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Topic: General

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, Machiventa, Manovandet

TR: Eric

Session 1

April 5, 1992



WILL: The love of God surrounds you. The love of God upholds you. The love of God enfolds you. Wherever you are, He is.

Greetings. In our gathering here tonight, I am impressed with all the discussion that I have heard, for you have done much speculation on what is to come. You can know no greater joy than serving the Father in heaven who is with you at this present time. The message that He sends to all His children is one of joy and of peace, of good will, and He wishes for all of you to know that He loves you. His love is with you always even to the end of the earth.

The speculation on all that is to come, the timetable and who or what the events seem to encompass is a main concern to you. At this time we can only reassure you that things move ahead at great speed and, before too long, you will see what has been foretold: that the Melchizedek will again walk with you. You must put all of your concerns about how this will be taken up, how they will eat, how they will dress, their racial characteristics, for in truth, those do not matter. All that matters is that they will be servants of God and He will erase from the hearts of all mankind those old prejudices, for certainly they will be washed clean and be replaced by feelings of higher spiritual order.

The thinking that will come about is that all men will become one. It is not necessary for you to know how all of this will be accomplished. It is only necessary for you to know that it will be. So spend not any further time in speculation, although we realize that you are enjoying such jovial thoughts about this concern. We have much serious business to do. There is studying, learning, and meditation each day which we have requested of you. You are now asked to upstep that meditation, spending more time each day with your Father. He needs to know that He can communicate with you on a more active level. Some of you are already making that attempt. Those of you who are not, we ask that you make every stride to do so. The open path to the Father is there. It is for you to make yourself available to Him. As the activities within the Kingdom increase and daily grow more active, you must make yourselves ready. It is a matter of fanning the flames within your heart, for truly the desire is there. Just as the campfire warms the weary traveler, pressing those flames now to their highest possibility will allow you to be the most receptive to whatever the Father will have you know.


Be ever mindful of His presence. Our Father looks upon each one of us and asks for our loyalty, our steadiness, whatever we can give Him in return for all the love He has given us that is within our capabilities to give. We each have to make a decision on what level we will give that dedication. If doing something that distracts from the Father's time is more important, then that is a decision you have made. That time could have been better spent with the Father - with communicating, for those of you who have the ability.


Eleven men gathered with Jesus near the end - eleven who were loyal servants. As I look around tonight and see that that number has spread, I think that our number will increase. I think about all those who will be brought into the kingdom. Daily, more and more believers will come to join us. Eleven was such a small start. Over time they have grown into millions and millions who know about Him. This small group will carry a message, a message of wonderful teachings. You will be asked to do what is within your capability and in light of your own personality. You should not be concerned that what you will be asked to do might be something that will be inconsistent with your character for such would not be necessary.

Some of you by nature are more bold than others so in carrying forth the message those will be asked to do things that are of a more bold nature. For those of you who are more retiring, a more private ministry will be characteristic. Whatever, do not fear that you will be lost in the spreading of the kingdom - for all have a place. All that we ask is that you live up to and account for yourself within the time you are in the group and here on earth. If you can do more, that is fine, but don't feel bad because you cannot be one of the raging bulls. That simply cannot be so. Those of you who have the ability to be the teachers or the preachers, a way will be provided to you to spread your teachings. For the rest of you, another way will be provided. Once this has begun, it will be difficult to turn back because the momentum of which things will start going and the joy within your heart will relish the activity of the kingdom. Be not concerned to what is to happen. Everything is moving as it should be.

All the activity that you have heard about is indeed taking place. The Sarasota group experiences a great deal of activity at the moment. They are fortunate to have so many people within their group who can act as receivers for the message. It is fortuitous that so many people are gathering together in one place. As we prepare receivers and teachers throughout the world, all will be brought together and you will see over time how all of this will be worked out.


There is a great challenge in housing the incoming Melchizedek and his staff. They will be very busy. You are to be blessed with many activities upcoming. Some of you will be attending many of their meetings whenever possible, it would be helpful. Being in the presence of a Melchizedek is an awesome experience.

I have just a few more words tonight and then I will close. Continue as you are. Love each other. Seek each other's companionship. As we move ahead in the days to come, we will be bringing more people into the group. The time has come to open our circle and you will know who these people are for they are those you have nurtured thus far. They are the fledglings who have been under your wing. Work with them. See that they are properly instructed. Let them read the papers so that in coming into the group, they will have a proper background. Much has happened over the last few months. We have moved rather quickly. Those coming into the group now will have to catch up, but if their desire is there, they should have no trouble. Be patient with them, work with them. Love them as you already love each other and as your circle grows, it will grow in love. For those of you who have questions, it would be better to wait until we have more time. Remember that I love you. My peace I leave with you. Shalom.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: The campfires of your world whether on plain or forest warm their visitors on one side only. But when you stand by the fire of the Father's love, it warms through and through. The Father's flame is a flame that you may carry with you in your hearts no matter how far you travel from your fuel source. You may share its warmth with all who you encounter. As that flame transfers itself from one fire grand to another, so shall the Father's flame transfer itself from one heart to another. Nothing more is required from each of you than a degree of proximity. We ask that you approach near enough to your neighbors that the Father's flame is allowed to pass.

The question arose at our last-week meeting about the meaning of the expression "make ready" I say to each of you that "make ready" means that you shall live your life so that upon turning the next corner, you might encounter me, or the Maker, or the man Jesus, or the most remote stranger. Treat us equally, for you never know which one it will be. Make yourselves ready in that fashion and you will be ready to teach the word of the kingdom - pass it on to your brothers and sisters. I, Machiventa Melchizedek, say so. Put these words into action. Soon enough we shall meet in just such a fashion. I bid you good night and I will leave you walking in the Master's footsteps.

Yes, I will take a question. State your question.


JOAN: My question is: two have been identified and perhaps more in this group as potential receivers, is there any way that you can help us develop them, and soon, so that we can advance our spiritual growth and our service to the kingdom?

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: You must all show more bravery. You are overly concerned with being wrong. To us, this is somewhat humorous. We all make mistakes - especially you. What is the difference between a mistake made in the service of God and a mistake made in your trivial planetary pursuits? When you hear our words, let them roll forth. Speak out. We rely upon you to move forward from the point of inertia. So what if you make a mistake? You must get rolling forward in order for us to move this effort in some direction. Just blurt it out. Any of you are capable of performing in this fashion. This type of communication benefits from practice. When you say your prayers at home practice speaking aloud, and when you meet in your group practice speaking aloud.

I recommend that you spend 15 minutes out of your evening schedule at the regular group meetings for those who have not yet spoken. Make some attempt - it makes good practice. No one will scoff at you. Not all will be receiving the same identical message. Each of you is a palette. The great God above has planned for variation in this regard. If we place the same notion in each mind that is here tonight, that notion will not necessarily come out, in your language, identically. In fact, chances are that each version will be different. The system thrives on variety. Let us experiment with it then. I leave you. Farewell.

Session 2

  • April 6, 1992



WILL: Replace whatever thoughts of doubt you have with feelings of expectation. All that has projected to be will become a part of the future. It is indeed difficult for humans who cannot see what is ahead of them to have faith, but we can assure you that all is as it should be.

You have begun to doubt this whole process and, in so doing so, stand in jeopardy of losing the very thing of which you need so much work on - your faith in the Father and in your own future. You need not be so troubled. It will all come to pass just as it has been given. Let us all have faith in the future and the coming of Machiventa Melchizedek.

There are surely those around you who share your doubt, for it is indeed difficult to imagine such a phenomena. On a human level you think on such limited terms. If you cannot see something, then it does not exist, but I tell you in the not to distant future there will come a time when all men will see him, for he will walk aside them and teach in the name of the Father, the Son and the Spirit. We have it on the highest authority that it is just is just a matter of days before all will come to be. Spend not any more time gathering any more wasted energy about this. It matters little about your speculation. All that matters is that it will be as has been foretold. Your assignment as always is to wait, to study and participate in whatever projects you have been asked to participate. You have much work to do and the more you can study now the more prepared you will be for what will be needed later on.


We have active teachers throughout the world and avenues are opening up daily for more teachers to be received and more people to receive them. Many are being prepared for future service and many receivers are being counseled for receiving. It is not an easy to allow your mind to be taken over by a celestial. It takes much courage and faith. Meditation is important, but the mind must be cleared of any and all interferences that would cloud the reception. Those of you who are already having success realize how important this is, for you have been able successfully to remove the ego from all presentation. This is the ultimate goal, for without it the message will never be pure.

There are times when the exact words will not come through. You must not be concerned with that. We are concerned with the message as a whole, not every little word. It matters little whether the exact word is taken down, it is the concept that is most important. Try and think on this the next time you are in prayer. What impression are you getting? What thoughts are coming to you that create a picture? Some of you are more visually oriented and thus will see your impressions. Some are more audible and will, therefore, "hear" the words. For those of you who are impressionable, like the one receiving this message now, you will may be able to pick up exact words. This is rare, but we are trying harder every day to increase this avenue, for we find that in the long run this will be our most effective tool used to reach the most people. The more of you who have the ability to hear us exactly, the less chances for error.


Rest assured that everything possible is being done on your behalf, all we ask is that you continue trying. Leave the rest to us. Practice saying your prayers out loud and if you sense that other words are reaching you, say them and continue to say them until you sense a conscious flow. You may not succeed at first but, with practice, we hope that you all will be able to communicate with us. Please do not be frightened or alarmed. Only good can come of this. If you do have success, continue trying and let the Father speak to you within the deepest recesses of your mind. He is there with you through the Adjuster ready to impart any wisdom which He is able.

Call upon Him while He is near and He will bring you peace. Ask for His peace and He will bring you forth upon the shore of a sea of bliss. Ask for guidance and He will guide you on the path of righteousness. Our Father is a God of love and He lets nothing befall His children that He does not know about. Our Father is a Lord of peace and brings to you that which He spreads over all the earth - His love which has the ability to calm mens' souls and heal all wounds.

Our Father is a great God. Let us turn to Him in times of trouble and in times of peace, in times of hunger and in times of saturation, in times of love and in times of want, in time of barrenness and in times of fulfillment. For every time in our lives when we have turned away from the Father, we could have had an easier day, our nights could have been shortened and our years could be lengthened upon the earth. Go in peace, spreading peace through the land.

I greet you in love. My love to you all.


Session 3

04/08/92 Wednesday p.m., Melchizedek's answer to Ron's concern upon the receipt of contradictory information on the prospect of a Melchizedek mission materialization, which information purported to derive from Rayson and Machiventa Melchizedek through the Malibu group.]



MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: Not long past were the days when you each felt isolated from the life of the spirit, and that the pursuit of the Master's way was irrelevant -- inapplicable to the setting of your modern secular society. Yet even Paul, the greatest teacher, was derided as a kook, a mystic, for preaching the gospel of a kingdom that was not of this world.

While your present-day theories of power and societal role are vastly changed from those of the ancient world, in fact the people are no more nor less concerned with the unending puzzle of the proper method to incorporate spiritual concerns with the implacable demands of the material life. You are not so different from those people. The wind still blows from the west to the east, and the grains of sand still pelt the goatherds, who seek only shelter and a cool drink of clear water before returning to the struggle.

Now I, Machiventa Melchizedek, propose to walk among you as a citizen of the realm, my teaching and example to inspire you and all your fellows to listen to God's voice within, and heed. I have said only days ago to prepare yourselves, for you do not know when the moment will arrive that the rounding of a corner will bring us face to face; that the Father desires that you ready yourself by comporting yourselves exactly the same whether you should encounter myself or Michael or some other stranger in such an event. But you have taken a side road, and concentrated on whether I will arrive today, or later, or at all. I say to you all that I am already here, but within days of your time I will take up the form of human flesh of this planet -- long familiar to me -- in the company of my compatriots and numerous volunteers of the heavenly administration.

I will not address questions about the precise moment of our mission's revelation, nor questions about conflicting views of human interpretation. Such speculations are merely embellishments to an unproductive detour. I say to you again: Make yourselves ready, for Michael has determined an opportunity and, in accord with the Father's will, suggested that our work begin in earnest, and his suggestion has the force of higher law. In days you will see me. In days I will serve you in new and unexpected ways. In days will the lost and disenchanted have new purpose in life. And in days shall we set about, clearing the blight from the good name of this planet, which the Heavenly Father has blessed with so many wondrous amenities and fine specimens of human potential.

The cosmos disputes waste, and the Father has willed that no world shall be relegated to the ash heap of history. In ages past I came to your world as an Emergency Son. In days I will take up my duties once again, this time as a Rescue Son, for I am sworn to uphold He Who Upholds All Things. I am but one of His servants, and He has blessed me with an opportunity to demonstrate my devotion to His service. We shall set about His work in concert, you and I, and make this hallowed ground -- fit for Michael to rest his head upon. The king comes. Let us be about his proper business. My tattoo stirs your hearts. You are about to inherit your birthright.

Session 4

  • APRIL 12, 1992


WILL: The love of God rains down from Paradise on all of the worlds of time and space, on those worlds both inhabited and uninhabited. God's love penetrates all of the shadowed spaces and pervades all.

Good evening to you all, my friends and students. I welcome our communication. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. You have not had an opportunity to ask questions for quite some time. Tonight I would like to ask you to pose your questions on the topic of responsibility upon which topic I will have some words to say in advance.

Thought Adjusters

We have spoken much about how we would like your dealings to develop between yourself and your brothers and sisters, those known and unknown. We have touched on the topic in some detail about how a thought adjuster is active in each person. The adjuster fragment is only capable of living in the present, not the future, and not the past and in order for you to communicate well with the adjuster, by thought or deed, it is necessary for you also to live in the eternal present. When you live in the present, you are living much closer to the knife edge for things happen spontaneously.


We have also developed to some extent the concept that the adjuster is active in every person and the same rules hold for others whether those rules are known or unknown, but that the ideal contact between two humans on this planet is for those two humans living in the present and following closely the adjuster's leading meet face to face and deal with each other spontaneously in truth, love and trust. When such an event occurs, there is no way to estimate the results which are possible. For when God mind meets God mind, great things can happen. That is the ideal situation.

All of us know that the fact is that the ideal happens rarely and most human interactions fall well short of this ideal. This leaves each of you with the puzzling question of what your responsibilities actually are when you are clearly incapable of estimating the preparedness or receptiveness of the other party and also when you are in fact unsure where you stand with God at any particular moment.It is easy for us to dispose of your side of the equation. Your personal relationship with God is what this movement is all about. You already know more than you could possibly put into action. There is nothing for it except practice and I am gratified to see that each of you engages in such a practice from time to time.


Our topic tonight is about your responsibility towards the other party. What then are your responsibilities? In our view, you are not responsible for how the other party reacts to this prospect of direct and unguarded communication with another human nor how they should react to the presence of the almighty Father in you. We think that they should naturally find such occasion tantalizing but that is not always the case. On occasion, your fellows may shrink from such contact. They may be confused by such contact. They may find it irritable or an intrusion upon their normal thought patterns and habits of association. What then is your responsibility to your opposite party in such event?

Press forward as we have said before. Bare your chest. Do not allow their unreceptiveness or natural human caution to cause you to dampen your enthusiasm to doing the Father's important work. We trust that the Father is right in this ministry which He has reserved for Himself. It is easy for us on the outside to see it is the ministry that is not without problems. The chief problem, of course, being the unwillingness or the stubbornness, or the ignorance of the humans towards whom this ministry is aimed. But those are just the normal working problems of dealing with humans. It is no different on other planets.

Even on the advanced planets, humans still have a natural tendency towards truculence, aggressiveness, stubbornness and independent thinking. It is very difficult for any of you to imagine something seriously greater than yourselves. Typically, your notion of God amounts to little more than yourself glorified but the great God is much more than you could possibly imagine. He who hung the stars has powers that not even we know of.

You are not responsible for accommodating yourself to the exact frame of reference of your listener or your opposite number in any human to human meeting. Just as we challenge you, so we recommend that you challenge people. Yet we wish for you to challenge them with notions that are rooted in their own understanding so that before talking, you must do some listening. You should do as the master did. Ask questions not to gain information, but to elicit understanding. Draw out your opposite number through the use of your questions. Find out what the other person thinks. Particularly, you should find out how they feel about things which is even more important with most humans in their conscious thoughts. Their conscious thoughts are often times poorly composed and inarticulate but all have feelings. Therefore, endeavor to challenge them with the highest possible interpretation of their own present concepts. Use their thoughts to compel them to further enlightenment.

You are not responsible for the effect of your touch offered in healing or in friendly communication. One of the unfortunate side effects of your extremely independent and individualized societal values is discomfort with human contact, physical contact. Many people, even those among the membership of this group, have had unpleasant offensive or damaging human physical contacts. Yet we say to you that you are not responsible for the reaction of the other person. If you touch them honestly and lovingly and fondly, it is their business as to how they shall react to such information. Some will be overloaded, others surprised, perhaps made uncomfortable and, in certain cases, the other party may feel panic at the prospect of human contact in this fashion. But you are not personally responsible for how they react. Your responsibility is discharged and you have honestly allowed yourself to serve as a conduit for the Father's cosmic love and the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood which should exist among all people.

You are not responsible for the things that people do and say with the words and thoughts that you have shared with them. Many are the opportunities for this to misinterpret or to recall incorrectly or to misunderstand the elementary meaning of the words which you offer them in the spirit of brotherhood. It is like passing them a tool. It is not your responsibility how they employ that tool. Your responsibility is to distribute as many tools as possible. The product is theirs. The opportunity is yours.

You are not responsible for the effect that an awakening of the power of spiritual beneficence may have in people's family or marital relationships. Each person in this life is building the value of that life in every passing moment. The best way for each of you to conduct your lives is to see each moment as the next opportunity to begin adhering to the Father's love. The moment yet to come is the next best opportunity to adhere to the Father's love. There is no profit to be gained in putting off the Father's good work. Just as Tuesday is better than Wednesday and Monday better than Tuesday, right now is much better than any other time.

To live in the Father's love and light brings a certain kind of power to a human's life. It changes all relationships. Nothing in life will ever be the same. This is occasionally disturbing to people's marriage partners. Apparently nearly always to their adolescent children and typically noticeable to their friends and companions, but like most things involving faith, they all have a way of working out for the best. Therefore there is no way that you can be responsible for the effect of your words and deeds upon some other person's relationship with third parties.

There is a practically infinite list of things in this life for which you are not responsible. We don't have enough time tonight to cover all the things in which you are not responsible, but I think that those are the major things. Probably the things that would come up most often if you should trouble yourselves to think about the repercussions of this modest ministry. No matter what it is that you are not responsible for, there is no changing those things for which you are ultimately responsible for.

To feel the Father, the God of heaven, alive and active within each of you saying, "This is the way" and to share that joy, that stimulation, that lives in the eternal present with your brothers and sisters as if Jesus of Nazareth was standing by your side and, with your every act, you intended to demonstrate to him the perfection of your understanding of his teachings. That you allow yourself to be the connection, the focus point to which the paradise Father's love flows directly from Him through you to every person you meet and, lastly, that you do so in the most sincere manner without unduly tarnishing the seriousness and sacredness of this mission. That is my lesson for you tonight. Questions? Let us open the floor.


TOM: Will, this is Tom. Are we to be more aggressive in striking up conversations with people, like I deal with the public every day, and try to move the conversations in directions that might prove positive, or we just supposed to--just answer that.

WILL: Until only a few short moons ago, your lives were concerned only with your private path and virtually nothing was thought about interpersonal spiritual development. Look how far we have traveled now. You ask me a question like this.

First, I will tell you the policy answer. The policy is every occasion is an occasion to do God's work. Now, Thomas, in your case, I think you should pursue every opportunity in the spiritual sense to the extent that you feel comfortable with it and would not feel foolish relating that exchange with your friends and colleagues. Always keep in mind when troubling questions like these arise, how the Master Jesus dealt with such opportunities. He was crafty, he was sly and yet he was perfectly honest and straightforward at the same time. He developed a technique to look into the other person's heart without being ensnared in many superficial ideas and feelings. He went simply and directly to the heart of the matter.

I realize that there may not be an immediately obvious connection between the repair of time pieces and the Father's presence in each of us but you might begin calculating some ideas. You might make a general remark upon the topic of why you enjoy working in this field. Do you find it rewarding? The very act of repairing the machine of linear time has caused you to contemplate the infinite. People expect watchmakers to be kind of kooky that way. You should deliver them the service that they have come to expect. Is there another part to your question?

JUDY: Will, this is Judy. I was just wondering - maybe this is not a responsibility question, but one of prudence - what is your advice about telling people of the events to come about the Melchizedeks?

WILL: People hear many predictions in the course of daily life. Almost none of them come true. Fortunately, it is the nature of people that they simply do not remember all of the predictions to which they are subjected. If you predict such an event to them and it happens to come true within 24 hours, they will think you are brilliant, but if they pay serious attention to you, they probably won't believe you. This business of the Melchizedek arrival is something we must all wait on. There is nothing for us to do at the moment but to have faith. Those who have faith will not be overly troubled by this. Those without faith will have the difficult contrary life experience that that situation lends itself to.

I think that there is profit though in the suggestion of the possibility. It is one of those kinds of hypothetical questions that people take rather seriously. People have difficulty with living their religion, but I think that the concept of another coming...it is just provocative enough to begin stirring some of those long forgotten memories. I see profit in that.


Another question? HAL: Will, this is Hal. I guess I have a couple of questions. First, we had the occasion to meet a Chinese man who is a teacher of the Chinese believers who attend a baptist church and his wife apparently has some sort of a serious disorder. I am not sure if it is a nervous disorder or it is emotional or psychological in origin and HeYu and I have been thinking about her quite a bit, I would see her a couple of times when I would go into the silence and so we both had the idea of contacting him indirectly through another party and suggesting that she might want to practice the silence at the same time that we both go into the silence each day. That is once in the morning and again in the afternoon, that she might find benefit in doing that. Does that sound like a good suggestion to you and there is a second part to the question but maybe you can address that first.

WILL: I am aware that many people draw solace from the idea of group meditations and simultaneous meditations. My perspective on this is somewhat different than yours. I understand that people would be soothed and feel more powerful by the purely human telepathic communication achieved by simultaneous meditation even at remote physical locations but, from my perspective, it looks as though you have a cable to the largest power station ever made and I am wondering whether turning on three or four lights at the same time will be enough. Each person needs to develop their relationship with the Father. The Father stands above all religions. He will not be swayed by petitions or sacrifice. He will not be rubbed down by dogmas and doctrines. It is a help to people to be educated in the fundamentals of meditation and stillness but there is such variety in the actual performance of stillness that I do not think that there is any particular technique that will work for everyone or anyone.

I recommend that you try the technique that you suggest but I think that all such techniques are temporary stepping stones. It is the beginning of these efforts that is difficult. The beginning is the first hurdle but still is not the only hurdle. Shortly following the beginning, comes the impediment of doubt, then immediately after doubt, comes the impediment of steadfast practice. I realize that this is a rather circumspect answer to your question but I see it as a transitory issue. There is no one best path to the Father. Any path will do.

Let us hear the second half of your question.


HAL: Is it possible that this contact will lead to further contacts with a Chinese bible study group and maybe to the general Chinese christian community and I think we have all been having thoughts about how to relate ourselves to the church and particularly how to relate ourselves to the atonement doctrine which is central to the belief system of many people, and I am not really sure how to relate my own ministry to that and yet I have felt that these contacts with the Chinese believing community has perhaps been an arrangement. I guess I would ask if you have any comments that would illuminate or suggest wise approaches to people for whom the atonement doctrine and other ideas may be important.

WILL: I have no remarks on whether your connection with that community are prearranged. Of course. There are two things to keep in mind with this kind of contact.

We, here, gathered in this room and those watching from above are not bound by scripture. We are bound by the stream of love that flows from the Father. Our duty is to spread love about, not to correct mistaken notions. Reveal the Father's love in your life, in your actions and in your highest thoughts. Do not trouble yourselves with trivia like church policies and dogma. Those things will wither and fall by the wayside of their own accord. They have not enough inspiration to carry them into perpetuity.

In every vegetable patch a few weeds spring up. You might manicure it daily but it won't make the tomatoes taste any better. If you go toe to toe with the people who have memorized every line in the Bible, you will lose. You deal from love, you will not go wrong.

Rise above those kinds of interpretations. The Father's gift of love cannot be captured on a page of any book. The Father's love fills the inner spaces. The interstices between people cannot be captured and coded or reduced to ink and paper. That is why He has created this tremendous bureaucracy. If it were not a personal relationship, He could pelt you with books from above and bruise it into your heads. Next question.

SUSAN: Responsibility. This is Susan. I am troubled when I drive about town and see people standing at the side of the road with signs and seeking assistance and I wonder at my responsibilities in those instances. I do not believe that I can help everyone, every time and I don't feel like I can judge whom I am to help. So, that leaves me with a question.


WILL: All the religions of the world have independently developed an answer to your question. The answer is that charity is good for the giver. There is no way for you to know the effect of your deeds or your words or your charity. It is impossible for you to know in this life whether by your donation you have brought a degree of comfort to the receiving person or whether you have extended their miserable wretched existence by another fractional unit of time. You might have done nothing more than contribute to their vice ridden lifestyle. Yet these effects can be separated from your generosity. It matters not the posture of the person who hears God's words and see His acts. The effect on the actor is what is recorded in heaven. Next question.

I see that you have all reached some peace with this notion. Sometimes it is troubling to think of the repercussions of the things that we do or intend to do. Often times we attempt things and the deed itself seems to go awry and it doesn't matter whether we rehearse or are absolutely spontaneous. It just does not work out the way we had planned. Certainly in the teaching program we have found this to be true but even that has added a dimension that was unexpected. Even these unforecasted surprises, we have learned to appreciate. You have been instructed and it has been a growth experience for us and so we press forward, each according to our abilities, receiving rewards always in excess of our merits.

I thank you all for your time and attention tonight. I always enjoy our meetings. I spend time with each of you daily. It is my pleasure and my assignment. I am wonderfully attuned to my present duties. It is more than I had hoped. Better than I imagined. Until our meeting next week, I bid you all goodnight and leave you walking in the Father's light. Shalom.

Session 4

  • April 19, 1992



MICHAEL: Greetings to you, one and all, my sons and daughters gathered here in loving respect. I am your king, Michael.

I look upon your deeds and I say to you that whenever you approach the least of your brethren with loving respect then you have done so to me. You have performed a deed that is measured in heaven. Seek not the approval of the rich and the powerful. Seek, instead, to minister to those damaged in spirit and mind as well as body. Your duty is greater to bring those sheep into the fold. My concern flows to them. Those with greater resources are more capable of looking after their own concerns. If you would serve me, serve your brothers and sisters. You need no instruction in identifying those who need the help.

The Father's way is the way of love. You will not be covered in glory except among your brothers, the angels. Your names are known to us. We invite you to join us. We realize the restrictions on your time. Soon enough I will walk among you. I well know your experience. I say in clear conscience that I have lived the full range...born among you and departed. I thank you and I thank your fathers for the wealth of experience I have gained. If you would be counted among my ministers, I ask you then not to concern yourself with those of station in your society. Seek rather the halt, the lame and the damaged. Those with no home but their garments to stand between them and the winter winds and the heat of summer.

The Father's way is the way of love. My love is freely given to you. Turn about then and share it with your brothers and sisters. The best way to earn love is to give away all the love you have received. When you look again, you will have received another measure. Go forth then in confidence and love. Soon we will meet. Between then and now nothing stands in your way.

Take my commission, walk forward into the light. I will be waiting there to receive you. [[The Father]] has willed it so. In the Father's name, so be it.

MANOVANDET MELCHIZEDEK: The king has spoken and I can add nothing to his instruction. Events proceed and we wish you all the best. Michael stood by this evening and listened to your various reports and he was touched by the story of Soledet. Therefore had he something to say to you tonight. Our concern and guidance for your progress is never ending. You cannot escape it even while asleep. You have been called to service. It takes as long to back down from this service as it does to gain it. I see that there are no quitters among you. We approve of this newfound spirit adaptation: solicitude for the frailties of your brothers. We see that our work has brought fruit. That your feet are firmly set and you are making progress in the right direction. It is a long road, but the company is good. The journey itself is the reward. I, Manovandet Melchizedek, say so.

It is said in your society that nothing succeeds like success. We think that these first tastes will be enough to entice you onward. For myself, I am gratified to see that you accept these lessons in humility and in the proper spirit of service and that your eyes are turned toward the light and not in the mirror of self reflection. Aim high. You are on an ever inclining path. We stand upon the edges and watch you pass and count ourselves successful.

I leave you now. Other duties demand my attention. Until we meet in the flesh, I leave the peace of our Maker upon you.

WILL: Good evening, my dear students. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. We seem to be working in reverse order tonight. Our master was moved. We shall let the lesson stand. Call upon the members of the team during the week when you need assistance. When you feel troubled close yourself off to the world. Go into the peace. Quiet yourself through the stillness and you will receive the divine blessing - peace.

It is not necessary for us to intervene with your mortal affairs. Each of you has the wherewithal to deal with the problems that arise in the course of daily events. It is not necessary to know with which personality you are speaking. We are all authorized to render assistance when necessary. We have gone through a door tonight. I do not think there is any turning back. It is good to see how we are all together. Make a hoop and all look inward toward the Father's work. He lights up our lives. Its a light we can carry with us no matter how dim our circumstances.

Well, I shall limit my comments tonight and exhort you to take chances. You never know where you will find Michael.


Session 5

  • APRIL 26, 1992



WILL: The love of God enfolds us. The power of God emboldens us. The attention of God is leaven that causes hopes and spirits to rise. Good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.

It is good to see that you are gathering in a fashion that allows more constructive use of your time. I was reminded in observing your conduct tonight that this type of congregation is similar to that which exists on the mansion worlds--like the interplay between structure and spontaneity. We approve.

It seems that the research on the teaching posture of ministers in your local area has generated a good candidate. Someone in our group is responding to urgentness. The solace to be found in personal relationship with the Father in heaven. It is good to know that we are not alone. Is it not? It is also a lesson that certain persons not under formalized guidance reacting only to the leadings of their Adjuster have reached such an appreciation. This kind of rapid progress is accomplished by communion with the Father. There is no other.

We urge you all not to neglect precious time that you spend daily with the Heavenly Father. There is no substitute for it. It is the bond that heals all wounds. Close and frequent communication with the Heavenly Father is the secret of the Master's success. Though divine, he exercises fully human capabilities in his early and frequent communications which led to the production of his sterling character and the kind of self-confidence that was unknown on the planet until his life revealed the Father's will.

The Master was never lured off the true path because he consciously, consistently by his every thought and deed, dedicated himself to will of the Heavenly Father. He avoided consistently a trap of extra maladies of the material life. He concerned himself with only the basics, divining the Father's will in each situation and followed that course of action. Therefore his faith was never shaken and he made no mistake. There is a lesson in the Master's singlemindedness.

When you are assailed by the events, by the events and circumstances of the material life, look within, seek the peace that exists for you within - it is freely given to you - and request instruction in determining the ways available which best serve the Father's will. By practicing this, you will find that your life too, more closely adheres to the ideal of perfection and you will find that the 1, 2, 3 exercise flows much more naturally. It requires no conscious direction. The Father lives within each of us. He has sparked us to life and bestowed Himself as our compass. His compass always points true and no matter how far off the path we are, if we but follow His guidance, we will arrive at the proper destination. He is our compass and He is sufficient. You need no other guidance. In following the leading expressed within, we can make our every footstep a step forward in the Father's service. When it is known that [[the Father]] desires service to our brothers and sisters wherein we shall find the occasion for the service that is requested.

Not to worry, we will find our brothers and sisters alongside the path. You need not search high and low or back track. This is known to each of you, intellectually and spiritually. Take the wayfarer's hand. Lift them up. They may walk with you but a ways. More help is in store for them. Never dispute the compass. His compass is always true. Follow then the adjuster's leading. There has never been a failure by an adjuster. In all the universes, their service is flawless and, as you encounter your brothers and sisters along the way, step not over them, but offer your hand in brotherhood. Allow the Father's love to flow through you and shine upon the unfortunates. The rest is well known to you.

Embrace your enemies. Set aside your grievances, prejudices, long-standing conflicts. Shower love upon the children. Show patience towards the young. Respond not to criticism. Look to your compass. It will become brighter and clearer and more convincing upon each occasion and you should return to it. By and by, it will become all that is inside until one day, you embrace the adjuster with all of your being and that moment, a true miracle occurs, and there will be no within and no without, all will be one.

I commend your practice and your attempts at communication and the expressions of found friendship and brotherhood expressed here tonight. We all move forward apace. We have come far from some days not too long past when a stranger approached you with an intriguing message. Your turn will arrive soon to take that message out. People hunger to hear it. The signs abound just as in the Master's day. The common people are hard pressed. Their hopes have all proven false. They are ready to hear this message. This seed falls on fertile ground. They seek a champion. Together we shall show them that the answer lies within. That is my message for you tonight.

We enjoy your company and thank you for your attention. The Melchizedek is going around the hoop touching each of you. It is his benediction. His expression that you are ready for service. Look for your compass this week when you feel outnumbered, overwhelmed, cornered, or even temporarily lost. Your compass will always serve you. Each of you is served by a volunteer adjuster. There is a certain bond that is unknown to the rest of us. Take it to the Adjuster. I leave you tonight bathing in the Father's love.