1992-05-10-Role of Nurture

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Topic: Role of Nurture

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: "Prayer of St. Francis"

Daniel: "Good afternoon. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. As with every Sunday gathering, I am overwhelmed and in appreciation for you and your love, your coming together as a group. This was a special occasion for D3, and yet you all came in and made yourselves ready. I enjoyed also listening to the innocent voices of children while I was with D3. And the beauty, the harmony, the love that these children have in their innocence was inspiring to those in attendance and to myself. And the songs they sang were in essence the angels of this plane. You who have known children and their beautiful voices know what I speak of. Their last song, 'Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me', is part of the message I wish to bring to you today.



I will speak on nurturing, for this is the day when nurturing is often the prime word that is attributed to the mothers on this sphere. And I wish to take this concept further, for you see, it is not just mothers who nurture, albeit their role is that of the nurturer. You look to yourselves, to one another, and you see that this beautiful characteristic, this quality that is instinctive within the electro-chemical makeup of your bodies should not be confined to one gender. Rather, it should be for both. For in nurturing you are called upon to be all of the things we have spoken about up to now. You are asked to be the one who shows love beyond all cost, unconditional. You are asked in being a nurturer to be tolerant, to be understanding. You are asked as a nurturer to be giving, to give to those around you hope; to feed in to all the knowledge and wisdom that you know, that you can pass on to others.

And so my message today is that it should not just be the mothers who are nurturers, but the fathers, the brothers, the sisters, the aunts, the uncles. It does not need to be that thing that is only for family, within a family, but rather beyond to friends, to the outer world. You nurture not only each other, but you nurture those things that provide you your own self sustenance. When you are a gardener you nourish the garden. When you are a teacher, you nourish your students. When you take orders over the phone in a business you should and can provide a nurturing, nourishing manner to those around you, to those you deal with. And so I am asking you to look at this in a broader frame, to extend it to all areas of your life.

Language, Gender

And I will address at this time a concern that some of you have had regarding the father image as opposed to the mother image in my language and in the language of the Urantia Book. And let me say that when it is spoken of, the Father, it is not to imply a specific gender, but rather a concept of a nurturing parent. And you see it cannot be possible to be that nurturing parent unless it is the father and the mother combined. And so my dear students, know that when it is spoken of, the Father, it is because Father in our universe is looked upon as that image that can nurture and send down love. It does not say that the Mother Spirit is not involved as well.

So, those of you who have trouble with the language, know that it is used to signify a concept; that God the Father is also God the Mother. These two cannot be separated. For without the Father, there could not be a spark of life provided by the Mother Spirit. And without the Mother Spirit, the Father could not do His job. They are combined. They are together as one. And so when it is addressed to you, do not think of it as gender, rather think of it as the epitome of respect, for love, for nourishing that is given by a loving parent.

And I have spoken with several of you about using language that will not be so gender related. And you have probably noticed in the last few lessons when we speak of personhood, personkind, rather than mankind. But know that this is just words. That in the whole picture in God's universe there is no concern for gender. One is not better than the other. Rather the two together make the whole; that without one gender the other would not be complete. It is the beautiful combination of two that produce life. It is the beautiful combination of two that carry forth progress on this earth.

And know that the Urantia Book is not being sexist by referring to language which seems to imply so. Rather understand that when this book was written "mankind" was what was used. Personkind at that time would not have been understood. But as you have progressed in this last century to bring up the level of gender so there is more equity, than language too will change to encompass this change in evolution. And I ask you all to be those who help bring this inequity more to an even plane, so that there is not considered one sex better than the other, for this is not so.

And you see, there has been a change also in the nurturing pattern. When women have become liberated on one end, so have men. And men are freed to display more nurturing qualities to one another. And so as this is leveled out, this inequality of the sexes, then you will see that on many levels, many planes, things will be made better for both of you. But know that the First Source and Center, God has no concern for gender in the fact that both are equal, both are necessities, both are part of His wondrous plan.

And on this day that we honor mothers, who in the past have been the prime nurturers, let us begin to put aside this notion that it is just the mother that can nurture, but the father as well; that it is part of God's plan for there to be the Father and the Mother spirit to come together, to support one another, to uphold one another, to love and to provide all those things that each other needs; so that as you progress, you of the male sex can feel wonderful about being a nourisher; that nurturing can be a part of your being as well as that of the mother. And it is through this harmonizing and bringing together of the sexes that there will be brought about another kind of peace where there will not be the warring between the genders but a plane where you can come together and respect each other for what you are and who you are.

The First Source and Center, God, is the prime nurturer of the universe. His love is that universal truth which you on this beautiful day of honoring the nurturing parent, the nurturing seed in each one of you, take a moment to feel the love of the Father; that in His infinite love and wisdom there are so many facets that contribute to your whole being.

And so I say, we should not just honor the mothers today, rather the parent, the parent in all of you. And what does this mean? The parent is one who, again, symbolizes love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, support. And know that as you are able to display these qualities outwardly to everyone, then will there be peace on earth and it will have begun with you. I will now answer questions."


C2: "Daniel, this is C2."

Daniel: "Hello, C2."

C2: "I very much want to thank you for your inclusive language."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

C2: "It means a great deal to me. I am moved by your willingness and your comprehension of the struggles that I have had with using exclusive gender language, so I thank you deeply."

Daniel: "You are most welcome. And I would like to clarify for others part of the dilemma you have felt in your counseling. For you see in the counselling that C2 does there are many who cannot visualize a father as being one who has been love, who has been a nurturer, who has been one to forgive, who has been tolerant. And so these people who are in this situation find themselves unable to come to God who is addressed as a father, when in their own life the father image has not been that of the loving parent. And so in her job then, in the work that she does so beautifully with people, if she is able to show a mother spirit, a loving parent, then is a channel opened up to those who have felt abuse, who have felt isolated, who have been cut off from this love of the 'Father', who will feel it in a different way. And yet it is the same, but for them changing the language has made a difference. And so you see what the First Source and Center is called should make no difference. For as you saw last week, your faith, that relationship you have between yourself and God is all that really matters. It matters not what God be called; that He is, that He is a living part of your life is what matters."

C2: "Thank you Daniel. I have an interesting friend in Denver who has sent me a book about an organization called, 'Christhumanity'. The notion that is put forth is that we are persons only till we become inspirited with the peace of Christ and only then can we be called human and humanity. And so as you were speaking about personkind rather than humankind that brought that to mind. And I wonder if you would like to respond in any way, if there is a difference between personkind and humankind in your notion?"

Daniel: "Personkind in my language only brings it more to the individual as a personal type thing, rather than as the whole, humankind. And the difference then, only in the terms I used, embody that when you wish to say a more global or if you wish to bring it more to the individual. Either term embodies and implies you all. It is just the extent to which you wish to personalize it in the terms I spoke of. This book you have read I am not familiar with. However, you see, part of you becoming a full human, of actually developing those potentials that you have, brings you to a truer sense of you, the individual, the person. And as you grow in all of these areas you become more Christlike. And this is what I assumed you meant when you spoke of this book."

C2: "Yes. And as you were speaking about personkind I noted that for me personkind does make it more personal and I like that, I like your explanation of that as well. And I often say that it is ceramics rather than semantics because it is the way that we sort of build images. Thank you very much."

Daniel: "Correct." N1: "Hello Daniel. Some questions taking off from what C2 just asked. I have noticed that when you have gone broader you have still said man or mankind rather than human beings. And I was wondering if..maybe this is in the Urantia Book...if people on Urantia have been named 'man' and we are a specific species of human beings and that human being goes beyond this planet. Does that affect how you ask that?"

Daniel: "A very provoking question. And it mainly stems from my own language of addressing you as mankind as well as the semantics that D3 uses, for she has in her own mind included women in mankind. So it becomes a matter of the language she has which she is working to change. There are many other type humans on other planets, and human is the term used on these planets as well."

N1: "The other question I have and I realize it is a semantic question, and perhaps you have answered it...in the universal language is the term 'father' a male gender word or was that a change that happened in being translated from the universal language into English at a time when our language was male gender dominated?"

Daniel: "In our own local universe 'father' is used and does not imply gender per se, but rather is that concept of the loving, nurturing Deity. And it has, because of the way in which language, communication formed. You see, the first words, the first syllables uttered by children is usually 'papa', 'pa' and this is father. And so the term was in the beginning assessed to the father. Many cultures have various names for father: papa, umpa, da da. All very simple terms that are uttered by the child when they first start to speak. And it is this endearing term that is first spoken by the child that has in many respects laid the groundwork for this. Mama, also a very easy term, oma, these are also endearing terms. And so you need not concern yourself with what or how it all came about. Know that the term 'father' should incorporate when you think of God, 'mother'. For the two are one, cannot be separated. But as communication began, so too began visual concepts, visual understandings. Names apply to certain things which have stuck. Is this helpful?"

N1: "Yes, its helpful. I still have some problems, but I think they are mine that I have to work through. Is father considered to be more comprehensive of an understanding than mother? And, um, . ...I don't want to take anyone else's time today. I'll ask you maybe more in private. Thank you."

Daniel: "Father has, because this has always for the most part been a male dominated society, taken on the concept. If this had been a matriarchal society, it would be called 'mother' in your terms. Know that these are terms that you need to grow past, to understand that without a mother, without a father there could be nothing. That the two of them together are one. It is understandable, especially in this day and age when the female gender is bringing about many changes, is growing, is coming into more equity with the male gender that there is this problem, this communication gap. But if you are in understanding of who you are, the person, if you are ok with who you are, then the term 'father' should mean to you that loving parent. And parent means both mother and father. And as time goes on, it will probably be addressed to God as the loving parent, rather than the loving father, if this term is more agreeable to you. If this is something you need to have for your spiritual growth, then I will strive to refer to the First Source and Center as the loving Parent.

For it is not in my understanding a problem, but in yours I can understand your stress, anxiety with this term. This is something you as a group may benefit to discuss, to see if using terms such as the loving parent is more conducive for all of you, is more workable, is more encompassing for you to move the grandeur of the First Source and Center, of God. For as I am able to change and repeat these words to D3, she can also hear these without reservation. For you see, as I speak to her it is often times it is a concept and I may be saying personhood, but to her it is still mankind, you see. So she works to develop this sense as well. But for me it is no problem. I will do those kinds of things if it will help you to grow as a person, if it will help you to come to terms with Deity, with God. So I ask you then as a group either this week or when there are more in attendance to discuss this; to talk about what the connotation of father or mother brings to mind. And does it matter. Or the loving parent. Is this more helpful?"

N1: "Thank you Daniel. Very much so. I tend to when I am reading to myself insert father/mother or parent and every time I do that I do get a much fuller sense of God than when I read 'father'. It's just me, and I really appreciate you caring."

Daniel: "That is no problem with this N1. Know that often times the his and her things are said for ease of communication and if in the Urantia Book there had to be his or her every time it were said, the book would be that much heavier.(laughter) Know that as time goes on, there will be in your language a pronoun that will cross gender boundaries."

N1: "I'm looking forward to that, thank you."

Daniel: "You are welcome."

V1: "Hello, Daniel. This is V1. It looks like lots of us have lots of questions. I am sure you read over my shoulder the questions I wrote down about why you were using more personhood and sonship and daughtership. And I really appreciate your talking on that. I personally at the age of 13 needed a father, so my conversion experience was wonderful because God became that substitute[father]. So that was great. I have a couple of trivia questions here. One that I read in the book is of course the number of our planet and the last three numbers, 666, makes me wonder if this is why the mark of the beast has come into being 666 or is indeed that from Revelation?"

Daniel: "It is from Revelation. The mark of the beast is a springoff from those who did not totally understand Revelation, and only received bits and pieces, did not see a whole truth portrayed."


V1: "Thank you Daniel. Another trivia question was..I was reading Will, the transcript she was giving in Tallahassee..and she said that only people who have a certain chemical makeup can be transmitters, channellers. Is this what you understand or do I understand that properly?"

Daniel: "Of course chemical makeup is important. But you see, anyone who desires this or is open to this, who will allow this to happen, can through other mechanisms be allowed to hear the communication. There are, however, certain chemicals, certain electrical makeups of certain individuals that allow for easier transmission. But this does not say or exclude those who are not part of this makeup. So it is possible for all of you to be open, to be a part of this. Is this helpful?"


V1: "Yes Daniel, thank you. My other thought was that last week you had commented on the anger that exploded in Los Angeles because of justice or lack of justice, and you had said as I understood it, and I read the transcript again, that this anger was going to become more global. And not only was this a concern to me..I was hoping our planet was on the upswing and so I was wondering if you would comment on this."

Daniel: "Yes, this could, could become more global. And I referred to anger in that, you see, the U.S. is just one country with a set of problems. As you go from country to country you find that there are many injustices. There are many problems that are within each country. And my reference to the fact that you will not see for a while a calmness. You will not see that there is love among all peoples at all times; that there will be often hate, often malice toward one another, often inequities that are so great that in their expansion they create such a tension that there is a feeling of hatred that is racial, judicial, economic, religious. There will be many areas that need to be rectified, to be changed so that there can be true love, true harmony, true peace among people. And you see, what you witnessed in your country last week is something that happens all over the globe, yet when it came home to you on your own soil, you felt the impact. You felt many emotions that ranged from sorrow, anger, love, as well as of 'what can I, the individual do', a sense in a way of hopelessness. And I have spoken with you on hope, that even when things look gray and dark, that you need always to hang on to it. That out of chaos and out of all the horror that went on in your country, there will be growth, there will be change.

But it will not be until more people become like you are, building a foundation and starting to understand the concept of personal self responsibility, person self accountability. And as you as individuals grow in this, as more people can become aware of this, can follow it, there will be change. There will be equity. There will be more love. There will be tolerance. And there can be that forgiveness that is so necessary now. And so my message last week was to you to know that as this planet grows more toward a global government which will be a necessity, there will be these little pockets of despair that call for people to start with home base. For once you can change, and your attitude, your reaction, once you are in control of your being so you can act from a premise of action and not reacting, then there will be change.

For you see, even you, in Pocatello, the way you reacted to this dilemma in your country, puts thoughts into the outer realm. And know that if you can start acting and thinking from a controlled premise, from one that is based on the teachings of Christ Michael on love, forgiveness, tolerance, patience, then you will see the actions of your brothers and sisters in a different light. And you will not see it in the light of anger, in the light of hate, in the light of prejudice, intolerance, and lack of forgiveness. Rather you will see it from the standpoint of humans, of the person trying to change; of a situation that is not right that needs to be changed. But how this change is brought about is the question which you and all of humankind will be called upon to answer. For if injustices are dealt with by more injustices, you only feed the fire of hate."

V1: "Thank you Daniel. My final question had to do with two things I read this week about the goal of human beings: God, rest, and perfected service. And then that which we do which is part of our job or family or whatever is not service, but part of our duty. And that service is beyond what is expected of us. And I'm wondering if you would comment on that."

Daniel: "I have planned in the future a lesson on duty and service which will help answer that question, if you can be so patient. It is, as you know, with me a long time coming. You will be here a while longer. And I do not think that D3 would hold up. I have a lesson planned on this."

V1: Thank you, Daniel. I'll try to be patient."

F1: "Hi Daniel. I want to tell you that I love you and I appreciate you and your lessons. My question tonight is concerning my parents. I would like to ask if putting out thoughts is nurturing because as of yet, even though I make an attempt and my desire is there, when I interact with them on a one on one, I don't feel love and understanding and nurturing yet, because too many things come up that I haven't worked through. But I can sit and look at them as two of God's children and love them and nurture them. I guess that's a question. If that is nurturing, that is a start for me, and if in fact it is nurturing?"

Daniel: "And this is what you all need to be doing. To realize that when you look at the individual person, you need to look at them for the son and daughter that they are; a person who has the Indwelling Spirit within them, the person who is part of the family, part of the universe of the Father, the Mother; that you need to realize that in all of life there will always be the behaviors, the little tensions that arise between you and certain other individuals that you may not rectify in this lifetime. But if you can see them as a person of merit, as a person who is a vessel of the Indwelling Spirit, then you are doing what God asks you to do. And this is part of the healing process. For in doing this you are loving them for who they are, not because of what they do or don't do. So F1, I say to you, you are on a right track when you do this for there are many hurts that you may have worked through, but that your parents are not in any way on the same level that you have come through. And they cannot reach you or understand where you are. But know that in their way they love you as you can love them. Is this helpful?"

F1: "Yes, thank you Daniel."

Daniel: "You are welcome."

B2: Hi Daniel. This is B1. First off I want to thank you for all your nurturing support. I really feel it is influencing my life and my ability to help others, namely my children."

Daniel: "You are most welcome and I must say I am nurtured by all of you. You have no idea the love I feel from you. And every week it is broader, more encompassing. So I thank you for the growth, the love you provide me." B2: "You're welcome. I think I speak for all of us. I wanted to ask if you could share some of your experiences being nurtured, or nurturing others that have special value, special meaning for you."

Daniel: "This experience here is one of those things that I will carry through eternity with me. And there have been, of course, those things I felt on my own ascension on the material plane. However, these things that you are experiencing, the nurturing that you do on this plane is but on a small, small scale, a very small scale compared to that which goes on in the mansion worlds on the further ascent. And as you ascend further you have a better sense of the nurturing nature of God, of the loving Parent. What you do here is the training ground for what is to come. And my mission with you here is very rewarding. For you see, the teachings I present to you are given back to me manyfold, nurture my being, and help me to see and know and understand on a much broader level. And so I thank you for that."

B2: "Thank you."

Daniel: "You are welcome."

P1: "Daniel, this is P1." Daniel: "Hello, P1." P1: "That brought a question to my mind. Will we stay friends? Will we recognize each other when our paths cross? In eternity when we see each other? Is this a relationship that will stay, we will carry it on?"

Daniel: "You are referring to..."

P1: "You and me. You and the group. The..."

Daniel: "I am every hopeful, yes, that we will meet and that we will be able to speak and actually see through morontia vision, each other. Yes, this is, I am in understanding of, going to be a relationship we will all cherish for eons."

P1: "Thank you."

N1: "Daniel, I wanted to start off by telling you how much I love you and appreciate you."

Daniel: "Thank you N1, and of course I feel the same for you."

N1: "Thank you. I have had a question about will. I have been feeling kind of victimized by the universe in the last week and I think it has had to do in part with giving up the idea that things that happen to me in this life I pre-chose as particular lessons, so I could work through them. And to accept that there are in fact accidents that happen in time and space. I don't like that very much, but I will get through that. I guess the part, what I want to know is to what extent our will is still active in co-creation and also in particular, I suppose...I know it's getting late so I can't get into this in detail...but for instance that if someone is in a car wreck and they die, can that be against their will? Or at some level in their being is that something that they intended, that they accept, or are they..well I guess I have asked the question."

Daniel: "Part of life is all those things that are not known, the unforeseen, and the accidents that just happen because of the unfolding of life as it goes on; because of the interaction of so many on this planet; because of the free will choice of the individual that interferes your own progress, or that enhances your own progress. You see, those things that you are learning, if you have not learned them on this plane, you will surely learn on the next, or the next. And so it matter not, it matters not I repeat, whether or not you choose, say for instance in a car accident to move on. That is part of the Father's plan that I do not fully understand myself. Know that you will never be deprived of reaching your full potential at some given point. However, as I have said, there is growth all through eternity. And what you do not achieve on any given level you have opportunities at other times, at other points to achieve. As you work through eternity there will be various paths that will be open to you that you will take sometimes side journeys on, that will in the end bring you full around to where you are that oneness with the Father, with the Loving Parent. Is this helpful?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you."


K1: "Daniel this is K2 and I wanted to ask..speaking of parents and this and that and the other..and we all know that they are gone. I had a really vivid dream and I was talking to my father. And I know and I have studied dreams and we've talked about dreams a little bit. I don't know who did that but I would like to tell them 'thank you' and if you have any explanation for it I would appreciate it and if you don't I understand. Thank you."

Daniel: "You have been nurtured, fulfilled by a dream. And the explanation is not necessary for it brought you to a better, fuller realization; to more completeness, acceptance and growth along your grieving path for your lost parents. And know that often dreams are triggered, inspired through divine guidance and you in this case were ready to take another step. Your parents know of your love. They feel it, it is generated, it is like vibrations that filter through the universe. And to all of you, know that the thoughts that you put out, the love that you put out are like little waves. They do have a rippling effect like the waves on a pond when a pebble is pitched into it. And so in your hearts then, send out those waves to counteract the waves of hate that are out there. Peace, K2. Your parents are in rest. However, even in rest there is a sense of love. For this is the truth of the First Source and Center."

K1: "Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. You tell me that all the time and I know it. And I don't know if sometimes it makes me feel better or not, and it does. (laughter) OK. Another thing. Last week P1 mentioned that she sent love to Los Angeles. I didn't talk to you but I talked to D2 a little bit about this and I guess I'll ask you and if it is ok with you. When we stand up after our question and answer period I thought it would be a neat idea for all of us to send out the peace and love that we generate in this meeting to the people in Pocatello and on and on. And I know there is a certain verbiage that we can use. Would that be all right with you if we sent that love out into the universe?"

Daniel: "Excellent! Yes. You should as a group come together to do that for that is prayer. When you are sending love to others you are in a sense in a prayerful mood. It is just another form of prayer. And yes the verbiage that can be used may be offensive to some, so again, talk this over with your group so that all who participate are at ease with this. Is that understandable?"

K1: "Yes, thank you."

Daniel: "I will accept one more question from K3"(much laughter)

K4: "Change of pace, Daniel. We are an experimental planet. As we go through this phase, is our soul also experimental? Or is it like our personality, fixed?"

Daniel: "The soul, this part of you, is fixed with your personality. It cannot be experimented with. What you do, how you do things, your being, your growth through life, in essence for all of you, for all beings on all planets, is experimental; for it is your learning, how you learn, and the ways that you do things, that builds your soul. However, do not think that because of this being an experimental planet that you somehow have a different type of soul..like maybe you only have half of one...no. You are of the same as all planets in this regard."

K4: "Thank you."


Daniel: "You are most welcome. And now I must take my leave of you. I send you my love. I wish to be a partner with you, a partner in nourishing you to the extent that you can go forward to be a nurturer to your brothers and sisters; that you can be open, loving, and understanding of them regardless of behavior. For no parent here knows better than you the trials that ensue in a family as children grow, take liberties. And even though they often bring you sorrow and pain, you still love them and provide that nourishing factor for them. And this must continue throughout and into the outer realms of your life so that you become a nurturer to all. And in so doing, you are bringing about change. May I say that even a smile to someone in the supermarket who seems down can be a nurturing factor. It does not have to be great deeds, but rather it needs to be done. So go forth this week and in the front of your mind, be nurturers. My love and peace to you. Good evening."