1992-04-19-Joy, Happiness

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Topic: Joy, Happiness

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. It gladdens my heart to be amongst you on this joyous occasion. Your camaraderie and openness to one another are refreshing, are welcome. The love you share reaches out and spreads to others.


My lesson this evening is on joy, jubilation, happiness. Many in life do not understand real joy, real happiness, real peace. Joy is that feeling you covet most, for in joy you are feeling without a doubt the love of the Father. It makes His love real for you. Joy is that special quality that cannot be bought, cannot be purchased, cannot be gotten through the material outer realm. True, you can have lasting moments of gratification and happiness. This is the outer. The things in the outer realm that bring you joy and happiness are necessary. It is the true inner joy that brings you the lasting peace, the lasting happiness that you strive most for.

Many of you are beginning to experience this. As your foundations have hardened, are becoming firm, you are sensing a joyfulness, a sense of serenity and peace even though the trials of the day, the storms go through. Happy are those who feel this, who understand that this true joy is conceived, is brought to birth in the inner life.

Christ Michael was a true example of this. For even in His trials and His agony in the last hours of His earthly mission, He returned to the Father and in His returning, felt that sense of peace, of joy; that no matter what happened to Him in His mortal existence, was passing. And it is through the strength of His inner life that He in turn gave strength to those who were witnessing His tragic end. And even though His earthly anguish pained Him, He had joy in knowing that He was fulfilling the wish of the Father; He was fulfilling His mission of being a mortal.

This day, this holiday, this holy day in Christianity is a day of joy for many peoples of Urantia. The joy they feel in the resurrection of the Christ is that of hope, that of knowing that as mortals they too will go on to an eternal life. So as Christians you, too, should feel this joy, that no matter what happens to you in your daily life, ride on wings above and know that the resurrection is a part of your life; that you too will follow in Christ Michael's footsteps. And have a sense of peace, a sense of joy, a sense of jubilation in your mortal life. Look not on your trials with sorrow. Look with an upper more healthy look. See things as offering you potential for growth. That is what brings the joy to life, to know that all things work for a greater good, a greater cause, and that the hope that the risen Christ has given to you is real.

See joy in your fellow man, in his heart, in his doings. Look to joy in the beauty of a flower opening. Sense the fragrance of joy in a summer rain. Feel the touch of joy in the skin of a new born babe. Listen with joy to the sound of the morning bird. Use life as an opportunity to see joy in all that you do, even the drudgery of dishes, housework, or even scrubbing the toilet can bring a sense of joy to those who will it.

Know that in all your work, all your actions you can bring joy to others to make their lives a bit brighter. And as you become one in alignment with the Father your presence alone emits joy. And people will want to be in your presence because of this, because the joy, the happiness you have about your being brings them to happiness. So the work for you this week is to look for the joy. Be the one with the smile, the one who reaches out. Seek the inner joy that it may become a part of your outer joy. Those who dwell on the negative find it. Those who seek and do the positive find this reaction. Do not be afraid to soar with the eagles, to take in the air currents and fly above the earth, for joy should be part of your nature as well. So, my dear students, this week take a breather from the heavy teachings of the past and seek a week of joy. Let this become part of your foundation. I will now welcome questions."



F2: "Daniel, I want to thank you. I have felt myself growing a lot and if it hadn't been for your teachings I wouldn't be where I am in my growth and I am so very grateful for everyone who is working on me now and all that is happening to me and I have a question on dwelling on things. It seems that I still have a hard time when I start dwelling on some silly little thing that happened at work or something..that my mind gets going on it and I can't get back in my space. I don't know if it is my ego taking over or what, but I am still having difficulty getting out of that dwelling on, particularly. Thank you."

Daniel: "Yes, Gloria and know that this is part of life. For your work is part of you. And it is through your dwelling, your thinking about situations that helps you to come to understanding about them, to come to terms with what is happening in the outer world. As with all things you need to keep the balance so that this does not bring you down. And the way to solve this is to go into prayer with the Father. In prayer you work through many of your questions, and through prayer you turn over yourself to the Father and in doing so the ego is diminished, becomes less important. You cannot deny the existence of the outer world for this is what you are part of. You must live your outer life. The struggles you now are having stem from your trying to align your inner values with the outer and this will forever be an ongoing process. Accept it and learn what you may from each situation. So long as you are within the focus, within following the guidance of the Father, you cannot go wrong. It is only when you lose the focus that disharmony pervades your life. Is this helping?"

F2: "Yes, thank you."


B2: "Daniel, this is B1. I spent Friday and Saturday with a group of people that were wonderful seekers. Your comment you just had is a question for me though. They choose to believe that the physical world is totally illusion. It has no value. And I had a lot of difficulty listening to that because I find so much value in going through the experiences I go through. Can you give me a little encouragement, shed some light and clarify that a little?"

Daniel: "Yes. If you pinch yourself do you feel pain? How can you totally deny the outer realm? You see, this is why you are an ascendant being, why you were not perfect to begin with. The outer realm does exist as does your inner world, your spiritual nature. Often times people who adhere to this philosophy do so under the pretext that the outer world soon passes away. And so, in a sense, they are correct; that what you do here today will be forgotten tomorrow; illusion in the fact that as a time-space creature time and space are relative. And so in order for these people to feel there is real growth, denying the mortal existence helps them to experience spiritual ideals. Again all things need balance. And yes, to an extent, denying the outer can, if understood properly, bring you to higher value, higher goal, to at-onement with the Father.

Often these denials are philosophical for you see we cannot deny our outer world, our outer existence. What life calls upon you to do is to bring this outer life more in line with the spiritual, the God-consciousness. And when one is in alignment with the Father's will, is aware of God-consciousness, there is no need to deny the outer; for there becomes a marriage, a merging of both, and there then is harmony and balance; there is good fruit being produced. Are you understanding?"

B2: "Yes, thank you. I have one more question. It might be trivial, I don't know. During a meditation yesterday morning, Saturday morning, the words, 'go be joy' came to me. It is just curiosity on my part. Was that just coincidental that your subject today was joy?"

Daniel: "As you are aware, I take my lessons from the outworkings of your weekly trials, your weekly lives and I am aware of this thought of yours. You are not the only one who has felt and thought on joy this week and yes, follow your words. Go be joy. This I admonish you all to do. Thank you B1."

B2: "Thank you."

V1: Daniel, this is V1. And the last time I asked you this kind of a question you made it very plain that I was never alone, so I won't ask that question. But, I was curious as I was at a very difficult weekend and I was just curious if indeed you were not with me, or certainly there were a lot of beings with me for it was indeed a joyful weekend with all my brothers and sisters. And certainly God did prepare me for this weekend. I'm just curious. Were you there? Do you go that far on your rounds?"

Daniel: "Of course, my dear. Out of sorrow brings flowers of joy. Know this in all your trials and tribulations.. there will also be joy. And yes, I was with you several times over the weekend. I traveled much this week. I wish all of you to know that the love you put out from your beings is being felt. That you are becoming. That you are in fact starting to be the one-ment. It takes time and you may feel there are times when you are divided, and this is part of life. It is bringing yourself back to the one, back to the foundation, to the pillar. It is turning the face of the card the other way quickly that keeps your life flowing, that helps you to ride the wave. For no life ever rides a calm sea."

V1: "Thank you Daniel. It really was a rewarding weekend."

Daniel: "You're welcome."


B1: "Daniel this is B1. Last week, as you know because you were here, we talked about the news about the Melchizedek mission. And our group was calm and interested and there were some questions about the purpose of it..but it went very well. In the mean time I have heard from Ron and K2 of the Tallahassee group that there has been an announcement that one the Melchizedeks is already materialized. If this is correct is this something we are going to have any concern for in the immediate future? Should we be thinking about this or doing any thing about it? Do you care to comment on this?"

Daniel: "You may think, you may speculate, you may worry and to no avail. For when the time is ready all will know. Those who know truth, those who seek truth can readily see it, feel it, understand it when they are ready. For now I ask you to be concerned with your own individual growth, that the work of the Melchizedeks, the work of the Father, of all the beings will go on despite what you do, what you worry about, what you think. And when the time is ready, you will know. You will be well versed in the happenings. It is part of your curious nature, not unlike the cat, that you wish answers and wish them soon. Patience and time, please."

B1: "Well, thank you Daniel. That actually is more or less what I had concluded you would say anyway.(hearty laughter from the group) And its what I personally had decided for myself."

Daniel: "Are we so knowledgeable that we read each other? Yes."

B1: "I don't know.(more laughter continues) Ok, well thank you very much and back to the business at hand of being joyful."

Daniel: "Yes."

L2: "Daniel this is L2. I just want to make a statement. G3 from Coeur d'Alene feels that you are her teacher as well as ours and that she is having much spiritual growth and inspiration from the transcripts from B1."

Daniel: "Thank you, L2. And I am aware of G3 and her desire to find truth, to grow. It is hoped that there will be a teacher for this group within the near future..six months. Please send G3 my love."

L2: "Thank you."

Daniel: "You're welcome."

Family Meetings

L2: "This is L2 again. Daniel we had a family meeting this week and I'm curious. Were you there?"

Daniel: "I was for part of your meeting. I am most pleased with your firm commitment to this. And let me say that while there are times that you feel that there is no fruit produced, you are planting deep seeds. And the roots are taking hold. So continue. For it is the youth of today that will bring about global change. We need more infiltration into their lives so that they can see absolute truth and not the unrealities that they are seeing, are experiencing as part of the culture, part of the chaos, the madness that covers this world. So I send my admiration to you, B1 and L2, in your doing this, in your follow up, in your continued commitment to having and holding family meetings. And to others who deal with children, I send you this message. The truth you give them will take root. Do not give up. Continue working as you do to bring understanding, not only of the spiritual realm, but humanistic social understanding and environmental understanding, so that you can be planting those seeds to bring about the change necessary."

L2: "B1 and I felt we had a very difficult time or I felt this and (part of question is lost due to turning the tape).. it is frustrating to me. Do you have any specific suggestions that I can do or say to her?"

Daniel: "Yes, there will be times when dealing with others there will be barriers. And at that time you need to back track, to go back to square one and start over again. You see, you cannot learn by only doing a thing once, only hearing something once, only experiencing it once. And this lifetime is too short for you to learn everything. And in family meetings this will happen. Please go back and let Lequita air her feelings. And for her to do that, there must be trust, there must be a safe place for her to do so. And for her to feel safe, she must see you being safe. So when you can be totally honest, can speak openly, can accept help, criticism, loving words to help you from other members of your family, then she will see that you were not hurt by this, that it brought you to more growth. So allow yourself to be an example for her. Realize that she has feelings as you do, and that her one big desire is that you understand her feelings, that you know where she is at, where she is coming from. And when you can do this, you take down the barriers. For they are there because she feels you are not understanding.

I would normally say that this should be for a private meeting, however many of you need to know this. That whenever you are not understanding others you erect barriers, and they then cannot be free, as you cannot be free, to grow. This is a form of respect: that everyone has feelings; that everyone is on a different level and that is fine; that God loves you where you are; that you love the other person where they are; that you do not put up barriers of 'I am better' because I am older; 'I am better' because I have this degree, or whatever. You see, it is only when you build the trusting relationship that there can be mutual growth, there can be harmony. This must start with you the individual; that you yourself are in harmony; that you can bring the harmony then to relationships; individual relationships, marriage, community relationships, and etc. to global relationships. Does this help?

L2: "Very much. Thank you."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

V1: "Daniel, this is V1 again. And thank you for those encouraging words because for those of us who hope to give to children so that our world might be better, are encouraged with those words. I can't help but think in terms of what Maria Montessori said about the sensitive period, and if we don't reach children at the time of the sensitive period, have we indeed lost a better opportunity? I think in terms of our own children where perhaps we didn't know about this and then, of course the children in the classroom that are beyond the sensitive period. Could you talk about this please?"

Daniel: "Of course the sensitive periods are the best time for developing these life long skills, however, every person is a vessel of the Father; every person has their free will and can choose to change or to grow hardened of heart, to be callous. So know that it is the opportune time to reach children in their development in their early developing stages, but you see, this is not always possible. There are many who have no idea of the developmental stages, that the time from birth to age six is the most important for that. You can only do what you are capable of doing. You can only effect change to those around you in your own life. Know that there is more and more understanding of these developmental stages and that more children will be reached. Even this week the United Nations put forth a decree for children. So things will be and have been changing for them, as you can attest to from the education alone of children over the last one hundred years. Do what you can."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

N1: "Daniel, this is N1. I want to thank you for your earlier message on joy and the question you just answered for L2. I very much needed to hear that this week, because I have been real caught up in wanting other people at first to take down barriers and even though I don't want to hear that,(Daniel's advice) I do want to hear that. Thank you. I have a couple more business questions. I have numerous more intellectual questions, personal questions that I will keep for a private time if that is possible..."

Daniel: "It is . Yes."

N1: "Thank you. What I was wondering right now is if you know of a couple of people and if it would be ok to tell them about what's going on. Do you a know a John W3 in Challis?"

Daniel: "I am aware of John through you, your friend. He is a truth seeker. He strives for spiritual nourishment. You must proceed carefully. Explore all avenues with him. When he is ready you will know and you will present these teachings to him then."

N1: "Do you know my friend Jane Stewart who lives in Oregon? We are in close contact and I was wondering if . ..I will see her in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if I could share this with her?"

Daniel: "Again, I am aware because of you and you will know what to do. You understand this person. As with all of you, in presenting these teachings use your best judgment, your own discretion. For you see, those who are ready will follow. Those who aren't will seek other avenues, will find truth another way."

N1: "Thank you Daniel. Thank you again for your message."


Daniel: "You are most welcome N1. This has been a long day for D3. This has been her second time to transmit and she is tiring. One more question please...... My love goes out to you all. Put a smile on your face this week. Feel joy. Look for it. The Spring flowers alone will give you a sense of God's beauty, grandeur. The beautiful clouds form many formations that should cause you to wonder, to be inspired. So inspire yourselves this week. Feel the joy. My peace is with you. I will return next Sunday. Good evening." Group: "Good evening Daniel."