1992-05-24-Duty, Service

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Topic: Duty, Service

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

"Good afternoon. I am Daniel. A splendid, beautiful day it is. I am so pleased to be here with you; to be with this group as you are spiritually unfolding, as you are coming to higher truth, as you are becoming more aware of God in your lives. My lesson this evening will be on duty and service. V1, you may now be at rest. I wish to address this as it was asked several weeks ago.



There are many definitions that can be embodied in these two words. And let me say this. The duty that you have is that which comes from following the Loving Parent's word, His will. When you have made this grand commitment, when you have come to the realization that you are part of the whole of a universe, you are a part of this loving presence, that you are an ascending mortal, and that through your ascension you are part of God's divine plan; then you have come to the realization that part of your following His will means you understanding that you are part of the personhood of all humankind, that you are a son or daughter of a loving Father, a loving God; you are also a brother and sister to your fellow humans. When you understand this, then you understand the first level of duty. For duty is that obligation, that understanding, that presence that comes about through your following the Father's will.

All of you have in your daily lives some occupation, some title that places you in some form of duty. If you are the teacher it is your duty to bring your students to higher levels of understanding. If you are a doctor it is your duty to help your patients to come to healthier bodies, to heal. If you are a foreman of some group of people, it is your duty to see that the job is performed within certain specifications. So you see, this is duty. Duty is that which is required.

If you take it to your heart to follow the First Source and Center, to let His will be your will, then your duty is to follow those things which He asks you to do. And the main thing that Christ Michael brought to this planet, then, was what it means to be in 'call to duty' to God. And that duty is then looked upon in another light.

If you go another step farther you can then realize that the First Source and Center asks you to love your fellow brothers and sisters as you love yourself, as you love the Father, as you love God. It is this love, this love that you have for one another that brings in service.


Service is that action that you do in the line of your duty to the Father's will. If you truly love the First Source and Center, if you truly desire to follow His path, then your next step is that of service. And this service means that you must give help, be a part of others lives and do so in the spirit of love. Be mindful that if ever you are feeling you are being of service for another, and you do so without full love, without full consent, then you are not in true service, true fellowship. That which you do for one another should never require sacrifice, but rather should be done with open arms, with complete understanding, without judgment, with no hypocrisy involved. This is service.

And the greatest thing you can come to realize is this service to one another. Service is an ongoing process. It requires give and take. It requires many, many levels. For you see, you can serve one another by a simple smile. Or you can do as many have, the greatest service of all, that of the complete giving of oneself even to the point of dying for a friend. So service is very broad, covers many avenues and yet it is one of the most important aspects of your life. At the point that you are so in line with the Father that service becomes an extension of your being, then you will know joy and happiness. You will feel forgiveness, you will embody all of the fruits of the Spirit. Service is that attribute that can be a part of your eternal being and as you continue with your building of your foundation this attribute will become ever growing within you, ever more a part of your natural flow in life.


I will leave this area for I wish to address another topic as well this evening and that is again the stillness. In my wanderings around this week as I visited each of you, as I was a part of your life, I am pleased that so many of you are working to come to that stillness, that quiet time that you need with the First Source and Center. You must love your humanness as well as your divinity. At the point that your divinity is so clear to you, then will you humanness be so dear to you as well, will be so understood and loved by you. And this can only come about through the stillness. For as you are in His presence during this time you gain far more than you can ever realize. Even if your stillness, your time without any thought, is only but a few seconds, take it. Always strive for a few seconds in His presence. Those of you who can maintain the stillness longer will become more knowledgeable, of course. But each step you take is another step toward your ascension career, for your morontia soul building.

And as I have gone around, I am noting that many of you are feeling some frustrations with this stillness. Know that when you go to the Father in this quiet time that it is not what you want to get from the Father. Put your prayer petitions aside at this time. Utilize this time for thanksgiving and then stillness. For the object of this stillness is to have the Father, to have God, the First Source and center. And when you have Him, when that is the focal point of your life, then will you be in the joy, the happiness that is spoken about by all of those who have reached that point. Think of yourself as an ocean wave, how the wave goes up and down, where you reach a high peak and then collapse into the valley of the wave. This is like life, the up and down. And yet there is always that fluid motion that will carry you forward, that will make the ups and downs of life a joy when you are in the Presence, when you are in that alignment. And so the wave it rises and peaks and falls back down and eventually it reaches the shore where it rolls all out on the shore very smooth. The end of the journey. And so you see, if you will take that time, then you will know the joy. You will know what it means, then, to be in service to one another. You will have at your root those things that continually nourish you, so that your fruits are those that others can be nourished by as well.

My dear friends, life is never easy. And the only way that you can grow is through your work, through that which you do. If there were magic wands there would be many who would take this easy route. But it is those who stick to the day to day ups and downs, who go to their quiet time knowing that from this there will be that guidance that will help them to bring their humanness and their divineness into one, into the joy, into the bliss of being not only a mortal, but a spiritual being as well; that you can, even in your dual nature be on the right path.

This week as you take your time with the First Source and Center, be it only a few seconds or longer, know that these few seconds will make a big difference in your outer life. Know that as part of life there will be those times when you are better equipped. But if you always wait for the time when you have more time, you will never find it.

Look in to your heart this week and see those areas where you may, with love, with generosity, with a giving spirit, know service to your brothers and sisters. Reach out. I send you my love in this endeavor. For while it seems an easy statement to make, it is not always so in practice. But even a smile, even a friendly word to someone who is down, who needs encouragement, is being of that service. And before I accept questions I wish too state one other aspect of service which will be gone into at a later time.

Service also implies being that teacher for your brothers and sisters so that they too may know the First Source and Center, they too may know their brotherhood and sisterhood in the Father's plan and love. I will now accept questions."


B2: Daniel, this is B1."

Daniel: "Hello, B1."

B2: "His. I want to introduce some friends of mine from Coeur d'Alene. R2 and B8 are both here with us and both have been reading a long, long time. I don't know how long. They are both very serious truth seekers, in my opinion."

Daniel: "Welcome. I am pleased that you have travelled such a great distance to come down here to be with your friends, and to come to this meeting. I am aware of you, and I know the depth to which you are seeking the truth. I welcome you and say that those who are open will always find paths that lead to the First Source and Center as you are doing. Welcome."

K4: "One more introduction Daniel. My wife and I would like to present to you our daughter Shelly. She is a recent graduate and is going to enter the big business world here shortly. We would like her to partake of your teachings. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you K3 and welcome Shelly. I of course know you as well and I thank you for taking time today to come here as I realize you could have stayed and visited with other family members. Welcome. And as you begin your next phase, my dear, know that those who remain an open channel, those who are always willing to grow, will find truth. And I am very pleased you could come today, and I wish you my best as you leave home, as you go out into the big world. And mom and dad, know that there are many unseen helpers that will be with Shelly. Have no fear."

F1: "Hello Daniel. Thank you for your lesson tonight. I love you. And I want to ask you if I experienced for a brief second the 'otherness' Friday night when I was in a meditation period?"

Daniel: "Welcome F1. I, too, love you. You are getting very close, very close indeed. As you come to quiet time more steadfastly, more daily, you will know when it happens. You are very close. Continue."

F1: "Thank you Daniel."

N1: "Good afternoon Daniel. It is very nice to be here. I always look forward to Sundays to hear what you have to say to us and to visit with you."

Daniel: "Thank you N1."


N1: "Thank you. I enjoyed your lesson and it also brought up a question for me that I struggle with and that is that in service the giving is wholehearted with no strings attached. How do we deal with the times when we would like to be there, to be in service, and we would like to be giving purely from love, but we have our strings? Should we not try and force it and go ahead and go through whatever feelings we are feeling and experience our rebelliousness and then get back to giving when it's really there for real? Or should we attempt to change our feelings when we are feeling all the other strings? What advice do you have to handle, what I have learned as the term co-dependency? It is certainly not pure loving/giving."

Daniel: "A very thought provoking question, N1. One which will benefit many. Again realize that much of the co-dependent giving stems just from that of duty, that which you feel obligated to do. And so, you see, there is always this aspect. And know that there are times, there will be times that this is all you are capable of. Do not, do not I repeat, think that because you are incapable of only coming from this plane that you are not following the Father's will, that you are somehow lowering yourself. For, you see, you must realize that you are of human quality and of divine quality and part of life is learning to mesh these two together so that what you do, that what is manifested in the outer life is that which you desire in your inner life.

But know that because you are human, there will never be this state of perfect perfection; that you during your life will have those times when, indeed, the outer and inner will come together. And then there will be those times when they will run parallel and not mesh. And there will be those times when it is like the divine aspect of your lives has fallen to the wayside.

And so you see, my second message tonight dealt exactly with this, that when there is not meshing, when there is that falling away, that is the most important time for you to come to the Father in the silence. It is through that silence with the Father that you will be able to go beyond, will be able to snip the strings and know unconditional love, unconditional service. But it will not happen at all times. At those times when in your life you feel you are not hitting the mark, at that time be gentle with yourself, love yourself then. Love your humanness. love those failures! For it is in loving these failures that you help them to reverse. You see, if you look at the broad picture, those things in your life, those things where you do not hit the mark can be like two enemies. And if you are always trying to tell the enemy that he is wrong, then it only makes the problem bigger. But if you can love your enemy and understand your enemy, what happens? His defenses are gone, for you cannot fight love. So do not fight yourselves in those moments. Rather, use the greatest weapon of all, love. Love empowers. Love brings about change. Is this helping?"

N1: "Very much so. Thank you. I think I was practicing that for a while in my life and it worked. I would kind of break up my thinking of myself to a hurt struggling child part, and hurt parental child part and then I could detach and then the adult part of me could love both of those parts as they were doing that. And it seems like I have gotten from that lately, that way of thinking and that stimulated all of that for me again. It did help very much, thank you."

Daniel: "Yes, And regardless of the symbolism or images that you, all of you, may need to utilize to help you, use them, for it will then bring you to a higher level and eventually those images will fall to the wayside. But, you see, because of your spacetime/electrochemical makeup images and symbols are what help make reality real for you. And I know from where I speak as I have utilized this aspect aeons ago."

N1: "Thank you Daniel."

S2: "Hi Daniel, this is S2. I would like to thank you for the beautiful lessons that we have received. And also I would like to thank you for the guidance and joy that you have brought into D2's life.

Free will

And I have a question for you on free will, to what extent does it go. And I have a friend right here in Pocatello that his dad had double knee surgery. Everything went perfectly, one of the best they had ever had. He is about 80. And the process of the healing he developed pneumonia and bloodclots in his lungs. He is in intensive care. And he's just having a hard time. He's got a tube down his throat and said to my friend a couple of times, 'Let me go'.

Now he is on a lot of medication, the type that depresses you and with a tube down his throat and the whole shooting match. That's where it might be at. Now, does free will extend to the point that we do that, or is it divine will or plan that it is his time to go and he is just addressing the issue that way? That's kind of a question I would like to have answered."

Daniel: "Thank you S2. I hope that my lessons are bringing you joy as well. Do not exclude yourself from this. You are a part of this mission. The question that you ask is basically what was asked several weeks ago by N1. And know that people who are under much stress, under medication, in much pain, are not rational, of course. Yet the First Source and Center knows the desire and the true intent of each individual. And as I have spoken before, free will is that thing which you, through your choice, follow certain paths. At the moment of death I am not in knowledge or real certain if it is always a divine decision or free choice. Those of you who know a higher purpose, that wish to complete certain missions are naturally following a path that will help you to bring this to unfoldment. There are, of course, on this planet and on all planets accidents that do happen. In this case this man is suffering from exhaustion, suffering from uncertainty, (tape turned and some lost)..regains his health. And so you see, in this instance when this man asks to let me go, he does so out of much fear rather than out of thoughtful wise choice. And you too must all realize that when you have on who is hanging on, often times it is you who must let go. And they must let go. And then divine intervention will choose the course, will be that which brings this person to their fullness. This man is also working through some spiritual aspects. He is troubled in many areas. He is of understanding that is life after succession here. Does this help?"

S2: "Yes, thank you."

B3: Daniel, this is B3."

Daniel: "Hello, B3."


B3: "Thank you for your message tonight. as has been the case several times, your message answered my question. I want to thank you for your sensitivity, your intelligence and your willingness to come back work with us when you are aeons advanced.

My question has to do with a tape I was listening to of the Woods Cross group and a question that was asked of Ham was about the suffering of little children, those starving around the country. And his answer centered about the fact that our society was in a situation that unfortunately allowed that and eventually we would grow beyond that and deal more effectively with that. Implicit in all that, however, there seemed to be a point that maybe there was some positive opportunities in suffering and that we were too emotionally involved to see that. Would you like to comment of that?"

Daniel: "Most assuredly. Yes, there is, B3. For without adversity, without suffering, you would not know how to grow. You would not grow in many areas, in many domains. You see, if there is to be true service, true altruism, then there must be suffering and adversity for those of you who seek to be of service. You must have someone to attend to. and so you see, all of those things in life, though they are wrought with sorrow, though they are those things which bring you to tears, to a sense of helplessness; if it were not for these things, and your ability to help in some way to rectify these things, then there would be no growth.

Again I will point out that in an evolving planet, in a planet where free choice reigns, there must always be these kinds of things to bring about growth. For life is not perfect. But as you grow, as there becomes more light and life in this planet or any planet then these kinds of adversities, these kinds of suffering become diminished, for man has evolved to that point where personkind can grow in other realms. Presently you are in a very infantile stage. But you have entered toddlerhood. And so look at your past with love for your fellow brothers and sisters who have trodden a hard path to bring you to where you are now. Does this help?"

B3: "Yes, thank you."

V1: "Hello, Daniel. This is V1. Thank you for your discussion of duty and service."

Daniel: "My pleasure. I hope it answered your question."

V1: "I think it did if I heard correctly that duty is that which is expected of us and service is something that we do when we have a pure motive of love. So maybe that doesn't happen as often as we might want it to. I couldn't help but hear your comment about the magic wand because I think I have asked for one all my life and of course I haven't been given one..but..and I know all the reasons why we are the evolving planet and free choice and free will and all that..maybe it's encouraging what you just mentioned here about suffering. It seems to me that it . .unless we saw that, it is true, we could not serve. if we did not see a problem we could not help and give to that person or give to that situation. But it brings to mind, what about all the planets that must be settled in light and life and is there no service? Is there no altruism on these planets?"

Daniel: "Oh sure there will be, but in a different realm. Higher than what you can give on this planet. and this is something you will see throughout your ascension. As you see, I am still in service, for what I do here brings me to service for you. However, know that in all service you always receive back manyfold from what you can give. and so I thank all of you for what you give to me."

V1: "Thank you Daniel.. I know that is true. And thank you for what you do to serve us. We appreciate it."

Daniel: "You are welcome."

R2: "Daniel, this is R2 from Coeur d'Alene."

Daniel: "Hello, R2."


R2: "Hi. I'd like to express our dedication on behalf of all of our group to this mission and express our willingness to be part of the project here of reuniting the mortal races with our celestial brethren. And I would particularly like to ask a question in behalf of Thomas, one of our founding members. He would like to know what activity or service or engagement our group might be involved in at this point to prepare ourselves. If you could clarify this for us, I think we would all greatly benefit. Thank you."

Daniel: "As you are aware, there is work being done to bring a teacher to your group. And so in order to prepare, lay down your fears, your doubts. Open your hearts and be ready, for these teachings are not some phenomena. They are real. They will bring you and those involved and those who know all of you into greater spiritual alignment and broader understanding of the love of the First Source and Center. And so I say to you and to your group, work to bring yourself into that alignment with the Father. I am aware that my teachings are going to you and so through these readings of the teachings follow as this group is here, for that spiritual alignment. Does this help?"

R2: "Yes, thank you."

V1: "Daniel, this is V1 again. And that reminded me of a thought I have wondered about. And that is, how long had you, Daniel, been preparing our group and talking with D2 to have our group happen so fast, our teacher seemed to come so fast. And I was just wondering how long you had been actually preparing us, D2, for this?"

Daniel: "What appears quickly on your side has taken many years on our side. And if you look at your individual lives, and some of the inner workings that brought you together with certain people, how when you said certain things, it was like a telephone ringing for certain individuals and they picked up that phone and listened and followed a different path because of something you said. Or because of some path that you were following and when a door opened you did not close it but walked through. There are many instances because you were so willing to walk through the door, to risk, that brought you where you are. And know that many of these doors were planted for you and through your choice you followed. And an exact date is not necessary, but know that for many years there have been beings working to bring this about and there have been a matching of teacher to group to bring about cohesiveness. So that each teacher for each group will meet certain needs, to help those individuals find that alignment, to grow stronger."

V1: "Thank you, Daniel. I suppose exact dates aren't . ..I'm just curious. I have know D2 for twelve years and I can bet, believe it has probably been in and out open doors. Thank you."

Daniel: "Indeed it has. Your paths have meshed, crossed many times through various ways, indeed."

Free will

N1: "Daniel, that brings up a further question for me. And that is, there seem to be some that you are aware of and some that you aren't aware of. I guess I hear two ways what you say can be interpreted, and that is, everyone has been invited to this teaching mission and there is some understanding of future occurrences and how they will fold out over time. Is that the case? And are there those that obviously have chosen not to be here that had open doors, and are there others that you are aware of that we are not aware of that will be a part of us?

Daniel: "Your questions are varied. Know that, of course, in the nature of spirituality, that the First Source and Center welcomes all with open arms; that doors are presented for all; that they may find that pathway; that they make that commitment to follow the Father's will and not their own. And as life unfolds, for all of you, those of you hear the call, that keep walking through the doors are the ones that, we are of understanding, will be those who can listen, those that will find the revealed truth by walking through these doors. And you see, in the overall plan it matters not who are the ones who are doing or carrying out the plan, what matters is that in the end it will have been done. While the Father, the First Source and Center, loves all of you, He is no respecter of persons. There is no one person better than another. But in situations like this, with teaching missions like this, there are those who, because of their life's paths, have followed, have opened the door, have answered when the call came to them. And yes, there are many who could have been here. There are more that will come. Free choice is what determines these kinds of things. Free choice brought you here today. And so while there is a general understanding of what is going to happen, certain events and who will be involved is not the important part. Are you understanding?"

N1: "Yes, I think I am understanding. I still have that desire to know more details and to know more of what it is that you know, recognizing that free choice does change things. And I guess that is an ongoing frustration for me, is wondering how much of our future you know, recognizing of course that you can't tell us because that interferes with free will. So that is still an area that frustrates me."

Daniel: "No one's future can be know because of free will. And N1 I ask you, would it make any difference to you or any of you, to your faith, if you knew this? Would your faith still be intact?"

N1: "Yes, but I might have more hope. And I am pretty much facetious about that. I know this desire to know is something that has always frustrated me."

Daniel: "This is your high intellect, very high, and know that curiosity...

V1: "kills the cat..."

Daniel: "...as well as brings man forward. It is a two way street. So know, my dear, that those things that cannot be laid out pat, are those things which will really not bring you to alignment, will not uplift you spiritually. The gift of faith that you have from the First Source and Center should be that bonding, that thing that brings you to the Father. It is this exact thing of not knowing, but yet believing, of not having the pat answer, but believing, that empowers your spiritual growth. Do not, however, abandon your mind/ intellect curiosity, for it is a necessary part of man's progress in the physical realm."

N1: "Thank you."

B1 "Hello, Daniel. This is B1."

Daniel: "Hello, B1."

B1: "Thank you once again for responding to our needs, answering our questions and giving lessons that help us along. I'm just wondering as a member of this group, how do you feel about how we are doing in terms of other people coming to the group. Should we be looking to increase our membership or are we doing about the way you hoped it would go? And I just wanted you to also know maybe D2 and you have talked about it...that we have decided on the twenty first of August weekend to have our retreat with our Woods Cross friends. That's all, thank you."

Daniel: "Yes, I am aware of the date. I look forward to this adventure. Your question concerning group enlargement is one which will in time be taken care of. You have grown and there are many who are curious who you need to question before they come. L2, in this regard please speak with D3. I have instructed her accordingly for the person you spoke about this week. At this time I do not feel that there needs to be a doorkeeper, however, there are certain individuals, L2 is aware, that need to be of certain understanding. This is not a group that can withstand those who are seeking in a material sense, who are seeking for a thrill, who are seeking out of curiosity. Know that all people should be included, for truth cannot be given unless it is spread around. But as Christ Michael has said, beware of those who are not teachable, who are not in line with spiritual vision. Does this help?"

B1: "Yes, thank you."

R2: "Hi Daniel. This is R2 again. I'd like to express my appreciation for your emphasizing our need to experience stillness, that silent time. I am hearing the discussion with N1 about doors and it caused me to reflect on my times of using meditation as communion and how it has helped me to maintain a sense of security even when I am faced with uncertainty and I really appreciate you emphasizing this today as I have had a chance to be here, because I go through periods of ebbing and flowing. I would just like to thank you for that."


Daniel: "Thank you. Very well put. And know that when you seek that silence, you will know when the door is there, or you will hear that phone when it rings. If you are not willing to be in silence, you will miss those opportunities, yes. D3 is growing tire. It is becoming harder to maintain connection. Before I depart I wish to say to C2, 'a pleasant trip to you; Go with open arms and seek that time with the Father for you will through it know what you search for, and its validity. Go and enjoy, not only for the human aspect but for the divine. And know that because of distance I will not be with you as often but I will see the green rolling hills as well as you. Enjoy your trip. And those of you who have travelled and will be going from this vantage point, go in the love of the Father, the First Source and Center. Be ever mindful of your oneness with Him, of your cosmic citizenship, of your relationship with your brothers and sisters. I send you my peace. I love you. Be of a service mindset this week. Enjoy your dinner this evening. Your time spent together bonds you, brings you to greater human and divine bonding relationship. Peace."

C2: "Thank you Daniel. I don't know whether I can speak with you but you answered some of the questions that I didn't ask, like, will you be with me? I very much look forward to that silent time. You undoubtedly notice that I am very tired and I thank you for your words."

Daniel: "Yes, I understood these thoughts. I wanted to address them. Good evening to all."

Group: "Goodbye, Daniel."