1992-11-15-Your Reaction to Wood's Cross

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Topic: Personal Growth & Global Change

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown


Opening Prayer

Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis


Daniel: "Good afternoon, my friends. I am Daniel your teacher, your friend. I come to you here this evening in order that your lives and the lives of the many that you affect can be made more whole, can be found in a completeness which can only be known by your understanding and commitment to the purpose of life; the purpose of life being that of knowing the Father, loving Him, and serving Him.


Teaching Mission

As your teacher I have over these past months given you lessons that would help you in your own life, that you can experience those things that happen to you in a little higher realm; that you can take the potentials that are latent in your being and bring them to life; that that which you have been aware of, which you are becoming more aware of in your intellect, will also through my lessons and the lessons of other teachers, open up your spiritual being/self; that you can with all sincerity turn yourself over to following the will of the Father.

On your minds, I am aware, are the happenings in Woods Cross. I will address this by saying this. When you turn over your will to the Father, when you ask that you can follow Him, you are called upon to let go of that which you in your human desires will have to forgo. When you see that the Will of the Father transcends all, is for the good of all, then the little selfish or inconveniences that you may feel within your own being become small, indeed. Part of your experience here on this plane is to broaden yourselves so that which you deem to be important becomes less significant in your following the Father's will and in His eyes. So, do not be concerned unduly with what has transpired. For it is all part of the plan; that as you mature, as you come into greater awareness, you must not stay in one place. Faith cannot stagnate, it must grow and flourish. And so, rejoice in the fact that progress is moving forward; that the will of the Father is being carried on. Over time, you, my friends, each in your own lives in your own ways, on your own paths will be always making those decisions that will lead your lives in a certain direction.

The teaching mission is to help all that they may come to know the Father; that they may come to understand their relationship with Him and thereby understand the relationship that they have with one another on this plane, and the relationship they have with the many of other universes, both ascending and descending, both spiritual and those who are mortal. The teaching mission is to help you grow beyond your weaknesses, that in doing so you are able to serve one another, which is serving the Father.

As I have spoken with you in the past, yes, you may speculate and worry and come to many conclusions. What is truly important beyond all of this is to be able to come daily to the Father. Through your time with Him you are given the tools that will help you to know Him. Consciously you may not be aware of anything significant happening but if you will, trust that, indeed, these things are happening. Broaden your faith. The mission is not only to bring about global change, but most importantly to bring about the change within the individual and thereby change the global. You must understand that the Christian religion of today, while in a larval stage, will, over time and through personal efforts given by those such as you, change so that the true Kingdom of the Father will be understood by all. Know with a sincere heart, understand with the wisdom given to you, that this mission is in good hands and is moving forward. Each person is, and will be, tried and tested. The loyalty that you are beginning to give now to the Father you will over many eons of time be asked and called upon to display. Look, if you will, to those in your past, to those apostles and holy men of the past and holy women, and see that they, too, knew uncertainty and doubted. They, too, at times were ready to walk away. Hold fast to your faith. Remain loyal to that which you know to be truth, for truth is that which is God, that which is the Father. Lay down your fears. Cast out your worries. Speak with the Father daily, for this will be your key to knowing, understanding His will. And as you continually do this, your being, over time and in time, will gradually give willingly in to and be a part of, His will.

How much I know of the fear you all have! How much I understand your trials! Look to Christ Michael, for He, too, lived the life in the flesh. He, too, knew what it meant to be tried and tested and to know turmoil. So, as He led His life, look to it that you can see a pathway for your own life. Realize the Father's will is for all of His children to be with Him. All you are asked to do is to open yourselves up to that and you will receive the help necessary for following His will. And so, too, know that you, as is the Woods Cross group, as are all groups, will never be abandoned! You will be strengthened with your own teachers, your own abilities to understand the Father's will so that you can help others to come and be a part of the joy.

In all of life as you grow and change, as things progress, one must let go of the security and comfort of the status quo for progress. And as progress marches on, pretty soon that which was new is now the old. And more steps must be taken. Rejoice in the fact that this teaching mission is still progressing and moving forward! Look within your own hearts this week and again in your quiet times confirm with the Father your desire that you can follow Him always, despite the ups and downs; that He is always in the forefront of your thoughts; that even though there may be days of disharmony, that the overall pattern of your life is to be in that alignment with the Father.

My dear students, I will tell you that I am so pleased! You have worked so hard, that even while you know of your weaknesses, you are working to overcome them. What is most important is your desire to continue your growth. You do well, all of you. Those who feel that the quiet time is but a storm in their mind will, as you daily take that time with the Father, be able to calm the storm.

I give you my love as does Michael. He is very much aware of how far you have come. He is very pleased with His workers. I will now accept questions."


K3: "Good evening, Daniel. Thank you for those encouraging words. At times we all have doubts and you have helped alleviate some of those. Can you, perhaps, confirm the two teachers on board in Oregon now for us, if that is possible?"

Daniel: "Good afternoon K3. There are indeed teachers on board in Oregon. How or what more do you wish?"

K3: "The name of the teacher in Corvallis, if you can."

Daniel: "Yes. The name of the teacher in Corvallis is Linnel, L I N N E L. Please give my love to the Transmitter/Receiver and explain to her how very, very close she was in perceiving and hearing this name. She is doing well. Please assure of this and as her confidence grows she will feel more at ease with doing group work. Does this help?"

K3: "That helps very much. Thank you, Daniel. I am sure she will appreciate your very gracious words. Thank you."


B6: "Daniel, this is B6. We hear a lot about wanting to do the Father's will. In my simple way of thinking I can't imagine why we would not want to do the Father's will. It's the only game in the universe. The only thing I can see that would prevent us would be ignorance. Can you speak to this?"

Daniel: "Good evening B6. And you are very enlightened in your perception of this, of not knowing why anyone would choose not to do His will. And yes, ignorance is a major factor in those who choose to do otherwise. Many do not understand the concept of the First Source and Center, do not understand the Being of God. Many are unaware of the love that Father holds for each individual. Many do not understand that through following the will of the Father, one is made complete and whole. The problem is larger than ignorance in that many are not taught by their family members, their churches, their teachers about the Father. And because people do not understand the spiritual aspect of their being, they fail in following the Father. This is not to say that all people must consciously say, 'I wish to follow the Father's will', for there are many who follow His will not knowing that they do so. There are others, of course, who think they are following His will when in actuality they perceive their will to be His will. And there are those who follow the mindset for greed and power and they do not understand the Father's will. You see, in order to be consciously in the realm of following the Father, one must devote time to knowing the Father. If you spend all or most of your earthly time in earthly and temporal pursuits, you will be knowledgeable about that aspect. If you spend little or no time learning and knowing your spiritual side, you will know very little about the Father. And so, out of ignorance for what has been taught to many, they are not able or do not fully understand what the will of the Father is. Part of your makeup is the spiritual side. And when the spiritual aspect of your being is not fed, when you look to the outer world to provide you and to give you what you think you need to be happy, many search in vain down many pathways only to hit another 'dead end' sign in the material realm. When you can feed your spiritual nature just as you feed the material, you will have a bonding there that will bring you spiritual joy as well as material happiness. Does this help?"


B6: "Yes. It would seem to me that we should have a balance between the material and the spiritual. And I am not sure how one does so."

Daniel: "Exactly. One does so by spending time daily with the Father. For in doing this you nourish and feed your spiritual self. And the will of the Father becomes apparent to you. And you then will begin to lead a life in harmony and balance. The decisions you make will not just be made from a material side, but will be made with spiritual input and through this there will be balance. All of you, as you continue to pray and to be with the Father will realize this. Many already have. And so, even if you look to the Master, Himself, He enjoyed life as a material being, but He also took time for the spiritual, for speaking with the Father. And through this He was the epitome of balance and harmony, indeed."


N1: "Daniel, as a follow up to B6's question and your answer, one of the questions I have had over the last couple of weeks is knowing when I am doing the Father's will. More recently I could answer B6 on reasons why we would not want to do the Father's will (laughter), having a misunderstanding; not knowing the Father and thinking of the Father in.. not intellectually, but in a very old emotional sense, as being judgmental and intolerant, [this] would make it real difficult to want to do the Father's will. There are a lot of other things that I could add that get in the way of wanting to do the Father's will that I think you are aware that I am working through. So my question now is, now that my desire to do the Father's will is growing and as it becomes a constant thought in my prayers and in my days, when circumstances arise I sometimes am very confused whether the circumstances have come about as a result of Father's will or the circumstances have come about as a result of not doing the Father's will and my stupidity in following exactly the opposite. I am really..I think right now that is my biggest struggle is in knowing what the Father's will is and then in doing it, not so much the earlier problem I was having which was [lack of] desire. So if you could answer that, I would appreciate it. Thank you."

Daniel: "Do you think that the Father is punishing you? Please clarify if you feel He is putting up roadblocks for you."

N1: "No, I don't...well...no I don't think I think of it as punishment, I am sure I have had those thoughts pass through my mind. But more I wonder as situations arise, if they are arising because I am ignoring the Father's will, or if they are arising as a result of Father's will which are opportunities to overcome."

Daniel: "Understood. For one can never assign to the Father any sort of vengeance or setting up punishments for wrong deeds, as you are aware. The question is one that even the disciples and even Christ Michael had to discern. You see, following the Father's will means turning over to Him so that you can lead a life that exemplifies goodness, truth, beauty, and love. When you work through your daily life many of the things that you feel you are doing are correct. And indeed they may be, but because of free agency from others around, the outcome is, as you would term, disastrous, unsettling, not working. And so whenever you feel you are not in the alignment in doing the Father's will, seek prayer and guidance. For you cannot, you are not capable of, being perfect. You are capable of trying and of dedicating yourself to Him. And through your continual desire to follow Him you will come to more understanding of what His will is.

If you will look at the history of your planet you will recall that even those who were and are much more advanced than you had trouble in following the Father's will. Look to your Adam and Eve. Did not Eve in her desire to do good misunderstand? Even she did not, was not always able to follow the Father. Look to the major rebellion with Lucifer and Caligastia. Do not berate yourself, belittle yourself if you feel you have erred, rather get back on track by asking for guidance and turning yourself over to the Father. Step by step you will begin to be more able to discern His will and His guidance.

And even on this plane as you advance to the next you will be in this process of following and doing His will. You are but beginners. But you, you here, are so much further along than many. For you have the knowledge of the Father and you are making choices that bring you closer to Him. Is this helping?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. It is. I guess I have one further thought and that is that, and it has to do with peace and faith and trust verses fear, and the reason I asked that question is..even in very adverse situations, if I somehow think the Father's will is working in there, then I have faith and trust and can have that peace. But in very adverse situations when I think it has been brought on by my stupidity and not listening to the Father's will then I really fall into fear. And I have a hard time, I mean, I go and I pray, but it's harder for me when I think the situation I am in might be caused by my not doing the Father's will and not knowing. If I knew it was because I had been stupid, then I could correct it. Or if I knew it was the Father's will then I could have faith and trust that it would work out and have that peace. But when I feel that 'not knowing' and I guess what I am hearing is that it will take time and it's going to be a long, long process. Is that correct?"

Daniel: "Yes. But you should also be thankful from the aspect that you are questioning and because you can question, you can also receive answers. Those who are in real fear are those who live in an aspect where they are not able to question or realize that there is a God that can give peace; that they have a choice; that their decisions affect outcomes. These people become great victims and fear controls their life. My dear, and all of you, while you go through many trials and you often must question them, be thankful that you have reached this stage where you realize the difference between fear and the love and understanding and mercy of the Father. Those who only know of a God to be feared live in much fear. Do you see."

N1: "I do, Daniel. And thank you. I am becoming grateful as I am coming into that knowledge more and more each day."

Daniel: "Indeed you are."

N1: "Thank you."

B1: "Hello Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello B1."

B1: "Thank you for answering the questions that you knew were on our minds regarding our friends in Woods Cross. I am just wondering and I am not really worried about this, I am just wondering if you are permitted to share with us anything about Ham's new responsibilities? Or is that something that we are not to be concerned about at this point?"

Daniel: "As you have witnessed over the many months, that if you will but have patience, that which will be, will become clear to you. And Ham's new responsibilities will become clearer as time moves forward. He is very, very busy and we are pleased with his progress and are thankful for his guidance. Time will give you more information."

B1: "Well, that is very good, what you have said. I know that I speak for some of the members of the Woods Cross group, but it is a just a simple matter that they are going to miss their friend, his weekly contact. I know we need to all adjust to this. And of course the thought occurs to me that someday you may also depart for other responsibilities. So thank you. Yes, I am capable of patience. It is not that I'm feeling impatient. I was just wondering what you could share and you have done that, so thank you very much."

Daniel: "You are welcome."

B2: "Hello, Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello, B1."


B2: "Kind of in the same realm as B1's question. I have been thinking a lot after talking and listening to J2 and others about the Melchizedeks coming. And I was wondering if you could share with us..are we as apostles getting close to the point where their arrival is imminent or can you give us some guidelines on how to move closer other than doing the Father's will and finding quiet time and that?"

Daniel: "You all, my friends, have so much to do in your own lives that we ask you to make yourselves ready. Prepare good foundations. Seek the Father daily. And that which will transpire, that which will unfold, indeed, will come about on time and in time according to the will of Father. We, too, are subject to His will. And those things that in the works, as you would say, are subject to many, many different aspects, unfoldings in life. A time frame is not permitted by us to divulge, for it is not always firm. Know that what has been decreed will take place. Do what you can in your own lives. Worry not about the overall plan. I understand your desire and your hoping that this will be soon, for I am of the same feeling. It is, indeed, exciting to hold the concept, the thought of Machiventa walking amongst you. Prepare ye, that when the time so happens you will know, you will see, you will understand."

B2: "Thank you. And I appreciate all your support and help on my path in particular. I really feel a lot stronger. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you for your kind words. And I must always look to you, my students, and thank you for all you teach me daily."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2. As you undoubtedly know this whole topic of conversation is what my lesson to my congregation was about this morning. What is it with we mortals that so wants to project ourselves into the future; that motivation for doing things now has to be focused on the future? Is it security? I understand the excitement of the coming times, of the New Age, so to speak and all that, but it is so difficult for me to understand why we have to constantly be looking forward when the peace and the joy and the possibilities are now also, if we but open ourselves so that there isn't any time and there isn't any space and that true is true regardless of now or tomorrow. But what is it that wants us to get on with it, so to speak, and we don't reside into the being right now?"


Daniel: "You already know the answer. Impatience. Impatience was the downfall of Eve. Impatience was also the downfall of many. That which is new, that which holds more possibility in the future, looks more inviting."

C2: "I understand that it is impatience that propels us forward, but you just mentioned something that strikes a bell for me. We think that the future holds more. Does that relate to greed, being deprived, working in a framework that either deserves more or that things cannot be as much as we want them? Is that a part of it?"

Daniel: "Greed is a part. Part of the human personality is a gift that is given to you as hope. And hope provides you with the notion that things will be better, that things are always going to change and grow and progress is part of the inevitable of all. And so, because of this many, in fact most, are deprived of the sheer joy and wonderment of the present. That is why I say to you to prepare and do what you can today. Take that part of you that is now in this moment living, and experience it to the fullest. Know the Father today, knowing that as you build each day with Him, that the future will hold much. But you cannot do anything about the past. The future is away. The present is, indeed, here giving you all that you could ever need. It is a part of you that is part of the impetus of life, to always strive to hold on for something better in the future. Those who develop spiritual awareness, however, can understand the present moment offers very, very much. Do you see?"

C2: "Yes. And isn't it another paradox that it is our hope, that which propels us into the future, really provides fullness in the present?"

Daniel: "Exactly. All of you will experience as you go on through time these many paradoxes. I, myself, understand from where I came many, many years ago and have come always in a circular fashion back to a source or root. And as we grow and become perfected, eventually that [experience] of finding the First Source and Center and of being there in His presence will bring forth the ultimate, and the final paradox in that realm will be unfolded, indeed."

C2: "So the saying could be turned about, whereas our peace resides in the future, what really is turned around is that our future resides in the peace of present, and see that back and forth?"

Daniel: "Exactly, yes."

C2: "Thank you Daniel. And thank you also for your inspiriting this week and particularly the last couple of days."

Daniel: "Continue to trust and be open, all of you. For there is much help available. You are all beginning to experience it in greater degrees, indeed."

B4: "Hi, Daniel. This is B4."

Daniel: "Hello, B4."

B4: "My question was..you had made the promise during your lesson of never being abandoned. And I was wondering about the times when you feel very much spiritually abandoned and prayer seems to be, you know, very ineffective in seeking the Father. Most of your attempts seem very ineffective and some guidance during those times, and maybe an explanation?"

Daniel: "As you continue to grow into your awareness of prayer and as you continue to pray daily you are, because of your Indwelling Spirit and because of your angels and the other spiritual presences around, you are given more inner strength to help you move through life. But life is life, and that which you pray for may not be manifested in the same vein or line or thought that you perceive it. Know that in the realm of spiritual growth much of what happens you are not aware of. And even if you do not see immediate unfolding in your life, it is happening in ways which you cannot even imagine or are aware of. Hold fast, my dear, to the knowledge that the Father is always aware of any spark or glimmer of faith and love by His creatures, His sons and daughters. And hold fast to the understanding that life is in this realm very advantageous for you all. While you see adversities, trials, many on other planes look down to you with envy in the fact that you are experiencing that which they cannot. They view you as very special, indeed! So know that you are growing, changing, and things are happening which in the overall picture are for the good. One must continually seek the Father so that this knowledge becomes a part of their whole being and accepted. Does this help?"

B4: "Yes, thank you."

C2: "Daniel, it occurs to me that we keep asking the question how do we seek the Father's will, the preoccupation of our task of seeking and being at one with the First Source and Center. And that really is only a one sided view because what is really happening at the same time, is it not, is that Father, that First Source and Center is seeking us as well."

Daniel: "Oh, exactly. Yes, yes, indeed."

C2: "Then instead of asking, what does the Lord require of us, some of us and I include myself also begin to be more worried about what we require of the Lord. And it seems that if we could, as you have so strongly and so simply continued to move us into that direction of seeking the will of the Father, understand the reciprocal arrangement of that..it is not meant to reduce things to such simple terms, certainly does set up a place of peace."

Daniel: "Yes. You see, the Father is exactly that. In a family as two are joined together in a marriage, until there is the child born and parenting begins, one does not understand a reciprocal relationship. As you the parent, mother and father, look down on this child, this innocent little being that you hold in your arms, cannot you feel what this child has the potential to be for you as well, to give back to you. And so the Father holds you in His arms knowing your full potential. And as the child grows in your family, there is always the giving and taking, giving and giving, and receiving and receiving. And so it is with you and the First Source and Center. Indeed, it is circular. It is like the ring on your finger. It knows no end. And the Father's love is that which created us all. And as you become more knowledgeable about Him you begin to understand and feel this love.


And now I will end this meeting on that note. Go forth this week my dear friends and take the time to daily sit with the Father, if only for a few minutes. You will, as N1 has just said, find that through your time daily with Him, that pretty soon throughout your whole day you will be speaking with Him, you will be evermore aware of the First Source and Center in your lives. And as B3 so beautifully said in his prayer, your will will become evermore in line with His through your prayers and your asking for guidance to do so. Know this is true. Have faith and trust in it. If you have faith in the Father and you are in that alignment with Him, then that which transpires in your life, you will be given the guidance to follow through on whatever occurs. My love and peace to all of you. Good evening."