1992-02-01-Ham To General Council

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Topic: Planetary Announcement

Group: The Fellowship General Council


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



The Light of God surrounds us. The Love of God enfolds us. The Power of God protects us. The Presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, He is.


My profound and sincere greetings to you all this evening. I am Ham, I have been commissioned to bring the light of our Father to Urantia. I am one of many Teachers. All of us are awaiting the greater reception of our words and we are desirous of placing many Teachers among you. One moment. Great is our mission. Understand this in your hearts. One moment. The time has arrived for expanded level of truth to begin correction. We come not for ourselves, no, indeed. Rather are we in service of Michael. This day marks the beginning of the Correcting Time. Machiventa Melchizedek has arrived and has been duly inaugurated as acting Planetary Prince of Urantia - an assignment he has accepted from Michael. Long years we have awaited this day. The Lucifer Rebellion is officially ended in Nebadon. The circuits which have isolated your world are being reopened. All these changes are occurring by and in accordance with the plan of Michael. Happy and joyous is this day. Blessed in the sight of our Lord. Gracious listeners, I bid you WELCOME TO CHANGE. We mark the beginning of the reign of Prince Machiventa on this day. Questions are welcome. Indeed I am happy to serve you.

Joshua: Doesn't anyone have any questions?


Bob: Ham, I am Bob. Would you please comment on the purpose and the scope and if possible, some time table information on your mission - activity - program? Which of these three terms would be best?

Ham: Mission is best. Yes, plans at present are as follows:

  • 2) Also, along with the spiritual uplifting, we are anticipating and desiring cooperation in other areas of human life endeavor as well. Chiefly... economic, political, social, environmental and technical changes. Of course we are anticipating many years duration of this initial phase of our mission.
  • 3) I am commissioned to announce also the third aspect of our Teaching Ministry Mission, and that is... as preparatory for an even greater Teacher. Michael has prepared the way. We are expanding the way. A Teacher Son will complete the way toward Light and Life on Urantia. Time, I cannot adequately and accurately foresee an increment upon.

Sara: Ham, this is Sara. There is concern in this group from many people about the validity of this experience. There are many here that think that it is a psychological phenomenon or a subconscious phenomena or a ego centered phenomena and this interferes with the transmission. I would like to ask if there is a way that you could let us know what is the reality and the truth of what is going on and how are we to know as individuals, if this phenomena is just a subconscious kind of phenomena? I think this is extremely important thing to address. Thank you.

Ham: Understood and appreciated. I can not tell you anything which will be convincing. All of you must and will decide on your own the validity of my words. Only by and through the message and reaction with your Indwelling Spirit will there be witness to truth. I can only provide this living truth. It is often, but not always unrecognized. I have taught for eleven months and in the main my words have been transmitted accurately. Yes, there have been errors and mistakes made. I am not a perfect being. Oh no. I am as are you, ascending and as an imperfect being I come before you.

Hi Ham. Is this microphone on? (Yes). My name is (?) I am a mother of young children. Ninety nine percent of my life has to do with focusing, concentrating on raising and the teaching of them right now. I find that the other one percent generally gets spent doing things for myself. What I am curious about is that because my life is so focused right now on raising my children, doing my best to live the life that I understand Jesus to have taught us to live, how your teachings may differ from what I have already chosen to follow in the Master that I chose to follow? I ask you that in relation to my children because I feel like I have a really excellent plan. So I am curious to know in terms of what I teach my children. I am curious to know if you forecast giving us information in that it is going to be something new or is what your going to be doing, by in large, a re-statement of the truth Jesus has shown us and continues show us? I wonder if you could comment on that?

Ham: Correct. Our Mission is involving only the re-statement of the living gospel.

Question in Spanish.

Bob: Ham, I am Bob. I would speak for my brothers and sisters who don't have any problem here. There is (are) a few of us out here and I would send our greeting, our collective greeting and they can stand up and join me if they want to, but I don't care, I am standing here. How wonderful to be involved in this occasion and welcome the acting the Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, wearer of three blue concentric circles. Thank you.

Ham: Thank you. I have enough trouble with English. LAUGHTER. Ask the former question to be re-stated.

Question: The question was: Do you have any direct message or comment from Michael Himself as to what He has in store for us as readers of the Urantia book? If there is specific roles that He wants us to do?

Ham: I must speak in substitution for Him. Your personal relation with Him being foremost. Love one another. Love our Father. Understand the gospel. Make your lives living testaments to the truth. That is all.

Phil: My name is Phil. I mean no disrespect to anyone, but I must ask this question. The Urantia book tells us that most of what we accept as inspiration is the emanation of our own intellect. We have in the Urantia Book a revelation which is both spiritually valid and factually accurate. I have had the opportunity to listen to a number of the tapes, including three of them having to do with the announcement that Gabriel would make a visitation. And I am trying to understand how such an event could have occurred because as some of us know Gabriel did not make an appearance. My question is-- I should say that I know that Ham has taken full responsibility for the occurrence, saying that you fully expected Gabriel's appearance. My question is did Gabriel fail to show up and leave us or leave the Utah study group waiting and also Ham, waiting or did Ham or did you schedule this without confirmation. The only possible third explanation I can think of is while the spiritual content of the messages out of the core seem very valid, perhaps the factual part indicates that it emanated from Rebecca's deep mind.

Can you comment on the question?

Ham: Certainly. I, Ham, have explained the event you have described and found a spiritual vantage point. I understand it fully. To explain this in entirety to your human understanding is impossible. It is only by faith and spiritual awareness that these seemingly inexplicable occurrences are understood, not by mental thought logic pattern. Morontia mota is similar and understanding of the spiritual is not capable in intellect awareness. It is a blending of deep spiritual being awareness together with thought which is Mota. The purely intellectual reasoning will never be entirely satisfying to any of you. That is all.

Question: I think that the teachings that you have said are quite beautiful, but I must admit that I have learned a few things from a member of the Woods Cross group that cause me to have grave and serious doubts in your Mission and I will say the three things that I have learned, since you have made bold to come before us all. I will make bold to speak my mind so if there is truth to this, we can bring it out.

  • 2. I have heard that another member of the Woods Cross group is the next John the Baptist.
  • 3. I have heard that still another member of the Woods Cross group is the next Abraham. I was wondering if you could comment on this and perhaps shed some light on their aspect in your Mission.

Ham: 1. Incorrect. 2. Possible. 3. Incorrect.

Marvin: Hi. I am Marvin. About seven or eight years ago I was part of a group of about thirty five or forty people who were convinced with varying degrees of conviction that one of our members was receiving messages from higher up. We went through a very difficult experience, very difficult for us personally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually very challenging and testing. As I look back on that experience, I am quite clear that each and every one of us had a motivation for being part of that group and for continuing to participate in it and for continuing to believe in the validity of the messages and they were very human motivations. They were means for self-importance, for having a special status, for being part of something big and glorious and grand. They were young and idealistic, but the phenomenon wasn't real. I don't think I am addressing anyone but Rebecca right now. I don't think there is anyone else up there. I think you have, as does everyone, a complex mind capable of partitioning for various purposes, reality and experience. And that, that mind can partition reality and experience different things and feel like other parts of it is speaking, serves our motivations, it serves what we want. And so I ask you Rebecca and I'd ask all the people there involved in this experience, how much time have you spent looking carefully and with integrity at your motivation in doing this? What is it bringing you? What are you getting out of it by having all these people sit here listen to you for a nice stretch of time? How much time have you spent looking at that motivation? And what have you found out as a result of looking at the depth of your motivation? That's my question.

Ham: No comment.

Ross: My name is Ross. I have a twofold question. One, aside from what you said today about there being a new teacher in the group and a new kind of core coming to Urantia, is there anything you can tell us which might not be of major importance to you, but anything you could tell me would be of major importance. Is there anything you could tell us that was not able to be transmitted during the original Urantia book, something that was left out we might find encouraging or enlightening today. And secondly since the circuits are now open due to the end of the Lucifer Rebellion, can you tell us what that entails? What else that might mean? If there is any kind of glimmer or something we might see that might let us know that that's come to pass?

Ham: Yes. There was much within the Urantia book preparatory to this Teaching Mission. The teachers are and will continue to expand your spiritual understanding of reality. The actual evidence of the opening of the system circuits will be in your life's experience. Much change will you see and experience and witness among the people of Urantia. Have faith, have courage, my son, friend. Yes.

Question: Ham, my name is (?) In the Urantia culture through many seers like Nostradamus, through certain interpretation of the revelations in the Bible, through many channelers or twentieth century contact people, extraterrestrial civilization, the notion of an internal doomsday or Armageddon type scenario as most certain for our planet is very strong. Is such a doomsday scenario part of Michael of Nebadon master plan?

Ham: No. Unequivocally not. No.

Question: My second question is there are ten million inhabited planets in our local universe of Nebadon and at the same time, there are one hundred fifty billion stars approximately in our galaxy of the Milky Way, measured with our crude primitive optical astronomy. My question: Is the local universe of Nebadon a part, a section of the Milky Way galaxy or if it is bigger, how many galaxies does it include?

Ham: Part, section. Yes.

Question: Our astronomy has discovered that there is one hundred and fifty billion galaxies in a sphere of twenty billion light years around us. Is this all included in the superuniverse of Orvonton or are we really able to see parts of galaxies, superuniverses and possibly part of the central universe?

Ham: Outer. Outer universes. Correct.

Question: And my final question is: Usually channelers are tested for veracity by asking a question that is not in their personal field of expertise. I would ask the question from Physics for the disbelievers in this auditorium. The Urantia book mentions that antigravity is a physical phenomenon proportional to the (?) variables that our physics already knows. There are 48 references to antigravity in the Urantia book and in eight of them are specifically mentioned these two other variables that antigravity is proportional of, directionally proportional of. Meaning that the higher the other two variables the bigger the effect of antigravity.

Ham: You are mistaken in your question. I am in concurrence with the Urantia revelation entirely. I am sorry.

Question: Ham, are you ready for another question? (Yes.)

Question: First of all, I join my new friend Bob and hopefully the people of my study group that I read with, in welcoming you to the now infamous Quality Inn at LAX. LAUGHTER. Its kind of solemn atmosphere in here, but I for one was moved to tears when you announced what you had to say and if it wasn't for the presence of so many disbeliever, I would probably be jumping and screaming. My questions are that. So I welcome you and with an open heart. My question is now that we are going through this transformation, are there material foodstuffs that we can partake of that would increase the communication with our spiritual selves and this new encircuitment that we are undergoing?

Ham: No. It is an entirely spiritual transformation. In your daily dietary intake use wisdom and your own scientific understanding is entirely adequate.

Question: Okay. Thank you teacher. My second question is if I am known by a different spiritual name than the one that I am currently using?

Ham: These names will be made manifest to your awareness soon. (Thank you teacher and welcome again.)

Joe: My name is Joe. One simple question and that is you made reference to an elite core as possibly becoming new teachers. I am curious; I am wondering if they are outside of the quote, unquote Urantia book readers? That's all.

Ham: Most of the receivers of our teachings are all eventually and purposely brought to the Urantia book, for it is extremely accurate. In many of our teaching lessons there are some inaccuracies which are inevitable when you consider this type of communication. The Urantia book is a bedrock of knowledge for you to build upon and we are encouraging its greater study and understanding. Yes.

Question: When you stated that there will be a new core of human teachers, who will be acting for the celestial government, but not through channels like you. Who will be directing them and how will we discern their personal normal actions from these new actions?

Ham: Understanding. I understand. It is a difficult question for there are many, many people involved. It is indeed unnecessary for you to concern yourself with others actions, for you only should concern yourself with yourself. I am authorized to appoint teachers and am doing so by request at present. These teachers will give instruction which you must discern and evaluate individually. It is entirely free of individual concepts between the teachers, for we are in harmony with one another. Conflicts may arise between humans and you must humanly settle them. It is not our place.

Leslie: Hello Ham. My name is Leslie and I welcome you and I also welcome all the other spiritual beings that might be in this room with all of us tonight. You speak of inaccuracies through these communications, that possibly yourself that or others that might be receiving information as Rebecca is. Knowing how, we all know how the Urantia book came through. Are there also inaccuracies in the writings of the Urantia Book through the personalities in which claimed to have written it? That is my question.

Ham: Very few and these are so very minor as to be negligible. It is very accurate.

Question: Greetings Ham. I, for myself, want to thank you for coming here with all of these brave souls from Utah who have come to share with us. I can imagine that it is likely that as people leave this assembly that there will be a variety of feelings and attitudes and points of view. I wonder if you would comment on the role of your personal brotherhood and love and good cheer and especially a good sense of good humor in this whole business?

Ham: Thank you. We are all of us attempting to follow the way of the Wayshower. It is His will and greatest desire for you to know His life and teaching. You all know His words. I need not say anymore.

Wally: Greetings Ham. My name is Wally. In two sessions with the Salt Lake study group on October 7th and 14th there is mention of a temple to be built. Could you elaborate on its purpose and where it’s planned to be built?

Ham: No, not at present. Sorry.

Mark: Hello Ham. My name is Mark. I have a great appreciation for the beings working, your co-workers, so to speak and the difficulty they have in getting us to look at new things and do new things. In some of the previous times on this planet when they felt it necessary they simply visualized in front of a group of people or a certain individual, as did Gabriel appear to [[Mother Mary|Mary. Why don't you use that technique so your message is not so ambiguous to us and there is no doubt who you are then?

Ham: It is not Father's will.

Richard: Hello Ham and Rebecca. My name is Richard. Can you tell me a little bit about how the cosmic mind can be used in determining the validity of such phenomena as yourself.

Ham: I am not a phenomena. LAUGHTER.

Richard: Let me re-state that. LAUGHTER. How we can determine the validity of the realness of (Our teachings)your teaching? Right.

Ham: Yes. You all have experienced the working of the Spirit of Truth and also the effort of your Indwelling Spirit in testifying to you of the truth of the Urantia Book itself. I can say nothing more than that.

Richard: Also, I have another question. You said earlier that you are to just re-state the messages of the Urantia book. Will there be other personalities transmitting and receiving from Rebecca that might be able to add new revelatory information?

Ham: Of course, and also many others besides Rebecca. She is only one of a great many mortals who are at present being prepared for the same mission. (Thank you).

Duane: Ham, my human name is Duane. You asked me to provide you with an opportunity to address the members of the General Council. I wonder if you have any particular message that you would like to make to the General Council per say? I will stop with that question.

Ham: No Andrew, there is nothing further or special, for it is only by their reception of this announcement, in which one is counted on for this particular event. All of our proceedings have been monitored and watched. It is of a greater and more far reaching importance than you now realize. Thank you all for coming. I am pleased with the results. I hope to be in your presence again in the future and am so very happy to be chosen to make this announcement to you. My greetings, my love, my hope--all go with you this evening. Thank you Rebecca for this service. You are well loved also. I am preparing now for leaving. Farewell.


Readers: On Feb. 1, 1991(see discussion page re: date)... Rebecca transmitted this session to those in attendance from the Fellowship General Council (meeting in Los Angeles, CA) and the new participants of "Teaching Mission." There were skeptics and outspoken critics in attendance. It was announced the following week in our regular Woods Cross meeting, that this "Announcement" was a great success. All thanks to our Father for this announcement and much thanks to the brave pioneers who were forging the new frontiers of this great Urantia Teaching Mission/Correcting Time.

In loving service,

Calvin Mckee, Woods Cross, Utah.