1992-08-21-Michael's Birthday

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Topic: Michael's Birthday

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Gabriel, Michael, Machiventa, Ham

TR: Unknown

Session 1

  • Friday evening: August 21, 1992


Daniel: "I am Daniel. I am your teacher, your friend, and your guide. I welcome all of you here this evening. We have been very happy, excited about this gathering of the Woods Cross friends with the Pocatello friends. The bonding of these two groups will, in future time, create avenues for our mission, will help in further growth. And the coming together of you on this occasion of great importance is viewed in our regard as a splendid event. We are happy to be here with you.

The members of the Pocatello group have been preparing and awaiting this event for many months. And so to you, our friends from the South, we wish you welcome. We are pleased you could come with us today to wish our Father, Brother, Teacher, Christ Michael, 'Happy Birthday'. And I would like to see if Ham will now speak through R6. We will try this method of communication tonight. It has worked in other groups. It shall work here also. And now Ham, we would like to wish you welcome."

  • long pause



Gabriel: "Our thanks, our love, our blessings upon you all. Father, bless these new apostles upon Urantia. Allow them open entrance into your vast Kingdom. Give them strength, courage, and wisdom to help bring the gospel into this confused world. Show them simple reality truth, gifts of love within, without, together and apart. In darkness and in light reveal to your tenderhearted children new and abiding reality as Michael is among them.

Life is never ending. Love is self revealing. Love is my Father Michael's greatest revelation to you, now and forever more. Love is abiding when all things earthly shall pass. Give each other your only true gift. Show our little ones the path of love and truth. Commissioned are you all and take upon yourselves solemn responsibility to my Father Michael. I say this as His son, Gabriel of Salvington. Michael is present."

Christ Michael: "My children, it is I. I am the Vine, you are my branches. Open, open your hearts. Allow, allow me to be with you. My dearest children, I, Michael, wish to gather my disciples from across the land. You who will be My present day workers, sow the seeds of your foundations well, that you may be the planters for the generations to come on this sphere, long, too long cut off from direct input. I know. I trust and have faith in your beings, your willingness to be the harvester of souls. I am deeply touched by all of you!

Open now your hearts. I will now touch all of you with my love. I am always with you, always aware of your struggle. Do not ever feel that you have been forsaken, you who will be impetus for My rebirth. I love you all. Reach out now. Hold my Being close to you until you are with me in the Isle of Paradise. Sow your seeds deep. Water them with spiritual waters and rays of the warmth of the Son. That is who you gather your strength from. I am He who will never fail you. My peace to you all." (long pause)

Daniel: "I, Daniel, am speaking for all of the teachers present and other great and loving celestials. We are humbled. We are sincerely in awe and thankful for the words given by Christ Michael to this group this evening. It is indeed an experience for all to put into their hearts; to come to the realization of the importance of each of you, the individual, and your personal requests by Christ Michael to be a disciple!

You will think hard upon this. You will be transformed by this! You who choose to follow will indeed be blessed with many joys, many struggles. For following the path to the Father is not easy, but with the support of love from the Father, from Michael, you will endure. The presence here this evening of so many is a welcome, joyous occasion, on both the human plane for you and for us. And now there is another messenger who would like to address you. Machiventa will, with R6's permission, come through her."


Machiventa: "Children, it is pleasurable being here tonight witnessing this great moment. Hold steadfast in real faith levels. Remain complete into, unto yourselves with clear, clear vision, steady hearts, willing hands. Michael's will will be carried forward. Remind yourselves of His perfect presence beside you. This is our commission to you: 'Remember Michael'. That is all. Good cheer. Good evening. God's peace go with you forever."

Daniel: "And my friends, tomorrow there will be another lesson in the morning. Enough for tonight for you to digest for much time. Ham and I both are pleased with our students. Our love to you all. Good evening."

Session 2

  • 8-22-92, Saturday morning


Teaching Mission, Change

Ham: "I am a teacher in the Melchizedek Corps. This event has, is being monitored, watched by all in our System and in the universe at large. Your commitment is growing and your awareness and understanding has been tremendously enlarged last evening. For all of you our mission is beginning. Your lives are changing. Indeed, the world is seeing the sprouting of a new revelation. Hearts will be opened. Enlightenment will come into many minds. Love will eventually reign on Urantia having been begun nearly two thousand years ago when Michael first sowed His seed. Now are we truly beginning to see it sprout. Beginnings, humble beginnings, even so it was in Michael's day, are the forebearers of truly great, immense, overpowering change. Change such as this world has never before experienced! Change in thought; change in direction; change in perception; change in attitude; change in giving; change in receiving. Yes, truly change is upon us! Life is not going to go in the old, familiar way any longer. Change is coming!

And even so much will be required of each and every one of you here and abroad in the world. Great beginnings, great, enormous change is coming. Look well within your hearts. Begin preparedness for new life. Begin preparedness for new arrivals. Begin preparedness for change! Daniel is graciously prepared to begin our lesson for this morning. His words will touch your newly opened, tenderly sprouting souls today."

Daniel: "Good morning my friends. I, Daniel, am, as always, so pleased to be with you. You who have over many years been preparing and have walked the path toward change, walked the path that spoke to you of righteousness, of needing to follow that one desire, even though you in your conscious awareness did not always know or understand from where you derived your path, from where you came from, why you walked a certain direction.

It was you who have chosen to come to the Father, to reach up and become a part of His plan. Your coming and following His will is becoming more and more an essential part of your lives. You have been building strong foundations. You will continue to cement the rocks and sand and water to form a rock that will support you in the times ahead. Your spiritual rock will be bonded, will be the source that will give you strength in your human endeavors and in your newly commissioned life as an apostle of Christ Michael.

For the next while our teachings will be those things which will help you to further strengthen yourselves. My one and always underlying message has been to strengthen your communication with the Father, with your Indwelling Spirit. This cannot be emphasized too much, for it is the key that will build that foundation. It will be the key that will give you the guidance necessary for you to be a disciple.

Christ Michael taught us well this lesson. He would often, very often, go off in silence by Himself, that He could be in that communication with His Father. And so, my friends, look to His example as that which you will follow. In following this, in knowing that you and the Father are in alignment, you will always have the Spirit of Christ Michael with you. For through Him you will reach the Father.



The lesson today will be upon steadfastness. If you will remain firm, remain always in your desire, you will become a sower of seeds. Conscious awareness of your spiritual being will become ever part of your human life. It is a good lesson that you look to the story on Urantia about the tortoise and the hare. Do not try to outrace those around you. Rather, keep your sights and goals always ahead of you and step by step you will always come out as a winner for Christ Michael. Steady progress is much more profitable than going in spurts which tire the body, which tire the spirit. Hold out in your awareness this goal of step by step, walking with the Master.

It behooves all when in your spiritualness there is this unity. My friends, this weekend is a monumental milestone for you all! Henceforth you must not be willy nilly in your desire to be in the God-conscious mode. Many are called. Those who are steadfast and loyal are chosen. You are the ones who make this choice. Do not allow fear to take away this wondrous opportunity that has been laid open for you. Cast away all doubt. Cast away all fear. Know with your intellect; know within your heart; know within your whole being the messages of this weekend! There will be guidance for you down the road. Continue sowing seeds deeply. Yes! And now there will be time for a few questions."


R4. "Daniel, this is R4."

Daniel: "Yes, R4."

Spirit of Truth

R4: "In our experience last night, in the presence of Christ Michael, it occurred to me that we are indeed a group of blessed mortals assembled here to receive such a tremendous message. My question is that Michael has transmitted to the Sarasota group and the Tallahassee group and now altogether here to our joint meeting. Does He pervade the universe in His Presence or is it required that He focalize His energy within a certain geographical area to produce the impact which we experienced last night?"

Daniel: "You are indeed a blessed group! Christ Michael, of course, always pervades the universe for which He is Sovereign Ruler over, Nebadon. There is now circuitry being opened up for His definite communication upon Urantia and His Presence will be even more deeply felt by those who choose to allow It to transpire."

R4: "In my childish mind I recognize the boundaries of my own mortal being. Is it true in my thinking that His morontial being not only pervaded the universe last night but was indeed focalized here to give us this message? Or is it possible for us to connect with Michael in our desire to communicate with Him?"

Daniel: "With the Father, as with the Son, all things are possible. And the happening last night was indeed of more morontial significance than ordinary. Know that in all times of stillness, in all phases of your thoughts and desires, Christ Michael is there for you, is always a part of your life. And you who are unaccustomed to the conscious awareness of his being are and will begin experiencing more of this presence."

R4: "I wish to express my gratitude for your teachings and the experience that we have had and are having this weekend together. And I would like to communicate my love and my desire to serve our Universe Sovereign and the Father."

Daniel: "Know my friends that we on this side all are in reciprocal thankfulness, love, and appreciation. For it is through your faith and your trust that this wondrous gathering here this weekend was made possible. This weekend is a weekend which not only will bond you together more humanly, but spiritually. And it also allows for our presence, our work to increase, gather momentum. We are all indebted and thankful for your wisdom and ability to let 'go and let God', to let go of those things which imprison and bind the soul and heart of man. You, my friends, are indeed well blessed! Be ever grateful and thankful for where you have traveled on your life's journey."

Free will

C2: "Daniel, this is C2. Thank you for your lesson. I know that you know that the lectionary passage that I am preaching on is the 'chosen' passage. And it is in the Gospel of Luke. It talks about 'many are called and few are chosen', the gate is narrow and there is the watchperson. And, of course, how that's been interpreted in a most reviled sense, is narrow so that there has to be fighting to get into it. But is an interpretation of the 'narrow' mean that the focus is sort of concentrated and that it is not meant to be narrow in a restricted or binding sense, but that it's really, the message is not cluttered and it can be seen and is a focal point without a lot of distractions? Is that the message of that 'narrow'?"

Daniel: "There are, of course, many interpretations depending upon your perspective. What you have gleaned from this is very high in interpretation. Yes, when you can understand that the message is simple, then you understand why the gate is narrow; that the message brought by Christ Michael is that of love, is that of a loving Father who invites all of His children to be with Him; that the message is one of brotherhood and sisterhood and loving service to one another. Likewise, the interpretation can be seen in other lights."

C2: "When it follows that, you know, the watchperson does, of course, not recognize people and sends them away and that the door will be shut, is it possible that it means that because of our choices the door becomes closed because we have chosen to move farther away, rather than to approach the gate? And we are the ones who also close the door? I don't think, I haven't looked at the literal part of the scripture and in the Urantia Book transcriptions of Jesus account of this. Later I can do that as part of my preparation time but the fact that the door is shut is so antithetical to my understanding of God's continuing invitation and openness and God's steadfast love and faithfulness to us; that God doesn't shut the door. People shut the door."

Daniel: "Indeed, indeed. You, my friends, are the watchkeeper. You are the one who has the power and the choice to close doors or open them, indeed!"

C2: "So one of the questions I present to my congregation tomorrow is, 'would you like to be a watchkeeper?' It is of your choice."

Daniel: "When these kinds of broader insights can be given to the public there will be growth. There must be the question of responsibility and accountability always. My friends, one can never blame another for one's choices. One can never rely on another for what they do in their life. Free choice is your gift that you may choose aware of whence you go, always knowing that the Indwelling Spirit and the presence from without are calling and bidding you to follow in the path of righteousness."

C2: "So it means that after that narrow gate is the heavenly banquet with everybody there. It becomes no longer narrow. It is broad and opened up."

Daniel: "Your perception is so wonderfully balanced. Continue to be a wayshower for others."

C2: "Thank you Daniel."

Daniel: "And now Ham will answer the questions."

M5: "Father Ham, this is M5. And I don't necessarily have a question. I'm just going on my feelings. And it's been my experience in my life that our Father, Brother, Christ Michael has been so close for me. And this experience this weekend with all of our brothers and sisters and the celestial beings who are here, to feel His divine love, bonding of it, and bonding each one of us to each other, to unite in this mission. I am so grateful; I am so humbled. I am so happy to serve. Thank you."

Ham: "Yes indeed. Where is there service without love? Ponder. Yes, indeed."

Mother Spirit

C1: "Hello my teacher and friend. This is C1. I speak in behalf of those in the Woods Cross group and thank you for the events of these last few weeks that have helped us there. I would ask in some communications that I think I have received that has been asked to receive further communications about the Infinite Spirit, the Creative Mother Spirit for the instructions and teachings in the Urantia Book, and those being of importance to our united and learning growth experience at this time. Can you comment on that please, and thank you."

Ham: Yes. You are receiving correctly. Within this universe all things are pervaded by our Infinite Mother Spirit. No life is possible outside of Her Being. Growth is Her domain and Her prerogative. Understanding, spiritual growth, is within Her domain. Love, brotherhood, peace, truth, character growth, are part of the being awareness of Her circuitry, in a sense. Her help is always available as an ever present pervasive spiritual force. Her Being is as rungs of an infinite ladder without which there would be no climbing. Her Being is as water upon parched soil, hard ground, which soaks up this moisture, which allows seeds to sprout. Her Being is as one with our Creator Son Michael, ever present throughout the universe. Yes, indeed, understanding will come upon your souls enriching your life experience with Her perfect Presence. Yes!"


N1: "Ham, this is N1. And my question goes to stuff that was talked about earlier. When you first talked about how blessed we were and how much change and I found myself feeling last night very, very protective and very shielded and very detached from myself and observing. And I guess I have a two part concern. The first part is, is it possible to be here and be unaffected by being here because of barriers? And the second part I think relates to trying to understand why I might be feeling very shielded and a barrier like that. That has to do in some ways with the idea of being very blessed and chosen. It takes me back to feeling very concerned about..well, if we are very blessed and there are people that aren't very blessed...this is a long time problem. I hope my parents won't mind me sharing this but I can remember when we stopped saying grace at dinner because to be thankful for what we were receiving..it seemed like there were a lot of people who weren't receiving and were starving..and that it wasn't their fault that they were starving and to our benefit that we had food. This is kind of a real problem to remain for me, how to balance being blessed with all those aren't. So I guess I gave you two totally different questions. But I think somehow they are related for me. If you could address them I would appreciate it."

(long pause)

Ham: "My child. Fear not your blessings. Set apart are you in the world. [You are]In the world, of the world [you] are not. Ask, you receive. Ask, you know. Ask, you are received. That is all."

N1: "Thank you." O2: "

Teacher Ham. This is O2. I have got two or three things I wanted to ask and I am not sure how to phrase these questions. First of all I would like to know kind of a summary of the messages we have received up till now, that this might be a correct paraphrasing of it, and if you would like to add something to it. And of course it was said that the message that would be given to us so far would be very important in our life and something that we would think upon often and be changed very much from. Am I correct in summarizing the message, especially last night from Christ Michael and the others was that love,(as I read through the transcript it seemed to come up many times), that love is the most important thing now and through all eternity. And that love is the path that we are to be walking on. And, of course, that Christ will always be with us to help us on this path as we are obtaining more love and helping our fellow man. And Melchizedek, of course, said to remember Christ by our side. Is that kind of the essence? We are to obtain this love and maybe to help us better to visualize Christ by our side? Not only to get more love and feel more love, but also to help us with the various things that we need to do in this mission."

Ham: "Open your heart, O2. Receive His Spirit. This is the heart of our message today. Real and living is He among us, real Living Water and Bread of Life. Needful all things, needful will be added onto. Fear not. Live humbly. Love brightfully. Walk nobly. Yes!"


O2: "Thank you. One other thing is..I would just like to know...I felt a very strong desire as I was sitting here today, a desire to be of service, to be of help to be useful. I guess in a way this could be a selfish desire, a desire of something I want to do but I figured that the intelligent thing to do or the, of course, as we become more Godlike we try to direct our energies into useful channels. I do have a strong desire to be helpful and I am just wondering if what I was feeling this morning about possibly having the opportunity to offer my services...I have felt this a couple of other days..if talking with anybody might have..and I don't know if I am qualified at all but I . .of different aspects...sometimes when people I've noticed..even when they are involved in service and doing this mission..that often times it is difficult to have the feelings of peace or the love feelings and a lot of frustration or getting upset or not feeling the joy with the mission. And if a person would just look at it differently they could make it a lot easier on themselves and this seems to be what this message is all through the Urantia Book. It gives us freedom. Because with the new truth that we have learned we don't have to feel added guilt, that we can do things, look at things differently, which does give us freedom. I think that is one thing that does make the message a lot different from what a lot of the other churches are teaching, because it seems to be a lot more restricting. If there is any way I can be of service, I just do want to express that I do have the desire. And I want to prepare myself. And I do want to open my heart. Thank you."

Ham: "Service is essential in our mission work. Service is essential in God-knowingness. Service is the eternal destiny of all mortals. Yes, indeed, service is ideal and is practical at once. All are in essentials being upstepped in preparedness, and are always guided in all areas by small corrections, changes, adjustments. Plan is always abundant. Service is essential. Love is core. Life is everlasting. Revealed are these things to you. That is all."

Ela: "Father Ham, this is Ela. And I just want a confirmation on what I felt last night. And also to make a comment on what this girl was truly struggling with on our blessings; who is blessed and who is not blessed on Urantia. I'm older, maybe not necessarily wiser, but last night when Michael words came through to me I felt, not an emotional thing as much as energies, vibrations that were very healing vibrations and energies. And I loved what Daniel said afterward in telling us maybe what we were to do when he said, 'You will think hard upon this', because I think truly this group will be transformed as he said, 'You will be transformed by this. You who choose to follow will indeed be blessed with many joys, many struggles, for following the path to the Father is not easy. But with the support of love from the Father, from Michael, you will endure'.


And I just wanted to mention (and maybe this will help) that I used to work with children who were battered and were not blessed, for many, many years. And I remember one of my student teachers one day. I was having a little group and I could tell one of the children was going pale and had to vomit. So I told this girl to take the child over to the garbage can. She didn't come back for a long time and when she finally brought the child back she said she couldn't continue on with teaching because she was over there vomiting with the child. And so I had to explain to her if she was to be a teacher, there was a difference between compassion and sympathy. And if you sympathize with those who need your help, you need to get stronger. Compassion is different. And that is what Michael is trying to tell us. It's the scope of the thing. And when you know the scope of the 'why' of life, you can put up with any 'how'. And I think the main thing is not to judge. Michael's trying to give us the strength and the energy and the healing powers and the corrective powers if we are to be teachers, to help strengthen these people who need help, to come back to the path of faith and find that Spirit within themselves.

I appreciate very much finding this mission. And I think I have been on the trail many, many years because of my teaching and because of my humility in seeking, in wanting to ask and seek and knock. And so I would just like to say to these younger people that just endure and do what the messages are telling us here, to love yourself in the process and do your very best each day. That's all we really can do. And I would like to know if I am on the right path in this healing and helping as much as I can?"

Ham: "Yes, indeed. Wisely spoken is your message to us. Grateful am I in your awareness, understanding and your protectiveness of your life's mission being. Wise is your advice. Truly wonderful is your shining light. Gratitude is my response, yes."

V1: "Hello Ham, this is V1. And I was reflecting on what O2 said in that he was talking about wanting to serve. And I think that every one of us would want to say the same thing. And yet as I was listening to him I was thinking that just as Daniel's teaching said, it is much more difficult, it seems to me, to plod along day by day as a tortoise than it is to have great spurts of energy. And I'm wondering if the service that we are being asked to give, which of course is love, as has been said, but that where ever we are, we are to do what we are doing with a smile and much love around us. And to do the best job we can do rather than just a good job. I got that from reading the Urantia Book this week and that was just a tremendous thought to me. Immanuel is telling Jesus, or Christ Michael, that when He comes to Urantia that He should choose to do the better job, the best job, rather than what he could just get away with, as it were; that He was going to do much more. And I'm wondering if this is what it is all about."

Ham: "Yes. I am gratefully confirming your words of great understanding, wise sympathy and wonderful energy. Yes. (clock solemnly chimes twelve tones) It is now noontime. I am willing again later to answer more questions this evening. For now, enjoy your day. Love, peace, serenity are part of your inner beings. Let them surface. Farewell."

Session 3

  • 8-22-92, Saturday evening



Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. We here tonight are in much awe and respect for you. For you have been ever transpiring to meet with the expectations given by the teachers. You have been growing ever more close. You are building a strong group, not only with the individual study groups but this combined effort is necessary and will prove very fruitful and helpful to you as time unfolds. My friends, you will be the support mechanism, the support pillars for each other. As each of you grow, as each of you take a step further, you will be likened to a teacher, in that you will reach back and help the others to also take a further step. In days that are dark, you, my friends, know the friends you have around you tonight can be called upon to help you to see with more clarity, to help you see to step above any human feelings, any human adversity that you are going through. Those who are called upon will be willing servants to help. So please continue this bonding so that you can be there for each other. This is part of the mission that we would like to see across the United States; that more and more groups can come together like this and bond on a human level and to bond in your spiritual growth. For in spiritual unity you will grow and be those who will be seed sowers as Christ Michael has asked of you.

Know that in this regard you will be given many opportunities to come together and these will be fruitful. And so we again are asking that this be a part of your groups.

This day we have witnessed many beautiful budding friendships. We have witnessed people teaching and helping others. We have witnessed a sense of what the brotherhood and sisterhood entails. We have watched with much pleasure your activities and we rejoice with you in your new found surge of spiritual fulfillment. The questions asked this morning and those who gave wonderful help to others is a part of your job. You who are at one time the student and at the same time the teacher. Yes, forever and ever will this be part of your plan. For whatever you have understanding of, you can enlighten others.

The Lord, as it says in Psalms, is your shield. He walks before you the path to the Father. 'Come follow me', were His words. And you who have heard them have answered this call. Let the shield of the Lord, of Christ Michael, guide and protect you, guard you from those adversities that will come your way. Let His guiding light walk before you and be in that understanding that He will, indeed, lead the way. And I will remain silent for now."


Ham: "Greetings. I am Ham. I am your teacher/friend. Yes, indeed, the words of Daniel have in a sense stirred the hearts of you to greater understanding. Yes, indeed, the prayer earlier spoken has touched your hearts with the truth; life is made of many small steps. Each journey is the result of many small steps. Adversity, indeed, is useful in daily life experience. Meaning and understanding awareness cannot be achieved without it. Ponder this in your life. How would you sympathize with another's problems if you had never experienced any problems? How would you guide another who gropes in darkness if you had not also groped in darkness? How would you show light in darkness if you understood not the presence of darkness? Yet there are still further obstacles ahead. Yes, there are more inner battles to fight. Yes, there is more climbing of steep, hard trails. Children, life is made of the stuff which makes strength in character. Life is harsh at times, even arbitrarily cruel. For if it were not so, how could you truly become understanding of each other?

The brotherhood of man is not made from the soaring heights of lofty ideals, no. Indeed, the brotherhood of man comes from hard experience. This is, and will remain, the lesson of Michael's incarnation. Living life as a man among men He is the Way, Truth, and the Life. How can it be said that life is easy? It is not easy. It was not easy for Him who went before you. Light is here to be shed into the dark corners of human existence. His light will shine into all darkened places. Where there is light, truth, love, there is no darkness, falsehood, or animosity. One cannot exist with the other.

Michael is all Light, Truth, Love. A perfected man among men, He is God, Creator, Sovereign. Life is filled with paradoxes, with hard choosing, difficult following. His life road was not easy. If you take up the path and follow the Master, you are guaranteed it is not the easy road. Much, very much will be required of you, not materially, but spiritually. Looking to the future, future life, future generations, both are held in mind when asking your commitment now. Have faith, my good children. You are all worthy. You are all included. You are all beloved of Michael.


I am in understanding that you are having trouble hearing R6's transmission. It is in keeping with our duty then to allow the errors to be corrected in this process. Our message has been in the main transferred to you. You will have opportunity to understand it later. Love each other. Enjoy each other. Have fun in your retreat this weekend; however, take with you, take with you this joyous remembrance back into the world and hold it deep within your hearts. Remember Michael's words. Think deeply upon them. Our usual meeting time on Monday we will discuss this in more detail. Michael's peace and His love I give and leave with you. For now, farewell my beloved children. Until we meet again, farewell."

Daniel: "There will be another teaching lesson tomorrow if you so desire. We are ever ready to be of service to be here for you. We delight in being your servants in your progression toward the Father. You will have further lesson time this evening to bond and to glean spiritual messages from your fun time that will take place soon. I am especially glad that there will be some activities that will call upon you to risk and stretch and grow in trust. And my thanks to all who have been so dedicated in bringing about this retreat, and for opening their hearts and homes to us and to all of you. And now, also, I would like to thank my partner and friend, Ham, for being here and for his cooperation in this. We have enjoyed working with you all and in coming together this weekend. Go now and love and serve the Lord in song and dance and in general, sincere camaraderie. Good evening."

Session 4

  • 8-23-92, Sunday morning wrapup


Daniel: "Good morning, I am Daniel. My friends, all of you here together, how you have grown this weekend! How you have reached out and touched each other! The song, the prayers have been a true manifestation of who and what you deem to be important aspects of your character. You have all risked much. You have taken steps that will be a part of your eternal soul. The good you have brought into this plane will bring forth much more. Every time you can come together in the Name of Christ Michael, in the Name of the Father, you are in essence creating change across the world. Your positive energies radiate out to those who are not of the same framework. Whenever you can put forth goodness, kindness, love, you are planting those seeds that we have been speaking about.


Love, Apostleship

You have no measure in your human understanding of the love that the Father, that Christ Michael has for you! And by the same token, you have no understanding for which we, the teachers of you wondrous students, the love we have for you. We feel your love as it grows, as it blossoms, as it changes the world.

This weekend will be one you will mark in your hearts forever! I speak with authority when I proclaim that Christ Michael is very much aware of each of you, of all of your struggles, your joys, and your attempts and triumphs in meeting the Father's will. Know for a fact that the messages coming from Christ Michael will, in fact, be those that will guide this planet in Light and Life. You who have been commissioned as apostles will go forth from this weekend ever changed, ever mindful of a higher and broader path. We on this side look down with favor upon you now. The strength you have received from this retreat has nourished your spiritual growth, has nourished your human potential. You have grown as individuals and you have grown collectively as a group.

From now on you will go forth, not segregating yourselves as a group from Woods Cross or a group from Pocatello, but the group who has come together in love, in sharing; and the group who will work together for many, many years. You, my friends, look around to one another, to your brothers and sisters, for you have now been bonded. You are now one!

We are very pleased that the Kingdom is well at hand here. You are all loved and cared for. You will all at times unfold, be guided and directed in the Will that you wish to follow. His will and your will, will be the same. It only requires your willingness, your desire.

I am in an extraordinarily reflective mood today. For the happenings of the last few days have met with our expectations and gone beyond! Reach out always in love and kindness. The song you sang this morning, that love is the greatest teacher is universal truth, indeed! If you can begin to truly take this from your intellectual knowledge into your heart, you will be transformed. The key to life is love, for in love there is God and with God all things are possible.

My friends, I am especially elated that through this weekend I have been privileged to experience each of you. I thank you for those things you have taught me. We on this side know that what has taken place this weekend will need to be pondered and thought about by you with much deliberate sincerity and thought. You must be able to digest and understand fully what has indeed transpired. Are you yet in awareness that Christ Michael invited you personally to be His Apostles? Has this sunk in? Are you aware of what this means? Think hard on this for it is truly not an everyday occurrence! Christ Michael is thankful that you on this far away isolated sphere would come together to celebrate His birth, His bestowal on this sapphire planet. Yes, know from this day forward that Christ Michael does indeed walk beside you. And when you are in trouble, He takes the lead if you but follow.


I will now close this meeting asking that you all join hands, that we may come together in a prayer of love.

Christ Michael, on this the remembrance of your bestowal, this small but dedicated group of Urantians have come together to pay their tribute to you. Their hearts are overflowing now with love.

And now friends, take the love you have within your heart and visualize it streaming from your heart out into the open area of the ceiling. Let this love rise together, that it form a beautiful glowing ball. And as this sphere grows, let it spread out across the land, East and West, North and South, covering the whole of this planet. The love of your hearts encircles this globe. And let it rain down now on the parched and barren land. Let it rain now on the parched and barren souls; that it may touch deeply Mother Earth that she can be healed. Let it touch deeply the souls of our brothers that they may begin to experience unity of spiritualness. Let this love strike at the deep wound of hatred, of fear, and of doubt. Let it be a beginning step toward change.

And now, my friends, the love comes back into the room and back into your hearts. But let it not remain there. Let the love you feel be taken by you daily and reach out to another and another and another, and sow those seeds of love and kindness and forgiveness, tolerance, and loyalty, trust and most of all the seeds of the Truth of the Father.

Do not keep the love for yourself for it can do no good if you are stingy with it. Give it away that it may multiply and increase. Let not the wondrous moments you have felt over this weekend become but a dim memory. It can be kept alive through love. Go now from this point into your everyday lives to bring those seeds to sow for others.

Christ Michael, we give ourselves to You, that through You, we may know the Father, that we may be with You and Him in some distant time. Amen.

And now my friends, I give you my love and peace. I am indebted to all of you and to those who have worked so hard to bring this about. I thank R6 and D3 for their work they did here these three days. I thank those whose homes we were invited to, the Sandersons and the K9s. I thank all of you for risking and being willing to grow, that you would come together here. Let this be something that will be done frequently so that you can continue in your growth together. I give you my love and my peace and I will be back next Sunday with you my friends in Pocatello. Good afternoon."