1987-11-12-Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Use Stillness

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Topic: Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Use Stillness

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Ch.opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham.

Teacher: Greetings. Who shall begin?



Tms. I am Tommas. I have been trying to concentrate on thoughts, feelings, actions. But I find that whatever my thoughts, feelings, when it comes to actions, I have found that my actions are back in the physical, and I am wondering if I am still doing something wrong somewhere down the line, because we keep saying that we are thinking physical and shouldn't be, But whatever, my action seems to be physical.

Teacher: For example?

"Well, if I have discovered something that I don't like about myself, that I have noticed in other people, which is something we have discussed before, my actions are to correct that in me and not to look for fault in the other person, and to try to correct it within myself, but then I thought well, that's back to physical again.

Teacher: Yes, I am understanding. Do not concentrate too hard, and of course, at first, it shall be more of the physical that you are aware of. But an action does not of necessity become physical. This you must discover for yourself. But again I say, do not concentrate too hard, you are understanding?


Teacher: You have more to add?

"Maybe a bit later.

Teacher: There are others who wish to comment on this

ClI am reading a book that Aileen...

Introduce yourself.

Sorry, this is Clara...

Teacher: Introduce yourself.

"I am Clara.

Teacher: Thank you.

"I am reading a book that Aileen lent me and it's loving yourself, warts and all, which by accepting you have warts, you are halfway towards curing them.

Teacher: Hence, do not concentrate too hard, yes.


Teacher: And, you are of course correct, acceptance, yes, it is of importance, acknowledgement and acceptance, yes.

Tms.But we should still try to correct.

Teacher: Without too much concentration.., the acknowledgement of a fault leads to acceptance and it shall become less of a fault, to use your expression, yes.


Teacher: There are others who wish to comment on this subject? Then, perhaps, in turn, you shall each speak. Filip you have queries


Fp.I am Filip. Not queries as such, I am just not of comfort probably, is the answer.

Teacher: Why so?

"Physical problems on this plane.

Teacher: You are in physical pain?


Teacher: You are in emotional pain?

"Yes, probably emotional I should say, my, business is not working properly. I have reached a crossroads now where I have to decide what happens next. And it's of emotional pain at this stage, I suppose is the answer.

And of mental.

"Yes I am not of comfort anyway, I haven’t been for quite awhile.

Teacher: You wish to receive some comfort for your distress?

"Yes. I would like to well... Belinda went to see a person who does spiritual type readings of cards, and he gave her certain information which seems, which I have sort of used as hope I suppose, but, at this stage it hasn't come to pass, and I am still in a state of indecision, of wondering what to do next.

Teacher: Yes. You have taken your query to the stillness?

"Yes, I have tried. With my busy-ness I have had trouble trying to find the stillness.

Teacher: Yes, then I say this...It is of importance, the stillness, you must make appointment for yourself with the stillness to receive calm, and perhaps your path shall become clear for you.

Yes, I felt that that was what I needed to do.

Teacher: Commitment to yourself.

"I was discussing this with Benjamin, whether this is a part of learning for me, which, I'm learning humility or something, I am not quite sure, or whether it is leading me to a path of - I have mentioned before, when I would have time to do things for other people without having to worry about, earning a living. That's in my thinking as well, in my, thoughts, feelings.

Teacher: I repeat, commitment to yourself. Make appointment for yourself for the stillness.

I will

Yes, you have more queries

I don't, not a t this stage thank you.

Teacher: Then continue each in turn.

KrI am Korde. I was wondering if I could learn about Margrethe my Guide, what she did when she was on the Earth plane.

Teacher: One moment. She was a he, was a soldier of fortune, although occupation mercenary personality character of a kind, gentle. That is all she requires you to know.

"Also another query. Whenever I see water, like an ocean or a lake I always feel like I want to be on it. Is that like a hankering for the ocean, is that anything?

Teacher: Not of particular consequence.

Kr Thank you Abraham.

Teacher: You have more queries

"Not at this stage thank you,

Br.I am Bryoni. I have a couple of queries. One is that I often wonder if I had ever met a soul mate. There are two people I have in mind which I wonder are they, but I don’t know if I would recognize it.

Teacher: If you had, you would be certain.

"I see, thank you.

Teacher: Cryptic answer, but of truth.


Teacher: You have more queries?

"Yes. A lady I know, a client went to a clairvoyant and this clairvoyant told her that her husband hasn't got very long to live, and he seems perfectly healthy at the moment, and I am left to pickup the pieces. I'd like to reassure her, but who am I to go against the words of a clairvoyant, and I sort of quite, really don't know how to help her at this stage.

Teacher: Yes. It is appearance of unethical to reveal such information in this manner.

"Yes, this is what I thought.

Teacher: You may assure your friend/client to have a positive mind feeling. If death of this person should occur, it shall be of natural event, but if dwelt upon it could be bought about premature. I do not agree with giving such information.

"No, I was quite horrified actually. Thank you.

Teacher: You have more queries?

"I have in a way, yes, I have really. I am a little bit embarrassed about asking it.

Teacher: Do not.


"I believe in what I have been reading about trying to be positive about everything, trying to use visualisation and when I used it, one instance I can think of, is years ago, I was really getting on well with one of my children, and I was feeling very positive about this and thinking how great everything was and suddenly the sort of crunch came, and my son turned against me,, and I have found this often happens to me, almost as though as soon as I think things are going well, something happens. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, or if it's something Karmic or whatever it is, I just wondered why, things work out like this.

Teacher: You anticipate the good turning opposite. That for every good there must be the opposite.

"yes, I suppose I do do that in a way, but I am not actually conscious of it, it is almost as though as soon as something good, you know, I'm sort of saying, gee, that's great, and then something happens, Is it subconscious?

Teacher: Perhaps, perhaps also, too hard concentration on the positive without conviction, you are understanding?

"Yes. I am understanding, but I am not quite sure what to do about it.

Teacher: Be of ease.

Alright. Thank you.

Teacher: Again acknowledge and accept that which is, yes,

"Yes. Thank you,

Teacher: In the acknowledgement and acceptance of the good, does not necessitate the bad in return.

"Thank you.

Bj I am Benjamin. I have been thinking about what you were saying about the commitment in faith, and trying to avoid self castigation, but I have been listening to what you said to Filip and I realise that commitment to self, is probably the way that I am going to find the way.

Teacher: Correct. And it is for all. Yes, you have more queries?


Sln I am Selina. I have been thinking about emotions this week. I don't know that it has led to any queries in particular, I just wondered why, myself in particular, is so emotional. It doesn’t seem to take much to make me cry, or laugh. I don't think it takes very much to make me ill or make me well. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make me cross. For example, I woke up from a dream in the week, cross, with Tommas, it was something to do with a house made of dirt, it was covered in turf, and I felt he'd had a bad deal, I don't know if he had tried to buy this mud home or barter for it, but in my dream I went off looking for him, to tell him that it wasn’t fair, and as I woke up, I was still cross with him, and then realised where I was. I wake up from dreams crying, why is it I am so emotional

Teacher: I would not call this emotion. You are expressing some emotion of course, but it is not MY meaning of emotion, you are... I find words, one moment... do not be offended, you are a transparent personality. You are on the surface of your life, your dreams are not differing to other persons, your response to your dreams are not differing to other persons. Do not dwell on your apparent emotional self, again you concentrate too hard. Delve into the depths of your self Selina. You are understanding

"Yes I am. I'm not really too worried by those emotions, more, I'm worried about if I came across somebody I disliked I would like to keep that under control..

Teacher: And this is something you must learn for your self.

"It just seems that I seem to like people, or dislike them, right from the beginning of when I know them, and as I know them over the months or years, very often nothing changes, I either still always like them, or I still always dislike them, and I would rather not dislike people. I would like to learn to love them and it doesn’t quite seem to come about.

Teacher: Again, as I have said, you must delve into the depths of your self, and you must look beyond the surface you see in others, yes? For those you dislike you must look beneath the surface, there is good to be found.

"Yes, I have told myself that.

Teacher: But, do not concentrate too hard. Acknowledge, accept, and it shall be more of ease. Yes

Teacher: Does any one wish to comment on this subject'

Tms Just that we have said before that quite often vibrations that other people give off are not compatible.

Teacher: Correct, but you do not concentrate too hard. Acknowledge, accept and it shall be of ease.

Sln But to wake up from a dream cross, for example...

Teacher: Do not be concerned. It is quite natural to wake experiencing a dream emotion, some children awake in a fear, yes? It is of no consequence, do not dwell on such.

FipI t happens to me. It's not unusual.

Sin It's just that the emotions are so close to the surface I just felt that I ought to be able to control them better than I do. Like I watched a news item this week. With the young Irish girl that was killed, and I was just sobbing here watching the news.

Teacher: And so were many others. I give you this to think. Forget your surface emotion and delve into your self, for some other quality which would be of more benefit, you label your self emotional person, but there are other qualities of you, which you hide from yourself.

Tms I looked at the funeral of that girl, the crowds of people that were there, although it was a sad occasion it just showed the amount of love that all those people felt, and although it doesn’t make up for the girl being killed, it was good to see,

Teacher: Correct. It is a response of respect, acknowledgement yes.

"Talking of dreams, as a child I seemed to have nightmares almost every night and wake up terrified, I used to have to sleep with the light on, I was frightened of the dark, and I was wondering if past experiences were the cause of it or because I was born in the war and the bombs and the noise.

Teacher: Dreams are made of many many experiences.

"They went on until I was about 12-14

Teacher: Again. it is of a natural event shares by many persons.

Then you have more queries Selina?

" I don't, no thank you.

DomI am Dominica. Up until about a fortnight ago I had my immediate life sussed out, sort of planning to move to Auckland, to live with my boyfriend and get engaged next year, and married a couple of years later to him, and I went to the same medium as Belinda did, and he saw all this as well, but free will came into it, and Kevin decided he wanted to go out with someone else, which I am just getting over and accepting now, but it's just to say to Filip, that just because of what the medium saw, it doesn’t mean to say it will come true, because so many other things can come into it.

Teacher: And you have more queries?

Dominica read a part from a book about self knowledge, self understanding, self acceptance. Abraham tells her that she has been learning all this, or should have been.

Teacher: Understand that whichever you read, in any book, you shall find you have been given this information. If this is understood, then you may use your books to "pad out" if you wish, my teachings, but first, you should understand my teachings. I say this to one, I say this to all, you are understanding?

Cl I am Clara, I have had a very busy fortnight, not much time to myself, and I haven’t spent much time thinking about myself, except for reading part of the book that Bryoni lent me, on loving your self which I found of interest.

Teacher: Yes, you are of comfort?

"Yes, I am.

Teacher: Good.

Mrt I am Martinus. I have done a lot of searching since Tuesday and I've asked for calmness and I've asked for help from my guide Nehamiah, and I hope that I am getting my commitments right, and I hope by Tuesday that I will have answers to give you then.

Teacher: Very well. You have more queries?

" No thank you.

MonI am Mondaa Abraham. A question was asked spirit in 1979 concerning predictions from the book of revelations, mention was made of a land mass that would appear between N. Z. and Australia and winds of change would occur all around the world causing climatic changes over the following 10 year period. Evidence is already at hand with bad weather in England & Australia over the last few months, could Abraham enlighten us any more in this direction.

Teacher: I do not give prediction. That which you mention is of a natural nature event in the weather experience, other than this, I shall not comment. You shall understand my reasons. You have more queries?

"Not at the moment,

Pet I am Petta. I get very impatient with my self at times because of the feeling that my human self is lagging far behind my spiritual self. Sometimes it's difficult to realise the two are related.

Teacher: The two are one. Do not forget your physical self is weighed down by matter and is bombarded every day by matter. Do not concern. Have patience, accept, yes. You are understanding my words?

" Yes thank you Abraham

Teacher: You have more queries.

" No, it was just a feeling I got thank you.

Teacher: You wish to explore this feeling, or you are content

"No, I'm content.

Teacher: Very well.

Chr I am Charlemont. I am feeling; quite relaxed at this time and have no queries to make.

Teacher: Then you have each spoken. You are all of comfort? Then take refreshment, I shall return.

  • Tea Break

Discussion after tea break


Tommas talked of friend meditating, helping him, told Filip to find the time, go for it,

Teacher: Correct. This you each must discover for self. It brings great benefits, for self.

Flp Yes I'd discovered that. I used to meditate quite a lot, but since we moved and involved in all sorts of other things I just haven’t found the time.

Teacher: It is at moment of greatest busyness and times of stressful nature that it is of most importance but it is at these times it is the least remembered and desired objective to achieve, yes.

Cl I was told that if you were doing; the dishes, that you could meditate doing the dishes, is that possible

Teacher: It may be so. Any activity whether it be at work at play or at rest, may be utilized to find the stillness. You must find your own recipe, for doing so.

Tms Years ago before I knew what I was doing, if things got on top of me at work, I'd just sit down for 5 minutes or so and do nothing, then get up and carry on, and I suppose in a way it was like meditation.

Mnd If you are out in the bush & you get lost, the first thing they say to do, is to stop,make a cup of tea, and think things out.

Fip I wanted to know before, if you could meditate with your eyes open, because it seems silly sitting down in Garden Place with your eyes shut.

Pet I focus on my feet or knees if I've got to have my eyes open.

Bjm I was reading about a teacher in America who was teaching meditation to children in her class 7-10 year olds, she found that they became a lot calmer, were able to concentrate much better, much more relaxed as people, I was wondering if it is O.K. to teach or show meditation to children.

Teacher: But of course. Children relax. Children as young babes do not always sleep, they often are in a state of relaxation, quietness. Young children also experience this,

Flp Last week I had the feeling that I needed to do this with Belinda and the children, just to sit and meditate,

Teacher: Follow your impulse. It is a thought, a feeling, only action is lacking.

" That's right, the children ran out to play. It was a very strong thought at the time,

Teacher: So, here is an example of thought, feeling and non-action. You see when carried through to action there is your understanding.

Sln I've not been very good at meditating lately. I started off when our lessons started, setting time aside each night, and then, when I asked Abraham if I had reached the stillness, and when he said I would know, when I had got there, so I knew, well I hadn’t then, and I didn’t bother after that, I felt as though I had let my self down, felt frustrated that I'd failed again, and I haven’t really put my heart into it since, which I know is doing me damage, I know it's holding me back, but I just feel I keep failing.

Teacher: You do not give your self the opportunity to succeed.

"I was very frustrated at your answer because I thought I must have been, well I hadn’t achieved my goal, but I did think I was doing something right, only to learn Remove from your mind FAILURE, it is not of necessity. Each time you enter the stillness you are receiving benefit. Do not concern your self with failure as I have said, if you do not attempt you do not give your self opportunity to reach the stillness.

Teacher: Change your thought.

" I give up easily on lots of things in life. I seem to stop trying at the first hint of I am not going to be as good as somebody else or, I, seem to lack, maybe self esteem, or self confidence.

Teacher: Will power. Also commitment to self. Do not be concerned whether I tell you, you have reached the stillness, be content that you attempt. Yes? You shall find it more of ease if you remove the thought of failure and remove from your self the image you have of your self and replace it with a new image. Only you may do this for you. It is within you, to be whatever you attain to be,

"Well. I went along for a job interview, because I felt that "I could do that", and I haven’t heard back from the people, it's been sometime, and I was so confident, I go from one extreme to the other.

Teacher: Heed the words I spoke to Bryoni. It is of a similar character.

(anticipate the good turning opposite,+ too hard concentration on the positive without conviction).

Pet I had a knock back last week, I was sure that I could see auras, quite regularly, I was very pleased with this achievement, I have just read a book which has explained very clearly to me that what I am seeing is not an aura, it's tiredness of the eye. I can look at you Selina, and by the time I've finished watching you talking, my eyes go a little bit off centre, and therefore, I can see it now, I can see this halo around you, but it is not an aura, it’s my eyes, but there are thousands of other people that are under that impression too. There is an awful lot that can see auras.

SIn You are seeing a trick of the light in your own eyes? sometimes when I am meditating, I see inside my eyelids, patterns of light, and I don't think I am seeing anything other than my own electrical impulses I think what I am seeing is my own lights inside my head, flickering and dancing about.

Pet We all get that, but I don't bother to think about what it is.

Mnd You are making it more complicated.

Sln Well only that I watch it, then I forget to meditate, I'm more interested in the lights, and I'm thinking what's caused that, what is it in my eyes that do that.

Mnd You are not bringing your mind to the stillness, you are getting a busy mind

Sin That's right, which is why I don't get to the stillness I start wondering about other things. I suppose it's like the foraging, I wonder why it's there, what causes it, how, long will it last, how long before it changes to something else, and the eye lids are just like a screen, the colours play onto it.

(Abraham is nodding at this stage)

Krd On Monday as I was driving to work in the car, I was thinking that because the Boss has been away for a week, and I was in charge, and every time that he has been away for a week, he's come back and asked if there have been any problems, I've said no, and then he would pick on something, to be "one upmanship" on me, and then I felt oh no, now he's going to tell me off, then I thought, no, don't be negative, he's not going to find anything wrong, I'm not gong to allow it, and when I got to work, there was nothing said, and I thought "WOW", this is neat. Power of thought.

Sin Well I've got a bit of good news, nothing to do with the class, put I'd like to share It with the class, and that is my . brother is getting married, in England, in February and my . brother is in his early 30's, and I didn’t think he'd ever get married, and I'm so pleased that he has found somebody that he wants to finally settle down with. It was really good news, lovely to get the phone call.

Teacher: Then, you have more queries?

Tms You said once, that most of us here, our souls are very old, from the beginning....

Teacher: As most are.

"Did you mean from the beginning of the human race on Earth or before that

Teacher: The beginning of your creation.

Sln I don't understand your answer.

Teacher: It is a riddle.

Tms And some of the lessons we learn in say one life, do we sometimes come back and learn the same lesson again and again.

Teacher: Correct. Perhaps in greater depth, yes

Krd Have any of us in our past lives attended a class similar to this?

Teacher: Perhaps.

Sln Have you been our teacher before in our past lives

Not I

Tms Have we been taught in a similar manner?

Teacher: Perhaps

Mnd When you are teaching us now, are you also teaching other people at this particular time

Teacher: I am.

SinA nd do you teach on all the 7 dimensions as well?

Teacher: Of course.

Mnd Which is just like a computer, terminals, it can receive in many areas at the same time, same information.

Fip Not necessarily at the same time.

Teacher: Time space are all in the same time apace.

You have considered our last 2 appointments?

And the messages received.

Tms We only got the notes tonight,

Teacher: Then perhaps at our next appointment you shall have given consideration, yes


Then if there are no more queries, I shall leave you with this;

How do you value your self, if your value of self is high, then you shall commit your self for your self. In God, your value is high, why should you value your self any less. In your commitment to self is your commitment to God.

My answers to some of your queries have been brief. Those queries are not of importance in considering commitment to self. I have requested of you this, before times, now you must request of your self. What is your commitment to self, what is your responsibility to self? Appointments with Abraham, once each 7 days is not commitment for self. It is a small outward expression, your life is your responsibility. The quality, the value of your life, is your responsibility.

However great your commitment you shall receive equal reward for self.

There is no castigation in my words, you must understand this, and do not be offended Selina by my words.

Read my words, digest my words, understand my words, for they benefit none other than your self. Always remember you have free will.

Be calm of mind, be kind of heart, be kind of body for your own sake.