1992-02-09-About Forgiveness

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Topic: About Forgiveness

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Prayer of St Francis

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. It is wonderful to be here with you again this evening. I enjoyed watching your get together before this session. You are coming together beautifully as a group. You are all working and striving to follow the Father's will. This is more evident. As you daily come to the quiet times and seek guidance you come to know yourselves better. As you do this then you are more open to following the Father's will as well. Continue on this course. Truth is the high ideal. Your prayerful reflection on truth will bring forth much understanding and provide you with more guidance in your daily lives. This has been a question all of you have asked.



Tonight I would like to talk about forgiveness. This is one of the hardest areas for humans to come to terms with. The Father already has forgiven you, this is true. He has genuine love which transcends all and His forgiveness is total. Forgiveness is another area which has many different levels. Forgiving must not only be done on an intellectual level, but must come from your innermost being. This perhaps is the hardest part, for it is in this inner part where hurt and injustice is felt. In realizing forgiveness you must first be able to forgive yourself. Forgiveness of oneself comes about in learning to know who you are. In the realization of your values, your ideals, your motives and the like will help you to be able to know and thus to forgive. If you understand why you have done something then it is much easier to forgive. Forgiving in this way is on the order of the mind, the intellect. This is the start. Once the mind can forgive, then you need to work on your inner emotions and feelings.

Often times when forgiveness seems accomplished one realizes that in stressful moments the same feelings arise and you know then the forgiveness has not been complete. This is understandable. Often it takes time but is necessary that you continue to work on forgiveness. Your spiritual growth is a part of it, depends on it. So when you work through your forgiveness come to terms with your own self. Forgive yourself and then reach out to others in forgiveness.

There are many things that you personally should look at this week and begin the forgiveness of yourself. Often guilt and forgiveness are partners. Guilt is not real, it is man made. If you can get past this guilt then you are on the way to forgiveness. Forgiveness is like loving, once you are able to love then loving becomes easy. Forgiveness is the same. So start this week with self analysis to forgive those inner hurts you all have. When you have done this then look to those you need to forgive. Let this become part of your being, part of your life.

The Father can forgive all and we are all striving to emanate(emulate?) Him, so for this week let forgiveness be your mission. This is understandably not an easy task and it will take time. All things that are worth doing take time. As your teacher I understand thoroughly how difficult it is. As you learn to forgive, know that you are being helped. Your indwelling spirit is ever ready to assist you when your desire is strong. You will feel His presence if you are open to it. Let this inner guide assist you. Reach out as the Father has reached to you and you will grow. You're all working and daily this is bringing about change within you. You are probably already feeling it. Again, know the Father's love for you and go forth this week with renewed awareness and dedication. You are doing fine. This is all. Are there any questions?"


B2: "Daniel, this is B2. We have two people with us tonight, Mary and K4 have come to visit us. I just wanted to introduce them to you."

Daniel: "Welcome. Our group is certainly growing. Welcome."


C2: "Daniel, this is C2. I work with a lot of people who have been terribly abused in many ways and as we anticipate their healing one of the real stumbling blocks is forgiveness. And it seems that often times people want to move them into forgiveness before that's even a possibility to entertain. I appreciate your advice, your counsel, your wisdom for the need for people to go inside to understand who they are before they can entertain that possibility of forgiveness. Can you add more or comment?"

Daniel: "Yes. These people are also in need of learning to love themselves. Until they can feel their own love and self worth then forgiveness, for them, is often impossible. So with people who are in this state, give to them those things that will lead them to love themselves, to respect themselves, to have confidence in themselves. This is done through spiritual healing by seeking the Father and daily knowing, daily praying for this healing. Often these people need much confirmation from those around them. Often they need to affirm their own goodness, their own being. Affirmations stated many times over help these people to grow from their narrow perceptions. So in helping them, devise those affirmations that will personally bring them to a higher level. As they grow in this self love and acceptance they can begin healing the wounds and forgiving. Does this help?"

C2: "Thank you, yes. I think you are also very helpful in your statement about guilt and forgiveness going hand in hand because often times those persons feel that guilt, even though there is no guilt for them, but in order to get rid of the guilt they feel, that sort of goes along the same pathway."

Daniel: "Correct, yes, you perceive this very well."

C2: "Thank you Daniel."


V1: "Daniel this is V1. One of the favorite phrases in the Urantia Book is where it talks of us in terms of human beings, have to...and I want to read it so I won't be corrected by B1, (laughter), uh..'you must not only be cleansed from all conscious sin, you must refuse to harbor even the feelings of guilt'.(156:2.7) And this is wonderful because so many of us raised in the traditional church have found a lot of guilt over what I consider silly little things..and yet my question is this. As human beings when we do err and hurt other people and do injustice isn't a step of guilt necessary and recognition of that guilt before we can forgive ourselves?"

Daniel: "Guilt is a man made phenomena which does as you say. It is detrimental when people remain within the guilt and are not able to go beyond it. As mortals a conscience is part of your being. Guilt is a part of that conscience. But to allow oneself to be trapped in its confines will hamper your spiritual growth. In feeling guilt often the individual says: 'Oh, I am so horrible, I have done this...I have done that...' If the individual stays in this mode he will begin to lose love for himself, respect for himself, and he will not move forward. Yes, you need to be aware of when you err, yes. Then you need to move from that. Do what is necessary to correct the error and then forgive yourself for having done so. This is my message to you tonight. Seek out those areas where you feel you need self forgiveness. If there is perhaps some area that you need to confront with another individual this might be the time to do so. How much lighter your heart will be. Forgive yourself, step out of the guilt, rectify your errors and move forward."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

Daniel: "V1, I have another message for you this evening also. This has been a sad and happy week for you. Loosing your stepfather was a difficult thing on a mortal level. However, you know that he is much better off. Rest assured you will again meet him."

V1: "Thank you Daniel. I really do have that assurance, but I appreciate that."

Daniel: "Yes."

B6: "Daniel, this is B6. I have heard that with the adjudication of the rebellion that circuits have been restored. Can you tell us what some of the ramifications for life on this planet either physical or spiritual might be as a result of that?"

Daniel: "Yes, B6. In the California meeting more information was given about the adjudication and this is good news. Not only will there be more spiritual upliftment, but there will be guidance and help given in social, political, environmental, and other scientific areas to help this planet which is in a state of crisis. As these teachings become more . ..as there are more teachers....dispersed across the country then more and more of these areas will become clear. There are several new locations which will be getting teachers quickly."

B2: "Daniel, this is B2 again. I talked with M1 Rogers from Coeur D'Elane yesterday and he is very excited and would like to come down. He and his wife is expecting a new baby so a few weeks after they have their child probably six or seven weeks from now, they would like to come and listen to you, meet you, interact with you. He seemed very excited and said their study group is getting stronger as a result of this whole new teaching situation and they are very excited. I just wanted you to know this and if you could pass this on to Ham I would appreciate it."

Daniel: "Yes. Their group has been considered. They are known to us."

F1: "Daniel, this is F1. And I was just sitting here thinking about forgiveness and with my life as it has been, shut down as I was for so many years. I had never felt the feeling of love or forgiveness or to know what forgiveness means. I'm kind of wondering if you've never felt something or know what to experience if you are actually feeling it or if it is happening, do we pray on this to know that... at times I felt that I have forgiven but then it..the same stuff keeps coming up so I haven't felt that I was. I guess I am getting more confused. I guess my question is how do we know when we are truly feeling what our desire is?"

Daniel: "Yes, F1. This question involves more than a simple statement on forgiveness. It involves much of your life's background and in your case learning to love yourself was your first step. You have finally achieved that level. And as you pray for continual guidance, the forgiveness you seek will follow. Your path has made wondrous gains. Know that in your daily prayers you are slowly learning that forgiveness. Forgiveness is not something that comes in one day. It has to be worked through on various levels and, given the various circumstances is determined by not only desire, faith, but also the openness of the individual. You have opened yourself to this. With your continued desire and prayer you will achieve it. Do not give up."

F1: "Thank you Daniel."

Crisis, Timing

B2: "This is B2 again. You have said several times now our planet is in crisis, that it is an emergency situation. When you speak in those terms can you give us any kind of time frame? I guess I am basically asking again about the mission, your teaching mission. What our involvement in this will be. If you can give us any more clarification on that I would appreciate it."

Daniel: "Time frame is not available. We are subject to the whim of free choice. Your mission is for your spiritual growth. For now, be it as hard as it is to be content with that, that is paramount, most important. In getting, gaining spiritual awareness, truth, you will then be ready for other help in the mission. You must prepare yourself diligently as this is for the time being what is asked of you. Patience, and your other services will be called upon."

B2: "My reason for asking for a time frame was, is the planet in an immediate environmental danger, meaning in 50 or 100 years will it be uninhabitable or is that an answerable question?"

Daniel: "This is a possibility, however it is not likely as we foresee it now. No further comment."

K3 K4: "Daniel, this is K3. To back to the question that B6,...not the question, but the opening of the circuits, I had a talk with D2 before the meeting tonight, and I would like you to comment on spiritual healing, I'm sorry, not spiritual but physical healing. We have people in need here. Is our group being looked at or considered for a healer, if that is the correct term to use?"

Daniel: "Yes, that is correct. This question has arisen many times. The spiritual healing comes through the life givers. At this time we are not able to verify if there will be others. From your standpoint we understand this would be beneficial and welcomed. This healing is not only with the Life Carriers but part of the Father's will. If this is needed, then there will possibly will be more healers. This takes time to prepare individuals for this service. There are some who are being made ready but it is not known if it will come about."

K3: "Thank you Daniel."

N2: "Daniel, this is N2. When you spoke of communications being opened am I correct that at present this is on a spiritual level?"

Daniel: "The circuits are like your telephone wires or your microwave systems which transmit communication through. The circuits are for sending messages from one place to another. What is sent on these circuits may be spiritual and usual is spiritual in nature. Last Saturday's conference in California was broadcasted over the circuits so this planet made, in your terms, the national news (laughter)."

N2: "The other....I'm sure you and your associates are aware that there has been a group of our people who have established a search for extraterrestrial intelligence which involves a listening device. Is it not possible or feasible at this time to communicate on that line?"

Daniel: "Not the same type of technology, or matter, or...It is different in scope and your satellites would not pick up on these broadcasts, these circuits. This is not possible now."

B6: "You referred a couple of times to the conference in California last Saturday. Can you tell us more about what went on there?"

Daniel: "Yes. At that time Machiventa Melchizedek was officially inaugurated as Planetary Prince of Urantia on that day. This was a day of joy and jubilation for us all. R6 delivered Ham's message which was to around 125 to 150 people. This reception was welcomed by some and brought negative response by others as those who were highly skeptical and critical. There were many that felt this was a welcomed event for Urantia. Even though this was only one meeting we are pleased and know that there will be good that comes from it. I...D3 has transcripts and you will be getting them. On our side we are most pleased. We also would like to state that the Woods Cross group did very well. They conducted themselves very well. R6 deserves our thanks for her services. This was not easy. There were attacks directed toward her. This is understandable, for sure. As time goes on this method of communication will be more accepted."

B1: "Daniel, this is B1. I have been wondering if you are planning to have a backup person as a transmitter/receiver for our group inasmuch as seems to be the pattern for other groups. I was wondering if there were plans in progress for someone else who might assist D2 in the future?"

Daniel: "This is possible. There are people being trained everywhere for this. This is why you all need to do your homework."

B1: "Does that imply that any of us, if we worked on this, could maybe be trained in such a way as to serve in that capacity...if not any of us at least many of us? "(laughter)

Daniel: "I enjoy you.( much laughter from group members) Are you volunteering?"(more laughter and comments)


B1: "Well, I've shared this with my wife and since I brought it up I will share it with the group. I disvolunteered for any experience like this when I thought I might be receiving some sort of contact and I was convinced because at that time I was involved in a life style habit with alcohol that I didn't trust the credibility of my own experience. But since then I have realized, and I have told my Thought Adjuster that I take back this refusal to do it..I am not exactly volunteering but, I mean, I would be willing and I'm just wondering if others of us, it sounds to me like with the circuits open there may be opportunities for this kind of experience. And I have already told my Thought Adjuster that I take back this 'I will never consider this kind of experience attitude. I don't know if I exactly answered your question Daniel."

Daniel: "Your honesty is appreciated and all of this is already known, of course, and it is not for me to say. Know that this experience, this ability, is possible for anyone now that the circuits are open. You are all probably hearing or feeling more of your Thought Adjuster's presence within yourselves. This requires, this transmitting, some work on our part. When you are open, then work can commence."

B1: "Thank you for answering that. I think in response to your statement and your teaching that we are beginning to feel these changes...I'm noticing that I am acting and talking in ways, without planning ahead of time, that really are different for me than they have been before and I really feel there is a difference there. Is that what you are referring to?"


Daniel: "Yes, and I am sure you are all having some of those kinds of experiences. It is not going to be like a bolt of lightning. It is gradual change, but you will recognize it. I sense this is enough for tonight. Let me end this with my love for you. You are all opening and growing. You are reaching out. You have great desire. All of these help you. If you will take each lesson to heart, if you will work through these individual lessons, then you will continue to grow and grow. So, tonight, know that you're being watched with love. It is showered down from the Father. Take it in and give it back out to others. I will return again next week. F1 it has been verified for Tuesday evening. So I will see you next week. Good night."

Group: "Good night."