1992-10-25-Controlling Your Tongue

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Topic: Controlling Your Tongue

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Ham

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Ham: "Greetings my friends, I am Ham. I have come here this evening with J2 and N3 that I could also observe this group. Daniel has been very gracious in allowing me to speak to you.

I am very pleased with the progress you are making. Indeed, this is a laboratory! Indeed, you must learn and experience those things which will bring you on a righteous path. As you work together, as you share, you have been and you will become more sensitive to the needs of one another. My friends, it is in this ability to become sensitive at very personal levels that you will become confident and able to carry out your work in the name of Christ Michael. Continue on your path. Continue to share as you have done. This will, in the course of time, be the foundation from which you will rise.

I am of great understanding of Daniel's love for you, of his praises for his students who struggle, who work, who have found the joy in following the Father. Know that Christ Michael is aware of each and every one of you. His love has indeed touched you and you are in transformation. I will now return this meeting back to your beloved teacher, Daniel."

Daniel: "Good evening my friends. I, Daniel, am so pleased to have Ham with us here this evening. He has very pointedly spoken my admiration for you. As you work through your time together you do, indeed, grow. You do, indeed, build that foundation necessary for your own personal ascension and for the seed that you will scatter upon the planet.


Last week we spoke about goodness. And in my time with you I have, indeed, realized the difficulty of this assignment. I hope that you will take to heart those things that you deem to be good about yourselves. That which you can know is good within you, you can see and know and feel in your brothers and sisters. This, like other assignments, will be ongoing, never ending. Always will you find opportunities to be understanding and tolerant. Always will you know the wonderment of release when you can forgive. Always will you know the pure joy that giving love freely gives to you. Always will you see with spiritual eyes when you can see into the heart and goodness of others. Continue searching for good. Continue to bring forth that into your lives. For, as you are very much aware, that which you focus on is what you will see.


And today's lesson will be on learning to control your most pointed weapon, your tongue. Think how often this member of your makeup, your body has spoken, only to bring you hurt, only to bring you sorrow, only to bring sorrow to those around you. Think how many times this wonderful organ has also brought beauty, goodness, truth, and light to the world! This week look to yourselves that you may be a watchman over your words, a watchperson over your words.

Christ Michael in His earthly career always seemed to have the right words to say at the proper time. And as His disciples followed Him, they were indeed amazed at His actions, at His way of putting things to others. And from watching Him, from listening to Him, they discovered much, they learned much. They used Him as the impetus for their own actions. As you go through this week, call upon your Father/Brother to walk beside you as your guide, that you, too, can follow in His example; that the words that come from you are sweet to the ears of all; that bring to this planet a taste of the wonderment of the Father; that you speak words that bring upliftment. In every situation things can be turned around, can be seen from a different perspective depending upon the words spoken, the way they were spoken. And so, become aware of this beautiful gift of communication given to you, that you use it wisely, intelligently, and lovingly.

As I watched you this evening the words spoken by you did come from the heart, did come through thoughtful processes. Your old adage of 'think before you speak' should not be considered old, but very present day, for it is a truth that is a reality for you even now. The gift of communication is one that has very much brought you to higher levels, very much distinguishes you from the other animals of the realm. For in communication there must be self awareness. There must be awareness of the environment. In communication there is thought process. How you handle the thought processes for that which is spoken, is up to you. As a disciple of Christ you will be a shining example to others and that which you speak will be heard by many. So, this week, as you sit with the Father, as you give Him thanks and praise and honor, ask for that which will help you so that what you speak will be always giving honor to Him. I will now accept questions."


Thought Adjusters, Control

V1: "Good evening Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello, V1."

V1: "I really appreciate your lesson tonight. And, of course, controlling the tongue is an issue in itself. And I can appreciate very much what you are saying to us.

My question has to do with something that I read in Welmek about asking the Thought Adjuster to go on to the next stage of being the Thought Controller. When I read that I thought in terms of 'tape recordings' of my past where the Bible had talked about being very careful about giving your mind or emptying your mind, or giving your mind over to something else..that demons or the devil or whomever would take over. So I guess my question is, 'how do we ask the Thought Adjuster, the Mystery Monitor to take over our lives and our thoughts in such as way that not only do we want that, but we also are still our own being, our own personality?"

Daniel: "You, because of free choice, will always be your 'own being'. The Thought Adjuster that becomes the Thought Controller only controls that which you turn over to be controlled. Never will God take over a free will creature's desires. You will always be able to decide that about which you wish to have guidance, to have direction given to you. Whenever you say, 'Thy will be done' you give over to the Thought Adjuster more area, avenues, channels to help you in achieving your following of His will. Do you need more on this?"

V1: "No, Daniel. Thank you. That was very clear. I think I just need to have it verified from you also that, indeed, nothing evil is able to take over our thoughts either, unless that is our choice."

Daniel: "Correct. You see, no longer are there the beings upon Urantia that are capable of mind control. Any mind control that is now left is from the ramifications of all evil that has preceded. As you give over to following the Father, how can you be giving over to evil when this is not a part or aspect of the First Source and Center? You who desire to follow Him will always follow in the path of goodness, of righteousness, and of love."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

B1: "Hello, Daniel. This is B1."

Daniel: "Good evening, B1."

B1: "Is Ham still present with us?"

Daniel: "Yes."

B1: "I would like to convey to him my great pleasure at having him attend out meeting, to greet us with such positive statements about how he views us and how you, Daniel, also view us. You were asking us last week to look for the good in ourselves and other people and I found a sentence in the Urantia Book that I found very helpful to me which had to do with turning around and going the other direction when you had been going the wrong way. It said something like..it takes a great and noble soul to recognize the error of their ways and turn and go in a different direction. I thought that now there is an interesting thought that applies to me and it probably applies to all of us; that there is goodness to be found in someone who can admit their errors and turn around and change their life. I wanted to share that with you and the rest of the group. I don't have a question tonight. I am just very grateful to have your presence. And it is nice to have Ham with us also. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you, B1, for sharing this course. That which you read and that which you gathered from this statement shows the progressive movement that you and members of your group are having. That which you can read on many levels, you are beginning to do so on higher ones. And this is the purpose of this laboratory, as C2 says. And Ham sends his love to you all."


F1: "Hi, Daniel. I love you very much and thank you for the lesson. 'Thank you' to you and Cindia for being with me in Montana. I felt you and I felt your guidance when I was asking my questions. And also I wanted to share an awareness that I came to that I wasn't aware was going on with me, that I have not been willing to take the responsibility to genuinely care for people. And that has been holding me back a lot. I can get up to a certain point and then I am not willing to take that responsibility. It comes from all my background and stuff. But it was kind of like getting hit with a ton of bricks this week that that is what has been happening. Through the trip to Montana with my daughter, all of a sudden I was so willing to take the responsibility for whatever happens to her life that I would take the steps as a mother and a parent and a friend to help her. It is such growth for me to be able to feel that within me, that I can take that responsibility now, where before I couldn't. I also realized yesterday...I have a friend I haven't seen for a while...I kind of go in and out of the old thing with the tongue and I keep thinking I have to be Christlike and help everybody along, and that when they leave they will be swept up into a cloud or something. And I have been going through a lot of problems with that. All of a sudden it dawned on me that all I had to do for that wonderful person is genuinely care for them and through that care and concern and love for them, that the words would come that I needed to say to them, or that just by being there with them, giving them a hug and telling them I love them may be all they need at that time. And I guess this is not a question but a sharing that I have had a really big growth this week. And I want to thank you for everything. Thanks."

Daniel: "Thank you, F1, for your willingness to share. Self revelation is a glorious avenue and path to the Father. As things become clear to you about who you are, as things become open to you in this regard, then you open yourself to receiving His love and guidance.

May I add one word of caution for you, my dear. You cannot assume responsibility for anyone but yourself. You may help others when they are in need, but they, too, are on their own path. What you do to help them is that which will help you as well as them to grow. But do not take over for another that which they are capable for doing for themselves. I understand your meaning in this regard, however, that you are finally able to look beyond your own personal self, and have discovered that you can care and help your daughter. And this is well and good. You are growing especially well in understanding of relationships. My friend, continue on your journey."

N3: "Daniel, this is N3. And I want to tell you what a pleasure it is for J2 and I to be here with your group tonight. I've looked forward to it for..it's been several weeks that we have planned to come even though we didn't know until this morning. I am very pleased to hear that Ham came with us. It overjoys me. I am thrilled to know that he came with us! And he has done that before when we have gone other places. He has been in California when we were there. And it is just wonderful. We appreciate that.

I also appreciate hearing some of the very same questions that we are hearing down in the Woods Cross group on the idea of the Thought Adjuster and that the Thought Adjuster would control everything. We had the very same question last week. It's really interesting that we are coming up with the very same things and hearing that your free will is still in effect. I think that is really important to remember, that we do have free will, even with our Thought Adjuster. It's just remarkable to me to be able to hear these things and to hear these questions in exactly the same way in every group. It just really solidifies everything. The other thing that really solidifies everything is to hear the concerns you have for us and the thoughts you have for us, even though we are down in Wood Cross, that you get feelings and senses that draw your thoughts to us. And we deem it a real privilege to be able to come and to hear your lesson tonight. And I want to thank you very much for that, Daniel."

Daniel: "Dear N3. Thank you very much for your beautiful words. And know that, yes, people are people everywhere, and those thoughts, doubts, concerns, joys, needs, are the same worldwide. And, of course, the teachers in this mission are well versed in you, as people, and your needs. We are, as you, ascending beings, mainly ascending beings, striving also to understand the mystery of the First Source and Center. And we are, indeed, fortunate to be able to come to such a world as this, to turn around and help our brothers and sisters of the cosmos to understand. For you know, we, too, at one time, were where you are. And you, as you grow and become that Apostle, will also turn and help your brothers and sisters on this plane to learn and grow. I am very pleased, indeed, to have you and J2 here as our guests this evening."


C2: "Good evening, Daniel. This is C2. And I have been thinking about a particular person with whom I have been working in terms of this whole issue of will and choosing. And this person fears that he will choose the darkness and not the light because the light was presented to him while he was being abused. And I guess I am wondering if the concept of grace enters into an assurance of his being guided toward the light, and maybe that choice being made for him. Not in the sense of control, but is it possible that when we are not able to choose our growth, our goodness, but truly desire that goodness, that the choice can be made for us?"

Daniel: "You are, indeed, beginning to perceive a very high reality; that what you always know in your conscious awareness is not all that there is. For you see, conscious awareness deals with the intellect, the mind. You also have that which comes from the Spirit, the heart and soul and being of who you are. And it is from this inner, very deep source, that the real desires of who you are, are brought to life. A real pity it is on this planet when so many have been blanketed with the truth and love of the Father through the errors and the weaknesses of the flesh. This young man that you speak of is truly working to come to the understanding that that which was presented to him was in error. So many avenues we could look at in his regard now, but this is not the time or place. Your question, however, has a very deep seed in that, yes, that which he cannot understand or know in his intellect is working from his inner urges to break through. And given proper encouragement and being able to see through the example of those who are walking in the light will help him. Continue your work with him, for progress is inching its way forward, indeed."

C2: "Thank you Daniel. I really appreciate that because I am so afraid that he will kill himself first, though he has made a promise, and he has honored that promise that he will call me. And I have responded in the middle of the night. I guess that is grace that he will remember that even in the depths of his despair, his rational promise will be led by that deep heart."

Daniel: "Yes. And for this group tonight as a whole, I ask that you remember this young man in your prayers."

C2: "Thank you, Daniel."

V1: "Daniel, I couldn't help but think about the scripture verse that says that God gives us the desires of our heart. I was listening to this and realizing that many good things that come to human beings are a result of their heart, and not a result of their conscious intellect. I guess that's where my hope is in God that God also gives us the desires of our heart. I am seeing it both directions. Thank you for that encouragement."(Co-editor's remark: V1 was saying that God gives us the very thoughts deep with us and also that God accomplishes those desires in our life.)

Daniel: "You are indeed correct in your assessment. My students, you are so smart!"(laughter) (Editor's comment: In the following exchange the personal names and personal pronouns have been left out at Daniel's request due to the personal nature of the subject)

V4: "Daniel, this is ----."

Daniel: "Hello, ----." ----: "This may be a personal matter and tell me if I need to schedule a private meeting for this, but it is a great concern of mine. ------- wrote a very graphic suicide type poem on Monday and it really frightened me. And I was never able to speak with --- counselor about it. But can you tell me if I should be concerned about this? I mean, I am concerned about it, but is it something from --- heart or was it as ---- says, writing, and it wasn't about ---. That was --- statement to me."

Daniel: "Understood. Yes all parents would become very alarmed at reading such a poem. Understand also that at the age and developmental level of ------ this is a very common thought about act. For it is during this stage of development and growth that the thoughts about life and death become a real reality for them.

And as people grow into maturity, many masks must be put on, tried out, experimented with. Whenever a note such as this, a poem, a writing, a threat is given, one should take note and one should be there for support and love. One should observe and make note of any other characteristics that would point toward a real desire to end one's life. Because of the circumstances on an individual level parents will know how to react. My suggestion to you is to continue observing, be open to ------ , but also be aware of the developmental stage --- is in. Whenever one has a person with whom this deed is targeted as a reality for them, steps need to be taken to help this individual come around. This could be, perhaps, a topic for a family meeting for your group. It would behoove, perhaps, for you and . .. also to discuss freely your thoughts on life and death. If further help is needed, a meeting can be scheduled."

N1: "Hello, Daniel. A couple of weeks ago I asked you a question. I said hello and you said hello, P1. And I corrected you and said, no this is N1. I'm wondering about that now. I am wondering if perhaps P1 is my spiritual name or there was confusion, or what happened there?"

Daniel: "Indeed you are P1 and this was an error on my part. And know that often D3 must wait, for often I do give names. She spoke very quickly that evening."

N1: "Thank you, Daniel."


K2: "Daniel, I...well anyway...I have so much to say I don't know where to start. Well the first part..and Ham knows it is very wonderful that he is here. I never realize how much I miss him until I hear him speak. I just love him so much, and I love you, too. I want to address..in my life as I look around at the people I am involved with, those people and even . ..talking about...., what is going on with these people and their depressions? We talked a little bit about this last week. And I am trying to not get too involved. Can you give me a little guidance as to if that is the right thing to do? What do you feel I need to do as regarding my personal family and the people that I love and am close to?"

Daniel: "Indeed, this world is full of many misguided individuals. Indeed, this planet is fraught with many errors about life. Indeed, this planet has come so far in many of the sciences and technology, yet on the most important plane, that of the human spiritual being itself, much has stagnated for many, many years. And the problem has been from many sources, beginning with authoritarian, dogmatic creeds which do not allow the individual to experience and know and grow and become. And because the inner life is imprisoned, the human must seek life, must seek happiness, must seek its rewards in the outer life. And when the outer world fails in providing, then the individual collapses in a state of confusion, doubt, error; all those things that bring about depression, things that bring about illness. And then, because of one's own inability to be whole, one seeks to dominate others that they can, through them, seek their wholeness. And this, too, is a letdown! And now, instead of one broken spirit, there is another who was victimized by this one. And so it continues and grows. Depression that is not caused by organic or physical causes is depression because of that of which I have spoken.

When the seeds of the Spirit are planted and nourished and watered and allowed to grow, then across this plane this vicious cycle can be broken. Each individual knows of others who are depressed. Each individual knows in their own being what it means to be in this state. When you can turn your life over and when you can follow in the higher path, those things that bring about depression are not as likely to do so. For you, however, now asking, 'what can I do to help and support others in this state?', I say to you this: Besides your prayers and concern for them, support them and love them, even in those times when irrational behavior becomes them. Do what you can to give them words that will help them slowly to see from a different perspective. Remember that over time those who truly wish to move forward will take those steps. Those who wish to remain a victim will stay there.

Often, however, victims do not know that there is another choice. When you can help them to see a different path, when you are offering them another way, they can begin to work themselves out of their dark tunnel. For each case it is different, for each individual depression stems from different things within their life. The biggest depression stems from the lack of knowledge about the First Source and Center, about the lack of understanding of self worth, of the love that the Father has for all. Much depression stems from the lack of one's ability to forgive oneself and others.

Recall, if you will, Christ Michael addressing those at the baths at Joppa. Recall how many had laid around waiting for the waters to bubble that they could be first to walk in, with the thought that they would be cured. And with Christ Michael's words He helped many to see that much of the healing that needs o be done, must be done by the person themselves; self responsibility. And the one man who had laid on his cot for many, many weeks, upon hearing Michael's words, got up and carried his cot home, thankful that he had been told that it was within his own self, that he had the power to do so, thankful that he had been given another direction, another perspective. Is this helping?"

K2: "It helps, yes. And I try and I try and your lesson tonight was a good one too, for I don't want to say the wrong thing to anybody. It is just so difficult for them to see beyond where they are and to know that they have choices. And I try and encourage them and I will continue to do that. And thank you for your advice."

Daniel: "Indeed, and please always go to the Father in prayer for them that they can begin to understand their choices; that they, too, will receive the guidance that they need to carry them forward, rather than to stagnate. It is most difficult to work through these things. As you grow stronger within yourself, as you continually align yourself with the Father, then you will be given the guidance necessary to work out and work through problems. And that which comes from your mouth will have guidance in it. So continue, my friends, to make yourselves strong, that you can help others to do the same."


J2: "Teacher Daniel, this is J2. I enjoyed your lesson tonight very much. I have two questions on it, especially with the 'think before you talk'. I believe that. I also understand that the Thought Adjuster can help you with words and also private teachers can give you ideas so you can know what to say when ministering to somebody. How does one develop these other two forms of augmenting the ability to talk, to minister to people? The second question is, if you are involved with ministering to someone back and forth in a conversation, should you think what you are saying, think before you talk; concentrate on the words and the answers or what you are going to say next; or should you think about possibly trying to get help from your teacher or from your Monitor; or just concentrate on the love of the other person and just let words and thoughts come through automatically? Or should it be all of those?"(much laughter and comments)

Daniel: "You see, as you grow, as you become more whole, than all avenues of perception, of awareness become open to you. And as you assess people you will become sensitive to their body language, the way they say things, the look they have, the words they use. And as you seek guidance, pray for your abilities to grow, that you will not only further your own soul, but that you continue to do His will, thereby promoting soul growth for all. Through your daily alignment with the Father, you will become aware, so to speak, of how to act and what to say. And you will, at first, be like the new teacher in a classroom who prepares every lesson, even writing out grandiose notes on what to say and how to do it, but as this teacher grows more confident, as this teacher becomes aware, there comes a time when no longer are these notes necessary. And so, at first you will be like this teacher, watching, observing, and taking in to know what to say. But as you become more confident in your reality as a son or daughter of the Father, as an apostle for Him, and as your foundation is made strong, that which you say will be guided. Does this help?"

J2: "Yes, it does. Thank you very much."


Daniel: "I will now bring this meeting to a close. P1 and John, it has been confirmed for Wednesday night, yes.

My friends, as you go about your lives this week, as you become aware of this beautiful gift of communication, ask that, and work toward that which will bring the love and mercy of the Father into greater light, that that which comes through you, will bring others into a sense of comfort; that you do not erect walls, but rather, take them down. My love to you this week. My students, know that all things in life are not easy, but each time you can conquer even a small aspect, you are becoming. You have much potential. In actualizing potential, you grow and take steps that will, indeed, help you to your next step in understanding. My love to you this evening. Good night."

Group: "Good night."