1992-09-13-Through the Eyes of Michael

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Topic: Through the Eyes of Michael

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide. My heart swelled over in watching you and your friends from the south as you have shared, as you have risked, as you have been so open to one another. You see, you are beginning to understand your Apostolic mission. You are beginning to see that while you are accepting the call, this does not mean that life will suddenly be easy. This time frame now is one that is helping you to strengthen your character, helping you to grow and become stronger, that you will be able to withstand the winds of change as the future unfolds before you.



My friends, all of you are experiencing things which you are questioning, wondering, and yet you are being steadfast. Remember that in all things that require the righteous path these also bid you to maintain a broader vision than the immediate happening or circumstance. Know that it is not the Father's will that you suffer such sorrow, such pain. It is His will that you understand His love, His mercy, His compassion. It is through the many, many generations and the fall of those of those who chose differently eons ago that has brought much evil and pain to this sphere. Do not come to a standstill in this regard. Know that the part of life that you are seeing at this moment is such a small part! If you could understand the mercy, the love, and the all encompassingness of the Father, you would be in such awe! That which you suffer, that which you see being suffered by the many is nothing compared to His love for you.

And this is my lesson this evening, to look to one another, to your brothers and sisters this week in the eyes of Christ Michael. For to each individual that you greet, that you meet, let the light of your being shine forth. Do not put restrictions on your love. Know that each individual is that which carries the Father fragment as do you. And it is when you are able to reach out to share that love that you help others along their path as well as helping yourself to be more tolerant, more understanding, more giving, and more serving to your brothers and sisters.


The light that you have is one that started out as a very small spark. And you as traveled the pathway of life you have gathered up the small kindling and the things that help make your light shine brighter. Those things being the doors you have opened, the answers of 'yes Father, I hear the distant call. I hear and I am walking that path to You.'

And now you are no longer picking up kindling. Rather you are picking up logs and throwing them upon your fire. And they burn brighter and they put out more heat and more light to those around you. There may be a time when you may pick up even large sequoias for your fire. Your foundations are being laid. So while the log that you throw on now may seem heavy and burdensome, once it is consumed by the fire it shines forth in many, many ways, in many directions. Reach out to your brothers and sisters this week. Share what you know and what you have. For it is this that Christ Michael has given to us; to love one another as the Father loves you. It is through this that you will heed always His call. You will always know when He is beckoning you. And I will end this lesson now. I will accept a few questions, yes.


" V1: "Hello, Daniel."

Daniel: "V1, good afternoon."

V1: "We are glad to have your teaching back with us tonight."

Daniel: "I am happy to be here in this fashion. Know, though, that I am with you regardless of teachings or not."


V1: "Thank you. I appreciate that. Daniel, having been with me all week you probably know some of the things I have been thinking and praying and you probably more than anyone else in this room know my heart and my life as it has been. And so what I think I need to ask tonight is, is the gift of transmitting something that should be for everyone or indeed is it a gift of the spirit that should be used to bring other people to God, to the Father in the same way that the gift of love or the gift of tolerance or the gift of teaching or whatever. I think I just need some clarification on that. Would it help each individual spiritually to be able to transmit spiritual messages?"

Daniel: "The heavy duty question on everyone's mind much of the time, this very question! And let me say this. Those who wish, can transmit, can receive messages. Those who allow it to happen, it will come through. It is not necessary to be able to transmit in the fashion that D3 is now or what you have discussed in the meeting before the lesson. You see, all of you have been transmitting. When a door is open to you and you feel somehow guided to follow on that path, you are transmitting. You are allowing yourself to be led to the Father in this fashion. And so transmitting will come in many ways, not necessarily in the form that D3 is now. C2 spoke earlier that she feels guided by happens and transpires in her life; that what she puts out, she is guided to receive and answer in. All of you have felt this. All of you have been receivers in that fashion.

Not everyone is comfortable with the method of communication as you are now witnessing. So be it. It does not mean you are any less. It means that you have chosen a different method of expressing yourself, a different method of feeling the fruits of the Spirit, a different way of letting God's love enter into your life. And it should be looked upon by all with respect that everyone is diverse. It is only in our spiritual unity that it is important that we come together; that we do that which we called upon in following the will of the Father; that you strive to be perfect as the Father; that in your striving that you will love one another, serve one another, and understand your brotherhood and sisterhood, not only on this plane, but in the Cosmos. Has this helped in your understanding?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you. Your answer did bring up one other question and that is, 'to follow the Father's will is not then necessarily transmission for everyone and that it is not necessarily a greater spiritual level, but that it is just a different path?' and that doesn't mean that it closes it off or opens it up. It is just a matter of what God's will is for you personally."

Daniel: "And you must remember that you are choosing. The Father's will is for to understand Him, to be in communication with Him. How you choose the communication is what are stating. When you come to the Father in your quiet time, you will receive guidance. Either through direct communication as in the TR work or in your willingness to be led in your life. Yes, do you see?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you very much."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2."

Daniel: "Hello, C2."

C2: "Thank you for your presence this week, all the other angels, and of course Christ Michael. I just want to clarify what I heard you saying and I heard V1 saying she wanted so much to do that. She wanted to be a transmitter and that's what I wanted to clarify."

V1: "I would be willing but I would want God's will."

C2: "Ok, ok, that's what I wanted to clarify because I did hear you saying, Daniel, that if we truly want to be a TR that we have what we need to do that and that as we are guided, that will come. Is that correct, Daniel?"

Daniel: "Yes."

C2: "Ok, thank you."

C1: "Daniel, this is C1."

Daniel: "Hello, C1 and welcome; you and your whole group this evening."

Teaching Mission

C1: "Thank you. In a communication with a believe it was Machiventa or our teacher Ham it was said that a teacher of the staff is available for anyone who wills to receive one. And more teachers than the fifty male and fifty female have also been called, ready for us. Is that understanding correct, what I have received?"

Daniel: "Yes, that is correct. What one must consider is that in working with free will creatures, that also involved in this is not only free choice and desire, but one must also be able to wish this not only on such a conscious level, but also in a more deeper inner level. When there is any kind of fear or unwillingness in any degree, transmission is difficult. As you have explained, many of you this evening, that often times it is very hard to take that dive to the cold water. Yes. And this does not mean that you may not come to the edge of the platform many times only to walk back. Do not feel you are wrong. Rather be open and pray that you will, when the time is ready and when you are ready, make that leap. And once you have made it, you will understand time and again how many times you must back up and leap again and again. But once you have done it, each successive time is easier. And, for sure, even D3 herself has made some belly smackers. (laughter) And there are the times when the dive rates a 10 as you would say. Yet because the leap was taken, you gain the confidence and the trust that it can happen again.

The purpose of the mission is manyfold. It should not be construed that if you or whoever does not desire or does not get messages, that something is wrong. This is error. You all as individuals are serving the Father as you know and as you are called, and as you are able to. Diversity is necessary. Spiritual unity is necessary. You must keep these in understanding. Does this help?"

C1: "It sure does. And it will also be helpful for our group. There are those who feel like they are pressured, that they should receive communication and something is wrong with them; so a most beautiful answer to be shared with...and I brought a copy of a disk with some transmissions received. Perhaps they will read them here. In one referring to D2's call to me a couple of days ago, my call to her, her call to me through you, however that happened an answer through Marlin..we weren't sure Rayson or Rayland and new in transmissions it is hard to discern the names and I understand that names are not so important. For clarification, if the Idaho group reads these papers, we did not know if it was Rayson or Royland, whom we understand is Marlin's teacher. If you could help us with that..."

Daniel: "Yes. The nature of the question for D3 was medical. And both Rayson from California and myself concurred on this transmission."

C1: "Thank you. That will be most helpful. In our communications, getting the names is usually the hardest part as to whom we are communicating with."

Daniel: "Yes, yes. D3 can vouch for that immensely."

B1: "Hello, Daniel. This is B1."

Daniel: "Hello, B1."

Urantia Book

B1: "The other day I was saying to V1 that I felt that the Urantia Book had been in the closet and that it was now time for it to come out of the closet. I felt like that idea was maybe not just mine but was coming from somewhere else. Was I correct in that or is that just my own mind. Should we be presenting the Urantia Book more vigorously, coming out of the closet?"

Daniel: "As growing apostles you will, as your confidence grows, as your ability to perceive grows, so will your ability to recognize those who are seeking. And when this comes about you will be ready, you will present the book. You as you are still forming and coming to terms with the reality of what has happened, are not yet ready to go out to the world. Yet you are slowly seeing those who ask, who put out strings that you will grab hold of and lead them. So as time goes on, be prepared to be more vigorous in your approach with people in bringing this book to their attention. For now do so when you feel comfortable. And as you continue in your growth you will become more readily able to discern those who are seeking. You have been, all of you, giving the book and talking as instances presented themselves. And you will continue in this fashion."

B1: "So the idea that it was time for it to come out of the closet was premature, perhaps?"

Daniel: "It is perhaps at the door now and as you continue to grow it will come through that door."

B1: "Ok, thank you. That was sort of what I was thinking, at the door. Thank you Daniel."

Daniel: "Certainly."

C2: "I have a quick question in that same regard Daniel. Is it chicken of me to put forth the teachings of the Urantia Book, but not credit the Urantia Book?"

Daniel: "C2, you must know this answer yourself.(laughter) You must be willing to put this book out in the open when necessary."

C2: "Ok. Thank you."

N1: "Hello, Daniel."

Daniel: "Good evening, N1."

Trust, Balance

N1: "I have a question on building trust. As you know right now I am feeling very betrayed by the Father and I am not trusting the Father at all. And intellectually I realize that it was not the Father who broke my trust on different occasions, but I am still feeling that. And I would like to know how to go about rebuilding that relationship with the Father when trust in fact has not been broken, but I feel it has?"

Daniel: "Whenever one is caught in this kind of mode where intellectual and understanding is intact, is rational, but the inside heart felt being is hurt, is wounded, it becomes very difficult to bring the intellect and the heart, so to speak, together. It is the same, you see, for those who are on the opposite end of what you are feeling, where the heart is ruling the intellect and the balance is not met. In this case with you I would say: be willing to let go; be willing to have your faith increased; be willing to accept love from the Father. For when you can be willing and can let it go, then that which you know to be true in your intellect can also then be healed within your being, within your innermost heartfelt reality. Trust is one those very high, high virtues in that once trust is broken there are many rungs of the ladder that must be re-scaled in order to have it built. My dear, walk down the ladder with your intellect and up the ladder with your heart that you may come together that you may come to know with all of your being that the Father does love; that it is not as you say the Father who broke trust but the circumstances in your life. Whenever there is disharmony, not matter what it be in anyone's life, look first to your innermost being, to yourself. Know thyself. Let go of that which is imprisoned, that imprisons you and that by letting go you are free then to open those channels to the Father and His love. Work this week on letting go. This must be the first desire. I want to let this go! Is this helping?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel, it is. Thank you. I have a further question. And I think that you have answered it. Part of the model that I have worked with says that it is very necessary to feel our feelings before we can perhaps get to the point where we want to let it go. And I'm finding that to be the case as I am allowing myself to feel my feelings. I am feeling myself also getting to where I want to let it go. Is it necessary to feel those feelings and where we are or should we try and circumvent the process?"

Daniel: "My dear, your risking this evening to share with this group your hurt on such a personal concern as the trust of the Father shows forth your real desire to let go. And this is healing for you. Yes, when feelings are trapped they must also be let go so that you can heal. You must be able to know not only the intellect, but the heart as well. Heal you will. Yes!"

N1: "Thank you Daniel. I do have a very strong desire to have this healed and know the Father's love. I appreciate your help. Thank you."


Daniel: "Yes, N1. Because of D3 tiring I will allow one more question. (short pause) I know there are further questions and yet I am thankful to you all in your respect of D3 this evening. I wish for you all to go forth this week in the knowledge that as you reach out to others that which is difficult will become more a part of your nature. If you never risk, if you never take those steps necessary you can't expand and grow. You all know this. And so knowledge combined with action brings forth results. Reach out. Love one another and you will be following that path that the Father calls you to. My love to you this evening. Good night."

Group: "Good night, Daniel. Thank you."