1992-10-25-Rayson & Friends, Vol. 1, Part 3

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Topic: Rayson & Friends, Vol. 1, Part 3

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Unknown

Session 1


I would like to explain that the lesson tonight, which Prince Melchizedek has planned for you, is another lesson on the Mystery Monitor as this Divinity affects and creates your emerging soul. However, (T/R) is nervous - not settled correctly and so we have decided to split this lesson which is quite important for you to grasp, into two sections. Prince Melchizedek's lesson was one, but we have permission to do half this evening and half next meeting. I just wish to explain that it is not a criticism judgment of (T/R) or of your ability to understand, so with your gracious permission I will pass on to you this wonderful lesson prepared by our beloved Prince Machiventa.

Soul, Mind, Free will

What, children, is a soul? Such a simple sounding word, a word which little children know, and yet such a profound concept - even a miraculous, growing, living thing in our midst. As we have discussed, in every human will-creature of normal mind lives a Father Fragment, the Divine Indwelling Monitor. What then, is the soul? Simply put it is the creation, the child of the Divine Father and the human mother. How does this soul evolve? The Adjuster comes to live when the human makes their first moral decision. The soul is born at that moment. To understand this miracle we must first analyze or understand that mind. Let me explain.

The conscious mind of the human is divided into three segments. Higher mind is not usually in human consciousness, but it is the Adjuster, higher mind, Divinity. The animal lower mind, the electrochemical impulses, the body, is also largely not conscious. In the middle is the conscious human mind, resting on the uncertain rocky and explosive bed of the electro-chemical lower mind and reaching up, extending to the midst of the Divine. In the arena of conscious human mind is where the decisions are made, influenced by the Divine pilot, which gives birth to and in essence creates the evolving morontia soul.Free-will of the creature is always paramount, tantamount to all. The Adjuster does not manipulate, dictate, tell, or in any way dominate the human will. It is in the arena of choice, the middle mind that the soul grows. How does this happen? The Adjuster influences.

As the human will is consecrated with a conscious decision to the Divine will, the Adjuster's influence increases and you can more clearly hear and do the will of the Father. Thus the soul evolves. The miracle is, children, that even on this material plane, you can achieve the morontial. Do you truly grasp this concept? Your evolving soul is morontial. The more you are in line with the will of the Divine adjuster; the more you will actually live the morontial on this planet. Before death or translation, the soul can only reach a morontial stage. After death and repersonalization, the soul is more readily replacing the human, purely human, will. After fusion, of course, survival is assured. This morontial child within all of you will grow stronger in time. The mind is the soil from which the soul grows. The mind of the human where will resides determines the rate of soul growth. But, my brothers and sisters know this, the mercy of the Lord. It does not matter if you do not comprehend God. It matters only that you wish to comprehend God. It does not matter that you do not recognize fully truth, beauty or goodness. It matters only that you wish to recognize truth, beauty, goodness. Every day that you live you grow closer to actualizing and comprehending the Divine. And this is what is causing your soul to evolve and expand: the human mind. Simply: material, lower mind; morontial, middle mind; spiritual, Divine, higher Adjuster mind. You can achieve a morontial outlook in a material body. That is your soul. Regrettably I will end this part of the lesson for now, but I promise you that next week it will blow your mind. (Laughter.)


Q: When you discuss the three levels of mind, how do they relate to the Infinite Mother Spirit and that mind?

A: That is an excellent question. Mind, human mind, mid-mind, must be prepared to receive the Adjuster. It must have the seven Adjutant Mind Spirits, have attained the seven levels of Adjutant Mind Spirits, which are the gifts of Divine Mother and her spirit. Therefore, Divine Mother is the Deity, which prepares mid-mind for the bestowal of the Adjuster. Also, as mid-mind works with the Divine mind, Mother Spirit is working in mid-mind to help the child of time hear the Divine. The human mind is capable of greatness, of eternity perfection. But the choices are your own. You, the human will, may turn the mind, mid-mind, away from the Adjuster into sin, evil, even into non-survival. It is the arena, more so than the Adjuster, of the Mother Spirit, which offsets these lower impulses.

Q: Do the impulses, the negative impulses that you are discussing come from the lower mind, the human electro-magnetic impulses, and if that which you try to fight with is the mid-mind, with the help of the Mother Spirit and the Adjutant Mind Spirit?

A: Some come from the lower mind. Yes. Some come from character flaws.

Q: Where does a character flaw reside if not in the mid-mind?

A: You are not created in perfection; therefore it is the will of The Father to create within you rungs on the ladder of spiritual evolution. These rungs are your faults. Your feet climb it at your will, and your destination is God the Perfect.


Q: Where does the soul go when the brain dies, when the human mind dies?

A: The soul is shepherded to the mansion worlds by your guardian seraphim where it is reunited with the Adjuster and personality of the human.

Q: So if a person's mental capacity, through either disease or illness or old age deteriorates and becomes no longer able to function on a spiritual level, that person's soul and Thought Adjuster wait in the Mansion worlds until the body dies and the personality is resurrected?

A: That is absolutely correct.


Q: Rayson, you spoke of the mind being the arena of choice, the conscious mind. Is the will that makes this choice a function of the personality? Is it identical to the personality?

A: No, not identical. But it is a personality function. Your personalities are incomplete in your present form. Your personality will become, or your soul will become your personality on the Mansion Worlds.

Q: Well, I'm a little confused. We are told that personality is one gift of The Father and is an unchanging attribute or entity.

A: But you have not attained it fully, yet.

Q: Just as we have a piece of The Father living within us yet we are not communicating with Him fully yet, is it similar to that?

A: Your personality is bestowed, but you have not grown into it fully yet. Your personality will be seen more clearly in the morontial because it is more fully seen. It is your soul; it will become your soul.

Q: Well what is this thing that does the choosing?

A: Will. It is human will. It is a part of personality bestowal, but it is not synonymous with personality. There are times when you may choose to follow higher mind. Other times your choice will be not so evolved. You are the same personality but your will varies.

Q: When the impulses of the lower mind, the electro-magnetic and chemical make up our mind, weighs on us too much and we fall prey to it with anxiety or fear or even chemical imbalances or whatever, will appealing to the higher mind offset that, or will we just learn to live with that? Is there a way to reach a balance again in an unbalanced lower mind by appealing to the higher mind?

A: The balance will be achieved by your choices. Even though impulses may be strong and sometimes irresistible, you can choose in mid-mind not to act. This is balance.

Q: Though we choose not to act, which in essence is the best thing possible in a situation where your lower impulses are strongly affecting you, will the choice not to act constitute more soul growth, and will that help ease the struggle? Is there a way to ease the struggle against the lower mind impulses?

A: Yes. The more the human will chooses the higher road, the easier it becomes, because you make spiritual progress - as we discussed, circles progress, last meeting. Also, soul growth and the reality of the morontial is actually put into practice and lived here on the material level. But you must choose. Starting as a child learns to walk, you fall, stumble, but you must get up again and take those few steps. Even when one has mastered walking there is running. (Laughter)

Q: RAYSON, The Urantia Book says that after forty years old the adjuster is like a controller. Does that mean that the mid-mind is used in some other way?

A: No, it just means that mid-mind had become more adept at hearing the Divine mind. It also means that the experience of the human has tempered the will with wisdom and evolved higher values. So choices are at a higher spiritual level and the adjuster has a bigger field to plant seeds in.

Session 2

  • (02/17/92)


This is a continuation of our study on the Divine Mystery Monitors. What we are focusing on this day is the relationship of your evolving morontia soul to the fragment of The Father, which indwells each of you.



To quickly review, as we learned last week, the Adjuster indwells the higher mind of man. The material mind is the soil upon which the Adjuster plants Divine seeds: spiritual realities and concepts. Lower mind is your purely instinctual, physical, subconscious nature. The soul is the morontial child of the prompting of the adjuster in conjunction - wedlock - with the decisions made from free-will choice in the conscious mid-mind realm. Personality, which is a gift of The Father at birth, also resides in mid-mind while you are in this material body. But it is much more identified with the morontia life after death or translation when the soul develops will, and can more consciously align itself with personality-Adjuster consciousness. Man is conscious only of will. As one progresses spiritually and through time in this physical state, it becomes easier to get a glimpse of the spiritual leading of The Father fragment. However, your task, brothers and sisters, should be thus: to consecrate your human will to the doing of the Father's will. If one does this in a positive way, one is assured of eternal survival. Not now, but eons from now, you will surely stand in the presence of the First Source and Center from whence your fragment came. It is not so much your task to fully understand the Divine, but only to wish to understand God. It is not so much your task to be Godlike as to wish to do the will of God, and - in eternity - you, too, will attain Divinity.


Day by day as you live your life, study your choices and consciously become aware of choosing higher, ever-higher values and climbing toward God. Unfortunately your great struggle, brothers and sisters, is with your dual nature. You are physically a part of nature. You are animal in origin. But there exists within your mind the Divine. And you have the ability, potential, to transcend nature, the material, and exist in the realm of the spirit. This is a conflict. It is personality, which integrates this conflict. Let me try to explain further. How difficult it is to be a finite being with an infinite piece of Divinity. It is unbalancing. Those mortals who do manage to transcend the baser material realm also are prone to other pitfalls: pride, ego, and self-satisfaction. It is a balance that one must achieve. There is nothing wrong or inherently sinful, evil, in the infinite temporal material state. To the contrary, it is a creation of the eternal Sons and Daughters and is good.

Free will

It is what you do with this state by your will decisions that determine your destruction or survival. Rest assured that even amongst us in this room, as we ponder the cosmic insanity of destruction - non-survival, each of us, myself included, runs the risk of that choice until we fuse with the Divine. So, although it is hard to project, understand, the destructive nature of man it is a true reality risk and is determined in the tiny choices of everyday life, children. This is what you must become more aware of. No human is born evil. Rather does the will of the human twist the mind choices until evil is embraced. Your soul is but a shadow of the real you. It is being created for your next life, not for this one. But even in this material life here on this planet your soul is developing awareness, awareness of the Adjuster and the human personality. Just as the Adjuster, of course, is aware of his soul - his child, the soul - the human personality will become more aware of the evolving morontia self. The mind ideates; it thinks. It deals on an intellectual realm of facts.

The Spirit, the Father, is truth eternal, absolute. The soul feels. Please let me emphasize the feelingness of the soul. It is the difference between scientific knowledge and true values. The soul deals in the realm of values, and the will can force ever higher and increasing awareness of ever more spiritual values: truth, beauty, goodness, and love, Godlikeness. You grow more Godly.

Human Condition, Inner Life

The human condition is a delicate balance between uncertainty and security: the uncertainty of what lies ahead; the security of the love, mercy, and Divine compassion of Deity; the uncertainty as a newly ascendent child of God; the certainty, security, that one day you will stand in the presence of the Creator, Himself. This is the human struggle. But make not the mistake to live only on the material plane. This is one of the greatest dangers of this age, children. A society that dwells only on the material level is doomed to extinction. Because man has these opposing natures there is the potential for conflict. The conflicts we see in nations, societies, the world wars, poverty, prejudice, bigotry, oppression, unfairness of every kind, have at their root the inner conflict between the spiritual and base natures, the dual nature, of man. There is also a risk of inner civil war in such a diverse being. Inner civil war, conflict causes you to lose the peace that Michael promised you, the sublime peace that transcends understanding, causes you to lose touch with spiritual realities, causes much wasted effort and a cut off from spiritual help. While you cannot control the world, the environment you can control the inner life of yourself, the inner man or woman. In this inner life are the decisions of eternity created. This is the source of all creativity. And if you approach life not from the outer material world, but bring to the world the inner nature of man, the creative force which stems from the Father Himself, you will make a difference in the world, but most of all in yourselves, in your ascent Godward. This is the important fact to grasp. Even with the strife, anxiety, uncertainty, poor genetic make up, lust sinfulness, slothfulness, poverty, prejudice, bigotry, hatefulness, lack of God consciousness on this planet, many, many, many, many of your mortals do ascend and fuse. This is the great miracle of the Adjuster, children. When you look around at the world or at your own individual lives and get discouraged, depressed, despairing, remember that out of such seeming inhospitable soil have sprung many souls whose eternal life is assured. From these very conditions and worse, children, as you will see - will spring the chorus of ascending mortals. And that, children, is your destiny if you so choose it.



Q: I get confused about the desire to expand my soul and live in my soul, and seek other souls, and you are saying that the soul is for the next life. I feel such a desire for it here and now that I am wondering if that is dangerous somehow, or negative?

A: No. You are simply confusing terms. You feel a desire to know the personality, which will be spiritual, of your fellows. When you are on the Mansion worlds, the personality and the soul are evidenced together and as you ascend, both become fused on the spirit level with the Adjuster. Your soul is evolving now and therefore it is difficult to be your soul because you are not - you are physical. The Morontial, the soul, is a small part of you which you and The Father are creating as co-parents.

Q: What about people who forego the material existence while they are here, who try very hard to communicate with God and give up the world to do it? Priests, or monks or holy men. Is that something to be desired? That kind of attitude here?

A: I will generalize, and it is not set in stone. But no, it is not to be desired, because the gift you give to your Adjuster is experience in the world. To skip that is to open the door to many problems of ego and pride. And the goal is not to forego the material but to live with it and transcend it in your area of free-will choice. To live in the world but not of it was the great accomplishment of Jesus.

Q: You said something at one point about the will. It was almost as if it was a separate thing from us. Is the will completely from an animal level or it is it from personality?

A. Personality exercises dominate will choice on this level but the will is the offspring of the conscious human mind, mid-mind. It is your only area of control or choice. You cannot effectively influence other things: your body, material world, the Adjuster. But you can exert influence and growth through will in the material conscious mid-mind.

Q: How do we develop the soul while we're in our mortal condition? It seems to us from reading The Urantia Book that the exercise of the soul is what helps to build it. Just as physical exercise would help to build the body, experience helps to build the soul. Is that correct?

A: Experience, and how one chooses to react to this experience. You have the choice, will, to react positively in the mid-mind. Much latitude is there. For a while an experience might appear tragic. You have the ability to see the spiritual reality behind the material tragedy and to live in that realm of love, survival, and spiritual growth. . ..


Q: Page 1205 of The Urantia Book says "Adjusters are devoted to building up spiritual counterparts of your careers, morontia transcripts of your true advancing self."(110:2.3) What is meant by counterparts?

A: For example, you may have a human understanding - analysis of a situation where you were disappointed or hurt, and it might be remembered by you as a sad or humiliating experience. Your Adjuster may have a completely different interpretation - record of that. He registers your soul growth through disappointments, the progress you have made in your understanding of experiential difficulties, the spiritual progress as you broaden your value to higher meanings and this day, incident, might be recorded as your victory with a feeling of success - achievement on the part of the Adjuster. There are different realities for creatures so far from the spirit. What you think of as defeat is probably your highest illumination.

Q: Carrying through on this, would it be correct to say that which is counter-parted is real and will exist and that which is not is unreal and will pass on?

A: Absolutely, that is correct.

Relationship, Poise

  • (02/22/92)

Q: In the relationship between people - between personalities that you were talking about, what is the optimum way of relating to other people that would achieve the best soul growth? For instance, the motive, does that make any difference? Or the truth of how you are relating to that person, how does that make any difference in the growth of your soul?

A: That is a deceptively simple question with much complexity. The optimum is to love one another. But this is not realistic, for to love one's fellows truly you must understand them. Understanding begins when we place the spiritual ahead of the ego. So, the realization that we are one family created by one Father is essential, not just in terms of lip service, but in terms of true service to one's brothers and sisters. Mota is not that significant. It is the quality of the interaction. You will always experience imperfections in yourself, annoyances, impatience, and conflict. These are a part of your imperfect state. How one-what one does determines a realistic goal of relating to others. Jesus said "turn the other cheek." I am not as adept as our Creator-Brother-Father, but I would say sometimes the highest good in terms of personality relationships is avoidance if one is not evolved enough to come from a place of highest values with another being. The sincere commitment to understand is important in terms of perspective: the spiritual rather than the "me." But it will be impossible to remove the ego, but remember it is not instinctual. Personality - I mean ego is instinctual, animal, but personality can break that stimulus response. For example, if one is physically struck, the animal will fight or flight. The spiritual intervention of personality might cause a different reaction. The highest would be to allow the Father to be seen in your relationships with others, for you to reflect and embody His perfect qualities of love, mercy, patience, wisdom, truth, beauty, and goodness. Partially these can be attained by you, and not always consistently, but that would be the ideal.


Q: Would the personality that I have received, for example, that the soul be me in potential, and that personality that I exhibit here - different sense of humor or whatever - is that the reflection of that reality? When we talk at this level, we talk about having personality and recognizing personalities, and types of personalities, if we are 99% potential then what is that that's here?

A: Potential. Let me explain. The you that you will be is personality, like letting the personality out of a locked room. It exists but unseen. It will be the combination of your fusion with your Adjuster and soul growth and eventual transmutation into a spirit being. Your personality contains the potential of all the ascension career. It is there in you now. But it is not apparent because it will be based upon your choice-decision-action throughout your entire ascension career. Your free will determines the release of your potential into actuality. How does one see the one percent here? Your guide, in general, should be spiritual fruits. That is evidence of your personality, your unique personality. How does (S) love? How (S) loves is different from any other created being, the tones and songs and harmonies that (S) brings to the quality, the universal quality of love, is and forever will be different than any other personality, a jazz interpretation of a universal theme.

Session 3

  • (05/17/92)



Q: As I walk the spiritual walk of my life I notice that sometimes I feel really moved, filled, and close to God and Jesus, and sometimes - and now to the teachers also - and then sometimes it feels like everything withdraws and it - there is sort of a still quietness out there. Is that my imagination? I know God doesn't go anywhere. What happens then? Is that something real that happens to people? That there is an ebb and flow of their spiritual receptivity and constancy of the ministry to them.

A: It appears to us, (S), that this is quite normal for you humans. Of course, God is constant. Your consciousness is not. And for many reasons. Some growth takes place beyond consciousness in higher mind realms. Much reality takes place on a spiritual level, which you would never, never see tangibly or be even aware of. So, sometimes when you feel you are not spiritually centered or tuned, you are indeed experiencing growth. There are also rest periods, plateaus, spiritually as well as intellectually, physically. A being can only work so hard so long than must rest. So this seems to be normal and, of course, the constancy of the human will varies. Although we have all made the ultimate commitment to do the will of the Father, the acting upon this decision involves constancy of spirit in actions and varies, which is not extraordinary, but is the condition of imperfect beings.

Q: Do you visit us during the week?

A: I have visited every member of this teaching group. Whether I visit every one every single week is dependent on other factors. My assessment of your spiritual growth, my commitment to other parts of the mission..

Q: Sometimes I get a visceral feeling, an actual physical sense of your presence. Is this possible or imagined? And this is not when transmitting receiving is taking place. This is at other times.

A: I do not know because one can viscerally react to the presence of angels, Midwayers, especially Midwayers. I can only say that much time I spend with (T/R) as she needs more of my attention right now. But I do visit others in our group as their needs dictate. Everyone has been visited for assessment of levels of the lessons.

Session 4

  • (05/24/92)


RAYSON: So, science, yes, concerns with cause and effect. Philosophy, yes, concerns with morality, ethics, and loving service to one's fellows, making sense out of the meanings of systems. Spirituality is the awareness of the creative mind of intent, cohesiveness, on faith beyond what we can see and think. Does that answer?

Student: Yes, and those aspects are used to determine the truth or falseness of any given situation, so to speak?

RAYSON: Correct. That is correct.

Session 5

  • (05/30/92)


Spirit of Truth

The Spirit of Truth is the great Comforter. It is like a gentle rain falling on your souls, and can be called upon and fostered in each human's heart. The Spirit of Truth will never misdirect you. It is able to teach the difference between spiritual truth and mere fact. When you are able to discern spiritual truth, all things reflect the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Father. Even in the worst tragedy-which is only a fact - the Father's fingerprint can be detected when looking through the Spirit of Truth and comfort becomes a reality. When one sees God, it may remedy the situation. Reflect upon the recent event. The tragic death of (S) and (S), when seen through the leadings of the Spirit of Truth, are a testimony to the compassion, mercy, and goodness of the Father.

Session 6

  • (12/15/91)


Spirit of Truth

As our Creator Son lived to show man to God and God to man and was brought to a heinous crossing by the mortals of the realm, His loving apostles and disciples and other followers secluded themselves from the wrath of the Jewish authorities in Jerusalem at that time. When the Master appeared in his morontial forms, the followers were overcome with joy. But still they remained waiting for his promised spiritual bestowal. And after forty days, or at the feast - the Jewish feast of the Pentecost - the spirit was indeed bestowed. But not only to the loyal followers of the Christ. The Spirit of Truth was a gift from the Son to all mankind who sought truth and oneness with God. The Spirit so inspired and mobilized the believers in Jesus that they immediately were filled with the overwhelming desire to preach the gospel. Although they forgot the message, the pure message of Jesus, which is the God as Father and all mankind as children of this loving Father, brothers and sisters in this spiritual family, they did preach the resurrection of the Master and the gates opening to all humans who would accept Him as Deity.

The Spirit of Truth was not bestowed only upon one class, one religion, one race, one sex. It was, and is, bestowed upon every ascendent child of time who sincerely hungers for enlightenment, truth, beauty, goodness, and God. The spirit is not ever perceived by the mortal mind, heart, soul, as the Spirit of Truth, but merely creates an awareness and hunger to know more about Michael of Nebadon, the Son. Every generation receives a new outpouring of the spirit to insure that the Fatherhood of God - Brotherhood of man concept shall never be lost on this planet. The spirit is bestowed upon all who are faith sons and daughters. However, the spirit is not equal in its bestowal. But, only equal to the capacity to receive truth. Prayer, while not affecting the Spirit of Truth, does affect your receptivity to its leadings. Therefore, through prayer, my brothers and sisters, you will increase your capacity to receive and detect ever-higher levels of truth and Deity. Another suggestion I would make is to increase your prayer life each day, and pray to be led by the great Comforter who will always be there to show you the way. The Spirit of Truth also takes away the loneliness of the God-seeking mortal, for as you have had Jesus here, walking on Urantia, living among its people, breaking bread, teaching lessons, if He had not sent his spirit you would feel an emptiness in your souls. The Spirit of Truth also allows all mankind to find God. As Jesus portrayed man reaching Godward, the Spirit of Truth is the Son reaching manward and leading us to Son recognition. When the evolutionary religions make intuitive leaps forward in understanding it is due to the presence and leading of the Spirit.

No generation shall be lost if they indeed have a spark which leads them Godward. To understand the Spirit of Truth we must understand that times and world conditions change, therefore we have more than the life of Jesus the man-God to derive inspiration from. Jesus revealed man's perfection amidst the times and people he lived in. The Spirit of Truth will show you your perfection on this the world and peoples you live in - which are vastly different from the times the Master walked Urantia. However the higher truth, the hunger for God, faith -filled vision, prayer, brotherhood, and service, and loving kindness-mercy-compassion remain always the fruits of the Spirit of Truth.

TO see the Spirit working in your life, observe the fruits of the spirit. Do you need more compassion? Do you need more service? Stronger, deeper faith? More unselfish love? Prayer will open the channel, and in time the fruits will grow in your life. My brothers and sisters, I pray for you to be more faith-filled and less self-filled. It is the human condition to battle the ego versus the spiritual mind. Observe your lives and correct the manifestations of lower character using the wonderful, powerful helper sent from Michael himself to enrich your souls and make the world a more spiritual abode. Let us thank Michael for the Spirit of Truth, this wonderful bestowal that has helped us all Godward.


Q: When you said the Spirit of Truth was bestowed (upon) every generation, can you illuminate that? I don't really understand.

A: The reason for this, (S), is that each generation of mortals faces different temporal difficulties in the world. The Spirit of Truth is not static, but illuminates truth set against a backdrop of the world circumstances and peoples that are present in that generation. Some generations receive less because they are less spiritually receptive, perhaps more material minded, or perhaps must deal with great distractions, such as your aggressive wars, or hunger, or natural disasters. So unto each generation the Spirit of Truth reaches down to lead the children of time, but it is not a static message. It grows with the generations and illumines truth in the world they live in.

Q: Is it Michael of Nebadon who re-bestows the Spirit of Truth to every generation?

A: Yes, that is correct.

Q: Does the Spirit of Truth work through the movies or any other of the media?

A: No, it does not. It works only through mortal beings. And if they work in the movies then, if they are able to, they can bring truth to the people. Truth, however, can be discerned everywhere: films, books, in other people, and the beauty of the planet. The Spirit of Truth leads the seeker to the highest values reflecting beauty, truth, goodness and Deity. But it does not directly work on things. Only humans.

Q: Is the Spirit of Truth then a personality? Is it to the Spirit of Truth that we pray? Or to Michael?

A: No, Michael receives all prayers regardless to whom they are addressed. The Spirit of Truth is not a personality. It is a spirit, which does not create a consciousness of itself, but only a consciousness of the Son.

Q: In the revelation of the Spirit of Truth by generations to our group, would you take a look at the ages? And there are little babies that are now growing. Is the Spirit of Truth relevant to each individual?

A: The Spirit is bestowed in a two-fold manner. It is for every individual to receive according to his or her capacity. In addition it is a restatement of the gospel of the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of man so that no culture, age, race, religion, non-religion, gender difference, will be left out. The Spirit of Truth must take into account not only the individual's hunger for the Father, but also the world that individual is shaped by. That is why there is a generation bestowal by Michael. For example, (older students) lived in a much different world than a child today. The Spirit of Truth for them led them on a different path to truth. A child growing today might have more choices to find truth to lead them Godward. So the Spirit of Truth is ever adaptable and alert to any stepping-stone to the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of men.

Q: Does the current encircuitment of our planet enhance the Spirit of Truth? Or is it a separate bestowal?

A: It is a separate bestowal. However, we have not considered the effect of the re-encircuitness on the mortal mind. This may indeed - and my prayers are for this to happen - enhance the spiritual receptivity and truth-hunger in the mortals of the realm, thereby increasing the awareness-knowledge of the Son. That is a most pleasurable thing to look forward to.

Q: Is it possible for human minds, at this point, to tune in to any universe broadcasts?

A: You are already tuned in. (Laughter)

Q: Is there some sort of test that we can apply to the statements of a T/R in order to discern when they come from the deep longings of the heart of the T/R versus the true teachings of the teacher?

A: (S), you can apply the use of the Spirit of Truth... (S), again I ask you to read pages 2059 to 2065 and reflect upon the Spirit of Truth . ..

Session 7

  • (01/06/92)


Today, brothers and sisters, today our lesson shall be on . .. being born of the Spirit.



Each of you have - deep within your being - sought God. A commitment, a prayer, a quest was begun. For some, many many many years ago. For others, more recently. When man reaches a hand Godward, God has already downreached to that being. God had already found each of you. This will-decision is enough for you to enter the kingdom upon mortal death. It is enough to spiritualize your human life. But it is not what Jesus taught, for we understand "to be born of the Spirit." Allow me to elaborate. Born of the Spirit, born again[1], these words are often used by your religionists. They think to bathe in water, to commit in words, is being born of the Spirit. That is incorrect. You Urantians think to make a commitment to the Father is born of the Spirit. That is also incorrect. It is too intellectual. What is birth, children? Birth is action, physical action. Some births are long and hard and painful. Some births involve some injury, or perceived injury, to the participants. Some births are easy, but not the majority. As it is with childbirth, physical birth, so it is with spiritual birth. Spiritual birth involves physical action. Born of the Spirit is action, spiritual action. When one embarks upon spiritual birth there is a period of dormancy.

The conception is your commitment, survival commitment, and your ultimate..., to the will of the Father This will-decision should grow during the pregnant period. Then comes the birth in the Spirit, of the Spirit, to the Spirit, children. If you think that this will be painless you are incorrect. It will involve much ego bruising, pain, depression, disappointment, all of the things, which you humans are so adept at avoiding. This is why, children, most who hear the truth push it away. They dismiss it. "Oh, this is not for me." "Oh, I have heard this before." "Oh, I do not need this now." Etc. Because, being born again means changing.

It is a birth. But always will your evolving soul thank you if you undertake this action here. You must have courage and commitment. You must have valor. You must realize that this is - this will repercuss on all levels of your being. Many who are involved in the spiritual birth go through doubts, spiritual uncertainty and confusion, even rejection of the Godward life. It is difficult. It is harder to live as a raging heathen than as a committed spiritualist - correction, it is easier to live as a raging heathen than as a committed spiritualist. Why? Because there are more rewards for the worldly attributes, the lower emotions, on Urantia than rewards for the higher values in action. Why? Because it is easier for the human temperament to embrace negative qualities and act on them than to go against one's own inherent animal nature and modify the clay from which you are built, by higher minds and values.

The long dark passage through the spiritual birth canal can be terrifying. You lose sight. The safety after your commitment to God's will has been left behind. The light of emergence into a new way of life is not yet seen. You are surrounded by darkness, feeling contractions, fear, aloneness, and self-doubt, God-doubt. Why venture on out? Why not stay safe in the womb of intellectual commitment? Read your books? Reward each other's goodness in study? Which are all good things to do. But what I am talking about, and what we gravely miss on this planet, is the application. You, as a species, are lazy and indolent, and pleasure seeking. You do not yet have the vision to see the spiritual pleasure at the end of the birth passage. Many holy men and women have gone through periods of great soul darkness while they were being born in the Spirit. This is an active fight. This is not passive. You are at war with your lower nature. Ah, but the victory for your Adjuster, for you, and your soul. It may last in human terms years and years. This is what born again really means. It is an actual occurrence, a transmutation of nature that is not won without much struggle. Very few humans have the inherent spiritual capacity for receptivity to be born again without bloodshed. Page 1130 you will study, as you will study, have studied, Rodan, 1738.

First, sit in the silence with prayer. And rededicate your will to the Father's. Examine your commitment, and then pray for life to force your spiritual hands. The waters of adversity will pursue for each, but you will all reach tranquility one day on eternal shores. This is the war of time versus eternity, of material versus spiritual, of the imperfect versus the perfect, of the finite versus the infinite. One does not become one's opposite without what you think of as pain. Death of the animal is birth of the spiritual. Does the animal not suffer? Does the spiritual not empathize? An enigma created by the Father is evolution. But if you choose not to go though this and most choose not to - you are not giving to the Supreme. You are cheating your soul growth, and not understanding the process.

Think, children, of John the Baptist, alone in his cell, abandoned by his fellows and his Messiah, so he thought. His struggle was necessary. He assumed he was born of the Spirit. But truly his birth came shortly before his death when he accepted and understood that his earthly mission was over, that Jesus was indeed the incarnation of God, and that he would leave. Only then did he attain serenity. Only then did he see with an eternal perspective. That was the moment of his birth-day. You will all see a spiritual birth-day like John. He was blessed with much adversity. But each of you will face your own struggles.

But Jesus beckons to you. He asks you to be born into the brotherhood. And your rewards will be great, personally. As a species you are mandated or asked to do this, to begin this process so this planet may grow toward the light. Your species, your planet, will benefit from transformed individuals. That is an active attitude - being in light. Cowardice is not for the spiritually committed. Indolence is not for the spiritually strong. You must have the same passion in this area that you bring to your profession, your political commitments, your emotional relationships, your financial gain. Where is your spiritual passion? Jesus was not a weakling. Jesus was not a man of sorrows. Jesus was not passive. He was active. He was courageous. I would like you all to pray - if it is your will - for your spiritual birth process to begin. And what I can do as your friend and teacher is to be here when the sea gets choppy. I have been through this same storm, and I speak not down to you but speak to you with much love and empathy as one who has gone through this when I was like you.

My sense of self is much inflated and I had much pruning to do of the dead branches in my own being. With all humbleness I tell you it is worth it. I embrace your struggle and am willing to buoy you up. As your angels draw near to you, as Jesus, himself, has promised to walk through the waters of adversity with you, as your Adjuster points northward as your soul expands, you are not alone although aloneness is a feeling, state, you will go through. The lesson is short today, and simple. Simple to hear, but not to do. I will pray for your birth and that He will recognize your blessings. And now I invite questions.


Q: If we see ourselves as warriors to do the will of God, and we rush out with energy and courage, and with a great desire to do the proper thing, what is the role - if any - of self protection? Even a warrior will protect himself to a certain extent, and I don't mean shirking responsibility, or running away from doing the right thing, or anything else. But there is comment in The Urantia Book about protecting oneself. I wonder if you could expand on that?

A: First, let me say that your role as warrior must begin with yourself. Why assume you are ready to rush into the world when you have not conquered your own inner being? Of course this may be done simultaneously, and should be: inward fight outward. Self-protection comes from the continued evolution - growth of the fruits of the Spirit. A truly evolved spiritual being housed in a material body who exudes genuine love of fellows tolerance, understanding, empathy, friendliness, warmth, kindness and true service will not need protection. Who could harm such a loving being?

Point: Jesus, himself, while brawny and strong, rarely was involved in any encounter, physical or emotional, because he was so full of love. Protection comes from wisdom, the wisdom to clearly see what the other person needs. If it is something - of course it will be something that a spiritual being can give - for if the person feels they need money, we know that is not their need. As Jesus saw - as He passed by in so many - what they really needed, and gave it to them: the spiritual goal, the spiritual tools, - he spoke to their heart, soul, mind, deep, deep prayers. As you grow in wisdom and your own spiritual heart expands, you will be able to easily see what another needs and provide this. Very little self-protection is needed as one grows. However, much of your life will be not at that point - for any of us. So, what can be done? When one is assured of one's survival very few things can hurt you people.

Jesus ignored his critics. There is something in human nature, which wishes to test the good, smear the truth, mar the beautiful. If this is a horrible strain, there will always be those willing to push so that they can say "They are not so good. They are not so full of truth. They are not so beautiful. Their message is false. Their lives are a sham. They are hypocrites. Therefore our dedication to temporal pleasure is fine. There is not a higher way. There is not a better path. There is no God." Yes, there will be those. When we are so sure and anchored in God, even if we cannot see or hear or feel, in our hearts we know. This cannot truly harm you. Ignore the criticism. Reach for the commonality of truth. Stretch, and when you do, you will find less hostility than you think. It is hard to resist love, even for the most unloving. That is my reply.

Q: How do we know if we have already been born of the Spirit?

A: None of you have completed this process yet.

Q: Is it correct to think of the product of the new birth to be your own soul?

A. Expanded soul. Souls are already in formation, but the conception, yes. Birth of -

Q: The development of the embryonic soul?

A: Correct.

Q: Does this happen suddenly? In an hour? In a day? Or is it a long, gradual process?

A: It is rare that it happens suddenly. Even for Jesus it was a long process. It is most often decades.

Q: Rayson, have we already undertaken this process, some of us? Everything you said sounded kinda familiar to me. I'm not saying I've been born of the Spirit, but I think I've begun the process. Do you want us to be more conscious of this process? Is that what you're saying?

A: Yes. You have all begun the process to greater or lesser extent. And at some earth periods you cruise, sometimes you go quicker. What I am asking you to consider is a conscious effort to take the harder path. When there is a choice, choose the higher. It is often the harder. Truth, illumination, loving service, kindly tolerance - fruits of the Spirit - are all difficult to act in your life. So, easy it is to avoid, ignore, table, but you get no growth from it. I am asking you to not idle so much. It will not be easier. There will be pain, death of ego, much shock, but it would be better.

Q: Jesus is quoted as saying to Nicodemus, in effect, "are you not a ruler in Israel and don't know that you must be born again?" What happens when this new birth process is interrupted by physical death?

A: It continues on the Mansion Worlds. There is still human ego felt on the Mansion Worlds. If it is completed here, one goes to a higher Mansion World. You need not so much correction.

Q: I get this image that when you are born of the Spirit you wear your soul on the outside instead of on the inside. That's what you do first. Everything we do comes from that. Is that correct?

A: That is a wonderful image, (S) Thank you.

Healing, Health

Q: Rayson, In the process of being born in the Spirit and the struggles to achieve that, as one makes progress, would there be an effect on the physiologic functions of the body? For example, the ability to become well from a chronic disease process?

A: Yes. Increased spirituality always eventuates in upstepped physical health. Absolutely.

Q: Am I correct in believing that this is the basis of all spiritual healing, right along this line, that inherent in spiritual growth would go improved bodily function?

A: It is not the basis of all healing, but most. There are actual outward celestial beings that work through some healers among humans. And the combination of the two, of course, greatly speeds physical development and health.

Q: Yes, I guess the thing that's been going through my mind over these last several months is, since we've had our encounters with (S), has been puzzling over how energy transformations change in accord to spiritual experiences, but I suppose that's probably something you are not allowed to comment on.

A: A moment. (pause) Yes, spiritual growth is the invisible energy, which motorizes the physical, mindal, emotional, material being. It connects all systems. Spiritual growth affects, on the physical level, the molecular structure of the material being. It is an actual energy. As a child grows bigger you see formation of material mass, energy, etc. So, as you grow spiritually, and it transforms actuals - the physical - and upsteps the systems, the system coordination working of the material beings. There is an actual spiritual gland of receptivity, which I am not allowed to point out to you who is so familiar with human anatomy. There is a definite crossover. Just as an impaired physical brain or disease, pain, affects spiritual receptivity, so does spiritual growth affect physical health. It is a marriage, intertwined, but you are unable to discern this medically now, but some day you will.

Q: Am I correct in believing that this is the basis of what I seem to perceive in people that I know to be transmitter-receivers as well as some other people that are seen to be like holy people? There seems to be almost a glow coming from them. I don't know how else to describe it but there's just a difference that I get from such people. Am I right in thinking that its involved in this business?

A: That is correct.

Q: And, am I also correct in believing that it's visible to almost all human beings at some level, that they know there is something different, its almost like a smell in the air?

A: That is correct.

Q: And I think that for all of us who are involved in this mission, it may be one of our strongest weapons.

A: Correct.

Q: I understand that on your world of birth you were a doctor, but less physical and more spiritual?

A: We integrated all systems.

Q: Am I correct in surmising that - in our spiritual growth process, when we are in the process of being born - that we might need a little special attention such as a spiritual obstetrician?

A: Correct. (laughter by students) That is what my role will be and has been. (more laughter)

Q: Is there something daily we can do in a quiet moment to actually assess were we are in ??? time and space, spiritually?

A: Mmm. That is interesting. I think assessment, (S), is an ego function. Be not concerned with what place you have at the table. Be in the silence and pray to be guided by your Divine Mystery Monitor. Even if you cannot discern guidance, you have your signposts. You know the spiritual versus the less evolved. Pray to be more spiritually active. Be full of gratitude and thanksgiving. And of course, worship God. Assessment is not a function of spirituality. It is a function of human ego.

Session 8

  • (08/02/92)


Today we will speak in a summary type of a lesson, actually, to tempt you onward in your spiritual growth, to accelerate your will commitment to the fruits of the spirit. Let us try to soul center and take in these truths. Glory to God, children, who has created such perfection from imperfection. Glory to God, children, who has given a Divine, perfect, piece of Himself to the lowest creatures who may seek him - the lowest – the humans. Glory to God, children, who has given you the bestowal of Christ Michael on Urantia. Glory to God, children, who has given the Spirit of Truth to Urantia. Glory to God, children, who has given Divine Mother Spirit, Her mind Adjutants, her angels, the Midwayers and other ministering spirits to accelerate your growth. Glory to God, children, for you, your creation, your personality bestowal, and for you - children - who are the children of the Supreme. Glory to you, ascendent children of time, who are creating the Supreme. Glory to you as the Apostle Paul said, "you are the body of Christ."[2]



The body of Christ is really the body of the Supreme. Each one of your tapestries, your decisions, your soul growth, every experience, every thought, every life moment, completes the Supreme, the God of experience - God in formation. Glory to God for the wondrous, wondrous, outcome of the ascendent children of time: the creation of a new being, spirit, between the Divine and the evolutionary; the wonders yet to come of service; the glorious ascension. Glory to God for the perfection, the goodness, the inspiration, the mercy, the love, the service, the tolerance, the perseverance, the human will commitment to participating fully in His most wondrous plan which we can only glimpse and speculate about. Children of time, you have it difficult for a short time, only. Such a short part of your career is spent in this struggle to commit to knowing, searching for God. Once you transcend death of the physical body you enact what you only believed. You learn more about the decisions you made to search for God and put them into action.

After fusion you are spirit, and you begin the actual journey to the Father. Glory to God who takes his creatures so far and ultimately returns them to their creator, and then sends them outward as His personal agents, representatives, to as yet uncreated beings and children of a new Grand Universe which we can only imagine, but know - by faith – that it will be another perfect element in the plan of the Great I AM, First Source and Center, creator of all beings, all life, all thought, all motion, everything. How can we inspire you to accelerate? How can we tell you the reality of your importance to the Father? Give glory and thanks for your beingness. Become aware of your importance, of how the Father, Himself, cherishes every Himself to the lowest creatures who may seek him- moment of your life.

Error, Resurrection

Nothing is ever lost to God. When you, yourself, regret or have shame or guilt, the lowest - the humans. Glory to God, children, remember that God does not. He will cherish the children of time, and are designed to make mistakes. The only mistake with any real consequence is the decision not to seek God. The challenges and pitfalls and regressions of your earth career are all to the good. They are part of the Supreme, and part of your gift to the perfect Adjuster, who may only understand struggle and imperfection through your life. What a glorious way to view your times of Gethsemane, and all must walk though Gethsemane, children. Some may go through the symbolic crucifixion, but like our master, you will become morontial. The lure of the Mansion worlds should be strong for you, not to cut short your earth life, but to fasten your vision upon the reward of this passage. You will awaken quietly in a resurrection chamber on Mansonia. You will be greeted by your Seraphim, escorted to the halls of repersonalization.

Your Thought Adjuster and Seraphim join together in your morontia form, of which there are different bodies before you become spirit. You will meet your Morontia Companions - a most lovable order of beings - who will act as your guides. You will have time to orient yourself to your new surroundings. You will have time to leave some ??? with loved ones who have already graduated. You will visit different spheres. You will see and be awed by the beauty of the Mansion Worlds - created by the Physical Controllers, Morontia Controllers, added substances which you cannot even imagine. You will be made to laugh by the Reversion Directors, and may even join them along your ascension career. Much of your humor will be derived from your past: the foibles of the physical existence, the measuring of growth. The humor there is plentiful but not mean spirited. You will be inspired and thrilled by the concepts of the Celestial Artisans. You will be served by the faithful Spornagia. You will meet many different ascenders along many different levels of the path. You will sense spiritualized ascenders but not able to see them except when the Celestial Artisans portray them for you in pageantry. Much of your trip through the seven mansion worlds will be spent on rehabilitation, correcting imbalances from your planet, planet's history, to get you up to speed so that you may actually progress. Much music, art, recreation, humor, , prayer, thanksgiving, and relationship - always relationships. Yes, there is food, drink, rest, of morontial nature. Yes, there are assignments, but nowhere near the life of toil you experience on this backward planet. Your real job is Godward.

You will learn languages and be provided with interpreters so that all may communicate without misunderstanding. How to describe a life, which is quite the same in terms of your place on the path, but such a different environment! Imagine, children, a world where God is not only present - as he is here - but acknowledged by all, where every will to greater or lesser degrees is dedicated to knowing God, to becoming God-like, where consideration, tenderness, loving service, respect for ones fellows is the norm.


Where one lives in a family of brothers and sisters under one God. Much of your anxieties will disappear, thus train your energy for higher pursuits. You will laugh much over what you considered the huge problems of you earth career. They will be in perspective for you. When our Master said "the meek shall inherit the earth" or "the first shall be last and the last shall be first," He tried to describe mota of the sort that "what you think are your afflictions are your blessings." What you think of as strong on earth is not spiritually correct. Righteousness for God, passion for God, standing up for God is always correct, but so rarely does that happen on Urantia. Most humans stand up for themselves, their egos, their belief systems, their own self interests. Meekness is humility in the face of the presence of Deity, meekness of ego.

So immediately does this await you, children. To you it seems long, but it is so - it is your next moment of beingness. If only you could live this totally, the surety, the promise of the Mansion Worlds. As Jesus said, "My Father has many mansions." "I am the door, through Me you will enter the kingdom." You may enter now. You have entered, but you may even step further into the kingdom - is what I urge. I am trying to tempt you. For, children, the spiritual life is hard. You invite hardship, challenges to overcome. Your soul is not gently formed, children, but honed of steel. Disappointment, grief, deceit, discouragement, fear, anger, devastation, challenges - this is the tempered steel of the morontial soul. Not the afflictions, but the spiritual transcendence and growth, which come from what, you view as troubles. Some day you will see the blessings, children, and you will reap the reward of the faith filled days.

That is God's promise to you. Much reward for so little, so little suffering. Although while you are here your suffering is real to you and all encompassing, I am trying hard to lift you above this to a cosmic perspective! So little is asked from you, so much is given. You have an army of spiritual soldiers standing by your side. When you go through difficulties, call on your army. Remember they are there to serve you. With God, children, nothing is impossible. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad of it. Without the I AM there is nothing but the I AM. God has given you this time, this date, this moment, this will, this choice, this life. Be more thankful, even especially in the hard moments. The Mansion Worlds await you, children of time. Great glories lie ahead for you.

Your soul is being born now. Give to the Supreme, to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit the best soul you can. Keep joy in your hearts, for this is not (???ty). Keep joy for the promised (??) to come, the promise you may glimpse even now with your limited eyes. What joyful, joyful news! How can you be not excited to know you may seek the Father? You have been created consciously for this path. You have been chosen consciously for this mission. Each of you in your hearts and souls and minds has asked to be used. Your will, prayer, have been answered. Rejoice and be of good cheer. What difference if all earthly things crash? What difference when your bodies turn to dust? You have been chosen by God for a glorious career, children of time. Rejoice and know your specialness.

Work for the Mansion Worlds now. Accelerate your spiritual program. Be thankful, be happy, be optimistic, because you know the ending. Live as if you know the ending. Do not sink into the limited vision of this life. Use your soldiers and God's blessings will heap ten-fold upon you now. And now I end this lesson and ask with all humbleness for no questions since (T/R) is tired, but I am sorry. I know many have questions, but we will have a longer meeting next week. Prince Machiventa is pleased with you. He knows you all, as do the other spiritual presences gathered here now.

Session 9

  • (06/06/92)


A: This is Machiventa Melchizedek. You are all in the realms of the spirit. You are impinging upon spiritness. Remember and have faith upon your own knowledge and on your own faiths. Continue to believe. The things that you believe and the things that you act upon are of the greatest importance. This is not a mere figment of your imagination. There are things happening on this sphere that you have no conception of, and you will not know what is going on here until much later in your universe ascension career. But know this, that your faith - faith for your brothers and sisters, faith of Michael, of the Universal Father, the whole concept of universe ascension, are of the utmost importance. Do not look back upon your animal ancestry, upon your negativeness. Focus on your positive side. Proceed with decisiveness. You have our support and confidence. We love you children. We love you all. You are being watched and taken care of. You are being loved with tenderness. Till next time, children, have faith.


Communication, Growth

Q: Teacher, I am trying so hard to increase my contact with my Thought Monitor and increase my spiritual growth. The process seems so slow to me. How can I improve my worship and stillness periods? How can I be more God-reflective? How am I doing?

A: The best way to become more God conscious is to think of our Father as a personal friend. Talk to the Father each day. Let him know of your thoughts and your feelings. It is true He does know about these things before you speak them, but it does help you. It helps you understand yourself more fully. The spirit fragment within you knows you far better than you know yourself. Do not worry about making communication. This, too, will happen when the time is right. The best way to make this happen, aside from the constant communion with the Father, is to live your life bravely, to go forth each day and be aware of who you are and your relationship with those that you come in contact with. Be sensitive to the spirits that are around you, and always be ready to feel the love from within, the God within, so that this love may flow through you fully, that it may pour forth out on those that you come in contact with, and that we may bring those people to you that you may share with them your personal religious experiences, and that you may be an instrument in helping them enter the kingdom of heaven. This is a long process, this communication with the spirit fragment. It will - for most mortal ascenders - not happen quickly. It takes much hard work and patience. Do not become burdened with the thought that "I am doing what I can yet nothing happens." You will inch your way into God-consciousness. You do not run. Always be mindful of who you are. Remember that spiritual growth is an unconscious process. In time you will look back and begin to see some of the decisions that you have made and where it has led you. For now you are in the forest and you cannot yet even see the trees. This is as it should be, for now. Hopefully, with your whole-hearted dedication to doing the will of the Father, you will rise above the forest and look down and then begin to get a glimpse of where it is you have been. You will see all of the decisions that you have made and know more fully what direction to go. [After all of the questions:]

Rayson: As I said to you before I answered questions, I am mightily moved by your willingness to stay with me, to stay in this mission and be a part of this great adventure. Do not, my friends, give up on what you have started. I know we have had this temporary setback. But good will come of this and you will see. Be strong! Be faithful! The Father loves you deeply. He has not abandoned you - nor I. Your angels watch over you each day. There is more love around you than what you are aware of. Hold on tight to what you know to be real and true. Reach out to others. Learn from their experience.

Welmek and other teachers will freely share with you information. It will not be long. Lastly, I want to encourage you all again to spend some time each day in communion with the Father. I know we have talked about this before, but I cannot tell you how important it is, especially now - in this time of isolation - to continue to do this. I love you alI very much, and when we engage together I will have a special message for each one of you. This, I hope, gives you something to look forward to. I know how important this is. Go in peace.

Session 10

  • (11/18/92)



Q: Rayson, may those of us who don't know their spiritual names get them today?

A. Yes, but remember, this is not a test. We are not always in agreement. [Gave names.] That is what I feel their names are. Everyone else has been named.

Q: When you say you feel their names, is that a soul evaluation?

A: Yes, correct. It is hard to translate from the universe language to English. Their names will be different but the same when they leave this planet because they will be spoken to in the language of the universe. What these names signify is a characteristic of their individual souls or personalities, that is prominent, a good characteristic, and by calling upon this characteristic through a name it is strengthened and grows. This is not so important as you mortals think, but we have a hard time explaining to you because of some information, which I am not allowed now to reveal. Does that answer:

Q: Partially. . .. Can we identify, by our names, for instance, characters in The Urantia Book are all named after people from Urantia history who have been made famous through religion - and I'm wondering if we should think that we, our souls, or the best parts of us, match some of their characteristics.

A: That is correct. It is our reference for you down here.

Q: Reading about these characters in The Urantia Book, might that be an indication of -

A: How we see you. It is the tangible way of how we see your soul. Read and learn and bring forth all the spiritual qualities that you learn from this Fifth Epochal Revelation. It will help you gain direction.

Session 11

  • (12/07/91)


We will stray from our syllabus today to discuss something, which I would like to talk about, personally, which is "what is a teacher? A spiritual teacher?"



Spiritual teaching is not talking, or preaching, or dazzling others with verbal skills, mental agility, intellectual knowledge, cleverness, memory of factual things, quick responses, attractive phrases, charismatic presentation, emotional passion, personal charm - magnetism, or the weight of others who believe it - peer pressure. That is not what a spiritual teacher does for it. Human beings often, so often, make the grave error of listening to other humans when they should be listening to the fragment within. These emotional intellectual personality factors lead some humans to believe they have more truth than others. And they are followed and listened to with very little questioning by large masses of humans, and they begin themselves to believe they have additional abilities over that of their brothers and sisters. Their egos become quite inflated, and - rather than making spiritual progress - they are, in fact, regressing. The humans who follow them often adore them to the point of error for no human is above any other. Spiritually you are all equal in the kingdom.

God is no respecter of persons. Some have gifts in some areas and some have gifts in others. But all spiritually have access to the same God, to the same guidance, to the same spirit, beauty, goodness, wisdom, as any other normal-minded person who has a burning desire to know God. So, then, brothers and sisters, if religionists by and large have made the mistake in this area of "what is spiritual teaching," we must discover what it is and how we can do that, and how to correct organizational religions on the somewhat distorted course it is on. Memory and rote is not knowledge. Fact is not truth. Much that is taught by religionists is a manmade concept, which is in fact not spiritually correct in all their applications. They are more rules than truth. Society does need rules to live by, but this should be the area of government and social mores rather than what you call religion - which should encompass the concept of God as a Father and all of us as true children of this loving benevolent Father and the concept of brother and sisterhood in the kingdom. Religion has failed, by and large, to accomplish this simple task, and instead has erroneously developed rules of conduct, which are filtered through a moralistic time-bound, culture-bound, consciousness that is not real. So, how then - faced with a world whose spirituality has been replaced by mere morality, whose leaders have swollen egos by and large, whose followers are sincere and yet unaware of their own free will nor of their personal relationship with God - how then are we to become spiritual teachers? First, we must examine our tools.


Mindally, intellectually, we must simplify what it is we wish to teach. That is the only mindal level of spiritual teaching that should be applied: what is it that we wish to impart? It is simple, and I will repeat: that God is a benevolent parent, that we are all equally His children, that because we belong to the same family we should love our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves - and as our God loves us. That is the rule: love one another, worship God, recognize God in other humans, and respect it. That is the greatest and simplest truth in all of Nebadon. That we have free will, that we may choose God, and when we do we have the potential to be eternal, that Michael of Nebadon was indeed incarnated on Urantia as Jesus of Nazareth, these are the simple truths. For each of you there might be others, which feel important. So first, clarify mindally what concepts you wish to teach. Then use your spiritual tools of higher mind: Thought Adjuster-Controller, angelic guidance, mind adjutants, Spirit of Truth - through prayer, worship, and quiet times of receptivity - to enlighten your being and deepen your commitment to teach these truths. For while they sound deceptively simple, brothers and sisters, they are the most resounding concepts that you will ever learn in all your entire ascension career. What sounds simple to you - with what's only your child-like simplicity of your level of beingness - but these are profound.

You are simple at this stage, and therefore can only see them in a narrow band. So you must pray to expand your own understanding of these things. You must also maintain your mechanism, physical mechanism, well so that your teaching abilities will be enhanced without chemical or (?remote ?etcetera) which can reverse energies in your body and have a retrograde effect on your ability to teach. Emotionally you must keep balance as our beloved Jesus did as human here. Your emotions must be mastered and must be under the control of higher mind. This probably your greatest challenge. So, we know what you wish to say. We have prayed and asked for spiritual guidance and illumination. We are fit and healthy and have done our best make our material mechanism clean. And we have controlled and balanced our emotions. Now, what?


Do we stand on the street and quote the book or Jesus to people? No. Do we solicit others in other ways? No. We live the truth. We produce spiritually through the fabric of our everyday life. We allow our spirituality to shine forth as we live it. The greatest compliment that you can get is for another human to approach you and say, "What is it that you have in your life? Can you help me? Because I would also like to possess that quality. I have thought of your life and it is just as hard as my own. It is just as ridden with problems and challenges. It its just as tragic in many ways. And yet through the valleys of despair, through the hours of depression, through the darkness of fear, through the heatedness of anger, through every trial that life has (?thrown) in your path, you have not tripped." If another were to say that to you it would be the highest compliment to your spiritual teachingness, for that is what a spiritual teacher does: inspires others to faith. And what would you answer? Would you say, "I have read every great work written in every religion or every philosophy." Or "I have taken courses," or "I have prayed for months on the mountain top." No. No. For that would not ring true nor impress nor inspire anyone to such an empty existence.

You will say "I have lived fully - with my faith, with my God, with my angels - and I have actually rejoiced for every blessing of adversity that I have conquered and grown from. What you see, brother or sister is the shininess of my soul, which has grown through the hard times on Urantia. What you see is the transformation of true faith in the positive, ultimate, wonderful, outcome of this adventure that no man or circumstance can take away form me, for it is a part of my very being and my existence." This is spiritual teaching. Not the concepts or the words. The faith, the depth of faith and the growth of soul are what attract others to God. Truth responds to truth. Faith fosters faith. Godliness fosters God in others.

We are here, children, as teachers humbly, humbly, for we have learned so much from you. What you get when we meet are not the words or illuminations, you already have these illuminations, especially in the Fifth Epochal Revelation. What you get is the personality commingling - which you crave - of our greater faith, for we are no longer Agondonters. And this is what you crave. That is spiritual teaching. We put you through certain assignments to strengthen your spiritual receptivity muscles so that you may recognize and establish your own faith. Some day you will be shining, bright and mighty lights - soldiers in a spiritual war for souls on this planet. Your effort may be the very one that turns the tide towards light and life. You will each one be a spiritual teacher-soldier and a beacon of illumination and hope to others. This lesson is important for each of you. I would like you to read the lesson on teachers and also the women's evangelical corps, for within the next few months you will become partners with another for a special assignment which will not be what you think, what you are projecting now.

(Change T/R's) When we talk about this as a mission, be assured that it is a teaching mission. You are being taught and will become teachers. I will entertain questions from you teachers on this subject.


Melchizedek Schools

Student: Rayson, thank you for a very, very, beautiful lesson. I think, however, you also sneaked in a lesson on spiritual living, how we should live. I couldn't help thinking that The Urantia Book indicates that we are not only students but also we are teachers all the way to Paradise. We teach those behind as we learn from those ahead of us. I just want to thank you for putting everything in perspective.

RAYSON: You are right on as usual. There is no difference between living and teaching for the true son of the Father. You cannot be infused with such good news and not share the light with others.

Q: I think its probably more than coincidence, but this morning I was looking forward to our lesson and I was wondering to myself - why is it that since we started receiving lessons from you everything seems so much clearer? And then I remembered that in school, when we had various difficult courses, the lectures and the textbooks would be supplemented by a laboratory. Our exposure to the teachers seems like that laboratory that takes the abstract from the book and helps us to apply it in our lives. Everything that you've said not only in our general lessons but in response to the questions, it stays in my mind and it works on me, and it helps sometimes right away, sometimes it’s a delayed effect. But it’s very, very, helpful, and I want to thank you for that.

RAYSON: The laboratory is greater than you suspect, (S), Yes, indeed, my personality association with you has an impact throughout your week, but greater still is the laboratory wherein you then apply this lesson, especially these more recent and simple lessons of forgiveness, and friendship, and being born of the Spirit. These are most definitely meant be applied immediately upon receipt. And you have all executed your assignments well. We are pleased with this lab method of teaching and application. It gives me great personal gratitude to know that you take my lessons, actually the Prince's lessons - to heart and replay them in your head. Hopefully, you will learn to impart these same lessons in a like manner that others will replay what you tell them the same way. This is the promise of this mission. This is all Jesus' wish for you - that, as you are taught you, teach.


Q: Rayson, could you elaborate on personality commingling that you referred to earlier?

A: Yes. You may sit alone and read the truth in The Urantia Book. You may have a thought of truth on your own. But when another personality imparts this truth or thought to you and you are there to receive it, to catch it, your personalities commingle and if the truth or thought is carried on a circuit of love it will hit its mark, and that is the power of what happens here. You are listening to my words but you are feeling the depth of my love for you as I say them, and this is unfathomably more powerful than reading these truths. Think of the Apostles, for in truth the message of Jesus is no different than the message of The Urantia Book. Both have taught us that God is a loving Father and that men are all brothers. To have received this lesson at the foot of the Master would be much more impactful than to have quietly discovered The Urantia Book on your own and read by yourself. Personality is the gift of the Father. When two personalities participate in give and take, a new facet of the Supreme Being is born. It is an act of creation as well as an act of learning.


Q: Another thought occurred to me before we started on our session today that I think bears on the lesson. I was thinking about how much more meaningful and also how much more difficult the application of goodness and beauty and truth are in my life now than when I was a child and first learned about such concepts. You mentioned in the lesson about how - because we are simple - these seem like simple concepts now, but they are very fundamental. It seems to me that as life grows more complex, the application of these principles becomes more complex. Is that a right idea? And difficult?

A: Right and wrong. In a limited sense you are correct, the limitation being your life on Urantia. You are born without negative experience, and as the babe who is potentially perfect grows and lives through negative life experiences, many defenses and lower emotions come into play. Later as an adult, much of the mortal adult life is spent weaving through this morass of subsequent pain from these negative influences and the reactions thereto. That is how the concept is more complex. How do you love when you are angry? How do you love when you have been hurt? These things make it more difficult. However, freed at last from these entrapments, resurrected on Mansonia, you will discover again these high values of truth, beauty, and goodness, and how to live in them comfortably and easily. And you will discover them again as a babe in their fundamental consistency. In a grandiose way of thinking these are difficult and complex concepts. Because, can you imagine that love is the foundation of the entire universe? That is complex. And that is also so simple. So, the real task is to rediscover these high values as we once felt them in their pure unadulterated state. The search is not to master the complexity but to rediscover the simplicity.

Q: Rayson, when we rediscover this simple truth we've been talking about, and we do that with another person of whose knowledge is commingling, and we do it - in a way - a lot of it is like a creation that moment, isn't it? Or did I misunderstand what you said?

A: No, you understood perfectly. It is like the creation of a cell in the body of the Supreme Being.

Student: Thank you Rayson. That's why it’s so terribly exciting.

Q: Rayson, does this personality commingling have anything to do with the fact that a person can help to heal himself by association with another person who simply cares for him and has a positive relationship with him or her?

A: Yes. Of course. There is no hurt that - there is no boo-boo that is not made better by a kiss. (laughter) There is no great mystery here to personality commingling. It is simply talking to each other, relating. It is simply one unique child of God with one other unique child of God interacting through love. The greatest lesson is learned there. The greatest love is felt there. Its simple. It happens all day, all the time, to every one.

Q: Well, I guess I'll flip it over, then, and look at the other side. If I meet a stranger and proceed to be positive in my interaction, and this stranger is full of hatred or fear or other negative feelings, is that a bad thing for me? Is that an interaction that I should withdraw from? Is it a bad thing?

A: There is no formula for you, (S), which is why you struggle with this question. Every individual is different. You cannot catch negativity, if that is what you are afraid of. You cannot catch fear if you are fearless. Jesus did not turn away from those who were frightened or in darkness. However, all of us not yet being Jesus, we must learn to guard against energy drain, waste of time, and you must evaluate each circumstance for yourself. It is not for you to decide the level of spiritual reality understanding of the other.


Q: Could you elaborate a little for me on the morontia mota which - I am paraphrasing - says "many truths are lost because they are not shared, and many sadnesses are not lightened." I think its morontia mota, its somewhere in The Urantia Book, where they talk about what - the negative effects of isolation have. And how much sadness in our personal human conditions can be alleviated by sharing it with a friend. And how truths are actually lost if we don't have personality relationships with others. Could you elaborate on that a little bit more for me?

A: These are two separate ideas, not one. Truths are lost for lack of being shared. Truth, itself, is not lost. The opportunity for it to be experienced is lost by one holding the truth and the one or ones missing out on hearing the truth. Like the lesson you just studied, forgiveness, we learned that we are forgiven and experience being forgiven the moment we forgive. This truth of divine forgiveness or mercy is only made real when practiced one to another. So, as a concept forgiveness does not exist in a bubble of availability. It cannot become part of the real life experience of the mortal until given away. This is the foundation of all truth. You can know that you are loved by the Father. You can know it here (pointing to the head). You will not have a full experience of the Father's love until you turn it on another. That is why the gospel is two fold that you are loved and you must love. It is the same with becoming a teacher. You will not learn fully until you teach, until you apply. This is part and parcel of being - part of the Supreme. Were you absolute, this would not be so. Two, every burden is made lighter when shared with a friend.

I spoke earlier of a circuit of love. We talked about how effective teaching is when it's sent from teacher to student on a circuit of love. That is what helps it hit its mark. This love between personalities is powerful, and when experienced, can and has many times changed the entire emotional and ultimately spiritual-life of beings, of people. If one is burdened and holds those burdens to himself, he carries their full weight. If a friend is present and expresses love, the circuit is affected and the burden travels across the circuit to the friend who - in a moment - shares the load and the weight is lifted. The Father also provides you with this circuit, but more readily accessible to you mortals on Urantia at this time are the circuits created by your personality commingling. You must learn to lighten your burden by allowing your brothers and sisters to love you and carry their weight.

Q: Is there any qualitative difference in my relationship with other beings in this area and my relationship with you or other spiritual-morontial God?

A: Yes. I am sorry to say that though I love you deeply I cannot share the weight of your Urantia life experience as readily as those who are here with you. You may appeal to me, to your angels, to Michael, to the Father and receive great amounts of love, however the mortals of Urantia can provide an empathic experience of friendship that is founded on shared material electro-magnetic life that we cannot give you. Therefore, for the trial of Urantia life the burden is better shared with other mortals.

Session 12

  • (08/16/92)


[There is a consistent theme running throughout all the teachers that their students should seek "the stillness." Rayson is no exception. The following are some of the teachings about the stillness.]



Q: When we are seeking communication with the Thought Adjuster in silent receptivity, how can we - what do we focus on in order to quiet down, what do we try to be aware of?

A: First, I would recommend time spent in prayer which are not selfish petitions but prayer for more spiritual fruits, higher values, service and fellowship, thanksgiving, worship. Then merely relax and try to attain the peace, which surpasses all understanding. This is not an easy task, (student). Many never achieve a clear enough state to consciously hear the guidance of the Father, however what is more likely is you will receive an impulse feeling to proceed in a certain direction and illumination of good acts or action, and these proddings should be followed. Evaluate the spiritual content and you will have an arrow pointing to the Mystery Monitor. Is that clear?

Q: That's very helpful. Is there something specific we should focus on in order to quiet the chatter of the mind? To achieve the stillness?

A: (S), there are many techniques which you humans engage in. To do this each person is different. There are many paths to the same destination, and I am not able to know which might be best for you. Certainly, quiet time is a must. Many benefit from time spent on a routine basis in communion with the higher nature. Exercising a spiritual program muscle, whichever form it takes, will lead to eventual success and breakthrough. Try out different methods of relaxation and meditation. Reflect spiritual receptivity and decide which works best for you. There is no formula that I can give you. I regret that. But each person must work out their relationship with their indwelling divinity on their own.

Session 13



Q: RAYSON, could you speak more about the workings of the stillness in our lives?

A: Yes. The electro-chemical process of the mind, of the human mind, is very difficult to control. The process requires energy on your part and it requires practice. As you seek the stillness seek to quiet your mind's activity, even if it’s for ten seconds, or less. What is necessary is a continual practice. Do not feel discouraged by your inability. If you are able to it only for short periods of time, very short, as you begin to practice you will definitely improve. Do not expect improvement overnight. It is like growth. It takes time. If you are diligent and you look back on it after a week or two, you will see that you are able to control your mind action better and better. Once you have gained some control over that ever present, incessant, clamoring of your mind to be heard, then you may truly listen and relax. This is not a process that you must try hard. It is actually the act of not trying. Practice is essential. Continue that daily if you can. And just listen; listen for your Thought Adjuster's voice speaking to you. Have faith that it will occur. He is there waiting, eager, to make direct contact and to give you his marvelous, wondrous, words of love and encouragement.

Session 14



Stillness, Teacher Contact

Q: Rayson, I have a question regarding what you said about how it was very important for us to practice. Is there a distinction between the times we spend being still and desiring communication with our Thought Adjuster and time we might spend being still to receive communications from a celestial teacher? Can those happen at one and the same time?

A: Communications you receive from the celestial teacher must be okayed by your Thought Adjuster. In other words, it is your Thought Adjuster who is the gatekeeper to your body and mind, and so any entity wishing to speak with you must have the permission of your Thought Adjuster as well as your own free will. And so you must practice being still so that when you give your okay to your Thought Adjuster that a celestial being may talk through you, the celestial being is contacted by their Thought Adjuster and so achieves intimate use of your mind. So, no, it is not two separate things, it is one and the same.

Q: O.K. Thank you. My concern was that perhaps in trying to effect a communication with a celestial teacher I might be pre-empting communication with my Thought Adjuster, sort of getting sidetracked. As wonderful and important as it is to the teaching mission, absolutely, but I just had this confusion over whether getting centered and being still to receive communication from a teacher would black out that possibility during that time of receiving communication from my Thought Adjuster. I wondered if I should - like - have two separate meditations every day; one for communication with my Thought Adjuster, and one for being open to a celestial teacher that was closer to my level.

A: One communication is sufficient. But be aware of - that depending on the form of communication - sometimes your Thought Adjuster will not be present when the celestial personality is talking to you. Although you must have the agreement of the Thought Adjuster to contact the celestial personality, if you wish to talk merely to your own Thought Adjuster you may do that freely as long as you are capable, for as you well know, the Thought Adjuster will become one with you.

Q: At this stage of the game in my spiritual progress, would you say that I am more likely to be able to receive communication from a celestial teacher than I would my own Thought Adjuster? In terms of consciously receiving it?

A: You are capable of many things. There is a vast potential within you. You must decide. The Thought Adjuster is, or will be a part of you. Maybe you should start to think of the Thought Adjuster as yourself.

Student: It's funny you should say that.

RAYSON: In the absoluteness and infinity of time it will be you. And relax. Being relaxed is very important.

Session 15



Communication, Health

Q: Teacher Rayson, our brother (S) has been writing from time to time, and I'm curious to know whether the source of his writing is his Thought Adjuster, or some teacher such as yourself. Would you care to comment on that?

A: It is a teacher through his Thought Adjuster. I have, and I continue to, talk to each and every one of you. Even though I make attempts at times, it is not successful. Although I am there, you are unable to reach me. With (student) it works well. He uses writing to express the communication.

Q: To those of us who believe that we are trying to reach the stillness, yet who are unable to contact, or be contacted by, yourself, do you have any suggestion as to how we might accomplish this other than to keep on trying?

A: It is important to be relaxed, without stress, and to be free from bodily needs: free from aches, pains, thirsts, hunger, and all things which your animal organism insists on pampering to. Seek happiness from the Father. Smile. And enjoy communion. Do not take yourself too seriously. Do not be afraid of failure. Voice your innermost thoughts. Be conscious of the outside but be more conscious of your spiritual world. Handle expectations.

Q: Teacher Rayson, I gather from that, that it is possible to try too hard. Is that correct?

A: Yes. By saying, "try too hard" I mean to try too hard in the wrong direction. You must try, but do not put your energies where it will not be of value.

Q: Rayson, will there be any physical changes within our bodies that will make it easier for us to be transmitter/receivers?

A: Be free of poisons that stimulate or drag down you physical organism, including the brain. Those poisons can be those that you ingest, also poisons produced in your brain by negative emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, envy, distrust. Fill your mind with love. Clean your body with love. Control the things, which influence the functions of your body and mind, for that will influence how your mind contacts the spirit.

Session 16

  • (10/18/92)


Q: When we celebrate remembrance suppers together, we are told in The Urantia Book that the Master is really present and that He communes with our Thought Adjusters. So did this mean that His omniscience is so great that all the days following here on Urantia when we have remembrance suppers He is aware of this?

A: Yes.

Q: Some day, teacher, will we be able to share a Remembrance Supper with you?

A: Yes, you already have.

Session 17

  • (10/24/91)


Thought Adjusters

What, indeed, are these Pilot Lights, which indwell the children of time and space?

In a sense they are for all practical purposes God, Himself. While it is true that the Universal Father resides physically on the Isle of Paradise, He is also present on the worlds of time and space in the beings of His fragments, Father fragments, which we call the Mystery Monitors or Thought Adjusters. This is, in actuality, Deity. Their purpose is to downward reach to the children of time and space, to - indeed - the lowest creation of the Father, to guide them and lead them onward toward eventual attainment of the Universal Father, Himself. They indwell an imperfect, finite, and experiential being and lead them to infinite, absolute, and eternal state of being. The journey is long and full of spiritual adventure. The Thought Adjuster is directly and totally responsible for the impulse-drive of the children of time and space Godward. When the Spirit of Truth was bestowed upon Urantia, all mortals of normal mind received the Mystery Monitor. The reception of this monitor is dependent upon the first true moral will-choice of the children of time, and on average occurs during early childhood - approximately five years of age, although it varies from individual to individual. When this decision is made, it is immediately recorded and an Adjuster is dispatched instantaneously from Divinington. The Adjuster has already studied the personality, intellectual capacity, spiritual receptivity, and life projection plans before volunteering to indwell the mortal. These records are made manifest by the Seraphic Recorders (39:2.14) and Reflectors. The Adjuster is chosen on the basis of the best ability to lead the child Godward.

What exactly are these fragments of The Father?

They are classified, loosely, along these lines: Virgin Adjusters - whereupon it is their first assignment from the Universal Father to indwell a mortal being, for Virgin Adjusters are equal in terms of God-leading potential. Advanced Adjusters - indwell the mortals temporarily on worlds, but they will not fuse with these mortals, rather they will be eventually Spirit fused. Supreme Adjusters - are adjusters who have indwelt mortals who have rejected the eternal ascent career. They are different from Virgin Adjusters in that they have experience and can act in more ways on the minds of the human they are currently indwelling. Vanished Adjusters - are adjusters, which are detached from their mortals and are journeying through the Universe of Universes, and perhaps at the same time spending time on the Isle of Paradise in a period of rest. Liberated Adjusters - have been relieved of their obligation to guide and indwell mortals, and we know not what their assignments are. Fused Adjusters - have gloriously become entirely new beings, a combination of the Divine, Eternal, Absolute and the finite experiential child of time and space. Personalized Adjusters - have served with the incarnated Paradise Sons or have previously indwelt mortals whereupon they have rendered extraordinary service while residing on a planet of time and space, but the mortal has rejected survival. These are the thumbnail classifications of the Mystery Monitors.

What are their properties?

The Father fragments have mind. Not the type of mind that you define as your minds, but we know they have mindal capacities because they are capable of love, work, and planning. They make decisions based on the life circumstances of the mortal. They are also spirit, pure spirit. They have a spiritual luminosity, which is discernable to orders of Seraphim and other celestial beings. They also are energy, as they traverse the gravity circuits from the Isle of Paradise even into the outer space regions. Do they have personality? No. They are pre-personal entity beings. Although they have volition in terms of the choice to volunteer to indwell, and the choice of the individual mortal which they indwell, and they are individualized fragments, they are pre-personal beings. Consider that the will of the personality creature of time and space is the most respected, or last word, even to the fragment of the Universal Father. Therefore when indwelling a being who has received the gift of personality from The Father, The Father Himself - and His fragment - respect the will of the personality creature. The Adjuster only makes will decisions on the pre-personal level, and then tries by many means to influence, uplift, and lead the child Godward, but never interferes with a decision of the personality will creature. Consider the frustration of the Divine fragment who is, in essence, imprisoned in the mortal mind, the loneliness of the Deity longing to perfect the creature of experience, the longing for perfection attainment and integration through fusion. The Adjusters truly are the most loyal and loving gift, which any child of time and space could ever receive. The Adjusters also interact to different degrees with a mortal of different life stages.

During the early years of indwelling they are Thought Changers. Middle of life they are Thought Adjusters. And once discretion and wisdom are attained by this creature, they are Thought Controllers. They are more prevalent in terms of the actions and decisions of the will creature. The Adjusters remain a mystery to most of the celestial beings, however, we envy the creature of the indwelling, because it is your personal assurance that you will one day become finaliters. It is God's love, and promise to you of your eternal perfected natures reached through your ascension experiences. It is the ultimate love of the Creator for even the smallest creature. It is God's way of maintaining intimate contact with every creation in the universe.

And it is God's way of obtaining personal experience of the ascension career of every creature. What a beautiful plan! How divine and perfect a gift to the often-bereft creatures of the flesh. Since this topic is so deep, we will proceed slowly, and I will end the formal instruction at this point with an assignment for you, my brothers and sisters. One is, consciousness of the Adjuster is - in reality - consciousness of God the Father. Please try to increase your consciousness of your own divine nature. Prayer and meditation, quiet reflection on the miracle of your dual nature, is helpful. Spend time in receptivity, asking the Father to make His guidance clearer. Do not tax your physical electro-chemical housing because it is harder for the Adjuster to guide you. The goal of the Adjuster is to make clear to you the Father's will. Many of us do the Father's will albeit unconsciously. Your goal should be a more conscious awareness of the will of the Father who loves each of you, personally, enough to give the gift of the divine to the imperfect. Prayer, receptivity, a healthy respect for your body, and a consciousness of your divine potential are your goals this week, my brothers and sisters. Are there questions?


Q: Can you identify for us the individual classifications of our own Thought Adjusters?

A: I cannot.

Q: If you have a Thought Adjuster who has operated before, would he have operated on the same planet?

A: Not necessarily, but perhaps, perhaps. It is not impossible.

Q: Are Thought Adjusters confined to spiritual ministries or are they also concerned with the physical life of the mortal, which they indwell?

A: They are concerned with the physical well being of the mortal in that it impinges upon spiritual soul growth. For example, a mortal who clouds his or her mind, spiritual receptivity, with substances, or is in such illness that it impinges on soul growth, is of concern to the divine fragment because it impedes the Mystery Monitor from leading the soul to ever increasing awareness of Father God-consciousness. There are many things, which could be improved to cut the static between the Adjuster and the mortal mind. Health is an area, which sometimes enhances communications.

Q: Are human beings able to communicate with their Thought Adjusters and if so, what are some guidelines along these lines. What are the topics about which they can communicate, etc.?

A: The Adjuster is fully aware of your thought prayer life and soul growth. However for a human to make this a two-way communication requires soul growth, experiential wisdom, and growth in terms of spiritual fruits, and the time spent in silent listening.

Q: If the mortal is earnestly seeking to do God's will and to accept the guidance of the Thought Adjuster, would it be accurate to assume the past experience of the Adjuster would not interfere with his ability to assist? In other words, could any Adjuster, even a Virgin Adjuster, equally assist a person earnestly seeking the Father's will?

A: That is correct. The assignment of the Adjuster is made by the Universal Father and the - while on Divinington - the individual Adjuster is chosen for the assigned mortal. Why some mortals receive more experienced Adjusters we know not. However, there is no divine difference in Adjusters, only different levels of previous experiential indwellings, but it makes no difference in terms of the soul growth of the mortal indwelt.

Q: Are their fruits more if they have an experienced adjuster?

A: The Adjuster one receives is tailored to the needs projected by the Seraphic Recorders and Reflectors (39:2.16) of that individual mortal. You will not benefit more by having another class of Adjuster. The growth potential is purely up to the mortal receptivity. If the soil is rich the plants will grow.

Q: Do the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth work together, and is there any degree of communication that might - on some level - soothe our Adjuster's loneliness.

A: I do not really understand if Adjusters communicate or not with the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth insures that every normal-minded being will receive an Adjuster. Adjusters do communicate with each other, but this remains a mystery to what they communicate or why.

Q: Do Adjusters, sometimes in a dream send spiritual messages?

A: Sometimes. Adjusters do work on the mortal mind when asleep. But there is often a garble, and I would not recommend relying too heavily on such signs or omens. Use the slower tools of prayer and worship and silent listening to make steady progress in communication. There are sometimes enlightened revealed truths that are given to individual mortals, but these are not the norm.

Q: Because Virgin Adjusters have no personality, is every Virgin Adjuster identical?

A: Yes. Except that they are individuated to meet the needs of the mortal host. They are prepersonal, alike in divinity, but not in the plan for their subject.

Q: Human literature, both religious and lay, as well as even scientific study, appears to show that when human beings go against what they know to be the truth in their lives, they punish themselves both by having guilt and by self-destructive behavior. Does this involve an action of the Thought Adjuster, or is that a purely human response?

A: It is not the Adjuster, although the Adjuster is the impetus for higher values and actions and for the path Godward. What you are referring to is the area of mind as you humans define it, which is the mediator between the divine and the animal nature. It is what you would label conscience, and when there is a divergence or conflict, the human self often self-punishes. This is not what God would have you do. Rather, God would have you take more positive steps and learn and grow toward the light rather than remorseful destructive behavior.

Q: Rayson, does the Thought Adjuster communicate with the Guardian Seraphim?

A: Yes, but I am not allowed to explain how.

Q: When we are seeking communication with the Thought Adjuster in silent receptivity, how can we - what do we focus on in order to quiet down, what do we try to be aware of?

A: First, I would recommend time spent in prayer which are not selfish petitions but prayer for more spiritual fruits, higher values, service and fellowship, thanksgiving, worship. Then merely relax and try to attain the peace, which surpasses all understanding. This is not an easy task. Many never achieve a clear enough state to consciously hear the guidance of the Father, however what is more likely is you will receive an impulse feeling to proceed in a certain direction and illumination of a good acts or action, and these proddings should be followed. Evaluate the spiritual content and you will have an arrow pointing to the Mystery Monitor.

Q: Is there something specific we should focus on in order to quiet the chatter of the mind? To achieve the stillness?

A: There are many techniques, which you humans engage in. To do this each person is different. There are many paths to the same destination, and I am not able to know which might be best for you. Certainly, quiet time is a must. Many benefit from time spent on a routine basis in communion with the higher nature. Exercising a spiritual program muscle, whichever form it takes, will lead to eventual success and breakthrough. Try out different methods of relaxation and meditation. Reflect spiritual receptivity and decide which works best for you. There is no formula that I can give you. I regret that. But each person must work out their relationship with their indwelling divinity on their own.

Q: You are so much further ascended than the rest of us - to Jerusem - is your experience with your Mystery Monitor intense and conscious at this point? Does it get more conscious as you ascend through the morontia spheres? And could you enlighten us a little and let us know what the differences might be? Between you and us?

A: Yes, it is more conscious, of course. The difference is that I guess much less than you (laughter) as to the will of the Father.

Q: Are you able to see your Thought Adjuster, Rayson?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Is that because he is back where you came from waiting for you?

A: I am not allowed to answer your astute question. (Laughter.)

Q: On your planet of origin, did you receive your Adjuster as we do on this planet?

A: Similar, but at a younger age.

Q: And when you received your Adjuster, on your planet, do the people or the beings know when that occurs?

A: On occasion, yes.

Q: Can you share with us any interesting aspects about that?

A: We were much more attuned to the spiritual growth of our children than you are on this planet. Every parent actively fostered spiritual awareness in their children as one of the main responsibilities and honors of caring for a young unformed being. Therefore the arrival of the Deity fragment was awaited with great anticipation and joy, and much preparation was spent in discussions around this momentous event. Because it was so highly paid attention to, and fostered, there often was an awareness of the moral decision-making capabilities of the child on the part of the parents, and sometimes an awareness of the upsteps of mind being when the Mystery Monitor arrives. It was a cause of much speculation and celebration. You are virtually unconscious of this momentous occasion on your planet here.

Q: Did your Mystery Monitor bring a blueprint for you to be a doctor of the type that you are?

A: I am not sure, but what we do know is that The Father fragment works with whatever decisions the free-will creature makes to the highest advantage of Deity. Certainly my intellectual genetic inherited capacities and my spiritual receptivity capacities were evaluated when the Mystery Monitor chose to indwell me. So perhaps the angels projected my possible career choices to Divinington and God selected the best Father fragment for me. This is speculation, but an educated guess on my part.

Q: Is the operation of the Mystery Monitor in a person influenced at all by the prayers of persons that know this one? And would you comment on what circumstances would lead to the Mystery Monitor leaving a mortal person? Can that be prevented by the prayers or other actions of other mortals?

A: First, if I understand correctly, you would like to know if prayers of others can influence the communication of an individual with their Thought Adjuster. (Yes.) No. That does not influence the communications. Secondly, the Adjusters leave when the mind of the mortal is impaired to the degree that they are physically alive but spiritually dead, as certain forms of insanity or brain damage, etc. Too, an adjuster will leave when a mortal rejects survival, either by nefarious evil to the extent that survival is virtually unassured when they live in the body of the flesh, or after they are repersonalized and they reject survival on the Mansion Worlds. Third, an Adjuster may leave for short periods of time to go on assignments, which we know nothing about in other parts of the universe or to rest and reside on the Isle of Paradise with the Universal Father. The adjuster will then return to the mortal of its indwelling after a certain period.

Q: When God bestows a Thought Adjuster or bestows a billion or a trillion Thought Adjusters, is he in any way diminished? Is His infinity in any way diminished by the bestowals either temporarily or in any way?

A: No. I know it is an impossible concept to grasp, but the Universal Father is never diminished by anything.

Q: You said that sometimes the Thought Adjuster may leave for a brief period of time to go on an assignment. Well now that I have become more aware of my Thought Adjuster that thought is - I don't like it, I don't want Him to go. How long would that period of time be, and I'm just hoping that that doesn't happen during one of the times when I finally am stilling my mind enough to get in touch.

A: This was not said to raise anxiety fear in you. Let me try to explain a three-dimensional concept to a two-dimensional world. (laughter) The Adjuster travels instantaneously. The Adjuster, being God the Absolute, can be in two places, three places, five places, in essence at once. I assure you that when an Adjuster is detached, each period of time varies, but it is never to the spiritual detriment of the human subject. Clearer than that I cannot be, as you are intellectually incapable of understanding - as I am to a certain degree - the mystery of this aspect of Deity. How is it possible for God to be physically residing on the Paradise Isle and yet physically present, energy, spirit, mind, in each of you? We do not know how to explain, but it is so. When an Adjuster leaves, you will not feel a loss or absence. It is possible it would be a momentary leaving and would never hurt you, or your growth communication, in any way.

Session 18

  • (01/12/92)


Today we will continue our lessons and study of the Mystery Monitor, which indwells each of you.


Thought Adjuster

To briefly review, Urantia is a fortunate planet in that since Michael's incarnation in the flesh and His subsequent elevation, this planet has been given His mighty gift of the Spirit of Truth. This interfaces directly with the Indwelling Adjuster in that since the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth every sound-minded mortal on this planet, upon reaching the age of choice between what is right or wrong spiritually, is given an indwelling Mystery Monitor.

Other planets, which have not been privy to this gift, receive monitors in other ways, but all Mystery Monitors are equal spiritually, if not experientially. So this planet has been uplifted in a time of isolation by the gift of the Father on High. The Mystery Monitors, to all purposes of reality, are God. Their mission is not really for this lifetime in the flesh but for the next lifetime in the morontial and spiritual. They are referred to as heavenly helpers, not earthly or material helpers. How do they affect you here? Well, suffice it to say that if the Mystery Monitors were to vacate the mortals on this planet, your world would soon devolve to nothing more than mere savagery and instinctual tribal behavior. It cannot be portrayed to you how much they affect your behavior, but without them you would be animals. The Mystery Monitors are organized and do communicate with each other, but not in ways that are familiar to me. The head of the corps on Urantia, and indeed in your universe, is the personal, wise, Monitor of Jesus of Nazareth who so skillfully guided the human Jesus through all the steps of his spiritual maturity.

The indwelling Adjuster is indeed responsible for leading you into your future as an eternal survivor. The Monitor is perfect, and therefore you have the assurance of the Father on high, that you, an imperfect being, indeed have the potential and the promise of perfection. The Monitor also assures you, an infinite time-bound child of God, of your future attainment of eternity. The Monitor is the divine parent, (you) the human parent of the developing morontia soul. The Thought Adjuster is much more concerned with its mission of your evolving soul than with your temporal emotions - which are responsive to your inner mind - though pairing or external physical circumstances. He is not swayed by the vicissitudes of life here, but rather the focus is on the future being which you and the Absolute will co-create, one day merging, fusing, into an entirely new entity of God and man, an eternal being never before seen. The Father is infinite, absolute, perfect, existential and pre-personal. The only thing the Father lacks is knowledge of sin and evil and experiential creature knowledge. Through the bestowal of the Divine Adjuster man is able to know God and God is able to experience finite creature experience. It is a most interesting exchange. The communication of adjusters to humans is done mostly unconsciously, through sleep or when awake.

The reflections of the Adjuster are often not heard in the conscious mind. But rest assured, every prompting reality - spiritual impulse - is saved for the evolving human to partake of when they have reached that level. So, as a human moves from circle to circle or incarnation to incarnation, what the adjuster fails to teach will be taught at a higher level. Nothing of survival value is ever lost, but simply saved for future use. Try to view the Adjuster as the spiritual voice imprint pattern of your soul personality in the future. Every material thought is duplicated with its spiritual essence in the higher mind of the Adjuster. It is an assurance of what you will some day be. The Adjuster is a being of much patience, loyalty and yes, love. The mission is the morontial, to create the soul. At times Adjusters may consciously be reached by the human without the interference of symbols and human thought - interpretation - expectations. When this happens, as - incidentally - it does more often on an experimental isolated planet than it does on other more normal-course worlds, the Adjuster is in a mood of intense celebration and joy. It is the lonely mission of these pieces of divinity to communicate with the mortal. Often Adjusters must wait until re-personalization to even begin this wonderful association. But no adjuster has ever failed in his task, and has never been examined for any inference of default.

An important point for you to reflect upon is that - while you go about your life thinking, reacting, feeling, praying, living, being - the Adjuster is patterning the spiritual truth to mirror and reflect every one of your thoughts, actions, emotions. Although you may not clearly discern what the Adjuster is saying, your status as agondonter is playing out in this arena. For, it is enough for you to know intellectually, emotionally, mindally that the Adjuster is urging you to be less selfish, less sinful, less negative, and to shift your focus to service, love, worship, prayer, thanksgiving - which, in essence, constitute the will of God. You, more than other creatures, have direct access to the will of God, for the will of God resides in each of you. Do not be confused with the moral definition of right-wrong, religious rules, restrictions, etcetera, but try to focus on the will of God living within. On faith, as agondonters, know within you lies a piece of divinity of which many other creatures in the universe of universes would wish to have access to. You can break through barriers to this divinity, but it takes work and commitment of your will to the will of the Father. The Adjusters also have other missions of which I am are not aware or allowed to disclose to you. However, it is enough for you to take in the miracle of this gift: the most perfected Being, Creator of all, indwelling in loneliness and silence the least evolved of His creation, and benefiting through creature experience to become ever more compassionate, and to know and love each one of His children individually and personally. What greater love can exist than the Divine Adjuster leaving the perfection of Paradise and Divinington to intimately associate in a mind often full of negative thoughts and imperfect behavior on a world so distressed? But God loves you personally so much, infinitely, that He is willing to go through the waters of adversity, negativity, sin, even evil, with you and guide you safely to a brighter shore.

And His promise is to someday create a new creature, co-parents - man and God equal parents - to the bright and beautiful entity, which will some day serve in the Corps of the Finaliters under the personalized adjuster of Jesus of Nazareth, Himself. What greater love can be demonstrated to you? Have you actually grasped what this means, my brothers and sisters? Have you ever thanked the Father for this most precious gift? Have you ever been humbled by the goodness of God, his generosity and compassion - to reserve the right to know every creature personally, to withstand the vicissitudes of emotion and imperfection, and the often dark times that every human must silently go through to reach the heights of sublime peace and God knowingness? God goes through this gratefully, generously, lovingly, voluntarily for you, his sons and daughters of time.

What lies ahead in this grand adventure we can only guess at. But you, brothers and sisters, are especially blessed and favored to exist on a world where the Creator Son, Himself, bestowed His Spirit, and where the Father Himself bestowed His gifts. At this point I would like to end the discourse and participate with you in a group meditation of silent receptivity, which I will lead. Dear Father, Creator of all, endless circle of love, goodness, and First Source and Center of everything, show your children the way to you; the journey inward and outward which is without end, replete in spiritual growth and sung of by angels. Let us be silent as each one of your children tries more consciously to feel your presence within and without. To feel your divine unconditional and endless love, mercy, goodness, and beauty. Let us listen to the silent voice of the eternal.

If you feel peaceful, sublime, loved, loving, forgiving, forgiven, compassionate, connected to your brothers and sisters and the Father, that is your first inkling of Thought Adjuster downreach and outreach to the human mind and soul. Some day you will feel this way always, and more. My children, and brothers and sisters, I bless you and open the floor to questions.


Q: Rayson, on the planet that you came from, did everyone have Thought Adjusters like they do here, and did you, personally, have a Thought Adjuster?

A: On the planet I came from not everyone received Adjusters, although most did - in the later stages. Yes, I did receive an Adjuster, but am not with my Adjuster while I serve here on Urantia.


Q: Rayson, I have a question on fear human beings on Urantia experience this. There are a number of places in The Urantia Book where we are admonished not to be fearful. And there is also a place where savages on this earth were discussed, and they were said to be quite fearful. Now even in the condition we're in right now, which has advanced somewhat beyond the savage human point, there still is a great deal of fear. How does the condition of fear in man interrelate with connectedness to the Thought Adjuster and general faith?

A: Fear is the biggest emotional barrier to Thought Adjuster communications: animal fear and anxiety. How to conquer this is a lifetime challenge and active job for the human. One is by remembering what true reality is. True reality is spiritual reality. If you would examine the source of your fears you would find that they are rooted in the physical, material realms. For example: Will I have a job? Will I get ill? Will this action hurt me? Will I lose this person's love? Will I look good to others? There is a difference between instinctual survival fears which are built into a species and easily surpassed as the race becomes more intellectually developed and fears that arises out of the unreality of ego and the material, physical plain. The absence of fear equals love. The two cannot coexist in the human psyche. The more one loves the less one fears. It is not an easy task to accomplish, and indeed many mortals never accomplish this to any significant degree in this lifetime. Some extraordinary human beings do manage to, for the most part, live without fear, but these are generally humans with self-acting Adjusters and lives dedicated to the spiritual realities.

Q: Since you don't have a Thought Adjuster here, in the quiet time when we were reaching for the Father within us, what do you do during those moments? How do you reach for Him if He is not within you now?

A: I pray. God is present externally as well as internally and I am capable of feeling His love.

Q: Can you see our Thought Adjusters?

A: I can only see a glow around the pre-frontal lobe.

Q: Is that akin on any level to people who claim to see auras?

A: I do not know. For not knowing these mortals, I do not know what they see. Theoretically, it is possible, I suppose.

Q: Rayson, in our daily activities, when we meet another person and we interrelate with them, is there any way that we are aware of their Thought Adjuster? Is any communication between, for instance, my Thought Adjuster and the Thought Adjuster of the other person? A lot of times when I meet people I can look at them and think, I know they have a Thought Adjuster, and I know there is a fragment of God within this human being. Is there any other awareness that takes place?

A: There is communication amongst Adjusters, but what it is I do not know. There is also personality recognition amongst humans, also personality of bestowal of the Father. But I am unaware of what the communication might be. Adjusters sometimes communicate to each other as the mortals sleep, but again this remains an enigma to me.

Q: Rayson, my question is about the concept of patterning that you talked about earlier. I wonder if you could explain that? I wasn't sure if I understood that there was a - that was direction, or if it was some sort of parallel or duplication process for the future.

A: It is both, (S). Always the Adjuster tries and does direct and adjust the thoughts of the subject. In addition, there is a mirror in higher mind for every incomplete imperfect thought-action that the human engages in. The adjuster reflects and keeps the spiritual-perfected truth of that thought action and saves it as the pattern for the emerging morontia soul. This is the projection of who you will become some day, as well as the Adjuster's influence in changing who you are today. Is that clear? (Yes).

Q: [[[Student]] recites a chance meeting with his sister] Was this Adjuster connected? I invited her to sit down, and I struggled with did she have something to tell me? Or do I have something to tell her? Would you counsel me on something like that? Could something like it be adjuster related? Or is that a coincidence? Or could it be either?

A: It may be Adjuster related, although that would be less likely than Angelic intervention. As far as counseling, I cannot. I can only tell you in general terms that each human has something individual and beautiful to contribute to his / her fellows and to the Supreme. You can mutually exchange love, personality, and service. We cannot see - judge a person's spiritual growth or status. Who has more to offer, the brother or the sister? We do not know. The truth is you both have much to give to many. Love her and give what you can, and I am sure she will do the same.


Q: In western culture now we have the capacity to keep many people alive into advanced age. This means that we see a fairly high percentage, compared to past ages, of persons who develop dementing diseases, particularly Altzheimers disease and (multi?? infarct dementia?). In these disorders there's generally disease of the frontal and prefrontal areas, and one sees clinically disintegration of the personality as well as loss of capacity for self-maintenance. Now there's a very great moral dilemma developing in western medicine presently about - is it right to keep such people alive? Because the expense of keeping them alive is very very high. There is much grief in the family as these people become further and further detached from family and friends and reality. And these people seem to have much fear, much pain, and much illness in general. Could you comment on this? Could you comment on how this would be handled on another world such as the one that you come from?

A: In the cases where the deterioration is in the prefrontal lobe it is my opinion that the Adjuster has left. What is alive is a physical body. As for the ethics of maintaining life, it is irrelevant spiritually one way or another. In terms of my world we had in place a spiritualized and accepted ritual for graduation when the physical was an impediment to the spiritual soul growth - that is, of course, the only eternal reality. When the mechanism housing the soul-Adjuster no longer functioned, it was not of any consequence to terminate life. In fact, it was a cause of celebration, being the Father's will that the soul move on to the next growth level. You down here have much more irrational and emotional reactions to this practice since-as a world-you do not truly understand what life is, and define it solely in terms of the physical. Now, some day on your planet things will even out. Your life capacity, ideally, is approximately five hundred earth years. This will not be attained until the early stages of Light and Life. As you grow as a world spiritually, you will learn to temper life extension with actual life growth of the soul. And many diseases will be eliminated which interfere with the mind-soul connection. Until that time this topic will be reacted to irrationally and I can only pray for your enlightenment as a world culture since many mortals suffer needlessly, and suffer delays in their universe career because of the mere sentiment, which is attached to the material body.

Q: If a person is demented, and the Thought Adjuster has left them, where is their soul? If their body is still alive, is it still with them on this planet? Or has it already gone with the Thought Adjuster?

A: The soul is in the keeping of the Seraphic Guardians of Destiny.

Session 19

  • (01/26/92)


Now we begin our continued study of the Mystery Monitor.


In every human on this planet of normal mind resides the divine; not a physical part of your body, no, but a spiritual inhabitant of mind, higher mind, the Thought Adjuster. Each Adjuster - divine, loyal, faultless, overflowing with love, and a commitment to the assignment to shepherd the human to the shores of the morontia, and all the way to the presence of the Universal Father on Paradise. Each Adjuster - equal in divinity but not in experience. Each Adjuster - carrying your predestined life plan, affected only by the free-will determination of the human. Each Adjuster indwells the human with a plan, which was conceived and honed on Divinington, approved by the Personalized Adjuster on Divinington as well as the Personalized Adjuster of Urantia. This plan is for your spiritual ascension. Too often it cannot even be slightly realized on this planet. It is a plan for soul growth. It sometimes includes life choices in terms of career, family, fellowship associations, religious expression, decisions involving spiritual growth. All of these things have an ideal and perfect plan in God's mind. But will is the most respected gift in the universe, and the valiant Adjuster - while trying to implement your perfection - must live in loneliness in your imperfection. This is the destiny of the Adjuster on this earth planet. But they are patient and know full well their ultimate destiny. Let me explain. While here indwelling the mortal, the Adjuster is constantly communicating with the human mind. In the majority of cases this communication is not heard or, if glimpsed, garbled by the human thoughts, prejudices, emotions. Many religious fanatics or isms have been the result of misunderstood Adjuster communication. There seems to be an imbalancing effect when an Adjuster communicates with a subject, not always, but often. The Adjuster is impeded by the primitive electro-chemical material housing in which you inhabit, This mechanism is as static to a radio signal. It is quite difficult to quiet the material body, mind, function, and emotion for clear communication to occur. However, it often does occur partially.

Dreams sometimes reflect an impartial understanding. Also, the Adjuster beams universe broadcasts constantly of love and cosmic citizenship to the subject. It would seem like an impossible task to break through the barrier, but it has been done gradually. As the human matures spiritually, the Adjuster has more freedom to reach the subject. As you know, the cosmic circles are an indication of spiritual progression. It is linked to Adjuster receptivity in the mortal. The Adjuster always communicates perfectly and constantly. The human gains receptivity as he or she proceeds from the seventh to first cosmic circle. For the Adjuster there are certain landmarks. One is when the human achieves the third psychic circle of spiritual progression on this planet. As you know, the third circle is an important milestone. Personal seraphim are assigned, and although we are not sure of the relationship of the seraphim to the Mystery Monitor, we have observed that when personal seraphim are assigned, adjuster receptivity is greatly aided. When the mortal commits to doing the will of the Father and sublimating their own will to the divine, another milestone has been reached. If one could keep this in constant consciousness you would progress more rapidly. The second celebratory milestone for your Adjuster is fusion.


What exactly is fusion? It is simply this: ONE WILL; the human subserving to the divine, the two wills moving together to become one will over a dual minded being - Divine Adjuster mind and human mind, one will. When this will is in such perfect attunement, fusion occurs. A new being is created. You are indeed one with the divine, the eternal - the finite, the Absolute - the imperfect, the time bound the forever. (I AM?) becomes one. This is the goal and journey of the Adjuster. The third and final milestone is when the new creation, the fused (being?), is in the presence of the Paradise Father, when the child of Paradise, the Adjuster, shepherds its mortal companion and this companion recognizes God. After fusion, much of the Adjuster's work is concerned with the eternal path, teaching the mortal what God knows. The future is clear and assured. The present is known. The child of time and the eternal are wedded forever. But the child of time must learn all of the spiritual implications, ramifications, of the eternal path, and this is what the Adjuster imparts, eon upon eon, until the child can see God - past, present, future - as eternal. This is a very complicated concept for you children of time. If you will think on it, you perhaps might begin to grasp the glimmer of what I am saying. We have an adventure ahead! But it is not a straight line. It is all encompassing of everything that ever was, is, and shall be. It is quite existential. God, of course, encompasses all.

In order to see the Father you must understand all. As you traverse the circles, your outlook becomes more morontial. For the lucky few who achieve first circle, you are truly morontial in outlook. You are aware of the reality of soul growth and become less locked to the physical and material world. There have been some instances of mortal translation on this planet but these are infrequent occurrences. This happens when the mortal and the divine will become (constantly?) one. Human death is passed over and the soul, Adjuster, personality, are taken to the mansion worlds. No one from this planet has ever avoided mansion world experience, even those few who are translated here. For the majority human death is an inevitability. And I will pause - [Merlin, the dog, after scratching noisily at the door, makes a triumphal entry and is fused into the meeting. Although his words are impossible to transcribe, his sentiments are heard loudly on the tape.] Death is greatly anticipated by the Adjuster for this reason: only when you reach Mansonia can the Adjuster more clearly communicate with you. After human death you will clearly hear the messages from your Adjuster. Whether you obey is up to you, but there will be no more guesswork or confusion.


Now, in the area of confusion, it is quite normal to not know what is an Adjuster prompting and what is a prompting of conscience, which is a wholly different mechanism. Conscience is a human morality mechanism which helps you to know, or prompts you to do, what is right versus what is wrong. The Adjuster tells you what is really right. Do you see the difference, students? Morality vs. spirituality. Truth vs. fact. High values vs. societal rules. The Adjuster always knows what is truly right. But it is the human condition to not be sure, and it is better to use your spiritual tools of slow progress, prayer, worship, thanksgiving, meditation, consultation with fellows - group wisdom, et cetera, to discern what is the highest choice. Better to err on the side of caution than to believe all inner prompting to be the work of your Adjuster. The Adjuster does not place thoughts in your mind, but rather influences upstep in your thoughts. Also, the Adjuster wishes you to make decisions as actions, which are in line with higher spiritual value. There are two parts to the equation; growth, thought, spirituality; action, service-in your life and in the world. The soul does not grow from intentions. The soul grows through decision-action. Love acts. So the potential must be translated to the actual, here, today, in your lives, in this world - in each of your own way.

Try to be a little more loving, tolerant, faith-filled to your fellows. Try to extend a kindness when originally you might want to sit back. Be active, not passive. This greatly aids spiritual attainment and Adjuster communication. We will all reach the same goal, brothers and sisters, but better to do as much good as you can along the way. What a gift you can give your Adjuster! The gift of survival, fusion, and the highest most service minded experiences you can give to this piece of the Father - who only wants, in return, for your eternal survival and unconditional love, which he gives to you, only wants your experiential living in return. This is a gift to God the Father and God the Supreme. Cosmic consciousness is a gift to the Supreme. And Cosmic consciousness is attained through experience and actions. Children, this is something that you can do for God. Please try this week to give your Adjuster and God the Supreme the gift of the highest experience you can. You will be amply rewarded for it.

In this group no one is contemplating non-survival. Therefore we will not address that issue. But let me bring today's lesson to a close with a small prayer for you, my fellows. Father, balance your children in their lives. Let them be consciously aware of your Divine gift residing in their mind. Let them try to lead poised, loving, service-filled lives so that they may better attune their will to the will of the divine. Bless them with spiritual growth and bestow the fruits of the spirit on them as they live day by day through these uncertain times. Thank you Father for your blessing.


Q: When you were speaking of conscience vs. the province of the Thought Adjuster you remarked that it was better to err on the side of caution. Do you mean that in regard to personal curiosity as to whether or not one is having an experience with celestial entities.

A: There will always be human curiosity as concerns the origins of certain promptings. This is to be expected, and is actually a part of spiritual growth fellowship sharing. However, it is better for the balance of the human personality to not attribute promptings to Adjuster guidance. This leads to fanaticism, religious fanaticism, and then imbalance. It is better to say "well, I think this is a good thing. It holds up to my examination of spiritual progression - truth, beauty, goodness, service – but it could be coming from my mind, the angels, etcetera, the Spirit of Truth, or just my own spiritual progression." As one progresses spiritually, deeper meanings and resonances are gained from these very concepts. That is spiritual maturation. What we understand to be beautiful, true, and good at one level becomes so much more replete with many meanings as we grow. All I am warning against is the tendency of the human to hear the voice of the divine and justify actions, which are purely human with this mechanism. Is that clearer to you?

Q: It sounds to me when you say that it's more important to the Thought Adjuster that we act, that we decide, than what we decide or what we do. Am I correct?

A: Both are correct. Your decision should be evaluated against your spiritual - or with your spiritual tools. But action is just as important as growth. No one will ever be faulted for acting in the best manner for their level of spiritual growth, although their actions would perhaps be improved upon if they were more advanced.

Q: RAYSON, two weeks ago I asked about the role of fear as an impediment to Adjuster action and communication with the mortal mind. And to flip that over and look at something that might positively affect Adjuster actions, I wonder if you could comment on the role of humor? And also perhaps of the sense of adventure, and any other qualities that might help us in this respect?

A: Humor, wonder, joy, optimistic anticipation of the ascension career, love, tolerance, a feeling of peacefulness with one's self, one's fellows, one's God, loving service - all of these qualities strengthen faith or are outworkings of faith. This great (liaison?) assists: the Adjuster providing the fertile soil for His ideas-concepts-communications. A cheerful outlook, a balanced view of life, a sure knowledge that you are God's child, and personally and perfectly loved by your creator, an assurance of your survival, and a belief in the reality of the spiritual promise of Jesus, can only aid a joyful and daily existence, filled with the love of God pouring into you and pouring out from you to others. This type of life will surely hear the Adjuster for you are eminently doing the will of God when you live this way.

Session 20

  • (02/09/92)



Q: When I try to imagine communication with my Thought Adjuster I've kind of imagined that he would be telling me that he loved me and to go for it, and you are fine, and things like that. What I'd really like to know, though, is - from you - is really what kind of words, what kind of impulses should we be looking for that are not just our imagination, that are actually from him?

A: Mmm. I cannot answer this specifically for the Adjuster communicates in concepts, truth, not words. Certainly, truth that one knows, truth that one is more than a human is from the divine Adjuster. Cosmic consciousness is from the Adjuster. The prayer-worship impulse is from the Adjuster. The urge to become better is from the Adjuster. But more specific I cannot be for the relationship of the Adjuster is a mystery, actually, to most beings. I apologize.


Q: I have another communications question. What kinds of things are put on the space broadcasts? We joked in our study group that it would take a long time to listen to the weather reports for all seven superuniverses - to get through that to the real stuff. Can you give me an example of what kind of stuff is put on the broadcasts? And then as a follow-up, is it possible through the visualization of a sea of glass maybe to better tune into its broadcasts? Using that as a focal point?

A: Anything which - you are taking a human tool to help focus attention from the self to the spiritual - so, if that is a good image for you, then by all means use it, for these techniques have been used by your human spiritual leaders for aeons to help clear the cobwebs of the electro-chemical impulses to clearly see the reality of God.

What are on broadcasts? Well, this is hard to explain to you since you are linear. Certainly your Adjuster receives broadcasts from other Adjusters and from Divinington, constantly. They remain mysterious to us. News of spiritual progress, teachings on the morontial-spiritual level are common highlights, inspirational pageantry - that you have not the idea forms to understand. Try to imagine all actions dedicated to the glory of God and the revelation of God in partially perfect creatures. Try to imagine every voice lifted to this common purpose, with different tones, the colors dancing to higher and higher spiritual meanings, the beings enveloped and participating in an understanding of something which takes so many so long to grasp - the Father - all dedicated to enlightenment, worship, love, God attainment. These are on the broadcasts, and it is mota that each receives according to inherent capacity. That is the best I can try to explain. (05/17/92)

Q: Rayson, earlier you said that we could relate to the Thought Adjuster in others. Is there - with the help of our own Thought Adjuster - a way we can communicate to the Thought Adjuster in somebody for whom we have a great deal of concern, and communicate that concern, say, about the spiritual status of that person?

A: Yes. You do this all the time, and very well. For Thought Adjusters to communicate directly to other Thought Adjusters is not directly influential to you. It will not necessarily directly teach you. But for your Thought Adjuster, your fragment of God, to talk or to express through your physical organism to another physical organism, and then to that physical organism's fragment of God requires an alignment of mutual mind, body and spiritual systems. And when this happens, a great deal is accomplished. When values are communicated new to another, and when that other is touched by that value, then communication has been achieved between the Thought Adjusters.

Q: Rayson, I would like to take that question a step further, in a way. Now that the circuits are open, is it possible for our Adjuster to communicate with an Adjuster on the mansion worlds, and then somehow communicate with us? Could you comment on that please?

A: There are special circumstances when that can be done, but it is rare, and it need not concern you.

Session 21

  • (11/15/92)


Time is coming when action must rule the day, when all the truths that you have learned and experienced must show forth in your daily deeds. That moment is rapidly approaching as you begin to do what you have learned as you have seen today, ever progressing, a little bit each day. And the best way is to continue. I commend you all in your efforts. I wish you much success in living the meanings and values that you have learned not only from The Urantia Book and us, but from your daily life experiences.


Today's lesson is on seeking the truth. Truth can be intangible if you are not in line with the Father's will. The truth is actually the surest reality. How do you recognize truth? How do you know that we are here? How do you know that I am here? That this teaching mission is here? The truth that you learn is absorbed by your senses and passes through your mind and is perceived by the Spirit of Truth within you and all around you. And with the aid of the cosmic mind, you are able to discern truth and to use it every day in your daily activities.

How do you know that something is true? You can believe the fact, but it might not necessarily be truth. And the truth might not necessarily be the fact. As you all are intelligent teachers, you will naturally analyze most things to see what element of truth it contains. You will naturally accept some of those and reject others. The ones that you have experienced - the truths that you have experientially experienced - you will automatically recognize as the truth, and you will have no doubts because you have experienced that truth which you have been exposed to. Sometimes a combination of facts may seem like the truth if it is logical and it makes sense to you, and so you believe it. But until you have truly used that truth in your daily life and have experienced that truth, you will not actually know that it is the truth. I can talk endlessly about science. Some of it may be verifiable, some may not be, but it will not necessarily be a truth. The truth that I speak, you will recognize deep within yourselves. If you do not, then think about it. Mull it over in your minds and see if it will actually be a part of your experience. If it does not, then you cannot be sure of your decision, no matter what decision. When one seeks the truth one is hungry for the truth, one desires true meanings, true values, of the reality of life and your relationship to others - and to God. Why are some people not hungry for the truth, why do they not desire the truth? And why do others thirst for that eternal wisdom that can come to them through their fragments of the Father.

You see, children, some people are not hungry because they have not digested the truth that has been given to them. Let them live and experience what they have been given, and after they have been filled they will again be hungry and they will be desirous of more wisdom and more truth. The ones who are thirsty, the ones who seek the truth, they have lived-to some extent-and have experienced the truth that they have been allowed to partake of, and then - after their realization has been lived in the full - they become thirsty again. And because they are thirsty, more knowledge, more wisdom, more truth, will be let into their consciousness.

Truth is given to you, and through your faith you will understand the truth and then you will live the truth, you will be one with the truth. When truth is given to you in any form-sometimes it may be shadowed by facts and misleading information, sometimes truth may come in the form of fiction - keep alert to the fact that truth may come in very many forms. Be open. Be willing to consider all aspects of the vehicle which truth may come in. Discard the elements, which conflict with your common sense, with your cosmic knowledge and attitudes. Take out the truth and put it into action. Give it the tests of life. Live it. And through that living of that truth you will obtain wisdom, true wisdom. And with wisdom you will be able more to discern the truth when it is surrounded by untruth or misleading facts and elements. And then, of course, you will once again thirst for more. And you will be given more. That is how you progress, children, through the ascension career that lies before you. But faith is so important to this. Have faith. Move forward. Take that step with certainty, knowing that you are doing so with faith in your Thought Adjuster as you progress in the will of God. There is much satisfaction to this. The more you progress, the more satisfaction you will receive.

At first - like a baby that has a difficult time digesting adult food - mortals who start to desire truth will find it hard to digest truths, which they have been given. It will be slow and tortuous for some of them. Others will digest it with no problem. It will always be slow, and after the initial part has been gotten over, the baby is ready for more solid food, for truth that is a little bit more tangible and must be digested to a further degree before it can be used to make the bones and muscles and tissues which make up your material self, and through which you actuate those truths into the loving service of your fellows. So, seeking the truth is difficult and slow in the beginning, but as you move forward it becomes easier and more productive and filled with more satisfaction. But it is not necessarily easier. More tangible truths, more and more bigger truths will be placed before you, which you must conquer, much as you conquer your own bodies and your own soul. This is related to my previous lesson of self-mastery. You must master yourself so that you can live the truth, which you have been given. Through this self-mastery you digest the truth, you live the truth, and you are given more truth. And sometimes you must master yourself even more before you can digest this next batch of truths. It is much fun once you get the hang of it, even though there will often times be obstacles which are trying. But this is part of the experiential progression, which you are all undergoing.


Q: One of our members here once told me you can tell what's true because its so familiar, has a familiar feel. Could you comment on that? Because that seems very profound to me.

A: Yes. Those truths, which you can feel, are the truths, which you have already experientialized. You have lived those truths, and so they are familiar. Just because you do not feel familiar with a truth does not mean it is not the truth. There are truths you have not experientialized which, upon hearing, you may not automatically recognize or realize as being truths. Those are the truths, which you must put under the tests of actually living and seeing if they are the truth.

Q: Rayson, it seems that by living and experiencing those truths and trying them in your life that you become "at one" with them. Is that part of the process indeed, to experience them in order to become at one with them?

A: Yes, that is correct.

Q: Rayson, my sense is that in becoming a seeker of truth a material being puts one's self at a certain degree of risk. There's a certain kind of person who will punish one for that. It’s my belief that that's true. Could you comment on that?

A: Yes. You are put at risk, but the risk is not of your soul. Your soul is not at risk. But your ego may be at risk, you self image, or the image that others have of you, your reputation, your job superficial things will be at risk. That is because what you see as the truth you have lived and know experientially. Others who have not lived that truth will not see that truth. It may be that they cannot see the truth because of their own laziness, their own incapacity to seek the truth, or they may be envious of you. So they may try to denigrate your efforts in order that their ego is not damaged. When this happens, go bravely into the face of this, but also use discretion. Realize that this other individual cannot yet see this truth, and that possibly that person is struggling. Do not show off your abilities of discerning the truth - your accomplishments - in their face. Rather, help them step-by-step in their efforts to live that truth. This is not easy, but it is a good effort to make.

[There is a long dialogue about a woman who objects to self-defense.]


Rayson: This individual seems like a person who has memorized truths who has not lived - or does not truly understand them enough to experientially live them out. The individual is not in harmony with reality. Her concepts are verging on fantasy. She believes what she has been told without question, and questioning is very vital to seeking the truth. You must question everything. You must question authority. You must question myself. You must question each other. You cannot take things for granted as being the truth. Of course you should not question merely for the sake of questioning. You should definitely desire to know the truth. Question The Urantia Book. Question these teaching missions. Question your study group leader, or ones who have an intellectual understanding of the concepts in The Urantia Book, which surpasses your own. Do not think that just because they are more intellectual than you are that whatever they say is the truth. This is not so. Reason it out on your own. Try to live what you have gained by your own working-outs of these questions. When you discuss matters of universal reality with people who do not question, who take things for granted, you would not be able to convince them of much because they have unquestionably taken some beliefs as the truth. They will doubt everything that goes against that which they have decided to believe as the truth. And this is a danger, for you may also do the same for the teachings of The Urantia Book. Realize that truth is often relative of where you are in your progression career. What may be true for you now may not be true when you have gone on to the morontia worlds.

Q: Sometimes I have a deep conversation with someone for hours and hours. I consider a heart to heart talk or just friends being together to be a beautiful thing. I tend to allow exactly how I feel or what my response is to being with someone to come up, and there is an interchange. Then later I find that bits and pieces come back to me of that structured conversation, things I said or things that were said to me, and its at that point where I feel through reflectivity or something that more truths come regarding that. Now is that correct? Or is it a good way of discerning personal truth? Or should truth occur in the leading edge of a conversation? Or could you touch on that a little bit?

A: Yes. Sometimes when one knows a truth, before that truth is actually lived out experientially, one speaks that truth. It is a mid-point between actually living the truth out and to know the truth. It is good to be aware of the truth when you are living it out. It is good to be truth; or rather it is good to realize and to be aware that you are speaking the truth when you do so. But many times you are so intent on that moment that you are not aware, and so your Thought Adjuster will refresh your memory at a later time to let you know that, indeed, you have been speaking the truth or you have been acting out that truth.

Q: Does the Spirit of Truth inter-associate with that circuit or is it strictly your Thought Adjuster?

A: The Spirit of Truth does play a part in the total delivery and reception of truth. It is a causal feedback to the brain, together with the awareness input facilitation of your Thought Adjuster and liaison with your brain, or rather your mind.

Q: It almost seems - in living - that we are digesting, that image used of digesting, it seems we are digesting our own egos and in the process turning our natures into something very different. It feels that way to me. It’s a good thing. Not always real pleasant. But the outcomes, the results, are certainly blessings. I just wanted to share that observation and see if you had any comment.

A: Sometimes - this analogy can only be carried so far - but the taste buds can be the ego, the ego sometimes find some truth distasteful and will not swallow it.

Q: Like may people I have trouble from time to time with depression. And I've noticed that since starting to read The Urantia Book, and more particularly since interacting with you and the study group, and doing what work I can on my own, that depression seems to occur less frequently, and when it does happen it is not so bothersome, and I can think more clearly. Am I just kidding myself or is that the real thing, is that really happening? I feel happier about being alive.

A: Happiness and joy and living is real. You are not fooling yourself. Do not be depressed. When you are depressed you are taking yourself too seriously. Look unto the goals of destiny. This life is but a beginning. Depression must not interfere with your desire to be in touch with your Thought Adjuster. The more you attain the stillness, the less depressed you will be. Do not center attention upon yourself. Center your attention on infinite and eternal realities. There you will find the stillness. (11/01/92)

Free will

  • Note: Will is discussed at length under the heading of Mind. (02/17/92)

Q: I have a question about the will. Something you said about the will was almost as if it was a separate thing than us. So is the will of completely from an animal level or it is it from personality?

A: Personality exercises dominant will choice on this level but the will is the offspring of the conscious human mind, mid-mind. It is your only area of control or choice. You cannot effectively influence other things: your body, material world, the Adjuster. But you can exert influence and growth through will in the material, conscious mid-mind. (02/22/92)

Q: Rayson, regarding free will, I've noticed that all the teachers tend to respect that infinitely, and I was wondering that is it your opinion, or perhaps the opinion of Father Melchizedek that had the Fifth Epochal Revelation not occurred and then this subsequent teaching mission, would life as we know it, human life on this planet, be in much greater jeopardy in terms of spiritual bankruptcy and the devolution of mankind?

A: Yes, if there were no other plans put into effect - that is improbable. If The Urantia Book and the teaching mission was not put into effect, another plan would have been. And if that plan were not put into effect, another would have been.

Q: So, with the respect of free will, it's still not Michael's choice that the earth experience be allowed to annihilate itself? Is that a correct assumption? That we are always being nurtured?

A: Free will was bestowed by the Father, not Michael. If we all choose to annihilate ourselves, that is their prerogative, we have that. Even I. But the point is that we don't. The plans for uplift, for guiding us ever onward and upward, is not a negative plan to stop us from doing evil. It is a magnet, which is positive, which draws you ever upward. It is not to prevent self-annihilation, but rather to give you more opportunities to grow, for getting you to reach up so that the ones above can reach down and so pull you up. Free will (alone) is nothing. It is not valuable unless you are given enough choices. These missions, The Urantia Book, revelations, are all to give you those better choices.

Session 22

  • (11/22/92)


The majority of the meetings began with a traditional prayer, which contained most, if not all, of the following: The light of God surrounds us, The love of God enfolds us, The power of God protects us, and The presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, He is.


Rayson: Then let us pray. The Father is the light of the world. The Father is the light of creation. Through the Son He gives birth to the galaxies and the universes and the solar systems and all the creatures of will. Through the Mother Spirit's ministry we are cared for with a Divine Love. We give thanks for our existence. (10/23/91)

Rayson: We'll close with a prayer. The Father himself rejoices as each new soul comes forth to toil in the kingdom. As we work side by side we are evermore conscious of The Father's love for His children and our love for each other grows greater. God is our power, and our strength, and our goal. We sing His praises. We pledge ourselves to His watch-care and guidance. We declare His name to be above all. (10/25/91)

Rayson: Let us say a prayer to Michael of Nebadon before I leave. Michael, God of mercy and miracles, bless our mission with clear insight, courageous hearts, and lives filled with wisdom. We have dedicated our will to the will of the Father. Please accept our humble gifts of love. (12/01/91)

Rayson: Help us, Father, to keep our focus Godward, to dwell in the part of us that dwells in you. When my attention is only on God, good emanates from me, and through me. Our lives will be dedicated to doing the Father's will, and we will steadfastly screen out everything that keeps us from discerning His will. As John said, love one another. And we, Father, pray to reflect more of your love back to the world. Amen. (12/07/91)

Rayson: I would like us to pray together before I say farewell. Dearest Father on high, reach down to the children of time and comfort their heavy hearts. Assure them of their everlasting life and love and goodness and beauty, and comfort the children when they cannot see you. We pray for wisdom and love, and to reflect the goodness of God in all that we say or do. (12/15/91)

Rayson: Universal Father - Son and Mother Spirit, see the faith-filled sons and daughters of time as they lift their arms heavenward toward your great love and cherishment. Although blind to your sight, these beautiful children look upwards anyway, Agondonters strong and free. See your children some day sitting with you in peace and wholeness and light and love, and taking these gifts onward in the Corps of the Finaliters. Bless them, Father, and bless our mission as we try to bring Urantia closer to you. (01/06/92) 167

Rayson: I would like to end our meeting with a short prayer. Dearest Father, show us - your children - your infinite love and watch care and guidance. Help us to discern your presence in ourselves and in the Universe of Universes. As we get to know you better, let us reflect more of your divine love to our brothers and sisters. And we pray to grow ever closer to your warm light and ever more like you in your loving ways. Bless us as we live our lives uncertain, yet certain of the eventual outcome, which is to someday sit in your very presence and worship the one God. Amen. (01/12/92)

Rayson: At this point I would like to end the discourse and participate with you in a group meditation of silent receptivity, which I will lead. Dear Father, Creator of all, endless circle of love, goodness, and First Source and Center of everything, show your children the way to you; the journey inward and outward which is without end, replete in spiritual growth and sung of by angels. Let us be silent as each one of your children tries more consciously to feel your presence within and without. To feel your divine unconditional and endless love, mercy, goodness, and beauty. Let us listen to the silent voice of the eternal. (Long silence) If you feel peaceful, sublime, loved, loving, forgiving, forgiven, compassionate, connected to your brothers and sisters and the Father, that is your first inkling of Thought Adjuster downreach and outreach to the human mind and soul. Some day you will feel this way always, and more. (01/26/92)

Rayson: Let me bring today's lesson to a close with a small prayer for you, my fellows. Father, balance your children in their lives. Let them be consciously aware of your divine gift residing in their mind. Let them try to lead poised, loving, service-filled lives so that they may better attune their will to the will of the divine. Bless them with spiritual growth and bestow the fruits of the spirit on them as they live day by day through these uncertain times. Thank you father for your blessing. (02/09/92)

Rayson: Now, I have a short prayer. (S) feels very lonely as her mate has gone on ahead of her and so tonight I wish to pray for (deceased) with my fellows. Dearest Father, whose mercy knows no end, whose love is all, help these human children of time to fully realize the divine adventure of eternity. Let them feel the presence, Father, of their dear ones who have graduated. Let them feel the morontial joy in survival with the pain and longing and despair and doubt from their hearts for truly we are on a great ship going to a beautiful land on a divine journey. Let them feel their potential divinity, and know that those who have gone on ahead are safe and secure in the love of their angels and their God. (02/17/92)

Rayson: And now a prayer: Great I AM, First Source and Center, Highest Deity, Creator of all, bless these lowly children of time with understanding. Let them feel your divine compassion, love and mercy, and let them grasp even for an instant of their time - their glorious careers with you. (02/22/92)

Rayson: Now my brothers and sisters let us pray. Universal Father, thank you for life, for the bestowal of your divinity, for personality, for soul, for mind, for the mercy of the Son and the ministry of the Mother. Thank you for the adventure of time and space and the potential of eternity. Our hearts long to sit some day in your presence. To worship you is the most sublime gift we can give. We worship you now, Father, in our humbleness, smallness, oneness, and fairness. And the act of worship makes us as one with your greatness, your wisdom, your love, your compassion, your mercy, infinity and eternity. Thank you for the miracle. (03/15/92)

Rayson: Let us end with a prayer. Universal Father, Creator-Father-Son Michael, and most wondrous Divine Mother, we your children worship and thank you for our existence, our blessings, our opportunity to become eternal, our avenues of service, the love we give and receive, and our assignments as spiritual ambassadors. We pray for increased love, compassion, understanding, joy, tolerance, faith, hope, and spiritual awareness in our lives and on our planet. We send our thanks to all who help us: human, morontial, spiritual, and pray for increased communication with the divine Adjuster within. Father bless your children this week and let them keep You foremost in their hearts, minds, souls, and bodies. (05/09/92)

Rayson: Let us pray together: Dearest Father, First Source and Center, Great Architect of all. Thank you for your gifts. Your children appreciate and love you so for this gift of personality. We dedicate our wills to yours, Father, as we are consciously evolving towards your perfect plan for each one of us. May we all go the distance and serve together in the Corps of the Finaliters and help our brothers and sisters in your vast creation, not yet actualized, just as we are. May the Father bless you and keep you spiritually aware and growing until we meet next week, my brothers and sisters. (05/17/92)

Rayson: Dearest Father, beloved Creator of the universes of perfection and evolution, and the universes yet unknown to come. We pray to recognize your blessings in our lives, to make our life a blessing to those we know, to those we pass by, and to your world-and to you. We dedicate and rededicate our wills to the doing of your will, and pray for increased understanding of love and service, beauty, truth, and goodness, and increase action of these fruits as we go through this world. We pray for peace internally and externally, and we pray to pass on the faith and hope and love - which we each possess - to others and to the world. May Jesus inspire your lives this week. (05/24/92)

Rayson: And now we will end with a prayer. Dear Father, help us to discern your will and dedicate our wills more fully to doing your good works. Let us be more aware of higher values and apply them in word, thought, and deeds. Let us remember that every brother and sister has a divine element and a divine bestowal of personality, and that even those we dislike are loved by you, Father. Let us go through life this week as advertisements for divine love and spread this benign virus of your love to others, Let us transform ourselves now. Michael will keep us in his mercy and love as Divine Mother ministers to each child during this coming week. (05/30/92)

RAYSON: So we will pray together. Thank you, Father, for this opportunity to work with these humans. We who are non-human have learned - and are learning - much. Their valiant faith inspires us ever onward. We bless each human soul and revere each fragment of divinity in your children. We pray for their increased awareness of all of your ministers and for their increased love for each other. We thank you, Father, for the opportunity for us to know and love them and for them to know and love us. We thank you for Urantia and for all of the gifts, which you have given all of your children in time and eternity. Father, some day we know we will all see you with more than faith. We await that day in eternity and in worship to your greatness. We pray to do great good as we travel toward you, Father. May we be as merciful as Michael is, as wise as the Father, and as loving as Divine Spirit. (06/06/92)

Rayson: We will close with a prayer of thanksgiving for our great gift from God. Thank you for our open minds, hearts, souls and bodies, which perceives ever so dimly in the distance the perfect and eternal light of the Great I AM. Thank you for the gift of faith, for evolution and imperfection, for the great adventure of perception in time and eternity, for the Adjuster, for our loving cousins - the seraphim. Thank you midwayers for letting us visit your planet. For our Spirit of Truth, and our celestial government. Thank you for sending the great Prince Machiventa once more to this beloved planet. And thank you most of all, for the spark in the human soul, which drives us onward despite adversity. (07/26/92)

Rayson: And before I depart we will say a prayer which (T/R) has requested. Father of all miracles, Creator of our world, of our being, First Source and Center, Eternal Son, Purpose and Mind Mother, please send your ministers of mercy, goodness and light to your children this day and every moment of their lives. We ask for the healing of Urantia. We ask for healing of the human soul, and heart, and mind. We ask for healing of (T/R)'s friend who is in intense suffering. We pray for healing of (S) and all our fellow mission workers across the world. We ask your blessing that our vision expands so we may see the blessings we already have. (08/02/92)

Rayson: Father, may we worship you more fully day by day, and be more grateful for your divine gift of love and for the fact that you are, in deed, in fact, in love, in eternity, our Creator-Father. We thank you for your Son, Michael of Nebadon, our Universe Sovereign, God of mercy, and for your Daughter, Divine Mother, who is the God of faith and miracles and ministry. We invite them to fill our lives and beings with their gift of light and ask our angels to draw closer to us daily as we ascend on our path in our trip towards Paradise. We pray to forgive this week and always and to feel God's forgiveness. We mostly pray to recognize how blessed we are as Agondonters, as the recipients of revelation, and as children of such a wonderful father. (08/09/92)

Rayson: I wish to say a prayer for each of you. Dearest Father, strengthen all of us so that we may serve your will to the best of our abilities. Give us courage and centered strength in our faith in your greatness and goodness with that we may reflect this into this dark world and begin to bring it toward the light. May angels draw close to each and every one of us as we take our steps on our ascension walk, and may we be nourished by your love, ministered to by the Mother Spirit, and shown much mercy by Michael. We worship you Father, and thank you for your goodness. We wish to serve always and dedicate our wills to yours. (08/16/92)

Rayson: Father, let it be known - regardless of hardships, doubts, insecurities, and other adversities of our lives, our will is that your will be done. (10/18/92)

Rayson: Heavenly Father, we are in your presence. We humbly ask you to guide us on our way through this world and to the mansion worlds. Forgive us for our mistakes, the sins we may commit, our evil tendencies, as I know that you will. We long to be with you, and we will strive in the best way we can to love you as much as you love us. And no matter what we may do, let it be known that not our will but yours be done. (11/22/92)


Rayson: And let us say a prayer of thanksgiving to the Universal Father for the fact that we have life and can see God and know God and have inner consciousness of God, and for all the glories of God; for the Divine Mother Spirit, the Eternal Son, all the ministers to the children of time and space. And for the entire beauty, goodness, and truth of the outworking of the divine as we can grasp it from our point on the path of light. We thank you Father and we pray for ever-growing enlightenment and dedication of our will to your own. May God's blessings be apparent to all of you for they are upon you. (11/29/92)