1992-11-01-Greater Concepts of Love

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Topic: Greater Concepts of Love

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Bill K.



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Sharing, Progress

Daniel: "Good evening my friends. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. It is, indeed, my greatest joy when I can be and am a part of groups; when I am, also, in that harmony with the Father, as is shown forth in your meeting here and sharing with one another. Indeed, it is through your willingness to do these things that you will grow. It is important for you as individuals to be able to speak from the heart. For when you do this, those things in your internal being which cause you sorrow, which cause you pain, which prevent you from growing, will become healed, will come into further clarity and understanding. By sharing with another you not only bring your thought into your own conscious awareness, but by sharing and bringing forth those deep things within you, you are also risking and through risk there is growth.

Those of you who through time learn about who you are, will become more aware of the oneness you have with all. As you become more in tune to who you are, the more you begin to really understand and realize your sonship and daughtership with the Father. For under the mask of all things that you label as being yourself, the real you is that son and daughter of the First Source and Center. I commend all of you in your struggle to free yourself from those things which prevent you from seeing the truth. Continue to share. Continue to take those steps, even if your steps may appear insignificant to those steps taken by those around you. Know that it is, for you, just as big as those steps taken by others.

Everyone in their own life will have times when their problems, their adversities, or joys seem to hold more weight than another. But know that because of the Father's overall understanding, He does not see this. He is a respecter of no person. All problems, all steps of progress of reaching up to Him are viewed in the same light. Take your steps, one by one. Share with one another, that you can all grow and become and come into that knowledge of your true beingness. When you are stable, when you have built that foundation, then you are better able to serve the Father, to serve your brothers and sisters. Through your serving one another you will come into the real understanding of your sonship and daughtership.



My lesson this evening is again going to be on love. How often is this lesson given! How many teachers discuss and talk about this one glorious concept! And yet, how little do we all really understand its meaning, its purpose. How little do we understand all that it entails. How often do you say, 'I love you' and not stop to think? How often have you put out this concept without real meaning behind it? Understand, if you will, that in order to be understanding of the Father, His concept of all encompassing unconditional love must be yours as well. As you are of dual nature, love will be accorded to this aspect; mind, body, and spirit. Physically you can give love to many; a handshake, an embrace, a smile, service you perform gladly for another. Intellectually you are coming into greater tolerance and understanding for those around you. Intellectually you are beginning to realize that love is possible. And spiritually you are awakening to a much broader concept, to that of the Father's love which transcends all. Through the complete understanding of love you will understand truth, you will understand goodness, you will see beauty, and you will know freedom. Being able to not apply conditions to your love frees you to love from your whole being, frees you to love from the spirit. Applying conditions involves the intellect, involves judging. When you can understand love on more than just an intellectual level, you will release yourself to be one who can give love and be loved more freely. I ask you to think on this, this week; to really go another step further in assessing what this element of love really means in your life. Begin to advance your being-ness, to transcend the human level to a more spiritual awareness and a more spiritual giving of love. Through your knowledge of self, through your ability to love self, you are able to then realize love for others. You can begin to really understand the love you can have for the First Source and Center. When you truly know of His love, then love of self and love of others is a given; cannot be thought of separately!

My dears, look not on your performances. Look not on your past. Look, instead, with spiritual eyes and see within yourself the potential that God already knows as an actuality. When you can begin to validate your being as a part of a grand and wonderful universe; when you can understand the Father's love overrides everything, when you understand that, and know it from your inner core, your life will begin to change. No longer will you view another in any way other than through the eyes of Christ Michael, and through the overview of the Father. Take time to validate your goodness, to validate the truth that you know, to see the beauty of your being, and allow God's love to surround you and free you, that you can go out and spread His love to all. Far too many on this plane are unable to understand their own self worth. How, my dear friend, how can any of you be any less than what the Father knows you as? It is impossible. You can make that choice to know, be aware of the all inclusiveness and encompassingness of love; that how you perceive it, how you present it to others, will be the impetus for change. I will now accept questions."



V1: "Good evening, Daniel. Thank you for those very beautiful words. I feel like all of my attitude toward love probably is very intellectual rather than from the deep realization of God's love toward us. And yet I am sitting here thinking..how can I know that..how can I know God's love except step by step by step? And yet I can remember the first realization that God loved me. But it certainly wasn't the love you are describing. It was just that He loved me, and that was very wonderful! So I guess what I am saying is that I am glad that I am where I am. And the next challenge is to look at me in that way. This morning I was reading in the Urantia Book and I was reading the four steps..this was under the seraphic papers and I think that it was under planetary helpers and I felt like they were reversed at the time and maybe you can give me some light on this. It is the very issue of love again. But the book said that the first step in love and to freedom was loyalty. And I felt like it was reversed. I keep asking these kinds of questions but this is where my human mind is that it seems to me that I am much more loyal to those people that I know well enough to love instead of being loyal and love is the result and then the family and then the freedom of being perfect. And that was the sequence of this paper. I was wondering if you would comment on that."(Co-editors note: V1 was referring to page 435 in the UB {39:4.11})

Daniel: "One cannot make their way to the Isle of Paradise without taking one step at a time. And you my friends are on your first plane of existence. And, of course, you will be in a very immature state. But you see, as you take each step you also take a step in maturing and in understanding. As we continue through the teaching mission, we take you from where you are. And week by week ask you to stretch and grow and see and realize from a bit broader understanding. Those of you who are able to move beyond the founding premises for this planet are able to work on more spiritual and more soul growth as you progress. And so, take the lesson weekly to help you take steps, step by step. Often it is only to those who understand another, only those who have a bonded relationship with another, that loyalty is finally given. And through much of life, this is true. However, when one grows into greater realization of their being-ness and into greater realization of the uniqueness of all around them, then loyalty can and is given because of your understanding. It may not be reciprocated, but you who are working on higher levels will be able to understand loyalty and be able to give it more freely. Is this helping?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. It is. I am sitting here wondering if loyalty is a matter of keeping your word when you say something to someone, keeping your promise. Is that where we can be loyal before love comes? I am not quite sure."

Daniel: "This is a very wonderful aspect in being loyal. For you see, in being able to be your word, you are not only being of genuine service, but you are also building up trust. And trust is that aspect necessary for there to be cooperation, for there to be a continuation of ongoing relationships of life. And many things often are necessary for one to transcend to the true meaning of love. If you, however, are always having to put forth conditions, then love is not freely given. One should be able to love freely; and from the love that is given freely, are more of these things such as loyalty, trust, duty, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness. These things become more freely given, more freely cemented under the umbrella of love that is given freely. You who are growing in your understanding of love will come into more awareness of the times that you are placing conditions on it. It is through this awareness that you will begin to break down those things that you feel you must have or must be knowledgeable about in order to give love freely. Each time your awareness becomes more acute, then with each of these steps, if you truly wish to follow the Father, you will make those choices that will help you to give love less conditionally, more genuinely, and with more openness. As a by-product of love given freely, then will trust and loyalty also increase."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2."

Daniel: "Hello, C2."

C2: "Thank you for the presence of holy ones for ----this last week. It was very comforting for me to be able to assure him that even if he didn't think there were his guides with him, that they were there. And he was very assured of that. I want to ask...I'm thinking about V1's question about loyalty with love following. Would it also be consistent to say that perhaps the loyalty which we had for the love to follow is not necessarily for the person, but that the loyalty that we have to Christ Michael, to the mission, to God, is what enables us then to respond with that kind of unconditional love to others, just as God's loyalty to us allows us to feel that love in return. So it is sort of a recycled kind of thing...not recycled but it's a mirror in reverse? Does it work kind of that way too?"

Daniel: "Yes. There is always this circulating aspect of God. You see, you are by nature a part of God and also are you separate. Because of your free agency you can either go back to the Source or you can go away from it. Those who do turn to go back home, so to speak, are thusly caught up in this circulating effect of giving and receiving, indeed."

C2: "And would another word for loyalty also be 'faithfulness'?"

Daniel: "In certain instances, yes. Faithfulness, however, implies being able to take what is unseen and to be able to believe, to carry forth, and to bring about in one's own being. Loyalty is a choice you make based on things that you feel and understand more intellectually, where faithfulness is taken more from that which you feel, from your inner core as being the truth for you. Do you see?"

C2: "That's very helpful. Yes, I do. Thank you, Daniel."


N1: "Daniel, thank you for your words. They were indeed very beautiful. Your discussion before the lesson raised a question for me. You were talking about how in the sharing it allowed release of the unhealed parts that could then become healed. And I imagine that this is the case, but does it make a difference whether you share with other human beings, whether the sharing is in meditation or prayer with the First Source and Center? Does one involve more or less risk or are they equal?"

Daniel: "Because everyone is in a different level of needing healing, the amount of healing necessary involves the amount of risk necessary to heal. Much, much healing takes place in your quiet time with the Father. Those things which need deeper healing, those things that need more clarification are healed more readily when you can risk with another human. For often in doing this, you bring forth that necessary element of realizing that even though you risked and put forth your inner feelings, this other person or persons saw you in no different light, did not judge, condemn, or feel ill toward you. Often, when you can witness this, then you will allow yourself then to be healed, for you realize that others do not perceive it as you have. And their openness toward you helps you to be more forgiving, tolerant of yourself. One does not necessarily have to share in groups or with another to be healed, but often the healing process is speeded up, is enhanced by risking with another. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes, it does, Daniel. I also had a related question which relates to what I attempted to tell the group earlier, I don't think it was very clear. But often times when I find an area within myself, the way I have prayed about it is to give my willingness to have it healed and willingness to understand or see whatever led to that aspect in order that it can be healed. And then sometimes I feel maybe I am wrong in that process and pray for God's will to just have it taken from me without going through that process of understanding. And as I shared, thinking about that kind of led me to thinking about Christ Michael following the path that He had. Really what I wanted to ask..would you address the earlier part of my question there about asking to just have that area be healed versus asking to understand the process in order to have it be healed?"

Daniel: "Certainly. All people are diverse in what they need for their own personal growth. Many are they who do not wish to know a process, but only wish to have it remedied. Wise are those who ask to understand, for it is through understanding that one can then make their own assessment of the proper way to go about in rectifying, in changing a course.

The purpose of life is to experience the working of the spirit in your life. As life unfolds and you are presented with many obstacles or opportunities, you experience things which you must come into understanding of in order for you to really grow. Pray to the Father, all of you, that those areas in your life that are giving you difficulty can be rectified through your input. Ask for the guidance necessary for you to work through that which troubles you. Ask for the questions necessary for you to come to understanding. From this you will experience and grow. To only wish that all things be magically swept away is erroneous, does not bring about your own personal growth or understanding. When you are open to guidance from the Father and your Indwelling Spirit, you work with Him, side by side, that you can slowly, step by step, make progress to being a perfected being.

Those who would put a high gloss on all things in life do not understand the real core underneath. Continue to seek guidance, that you can grow and experience and come to understanding of who you are and why you do; and through that, then, you can make the choices to change."

N1: "Thank you, Daniel. That was very reassuring and very beautiful." (long pause)

Daniel: "A quiet mood and contemplative mood you are in this evening. I would like to address to N2 these words and to S1 as well. Difficult indeed are many decisions that are made in life. When you are in closer understanding and in closer communication with the Father those decisions, those very hard, difficult decisions that life asks you to make are more readily made when you are founded in God's love and knowledge and understanding. Be assured your decisions are on track. Be assured of where you have come from this week, that you are in the alignment with the Father. My love to you and S1 and the family. And my thanks to you in the support you were able to give to those in more doubt about the eternalness of life after death.


And I will close this meeting asking you all to take time to think about love; to really let its true virtues begin to take root within your being. It is the aspect of love that is spoken about more than any other aspect. And it is also the most misunderstood in many ways. Remember you are under the watch care of many who truly love you, truly understand the Father and His love. I, this evening, send you my love. Little it is in comparison to Christ Michael's and the Father's. Love and peace to you all.

Good evening."