1987-12-12-Past Week's Experiences

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Topic: Past Week's Experiences

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Ch - Opening prayer

Teacher: I am Abraham. I am your Teacher.

All Good evening Abraham,

Teacher: Greetings. Who shall commence your queries?


Tms I am Tommas. I have spent this week feeding tit bits of information to people at work I have already mentioned our meetings to, I have had the odd comment back , they seem to be taking it in, and thinking about it, at this stage, just a little bit at a time.

Teacher: Yes

Ch I am Charlemont. I have nothing to say at this stage

Teacher: Yes.

Bj I am Benjamin. I have had a pretty good week. Quite a lot of stress, but I think I am coping with it very well. Will it be o.k. to mention our conversation of Tuesday?

Teacher: If it is your wish.

Well since it originated with two of the members here. I wondered if the meaning was that the multidimensional aspect of Jesus/Michael and the norm singular nature would that be the answer?

Teacher: Not the complete answer.

"Also I have been talking to my soul . mate, Caesaedra, by phone, and she had been listening to some tapes from someone who comes through a woman, I think her name is Ramas, something like that, and she was saying that although the messages and the information: that was coming through, was mostly of a positive & caring nature for humanity, there was also a strong message about, making strong, preparations for a bad time ahead, in a material way, as to having a storage of food and lots of things like that, which in a way echoes the Gathering of the Eagles, but seemed to be a little bit more specific. At the time I thought similar to that I'd been speaking, What Reuben had said, that that could be a self fulfilling prophecy, if you worry about material things. (If enough people think, say, believe, then it will come to happen anyway, power of thought) But I wonder if the balance between keeping a positive attitude in all things and an infinite mind way of looking at things is the best preparation, but should one also be looking on a material side also, or will that just follow suit from the other attitude....

Teacher: I am understanding your query. I answer thus:- To provide comfort, shelter, etc., for survival is a basic human need. End of comment.

I shall add:

Provisions to fulfil these needs should always be available, no matter whether there is a prophecy for the future or not. Yes?

A non--committed answer,

Tms We keep a few basic things around. We have got a storage of water at the end of the garden, a survival kit from the chemist, a few basic things in it, just in case there is some likelihood, like over at the coast this year with the earthquake, water cut off, no food supplies, the roads are out, we would be able to survive for a short period of time at any rate

Teacher: Correct continue.

Kr I am Korde. On what Benjamin has said, I was talking to my guide one evening, and the message I got too, was to store the cupboard, and I thought perhaps it's because where my husband works, they are quite often going on strike.

Teacher: The same answer applies.

"I’ve been kicking around a few words about myself and the two that seems to hit the nose, is Independent and loyal

Teacher: Loyal to whom?

"To my employer, husband, friends.

Teacher: And loyal for self. A more apt description of yourself than you had previous used,

"That’s right Abraham.

Teacher: You have found benefit from this exercise?

Yes I have thank you Abraham.

By I am Bryoni. I continued looking for a word. The word I think I've found that's most applicable is Seeker Every time I think I've got an answer to some thing, I seem to go on another track looking for something else. I seem to be always seeking for answers.

Teacher: Yes, you are of comfort with this description of yourself?

"I think it's fairly accurate, but it's not a comfortable position, sort of person to be.

Teacher: Is it not?

"Not always no.

Teacher: In the seeking, do you not find?

"Yes. In some aspects yes. But often the seeking of the self, you sort of lead down one path and then there seems to be another branch. The seeking of knowledge I find. The seeking of the self..................

Teacher: The self is many faceted and great discoveries of self are available.

"Yes, but often disturbing.

Teacher: Yes. This concerns you?

"At times, yes.

Teacher: Yes. The view in the mirror may not be that which you wish.


Sl I am Selina. I've had another lonely week in the cellar where I work. I've had a lot of interruptions with new staff members coming down looking for things, but I haven’t actually had anybody stay & keep me company.

Teacher: This disturbs you

"There are times when I enjoy the solitude, but it's many hours a week, and there are times when I am lonely & wish I had company, so I've mixed feelings about the job. And then in the evenings, I was thinking about my parents one night in the week, and I thought, well I know, more or less where my Father is, and what he is going (in spirit) but I never asked you about my Mother, or if they were on the same dimension, if they were together, and then, I think the night I had those thoughts, I dreamt that I was cuddling my Father, and as I was giving him a big hug, and looked over his shoulder, my mother was standing behind his shoulder giving me a big smile, so I presume that was my answer that they are together.

Teacher: It is your dreams wish. If it gives comfort, accept.

Sl It's probably not really important, I don't know why I suddenly think of these things. I think that's really all I’ve got to say, I've not had any really deep thoughts on anything at the moment. I'm a little bit sad that Filip and Belinda leave us tonight, a little bit sad that this is the last meeting for a couple of months, because I know I will miss it, so I feel a bit quiet or flat tonight, but I'll look forward to the evening when we'll all get together again.

Teacher: And how shall you fill your evenings?

"I don't know.

Teacher: There must be other ways.

"Well I didn’t really have any hobbies before the classes started. I would just fritter my evening watching television, which is why I think they mean so much to me now, because they are so interesting and so stimulating. I do have . Dominica's Urantia book now, that I can research through. I now know to meditate which I didn’t know a year ago, but there isn't really anything else, I don't have any interests in life, I don't have any hobbies, everything seems to centre around going to work or running the home or looking after the family. I don' t have any ambition to go out & do anything, to join, to belong to anything, I'm quite happy just coming home, just pottering around, being at home, being with the family.

Teacher: Then why are you discontent?

Because I'll lose the Thursday night for some time, and that now is part of the friendship and a family group, the highlight of my week.

Teacher: You will not lose.

" I'm talking short term. I'll lose for a while.

Teacher: You shall not lose. You shall feel loss, if it is your desire, but it is not of necessity. I shall speak of this later.

‘Thank you Abraham.

Cl I am Clara. I've had a good week. I still seek another word for my description of me. I've come up with lots, but discarded them, so I'm still finding a word that's a deeper word.

Teacher: What lies under the effervescent?

"Loving? A feeling of goodwill towards everyone? - Or most. There could be one or two that maybe I do not have the same feeling for, but they are not important anyway, so I have no feeling towards them, mainly of course if they are unkind to other people, not so much as to myself. And I am getting over that, I think

Teacher: So, I assist,

"Thank you.

Teacher: Is it possible there is calm beneath the effervescence?

"I wouldn't have thought so

Teacher: Ah, then you should consider.

"Yes. I think at times.

Teacher: Of a deepness. Not always of notice. Consider that.

Thank you.

Mrt I am Martinus. I've had a pretty good week. I've spent more time on our Tuesday problem which I have a feeling I understand. I read the crucifixion again and I couldn't find any clue there, but during meditation, the words came to me that, the man Jesus knew died, and from that I felt that the body and the physical Jesus died and that was the Jesus who he knew best, then from that, Jesus arose with the help of the Morontia?, so he became Jesus but it was another form of Jesus, so the man that Jesus knew, died, his actual physical body died, and then they took away the remains of the body so it couldn’t decay slowly, and from that, Jesus arose again, when he was Jesus, it wasn’t in the old body that he had.

Teacher: As with Benjamin, not the complete answer.

I can continue searching on those lines can I?

Teacher: You may.

Bl I am Belinda. Since our last appointment I've sort of felt on a high, I suppose because of our pending voyage. My attitude towards people has been very friendly, well, not very friendly, but more outgoing. There was an incident at work, where I felt I was very assertive, I felt I was being done an injustice, and I put that right. My week has just been busy arranging things.

Teacher: Your journey poses little problem?

"I'm a little apprehensive about traveling, I don't really like travelling, but I'll just put that aside, and I'll think of the wonderful experience, and enjoy it while it's happening.

Teacher: Correct. Have you not also journeyed long in the journey of discovery of self? Other journeys pale into insignificance.

"When I go on journies, I always think, is this going to be my last journey, but that's negative thoughts.

Teacher: You may request protection.

"Yes, I thought of that. I usually do when we go on journies anyway.

Fp I am Filip We, I missed last meeting so, going back to the homework, when you mentioned it, my immediate thought was that I was Unselfish, and then when I read the notes I thought well, yes I am a leader, and I am dependable, and I also, a lot seemed to fit, loyal, and I really couldn’t come up with one word, as you said, possibly multi-faceted self, the immediate thought was unselfish, to do things for other people.

Teacher: Yes.

You have more comment?

"No, I was waiting for your comment actually. That’s the word I came up with.

Teacher: Yes.

You are.,.,

You have trepidation regarding your journey?

Fp No, not trepidation, just frustration at the moment. I've come to expect but not the actual journey, it's everything up to when we leave.

Teacher: Tying your loose ends,


Teacher: Yes,

Dm I am Dominica. I've just recently come through the cross roads that I talked about a few lessons ago, so I'm a lot more settled and a lot more happier. I started a job at the hospital, at the blood bank, which is.... I can't do much at the moment, but eventually I feel it will be a worthwhile job helping people. Peoples' lives will depend on my accuracy and things like that. So I have the job satisfaction that I haven’t had recently. So I'm quite pleased and excited by it all and everything is new, meeting new people, it's a good start.

Teacher: Yes.

New beginnings for all.

The seeds you have sown, you are unsure which plant would grow. I tell you, the seed is knowledge of self. Still un-clear of self. But care, love, shall feed the seed of knowledge of self you see, Selina, do not feel loss, for the beginning of a seed of knowledge of self. Wherever your paths shall lead from this day on, take care of the seed of knowledge of self. Remember the stillness. Remember the God within and without. You shall not be lonely if you remember, but then, as with all human kind, you have freedom of choice, and if you should choose to feel lonely, lost, then, it is for you to do so, but the seed of knowledge of self, does not thrive and flourish on loneliness and loss.

You wish to comment or you wish your refreshment

Sl I understand what you are saying, Abraham, and I will remember what you said. It's one of the reasons that I am looking around for another type of job. I want to be with more people, I want to be able to

Teacher: Ah, you see, you confuse loneliness and alone, yes.

"Yes. But I want to be like Tommas, and to tell more people,

Teacher: Selina!! Let the river flow on its course.

Do not try to change the flow, and to be alone is not of necessity, to be lonely. You shall consider this. You shall have your refreshment. I shall return, yes


Teacher: You have comment?

Fp I was reading from last week about us being a chain, I think Selina can probably draw on that as well, that we are a chain and even though we are not together, because we have known one another, and do know one another, we will never be apart.

Teacher: Yes.

Tms Really you have only got to think of your friends haven’t you?

Flp Yes. That applies to anybody. Every time you meet somebody, you & they are different, because you met.

Krd When I was in Scotland I always thought of you guys on a Thursday night, and that gave m e comfort there.

Chr You can never unlearn, you cannot always learn, but once you have learnt something, it's there, even if it lasts for a week, or a second or a year, and though we may never see each other again it's always there, can't be taken away.

Teacher: Correct.

Cl It's a great feeling that you may not see somebody, like I and those of us from overseas, when you go back and pick up the friendship it's like you've never ever been away. It's a good feeling.

Chr I think if you tie that feeling into finite and infinite thinking starts to help understanding that you just go on and on and on, you may have met someone before & again makes it easier to understand.

Bry I can relate to what Selina was saying because, especially since I thought of Kass as being a person who lived in solitude, I've thought about that a lot this week, and in fact I was almost...I felt almost a bit of a sinking when I heard that, because that's something that I have a problem with basically, feeling, that I'm alone, so I can relate to what Selina is saying, I can relate to what you are saying too, but it made me wonder if that was a hurdle I had to get over

Fp But that's been said before that your guide's, you know, that you are like your guide, or your guide is like you.

Bry Yes I know, but that didn’t really help me, that didn’t please me very much, it made me think, Oh No. because that's not, how I want to be.

Fp No, well you haven’t accepted it have you.

Teacher: It is not a matter concerning the similarity between your self and your guide. That is of little consequence. The importance is;

Your Guide has experienced Similar Path To your Own & Can Therefore Offer strength, Comfort, Guidance. But you have the power within you to be other than you are.

Bry Thank you.

Tms Really you can be, whatever you want to be

Bry I believe you.

Teacher: And you see, it is the desire, which is of importance. It is the desire to grow, which must be present for growth to occur. Selina, you are of comfort?

Sl Yes, I think so. I'm feeling a bit confused, a bit muddled.

Teacher: For Why?

"I don't know if what I think, is what I say, I don't think I express myself very well. As Bryoni says, I was wondering myself in the week, how I am related to my guide, What his experiences were, or are, that make him such a good guide for me. Is it things I have experienced so far, or things that are still to come in my life, I have had in the past such a lot of troughs in my life, probably no worse than anybody else, but there has been times of really deep despair to the point of suicidal on a couple of occasions, and I wondered if Andreas had been through troughs like that, if that's why he was my guide. I don't know, I'm just in a muddle really.

Teacher: It is sufficient to know your guide is the best person for the job. Do not concern your self with wondering of your guide's life experiences, rather concern your self with your own. Also am rather puzzled by your apparent confusion.

"I don't know what it is, what I want.

Teacher: From?

"Well from life I guess.

Teacher: From your self. Life cannot give you anything, but you can give to life, yes?

"Yes, but I seem to be in such a rut.

Teacher: You have stated your contentment with your life, experience.

"I'm in a rut with my job, which I have talked about over other weeks, how I would like to do something more worthwhile, be in a job where I feel I don't mind being a small cog in a wheel, as long as I thought I was helping somebody, somewhere. The job I have, I do it well, but, it's not fulfilling, or...

Teacher: Yes.

"I'm stuck for the words again to explain.

Teacher: I am understanding.

"But the others in the room won't know what I am trying to say.

Teacher: It is of no consequence.

"I feel perhaps like Dominica, how she expressed herself tonight, she was at cross roads in her life, and now she is, has a job at the hospital, a small cog in a big wheel, but she has been so much more cheerful just the 4 days that she has been at work, because she feels she is doing something more worthwhile, well that's the sort of thing that I feel I am looking for.

Sln I've thought about counseling, but I can't keep my emotions under control enough, to be of any help to anybody yet, so I just sort of feel, just a bit, lost.

Teacher: Take your query to the stillness.

"I've done that, and I get February!!

Teacher: Then, be of a relaxed mind.

Fp I think that's the answer, we said a long time ago, way back at the beginning, you had a feeling you had something to do, and I had the same feeling, now I accept that I possibly will do something but I don't know what it is and when the time is right, it will happen,

Sln But my doing, might be to open soul memory, finding out about self, it might not be doing, for others, it might be doing for me,

Fp Yes, but why worry about it.

Sln Impatience I suppose.

Fp Yes, that's what I said.

Teacher: This impatience, frustration, comes from lack of contentment with self.

Sln Well that's another thing, I'm probably impatient with self because perhaps I don't feel I'm growing, or perhaps I don't feel I'm growing fast enough.

Bry As in everything, even if it's an animal, you never see it until you get back anyway do you.

Teacher: Correct.

"You don't see growth. I'm saying this for my benefit as much as yours.

Sln I would have liked to have grown in leaps and bounds in this life as Wilma, because of the lessons.

Fp Well haven’t you?

Sln Probably but, oh I don't know I suppose it comes back to impatience again. I wanted to be really good with the knowledge I've got, grow really well, but I might not reach the goal as Wilma, I might have to have many, many more lives yet.

Teacher: Selina, I have thought serious before I speak these words. You bound and gag your self. You stunt your growth with this thought. I have said, be of a relaxed mind. Growth takes place during relaxation. You hinder your self. You are being of disservice to self. And to God. And there is not necessity for you to become emotional and berate your self. You have grown, even though you are unaware of such. Do not hold your self with the thought in negative, that you still may have more life experience yet to come. Your physical life is a blessing. Do not degrade it such. During a physical life experience the soul grows and learns. Learn to be content with your life experience and if I should find, that you are becoming morose, because of this conversation, I shall be most vexed with you. There is not need for confusion. There is not need for sadness. Be of a relaxed mind and you shall benefit greatly physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As I have often said, the desire for this calm, is of importance. You are understanding, my words with your ears, with your heart, with your mind

SIn Yes I am.

Teacher: Then, act on these words and this understanding yes?


Teacher: There is comment?

Fp It's so simple, don't worry about it.

Bry I was reading a book and it's basically on Winners & Losers, but I didn’t look at it like that and it said, that people losers, actually look at people who are successful and think that they have got there in one magic step, but the successful people know that they got there with a little bit of success, a bit of failure, a little bit of success, a bit of failure, and they knew the struggles, but it was because they kept struggling, that they actually got there in the end, and to me, the graph they showed you, the successful ones actually knew that they had had their little successes and their failures, but that's how they got there,

Teacher: Correct. If you cannot recognise a success, you shall always fail in your own hearts, yes

Bj I think what you are saying is for everybody tonight, not just for Selina.

Teacher: Correct. This I have often said, what is said to one, is said for all.

Bry Because I'd actually forgotten about reading that book until tonight and I realise that's how I have been looking and thinking, and forgetting about the things that do go right, instead of the things that go wrong.

Teacher: Correct.

Bld It’s very easy to dwell on a negative thought, it's best to remove that negative thought replace it with a positive thought.

Teacher: Read your notes of our other appointments. You shall find all of this reiterated.

Fp That's what’s keeping me positive because we are in a trough, and have been going down and down maybe we have just got to the bottom. I don’t know, yet.

Bry I meditated on this week, when I thought about being alone, and I woke up in the morning, and the words that came to me were to monitor every thought. And I suddenly realised all the thoughts I have had, and as soon as they came, I just sort of stopped them.

Teacher: Then, this I believe is our last appointment for a short time space, yes. Then, if there are no more queries

BryI actually have one....

Teacher: You may.

'"I decided I would use some affirmations and I felt quite good about them for two days, and then suddenly I got a migraine, and the thought that came to me was that I was wondering if it was the actual affirmation that was blocking it is it possible for this to happen,

Teacher: It is...

Bry So was the actual affirmation wrong, or was it my parent thought blocking it

Teacher: One moment. Your affirmation should be worded slight differing.

"Thank you,


Fp May I speak

Teacher: One moment.Before you speak, you shall each take hand

(.we all held hands around the room)

Teacher: This is the physical sign of the chain you have forged each to each. Remember Filip, Belinda, you are part of this chain. It is not a static chain, it is able to stretch. You wished to speak Filip.

Fp Yes, it was just to say that wherever Belinda & I go, and whatever we end up doing, we will always be a part of this group and maybe we will talk to Abraham in this room or maybe somewhere else in the world but I as Filip know that God is with me and with everybody.


Teacher: Correct. And may you all enjoy peace, harmony, and calm.

I give you my blessing as your Teacher.

On taking my leave, remember, God resides within YOU.


Chr Closing prayer.