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Topic: Commitment

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



Ch.- Opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham

Teacher: Greetings. Who shall begin?

Sl I'd like to begin Abraham.



Teacher: Introduce yourself.

"I am Selina and I would just like to tell you how much Andreas is helping me. I have thanked Andreas, but I would like you to know that in the week I went to the dentist, and wasn't expecting to suffer any pain or discomfort, and started to do so and panicked, and Andreas just came to me, but I couldn’t even think of his name to thank him, because I was in such a state of panic, but he calmed me down and I came to no harm, and I have since thanked him, but I just wanted to tell you, that he is just there even before I call him, he comes to me when he thinks I need him,

Teacher: Your guidance is always with you. It is noted,

"But I didn’t think they would come to you unless called.

Teacher: In your panic, you called. There are many ways of summoning your guidance, yes. But your gratitude is noted,

"And something else I have been meaning to ask for sometime when you told us that "GOD IS", do you mean by that, that God exists, or do you mean something deeper, like the "I AM" was deeper, and we took a long time finding that meaning.

Teacher: "God is". It is a simple statement, there is no other need for explanation.,

"No, that's alright, I just wondered, I obviously am making it more complicated than it is.

Teacher: Think of the meaning of is, God is. There is no further explanation necessary for God. Take this, God is, to your heart, and you shall have understanding, it is beyond perhaps logical thinking.

You wish to comment, you are not clarified Selina?

"I looked up the word IS in the dictionary, and it said TO BE, TO EXlST.

Teacher: Correct,

"That answer is quite simple, I don't have to look any further than that. And did you arrive tonight before Charlemont had finished the prayer

Teacher: I do not arrive, you arrive.

"Well it's just that as Charlemont started the prayer, this heat that I feel, was so intense, so quickly, and I still don’t know if it's Andreas, if it's you, or if it's something to do with my inner self, or if it's perhaps all the guides that come to the room, I just don't know why, it starts, what it is, that starts it off.

Teacher: Anticipation. And I say this, I do not come to you, you come to me,

" Yes, I do know that, I forget,

Teacher: I correct you,

You have more queries?

" Not at the moment thank you.

Teacher: You are of satisfaction?

"Yes I am.

Teacher: Then you may continue.

Commitment, Communication

Bl I am Belinda and I'd like to start off with the homework you left us with the last couple of appointments, the last one was commitment, and the one previous to that was with regard to our communication with you, and I think Melda actually stated that she found it difficult communicating with you, you asked her why, and then you asked it to the class,

Teacher: Correct.

" I said that I did not like to push myself forward, to be the first to speak, I wasn’t always satisfied with your answers, because, I should really have questioned them more.

Teacher: Correct

"I think it's probably because the answer that I might receive, that it might not be adequate.

Teacher: Then always query. Always request clarification whether it be of query yours, or another person. I have been aware of this reluctance, continue.

"I'll go onto the next one which was commitment. I consider that my commitment is to myself, for me to bring out through the physical June, but bring out Belinda, which is God, or part of God, to treat people, to talk to people and to act towards people the way I would like them to be towards me and to also use the thought feeling action. I do a lot of thought and feeling but I don't very often put thought into action, and that is my challenge.

Teacher: Yes, you have thoughts you have feelings of un-settledness with answers received, so remember action and shall improve your understanding yes. Well said Belinda. From here on you shall not be hesitant in queries when you are displeased with an answer?

Yes, I feel that.

Teacher: Good. You have more queries?

No at this stage.

Teacher: Then continue

Kr I am Korde, and I shall continue like Belinda on the one of talking to Abraham, I still. feel a bit nervous, because I don't feel I have much to say that would help the class although I am learning a lot, and on the commitment, I went through your list here, and put down that I value myself as a loyal and loving and caring and helpful person and my commitment is to learn truth which is light, which is God, and I am going to commit myself to read more, to act on feelings & thoughts as they happen and also to watch what I eat for my physical body.

Teacher: Yes, well said, Korde. You have more queries?

Not at this stage, thank you,

Dm I am Dominica. When our lessons first started I found it difficult to communicate with you. I needed an image, but as time went on, especially in the last month or so, it hasn’t become so necessary, and I've found I haven't been getting so nervous, from half way around the room it's been coming down to the next couple of people, then one, then tonight I wasn’t nervous until I thought I might have to start, so I'm quite pleased about that. As far as the commitment goes, in the responsibility to self, I've been a bit slack and I know it, so this week I have really made an effort & tried to put the time aside to find the stillness a lot more, so I've been a lot calmer, and I've got quite an interest in Cacti and quite a few of ours are flowering and they are so beautiful, I sort of feel that there is a flower like that inside me, it's about time I showed it.

Teacher: Well said Dominica. You have more queries?

"Just that in my Karate class, my Sensi made me laugh, he's trying to get us to improve our fighting, so we don't use force, but the force of the opponent, we don't get hurt so much that way, and he wants us to have a mind like water, and think without thinking and get our mind, body & spirit all in tune, so it reminded me of the teachings here.

Teacher: Yes.

Charlemont you wish to speak or you wish to allow others?

Ch I am Charlemont, I wish others to speak first Abraham, please.

Tm I am Tommas. I didn’t have a very good start to my week, I had much thought, pondering, meditation, frustration and anger at getting nowhere, and I thought of your words, don't try too hard, and the thought eventually came to me why do we learn anything, and I thought basically to help ourselves, or to help others, these meetings are already helping me and have helped me, so maybe I should be more open & help others as often as I can with the knowledge I've gained and I am responsible for my life. A couple of meetings ago I did start off by saying that I am quite happy now talking to you, really since your words, I am your friend, that made me feel comfortable.

Teacher: Well said, Tommas

"And also the clue in your other words, your path shall be whatever you desire it to be.

Teacher: Correct. You have more queries,"

I have, but I can save them till later.

Ml I am Melda. I missed our last meeting because I was taking a massage course, It was quite a decision to take, but I find this course really interesting, I feel that I am helping people, some people have come to me and have talked about their loneliness and I think it's done them good and me good to, I has one person come to me who had been a Roman Catholic in Ireland and he talked about the hate that has been instilled into him and how wonderful it was to come out here where there is no hate and I gain from these people too as well as giving them relaxation. Sometimes after the classes here, sometimes there are things that, when I think it over, I want to ask you, and you seem almost to be there to give me the answer.

(can’t hear next line)

Teacher: And you are of satisfaction?

Ml Yes.

Teacher: You have more queries?

"Not at the moment...

Pt I am Petta. Commitment and responsibility to self, the first words that spring to mind are "To thine own self be true" I have been afforded the chance to have the knowledge of spirituality, spiritualism, my responsibility commitment is to ensure that I not only do my best to live my life in the ways of spirit, but to sow the seeds of knowledge when and where I can. My endeavours are to keep my body & mind healthy because without good health I cannot give forth the light to others as I should. I am solely responsible for the good or bad feelings that I impart to others. Each day I commit myself to helping, loving & giving to the best of my ability, that is how I feel I should be.

Teacher: Yes. Well said Petta. You have more queries?

"I have something else to say but I'll let the others speak first. Thank you.

Teacher: You wish to speak Martinus?

Mrt Yes, I am Martinus. I would just like to say that since the last class, a lot has happened for me. I've now got the desire and the commitment firstly to find myself, and through meditation & finding the stillness, I think that's one of the most important things for me, and also the commitment & desire for teaching other people, bringing the word to other people which I had the desire, but not strong enough, which I have got now, and I feel that's a very good desire, commitment.

Teacher: Well said Martinus. You have more queries?

Cl I am Clara, I had a frustrating start to my week, and I must take responsibility for that problem, but not all. But I have committed myself to myself so that I can cope with unpleasant things as they happen and improve myself.

Teacher: Well said. Clara. You have more queries

"Later l have, but along; this line.

Bj I am Benjamin. I've been thinking about what we've talked about over the last few weeks, and we've often said that to be true to self, is to be true to God, and I have heard it, but I never really made that connection, and it's filtering; through to me now, and I realise that my barriers are those of lack of faith itself, and I don't really want to spend the rest of this life in that kind of way of being so I'm taking positive steps to look at those things and try and dismantle those barriers, and as someone said, to be true to self.

Teacher: Correct. So I have lifted you up, I have shaken you, you have been set down, confusion at my seeming anger, you have found for your self, your self, yes. Charlemont, you wish now to speak

Ch Yes thank you Abraham. I am Charlemont

Teacher: One moment, I say this to all, I am aware of that which Charlemont shall speak, it has my agreement. Continue.

"Yes, I got myself probably like many in our class here rather lost, wondering where I was at, and I, probably like all of us here, developed thinking that, and I actually went back to our earlier notes and started to re-read from where we started from, back to Bertha, and I wrote down, put into action all my thoughts, and wrote down for my own benefit, where I was at, and I tied in. my friends here. I wrote down this;

We are being taught by higher consciousness, this higher consciousness in the physical world, was, and still is, Abraham. The first to understand the link with God, from the physical is the STILLNESS.

Babs, through her soul self, Reuben, has formed a link with higher consciousness, Abraham. She will become a healer and with the assistance of Ed & Uncle, Mac will give hope where there is none, using these lessons, which are the same teachings as Melchizedek and Jesus. After accepting our commitment, we have to fine tune, or understand our innermost thoughts, feelings, and actions, the desire and conviction for this commitment, is most important, it is the difference between the seed of knowledge you hold, falling on barren soil or taking root in fertile soil and flourishing. So I ask, at what stage am I at?

A. Building of acceptance by listening, querying, with an open mind and heart, which is faith in the lessons.

B. Learning more of self, acceptance of love of self or faith in the "I AM"

C, When tuned to the understanding, I am compelled to pass on this knowledge of what is, faith in God.

D. Is my desire to help others with this understanding of faith in God in the form I naturally do it best.

It occurs to me that Jesus in his first few years of actual preaching made as many enemies as friends, if I have said anything to confuse or hurt anyone here, forgive me, by saying this, I do not in any way associate myself with such as Jesus, but I am aware the work we have committed our selves to do, is the same work.

Teacher: Does any person wish to comment?

Sl Well I think I feel proud to, even more proud then, to be part of this group, if that is also my role.

Teacher: First you must ask yourself this. Listen to these words of Charlemont. Read if of necessity, and ask yourself the same queries he has done for himself. This is which you should consider now, and should be your thought, your feelings and hopefully your actions, yes. If you wish, I shall leave you for your refreshment, you may discuss these queries, and I shall return, for open forum, yes?


Teacher: You see the restriction of silence.

I did not announce my presence. When I speak, you close your minds.

Tm I think we knew you were there, and were not sure if you were going to add to your first statement.

Ch We should say what we feel and think, interrupt, it's important not to let something go, by being polite and not interrupting, say it.


Teacher: Then what is the outcome of your discussion.

"It's very positive from where I am Abraham. I think a great number of this class are very conscious of where we are, what we are doing and where we want to go, and I feel very excited about my own feelings of what is going on in this room tonight.

Teacher: Confirmed in your conviction.

Sl I would like to say that this Thursday, class is not just coming here for a lesson for me, it's a sort of,... it's like coming to worship God through Abraham, to let God know that I believe in Him and I want to do his work in whichever way he thinks I'm best suited to. I'm really lacking direction, I don't know what he thinks I'm worthy of, I....

Teacher: You are wrong in your perception. You are worthy to God, for God, it is you, yourself, who is not worthy to self, in your eyes, in your heart, in your mind. Do not wait to be given worthiness, you already have this, you must become worthy in yourself, for yourself.

Ch It must seem a spiral to you, that your lack of self esteem is so low, that when you mention it, it seems that you are put down again.

Teacher: It is not.

Sl No, I know what Abraham is telling me.

Teacher: Until you find worth, for your self, you shall not feel or accept worth, from others, or God. Think on my words. No one can give you this worth, but your self.

Sl I think I would feel better about my self, if I thought I was doing something useful for others

Teacher: Think of self, and others shall come.

Be kind to your self, for your self sake, then you may begin whatever it is you wish to undertake. Do not strive for perfection, God is perfection.

You know God, find worth for your self, no matter how small it appears. If you find worth for self, then it shall grow. If God finds you worthy, should, you not find yourself worthy of God's love. This may be your beginning thought.

Sl The estimation of my self has grown in the last few weeks, I do value myself more highly than l used to. I don't know the words... I still feel, not useless, but that I could be more useful

Teacher: Do not even contemplate this. Your beginning thought is this.

God finds you worthy, then are you not worthy of God's love.

If your answer to this is the affirmative, that is your beginning of self worth. You cannot grow unless you have this fully in your heart. My words may appear harsh, they are for your benefit.

"Yes I know that, I do understand.

Teacher: Others wish to comment

Ml I am Melda, I would like to say to Selina....

Teacher: I do not wish for Selina to hear compliments, if this is what you wish to say. I say this to all. You understand my words? It is the physical Selina you speak, It is not of necessity, she has her beginning, lf you have some other thought you wish to express Melda, you may do so,

"I find that Selina's problems, what she calls her problems, often are reflections of my own.

But of course. Are you all not human kind, with similar desires, with similar thoughts, feelings?

Tm Realising this week when the thought came to me that maybe I should start thinking of using the knowledge I have gained, as Charlemont has said several of us have come up with the same thoughts and I have helped one person a couple of weeks ago just by getting him to meditate, and it's made a big difference, it was just a small thing on my part.

Cl I find that in general conversation, that quite often some of your teachings come up and come out, and people are being helped without realising that they are teachings, and wonder where they came from. I feel sometimes that it wasn’t me who said that, when you are in conversation with somebody in trouble.

Teacher: Correct.

So if everybody is having toe same sort of feelings that I have we are doing something to help the other people but you are doing it in such a subtle way, then weeks later, they say, what you said., and you think what did I say, it just helped at that time, and that's just conversation with people.

Bl I find at the time they don' t often grasp what I have said but I leave it with them, and let them think on it, rather than try & explain it further, and getting them too confused.

Cl I had a friend lend me a book today, which I want to ask a question on later, and some of the things I have said over the time has been enough, that she had gone out to get a book. It was subtlety done that I didn’t want to scare her, It's just there, it's part & parcel of my life and people just accept it as, so long as it's not too serious,

Teacher: Yes.

And Selina, you have understood?


Sl yes, I have understood. I have also gone back to meditating, setting time aside each day, since our last meeting and I feel I am almost always calm, and if there are moments when I am not calm, then I am not calm then I'm un-calm, oh, whatever the word is, I'm not like it for very long, the calmness comes back quite quickly, so I do feel I am growing in small ways, in many little ways. I've sometimes thought that because I enjoy these meetings so much, I've sometimes wondered what would I do, how would I feel if they came to an end.

Teacher: You have the answer. Is it not the stillness?

"If the meetings came to an end, you mean I would use the stillness more, or my answer is in the stillness

Teacher: If your class came to an end, you still have access to the stillness, Do not depend on these appointments, it is not enough to attend appointment, if you have commitment to self, to God, then your every day is your commitment. This is clear for you?

"Yes it is thank you.

Tm I try to set myself 20 minutes a day, during my lunch break, and I get quite annoyed, like today I missed it because I had some people turn up to see me, and I find I really miss it, I look forward to it.

Teacher: Yes. It is a gift for your self.

Ch Selina has just given me a train of thought, that like her, in years gone passed, I have almost dreaded the thought that the lessons would stop on the physical, and I realise now two things, that the lessons will never stop while I am living in the physical for me, and 2, that It also cannot carry on forever in the physical, so obviously they must stop in this stage, at some time. When we are ready to carry on with our week's meeting once a week like this, we must learn our lessons for our selves, another way.

Teacher: Correct and you see I have said at our last appointment and also at this, one appointment in 7 days is not enough, your life, God is with you, you are with God all of your physical life. You have access to the God within and the God without, these appointments are to teach this access to assist in the understanding mind.

" I believe we feel there has been quite a shakedown tonight which some of us expected, I also feel now, thinking from an opposite point that those who feel they cannot get on most without the lessons, would probably benefit most by not having the lessons,

Teacher: You see I have often said, ask and you shall receive, you interpret this "Ask Abraham and he shall answer". I say to you, the correct interpretation of this "ASK OF GOD AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE GOD" every day of your physical life journey. It is not as a cloak you wear and discard at will, to put on when you remember it. It is a cloak you wear continuously, It is a flame which burns and must be tended else it shall wither & die. It is not easy re-kindled each 7 days. At times it may flicker and the flame shall be small. At other times it shall be strong and bright, but it should always be, yes.

Pt I am Petta Abraham. I said earlier that I had something else that I wanted to say tonight. It’s really all to do with commitment to my self, responsibility to my self, and being true to my self. I feel that my commitment to these lessons is coming to a close. I have gained a lot of benefit, a lot of help, a lot of instruction about my self, coming to these classes, but in the last week or just, over the last week, I have been going over my old lessons from 10 years ago coming forward to now and I feel that the combination of both lots of lessons has brought me to a point where I want to give more of myself to other people, to take up some of the things that I have left behind because I thought that they had given me all I needed, it's a bit like leaving kindergarten and jumping into primary and realising that you haven’t finished with your kindergarten, and I feel I've got a lot to give but I feel that my commitment here is drawing to a close.

Teacher: I am aware.

"I feel I have reached a limit and although I do not wish to speak for Mondaa, I'm not sure if he will be coming again, I am speaking for him, but we only discovered tonight that we are both of this feeling, we has kept it from each other, and having said this now, or decided this tonight, I'm much happier for it.

Teacher: I have been aware for some little time, your commitment to God is of importance. Regard my message which I have spoken remember it is for every day of your physical life journey. Then in peace, Petta, walk your path.

"Thank you Abraham,

Teacher: There are other comments

Ch I have read something in the beginning of the book written by a lady which I think is worth us all listening to, she's called it her prayer of dedication to the book she has written,

This work is dedicated to the Glory of God, that His name might he magnified upon the Earth forever. It is dedicated to the honest in heart, to the humble and meek, to the distressed & suffering, to the learned & the great, and to all who seek for truth and to those who desire to live in righteousness and to know God, Lord God Almighty in the name of your beloved Son Jesus Christ, let his work go forth, to bring light to the Earth and Peace into the hearts of men, may the Divine Vision it contains be revealed to those who will fulfil the Law of Asking, that they might know the truth and may thy great and mighty promise be fulfilled unto all those who catch the vision and begin to fulfil in their lives, that Thy name, might be made known and thy power might be manifest in the lives of men. So be it.

Soul Mates

ClI have a question I would like to ask, last week there was a question put about soul mates, and you gave the answer that we could know, I meet many people and I like them and I feel good about them, but they can't all be soul mates, it's only when I lose respect, I don't get upset about them, they are just not there, so how could I know my soul mate, or soul mates

Teacher: You shall know. The knowing is of a comfort, it is beyond that which you have described. It is a soul recognition. This is clearer for you? It is of difficulty to give precise details of this. You shall know. How shall you know love of another?

"It's a feeling.

Teacher: Difficulty to describe, recognition of soul mate is such also.

PtI have someone who I feel is a soul mate, in fact, am positive is a soul mate, the feeling of this person, always has been, as though they are part of me, they are as close as my husband & my children in that feeling, and when we went overseas 5 years ago, our daughter was then only 17, we met a person who would have been in his 30's and Julia found her soul mate there, we met these people for only 5 hours at the most, and the feeling, the bond she still talks now about that feeling. Nothing to do with the person, or his physical looks, nothing, it was just a tying up, and I'm sure that that must be a soul mate, but Abraham will say whether I am right or not.

Teacher: You shall know.


Cl The other query that I had, a book that I was lent today, it is about a Doctor who was at a revival of people who had passed over and had revived them, he mentions that many came back, and said please, thank you for saving me, whereas others loved it, on the other side, and the others has gone to an awful place or an awful feeling. This is the first time I have read about hell, they had been brought back after an operation or heart attack, I didn’t accept that there was a hell, for people to go, I expected that there would be a re-learning.

Pt We produce our own hell.

Teacher: Correct.

Cl They were frightened and were pleased to come back, they were so fearful in their reactions.

Teacher: The fear you describe is of their own making. Then, you have more queries?

Tm I have one on prayer. You said before that we may pray for a person, but the prayers may be redirected to others. If we specifically want a prayer for a person that we feel is in need, can we ask for that:

Teacher: Of course.

"And prayers for victims of mass disasters we don’t know who they are....

Teacher: It matters not,

You are all of comfort?

Sl No, I'm not.

Teacher: What is your problem?

"I'm saddened by Petta's....

Teacher: For why? For selfish reasons?

Well I: suppose so. I understand what she is saying, that she feels perhaps her duty lies elsewhere or needs are elsewhere, just to lose her and Mondaa.

Teacher: You do not lose.

"Well we won't see them so often.

Teacher: If you wish this.

Tm There is no reason why not.

Teacher: You have the power within you to do, to be, which ever you wish. If you desire to remain in contact, you may wish to do this. If not, you may wish not to.

Sl We have run into each other several times over the years, but the class just...

Teacher: Do not concern Selina, it is of little use to your self. It is not the end, it is a new beginning.

"It's what I talked about last week, how I wish I could control my emotions.

Teacher: They are not good emotions. I appear harsh, for your benefit.

"Yes, sometimes I wish I could keep my mouth shut, I seem to rush in where Angels fear to tread.

Teacher: You have done this?

"Well I always seem to say something that.... I don't regret saying the things I say, but I end up in deeper waters.

Teacher: You see Selina, if you are distressed to this extent over a small occurrence, what would your physical body suffer, let alone your soul, for a greater calamity. Excessiveness does you no good.

"That's what I said last week, how can you control your emotions, how can I make my self less of the feeling person that I am. I mean I laugh just as readily as I cry. I just seem to go over the top with everything, and as I said, I wish I could control it better,

Teacher: Be calm, seek the calm in the stillness.

Bl I too was saddened when I heard Petta say that she wouldn’t be coming again, but I accepted it because that was her decision, and I wish her well, and I know our paths will cross in the future,

Ch I think it's an incredible example for us all, the answer to this absolute lesson and the commitment and where it's taking us all, and what we are doing with the commitment, and for Petta & Mondaa to make a decision to do something with the commitment is an example to every one here, so at first I was saddened by the initial thought of not seeing Petta & Mondaa sitting here, but I then thought beyond that, and I'm really glad & happy for them, which makes me feel happy.

Teacher: There is not necessity for sadness.

Bl It's an initial feeling you get though.

Teacher: In your human manner.

Pt I had the sadness when I was telling Martinus before we started our appointment tonight, and I said we have become very close, like a family, and I was feeling a bit sad about it, and as Martinus said, you know everybody now, you've become close to everybody, it's up to you whether you do or don't keep up that contact.

Teacher: And Selina, you are calm?

Sl I'm becoming calmer, yes thank you Abraham.

Twice a day I say the opening prayer, and I never say the closing prayer, because I don't want to shut myself off from anything that could come through, does that do me harm, to never ever close the door?

Teacher: When the door is closed, the light still shines within. It would be good for you to do this. You leave yourself vulnerable.

Bl Is it necessary to even say the opening prayer 7

Teacher: For protection if desired.

"If desired, it's not powerful then, if you don't say it.

Teacher: Correct

Sl I don't say it, in the mornings, I don't say it to go into meditation, I say it for God to protect the world, when I say, surround us with love, when I say us, I mean our planet, and I'm saying it for everybody in the world, and therefore I don't want to close the door.

Teacher: But it is not closed, as you perceive closed.


Then, if there are no more queries, I shall leave you with this;

The appointments you keep with Abraham have led you on a journey of discovery of self and of God within and without. Heed my message. To remember everyday of your physical life journey, God is within & without. For however much your desire, so shall be your reward. Remember the STILLNES and the CALM.


Ch - Closing prayer.

As the door closes on the light, let it be known that the light still shines, within the hearts of us.