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Topic: Melchizedek Message

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, Aaron, Machiventa

TR: Unknown

Session 1

09/04/92 Upon visit by Chick Montgomery to the Tallahassee group.



My words today are meant for all who carry the message of this ministry to the hopeful souls who desire to know God. Experience has shown us that there is an inherent problem in the structure of the teacher groups as we originally intended. The problem essentially is one of modesty, with attendant practical consequences. We have observed that the transmitters of our teachings are reluctant to organize groups around themselves, no matter how inspiring or change-provoking these teachings should prove to be. It is correctly observed by the transmitters, or channelers, that their fellows naturally assume that there is an inside track freely available to all who are capable of such activity.

We are gratified to see that the transmitters perceive this phenomenon and seek to avoid cultivating the devotion of their companions through the use of undue influence. Simultaneous with this gratification, however, we also note with dismay that it is common for the transmitters to attempt to distance themselves from the celestial teachers, primarily through non-cooperation in our fundamental recommendations for continued individual spiritual progress -- daily silent prayerful communication with the Heavenly Father, and candid forthright interaction with the earth brothers and sisters of the material world experience. They forgo their own spiritual developments in a sincere attempt to avoid misleading their fellows. This situation mixes elements of both tragic and noble conduct, and evinces concern and respect for the sovereignty of others. You can only guess at our reaction to these developments.

This situation is noble for it indicates that -- even in the North American obsessive individuality cult -- there is a marked preference for brotherhood as equals. It is tragic because the perception that transmitters possess some special spiritual quality is itself invalid. There is no difference whatever between the teacher group member who provides us with transmission service and any other group member, other than the normal variation found in any comparable random assembly of humans. Ability to channel or transmit this teaching indicates nothing other than that fact itself. We have frequently said, apparently without effect, that the reason that certain persons can deliver this message is brutally simple -- because they can. There is no deeper meaning. The transmitters possess no special spiritual power that qualifies them for service. They are qualified by only two elements: they are capable of the activity, and they are willing to serve. In all other respects, they are just as thick-headed, truculent, selfish, sullen, resentful, and controlled by their animal natures as their companions, but we see potential in them, just as we see potential in all seekers.

Our response to this situation is straightforward. We have recently attempted to provide for a minimum of two persons in each teacher group, capable of delivering our teachings. Experiments involving substantially more than two transmitters have proved unwieldy in that regard, producing as many problems to be overcome as solutions.

For those transmitters who presently work without human partnership, Hang on. We know how difficult it is to labor alone, even in the most uplifting cause. I speak from personal experience. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I spent some years among the Semitic tribes, teaching and ministering among the people. The fact of alone-ness is a great trial; witness the desire for human companionship even across social, racial, language, and economic barriers. I think you are all up to it. Keep up the good work, and do not neglect your own house. You are not personally responsible for all that goes on. The world was purposely made large, to disabuse you of this very notion. For you to persist is to indulge a human fancy that contributes not to the path. We thank you for your service, which is seen in heaven.


Session 2

  • September 5, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God supports us all. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. I was just musing that for you to hear the good news requires so much preparation. Yet, we thank you for your kind attention. It is always a pleasure to meet with this group. We greet our visitors who have traveled far to join our family, if only for a few days. You are welcome here.



We have recently returned in our teaching messages to the theme of faith. A theme which we find inspiring and peculiarly applicable to your varied situations, so for some weeks into the future we will be offering our view on the topic of the life of faith.

It is inescapable that life has its ups and downs. The grand variety of the universe is expressed on the disorganized planets largely in the guise of chance. We realize that this is a source of frequent frustration for you who are attempting validly to organize your lives and grapple with the circumstances of life and in an attempt to hammer out a viable form of spiritual understanding and progress. Yet, I think I can assure you that, in many respects, if you were to be transported to one of the more advanced planets, you would find it to be a chafing experience. True, things are more organized, more reliable, as certain as things on the material planets can be, and it is a consistently better situation for the people as a whole as regards their personal spiritual developments, but I think I can safely say that you would be bored there. For, though those planets are well ordered and productive, there is a vitality to a planet like yours that is largely lost through the very process of settlement. This is not to diminish the rewards consequent upon such developments, but when we look upon the product of those planets compared with the product of, say, a backward and brutal planet such as is this, we find that the people who have graduated from those systems are not as hardy, not as tough minded, not as reliable as you people are proving yourselves to be. Therefore we say, you are the lucky ones. If it were possible to reproduce the personality qualities which you people carry forward into eternity, then people like you would be in demand throughout the universe. You are the lucky ones.

This is not the case now that your enviable qualities lend themselves to merging with the other positive qualities of people who have arrived at a similar point by way of different experiences, so I expect that you will not be able to fully comprehend my compliment to you, but it is nevertheless sincere. You people arrive on the Mansion Worlds with plenty of sharp edges and a lot of hard bark upon you. That is good. That is good. It gives you a certain kind of advantage. I am forbidden to reveal the consequence. It will suffice to say that it gives you a kind of advantage [dog howls loudly] (laughter) Here is a fine example of what I am talking about. A peculiar spark of tenacity and disrespect has, as we have described in the past, its upside and the positive side of the qualities which you find so troublesome in your lives are the very qualities that will serve you so well in your transit across eternity. You are the lucky ones.

Therefore we can say to you, as a general instruction, have faith, walk forward boldly. You are far more capable than you give yourselves credit for. You spend far too much time agonizing over mistakes and the possibility of mistakes. As it says in the Urantia Book, what is a mistake in the service of God? Each of you must be in full the person whom you were born to be. If you but have faith in the Father above, the Adjuster within and your fellows without then you will achieve the full measure which the Heavenly Father intended before you even came into existence. Have faith, you will not go wrong so long as you listen and think and observe the respectful opinions of your brothers and sisters. You will not go wrong. It matters not whether the world showers you with gold and jewels or reviles you as a meddlesome troublemaker and a gadfly to all things which they consider important. True, it is seen that the middle road is the preferred in all but one area - the middle will never serve you as the path to spiritual progress. We exhort you. Always choose the higher path, the rarified path, the path with no marks upon it, the path with heart. Your faith will guide you. That is all I have to say.


CHICK: Will, are you willing to entertain questions about your lesson tonight?

WILL: Yes, state your question.


CHICK: In choosing the higher path, the path with heart, the path untrodden, are there additional signposts you can provide to help us discern when that path is right? And when that path may be a dangerous path or an ego path?

WILL: In the oceans of your planet, until just a few years ago your scientists thought that there were a handful of deep ocean currents which flowed in a regular fashion. For example, the Gulf stream current which circulates the Gulf of Mexico in a clockwise fashion and then turns back upon itself to flow northward along the North American coastline thence across south of Greenland past Iceland and the British Isles. However, recent advances in both thinking and measuring equipment have proved that this model was overly simplistic. While the original idea was correct, the ocean is not a homogeneous place. This discovery was principally logged by the submarine services of your military organizations who noted temperature oriented strata called thermoclines which were bodies of water at a certain temperature which flowed in a certain direction and were identifiable discrete units of water movement within the greater ocean. I use this detail to illustrate my answer to your question. Certain thermoclines travel in one direction; the one immediately adjacent to it, the one below or above may travel in a complete other direction. Now, when you are walking forward in faith, you are traveling in the right direction by definition. It is as if you are traveling as part of a thermocline. There are boundaries of your latitude and when you pass through the boundary you will begin to encounter resistance. You are able to feel that suddenly the flow is no longer with you. Does that help?

CHICK: That is a beautiful analogy. Can we move from one thermocline to a more elevated one and find a different direction that is apparently in conflict with our previous flow which is, in fact, the higher will of God?

WILL: The general answer is yes. I will have to reflect before I can answer more specifically. [pause] We will say that, as a general rule, encountering spiritual resistance, most particularly a sudden evacuation of faith assuredness, is a definite warning sign that you have transgressed the border. What you choose to do at that time is within the realm of human will. You might, for example, in the simplest scenario elect to return or you might adapt yourself to the new situation. That is an area within the individual's discretion. So long as you are conducting yourself with proper mind, you are relatively safe. Each of you already knows this. Next question.

CHICK: Thank you, Will, you have answered my question. [pause - no further questions]

WILL: It is always somewhat an unusual occasion for us to have a question and answer period. I apparently time it so that whenever I accept questions, no one can recall any. I'm not sure how I do this. Other teachers have asked me for my recipe. I suppose the reason is that there is something about me or the way I conduct my teaching that discourages people from asking me questions. It is true that I think that faith is a much more productive method than question and answer. That action and risk taking is much more productive of progress than question and answer. In short, I would say that the fact of questions and answers seems to induce people to manufacture further questions in the hope of answers which then, in turn, manufacture more questions and it is an endless cycle. I am particularly pleased and take some pride in the fact that this group, upon the merest suggestion, goes out into the street to have a go at it. So much so that my superiors have often cautioned me about making helpful suggestions in that regard.


Well, then, I have enjoyed our meeting tonight. I thank you for your respectful attention and your concentration on my humble attempts at illumination and I will meet with you all again tomorrow evening.


Session 3



WILL: Father, thank you for your love which you rain upon us freely, which falls alike on the just and the unjust. Thank you for your forgiveness and your understanding and tolerance of our mistakes which can never effect you, only ourselves and our brothers and sisters. Thank you for breathing life into us and giving us a chance to learn everything now and forever until we are finally qualified to stand before you. The love of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds us. The thought of God supports us and makes our very existence possible. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening, I greet you again so soon. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.

ALL: Good evening, Will, and welcome.



WILL: It is always a pleasure to meet with this group. Even more so now that we have developed some history and come in some degree to know one another even amongst ourselves. It is apparent that the Father has willed that we shall assemble our lives, in this particularly our spiritual lives, from a vast array of experiences which He has thoughtfully provided for us. It is difficult sometimes to know how to incorporate such [different] experiences into a useful whole. Often it does not appear that there is a consistent theme, at least, a recognizable consistent theme. Whenever it seems that our un-connectable experiences cannot be assembled in any meaningful way, I would like to think of Joseph's coat. Where with loving kindness and thoughtfulness towards the end product, the odd bits and pieces, the snatches of fabric found upon the thorns, the dust rags, the castaways, and the rare bits of jeweled cloth were assembled lovingly into a whole that was stunning to behold. I think that with some examination you will find that it is possible for each of you to make just such a coat. A coat of many colors. It is a special garment. Whenever you think to wear it, you will feel the heavenly attention directed upon you. The fact that most recommends this technique of assembly, no pattern is necessary. It solves itself. The fit is always custom and the wearer is always bold, noticeable, set out from his or her fellows, noteworthy, unique, and filled with faith, not this thin shallow faith of the mind, not the faith of fondly cherished principles, not the hopeful faith in the great scorekeeper in the sky, or the universal rescuer. None of the kind of faith of the owner of such a garment would possess.

The kind of faith that the owner of such a garment would possess would be the type of faith that allows the wearer to openly solicit attention. A person whose every action, whose very clothing says to the world, "My feet are on the right path. Come and walk with me a ways". The faith that such a person possesses is strong enough to see him or her through the times of aloneness and intellectual doubts, ego inspired objections and the occasional scorn of companions in the life experience, but that garment made up of bits and pieces feels like a kind of armor. It does not weigh much. Only good ideas penetrate it. In fact it is a magnet for continually better thoughts and appreciations. The person with the faith of many colors like this is capable of honestly meeting all comers. The owner of such a garment should be somewhat familiar with different kinds of life experiences that other people have and is capable of encouraging the other person's understanding upward with ever a mind towards God. You will attract people's attention. They will want to know, where did you find something like this? Where do you have the nerve to wear this? They will admire you or even if they do not admire you, they will certainly be fascinated and they will wonder what it is that motivates you. You can answer their questions in a single word. Say it is easy: faith. That kind of living always breathing faith inspires confidence in all who encounter it. It is one of the forces loose in the world, not recognized by many, but you yourselves know the power it has. It is a magnet that people cannot resist. Knowing nothing else about you, they will wonder what it is that makes you so special.

It is the life of faith. The faith that when you go to sleep at night that you will wake up tomorrow. Faith that the day's work will be productive. Faith that the person walking down the sidewalk besides you not only means you no harm, but is your brother or sister. Faith that your labors will be rewarded. Your children will grow up with the skills to make their own way in the world. Faith that one group of people cannot impose their arrogant will on some other group of people. Faith that liberty is increasing rather than decreasing. Faith that understanding and appreciation are growing rather than becoming repetitious. Faith irradiates everything we do, asleep or awake. That is a life of faith. A life dedicated to respect and love for God in heaven, for all His servants and all our companions in life.

So I think that if you examine your experiences, you will find that in each act at the base underlying all, is a fundamental faith that in fact all these years, you have been living a life of faith perhaps not even knowing what to call it and, yet, it is counted in heaven.

That is all that I have to say. This has been a meaningful exchange for ambassadors between the different groups. I think on each such occasion, we have expressed approval of this technique. It is always interesting to us how quickly new ideas and positive suggestions spread among the teacher groups. Speaking of the human component that is. We often make the mistake of thinking that you need instruction. We are pleasantly surprised to see that you respond immediately to good suggestions no matter what the source. If nothing else happened as a result of our ministry, we would count ourselves successful merely based upon this observation when a quest for perfection has at its root the existence and validity of the indwelling Adjuster in each of you. A desire for perfection. It is unstoppable. It is one of those forces loosed upon the world like evolution or the Father's personal ministry through the placement of Adjusters. We are pleased with you.


Now, since you so often request tasks, for the coming week, I ask that each of you make an extra effort to acknowledge every person whom you encounter as you go about your daily business. If you feel especially bold and faithful, we encourage you to open conversation, ask questions, make a joke, try to communicate person to person and when you have secured their attention, then demonstrate as if Jesus of Nazareth unseen were standing by your side, by your every thought, word and deed and that you understand his teaching and are capable of acting on it and that, while you are so demonstrating, you allow yourself to function as a channel for divine love to flow from Paradise through you directly to that person and that you do so without employing any irony, sarcasm or joking manner that would diminish the validity of your efforts. It begins with acknowledging the humanity of those whom you meet. They are out there waiting. Good luck. Shalom.

Session 4

September 13, 1992


WILL: Whenever you are in the midst of your friends and you feel the urge to reach out and communicate with them in any way, we urge you to do so. In doing so you will pass on the love the Father has given you. It has been a long time since I have talked through you [Melissa] and I am glad to be able to do so tonight for I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.


Welcome to all tonight. We welcome our new one and all those who come week to week to learn of the word of God, to learn to develop the relationships with each other and to strive to become a family, one with the other. It doesn't take much to see that each one of you are developing in your own unique ways. You've come a long way and in that way you have shed off many of the old ways that were unnecessary. Just as it is necessary for you to shed those layers to become new and, in doing so, become a new child of God. You will be ever shedding those layers all the way to Paradise and your growth is even more certain because you have the desire to learn and to grow. Hearken to the voice of God and listen to that voice within you that calls you inward for, in doing so, you will find that higher and perfected part of yourself.


You who must quibble with day-to-day problems, the only way to rise above these problems is to spend the amount of time in meditation that has been requested of you for, if you do not do so, surely you know that the problems will weigh you down. This life you live is far too heavy, far too burdensome for you to carry alone. And you face far too many problems and you simply must turn to each other and turn to our Lord for help. Whenever you find the opportunity to give of yourself you find another layer which you didn't even know was there for this is just another way that our Father's love can shine through you.

Expression, Ego

As your assignment was last week to go through your week and find people to talk to and express our Father's love to them, you have found interesting results and it is good to see that you have expressed your results within our meeting tonight because it is important to relay back to each other and, in that way, boost each other so that you can go out and find the strength that you need to carry that on from day to day. While I will admit that some of you have more courage than others, it is necessary that you all try. Put yourself aside. Try not to walk through the day with your ego out front. Put your ego on hold and let God walk through you for only in walking in this way will you truly walk in peace and in harmony with not only your fellow man but with all things.


So, for this following week, that will be your assignment - put your ego on hold. It's not going to be easy. Every time you find yourself reacting with ego, try to catch yourself and remember your other assignment from long ago and ask yourself, "What would Jesus do? What would he do in this same situation?" When you come back next week perhaps you will find some interesting events to relay to the group. It is an interesting enough assignment and one that you will have not only this week, but throughout the rest of your life. As in all things, we begin with tiny steps and then it becomes more of a habit. In the future it will be an ingrained part of your personality and will help you to become more loving and, in doing so, God's love can shine through you in an all encompassing way and you will be astounded at the love for your fellow man that you will feel, love that you have never felt before. For it is written that if you have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, then you have done it unto me.[1] And if you reach out to anyone no matter what their life circumstances, it is the same as you have done it unto the Father. Watch for those little instances. It doesn't matter whether you are in a store or in your business or on trips or just to the passerby on the street or certainly within your own family. Family situations are often the hardest to deal with. But remember, God loves all people. You don't have to understand why. You don't have to like their personality, God does. He understands them and He loves them and, sooner or later, you may too. Don't worry about it if you don't now. That's not your problem, just act as if you do. Love is a very powerful force and, whenever we've seen it throughout the universe, it can change people. It can modify their behavior in incredible ways. And, in loving someone, you also change yourself. For there is a full circle created in love, as you give it out so it comes back to you. You lose nothing.

AARON: Good evening, my friends, for I am one who loves you. I am having trouble making complete connection but it is my hope that I will be able to talk to you for a few minutes for I am another teacher who will be assigned to a group not yet formed. I'm attempting to learn the communication skills. I will spend time over the next few weeks getting ready for my group and, as they become ready for a teacher, then, hopefully, the person who will communicate with me will be ready. This will be just a short attempt for now. Thank you for your time.


KATHY: What is your name?

AARON: Aaron. My name is Aaron.

VINCENT: Where is your group?

AARON: For now, I am unassigned. I will know more of my future assignments later.

JUDY: We welcome you to our group and invite you back anytime you want to visit us.

AARON: My thanks to you.

WILL: We will from time to time have visitors to our group because as more and more teachers are assigned they will need the experience of communicating through those who are capable of doing so. It helps them see how groups are formed, how they operate and how the receivers work and how they steady themselves and deal with the communication process. You are blessed to have two receivers. Some groups do have more and some less. But more and more groups will be formed. There is a great challenge that lies ahead of us. A great challenge but a challenge that we love. When our Father gives us a task, we are eager to carry it out. It is a labor of love. Because your teachers love our Father, we are here to do His will.

We will, from time to time, look in on you this week. We urge you to carry out your stillness practice. Remember your assignment you have been given. Remember above all to love each other. Call each other throughout the week. Support each other. You are a family unto yourselves. This world is far too complicated and you need these small units. Your families are spread out and I can look into your minds and see how important you all have become to each other. I don't think any one of you have a concept of that, of how much you have grown to love each other. This is very important in our mission because that love will carry us a long way. Some groups don't have that; we wish they did. Their group working is more of a mechanical process. We wish they could be invited into your group to see the love that you all have. We hope to instill that love within them as time goes on for, with our Father at the helm, surely this can happen. For now I will leave you. I've enjoyed being with you this evening. Remember, I am with you always.

VINCENT: Will you take a question?

WILL: One.

VINCENT: I was in Chicago last week and spoke with Oren. She gave me a message to bring back here. Can you explain a little bit about this intergroup communication that she proposed we try?


WILL: I have no comment on that at this time although it may be something that we try at a later date but the details have not been worked out. Please hold your questions until another time.


Session 5

  • September 20, 1992


MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: Good evening, I thank you for your kind attention and your expression of loving fellowship gathered together tonight in this regular expression of your concern for one another. And I am gratified to see your reaction to oblique criticism of this ministry in which we are all engaged. Only a few short months ago, perhaps as many as six, each of you would have endured criticism in a desultory, defensive manner asking yourselves, "What does this mean for me?" yet tonight as I have observed you take it very well. This is the meeting of the brotherhood. I congratulate you. You have all made great progress. We have confidence in you.



All through the ages men have asked three classic questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How long have I got? We observe that you are all growing in the spirit. You are each learning the answers to these questions. For us, at this juncture, the question is not how shall we change the world, the question is rather how shall we change ourselves. We think that it is readily observable that no one person acting independently will have great sway on the course of events on this planet. True, it is possible through the combination of chance and circumstance someone, even someone of this group, might be thrust momentarily upon the world's stage so to change the course of history yet we all know that this is unlikely.

Therefore we should concern ourselves with not how we will change the world but how we will perfect ourselves. The answer satisfies the plaintive questions, who am I and why am I here. We think that this is becoming progressively clear. We are here because we have a long road ahead. We are all preparing for that road. We are each seeking to encounter God and to make ourselves more like Him. That is our path. This leads us then to the consideration of the third question, how much time have I got. Better put, how shall we dispose ourselves of our remaining time. The answer is essentially the same. We will continue the path which we find productive, set our feet on God's road. We will absorb the good scientific data that we have amassed. We will gratefully accept professional advice so long as it proves productive. We will daily attune ourselves toward the Father with the goal of one day hearing His voice clear, unfiltered and personal.

How much time do we have? As much as it takes. Our God is a generous God. He has provided for us. I think I can assert these opinions with some validity. I am Machiventa Melchizedek who once had the honor of living human life, now to serve as a teacher. We are pleased with your progress. We rely on you to move this ministry forward. Nothing can happen without human initiation. Our job is to teach and guide, teach and guide. Without you, no progress would take place. This is not our ministry, we merely serve it. It is yours. No coach has ever won a game. It cannot be done from the sidelines. We participate to the extent allowed under the rules of engagement for this ministry. You do the work. We are happy with your performance thus far. We are gratified to note that the majority of your growth takes place earlier in the evening in meetings such as this where you trade your ideas, your setbacks and accomplishments freely among yourselves each to take away some grain of understanding and incorporate that into life. We are all here for the experience with each other as brothers and sisters it should, over all, be a good and pleasing experience. Growth is sometimes uncomfortable but the result is good.

Your teacher is assigned away tonight. I am happy to have this opportunity to communicate directly with you. It is not that common. We are all busy. You more so than us with time taken up with activities that fall somewhere between the trivial and the profound yet we think that you will find if you examine yourselves that all your formerly meaningless work can be turned to the Father's service. If you but pay attention to what it is you hope to accomplish out of this life, what you hope to become in preparation for your meeting someday with the Heavenly Father.

I wish you well. I congratulate you. I respect you. I encourage you to keep up the good work. Try to spend more time in thoughtful reflection on the meaning of your activities in candid, sincere interaction with your brothers and sisters as you should encounter them in life. I leave you now with the Father's peace upon you. Shalom.



JOAN: Is it possible to ask a question?

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: I will take your question.

JOAN: Would it be possible to ask for a healer to be assigned to our group?

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: I do not presently forecast a human developed as a healer for this group. Such assignments are fraught with difficulties. A quick review of the early history of this ministry should indicate that it is probably premature to engage in such activity. The process of increasing spiritual identification and growing reality of the spirit nature of man has an inevitable purifying effect. Regrettably this will generally not overbear the effects of the natural aging process, however I will say that your basic mechanism is quite sturdy each of you if you but take some minimal care and exert yourselves from time to time so you will increase strength. You many times mistake weakness for tiredness. Your basic machinery is designed for long and rugged service yet your lives are largely sedentary with obvious negative results. I encourage each of you to attempt to free up some time in your daily routine for physical exertion. It is another faith exercise but this one is a cheap one. I think you will see that it works out rather quickly to be a productive endeavor. But spiritually empowered healers? Not yet. Does that satisfy you?

JOAN: It does by indirection. I was meaning a spiritual, spirit healer like a seraphim.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: That is a standard assignment. The ranks of the teacher group assigned to this human group have been carefully selected for overlapping skills. You are not marooned without any form of spiritual assistance. That did not come out right. You are not lacking for any form of spiritual assistance. I am confident that you cannot present a life problem that we are unable to respond to. The difficulty, as always, will be whether our ministrations have any effect on your systems. Until there is a change in directives, it shall remain so.


Thank you for your time tonight. I look forward to our next meeting. I enjoy you all and I welcome new members. Amen.

Session 6

  • September 27, 1992


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The majesty of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening, I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. Last week at the appointed hour of our normal meeting, I was involved with assisting communications between a new teacher and a new transmitter. Not all of the new teachers who are assigned have sufficient benefit of communication practice with transmitting humans. Some people who originally served in the capacity as preliminary interviewers with these new teachers are no longer functioning in that capacity. Therefore, I invite you, if you are interested in attempting communication, to open yourself to warm up sessions with other teachers. Perhaps that will get some things rolling forward. I listened to Melchizedek's message from afar and enjoyed it. I thought it was worthwhile.



Attempts at self perfection on your planet I think basically fall into three categories. Those which attempt to reach perfection through exterior behavioral modification. At the opposite extreme those which attempt to purify thoughts. You might call it the "thought police" approach and third, of course, those which use some of both techniques.

Probably the best example of behavioral modification widespread among people all over your planet is the experience of military service where human physical appearance and individuality is caused to conform to a recommended ideal which is thought to render the human malleable and more likely to entertain delivery of the desired service. The thought policing methods are probably best exemplified by the monastic orders which saturate the targeted individual in an atmosphere where his or her mental capacities are completely taken up with the concerns of the teachings of the group in isolation from all worldly temptation.

I think you can see where I am going with this. We will practice the in between method if it is all right with you. Extremes are not recommended for productive spiritual growth. But I will say that of the two methods, I think we shall concentrate the more heavily upon perfecting ourselves from the inside out. For what we are about, what our proper goals shall be, is not to change the world upon which we live, or our society, or even to influence the sanctity of our own homes. What we are about as an assemblage of individuals dedicated towards spiritual progress is perfecting ourselves so that we are one day worthy to stand in the place of the Universal Father and meet Him personality to personality. This goal cannot be gotten to by works.

Stillness, Service

We recommend, once again, the never ending process of daily spiritual communion with the Heavenly Father facilitated and expedited by the Indwelling Adjuster's actions and moved forward by the human partner's free will exercise of desire for perfection. Along the way, we will have jobs for you, but that is not the main thread of this development. Even if we were to assign no tasks whatever, chance would provide a near infinite number of opportunities for you to go about the Father's service. Your world is densely enough populated enough now to insure that no humans live in isolation. Rather the opposite is the case. They provoke and irritate one another from too close proximity. So, opportunities abound and in each case the Father with all His servants look on, their attention focused upon the chance encounters of two indwelt sons, the observers hoping that a spark might arise. We think that we have provided the tender. You must provide the spark. We will assist you.


That is all I have to say. Until we meet again next week, keep up the good work. We will join you from time to time to share both your opportunities and your setbacks. Make time for God every day. He has set aside infinity for you.