1987-11-25-Contemplate, Meditate, Ruminate, Motivate

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Topic: Contemplate, Meditate, Ruminate, Motivate

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham, I am your Teacher

All: Good evening Abraham

Teacher: Greetings Mondaa, Petta, you wish to speak?


Pt Yes, I have been thinking this week, how to go about doing what I am being lead to do, nothing very dramatic at the moment, I just had 4 different headings I think I should follow. The 1st one is CONTEMPLATE, of which I am doing quite a bit at the moment, the 2nd is to MEDITATE and after that, to RUMINATE and then MOTIVATE, which is what it is all about, but I think I'll have to do what you advised me to do when we first came to your meetings here, to write down what my problem is, before the meditation, and then during the meditation the answer should be there, if I search for it well enough but I saw a verse today, or yesterday in the front of a book that I picked up to read, it's part of a verse, and there's quite a bit of depth in there, may I read it, it's not very long.

Teacher: You may.

Therefore, go forth, companion; when you find
No highway more, no track, all being blind,
The way to go shall glimmer in the mind.
Though you have conquered Earth and charted Sea
And planned the courses of all stars that be,
Adventure on, more wonders are in Thee.
Adventure on, for from the littlest clue
Has come whatever worth man ever knew;
The next to lighten all men may be you...

And it just seemed very appropriate and gave me a bit more to think on. Correct. And do not be forgetful, do not try to find the path, too hard. In the looking, there shall be blindness.

Md I am Mondaa, Abraham. I have no queries at this stage, but I would like to say that this will be my last appointment of your teachings for the time being, l would like to thank you for your wisdom and your teachings over the past 9 months, I have enjoyed, but I need time and I feel this is what I would like to do now, is to go back over our teachings of the past 9 months and pick out your feelings and your advice, and try and put it into someway where I can put into practise, at least some of the teachings.

Teacher: Yes, remembering always to begin with self.

Give to self, and there shall be giving to others, yes? May your journeys be calm. Appointments you may always make when ever it is your desire. Go forth, yes. This from the teachings for self, should be shared. If kept to self, it shall wither and perish. So in peace, in the calm, yes.

Then, there are more queries? Who shall speak?

Tm I am Tommas. I chipped away at another barrier this week, I have been hesitant at mentioning the teachings, at using my knowledge for fear of ridicule, but this week somebody' was talking about the wars with the Arabs and I lead the conversation around to your teachings and I had a copy of the teachings you gave, which I showed him, he was very interested and told him briefly about our communications and he was very interested and he actually said I've often thought there must be something. So I’ve planted a little seed, and I've chipped away at one of my barriers. So I felt quite good about that.

Teacher: Well done.

And a little prayer we used to use at school. Didn’t mean much to me then I'm afraid it's=

God be in, my head and in my understanding,
God be in my eyes and in my looking,
God be in my mouth and in my speaking,
God be in my heart and in my thinking,
God be at my end, and at my departing.

And I've used that as a little reminder each day.

Teacher: Yes. You see, the reward you receive when you are giving, yes,

"Yes, I feel quite good about it.

Teacher: And each time it cements a little more, your own acceptance of self, of God, yes.

Ch I am Charlemont, I have no queries at this stage Abraham.

Fp I am Flip. I was reading the notes from the last appointment, which I wasn’t at, and thinking back to the commitment, the very first commitment I made, at that stage I said I would like to come & learn the teachings and assist anybody I can, and I still feel that is what I have to do, my physical path is altering, whether it is leading me onto something, I don't know yet, I just have this feeling there is something I need to do but I won't know what it is and I now accept, well. I always have done, that when the time is right, I shall know, which has been said for a long time.

Teacher: Yes, as I have remarked to Mondaa, beginning with SELF, assist your SELF, yes. Imagine your self to be the seed, assist your self to flourish, yes. There are 4 parts of you, each must be nourished. Your mind, your body, your heart, your soul. Nourish & cherish these for a balanced whole self. This is your beginning Filip, yes?

"Yes I accept what you say, I just . .. I need to digest that I think, at this stage.

Ch Do something for YOU, in the first place.

Fp You think so?

Ch You are not doing it for me.

Fp Perhaps I am learning something by what is happening at this stage.

Teacher: Yes. If you do not learn from an experience, what is its worth?

"Yes quite!

Teacher: A philosophic conversation. But regard my words and digest, bring back to self, before giving to others, yes?

"Yes, But my feeling is, to give to others.

Teacher: To give to others, your store must be well stocked.

Md Two barrows:!!

Teacher: Yes!!!

Fp Perhaps my store is not as well stocked as I thought it was.

Teacher: And perhaps it is better stocked than you has thought. You must discover this for your self, and always be thoughtful of re-stocking. Do not diminish your stock. It should always be replenished.

" By the stillness,

Teacher: Correct. If you are thinking my words are a little oblique, think on the words, and the meaning shall become clear.

"Yes I will, great digestion will take place.

Teacher: I am certain.

Kr I am Korde. I have had a very calm & rewarding week. Have been in a lot of contact with my guidance and I have no queries at this stage

Teacher: You have not received queries from your guidance?

I have committed myself to my guide and also about the position that I am in, and I have had replies from him, is that what you mean?

Teacher: Yes. You do not bring new discovery?

"I feel very alive. No, I'll have to think on that Abraham.

Teacher: There should be discovery for you to discuss.

"Of self?

Teacher: It is for you to discover,

"And this has happened this week?

Teacher: I give no clue other than that I have already given.

Can I think on that Abraham

Teacher: You may.

Free will

Ml I am Melda. This morning a lady rang me, she was very concerned about her daughter and her son-in-law, they had a problem, and she was sure she had the solution, and she had told them on many occasions, what to do, and I think she wanted me to add my energy to hers, to try and get them to do what she wanted. I told her I felt that having said what she thought was the solution to their problem, she should then just drop it, as she continued to press that they did what she felt was right, that she was really denying them their right to their freewill, and I felt that, if she dropped it, and just sent them her love, the energy, there was a probability that they might accept her solution, sending love and energy to help them make up their mind, and we talked for quite a while about that, and she was a very determined person, who really wanted them to do what she said, and after awhile, she began to see it differently; and she said she felt so guilty, and this is part where I wonder if I gave her the right advice. I said to forget about feeling guilty, and just to send them her unconditional love, that her guilt, if she continues to feel guilty, if she said she was sorry to them in actual fact, she would be blocking the energy of love that she wanted to send.

Teacher: Quite correct. It is often a Mother's wish to impose her will on that of her children.

Sl - I might add, and visa versa (laughter)

Teacher: This also. And you are correct in not accepting her request.

Ml - Thank you. I told her that if she felt guilty, she was really living in the past, by sending her love, she was in the present, and that was what really mattered.

Teacher: Correct. And her solution may not have been the correct one, yes.

Yes, quite correct.


DmI am Dominica. Earlier this week I had a dream about some cousins of mine, and I felt in my dream, my younger cousin was being pushed into a decision by her family, and I woke, was woken up in the dream, and I had this intense feeling that I has to tell her, that whatever decision she made, consider other peoples opinions, but do what she felt was the best, She thought I was a bit strange when I told her, but she was quite happy about that, so it might not apply at the moment, but I felt happy that I had told her, I had a duty to tell her.

Teacher: And did you also tell this to your self?

"No, I didn’t !!

Teacher: Then perhaps you should.

"Give my self some good advice.

Teacher: Yes !!! You see, in dreams, which involve self, other persons are replaced, confusion. Your SELF , is replaced by another, yes

"Yes, it actually fits.

Teacher: Yeees. And Dominica, I shall add this, DO NOT LIVE IN YOUR DREAMS, LIVE IN YOUR AWAKE TIME yes

"Yes, and another thing I wanted to say, I've talked to about 4 different people this week, concerning our classes, and I'm more confident in talking about this now. I don't feel so embarrassed when people say What Do You believe In, I say, well. I believe this, but YOU can believe what you like, make your own decision, Now I am saying, Well, I Believe This, and leave it up to them whether they agree, or not. I had a friend who said, you don't really believe that stuff do you, and I said YES, and she doesn’t really know much about the class, so I said Yes I do, Of Course, I Do, and she didn’t really say anything else.

Teacher: Yes. You spoke with conviction. Yes and you have received the reward for your conviction,


Urantia Book

Teacher: A cementing of your acceptance. Yes.

Sln I am Selina. I've had a really good :week.

Teacher: You have!!!(laughter)

"Yes. Yes. Physically I've had a good week. I spend many hours alone, in the basement of a building, and this week I've had company helping me work down there, so it's been really nice to have company for several hours a day, instead of being on my own such a lot. That has made the week pass quickly for me and it hasn’t made my job so boring and also most nights of the week I have been reading passages from the URANTIA book, and I've picked passages that, it's turned out I've been really comfortable with, I've enjoyed reading them. Very much like when I was younger, I would read the mythology stories of Greek Gods etc, and I always enjoyed those stories, and now reading this book, I can see where the TRUTH all started from, I started with the Coloured Races, the blue, green and orange people, The Tower of Babel, Adam & Eve, Noah and it's been really fascinating, it's like reading a history book.

Teacher: Correct. It is not a story book.

"No, that's right. I can see how the stories and myths grew out of the facts. But knowing that it's true, its, well it's just such a fascinating book.

Teacher: So your fear was unfounded.

"My fear was not understanding the book. I didn’t want to have a book in my house that I couldn’t understand. A book that was cleverer, than me, I suppose. But the passages that I have opened the book up at have been really easy to read.

Teacher: So you see a mountain where there are none.

"That's right.

Teacher: Yes.

"And I decided this week...

Teacher: That you see no mountain.

"I wasn’t going to say that. I was going; to say, I am the door on my path, but it's a glass door, I'm sure I know where I am going, I am sure I can see, where I am going.

Teacher: Your door is opaque.

"Um. Right, a better word.

Teacher: You have not yet turned the key.

"No, but I am also the key as well as the door.

You have not yet turned the key.

"No. No but I WILL, I'm getting there.

Teacher: Yes, you shall, as long as you remember there is not the need to see mountains, yes?


Teacher: And, you do well, Selina.

"Thank you Abraham .


Teacher: One step at a time. This is how a babe learns to walk, and this is how all, shall learn to walk the path of TRUTH, yes.

"Well I was probably running before I was walking because

Teacher: Do not babes also

"Yes, but I feel I had a duty to the class in some way.

Teacher: Your duty is only to your self.

"Yes, it's just that I tried to enroll so many people at the start of the class, and it was being held in our home, and I wanted to sort of lead the way, to encourage the others to follow, I just seem to have ended up being; the one, behind.

Teacher: You are not behind. You are not in front. You do not walk behind, Side by side. Do not take responsibility for others. Your responsibility is to SELF and therefore, GOD. Yes.

Yes. Thank you Abraham ,

Teacher: Once you have understood this, your path shall become more of ease for you. This includes taking responsibility for others pain, joy, misery, laughter, etc., it is of your own, you should think. Then you shall become compassionate. Where emotion rules, compassion cannot operate successfully. It is from compassion, that work is done. Not from emotion. You are understanding?

"Yes I am. Yes I know exactly what you are saying. I get too close,

Teacher: No

Well. I feel too much.

Teacher: It is not too close. Hark my words.

"I could do more for others if I didn’t get so involved in their sorrows.

Teacher: You take their pain., you make it your own, yes, it is not your pain, you cannot assist them in this emotional manner, can you not?

" No

You must look to your self.

You shall find the strength if you ask your guidance. This has been Reuben’s training also. It is of difficulty, but remember with compassion, work can be done. With emotion, no. And you will do yourself harm, if you do not learn this, physically, mentally, indeed, emotionally and for your soul, also. You see, many physical, many mental effects are felt from such outrageous display of emotion. Yes? And if not tempered with compassion, shall do great harm for your self. So be kind to your self. No one else can do this for you. You must do this for your self, Yes you shall receive all the assistance you require. You have listened to my words?

Yes I have.

Teacher: And you have understood?


Teacher: There is no castigation.

Sl No. I know that,

Teacher: So therefore you should not castigate your self.

No. I have meditated each night this week and I did ask Andreas for strength, or courage, or wisdom, or whatever he felt it was that I needed. And I just put myself in his hands, in case I am asking for the wrong things.

Do not forget also, do not leave it all to Andreas, you must also work for this. Yes?


Well that's where I am not sure of, what to do, apart from meditating.

Teacher: This is your work. The stillness, yes?

Yes, that and only that for the time being?

Teacher: And to remind your self at times when you are feeling emotional in an outrageous manner, to remember. This does not mean, you must enter the stillness, at that time. Just the thought, should assist you. And it is strength you are requiring.

Thank you Abraham .


Bry I am Bryoni. This last week I went to a funeral of a relative and in the past couple of years there has been great dissension in this family, I don't feel emotional about this, but I am wondering, if when people die, I don't think he was filled with as much, basically hate, I think, but his wife certainly is. When people end their life like this I sort of wonder about what's going to happen now, are those people going to have to sort this out, perhaps come back again? I have been feeling very curious about it.

Teacher: Yes. It depends on his assessment. Yes?

Yes I suppose it depends on what lesson they came to learn.

Teacher: Correct.

It is of difficulty, each lesson for each human kind must be made for it's self and if for instance, a person in this predicament in the physical were to re-incarnate to set a right, it does not of necessity mean that another person in a similar predicament should also re-incarnate, to set a right. You are understanding?

Yes, thank you.

Clara I am Clara. I've had a very busy week, and at the start of it, I had a person who was trying to ride me, and I was not going to be upset, or angry, and on the 3rd day I thought, you fool, you haven’t turned it round, so I turned it round, and gave her really good thoughts, and from that time on she has improved.

Teacher: Yes.

And she has been really sweet.

Teacher: Yes, and you have received the reward.

Yes, I have. She has too, because she is a lot happier.


Bry I have just been reading something in the same situation, if you can accept the situation, for example this was a married couple and if you completely accept that situation, that treatment, then it stops that treatment coming to you. Is that the same?

Teacher: Similarity. Clara is speaking of the other side of the coin, yes? And of course in Clara's experience, there has been acceptance , yes. Remember your experience for the future. But you see as each has spoken and each has received answer, it is for ALL, each time, yes. So ALL need to remember your experience, yes. ALL need to hear & take some item from Selina experience. Dominica experience etc etc yes


Mrt I am Martinus. I have no queries as such but l am rather pleased that I have taken up my challenge and I am not hiding my teachings in conversation, and a couple or times this week I've actually mentioned; that there are certain things I am learning, to people, and I feel that this is beginning to lead me into getting into conversation with a lot more people and being able to use the teachings more,

Teacher: Yes. Speak with conviction and you shall be known to be of the truth, yes. Then you wish refreshment?

Sl I have one last query whilst it touches on what :Martinus has just said.When we tell people about our classes, if they were interested enough, and said to us, may we come along? Is that alright and would it disrupt the group at all

Teacher: That is for you all to decide. You see, you have become intimate family members, so to speak, and you must all decide if you wish others to attend, yes. You do not agree?

Tm It will get us back to the basic questions again.

Cl You can bare your soul here, and feel that you can say what you like, when we've got a stranger coming; in....

Tm It brings a barrier back

Cl It does, I found this last time when we had other people in, it didn’t feel as open.

Chr Perhaps that's what you need to break the barrier down then, if it is a barrier.

Tm Also there is a bit of concern worrying them, being new to it, throwing them in at the deep end.

Fp But they all learn from whatever is said.

Tm But the younger people said afterwards, they were terrified.

Teacher: Of myself? (Laughter)

"Of the situation. I must admit, my first meeting with you I didn’t really know what to expect and my heart was thumping, because this was completely new to me.

Chr And that's the same with the young people, you explain it's the same difference. The truth should not be held from anybody at any time, especially if they ask. That’s my view

Fp. But anybody that wants to come, we must be able to give them all that basic information, before they even get to here,

Chr Even hearing it again sometimes you hear it a second time and it might help a lot of us here who aren’t asking questions, easily now, to suddenly feel I'm more at ease. It might help your own group, by helping the new visitor. I think if anyone ever does come along, if they really are truth seekers, within a short period of weeks, they will be so regular we will feel at ease with them anyway.

Sl It's just that I would have liked our home to continue to be a classroom for as long as possible for whoever wanted to come, and I've been a bit hesitant about going back to telling; people that I know, because I thought, well if they said to me, can I come along and listen and ask questions, I felt that I ought to ask the group or Abraham's permission in the first place before...

Fp You are worrying about it before it happens

Sl I know I am doing it again. I haven’t talked about the class since January, when Abraham said that I had really told enough people, and I should wait for it to crop up in normal conversation, and then: we got to the stage when there was no more room, seating, anyway, and then: I just . thought, well I'd like to go back, Tony is telling people for example.

Fp I've been telling people for a long time,

Sl RIGHT well then

Fp But nobody has asked to come.

Sl But when somebody does, what is the answer? What do I say? I know I am jumping the gun as usual.

Pt They have got to really want to come. The only time it would be wrong is if you said to them, Would you like to Come

SlI know I’m not to do that. I have known that since January,

Fp After they have spoken to you, and after they have read the book, then it may arise.

Tm Friends of ours are in their 30's and we showed them the book and they had it for about, 5--6 weeks, and brought it back, and said thank you very much but they wouldn’t want to come.

Sl They hadn’t even read the book all the way through in that time.

Bry When I first read it I wasn’t interested, and when I read it the 2nd time I was interested, and I think there is a time for everything, and they weren’t ready,

Sl No you see I read it in a night, so I,stayed up till the early hours, and I couldn’t understand how they had it all that time and hadn’t got through the book, and the part that they had read wasn’t interesting enough to make them want to come.

Teacher: Korde' you have discovered?

Md You said something very interesting, you said you were in contact with your guide, I wish I was

Sl And you told me in the week, what you felt about him, now you knew he had been a mercenary, that gave you a different slant on yourself.

Kr The fighting spirit that's in me.

Teacher: So you wish to share this discovery?

Kr Just that I am a very determined person

Teacher: You wish to share this discovery?

Yes, O.K.

Teacher: Then you wish to share the manner in which you receive your answers? This is a great discovery Korde.

"It just comes, somehow I talk to my inner self in silence and then these thoughts come into my head and like pieces fall into place, like the mercenary part, quite a few years ago, my first husband left me, and I was weeping & crying and doing all that, and looking at the children who were only 4, 3 and 2, I think at that stage, and I thought, WELL, what's the sense in crying, you've got to show him that I can make it, and have, I have always talked to myself and I've always had that fight in me.

Teacher: And this you have discovered, and. was it such a small discovery you could not say ?

It's not small, it's just it's been part of me for so long, that it suddenly clicked when I was thinking mercenary, fighter, ooh, that's where we are linked, me &,my guide, the fighting spirit. It took me a while because I thought "Margarethe" forgive me, was a woman, and for a few days there, it was quite hard to adjust to she, was a man, a mercenary, so then I had to trigger in on the fighting bit, now I am back into my guide again.

Teacher: Yes. So you see, you do have words to share. It is a discovery yes ?

I shall know in future.

Teacher: Be so kind, and it shall assist your shyness.

WHAT SHYNESS!!! (Much laughter)

Teacher: Your stubborn, muteness.(more laughter)

Pigheaded yes, but loving.

Sl Definitely loving.

Teacher: Then take your refreshment & I shall return.

  • Tea Break

Discussion on the class, and inviting people to it.. Leading the way in discussions, baring of soul.


I am aware Selina, ego,


Teacher: It is not your class.

"I didn’t say it was my class, I said it was our home,

Teacher: The intent is the same.

"Yes, it's because I felt a responsibility, those that come here,

Teacher: There is not the need. Then I have a query. Korde, describe loving ?

Kr My words?

Teacher: It is your description of your self. I wish to know what it is.

Being concerned for others but not being; involved. Listening to their things and offering advice. Well like the dogs. I love the dogs right. When I get home they are sitting waiting for me, and we have this big game where I run in, I have to take off my jumper because of the hairs, I sit, down on the couch and they jump up and we have big cuddlies and strokes and everything, and that is a love of the animal, it gives both of us, the dog and me, a great feeling, and I have the same for my children and my husband and any body else that comes along that I get involved with. I have had kids that come into my home that have been hard done by, I offer them lunch or whatever, to me, I think that's loving.

Teacher: Then your description of loving differs from mine.

Does it, what is your description of loving then Abraham

Teacher: I have told you. You have described, joy and some caring. How do you care, but not become involved if you listen and offer advice? And then describe this, as loving? This is not castigation, this is for you to look for your self.

You can do a certain amount for people, but you can't do everything, like I can't take on their problems because it would screw me up right, but I can be, just show them acceptance.

Teacher: You see, you each have a picture of your self. A picture, which has a word, for description, for others. For Selina, emotion. For Korde, loving. The descriptive word, does not fit the picture. You each have this. This is for your homework yes. CORRECT WORD for you to discover the real description of your self. You are not of discomfort Korde?



Teacher: Then there are queries?

Tm Not a query. I was interested in your words, when things are going wrong and you have problems, you can't always enter the STILLNESS but to THINK OF IT, REMEMBER IT IS THERE, I shall remember that.

Teacher: Yes you see never forget the power of your thought. It is using the THOUGHT of the stillness, as a (description) Full stop, to whatever is happening, for a brief moment, and shall have the effect of channeling you in a calmer manner. Not as effective as entering the STILLNESS, but none the less, effective, Yes?

Yes, it is not always convenient to suddenly go into the stillness.

Teacher: And by remembering the stillness, you do not remember the word stillness, you remember THE stillness. The effect. The feeling, of the stillness.

Cl - I have been practising the stillness; as I have been driving along in the car, and while I am working, it doesn’t stay for long, but I have been practising it, stilling my mind and clearing it, and hopefully I'll get better at it.

Teacher: With practise, yes.


Cl - "it is usually on the open road, when there is no traffic around, going home at night, then everything is peaceful and quiet, it's amazing how slow you go too,

Teacher: And also your other senses are alert.

Mondaa, Petta, I have given consideration to your statements. You have received my answer. If you should find there is still not clarity for your footsteps, do not forget appointments.

Pt/Md Thank you Abraham.


Teacher: Then, there appears to be no more queries. I shall leave you with this;

As a plant grows, the seed sets,

The flower unfurls its petals, this is beginning for you,

As each petal unfolds of your self, examine, if there appear to be slight imperfections, do not concern, accept them, they do not detract from the beauty. And with the unfurling of each petal, come new discoveries of your self.

God's love go with you Where-ever your path shall take you, of discovery of self,


Ch - Closing prayer,