1992-12-20-Purposes of LIfe

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Topic: Purposes of Life

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening poem

Humanity, Balance

Daniel: Good afternoon. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. The past week has been one of challenges, yet one of growth for you. Continue to be in the present, in the now, to continue to allow your humanness to be a wonderful part of your life. One cannot be complete, whole, unless you incorporate all aspects of what you are. Each area in your life needs nourishment. And so while you live, always keep the balance of your humanness and your spirituality in line. Those who have learned this concept and those who live in this regard, have found that their lives are full, are all encompassing, and that they actually can derive joy and satisfaction in meeting the challenges of the material life. And so continue to make the human plane your working plane to grow spiritually and yet to become your potential as a human as well.


Progress, Purpose

Life and the experiences gained here are very special, as you will someday in your ascent realize the importance of this plane of existence. It is often difficult for you when you are working and going through your everyday trials to keep all in perspective. The time you spend with the Father in the quiet solitude will help you in keeping this perspective, so that you will be able to live your life joyfully and to the fullest. Because life is a process, and because it is developmental in many regards, you start out on the lowest plane, always working from the aspect of the baser animal characteristics that are a part of you. And as you take your steps daily, because of the thought processes and the ability to think and reason, and because of the Indwelling Spirit within you, you are pulled along to higher more progressive planes of thought, action, and understanding.

And so my friends, you here have come a long way on your journey in understanding the purposes of life. Many are there in this plane of existence now, who understand intellectually, but do not or have not experienced spiritually those things which make the concept of the First Source and Center a vital reality for the individual. An example of this is the disciple Judas. While he understood much intellectually he was immature and was stifled in his spiritual ascent. And so what is asked of you is to be able to keep in balance so that you can continue along your developmental path toward the Father as well as your spiritual ascent to Him. Developmental ascent is learning and growing on a day to day basis in your humanness.


If you will look at the young child in their formative years, there is much change and growth seen in them. They start out as a very ego centered being, feeling and only knowing that the world revolves around them. A child cries and an adult appears. The child cries and he is fed, changed, or played with, given love. And through his many steps in growth he realizes that the world in which he lives does respect, does fit into his framework of thought in that he is able to effect change. He begins to learn the aspect of cause and effect. As the child grows, however, he begins to develop other higher potentials which give him the understanding that he is not the only person in the world, that life does not revolve around him. And so you who are ascending are like the child in this regard as well, in that you must start on a very low level and work toward higher ones to come into the true reality of what it means to be a daughter or son of the First Source and Center. Many understand this intellectually, but through the experiences of life, through the desire to understand the Father, you are brought in a knowing, a feeling from within, an internalization, if you will speak of what it really means, to be the daughter and the son of the Father.

My lesson this evening is short but is asking you this week to remember that one cannot always keep within the intellectual realm, that one must also be involved with the actual experience and living the Kingdom which the Master spoke of on His journey on this plane. To experience and to come into the reality of your sonship and daughtership is to walk in the Master's footsteps. For once this reality is understood intellectually and internally, one is an open channel to doing His will. One is able to always keep within their life framework His goals. This occurs because you have by your intellectual understanding, your faith and inner knowingness, come into a oneness that can only mean following the Father's will for there to be peace and harmony within your life.


Once you have this intellectual knowledge, once you have the internal knowledge, you are forever changed. You find it difficult to walk another path for in walking any path other than the path to the Father brings you immediate unhappiness, immediate disharmony and there is not satisfaction in life. The true purpose for which life is about becomes a struggle for you at that point. You, my friends, have crossed over that line and you are committed to ever following His ways; for when you do not, you become internally in turmoil. The ability to follow the Father and still be human is what you are working very steadily upon. And even though you find that the trials of life are difficult, you are also taking another step in realizing that these trials are opportunities for you to further your growth, further your experiences on this plane. Those who are in spiritual alignment often can laugh in the face of trials knowing that even though things may be difficult now they are but fleeting, passing moments. And so my hope is for all of you to be able to remain calm and in composure of your choices when the unfolding of life is difficult for you. When you realize that the choices you make during any given situation can play a great part in the outcome, you will immediately ask for the Father's help and guidance in working through your life, that it may reflect His will and His grandeur.

This week as you enter in to a time of togetherness, of sharing and of a season of giving and receiving and extending love, take also to this week with you a different kind of love than you have ever given before. Take with you this week and share with others a love that you have genuinely come into a reality about during this last year; that love being that no matter what occurs in life, the Father's love and the Father's overcare will always bring forth good. And so as you wrap those gifts for your loved ones, as you sign those cards that go out to friends, send also with each of these the love that you are beginning to understand on a much deeper level than before. It is truly love that will transform the world. And it can only begin with the individual. And so send out your thoughts and your prayers in a gift filled with love. And now I ask you to remember to keep your lives in balance, to work this week to give love on the level that you are growing into. I will now accept questions."


N1: "Daniel, this is N1."

Daniel: "Hello, N1."


N1: "I think I know the answer to this question, but I think I would like you to answer it and take it further. If we are feeling turmoil does that necessarily mean that we are not doing God's will? Or could it also mean that we are confused about if we are doing God's will so that the fear is there for the turmoil? Anyway, would you answer the question if being in turmoil means necessarily that we aren't in God's will."

Daniel: "Because one is feeling turmoil is not saying that you are not in alignment with the Father. There are many causes for turmoil. Turmoil can be a very physical aspect of your life. If you have in your spiritual life the alignment with the Father, then you are not in spiritual turmoil in that regard, but rather the outworkings of life are causing turmoil with your physical realm. To always feel that because one is experiencing difficulties that one is out of alignment with the Father would be error. What is important to realize is that life will be full of times of struggle, times of discontent. It is important, however, during these times of struggle that you do not come to the Father by being in struggle and turmoil spiritually, but rather can have an open channel to the Father that you can work through Him to help bring about more equilibrium in your human life. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes, that did. That was reassuring. That leads me to another question which I think I know the answer to which is, it seems like turmoil is the hardest time to maintain that open channel with the help? And I guess I need to spend more time in quiet. Is that correct?"

Daniel: "This is correct, yes. What you see is that turmoil because of the outworkings of life is already an imbalance, in effect. And if you can counterbalance that with more spiritual input, you will help bring about a more equalizing effect in the physical. It is very true that when one is in human conflict, turmoil, that it is the hardest time to come to the Father at those times. Yet if you can free yourself from whatever holds you back from seeking Him during this time, you will find there is more clarity in your life, more understanding, because you are open to the Father. And yes, it is very, very important to keep the lines of communication open between you and the Source from which you came."


N1: "Thank you Daniel. I have a further question. I have always been concerned about what has become of Judas and whether he is ascending or not. And I guess I always felt kind of sad for him, and sad when I read in the Urantia Book that this may..I don't remember how it is said but it seems that a lot of beings were really upset with him. Anyway I have been wanting to know whether he continued on in his ascent, or he chose not to."

Daniel: "This question is one which I am not at liberty to discuss. The ascension of certain individuals on this plane is not given to us to speak about. Hold in faith, my dear friends, that whatever occurs to any ascending soul is a free will choice made by that individual; that the Father would never allow any of His sons or daughters, any of his creation to not be with Him unless that creature so desired not to. Will/choice is the bottom line here. And so I would say to you that it is a long, long process that is involved in the actual extinction of any soul. Any glimmer of faith, of hope, is pursued to the very end. You can read about Judas in your book. And even Christ Michael on this plane, knowing as He did as a man that Judas could have brought discord to His group, did not give up on him. He invited him to be one of His apostles. And so if Christ Michael saw fit on an earthly plane, so, too, does the Father see fit on a universal plane."

N1: "OK. Thank you Daniel."

C2: "Daniel, that leads me to ask a question about the whole notion of walking in the steps of Jesus and modeling our whole life and patterns after the life of Jesus, to intentionally reach out to our enemies or adversaries, to continually give them another chance. And I also hear you saying to recognize my humanness which puts limitations on me to be that open I should say? I don't want to say the word to be that open. I don't find being open or vulnerable, but I would ask the question, 'O Lord, how long, how long does one continually as a human being reach out to be in peace with those who intentionally choose to be other than at peace'?"

Daniel: "Question understood. One can be of service to another even if it is to the extent of acknowledging another as an ascendant son or daughter of the Father and in giving love, while not dealing directly with the individual. In fact, there are limits to your humanness. Perfection is not possible. And so, give what you can in the physical realm, but continue to love all because they truly are your brothers and sisters. Do you see?"

C2: "I guess so. The phrase that comes..I can love everybody, but I don't necessarily have to like them."

Daniel: "As you say."

C2: "Thank you Daniel."

B6: "Daniel, this is my son, S3."

Youth, Parenting

Daniel: "Hello S3, and welcome on this very stormy night on your plane. I am, of course, very knowledgeable about you. And my friends know that you very gifted and very wise in many ways. Continue on your search for the Father, for you are coming into greater realities regarding the ascendant plane of existence. The young children, the young men and women of this planet are interesting in many ways in that there are those who are so willing to learn and grow. And then there are those who are so closed. My friend, you have an openness about you that will bring much into your life. So continue in this regard. The Father's love is upon you, indeed!"

B6: "Daniel, my daughter asked a question in line with the youth, why this teaching mission isn't grounded in the youth, rather than us old people? Do you want to speak to that?"(laughter)

Daniel: "Often times it is the youth who can bring about much change. The Urantia Book was given to all who would read it. The understanding level is very difficult. It is hoped that more work will be done to bring in the youth. Seeds that are planted by this generation of adults will be planted into the lives of the children. And as they grow they give to their children. And so the book is given that seeds can be planted for the younger. As more and more adults read and become acquainted with the concepts in the Urantia Book, they discuss these and this becomes a commonality with their household. And what is the belief system of the parents is generally the belief system of the children and their children. Do you see?"

B6: "Yes."

Teaching, Evangelism

B1: "Daniel, as we have been in existence as a teaching group nearly a year now we have had a number of people who have been involved with us who have now gone forth from our group. And, essentially, we haven't taken any new members into our group. And I have been wondering and I suppose that some of the rest of us have also, about what we should do, if anything, about trying to bring new members into our group. Some of us have shared transcripts. We are still promoting the Urantia Book. But it occurs to me that we have a history here and we have been working on our own foundations. So I am just wondering if it's time for us to be considering adding people to the group. Do have any comments about that aspect?"

Daniel: "My question to you is, are you ready now to begin helping others and pointing the way? Are you comfortable in giving the Urantia Book to others?"

B1: "Well I don't know if I can speak for anyone but myself and I'm not sure how to answer your question. I guess the answer is that I think the time is coming, but I am not sure it is this minute."

Daniel: "Each of you are growing in strength. Each of you are growing in the wisdom, the knowledge of the Urantia Book. Each of you is growing in your level of comfort in discussing these aspects with others. As you take your first steps in presenting it you will feel rocky, you will feel less confident. However, as with anything, the more you practice, the more you do, the more skillful and confident you become. And so you will, when opportunities arise, find yourself being assertive, where before you would have held back. As you build your own foundation, that which you are you give to others. And so your foundations are becoming strong. And you will be more open. Your work as disciples, apostles of the Master will come into fruition."

B1: "Are you saying, then, that as we feel comfortable...and I do share the Urantia Book a bit, but I haven't attempted to bring someone to the study group and listen to your teachings as such...well I have in one case and he was skeptical. I guess I want to ask a more specific question to that. Should we be increasing our membership now or are we still in need of continuing to lay our foundations before we go into that phase?"

Daniel: "You can, of course, always increase the group and still build your foundations. We are strong enough as a group here that new members would be welcome."

B1: "OK. Thank you."

N1: "Daniel, I guess I have felt like we didn't ever need to focus on trying..I guess I'm concerned about the way that is was stated there..trying to bring in new members sounds really like missionary..people who go around trying to convert people, proselytizing. I'm really uncomfortable with that! And I just sort of assume that just as we are living, we will know the time to share and those who are to be in the group will make the contact with us will be there. And it is not about us doing it! Is that correct?"

Daniel: "That is correct. However, many, even though they had opportunity in past were afraid or did not understand the prompting of another as the asking for more guidance. As you are becoming more in understanding, you also know when people are asking for more. Do you see? That to have you go out as missionaries is not what is asked, but for you to be open so that when questions arise, when others are seeking, you will then pick up on that and will be filled with inspiration to give information regarding the knowledge that you have, the willingness to share what you know. This is the work you will be doing. And you see, as you become open, those who are wishing and desiring to grow are all opening up as well, and there is this thought transfer that occurs in the collective consciousness that will bring into effect circumstances that will provide you with the openings to give information. Are you understanding?"

N1: "Yes. Thank you."

Collective Intelligence, Thought

B6: "I would like to pursue the collective unconsciousness. Anything you could share with us?"

Daniel: "In what regard would you like this addressed?"

B6: "How is it? What is it? How does it work?"

Daniel: "The collective consciousness is part of the realm in which the thought processes of beings, in this case Urantians, are allowed to freely traverse paths to be available to all. You see, you are not only a physical body, you are also a spiritual being. And part of the physical and spiritual is the thought. Thoughts are a part of your being. They are real. What you think, so shall you become. And what you think must be part of the whole. And so the collective consciousness, then, is the thoughts that are available to you and all. And as you project thoughts into the outer, they become available to others to receive. Your story, your scientific research involving the hundredth monkey, which you are familiar with, is a way of helping to explain the collective consciousness in another realm. What you think truly is and can become real for you. And thoughts, therefor, are real and what is thought by the individual is part of the collective consciousness that all can connect into, can open up to be in understanding of. This question has been one that has bothered you for a long time. What specifically bothers you about collective consciousness?"

B6: "Mostly curiosity more than anything else. One of the questions that I enjoy is that in scientific research the same revelation or the same breakthrough, if you will, occur almost simultaneously in several parts of the globe without people conversing, without contact between these people. And I was wondering if that the collective unconsciousness was a factor in this happening?"

Daniel: "Yes, exactly. Yes."

B6: "The question, then on the thoughts being real and what you think being reality for you..when Jesus was talking about if you had the faith you could move mountains or dig up a tree, or something like that, is there any connection between the collective unconsciousness and the reality of thought or any act of faith itself, any ties there? Not a clearly structured question."

Daniel: "Christ Michael understood not only from a human standpoint as a man of this realm, but because of His divine nature also understood on a much more spiritual level than what Urantians are capable of understanding. In His words Christ Michael was stating that the man and the woman who have faith will be able to withstand any trial, anything that evolves in their life. And this would be comparable to moving mountains. For faith in the Kingdom of the Father will carry you through anything that can transpire on this plane. And because of faith you are assured of ascension while you are already on this plane. And so faith alone is a key ingredient in being able to go through life with the understanding of being in the overcare of the Father.

Collective thought, collective consciousness is different from this faith that Jesus was speaking of. One can project into the outer his thought and they become a part of the collective consciousness. One can be open to the thought of another, yet this does not require faith. It is part of the natural. Faith is an individual matter that is part of your relationship with the First Source and Center. The collective consciousness deals with the reality that thoughts are real, that what you deem important you will so work in your life to make this reality. You have all seen this. You have all been a part of it. The child from the ghetto, who despite the limitations of a good education or abundant clothing or food, even this child may decide that he or she wishes to become a doctor, let's say. This child carries through that which he or she has projected. And the thought of becoming a doctor is the reality that can happen for them. Within the same family you may have another child who does not have this kind of vision, but can see only the ugliness that is around and falls victim to the circumstances. What one had taken as a possibility and turned into a thought that could become, the other, because of his thought pattern, also became the lesser. And so the collective consciousness is the thought that is part of your being that others can pick up on. What you deem to be important for you, so shall you follow, and so shall you work toward. And in this sense, thoughts become real. When you pray you project out into the universe your petitions, your thoughts. If you pray for another, that person in their own unconscious often can feel and realize the help you are pushing for them, because of the collective unconscious. It is a thought that you project that others can also feel. Therefor my words to you this evening were to give love on a deeper level that this level will send it through the collective consciousness that you can not only shield but also heal the planet and those around you. Is this helping?"

B6: "Yes."

Collective Unconscious

C2: "Daniel, I heard you say collective consciousness and collective unconsciousness. And at some point I thought they may be interchangeable. But I think they also may not be. Can you help me out?"

Daniel: "Yes. There are two consciousnesses. There is the collective consciousness where thoughts prevail. There is the collective unconsciousness that you are not totally aware of, but there are thoughts transformed through it as well. In this exchange I was stating the collective consciousness. D3 talked too quickly so please make note, it should have been collective consciousness. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the group. The collective unconsciousness is one which is difficult to describe for it is part of the world which you are not always aware of. And yet because it is still part of the thought process it is still valid and real. And so the aspect I was speaking on today is collective consciousness."

C2: "And would it be valid that perhaps my collective consciousness feeds into the pool of God-consciousness, the all knowing knowledge which I would attribute to God, so that my collective consciousness becomes a part of the collective unconsciousness as we are in partnership and relationship with one another?"

Daniel: "This is partly so, yes. Indeed, you are all part of other beings through this collective unconsciousness."

C2: "And therefor my faith, while it is based on my personal relationship with God and my alignment with God's will, my faith can become, then, feed into, that collective unconsciousness of truth, which then is available to all?"

Daniel: "Indeed. And so is it important for all of you to realize that, because thoughts are real, that which you project which is positive will have a more permanent harmonizing effect upon the planet. If you project negative you project negative into those around you, indeed."


B1: "Daniel, I would like a little further clarification on my question because apparently I gave the wrong impression, at least to N1, as to what I was trying to say. What I was trying to say has to do with group process as well. We have been a group for almost a year now. We have consisted of a certain number of individuals. There have been people who joined us briefly, but left. There have been some visitors who have come once or twice and have not continued for various reasons. Then, several of our members have gone out on their own. P1 and John and F1 and L1 have left us because of going about new missions, and etc. My question was really this..Since we have a history together of approximately a year and we have been learning your lessons on a weekly basis, how do you incorporate into our already existent, but diminishing in size group, new members? Should we be trying to do that..not as Mormon missionary types, proselytizers, but a natural way. For example, I have people I have been sharing the book with, who have been reading it, and at some point it is in my mind that they are going to want to know if we have a meeting, a study group. Since our study group is associated with the teaching group and is not separate, to invite them to our study group means they have to become aware of the teaching ministry. And so I guess I was asking..are we more or less to stay as we are and work with you on our own spiritual growth and not make an effort to try and bring people to study the Urantia Book because it involves our Teaching Mission. Or should we just let them come as they wish? I don't know . ..N1 is shaking her head again..."

N1: "Why are you making things hard that are not hard..again???"

B1: "No, it is a matter of group process. In group process the question is should you have a 'closed' or 'open' group. We have had a closed group. People have tried to come in but they more or less haven't. And I think... that's how I perceive it. We have had a closed group. It's kind of been the same people. And so..maybe I'm not clear about what I am thinking here.."

Daniel: "You are clear. And the question is one which you in each of your own personal lives must answer. This group is not to be closed. We in the Teaching Mission are open for all. There have been, as you have seen in your own group, those who have come and gone. And when you are ready and when individuals are ready you will, just as you presented the book, also be ready to present the Teaching Mission. To answer whether or not we should grow as a group is not really the question. The question lies in whether you will know when to present the teaching mission to others. Circumstances in life will allow you to know when you can present this teaching mission. Do not feel you must hold back, rather when you feel comfortable with telling others, do so. Often times those who are fearful of the book are more open to this type of process. Others will be more inclined to just want the book study in which case they can be asked to come to the book study, in which case there would have to be a time set up for this. These kinds of situations can be worked out. You have been very successful in your group in working through the problems in organization, etc. This group has been very cohesive, very well jelled, very loving and very open to working with one another. Of course, as you become smaller you will think about enlarging. And with any group, enlargement brings different personalities. And there will be problems to work through. To feel you must go out and knock door to door would be wrong. When the circumstances of life allow you to give more information to a seeking sojourner on life's path, then be willing and open at that point. Does this help?"

B1: "Yes, that is very clarifying."

V1: "Daniel, along that same line I know several of my friends who would be very interested in the Teaching Mission, but I have been reticent about telling them because I didn't know if, and I hate to say it this way but you are very good at reading my thoughts, the phenomenon of a 'teacher' would be much more exciting to them than reading a book. Should I feel free to invite them to listen to your teaching?"

Daniel: "Again, you must decide this on your own. Are these people seeking? Are they asking? Are they wanting? Are they asking you to help feed them?"

V1: "There have been touches of conversation that would suggest that. I will just have to be a little bit more sensitive and maybe cause at least some openings where I can know more about what they want. And I'll try to do that."

Daniel: "Indeed, as you walk through life and plant a seed here and there, those who are ready to begin growth will feel that seed as it is planted and will seek clarification from you."


V1: "Thank you. Daniel, I have one other question and this is just a curiosity question. In the Welmek papers it said that two other teaching groups in the Teaching Mission were concerned with healing. And as I look around now and in our sharing time this evening there are five of us in this group who have experienced the opportunity to be a channel. And I was wondering if we were indeed one of those that Welmek's group has been told about?"

Daniel: "You know you are. You have been very open in this regard to healing."

V1: "One other question about that. And I know in a private meeting we talked about this, but something came up this week about Charles, one of my students. He was absent because he had hurt his back in a fall. And I wanted so desperately to put my hands on him, but I knew I couldn't do it the usual length of time because I just wouldn't have time since it takes from 10 to 20 minutes. So I was wondering if, indeed, the Life Carriers are there with me if I were to just touch a child that had that kind of pain, would it be effective?"

Daniel: "Often it would be beneficial. Again, one must realize that the healing receptivity of the individual is important as well. Children often are open channels and are very free to accept even that which they are unaware of. Those who have lived longer often block or are fearful and therefor would not be receptive to healing. Healing is, indeed, a free will choice by the individual. That which you deem, you wish to have healed is opened up for healing. If you wish not to be healed, no matter how much the Life Carriers or the universal energy is given is subject to free will choice."

V1: "Thank you, Daniel."


Daniel: "And with that I will close this meeting sending you my love and peace throughout this week. This is question regarding my being with you next week. Know that even if there is not a teaching lesson I will be with you and will be a part of your life. Go now and enjoy this festive week with family, friends, and go also understanding and giving a deeper level of love. Have a good evening."

Group: "Thank you Daniel. Good night."