in matter, so thought is never ending, and I am a part of the infinite chain living thought, therefore I believe we are never, ever, thought-less, it would be impossible.

Teacher: Correct.

Sl But when we go into the stillness, you are supposed to empty your mind, and that means emptying your mind of thoughts as well.

Pt:But we are not trying to add the other things on at that time, feeling, action.


Teacher: Correct. And you see, this relates to our communication. Thought, to feeling, to action, which may be spoken communication, which leads to understanding for your self & understanding for the others present, yes? And you see, thought should generate more thought & more thought, never ever accept blindly the words I speak, you must always query, do not be so blind as to accept without query, for if you do, you shall not discover. Do you understand my words?

BL Yes, unfortunately there have been a couple of times when I have asked a query and just accepted your answer and then later on when I've read the notes, I've thought, well I wish you'd expanded more the answer, or I'd queried more.

Teacher: Correct. Do not be a feared to ask for clarity, do not be a feared to challenge my words. How do you not know I mislead you?

Tm I don't think that thought has ever entered our heads.

Teacher: Why not?

Sl Well I trust you too much, to contemplate the fact that you may be misleading us.

Teacher: Then I challenge you, to challenge.

Tm Why would you mislead us?

Teacher: I do not say I do, but do not accept blindly, blind faith is not good. Questioning faith which leads to full understanding, yes, in the querying all doubt is removed. And you see, non-querying leads to stagnation. For freshwater must always move. Stagnated water is sour & diseased and shall bring ill health of the heart, the mind, the body. I speak figuratively, so do you wish to bathe in stagnant waters or do you wish to drink of the pureness & freshness

Sl It's the only way we'll grow.

Teacher: Correct.

Your thought has ceased.

Tm We are thinking

Teacher: Then put your thought into action,

Tm For myself it seems to come back to the matter of "what to think, what to say" I must write things down, because I often forget what the thought was, I was going to say, to ask about. It just goes,

Mt I've got pads around the house.

Bl But surely if we remember them, we shouldn’t have any trouble recalling them,

(much disagreement here)

Teacher: In the everyday business (busy-ness)

Bl. If you are going to write a whole long list down, nobody else would be able to speak.

Sl That still wouldn’t matter, if Tommas is asking something that we are all going to learn from.

Tm It would be good for those that haven’t got a good memory.

Cl A group of us were talking about relationships, & Bryoni & I said we must discuss that at our meetings, and neither of us can remember now what we were going to bring up. It was a good question, interesting, stimulating.

Tm Headlines on a piece of paper.

Sl Well I've still got questions, and I've written mine down, but they are not always relevant to the evening, and they are more like foraging and I don't want to go backwards.

Teacher: Do not concern.

Bl.If it is still bothering you, it must be important to say it.

Md We all need revision.

Teacher: Correct.

Pt I go quiet because I need time to digest what has been said.

Sl Well, one of the things I’d like to know, is the water molecules that are in each of us, and the oxygen molecules in each of us, is it the same in all life forms right throughout the universe If another being on another planet, whatever their physical form, the water molecules, would they be the same? I'm trying to figure out the way we are linked, if we are linked, throughout the universe. Like there is water in plants & trees, is that the same for example, as the life within us, would it be the same "life", in another being, on another planet, I'm trying to work out the link between us all, so that is each of us in this room linked to each other, is each of us, in each. An energy link.

By A thought link. A student I know at the moment, she has been given 2 leaves. One she completely ignores, and the other she talks to she hasn’t actually done it, but I can see what they are leading up to.

Teacher: This is vibrationary.

Tm Does it help the plants to talk to them?

Teacher: Correct.

But, you see, your query Selina, the physical components of your body and that of other matter living on the planet Earth, is not of the same as other universe. Your planet Earth is unique in its construction, as you are in yours. Other life forms in other parts of the universe differ.

.Sl They are unique to them selves, like each planet is unique.

Teacher: Correct. Because there are many differing factors involved. The one, one moment... energy is light, is God.

Sl. Thank you, I think that is the one common denominator I was really trying to look for.

Teacher: But the manifestation differs.

Tm Are we made up of the same basic chemicals, or do they also differ,

Teacher: Differing. And the same in another atmosphere would create a differing matter mass because of other factors involved. You are understanding?

Sl Then another question I don't think I really understood. You talked about soul consciousness, and we've talked about the 7 planes, are there 7 soul consciousnesses. Is there a soul consciousness on each plane that when we die, we could go to 1 of the 7 and not just 1 big one somewhere?

Teacher: Dimensions, yes.

"So, when my life here is finished, and I go to A soul consciousness....

A dimension of the soul consciousness, yes.

...you wouldn’t necessarily meet people there that you knew in this life, you would meet old friends, but not necessarily people from THIS physical life, that you knew here. Like my Mother could be in one, my Father in another, Uncles in another and so on.

Teacher: Perhaps.

" And each dimension depends on your growth at the time.

Teacher: And other, you decide for your self where it is you shall journey to.

" And I don't decide until I pass over, I didn’t know before I came here.

Teacher: Correct.

"When we start each life, do we only plan this one, or do we plan, outlines only, I don't mean details, do we plan, can we plan 2 or 3 lives ahead?

Teacher: One at a time. Surely one is enough.

Sl Well, I wondered. This is because I have not liked to ask this sort of thing before because of the others laughing at me.

Teacher: Do not concern. I do not "knock".

No, but once I have spoken out aloud, it sounds so silly.

Teacher: To your ears only.

Pt We are only amused Selina, because you always like to plan so far ahead.

Teacher: If truth be known, others have wondered this also.

Ch I actually thought the answer wouldn’t have been 1, because Abraham has told us, that we humans, always think on the 1 level, and it's multi-dimensional, and I thought the answer may have been, we are experiencing multi-dimensional life now.

Teacher: Correct.

" And this is only one facet, so I was surprised at the answer being just 1

Bry Does that mean that I am somewhere else, as well as here?

Sl Oh yes, yes.

Teacher: But it is still, one

Blb When we decide not to re-incarnate into the physical anymore, we go through higher dimensions, are we learning in those dimensions, or are we teaching, or are we serving, or...

ALL off this. Just as in this. Do you not serve, teach, learn etc.

,, But we feel pain in the physical, we wouldn’t feel pain in the soul planes.

Teacher: Not in the same manner.

" We feel emotions though.

Teacher: In a slight differing manner.

Sl Like perhaps our guides would feel disappointed in us, that's an emotion in a way, if we didn’t stick to our path.

Bl Will our guides always be higher than us, or will we eventually be on the same level as our guides.

Teacher: Your guidance is not of necessity, higher. The best person for the job. It is usually, a soul who has experienced that, which you have planned to experience and can therefore assist if required.

Bl Will I re-incarnate as often as my guide will have done.

Teacher: Perhaps. I cannot give you an answer for this. I cannot give you a figure of numbers which would be your entire life journey experiences. This is for your decision at your assessing time.

Md. Is this where our free will comes in.

Teacher: Correct.

Tm The number of times could run into hundreds, thousands...


Bl The time we decide not to reincarnate to the physical, and we go on, is there a time when perhaps we decide we have made a mistake and we want to come back to the physical.

Teacher: Correct. But you see, you miss an important aspect. To you in the physical, there are "X" number of life experiences, therefore "X" number of soul experience, yes? It is a continuum, neverforgetting soul is non-ending, and it is a continuum, no beginning, no ending. With ease from one to the other, again, do not think in physical terms, this will limit the expansion of your mind, of your understanding.

Bl If no beginning, no end, at what stage does it become perfect

Teacher: That is for you to find out for your self. You see, do not number off, I have had "X" number of physical journeys, my soul has had "X" number of non-physical journies, you are soul, you are therefore always living.Consider.

Sl I guess if you ever reached the perfect state your self, you would always help others, you'd still keep going on "doing" something. If you weren’t "doing" for your "self", you’d "do" for others, if you were ever perfection.

What is perfection?

" God is perfection...

Teacher: Correct. Then, I refer to our discussion of our communications and your commitment, what is your decision? Is it for your benefit to continue? You may answer in turn.

Tm Yes, I'd like to go on, I know I am benefiting from it, be it slowly.

Mld Yes, I'd like to continue.

Bry Yes, I've benefited a lot.

Bjm Yes, thank you.

Dom Yes, I'd like to continue to learn

Sln Yes, I've been searching for something for many years, I don't want to stop now.

Bld Yes I want to continue, I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

Cir I’d like to continue

Mrt Yes Abraham

Mnd Yes Abraham

Pta Yes Abraham

Chm I indeed would like to carry on learning as much as I can.

Teacher: Then, hear this.

Remember my speech. Remember thought, feeling, action, understanding. Remember to act on your thought, feeling. Remember to speak your thought, your feeling, and you shall arrive at understanding. Remember to come to the ocean of truth you must drink. It is not of benefit, to stand and stare. To accept it is there, you must taste, you must query the taste. Is it stagnant, is it pure and clear, in other words, is it false or is it truth. This is for your benefit. Then, I shall continue to give you "shake down" when I feel it is of necessity. To stir your stagnant mind, to refresh your mind to not lapse into complacency.


Then, I shall leave you and in the leaving, I leave you with LOVE, WlTH TRUTH, WITH LIGHT, IN GOD.


A short poem from Petta.

The clock of life is wound but once,
and no man has the power to tell just when the hands will stop,
at late or early hour.
Now, is the only time you own.
Live and love, toil with a will.
Place no faith in tomorrow, for the clock may then be still.