1992-09-20-Growing Up, Maturing

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Topic: Growing Up, Maturing

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening: Poems

Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel. "Good afternoon. I am Daniel. I am your friend. I am your teacher. It is indeed a happy occasion for us when we can observe our students and know that the teachings that have been given are taking root, have meant much to you in bringing you into more clarity and understanding of the teaching mission, but more importantly about your relationship with the First Source and Center and His love for you. You have no idea the joy that I feel when I see you sit together as friends, willing and able to share those things which before you would have concealed. This is a mark of your maturing, of your coming to greater self awareness, self love, and your maturing in your readiness to become a group. For, you see, it is through you individually and you as a group that you will carry on the words of Christ Michael; that you will bring this feeling of openness, of contentment, of willingness to let go, for others.



My lesson this evening deals with this maturing. Part of the growth in anyone's life is to always make it to the next 'age' where once you are there you are granted the freedoms and liberties you could not have at an earlier age; the five year old that can't wait to be six to be a first grader; the ten year old wishing evermore to be like the teenager; and the teenager striving for adulthood.

Maturing is an aspect of your life which is developmental physically, mentally, and spiritually. You see as a child your concept of God was very childlike and as you have taken the steps in life, as you have grown physically, shedding the concepts of childhood for those of teenagerhood, adopting the traits of adulthood as you go from teenager to adult, do not ever mislay the fact that in your spiritual domain you are evermore progressing forward, leaving those things behind which no longer bring you service. And so it is with your spiritual life as well. Let go, shed, and drop those concepts that no longer serve you, which no longer speak to you about that which is truth. Truth is relevant for the stage you are in. In the matter of speaking of maturity, as with truth, one can never go beyond that which one is capable of at any given time.

You, my friends, have been scaling the towers. You have brought yourself to higher and more lofty ideals over these last few months. Once you have seen the panorama from the heights, why would one want to descend to the valley again? As you take those steps up, make sure that you are cementing the foundation underneath so that you do not need to descend down; that you do not need to regress back to old ways, old habits; that instead of maturing you become babyish. Cast off these, that you can mature, not only in your physical knowledge and intellect, but also spiritually.

Know henceforth that with each step of maturity in the spiritual realm you are creating soul growth which becomes even more enlarged. As one matures physically with age there is often degeneration. When one matures spiritually with age there is only more growth, more flourishing. Let this be your guiding light then, to do more to enhance the spiritual. You have come to that point when you will recognize that the trappings of the material world become less and less important, necessary because you are still a part of it, but less important. Create for yourself as you mature those things which will enhance this soul growth. Look at those things that you shared this evening as a testimony to the fact that you have been willing to grow; that you are maturing.

And maturing calls for responsibility in action. How many times have you witnessed an adult who, because of his actions, belittles himself and becomes very childlike? You may, as time goes on, find you are caught up in childlike ways. These need not stay with you. As you mature you more readily recognize the times you err and may more readily correct.

The apostles of Christ's day were very much like you. They, too, had to mature in grace and in spirit. They, too, had fears and doubts. They, too, did not always understand the call. Yet they were steadfast. They continued to follow the Master, to be open to His proddings, to His teachings. And their big test came the day that the Master died. While fearful, while doubtful, while caught up in the humanness of which you all are, they held fast. And when the Spirit of Truth came upon them they recognized it. They understood and knew. And they went forth to serve the Master, to bring the concept that they knew of the Father to others.

How much more you understand about the science and cosmology of your planet than these men of long ago! How much you know, how much less you have to fear than they did! For through intellectual understanding much has been eradicated.

Open yourselves this week that you may take those steps to maturity; that you realize when you are being pulled down in those things that belittle you rather than strengthen you, and make the corrections. You did well last week of opening yourselves and loving those whom you met. Make this part of your daily life. And now this week concentrate on your becoming, growing, and maturing spiritually.

You are all beautiful, beautiful people. As I have been with you these many months I have seen much transformation, much growth, much reaching out. It is when you are in this way of solidly building that foundation that you will meet the obstacles of life and be able to look them straight in the eye, so to speak, with head erect, and not with head down and foot in the sand.

You who will be the teachers of humankind will be ready if you follow these teaching weekly, if you work to make it so. You have done well, my students. I have hope and faith in your future endeavors. Continue in your growth, on your journey of growth and maturing that you will come to know the Father, come to love Him and to serve Him, and do it well. Yes, when the time is ready so shall you be, so shall you sow those seeds and reap the harvest. I will now accept questions."



B6: "Daniel, this is B6. Will you elaborate more on 'teachers of humankind?"

Daniel: "Certainly. Humankind consists of male and female so you will be teachers of your brothers and sisters in regard to those things which are written in the Urantia Book. You will be bearers of good news. By your actions others will see that you are different. By your actions you will bring others into questioning and asking, that they too may know the joys of the Father, His love, His mercy, and His all encompassing aspect of the cosmos. You as you become teachers to brothers and sisters will bring much enlightenment to the world, that this planet may continue to rapidly progress to the era of Light and Life. Does this help?"

B6: "Um huh."

N1: "Hi Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello P1"


N1: "This is N1. My dog is dying as I shared earlier. And I know that my dog does not experience personality survival. And I guess I have two parts to the question. I understand by the definition of the Urantia Book that animals do not have personality, yet they certainly have something called temperament or something that makes each animal unique. And Job has such a sweet, loving disposition. And I guess I would like some understanding, some comment on temperament perhaps and its uniqueness. And I know that animals become part of the Supreme rather than experiencing personality survival. But I really don't understand what that entails. And also people who choose extinction, the good becomes part of the Supreme. But particularly in regard to animals, could you explain it more..what becoming part of the Supreme means. Will I ever experience my dog again or is that as N2 said, I will carry with me as a memory? Will I even lose that when I lose my material body. Is that something my Thought Adjuster won't keep?"

Daniel: "It is often very difficult for mortals to lose a companion, even if the companion be an animal, domestic animal, pet. And so one is very much caught up in the emotional aspect of losing someone, something that is very dear to them. And while your emotions will play much in the next time frame in regard to losing your friend, you will, in time, as with all things, begin to move past the emotional hurt.

It is true that all good goes to the Supreme. The Father's love is so encompassing that it is impossible to not include all of His creatures as part of the plan. The good that all produce is recorded and saved. The temperament, the characteristic, the love you have shared with your friend will forever be part of your memory which will be for the good. And so while personality survival is not afforded to the animals other than humans on this plane, know that they are not forgotten. They form a function, they have purpose in God's overall plan. You who are fortunate enough to feel the love, the giving that these animals bring, will forever carry those with you in the good that is recorded; that while you are witnessing pain now, you will carry your friend in your heart as time goes on. Is this helping?"

N1: "Somewhat. I guess I wonder if an animal doesn't have a human being to love it is its life recorded or is it like it didn't exist?"

Daniel: "All things have purpose. All things are held in the balance with the Father. Those animals that are fortunate to know human love can generate further love back. Those animals that are wild and free are part of the good in the balance of nature that will forever be recorded as that which gave purpose, gave a sense of wholeness and completeness to a planet. Do you see?"


N1: "Yes. I think so. I remember my further question. I have along those lines not wanted to kill say insects or bugs. And I had a really bad bug infestation this summer. And I started killing bugs and had to bring in an exterminator. And that really bothered me that I was doing something wrong in that. Somehow that seems to relate to balance. Could you address both the act of killing and the idea of balance in that please?"

Daniel: "In this type of question those mortals who have ascended to the plane of seeing life as having much meaning, as seeing all living things as value, do have much trouble in the acts of killing even a bug, as you have yourself witnessed. While you desired not to do this act, there are circumstances in life which call for you to make these kinds of decisions. And when these are made under intelligent conditions, not haphazardly, then you are not to feel guilt. Yes, the balance of nature is important. And in many species of animals there can be to the detriment of humankind over populations, overgrowth which need to be curbed. I recall this bug infestation of yours, and you not need not feel guilt."

N1: "Thank you Daniel. That helped a lot."

V1: "Hello, Daniel. This is V1. And talking about pets and what you shared about as always being a part of memory, if its appropriate I wanted to ask if you had a pet in your mortal life and whether or not you have those memories. And if its appropriate how old you are in the sense..I know you were a doctor but where are you now, and what do you remember, if that's appropriate?"


Daniel: "Of course I had pets on my planet of existence. Of course I have a memory or two of those that were very dear to me. This memory is part of that which I consider to be very dear, good, and brought me completeness, brought some more wholeness to my life. While these memories are very faint I still have the recourse to feel and recall them when and if I deem appropriate. In observing N1 this week, I did, in fact, recall one special domesticated pet on my sphere. Not all will be remembered. Those that play a special part in your lives will be recalled. My age is not important. Do I sound like a gender of this planet? Perhaps.(much laughter) However, you see, it does not fully bring you more spiritual growth to know these things. I have seen what you would say, 'many a sunrise and sunset' and I look forward to maturing and growing older. Age really means nothing once you have gone past a space/time continuum. So while one of you here this week feels that you are much older, fear not.(more laughter)"

Guardian Angels

V1: "Daniel, thank you very much. I appreciate your answers. And as a member of the gender on this sphere I am 58 and I have always told my age, so..I am maybe trying to nullify that, I'm not sure. My other question . ..and this is certainly one that I have been wondering about many times..in that as a teacher I give larger groups that are more capable only one teacher to work with them or an adult. And if possible on a one to one basis for those immature children who need so much more. And ever since I have been reading the Urantia Book I have been trying to understand..and N2 brought that up when he was talking about guardian angels in his past..I am trying to understand why we get a guardian angel as we mature spiritually, when I need more help on an immature..Am I getting across what I am trying to say? As a teacher I put one for immature children and I don't understand why we are grouped together in much larger groups with one angel when we are immature?"

Daniel: "Yes. A question that would seem to be paradoxical for you is one which is very clear as you progress. In your infancy in spirituality you are entrusted to the care of angels that work to prod and provide experiences that you can grow on a spiritual plane. And as you progress, you see, you become more able to accept more personal guidance. And as you open up more you need the more personal guidance of angels that you can work to further develop spiritual growth; that in the beginning with your very first baby steps you did not need as much help because you were not as open. But as you grow and as you open up you are given personal guides so that you can grow even more in depth and be able to take loftier pursuits. In the physical world often you do this as well. How many of you learned to play a musical instrument in a whole group, but as you become more adept at playing the instrument you sought out a personal teacher to give you more? I understand perfectly your comment about you needing to provide more one to one for those who are immature. For those who are immature, that are not on the same norm as others, are like the ones that are on the other extreme as well, that need personal help because they are advanced, as well as those that need personal help because they are less advanced. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. That was a very good analogy of the musical instrument lessons. Thank you."

B2: "Hi, Daniel. This is B1."

Daniel: "Hello, B1."

Discernment, Transmitting

B2: "I just wanted to share how special your memory of your animals or your pets in our family meeting that time when our dog jumped on your lap or D2's lap. It was fun watching you react and I remembered that tonight. I know that you hold that in your mind dearly. My question tonight is . .I have had lots of experiences this past week with sense, names, a lot of stuff going on. I realize that I have a really active imagination and I just . ..I don't want to ask the question, 'is this real?' but I just want some guidance on how to discern for myself, how to focus and concentrate on the real communications coming through."

Daniel: "This is such a confusing aspect for all of you, for any mortal when they begin receiving. It is most difficult to discern that which is real from that which you desire to be real and from that which is just plainly your own thoughts. As time goes on and as you practice more, those things which are coming from this side become more discernible in that you become more confident in this experience. As with all things that are new and different one walks with a certain amount of fear, a certain amount of wondering, doubt of trusting one's own being.

Recall, if you will, your first day of school, or your first day on a new job. Were not your feelings one of worry, anxiousness, fear, of course, excitement? And so you see, this is one of those things; that while you are overjoyed and elated that you are hearing messages, at the same time, you have your fears and doubts. On the second day of school you walked in. You knew what to expect a little bit more. By the third month of school you romped into the room without any fear. Every day you practiced going through that door to school. Every day it became easier. Every day you knew what to expect. And so it will be with these transmissions. Allow yourself to feel nervous. Allow yourself your doubts. Allow yourself your fears. But do not let them take over. Recognize them and continue to practice. As you practice each of you will find in your own way those things that help you to distinguish when you are speaking or when it is coming from the other side, when it is the real otherness.

D3 has allowed me to use her as an example now. Whenever she is transmitting, so long as she stays on the left side of her brain, she knows that I am coming through. If thoughts come in from the right, she realizes this is her. In which case she has conditioned herself to pause and allow my thoughts to again overtake hers. Part of the transmission is being able to let go and not be concerned with the message, but only to transmit. At a later date, after transmission is complete, you will discern that the message, too, does make far more sense than it did as you were transmitting. This is, and will be, a struggling problem for a time. Yet, over time, it will become quite natural. If you can daily go to the Father, to Christ Michael for guidance; if you can daily commit yourself to following His will, then the promptings you hear, the guidance you receive will validate what needs to be done in your life.

And so to all of you as you are beginning to take your baby steps in this regard, allow yourself to put pen to paper, voice to recorder and do not fear. For as time moves on, you will be able to tell when you are getting direct guidance. Does this help?"

B2: "Yes, it does. Thank you very much. Is there any way you can tell looking at my brain if it is transposed left to right, right to left, or if it is the normal? I'm just curious."

Daniel: "You have the capacity to use the right side of your brain very creatively. And this should not hamper in any way the communications. It only requires of you to discern your own creativity from that which is the otherness. Creativity is wonderful for it helps to bring about ideas and ideals. The ideals are more in line with the action and the coming together in the alignment with the Father. So to you who are more creative, allow your ideas to flow at a time when you are not seeking the stillness. At that point seek for the ideal. Do you see?"

B2: "Yes, that is very helpful. Thank you very much."

F1: "Hello, Daniel. I love you. I thank you for everything. There is a saying at work that I see everyday as I'm handing out papers and it says, 'those who need love the most are the ones that deserve it the least'. And I am beginning to see that very clearly and understand that and I was wondering if you could give me some guidance. In the office area where I work when there is a victim type situation, something happens to someone, there is so much hatred put forth from the people to the person that did the offensive act that there is almost as much negativity that comes out from that itself as the act which was created. And I kind of sit by helplessly not knowing what to do or if I can do anything or plant some seeds or whatever. And this happens so often that I just . .I would like to be able to do something and maybe I'm not ready yet...I don't know."


Daniel: "Know, my dear, my love for you is strong also. And the question you ask is one that will help many for you see, being able to give love to those, as your sign says, deserve it least, is very difficult. Let us first look at first who these people are.

These are the people who, bottom line, rest on the fact that they do not, in fact, know or love themselves; that they have, because of circumstances in life, because of environment, because of education, because of the various unfoldings of life, come to this point to where they are very hardened, indeed; that they are the ones who feel victimized. They are the ones that think that they are abused or neglected or ones that are trampled upon by the masses. They are the ones who have not been given the message of the Father. They are the ones that do not understand the love that the Father gives. And so, you who will be the apostles need to recognize those individuals, that you can come to an understanding of why and who they are, and accept them regardless of their human weaknesses. Accept them in the fact that you can give them love, that you can reach out to them and bless them as a brother and sister; that you can, perhaps, mirror for them some small tidbit that will help them to raise themselves in stature; that they can gain a little more confidence. And in this case of the office that you speak of, with your co-workers you can plant seeds to help them realize that the people that come in who are the ones who are not able to pay their bills, are the ones who have all the excuses of why they can't, who are already defensive, already full of bad humor, so to speak; in a sense have already built fences around themselves.

You must help your co-workers to see these people as brothers and sisters, who because of their circumstances in life, are at this point. It serves no human to have to be at the mercy of others. And those who because of life's circumstances have had to be in this mode become very calloused, find it very difficult to open up. And so if you can help your co-workers to realize the plight of these people; that if they could show kindness, a smile, a phrase that says, 'yes, I understand where you are coming from. I understand how difficult it must be to make monthly payments. I understand those things. I'm sorry you are in this situation. Let us work to see what we can do to make these payments a little easier for you'. You see by helping these people to not be on the defensive they will grow, and your co-workers will grow much more for having reached out, having given love to those they found most difficult to give it to. It is not easy for you in your situation to always help these other people. If you can, in your dealings with your co-workers, approach them in this light, you will have set the example for them. Those who are willing and wanting and loving individuals will recognize this and they will try to do as you have done. Has this been some help?"

F1: "Yes. So by my actions and by my setting examples and how I treat others is the planting of the seeds?"

Daniel: "Exactly, yes."

F1: "Thank you Daniel."

B1: "Hello, Daniel. This is B1."

Daniel: "Hello, B1."

B1: "We missed you on Monday night. We are thankful Abraham was there to help us."

Daniel: "Yes, I was away. I had others I was caring for."

Teaching Mission

B1: "And some of us have talked, myself with J2 from Woods Cross and D2 has talked with me and we seem to be somewhat confused or concerned that we are not sure exactly what all this communication practice is for. And some of our ideas have been, I am speaking for myself, that we are not just practicing mental telepathy or such, but that there is some sort of circuitry that is involved to communicate the mission, Michael's mission during this correcting time. I think I get that impression from reading the Sarasota papers and etc. Is this a correct understanding, that this is not an attempt at so called mental telepathy, but something different?"

Daniel: "Exactly. You see, you will be in spiritual communication with one another, that you will, as time unfolds, be able to receive the messages from your teachers as necessary to help you carry out your apostolic mission. And these practices are important, in that they will help you to be ready as the time approaches for the apostolic work to begin. Now you are not only building your spiritual foundation, you are also preparing those things necessary physically that will help you. And do not fear that you are involved in some, what you would say, Mickey Mouse type of situation. This is important work that you are doing. You are laying groundwork, that which you will be happy to have in time, in the future. So please, work through your spiritual foundation building. Remain steadfast in the stillness with the Father. Take to heart the weekly lessons and work through them. Read the book. Come to one another, as you have today, and work as much as possible for this circuitry building, and all will be well when you are about your work. Does this help?"


B1: "Very, very much. And then one personal question. I haven't done any pen to paper and I haven't done any recording into a tape recorder of the messages I have been getting. However Ham has spoken through C1 that I was receiving these messages. Should I be doing this? Should I be dictating to a tape recorder? I have just been listening and talking back in my mind, so to speak. Would it be helpful if I would take more time and talk out loud? These have been very personal as you probably know."

Daniel: "It is helpful in the fact that as you do this you listen more intently, work more intently on receiving and then as you are able to write it or record it you become better at this receiving. You are not so much involved in the listening to your words. For you will try to analyze, and in the analysis then you cut off the transmission. So in order to receive fluently, either do so as writing, or speaking into a recorder will help you in many ways."

B1: "Thank you. That is real clear. I appreciate your guidance."


Daniel: "And I will close this meeting now. I wish again this week to send you my love, to send peace to all of you. Know that many of your brothers and sisters are in pain, are in transitions in their lives that need you to minister to. Hold your group members and the members of other groups forward in your prayer time. Think along the lines of helping and seek healing as manifesting in their lives. I leave you now. A week ago you were going out to give love to others. Continue and this week work to bring forth spiritual maturity. My love to you. Good evening."