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Topic: General

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, Abraham

TR: Eric

Session 1

  • July 5, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is. Good evening, I am your teacher, Will, who loves you and I greet our visitors that come from afar. You grace us with your presence and kind attention. You are welcome here.



The prayer of a mortal human is a perfect statement, a moment in time captured forever which reflects the exact degree of that mortal's understanding of participation in and concept of his relationship with the reality of the life in the spirit and his identification with the Heavenly Father. When you pray, you show the Father exactly where you are and provide him with information that he could not gain in any other way exactly the way that you would convey it.

The Father's creation is full of majesty. Variety is the divine pattern just as each of you here tonight is completely different from the other. So does His reality reveal Him to favor exactly that variety. If the Father were truly interested in perfection, He could have endlessly replicated the Universe of Havona. It is certainly within His means, yet perfection and perfect balance exists only in reality in order to demonstrate to such creatures as yourselves that it can be done, that there is more to reality than the imperfect sharp edged situations in which you find yourselves on a daily basis.


The Father is in the business of sweeping up every experience which can be had, only then will He be truly understanding. There are aspects of the Father which are becoming. You help Him with this although that is not your purpose. Your purpose is actually independent of the Father's purpose. Your purpose, one-in-all, is to obtain perfection through the mechanism of self-improvement. It is my purpose also and the proper purpose of every creature I have ever encountered in my experience. Search for perfection is a force loosed upon the universes. It is unstoppable, much like the force of evolution which proceeds in the face of all obstacles and recognizes no impediment. Search for perfection is the source of the inspiration which originally caused you to pray. It is the soul's method of reaching out to make a connection to something greater than itself to identify with and to lead it further upward.

It is impossible to pray without baring yourself and telling God what you really think. In general, He already knows what you think, but He doesn't know how you feel about things. Those feelings are constantly changing. It is possible to live your material life in constant communication with the Heavenly Father. It has been proven already. Witness the lives of the prophets, the truths they spoke. All those prayers are in response to the urging of the Father fragment which exists in all normal minded humans from childhood on. It is His gift to you so that your search for perfection will not be a blind search, so that you will not be reliant upon the words of a priest, so that it will not be necessary for you to go to some other source to experience for yourselves the perfect union of identification with the Heavenly Father. No tools are needed. The road lies open and your acts of prayer tell the Father that you are ready to listen and hear His voice.

Thought Adjusters, Communication

It is true enough that it is an unusual thing to hear the voice of God, to hear the Father's voice and to understand. It is normally the end of the mortal's life in the material phase. But the Father fragment from within is in constant communion and will ever lead you if you but open yourself to that leading. The [[Father fragment]] speaks not a word but acts always and, by friendly cooperation with the Adjuster's leading, it is possible to attune yourself perfectly to the Father's same leading. Therefore we have spent several months discussing from one viewpoint or another the necessity that you each live in the present, neither in the past nor the future, that you devote yourselves to here and now, that it is impossible for the Father to communicate with you if you are not present. The Father fragment is awake, is functioning now and in the present in every one of your brothers and sisters and if you will follow the Father's lead, things can truly begin to happen in the meetings between people. When Father fragments meet with the cooperation of their human partners, great things are noted in heaven. There is no greater opportunity to know the life of the Father than in the meeting of two such mortals. It is the word made flesh, the promise fulfilled and you will know that you are truly not alone in this world. In order to get to this point, it is necessary to pray and to act on prayer so that ideally, your daily life becomes a continuous expression of your understanding of the path of spiritual growth.

Those of us, the celestials, exist as servants to this ministry. It is our job to provide you the opportunities that will challenge you, provoke you, irritate you, and console you. We are always on duty and it is an unusual occasion to communicate directly as we are gathered tonight. It is an impossibility to arrange that one group, under celestial instruction, could be identical to any other group. The simple variety of the universe makes that impossible.


We wish for you to individually and as a group engage in regular daily silent prayer. Prayer which has nothing to do with this communication such as we are enjoying now. We ask you to set aside time for the [[Heavenly Father]]. It is right. It is just. It is necessary and it is the way. All prayer is answered. It is answered in God's style and frequently somewhat mysterious even to most of us. He has some way of knowing. Of course we do not know what His method is, but He knows.

God's answer has always appeared right. Certainly we have never seen any other indication, but we feel somewhat confident that you will never know His answer unless you continue to pray for it. It is unlikely that His response will entail the mechanisms of the material life. Perhaps He wills such things from time to time, but even if He did so, we would not know it and it is widely believed that the Father never breaks His own laws. So we feel confident in instructing you that in order to hear the Father's answer to your prayers, it is necessary to pray. There are no magic words. No special thing that you must do to gain His attention. His attention is always there. He is waiting for you to stop talking, to stop daydreaming, to stop shorting out with random electrical brain activity.

He is a patient God and He will never turn His face away from you. He has promised that. We believe Him. His love and attention is unending. Were He but to shift His attention but for a moment, all would cease to be, yet He plies us with His concern and His love for each of us, you and me, those we share our lives and growth with. He cares about us for some unfathomable reason. We are His children and He loves us. We are far away and have much to grow, but we will all get there and He knows it. He is a good Father to us. He is always willing to hear our words, to share His time and to teach us the things that we are capable of learning. If you would participate, then prayer is asked.

That is all I have to say. We have some minutes remaining tonight. I understand that there are questions. I will take one question from each person willing to offer.


JUDY: Will, this is Judy. Will you take a question and a request? First my request is, I was reading some of the transcripts to my son and daughter this week from Daniel and they were interested but, I realized that they were directed towards adults and not children, and so my request is that sometime in the future, would you give us a lesson, please, for our children, that they can understand in their terms? Now my question.

We were talking earlier about the separation of church and state and since I am ever involved with working with schools, one of the things that I am doing is working with designing the schools for the future of Florida and I realized in designing those schools that one of the things that we can't tread upon is the separation from church and state in our country. Are there things that we can still do in school beyond the academic kind of things that are normally spiritually to help kids grow spiritually?

WILL: Answer 1, yes. Answer 2, of course, and if you are not already doing them, what are you waiting for? I will say that the so)called line, defined by the legislatures and courts of your society, attempts to delimit something that cannot be limited. There still exists fundamental confusion between a concept of religion and the physical manifestations of the bureaucracies necessary to administer those religions, material business. From our perspective, it is an artificial and inept distinction. The opportunity for prayer is open to you and to every school child every waking moment. It cannot be caused. It cannot be stopped by any force outside yourselves. The recent debate about school prayer seems to us to be foolishness.

You gathered here tonight to each lead souls to the Father by your example. No other way will suffice. There is nothing you can say. There is no program you can author. There is no trickery you can employ to cause people to embrace the Father's path, neither can you frustrate their efforts. Next question.

FRED: Will, this is Fred from Saudi Arabia. I am the father of Vincent, and I have looked forward to this opportunity to talk to you for some time. I do appreciate you taking the time to talk with my wife last week and it was very beneficial for her also. As you know, this is phenomenon that I am seeing tonight is quite unusual to me and I think you or Ham and certainly in the Urantia Book, have indicated that there are certain things that are beyond the human mind to comprehend. I assume this is one of them. So be it. I have numerous questions that I would like to ask but I will not indulge in those tonight. I would like to have an opportunity at some stage when I come back from Saudi Arabia to visit with the group and maybe have an opportunity to do that. I do have two requests that I would like to discuss with you at this time. Should I proceed?

WILL: Proceed.


FRED: As you probably know, my son has sent transcripts of these meetings and your discussion with the Tallahassee group to my wife and myself in Saudi Arabia. Many of those come in late in the evening because of the time difference and we anxiously receive them and get out of bed and one of us will read it to the other and we certainly have appreciated that and feel like we are a part of the group even though we are 8,000 miles away. My first request would be that I assume that from and also from this group that you consider my wife and myself as a member of the Tallahassee group in spirit even though we are physically located in Saudi Arabia, it would make us feel even more so as a part of this endeavor. Could I get a response from that, please?

WILL: I am sorry I did not understand it - what it is you are requesting?

FRED: I was requesting that - I have been receiving transcripts of these meetings and your discussion with the Tallahassee group and since that we live 8,000 miles from Tallahassee that you and the group could consider us a member of the group here in Tallahassee in spirit and that we would actually be physically located in Saudi Arabia and hopefully we can continue to receive your transcripts from our son. The question is would you consider this an avenue whereby we could consider ourselves a member of this group?

WILL: These doors are open to all interested parties. We welcome your participation. There is no test of membership. The only requirement is interest. We have welcomed your vicarious participation from the outset. This ministry, such as I am engaged in, is not geographically limited. Although it is presently defined as limited to creatures resident on this planet, it is not limited to this continent. A teacher is available. That will suffice for the moment.

Teaching Mission

FRED: Will, thank you for those comments and I have one other quick request. Since, as I mentioned earlier, that this phenomenon is beyond my understanding, we are obviously very lonely in Saudi Arabia for some of these meetings which we cannot have, and so, if it is at all possible, at some stage, for either you or some other teacher to contact us in our home at Riyadh. It would be beneficial to both of us. I thank you for your time and we look forward to communicating with you at some later date.

WILL: Regular daily silent prayer and things will develop. There are always new teachers. There is always new interest. Throughout this ministry and these meetings, we have emphasized the personal nature of the Father's love and His independent ministry to His children. Our Father chooses personally to participate in His creation. We do not know why He has chosen so, but we think we appreciate some of it. He appears to be in the business of refining individuality into a more productive work performed in concert through the mechanisms of the partnership between God and man and the partnerships which can exist between individuals, members of the brotherhood of man.


Word of this ministry is carried by individuals. It is not spread by radio or television or by letters to the editors of newspapers. Only occasionally does the word spread through the dissemination of the written works due to the many problems inherent in that form of communication.

Don't forget to say your prayers when you go home. Things will begin to happen. They always do when man and God are partners. We welcome you. Next question.

Thought Adjusters, Communication

JOAN: Will, this is Joan. If the Thought Adjuster speaks not a word and these times are not normal, could you describe the nature of the communication with the Thought Adjuster?

WILL: The Thought Adjuster's realm is not limited to either action or reaction. The Adjuster is always on duty. This Father fragment exists to provide a bridge between God and the human. In numerous places in your Urantia Book, the Adjuster is also called the mystery monitor for it is also by this mechanism that the Father knows for Himself what goes on in creation.

Adjusters do not have personality. To do so, by definition, would be intrusive to [...possible damage in original file...] perfection, therefore, it should be easy for Him to entice you to follow the most productive path, but the fact is, few humans are listening. They frustrate even their own aspirations because the Adjuster's leading does not come in a form that is recognized by the material world and therefore His actions and urgings tend to remain on an ethereal level as if they were outside the bands of ordinary human consciousness. This is an abnormal situation.

Communication with the Father through the Adjuster is not what you think it will be. It will not be in a form that you will immediately recognize except in the feelings that it evokes in your human heart and the instantaneous response of your developing soul and that Father fragment is your guide, your compass. My teaching and the activities of the instruction group and this group meeting here, that is all frosting. The Adjuster is the compass. It always points North. Next question.


VINCENT: Will, very quickly, we have been your students for a few months and I would like a report card on how we are doing so far.

WILL: You fail miserably every day. Laughter You are blind, obstinate, insulting, frustrating, deluded and abusive of your brothers and sisters, yet you make progress even based upon your failures. There is no sin too low for the Father not to capitalize upon it and turn it to some good ultimate service. We are pleased with you. [tape change]

VINCENT: We love you too, Will. You can't fool us talking bad to us, we know what you mean.

DAVID: That'll teach you to ask for strokes.

SUSAN: It's quite true, in my case, anyway. I know I fail miserably every day.

MELISSA: It's true for us all.

WILL: [continuing] We are pleased with you because, in general, you mean well and you gather faithfully for at least an hour or so each week to hear our comments meant to increase your understanding by some degree and to share the fellowship of your friends and family. We are pleased with you because you have each made the transition from the wholly animal to the potentially spiritual. Because you have chosen to hear the word of the Father. Because you are making progress and showing respect for the dignity of your brothers and sisters whom you meet upon the street. Because you are growing in the love and tolerance that you show toward your children. Because you are learning to rule your animal passions and divert that vital energy to things of higher and more important concerns.

Know that, unlike other members of this teaching group, I once lived a life on a planet somewhat similar to yours, although vastly more advanced in virtually every sense. Perhaps our weapons technology was not quite as advanced as yours. Its hard to say. Those were historic materials by the time I lived my life. Our society was much more integrated. People tended to work in groups and teams. We did not have the raging cult of individualism which flourishes in your North American society, yet all of us faced uncertainty. For the life of the spirit does not completely intersect with the life of the animal and each of us on our wonderful world still faced the same definitive human experiences that you have all faced and will face.

It is a great gulf between the material and the morontia. The transition is made as smooth as possible, but the fact that a transition is necessary should indicate that there is quite a difference.

We look at each of you gathered here tonight and we can see that each of you is becoming progressively real. Each of you started as an animal and upon the event of the first spontaneous moral decision you created something for yourselves. Simultaneously indwelt by the Father and another path to perfection was begun. It is a long path. The longest any of us will ever tread. It is a path across eternity itself. It is a path that transcends time and space ) every concept of reality that you can imagine. Each of you is on that path. Each of you is moving forward. That is the most important thing of all. As to where you are on the path, you are just beginners. I am a beginner. Beginners should help each other. It is inhumane not to do so when it is within your resources. We have just begun.



Session 2

  • July 12, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God upholds us. The love of God surrounds us. Wherever we are, He is.

My friends, as we gather here tonight it is important that we remember always that we are gathered here in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Spirit for those together encompass the teachings for which we all work. Any dissension within the group will be monitored and encompassed on a spiritual level. We all work together and, in the long run, we all have the same goal. It does not matter that each of us in our own individual ways have defined what is right for them. What matters only is that in the end we find the Father, for that is our ultimate goal.



As I listen to our discussion, tonight I see the problems that are created, the dissensions within the group, the thoughts that distress you and I'm wondering if you really ask yourselves, "Do these things really matter?" Surely the longer goal should be what should be your focus. If you, within this small group, cannot find it within yourselves to get along, how can you find it possible to carry the message further to the people you come into contact with? There are problems yet you know not of. Feelings that those of you here tonight cannot see between some of you. It is my hope that you will find a way to resolve these problems, for they are a hindrance to you in your spiritual work. Some of you within your heart are holding grudges. Some of you are sharing feelings about each other that should have long ago been resolved. Some of you have new problems that have arisen and you are struggling with them. Come to the Father with these problems. There you will find the solutions. If you have any doubt that the Father will help you, please remember that He has solved your problems before.

Look throughout the history of your life. Look at how He has helped you and ask again that solutions be in your path. You are not alone in the way you feel. Many people struggle with the same problems. Because they do not have the guidance you have they have a more difficult time finding the solutions. You, however, are blessed because you do have the guidance of the Father, of each other, of the Urantia Book, and of my teachings. I urge you not to lose sight of all this because, in the long run, you will need all these avenues to help you solve these problems. Those of you who are struggling with physical problems, these are indeed difficult to deal with but, again, these are part of living the human life. Those of you who are struggling with interpersonal problems, we urge you to continue in your struggle and ask for guidance that your words, your thoughts and your prayers for other people may be pure and guide you to find solutions within these areas. Those of you who are struggling with some very personal problems, find the Father's help in these. My message tonight is not to be one of chastisement, only one to remind you that the Father is near at hand and for all the struggles that you go through all you have to do is reach out and ask for what you need and He will be there.


I think, for tonight, that if we can just remember these things, that we would do a lot in our daily lives. For our days were meant to be joyful and to be carefree and yet we are so burdened down with so many things.

Session 3

  • July 19, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds us. The thought of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. Thank you for your kind attention tonight. For myself and the members of my team, we appreciate you gathering on this regular basis to hear our words. We enjoy hearing your words.



Michael's gospel is the living gospel. It cannot be captured on paper. It can rarely be communicated in words. Michael's gospel, the gospel of the life and the love of the [[Heavenly Father]] can only be experienced, never described. It does not lend itself to analysis. Michael's gospel can be found in the experiences between people and the experience between persons and their Maker. It is an insight into life itself that glimpses into eternity and in experience and the realization of the essential nature of the Father. Little that we can say in meetings such as this is useful to you in that regard.


Your regular stillness practice is like a vehicle to seize you and guide you for this experience. Our weekly meetings are like a huddle before the big play. We all gather together, contribute our thoughts toward a cooperative venture with responsibilities equally shared between the human and the celestial all in pursuit of the divine.

This interaction is unusual for this planet and it is new in each of your personal experiences and it has its weaknesses. These weaknesses are well known to you and we observe that they are the source of some frustration in your spiritual development. We will say in an attempt to provide some solace that the process of spiritual growth is akin to the process of seeing with new eyes, hearing with new ears, smelling with new noses, tasting with new tongues. It is as if you have been schooled and then asked to perform in an arena for which all your skills are useless except the essence. The method of learning is the piece which you take forward with you. The way of thinking about things and how to approach people, how to solicit aid from the Father, how to resolve the practical difficulties of life.


When Michael walked upon the planet, his apostles and disciples and their families went through the exact experience of which you are now engaged. It is trying. We know that you often feel unfit, unprepared, inept and unguided. Yet we say that this is not so, that you are as well and as lovingly prepared as any creature, for the Universal Father has bestowed to each of you individually and as a group all that is necessary for you to arrive and grow. We have said repeatedly in these meetings that our contribution by comparison is trivial and we believe that that is so. Stillness is the method by which you will save yourselves. Stillness is the method which will bring calm and composure to your daily lives. Stillness will give you courage. It will give you a thick skin, strong heart and a well organized mind. Stillness will make you fully human-the proper launching pad from which to soar to heaven. Therefore, we are gratified when we ever see you people gathered individually or together and take a few moments from your earthly exertions and reestablish communication with the Universal Father. We urge you to look to this mechanism.


It should be becoming painfully clear to all by now the limitations of the type of communication which we are now presently enjoying. However, this is the vehicle that is authorized and no other. Many among us, the teachers and instructors and facilitators, feel that certain aspects of this communication could be improved but so far it is not authorized. We are keenly aware of your comments and your desires but it has been proved many times in the history of your own planet and many times moreover among the other inhabited planets that individually initiated attempts to improve upon the divine plan always end in unhappiness. We believe that there is no way to improve upon the divine plan.

This plan is authorized on high. It is fairly serviceable. Yet communication has been promised to each of you - it is in the offing. Stillness is the way to achieve that communication. The two who presently serve to facilitate this communication have begun to rebalance from the initial rush of enthusiasm; first, for purposes of self defense and second, at our instruction. Yet we foresee that this communication will continue unhindered. It cannot serve as the bridge for each of you. You must set about building your own connection through regular stillness practice. The Father will show you. He is a gentle father and a good teacher.


The celestial instructors possess a quality that you would call single minded. They are devoted to their respective tasks. It is the reason for which they were created. That is how they render service. They are performing that which was asked. But the Father's ministry is personal and each Adjuster is keenly attuned to the indwelt human. We cannot fathom how He does it. Some of His choices are surprising, but we must admit that it works. It seems to be an absolutely successful program. There is no other program that has achieved this rate of success. So, we say again for the hundredth time, the thousandth time, regular daily silent communication with the Heavenly Father will illuminate your path - the path that is right for you. This life is a whirlwind experience yet with the Father as the polestar and the Adjuster as your compass you may pass through the maelstrom undisturbed while you earth brothers and sisters and the celestial ministers crash and bang around you in pursuit of their own individual objectives you may serenely walk into the Father's light. He is the way.


These are my words for you tonight. Heed them. Time is slipping away.

This team welcomes our colleague and compatriot, Roland. We hope to see more of this type of cross fertilization between believers on the path. It is a good mechanism, particularly satisfying to humans and we enjoy it ourselves. There should be more of it whenever possible -mistake- whenever practical.

Thank you for your kind attention tonight. I will visit each of you during the week and we will continue the work which we have so recently begun. That is all I have to say. God bless you and love you and guide you.


Session 4

  • July 26, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds us. The devotion of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. Even on a special occasion, like this, it is a fine thing that visitors come from a great distance. We embrace you, Roland, with your companion Thought Adjuster and your other teachers. You are welcome here.

Thought Adjusters

We have discussed many nights and in many ways, the different permutations of interacting with our brothers and sisters. Lately we have concentrated on listening skills and all of us have grown in our ability in that regard, but it is a hard thing to know what to do next. Although a person may be a keen and perceptive listener, it is difficult to know what the next step is. Our suggestion to you is to begin by thinking of yourself not as the responsible party for this interchange. In the beginning think of yourself as the delivery system. You are delivering a Thought Adjuster. The Father hopes to make contact. You are providing Him a service. We have said before that "when Thought Adjusters meet, great things will happen". Therefore, after you have done your duty, step aside and see what happens. Let the Adjuster take over. We think that you will like the result. We are certain you will find it an informative experience. We believe that it will be strengthening for you; invigorating and lead you to devote your lives wholeheartedly to the service of the Father.

Let the Adjuster take the reins. He knows what He is about. He is always about the Father's business. With a little practice you will become quite skilled until one day, somewhat surprisingly for you, you will realize that it is no longer the Adjuster holding the reins. It is you. And the reason that that will be surprising is that there will be little difference between you and the Adjuster. That is always a surprising development for humans. Identification with the Maker, adherence to the true line, the pure line and synchronicity with the Father fragment is always surprising.

Most mortals feel that it is an unattainable goal in the material life but we state here that that is not so. That this garment is available to you freely. It is yours. You may wear it whenever it pleases you. And on that day it will not be the garment doing the speaking; it will be you, for you will be clothed in the majesty of the Father. Then go forth doing works in His name.

It will not always be as it is now with an open door and none seeking entry on the porch. Over time as a natural consequence of this ministry that the people will become interested in your activities; take solace in the things you have to say, find comfort in your perspective. So don't trouble yourselves that you are not swamped at the moment. These things will develop. It is natural. For now I think we are all satisfied with our family feeling. I do not sense that we are lacking anything.

So, a new assignment. You will find it familiar. As always it stands in the shoes of the previous assignment. Now having listened, stand aside. Let the Adjuster take the lead. It is what life on the material worlds is all about. Progressive devotion to the Adjuster's leading. And you will be the owners of a coat of many colors.

Teaching Mission

ABRAHAM: Good evening, I am Abraham. I am the commander of the [[Reserve Corps of Destiny]] in service to Michael under my friend and colleague, collaborator, Machiventa Melchizedek.

In our work we have seen this tiny mustard seed begin to grow into a tree. Sapling that it is, we are pleased with the evolution and the growth which is manifest here, a branch of the tree. You, the Tallahassee group, have been a great encouragement in our work for you have demonstrated within the group the very elements of the gospel which Christ Michael pronounced during his time in the flesh on Urantia. This was for you to recognize in each other, the spiritual link which made you brothers and sisters. We have noted, as in a family, there have been personality clashes which you have dealt with and are dealing with with the spiritual perception which is required to bring relationships, mortal relationships, to their highest and most noble realization. Your teacher, Will, has struggled and toiled with you in your daily lives to bring to you words and spiritual mota which has transformed and is transforming you into an example, a microcosm of how we wish the world and the mortals in it to interact. My sincere thanks and congratulations to you for your excellent progress and example.

HAM: This is Ham. I visited with you this evening during your conversations. I recognize so much spiritual awakening within this family. We know your hearts. We know you wish and desire to do the will of the Father. Each may express this in their own unique manner, but your intent is clear. It matters not that you stumble or that you have concerns and worries for they shall all dissipate in the brilliant light and love of the Father which shall forever light your way. Michael has promised this to you and I assure you this evening of its reality. I love this work and this mission which has been directed by the Father and desired by Michael. It shall go forth in joy, happiness and fulfillment. It pleases me that you have joined with us in this glorious, happy mission.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: We serve Michael whose will is a perfect reflection of the will of the Heavenly Father. This world will change. It will not always be thus. This change began long ago. It has progressed ever since. You feel it. You all know. Things will never be the same. I, Machiventa Melchizedek, say so. We teach in the Father's name. We minister in Michael's name. It is our work. It is your work, too. We count you among ourselves. This world will be saved, one soul at a time. It is not simply a matter of turning up the temperature. It is, however, a matter of increasing the activity which you have seen. Yet we do not wish to go dashing off without having measured those changes which have occurred on the planet since our departure.

Someday soon you will see. For now, you are not alone. This is an interactive relationship. We say you can count on us and we say we are counting on you. Never forget that the relationship with God is an exchange. He has gone to great effort to arrange for you to know all. No other creatures are graced with this opportunity. We know that this is difficult. We know that it is too difficult for some however we believe, that as Michael taught with a helping hand, all will make it to Paradise and eternal glory with work yet to do. Therefore we commend you and we challenge you and we welcome you. We welcome you and count our success on the day you surpass our ability.

Well, let us be about it then to the glory of His name forever and ever. Amen. Now get out there and get out of the way. [laughter] Goodnight. God bless you. His love lasts forever. It is showered upon you freely. His reality knows no beginning and no end. Let us venture forth. I leave you for now.