1992-04-10-God Consciousness

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Topic: God Consciousness

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. I am most pleased to be here again amongst you tonight. I am aware of the many ups and downs, the happiness, the joys, the many activities of your week. I am pleased with your dedication, with your striving to bring the outer and inner in line, to follow the Father's will. As you continue doing this, your beings, your foundations, will become like fortresses. And together you will stand as pillars above the crowd. Know that as you, the individual, grow stronger, your thoughts become part of the thoughts of all mankind through the collective consciousness, so you will not only be affecting the outer realm through your physical actions, but the inner realm through your thought pattern, through your prayer.


God-consciousness, Growth

My lesson tonight is on the nature of God-consciousness. God-consciousness is part of your whole being and you understand it in two realms. As you are brought into this world, as you grow, as the concept of God is brought to you, you are aware of God this way, on a very material simple plane; the childlike wonderment, the awe, and unfortunately, the fear. But as you grow, as you pray, as you seek higher truths throughout your life, the God-consciousness no longer prevails in a child-like consciousness that you learned. Rather you see it in a different light, in the inner realm. And you come to realize that God is much more than your preconceived notion. And this God-consciousness starts to penetrate many areas of your life. You begin to feel it first within yourself, within your own being. You begin to realize truth, and as this becomes part of your understanding that God is, is real, is not a phenomena; then through this acceptance you grow again and your actions begin to reflect God-consciousness in your relationships with others.

As a baby, as a young child, you are very ego centered and the whole world revolves around you. But this is just a stage of development which you outgrow and you become more gregarious. And so your awareness of God is like developmental stages as well. At first you are very ego centered in your knowledge that God is in you, that God is there, is present. And then, too, you let go of this and begin to spread God into the outer realm, in your actions, words, deeds, in all your relationships. You, my dear friends, have grown beyond this stage. You understand God on a higher level than this. Your God-consciousness is spreading further. You understand and see Him in the beauty of nature. You see Him in the eyes of others. You behold Him in the work that you do. You know that the God of your childhood is no more; that the God of your growing into adolescence is grand, is all encompassing. Your God-consciousness now centers on love, on tolerance, on forgiveness, on understanding, on joy, on the positive. And like human developmental stages, you have a tendency to slip back into the childhood just as the ten year old who wants to be so grown up and so independent suddenly becomes very dependent when faced with trials or something that this child cannot do for themselves. And again the ten year old becomes the five year old. But the child does not stay in that state, and within minutes may be back to the ten year old. And you too in your spiritual life quickly come back into adolescence.

God-consciousness helps you to see with clarity, be wise with wisdom, and know knowledge through understanding. The truth of God-consciousness, of being in this awareness, is an absolute truth. It is real. It lasts forever. Relative truth only pertains to your mortal existence and it changes daily as circumstances change. The truth of God, the consciousness of God, His reality is changeless. These truths will last forever. It is only your understanding of these truths that will change. As you grow in your spiritual being these truths take on more insight, more depth; and this is your job now, as it will be throughout eternity. Begin now to build the morontia soul, to continue searching for the higher truth. And this is done very easily when one takes the time for daily prayer, daily contemplation, daily quiet time, for reading material, for being with others who help support the value system, the belief system, that you now have.

The truth of the universe is that God wants to know all of His children and while He in His supreme, all God knowing way, does know His children, your knowledge of Him, your openness to Him, your service to Him, your gratitude brings you and Him to a oneness together, and this is His desire. And you can easily accomplish this through your desire to get to know Him. Do not discount your prayer time, your time with Him. For it is through this, the key, that you will unlock the door, and it is through this that you become strong; that when adversity strikes you handle it efficiently, quietly, lovingly, and still feel a sense of peace, a sense of security, a sense of comfort. Then you are part of God-consciousness; then you are in full awareness that you are doing all you can do; you are being all you can be. There are many things that happen in the outer world that are important to you, the individual, as it should be. You are mortal. Remember, too, that you are spiritual and you need to be concerned with your inner world and not have to have things proved to you in the outer world. Your faith, your love, your commitment, have grown beyond this. I wish to end this lesson now. Follow your inner urges. Take heed and be steadfast in your prayer sessions, for it is through this that the nature of God-consciousness will be made manifest to you. I will now take questions."



N1: "Daniel, this is N1. I was wondering if there are levels of truth or if there is just truth and how we know?"

Daniel: "Truth is absolute or relative. Absolute truth is the creation of God unfolding. It is all encompassing and truth is in this regard unchanging. And it is understood by ascending beings on many levels, depending on where each mortal is in their own spiritual development. The truth is the same, it is always there. It is the perception of the truth, the insight, the depth through which it is viewed that gives it meaning, that stirs the individual to ever want to pursue more understanding of the truth.

Relative truth, on the other hand, is changeable, is not lasting. It, too, is seen on various levels. And because it is relative, it has different meanings to different people. Divine truth is always the same. Relative truth changes. And two people viewing a rock will see it from different angles, from different perspectives, and what they see and perceive becomes the truth about the rock. Some will see its hardness, the texture; another the color; another the shape; but yet this rock is all of these things. It embodies and encompasses all of these attributes. It is the way that it is perceived that brings the reality to the person observing. So know that as you continue in this life and in your ascension career you will see the truth more and more as a whole and not just by the attributes. Is this helping?"

N1: "Yes, thank you very much."

K4: "Daniel, this is K3. Thank you for being here this evening."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."


K4: "You have a very soothing effect on me. My question this evening is about God the Supreme and the comment that was made either in this session or after our break about an accidental death or a premature death of a child or a person with respect to God the Supreme and the effect upon Him. Can you comment on that?"

Daniel: "Yes. In God the Supreme all experiences become a part of His Being. The real concern here as I perceive your question is, does the loss of this premature baby affect the Supreme. And yes, it does. Many of the outworkings of the Supreme are not totally understood, for this God of time and space is ever growing and utilizes all experiences to bring Him to His full fullness. And the premature baby itself is not forgotten, is not to be worried about by ascending beings. For you see, the Father is all love and all encompassing. All things are provided for, are taken care of. Does this answer?"

K4: "Yes, it does. Thank you again."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2. I was speaking with an elderly woman the other day and she asked a question of me...which is not the first time it has been asked which means it was not the first time that I couldn't answer it. But I wonder what your comment would be when she says to me, 'Who made God?'. Can you speak to that?"

Daniel: "A space-time question, for sure. God cannot be made. These kinds of questions are those that fall in the category of skepticism. When those who are struggling with God, with faith, seek out avenues to discredit Him, to find flaws in your rationality, your faith, your philosophy, these questions can only be answered through faith, through your belief. In your case, you might reply that God's greatness and grandeur is something so incomprehensible to us, that it is only through my faith, through my love, and through the presence I feel of Him that I know that He always was and always will be. It becomes just a matter of faith, of trust and through your own personal revelations that have occurred in your life. Does this help?"

C2: "Yes. Surely I must have had a great deal of guidance because that is what I told her. Her question, and just to clarify, did not come out of skepticism, but out of a curiosity, a childlike wonder, and so in my sense of wonder I shared that. Thank you."

Daniel: "Yes, and often in the childlike wonder it is because she is growing, you see, wrestling a little with spiritualism, with her growth, and because of this, these kinds of questions which seem of curiosity nature are often a prelude to spiritual growth."

C2: "Thank you."

V1: "Hello, Daniel, this is V1. And the question on truth and reality brought to mind something I read, and I really can't remember the source, whether it was the Urantia Book or one of the teachers, but I remember so well it saying that 'truth is not fact' and I couldn't help but reflect on the discussion there that we all see certain facts that are very evident, but the truths behind the facts are many times hidden from us. And then my mind went on to . .that's one reason we as human beings can be so quick to judge another person's motives and character maybe even. I'm wondering if you can carry that discussion a little farther and tell me what you are thinking about that."

Daniel: "Yes, you are correct that truths are not facts. You see, absolute truth is the reality of God, His Creation, His unfoldment, His unfolding. And to the human, to the ascending being, it is because of your scientific intellectual nature that you see truths as facts. For the scientific principle is built upon finding facts, doing research to discover answers. And many, many times in even scientific and mathematical problem solving, research, the sum of two and two has not always equaled four, but many other things. So you see, it is from this perspective that you erroneously see truth as facts. When you see the flower, and you gaze upon it, you cannot say that the flower itself is beauty, but you can see that it is beautiful. It isn't beauty itself, it has aspects of beauty. And so with truth, you understand aspects of it, but not facts about it.

And your second comment, referring to the weakness of man to judge readily, again this comes down to lack of understanding. You may know of a person, but you may not be acquainted with them. And when you do become acquainted with them, you do not know them; you know things about them, you share things with them, but you do not know them totally. The more you do with them, the more you visit with them, the more you share, the more the truth about this person is revealed to you. This is why prejudging does such harm, for when you come into understanding and knowledge, then you see the person in a different light, and that which you prejudged is not relevant. Does this help any?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you. I was just thinking of a parent of one of my first graders that with a little more information I could see some very good things there."

Daniel: "You're most welcome."

C2: "Daniel, I have a question in regards to truth and our influence on truth. In terms of creating truth, can we do that at all? Absolute truth I understand to be absolute in that it is surety and God; and I know we can't create God but as you said that as we humans move and have our being that affects God and God grows even bigger beyond what we can imagine. But with regards to relative truth, do we have any capability or influence on creating relative truth?"

Daniel: "You are correct in that Divine truth cannot be changed, you cannot affect it. Relative truth can, of course, be changed. It may be best to answer this with an example. Look at the individual. Let us say we have a mortal here who has a very positive outlook on life; who sees each activity in his life as opportunity for growth, who sees his brothers and sisters through the eyes of love, who is socially committed; the truth about this person's reality as opposed to another person with the opposite outlook. Their two realities are different. How they perceive truth differs because of their attitude, their understanding, their approach to problems, to life. So their perception of truth, the reality of their perception is created by them. If these two individuals were to approach a problem, the same problem, they would each approach it differently, one from the positive, one from the negative. And you can rest assured that the manner in which the problem is solved, and the outcome of the problem will be different for both because of their perspective, because of their attitude. The truth of the problem is still there, it is just the way that it is seen and dealt with. So, in effect, relative truths can be created by the individual. Does this help?"

C2: "Yes, I have another extension of that because perception is so much a part of the outcome and attitude. Is there a way that persons who are perceiving can check whether their perception is illusion, or if it is reality? Or does it really even matter?"

Daniel: "Of course it matters to the person. It may not matter to others. A way to check is, if what is being done, the actions, is bringing forth growth, is bringing forth enlightenment, is being something that is working for the individual. When your reality, your life is not working, there is deception somewhere and you need to go back to the source for alignment, for spiritual guidance, for getting back in focus, so that what you are doing in the inner and outer world mesh together and work for you, the mortal, in both your spiritual and physical realm. Do you see?"

C2: "Yes, thank you very much."


B1: "Daniel, this is B1. I have the sense that you are assessing us as not being serious about something that you keep reiterating and I'm not sure that I'm getting that right. I may be paranoid, but you keep talking about how we need to be taking the time, the quiet time, the prayer time and etc. Have we gotten stuck here? Are we really not doing this to the extent that...I realize that this is a continuum from complete abysmal lack of following your directions to the probably the other end, and I'm sure we are not there...are you feeling frustrated with us that we are not taking this teaching seriously enough? Do you care to comment on that? Am I correct in that assumption or am I wrong or what?"

Daniel: "My dear friends. I am not here to judge you. I am here to guide, to give direction. And I want you to know my love for you, and how my mission to you is for your growth and spiritual upliftment. And it does seem that the lessons have a lot in common. Know that all people perceive things differently and that knowledge is gained through seeing things presented differently in a different light. Know also that there is knowledge and there is the becoming. You are all well versed on the knowledge. It is the becoming, the bringing it into the inner part of your body, these teachings, these truths, so that you can live them in your daily lives. And this is done hearing these truths many ways, many times. I am pleased with the dedication, the love, the commitment and desire of this group. You are all moving forward. So please never feel that I am upset, for this is not my job, this is not for me to be concerned with. Know that I am with you throughout the week and from your struggles I learn those areas to help and guide you in. Does this help?"

B1: "Thank you for your gracious answer, and yes, I am encouraged."

Daniel: "You are welcome."

B1: "I think I did voice the feelings of others as well." (laughter)

Daniel: "I enjoy this group. (laughter) You all have wonderful sense of humors. You can all see incongruities in things that help you in your growth. I take delight in your humor about me as well. (more laughter) For it is taken in love, in a desire to understand more. And as you move through your ascension career you will look back on these days with fond memories and you will feel joy."

K5: "Daniel, this is K3. I would like to ask a couple of clarifications for my own edification before I ask a question just to make sure I understand it. One clarification is, the more we are connected to God-consciousness the more we become what He wants us to become."

Daniel: "This is partially true. You see, you have your free will; and the more of God you understand, the more of His love you feel, His grandeur, His all Being; the more you, the freewill creature, chose to follow His will and be part of it. Does this help?"


K5: Yes. The second clarification is that it is my understanding which is hard for me and has been offset by what I have been taught, but I go along with this...the clarification is, I understand that God does not directly intervene with our lives through prayer, but rather He directs us through our Thought Adjuster or our Indwelling Spirit by our developing the sense of listening or prayer. And so the more we are able to be connected, then the more that we are able to understand His consciousness. I guess the major part of this question is, God does not really intervene except through our Thought Adjuster or our Indwelling Spirit."

Daniel: "Correct. Your prayers are not intervened by the Father, rather it is through your willingness, openness to let His guidance into your life that you are able to act to bring about the change. There are circumstances where Divine intervention appears. This is usually part of plans that have already been put in motion, that bring about change fast, that you think that your prayers have been answered quickly. But it is your openness to God and your willingness to follow His guidance, that you then can help bring about the change. You have further questions?"


K5: "Just one from those two clarifications. The question is . ..my concern is . .knowing my own self but with other people . ..I look at my relationship with God in prayer and listening as a TV set and sometimes my antenna gets screwed up and I don't receive very well..the picture gets real fuzzy..and then... "

Daniel: "D3 knows this feeling, yes."

K5: "Pardon?"

Daniel: "D3 knows this feeling."

K5: "Uh..(laughter)...My question is...these antennas and I think the antenna in receiving, and the picture gets blurred, has a lot to do with our life experiences, in growing up, especially abused children, etc. We really have a difficult time in having a clear picture or being able to receive more clearly. In these kinds of situations, when the picture gets really fuzzy in trying to understand God-consciousness and through the Thought Adjuster or in Indwelling Spirit...how does one become closer to God's consciousness when the picture is fuzzy?"

Daniel: "By being with the Father. By turning your life over to Him. By simple prayer. By faith and by trust. Trust that the Father will never abandon you, his son. And as you turn yourself over to Him, you will be nourished and the analogy you used, the TV will become clear. And as more clarity comes into your life, as you can trust more, as you can love more, as you can tolerate more, as you can forgive more, as you understand more, then your picture will not only be in black and white, but in living color. (laughter) Is this helpful?"

K5: "Yes, Daniel, except one further comment with that is . ...people's concept of God is based, I think, often as we grow up is based on how we were treated by those around us and that often, and I think this is true, that I personally.. my image of God was very hard and very demeaning and He was counting every mistake I made because my father was very much that way, so my concept of God was completely different than it is now and I think it was very difficult to grow through that...so our human awareness of who God is I think is often determined by how we are raised and how we were taught. Sometimes it seems it is very difficult for people to trust or to give more over to God till they have some kind of experience or awareness, and that comes through the human touch."

Daniel: "Exactly, and another reason for you, my students, to understand yourselves, to make yourselves pillars. For you see you will be going out into the world. You will be planting the seed and helping the many, many that do not have clarity, do not have God-consciousness. And remember, as I said tonight, this happens in your outer actions as well as your inner thoughts, your inner consciousness. Your inner love that you give to others becomes part of the collective consciousness. So you are, when you become strong, giving back to your brothers and sisters in dual fashion. And it is true that many need to come to God-consciousness to be able to let go of fear, to be able to love themselves, to forgive themselves, to be able to forgive past experiences and bless it and give it love, so they can trust fully in the Father and have spiritual growth, spiritual life as you are coming to know most assuredly."


K5: "Then my final comment, and T2 has a question is, we are co-creating then. Human and God. Thank you."

Daniel: "You are co-creating with the Supreme Being. God, the Universal First Source and Center is complete, is full, is of a different nature. Your experiences build the Supreme, the Almighty, and this can be read about in the Urantia Book." (Editor's note: See papers 115 through 118 which deal with this in depth.)

T2: "Daniel, this is T2. I have a question if you are done. Are you done?"

Daniel: "Yes"

T2: "I am having a little bit of trouble connecting...well I'll just shoot...When you started this lesson I think you said absolute truth is God's creation unfolding itself something to that effect. Is that correct?"

Daniel: "To ascending mortals, to His offspring."

T2: "Ok. I'm just trying to connect absolute truth and relative truth and is..does..in our lifetime you say relative truth has to do with mortal beings."

Daniel: "Correct".

T2: "Ok. Then is it our task in our life to bring this relative truth more in line with absolute truth? Or are they connected in any way, these two truths? I can see each of them, but I am trying to figure out how they...."

Daniel: "Relative truth can change for the situation, and the important thing is that when you are in alignment, both in the outer and the inner realm, relative truth is not important for you are aligning yourself with Divine truth. Relative truth will be played out. Divine truth is what you will be searching for, striving to attain throughout eternity.


The time is beginning to wear on D3. She is having trouble focusing, keeping concentrated on my words, so we will end here. I again wish to thank you for the love I feel from you and for the work you do to come to terms, to understand your mission, your life struggles. I wish you a good week. I will be back next Sunday, your calendar Easter. Have a good evening this night as well." Group: "Goodbye Daniel. Good night."