1992-01-19-About Change

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Topic: About Change

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha


Opening Prayer

D3: "Make me a channel of Thy Peace...' Group: Reciting in unison the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.


Daniel: "Good morning. I am your teacher. I am Daniel. It is very good to be here with you today. Your group has been chosen as my pupils, and I am happy to be amongst you. I know that you have many questions, concerns, about what is happening. In time these will all be answered. For now I wish to present our lesson for today.


The world as we know it is in change. Your life is also in change. This is part of growth which is essential for you. Change is not easy, it comes about slowly, however there are times when it is rapid as witness by your group these last few weeks. Do not be afraid. Know that in change things move forward. Your spiritual growth is moving along a higher level path. Commitment and an open will and desire will make this change easier for you.

As your teacher I will be available to help you and provide guidance. The journey of life is not easy. Your planet has been especially hindered in this regard. With the changes that have taken place there will be more spiritual awakenings. Allow yourself the luxury of knowing that this change is not only individual but global.

You must be like the willow that can bend in the [[Wind|breeze]. If not the straight stick breaks. The one that can bend can straighten up again. I am glad to be your teacher and now I welcome questions"


B1 "Teacher Daniel, you heard our discussion of a meeting time and I was asked to ask you if you have any comments on this, any further suggestions."

Daniel: "Yes, the meeting time that you have discussed is fine. If you are to combine the lesson and the study of the book, then please allow the lesson to be first. My teachings are important in furthering your understanding of the book."

B1: "Would it be better to have a separate meeting for the study of the book?"

Daniel: "This does not matter. What is important is that the group can get together for their convenience."

B1: "Daniel, I have one more question if I could ask it at this time?"

Daniel: "Sure".

Teaching Mission

B1: "As you know we have been studying the teachings of Ham and some of us have attended that study group and we have been reading the transcripts of the tapes and listening to the tapes and my question is this: 'Because of this prior contact with the teaching of Ham, is our group going to go through the same process that their group did?' In other words what I am asking is, 'are we at this point involved in evangelism, should we be thinking about bringing other people to this meeting or should we do as they did at first, which was to wait a while.' Do you understand me?"

Daniel: "Yes, a good question. Your group does have a distinct advantage over the Salt Lake group. For now we will not discuss your mission or evangelism, rather give your selves time to focus in on what is transpiring so that these communications will feel natural and good. It is not unusual that you still wonder what is happening. Your mission will be discussed later."

B1: "Thank you Daniel."

B2 "How are we to know when someone who is not of our group is welcome to attend this meeting?"

Daniel: "This question is difficult. It is hard to know the true intent and mind of your fellow brethren. When you only studied the Urantia Book you were careful with whom you shared it. With these kinds of communications the problem is greater because of curiosity and speculation by other people not part of the group. What you must do is seek personal guidance and only act after you have prayed about this. Some people are very open and others are closed. You must use wise judgment. It is important to increase the number of people involved, but do so with wise discretion. Does this answer your question?"

B2: "Yes it does, thank you very much." I talked with the Coeur D'Alene study group on Wednesday evening to pass on the excitement I was feeling and let them know what was happening here and also in Salt Lake. The woman I talked to, B8, was very excited about what was happening and asked me to pass on the message to you or through you to the appropriate person that she personally, and I assume other people in the group would be happy to be involved in this project, either having their own teacher, or helping in whatever way is possible."

Daniel: "Thank you. This is noted. In time things for them can be answered."

B2: "Thank you."

K3: "Daniel, who else is in attendance with you at this meeting today? You spoke last week of having, I believe, Melchizedek with us. Is he present today?"

Daniel: "Yes, Melchizedek and Abraham are amongst us. They send their love."

K3: "And I send mine, as limited as it is."

Daniel: "So received."

K3: "Last week you spoke of being assigned to this study group and you used the word that we were 'scrutinized'. (laughter). Could you give us a brief expansion of this that we could possibly use part of these techniques in analyzing or scrutinizing our friends that we would like to join the group?"

Daniel: "Yes, I can address this. It appears that your human humor abounds in the thought that we have been watching you. It is good you can laugh about this. We have been attending your meetings as well as visiting your homes. Our mission to Urantia presently is so vital that we wish to gather people who will be able to help us and also to help you in your spiritual growth. It will be clear to you about whom you can approach. You will have a good feel when a person is ready. You did this with the book, you will likewise be able to do it with my teachings."

Thought Adjuster, Communication

V1: "Daniel, the other night B1 and I were talking about how we could tell that it was, or is it, maybe I should put it that way, the Thought Adjuster or our minds as it were when we are talking to ourselves and an answer pops in. I really don't know the difference when it is my mind or the Thought Adjuster, God speaking to me and I wonder if you would talk about this if is appropriate?"

Daniel: "Certainly. It is appropriate. Hearing the voice of the Thought Adjuster is not to be taken lightly. Far too often humans err in thinking that their Thought Adjuster is coming through. This in the past has been rare, except for those highly evolved spiritual humans, however now that the circuits are open, many more people will grow more spiritual. The Voice of the Thought Adjuster will be heard when you become more Godlike. The oneness in all that you do when you can think as God thinks and do as God would do, the Voice of the Thought Adjuster will be heard. It is difficult for me to know if, in fact, the Thought Adjuster has spoken with you. It is possible."

B1: "Daniel, I was wondering if you would care to comment on the fact that our group has received you so quickly. You intimated, or I thought I understood you to say that this has to do with the opening of the circuits and spiritual things are moving at a quicker pace. Perhaps it isn't important that we know, but we are all, I think I can speak for everyone here, that we are amazed that we have received a teacher so quickly. This whole process has only been going for two months. Is there anything we need to know about this, if not it is not necessary to comment on it."

Daniel: "It has indeed been a rapid transition for all of you. However, we have been working on our side for a long time to help bring this about. With the circuits opening, more teachers will be dispensed across the globe. Even though all this seems so fast, to you, it has been in the works. Don't fear the fast change. Circumstances with you being so close to Salt Lake aided in this change."

B1: "Thank you Daniel. When Ham's group was in session earlier this year someone asked if it was all right to communicate with the other groups and Ham replied that it was. I have told Meredith Sprunger who is a leader in the Urantia movement about the Salt Lake group and I sent him a transcript. My question is . .should I continue to communicate with my friends Meredith Sprunger and R7 and anyone else, well not anyone else, those two regarding your teachings because they have only received Ham's teachings, or would you prefer that your teachings remain in this group for the time being?"

Daniel: "It does not seem to be a problem. These people are true believers of the Urantia Book. In time they will become less fearful and acceptable of my teachings and the teachings of the other teachers that are part of this mission."

B1 "Do I understand that you just said that I can share your teachings with my friends? That is what I understood. I just want to be absolutely sure I don't misunderstand you."

Daniel: "That is correct. One more question."

L2: "I have one. I realize we are not to know our mission now, but my question is, do we have mission as individuals and will we have opportunity....(tape is turned and question is lost).

Daniel: "For now your mission is to further your own spiritual growth and understanding. Your growth spreads out to others by and through your actions. As you become more Godminded and conscious of doing His will your actions reflect this and through this you help bring about change. Every time you plant a seed, whether it be for forgiveness, for tolerance, for understanding, reaching out to another in love, all these things help make change, help to spread a calming effect on this planet. So for now, regard your mission as that of growing yourself and reaching out to others in a Godmindedness fashion. Your other missions will become clear as time goes on.


Daniel: "That is all for today. I will be back Sunday evening, next week. I send you my love. Goodbye."

Group: "Goodbye, Daniel."