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Topic: Fortitude

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Cindia

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis:

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. Happy I am, as always, to be here with you; in your presence, to hear you and feel a part of this wondrous mission, this venture we are on together. I am happy to say that tonight we will have a visiting teacher. This teacher is F2's own private teacher who has been with her this last week, practicing, working, and sharing. Please welcome into your hearts, Cindia, a beautiful and spiritual being who would like to address you this evening."

Cindia: "Hello, I am Cindia. It is my pleasure to be here, to be a part of this mission, to have the opportunity to practice with a whole group. I am very pleased. I am very happy with the way F1 has progressed, has opened up and allowed me to be a part of her life.


Fortitude, Courage

My lesson this evening is on fortitude, is on courage. Life is an affair with many levels, many ups and downs. And in life you are evermore caught up in the upheavals, the joys, the sorrows. And part of the character that you have by nature is built upon certain attributes. And fortitude and courage are such attributes. Were it not for these two things, you would in time fall prey to the human turmoil, the human troubles that plague all of your lives, that work in your lives to help you to grow to higher paths.

Fortitude is a very special gift that gives you the strength and power to endure. Courage is the willingness to do so. Please know that without these things you could not or would not move forward. You would tend to draw yourself into a shell, for your hope would dwindle. So use these mighty tools to your advantage. Let them bring you along the path to the First Source and Center which you seek daily.

I would like to make an analogy of you and the beautiful fish you have in your state. This salmon is one which is spawned, is born in the rivers, in the channels, in the pristine area in Idaho. And this beautiful fish, when it finds within its being the instinct to move on, makes a tremendous journey to an unknown destination. But yet this fish follows this journey, ever forward moving to whatever will befall its way. You are like this beautiful fish in that you, too, are on a life journey, never knowing for sure what will be around the next bend but yet, because of your fortitude, your courage, you endure whatever transpires, whatever comes your way. You seek to always find that greater avenue, that greater channel that helps you to move forward.

And so like this fish, you find yourselves often times traversing the channel and suddenly you are at the end into a wide expanse, the ocean. The ocean is like your life; full of much grandeur, full of much beauty and yet there is always the danger of the inevitable within the ocean creature life of always being a prey to some other bigger fish than yourself. And those who are always mindful of this are able to dodge these different creatures and can continue with life. Is this not like you and your soul, dodging the mishaps of life to move forward, to continue with your life? And so too, then, as you go through life you are ever called to follow that higher path. And there comes a time in your life when you hear this calling, you can no longer stay in the vast ocean. You can no longer dodge here and there and go wherever. For you are on, now, a certain course. You have heard the First Source and Center speak to you and you have committed yourself to following His will. And so like the salmon, then, you must traverse back to that source from whence you came.

And so, instinctively, the salmon makes the long perilous journey back to the spawning grounds. And in this journey he must fight the currents and swim upstream, must leap grand waterfalls, must be careful not to be caught in the man made dams that are along the way. And so, too, is your life like this. You must make those leaps of faith, the waterfalls. You must be careful of the man made pitfalls, the dam. You must fight an uphill battle, the current coming against you.

And so you travel because you have fortitude. You have endurance. You are full of courage. You know that whatever befalls your way will be that which will bring you closer to the Father. If you can at all times be in one thought, and that is of doing His will, you can swim against the current, even though there are times when it is so swift that it pushes you back. You seek another way around it. You seek a way that you can go up the waterfall. And even though when you make this leap you may be scarred, you may be bruised, you will have grown, you will have endured.

And so my friends, if I may so call you that, know that the love of the Father rains down upon you, ever feeding and nourishing you with those things that you need to bring you to Him. Never be afraid. Never lose your courage. Let your fortitude, your character bring you forward. Always be ready for whatever is around the bend. As you have been ever so faithfully building your foundation, as you have been making that commitment to the Father, you have brought forth more courage.

And so again let me thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak with you this evening. I would like to thank F1 for her courage this week; for stepping beyond the bounds that had at one time limited her; for being able to let go of fear. Know that in all of your daily lives, all of you, there will be those times when you are called upon to be courageous, to show fearlessness. Know that you have within you the capability and the power to be that. When you can believe that, you will be on a right step. But when you know that, you are on the right step. Make this belief something that you really do know. I will now turn this back over to Daniel. Again, let me thank you for this opportunity. You are all beautiful beings. I am pleased to make my debut in this mission with you in this group this evening."

Daniel: "Thank you Cindia. This is again Daniel. Your words were inspiring, did have much meaning, did convey much thought, did bring forth those things which as a group can be dwelt upon. I am so pleased that you and F1 are making much headway. As time goes on, F1 will be able to help out in the Pocatello group until she and L1 are in knowledge of where their lives will be going.

Yes, my friends. Use fortitude, courage and you will endure, keeping mindful that it is through that alignment with the Father that you will be ever ready to be fearless, to stand tall against all odds, to be able to be one who can not only feel good about your own life, but also be one who can nourish your fellow brothers and sisters. In times of much turmoil those who stand with courage are those who become the leaders. When your time comes to be that leader, to be courageous for those around you, be ready so you can stand tall. Know where you come from. Know from where you get your own source of nourishment. Know where you can always go when you are at a loss yourself. Seek the quiet time and you will be fearless, you will know courage, you will endure. These are the words for this week. Keep them in your mind. Remember them so that when challenges arise you can call forth that courage necessary to go through whatever challenge, good or bad, or just the ups and downs of life. I will now welcome questions."


B1: "Hello Daniel. This is B1."

Daniel: "Hello B1."

B1: "I want to say to Cindia that...and she can hear me through D3, is that correct, Daniel, or do you have to tell her second hand?"

Daniel: "She can hear you."

B1: "OK. Cindia, it is wonderful to have you with us, wonderful to have F1 with her own teacher. And I am excited tonight. And I appreciated the lesson very much and I am glad you could use us as a practice group..and I am glad we will be hearing more from you or however that is going to work. It is very exciting and I welcome you to our group and this mission and I think it is wonderful."

Daniel: "This has been noted and Cindia does send her love to you and know that there will be times when she may be a teacher here for you. Thank you."

F1: "Hello Daniel. My humble thanks goes out to Cindia for coming into L1 and my home this last week. I am just in awe of how much it has helped us, what she has done for us, and that she came through tonight because I have been keeping it to myself and I don't think I could have [continued] to have done that. So I am very appreciative that it can be shared with the group because L1 and I are very grateful and appreciative. And also we have a guest from Woods Cross tonight. Her name is K6 Hummel, and we are glad that she is here and I want to introduce her to you."

Daniel: "Thank you F1 and welcome K6. We are always happy to have visitors and especially from the Woods Cross group as we feel a special bond/link with this group. And so welcome. Pleased am I that you could make it to come to this meeting. Your search, your reaching for higher truth is very evident. Welcome. And F1 let me address you for a moment. You are a beloved child as are all. Your desire to follow His will has grown immensely over the last few years and within recent time, tremendously. Cindia is very in awe of your graciousness, of your willingness to be so open. And know that you will reach higher ground. You're moving along beautifully. I am very happy for you."

F1: "Thank you Daniel."

K4: "Daniel, I would like to thank you for your words and your message that you gave while our daughters were here. It was very inspiring and it greatly impressed them. And I will continue to keep the seed of the Father planted in their minds while they are away from us. And it was indeed a privilege this evening to have Cindia with us. Thank you."

Daniel: "Well noted K3 and know that this seed is already planted, but it will take root and flourish. You and P4 have done a beautiful job of bringing the concept of the First Source and Center into your children's lives. They will be OK. They are already on a sure footed path, yes."

N1: "Good evening Daniel. I guess I would first like to first say to Cindia how much I deeply appreciated that message. It certainly spoke to me with what I needed to hear this week. I guess that opened the question to me..has Cindia been making the rounds with you as well? Did she know what is going on in our lives or did you suggest the subject to her, or how was it so fortuitous?"

Daniel: "I am always amazed at your curiosity! You are always wondering about these things, a not bad trait. And know that there is a network on this side(laughter) and we do work together. Cindia has been spending much time with F1 and L1. However she has made a call on most of you this week as well. She is wanting to become more versed and knowledgeable about all of you. And know that the lesson for the night was one that was geared for many in this group that needed to hear certain things, and was not directed by me specifically. Machiventa as well as Abraham; the four, Cindia, myself, and them were involved. There is often much thought and planning into lessons that will serve you, will help bring you to more growth."

N1: "Thank you Daniel. Oh, B3 has a question. (laughter and bantering). I have a question again on doing the Father's will. This has been concerning me, I suppose, for some time and I am not sure that I know exactly how to phrase the question. My question is, 'Does the Father have a will for particular outcomes or is God's will that we simply learn to love in all situations and so that the outcome of the situation isn't really important to God, but simply how we handle it'?"

Daniel: "God's will is for all of His children to be with Him in the Paradise Isle, to meet together in that regard. There is, also, an overall wish and decree that runs for your lives, for your being. However, you are an evolving, ascending mortal and free choice ever dominates, is ever that which is what determines what will happen. Of course, there is the overall picture. Certain events are not important, neither take away or add to your own growth in the overall plan. It may cause you to not progress as rapidly if you choose to follow other routes, but in the end what is important is for ascension and your coming to the Father on the Paradise Isle. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes Daniel, it does help. Could I clarify a little bit more? So what God's will is about has to do with the long term and doesn't care too much about the temporal things of this world other than that we learn from them, grow from them, and progress toward God?"

Daniel: "In a broad sense, yes. Know that the Father always is attuned, has that which He is wanting for you. If He is so concerned about even a sparrow that falls from the sky, He is ever more concerned about the individuals, thoseascending mortals that have His Fragment within them. Know that the temporal things of life are not always the important thing in the overall picture. These are the things that give you experiences that bring you to your place where you are at any given moment. So know that, while the Father is always reaching down with love, always wanting to have that love returned, He is not concerned with some of life's goings on. For His desire is that you remain always in His consciousness; that God-consciousness is part of your dual nature; that you strive to come to Him to mold and bring your outer life in alignment with Him. This is the important part. This is what His wish for you is, so that in the end you, too, can share with Him the grandeur of the universe. His desire for you to meet Him on Paradise Isle grows beyond all that you can imagine. And you see things in a very limited space/time reference. And what you deem to be a very particular or important event, is not necessarily so were there not the time element, the space element that you are tied to. Does this help more?"

N1: "Yes, thank you."

Daniel: "And now, B3, will you ask your mundane question?"

B3: "You probably know what it is.(laughter). Ah, yes. I am reading in part IV of the Urantia Book, Daniel. Oh, first of all, thank you for being you. I don't say that enough and I want you to know I appreciate your willingness to be with this group."

Daniel: "And I appreciate you, too, B3. Know this."


B3: "I'm sure I'm a challenge. Christ Michael has taken the three apostles off for an extra session, not unlike this group, is it? And He makes this statement in this [session] that really confounds me and I would be interested in your reaction, comments, further interpretation of this. 'He, Christ Michael, made it clear that indiscriminate kindness may be blamed for many social evils'. What does that mean? Can you elaborate on that for me?"

Daniel: "Certainly. When you consider life and that its purpose is to promote and bring forth growth, there is always the aspect that there will be inequities. There will always be the haves and the have nots. There will always be the parent figure and the child, the teacher and the student. You are a teacher, B3, you who are one who works with people to help bring them to a greater understanding about themselves will understand this; that whenever you do for another that which he is capable of doing for himself, you are giving indiscriminate kindness; which in effect turns not to kindness but to real jeopardy for the individual. For you do not allow that person, then, to be his own being, to learn and grow from his own experience. This does not mean that when people truly need help, are truly down and out, are in true need of a friend, in true need of loving, giving service, that you do not give it. It means at that point that that person can stand on their own, give them that freedom. Give them the tools that they need, that they too may fulfill their potential, that they too may become a full human, that they too can understand the divine nature that they, also, have within them. Is this helpful?"

B3: "Yes, thank you."

V1: "Hello, Daniel. This is V1. And Cindia, I really thank you for the message tonight. As you were describing the salmon it was a real visual aid for me and I am going to carry that with me. I have a question, in that there were a couple of things that were said. Cindia said that we had to have courage and fortitude and not go into a shell I believe is the word. And I couldn't help but think of something that happened this week in the teacher's room. What I felt was a very sad statement was made in that this person was going to 'go Jew someone down'. And I kept my mouth shut. I didn't really say anything, even though it was a red flag to me. For two reasons. Number one, I felt like I didn't want to have another encounter with that woman and number two, I wondered if it would really do any good. And is there a difference between wisdom and foolish courage that we have to be aware of?"

Daniel: "For sure there is. And you see, in situations like this there are other ways that you can help plant seeds for individuals. In this case you will have to decide whether or not your actions were what you consider to be that which keeps you in harmony, in alignment. And yet, what you did can help promote peace in that instance if there is some way that you can at some other time plant a seed for higher wisdom, for higher knowledge for this individual. If there can be some way where you can target what you are doing in the viewpoint of this individual where this person can see that your actions are on a different level than what her actions are; that you can see that there are different ways of approaching a situation; that by taking the higher road you bring about ever more harmony, ever more love, ever more tolerance, ever more changing within society. To confront individuals when they are in a 'right' position, when they are 'right', only breeds seeds of discontent, as you know, as you have explained. So in cases like this it becomes very important for your actions to speak louder than words, for you to be an example rather than one who confronts. For confrontation to many only brings about a more negative, adverse effect. So (tape turned and words lost)..presents itself for you to be that example. That is when it calls for courage and fearlessness. Is this helpful."

V1: "Yes, Daniel. I really appreciate that. For I couldn't decide if I was a coward or not. And I do appreciate that. The other thing is that I am very conscious of the fact that several times in the last several weeks I have had the feeling of the quiet time being 'magical' in a sense. And that I didn't want to miss it because something dreadful might happen. And I know intellectually that that is foolish. How do you change your inner thoughts so that you take the time because you want to take the time, whether it's reading or praying or whatever; that it's a productive time, rather than being superstitious about it?"

Daniel: "Yes, and you see if you can come to the Father in prayer, in adoration, in thanksgiving, when you can take the time to be in this mode and then take a couple of minutes where there is the quietness, you will grow past this. It is when you fully understand and know that you are not being prejudged by any of your actions; that this quiet time is not something to be looked upon as something that brings you to a feeling or sense of guilt if you miss it. It is for your own growth and perpetuation of your understanding and knowledge of the First Source and Center. Do not think of it as something that you have to do. For if this becomes the basis of the quiet time, you are defeating all purposes. Look upon it as that which brings you into your full potential. Look upon it as the thing which nourishes you, not only in your spiritual life, but in your humanness as well. If it becomes a thing where you feel you have to or you begin to sense guilt, then stop. Thank the Father for the time you have with Him now, thank Him and know that even one minute of quiet time will bring you ever higher in your understanding, will enrich you, empower you and bring forth all those gifts of the Spirit, that they may become manifested in your life. Look at it as a 'get to' and never as a 'have to'. For you see, you do not have to do anything that goes against your free will. When you come to your quiet time, let it be a free will choice based on a time that you are giving and loving yourself, as well as the Father. I hope this will help you."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."


B1: "Daniel, last week when you talked about paths you used the description of how we take different routes, boulevards, lanes to get to our jobs. But you also said that there is one way that is fastest. And during the week I have been thinking about your lesson. Were you placing a value on the fastest way as being the best way or were you just making an observation that there are these various ways to get to the Father; some may be faster than others, but they are equally good?"

Daniel: "All are equally good. There is no right or wrong way, fastest, slowest. What matters is that they, you, arrive on the shores of Paradise Isle, that you are in that worship, in that grandeur, in that Loving Presence of the First Source and Center."

B1: "Yes, I understand that. But you are, also, telling us to go to higher roads and all this, which I want to do and am doing, so that I have the sense that we don't want to be dallying around forever on this road to the Father. It is kind of a contradiction in my mind that . .as long as we are on the road we are going to get there someday..that's that ultimate thing, but at the same time I am getting the sense, unless I am misunderstanding, that there is a sense of urgency here, there is a need to be about the business of the Father's will on a daily basis. Do I misunderstand, or do I have that right?"

Daniel: "The contradiction is understandable. Let me explain. As persons, as children of the First Source and Center you must be ever tolerant, ever mindful that everyone is different. Everyone is on a different path. And so my statement here was to bring forth a matter of seeking tolerance for others in their path, in the life that they choose. And know that all those who so desire will follow various paths and will make it to Paradise Isle when they have the desire to follow His will, be it ever slowly or with great haste. So know that tolerance of others is part of the message. Know that in my other aspect of dealing with this that I am asking that you who already are of understanding of your cosmic citizenship, of your relationship with the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind, that you are already understanding of a higher truth than most, that you are ready to take higher steps, so that you can find more joy, more fulfillment in your own personal lives by staying on that path that brings you in harmony, that keeps you ever in a God-conscious mode, in that alignment. For it will bring you to greater joy. Is this more helpful for you?"

B1: "Yes, that really is. So it is basically..you were letting us know we should not be judgmental or intolerant of other people's paths, but at the same time since we are recipients of revelation, and of all things we have teachers from your mission, we are of all people most fortunate. And so we should make the best of what we have and get on with it. Yes, that's very good. I clearly understand what you are saying now. Thank you very much."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."


B3: "Daniel this is B3 again. I have a question about the stillness. A couple of weeks ago a got into something I really thought was great, initially, and now I'm not so sure. And I would like your reaction to it. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it. My body sort of tingled and I felt like I was at a higher level. Lately, however, the feeling isn't so uplifting. It is almost like I am being pushed down when, the feeling is, when I am in this state. So I guess my question is, 'Am I down a blind alley and I better back out of there and try something else, or shall I just keep trying to work this through. Do you have any feeling for me or any comment on that?"

Daniel: "Often times when one is in that stillness, when one has reached that state where there is no thought pattern activity to speak of, there will be a sensation of tingling, of uplifting, for sure, and also there can be a state of heaviness, as you are now describing. You are not to worry about what is happening. When tingling occurs, often this is because there is spiritual growth going on within the individual. Those of you who do not experience tingling, do not feel that you are not growing spiritually. This is one of those aspects that some feel and some don't, given to the nature of your various differences. Do you see?"

B3: "Yes. Thank you."

K6: "Daniel, this is K6. Thank you very much for you're welcome. I am thrilled to be here, absolutely delighted to meet you and Cindia. And I thank you so much for your teachings today. I've learned bushels. Thank you very much."

Daniel: "You are most welcome K6, and again I am glad you made this part of your stop on your journey. And know that our paths will most certainly cross at other times. And please take my love back with you to Woods Cross to your group."

K6: "Thank you. And I will be sure to give them your love."

K3: "Daniel. I have been reading the papers from Tallahassee and I'd like to pass on my appreciation and gratitude to Will and the other instructors or teachers down there. It is my understanding that they are in session or in meeting the same time we are. Can we pass them a message and tell them we send them our love?"

Daniel: "This is noted. And they will, Will will understand this, yes. And know that Will is appreciative of your thoughts, of many of you who have been reading these transcripts. Yes."

B6: "AT&T, look out."

Daniel: "The communications we have far surpass this, yes.(uproarious laughter).

N1: "Daniel, I do want to thank you for your patience with me. I know I have been feeling like a two year old for about a month and I'm still feeling like a two year old. But I'm very much aware of how patient you are with my questions in particular areas that I just don't seem to be able to accept or work through as yet. I know that in time that they will sort out for me. But I did want to tell you that I do appreciate and I do recognize how rotten I am acting. Thank you."

Daniel: "N1, you are not acting rotten and you have answered your own query that, yes, with time all things will be sorted out for you. And know that one of the great beauties of ascending, of growing and coming into God-consciousness, is an ability to be patient and see things in a broader perspective. And I know from my own path that this is a very wonderful gift that you do receive, that does become more a part of you. And know that I am happy to serve in the capacity I do as a teacher and guide to you. You need to realize that by your allowing this to happen, that you are not only growing yourself, but that you are helping those who are in the teaching mission on their ascent, are giving us those things we need to develop further, to see with more clarity. And so I must say to all of you that I am in awe of those of the limitations that you have as a mortal on a material plane, and yet your faith is very inspiring, for you are believing, you are opening, you are growing. Never fear that a question asked is one that is so dumb, one that is so insignificant, one that does not merit any worth. For you see, all questions are valid. Whether or not it is within my jurisdiction to address this is another question, but all questions are valid. Do you see?"

N1: "Yes, I do. And my curiosity, of course, wants to know why it is not in your jurisdiction. I know that that is something that I will grow past in time."(continuous laughter)

V1: "Daniel, I need to say that I wasn't laughing at N1, I was laughing with N1 when she was acting like a two year old because last week you said we were toddlers. And I have thought of that, spiritual toddlers, often this week. And especially I need to say thank you, Daniel, for the references to your own path and growth. I think of how often I say to the First Grade children, 'I understand you because I have been there'. And I hear that in your comments here. I just really appreciate you sharing your own growth and your own progression because it does help me realize that as a teacher that is a very valid thing to say to children too. Thank you Daniel."

Daniel: "Very beautifully put V1. And thank you. And let me comment that the humor you had in laughing with N1 is considered true spiritual humor; that you can laugh at yourselves and know that as time goes on you will be able to do more of this, yes."

P1: Daniel, this is P1."

Daniel: "Hello, P1."

P1: "Hi. I wanted to get back to B3's question. You addressed the tingling but I wanted to get back to the heavy part. When I experience the heavy part I just sort of imagine that I am being blown over by the love; try and relax and enjoy it. Is this a valid interpretation?"

Daniel: "So be it. This is how you perceive it and know that yes, there is always this constant downpour of love and as each person experiences the First Source and Center in their own being in different ways you will be able to interpret what you feel. When you feel in that harmony, that alignment you will know this is what you are feeling, and therefor valid. And know that for all of you it will be different. There are certain characteristics such as the tingling and the heaviness that many feel, yes."

P1: "OK. Thank you."


B1: "Daniel, I would like a little check on my experience too. I talked about 'talking in my mind' that I think is my own mind talking, a while back. And it's still going on quite a bit. And I am still not sure whether it's anything more than my own mind. At times I do, and at times I don't. Can you tell me anything more about this?"

Daniel: "You see, B1, you are growing in many areas. And all growth precipitates some form of communication, some form of knowledge that starts to come from within; some form of communication that brings you to more clarity within your life. And as you grow, you will hear more communication. And what you are sensing is becoming more and more valid, more and more real. And it is time that you took seriously and listened to those thoughts. All of you need to take seriously those thoughts which help you to be more in harmony, more in line, more in understanding; that helps you to bring your outer and inner life more meshed. And it is beginning to happen for you."

B1: "Yes. In fact I wondered if you haven't been, once in a while, part of those thoughts. Can you verify that?"

Daniel: "On occasion. Mostly you will be working with the Indwelling Spirit. There are times when I am aware of certain concerns that when the time is conducive, you are ever in a mode for perception, I interject feelings, thoughts, things that will help you."

B1: "Well, you know, I have actually wanted almost like to talk to you and I am thinking, 'well, Daniel might say this or that'. Are you able to be contacted when you are not personally with us, because you can't be personally with us all at the same time? Is there a way that you can be contacted when we are thinking like that, trying to reach you?"

Daniel: "There are always other celestial beings around and often they help in these communications in helping to bring the thoughts that you have to our attention."

B1: "Well that is kind of what I was thinking was going on, so I appreciate you commenting on that. Thank's a lot."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

B1: "And I am starting to listen to those thoughts a lot. But I can shut them off at will. Is that the way it is supposed to be?"

Daniel: "You see you are a free will creature and you have choice. If you desire for communication to stop, it will. If you desire for it to be open, as you prepare yourself and make ready, then you will begin perceiving."

B1: "You mentioned that some of us are harboring fears. Is it fears along the lines of what we are talking about right now?"

Daniel: "Most certainly yes. This is a big harbinger that brings forth, that brings many to a dead end when they feel they cannot hear, they fear that they will hear, what they might hear; all sorts of things. So you see, fear compounds the process. It is when you can take that leap to free yourself of the fear, that you will begin to experience and know otherness; that which is not your mind speaking so much, but that of the Indwelling Spirit or other celestial beings. All are capable of hearing these messages from the other side."

B1: "Thank you. I have taken more than my share of time."

Daniel: "It would seem we have run out of questions. I will accept one more."

V1: "Daniel, I was going to wait for this question. I don't know if it is of an exactly personal nature but..brought much amusement to me and therefor it might be interesting to everyone. This week, quite unplanned, as you probably know we bought an 1981 V.W.Vanagon Westfalia Camper for $4,000 in good condition. And when I shared that with our son yesterday he said, 'So the Urantia Book and the channeling brought you to it, huh?', because he thought it was such a great deal. And I laughed and yet I also remember that when our daughter had lost her purse and it was miraculously found, you had said that when lives are in alignment, things like this happen. So I'm just wondering if you want to comment or say 'no deal' or whatever you want to do . .

B1: "on the car.."

V1: "on the car, yes."

B3: "What if he doesn't like it. He might be a Ford man.(laughter)

Daniel: "Your humor abounds tonight, greatly. Everyone is in good spirits, so to speak. And know that, yes, when you are in alignment there are things that seem to happen, that seem to flow into your life. And that is because you are open and you invite them in. For you see, you are all channels to everything. And when harmony is met, when alignment is at your doorstep, then you are open channels. And that which you put out comes to you. When you are wrought with fear, when your are poisoned by all of the things that bring you out of harmony, then you cut off these channels and you are often met with negative aspects. And so another reason for me to ask you to always be in alignment is so that you can experience not only spiritual inner joy but also the joy of living life, of living and being in the moment with your humanness, and enjoying those things that give you the pleasure that you need for your human aspect as well. And if I were on this plane, I would say that this vehicle that you have looks mighty comfortable."

V1: "Thank you Daniel. It's like being home again to have one of those things."[VW Camper]

B1: "Is it OK if I ask one more question?"

Daniel: "Certainly."

B1: "This is personal to you. Since B3 and I are in the counseling field and our doctors in medicine on this planet specialize, as you know, in various things. I was wondering if you would tell us when you were a doctor in your mortal life, were you a psychiatrist type? Did you do counselling or have you gained all these wonderful skills in your ascension career?"

Daniel: "On my planet Doctors had to understand that the creature, the ascending mortal, human as you would say on your sphere, was of a dual nature, as you are. That in order for healing to take place one had to look at the three areas in life: the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. So you see, I am aware of these three aspects from whence I ascended. But for sure, the ascension career has brought me tremendous understanding, more knowledge.


And now I will take my leave. You are all wonderful. Stand tall. Be not afraid. Open up. Let the love and the knowledge that you have fill your being. Do not look at your lives as a segment here and there, rather start to see an overall picture of who you are and let the love of the Father be with you in all your actions, in all you do. My love, my peace to you. Go and be courageous. Show less fear. I will see you again next Sunday. And again, thank you C3 for coming. Good evening."

Group: "Good evening, Daniel."