1993-01-03-Stillness As Adjuster Tuning

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Topic: Stillness

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown

Session 1

January 3, 1993


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings and good evening to you once again. I am your teacher, Will, who always loves you. Now that we have some grasp of the meaning and the purpose of stillness practice, I would like to say a few words about the beneficial effects of regular stillness practice as an enticement to those who of you who are not practicing regularly or are not practicing as often as you would like.


Stillness, Thought Adjuster

We could refer to stillness practice as Adjuster tuning. It's like tuning a radio to God's station. God doesn't always come through loud and clear. It depends on the quality of the tuner. But with regular practice, it is easier to find the mark. Before long it becomes an increasingly worthwhile experience. The Urantia Book teaches that the presence of the Thought Adjuster is the source of all human desire for perfection and I think that this is so. Any savage in the forest can distinguish between the relative degrees of utility offered by a stone ax head and a steel ax head. Or be able to distinguish between overripe food and ripe food. At the other end of the scale it's also possible to distinguish between a service which is provided for immediate selfish gain and one provided out of love and respect for the Heavenly Father's desires. The presence of the Adjuster makes all these things possible in a human, for even though it is theoretically possible for an animal to distinguish between good and better, they have no need to. It is not a gratifying distinction for them and this is what, in part, sets humans apart from the animals - the gratifying knowledge of the ability to discern the more perfect.

This is only part of the gift that the Father has bestowed upon you, for an increasing awareness of the beauty of perfection is its own reward and provides the incentive for human conduct with or without any connection to any community, with or without any material reward, with or without any conscious thought whatever. And so I can say with confidence that when you tune yourself to God's voice, you will receive direct and palpable rewards. You will know that they are spiritual rewards because no other person's approval or pronouncement is necessary for you to substantiate the experience. Having once bestowed the Spirit of Truth upon all men and women, the direct and personal experience of truth is freely available to all. Yet this perception can be improved.

The method which we recommend for increasing understanding of perfection is regular stillness practice. By quieting yourself and making time available for the Heavenly Father in your busy schedule you are allowing, even soliciting, Adjuster tuning. The sad fact is that for most humans on your planet, the Adjuster is capable of acting only during periods of great distress or the cessation of conscious human activity, specifically sleep. And, although a great deal of your earthly life is taken up in sleep and rest periods, it is not the perfect situation. There is no substitute for the conscious embrace of the Heavenly Father's love and beneficence. None of you would go your entire lives without an expression of love and compassion and respect towards your earth parents and yet many people on your planet would treat their Heavenly Father in just such a manner. Worse yet, this phenomenon is observed most intensely in the most technologically and materially advanced societies on your planet.

By this we are not saying that you owe God anything. What we are saying is, you will benefit from the contact. You will benefit with time spent with the Heavenly Father. You would benefit if all you ever did was cease the human chatter for some period of time. This fact is known to many cultures and has been known for many centuries. What we ask is that you consciously make time for God. Make yourself available to hear His voice, to feel the pull of His magnetism, to feel the flow of His love and to attune yourself, however imperceptively, closer to His plan which only a few personalities in all the universes can comprehend.

Our God is a good God. Friendly. True. His love is limited only by justice and, even then, seeps through in viewing all His other qualities. Our God, as we understand Him, is primarily love to be shared equally among all His children. By consciously stilling yourself, you make it possible for the indwelling Thought Adjuster to go about the Father's work in a new atmosphere in an arena not available otherwise. And we ask that you view our request, now standing for over a year, for ten minutes of daily silent prayer, as a minimum both in terms of occasion and length of attention. We ask you to consider stillness practice twice a day for the same ten minute period. You are welcome to exceed this. At the moment I think we can safely say that this will not take over your daily life. That none of you are in jeopardy of devoting your entire earthly lives to the Father's service. It is early yet and the road in front of us is long. We make a modest request.

All of you are in the habit of looking for results immediately, but only those results which take time to achieve are really worth pursuit. You should deduce now from your reading of the Book that there are no quick fixes. Therefore we encourage you to apply yourselves with an increasing appreciation of the amount of time required to effect any substantial change. We think that the indications of this truth are all around you yet many humans fail to perceive this lesson. Everything in the Urantia Book counsels evolution not revolution. Everything in the Book counsels transition, not sweeping change.

Our ministry is intended to provide long service. To outlast, if necessary, the material life itself. We shall be working together an awfully long time. I am happy about that prospect and I hope that you are also. But for the immediate future and, at least until we meet again next week, take some time to reflect on the distinctions that you make during the week between good and better, and better and best, which are clear indications to you and to those around you the presence of the indwelling Adjuster and your ability to follow that lead.


Greetings to our visitor tonight [Lew from the Colorado Springs group-editor]. We are pleased that you have joined us both on this plane and on the spiritual plane. The harvest is great. The workers are too few. We congratulate you and welcome you into this brotherhood. That is all I have to say. Until we meet again next week, I love you all.


Session 2

January 17, 1993


WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God supports us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening. I'm your teacher, Will, who loves you. Based upon the thoughts and opinions expressed here tonight I can see that the members of this group are growing in their mature and reasoned appreciation of the pace and progress of this ministry.



On the celestial side of the equation, my side of this ministry, we are gratified to see that you are seriously devoted to rendering assistance to other seekers with a less secure footing or a more narrow foundation for the interpretation of this type of communication. It was forecast a short while ago that this group would apply its inherent staying power to this effort. Compared with the original contact group, in which the availability of personal communication caused the near splintering along lines of individual spiritual growth - paths, this group has managed to maintain its balance and to sit firmly upon its keel, with or without communication. We thank you for entertaining this call to service. There are not many who would so perform. It is the lesson in the importance of the finish rather than the beginning of things.

As word spreads, many will be attracted to the promise implied in this type of communication. A good percentage will be disappointed. We are not in the business of providing entertainment for that segment of the spiritual searching community which seeks immediate answers. Speaking for the teacher group, I think I can safely say that we can rely upon you to accurately represent the occasions of frustration, miscommunication and inapplicability of human expectations to this ministry.

In spite of its shortcomings on both sides of the fence I think that all will agree that there is something of value, indefinite and unshaped though it may be, which is leading us all to a greater appreciation and providing the impetus and encouragement necessary to attempt, from time to time, to place our inner understandings of what is right into practice rather than to enshrine those same notions as mere aspirational, but unattainable, goals of conduct and thought. We see sweeping changes in your lives and, while we are not complacent with the results, that is reason enough for us to feel great happiness in the progress that we have made thus far. For any movement to take root, it is necessary that a stable base which is likely to endure is first formed. We think that this group is such a base. You know not what you provide.

I understand that there are questions for which you need answers. Let us proceed.



JUDY: Good evening Will, this is Judy. I have realized lately that we as humans have had a very vague notion of the Father. During stillness it is oftentimes helpful for me to have an image of the Father. When I began the stillness practice I began with a notion of someone that was awesome and powerful and I was humble and in the posture of receiving a blessing. With the reading of some of the Welmek papers it led me to think of the Father as more of a friend who had some unconditional love and was very comfortable to be with.

My question is: Would you please comment on the use of visualizing the Father during stillness and which image might be more accurate, that of a power source or that of a comfortable friend?

WILL: There is no place that you can go that you are not in the palm of His hand. Our Father has gone to great effort to provide a stage upon which we play out the necessary acts of our individual spiritual growth. He has provided incentives and opportunities for us to demonstrate our growth. He has provided respite and companionship, encouragement and chastisement. He has provided guidance on every level imaginable by the human mind. He has apparently done all this so that every person, no matter their inherent capabilities, will have an equal chance of finding their way.

It's not possible to answer your question to the extent that there should be some prescribed method of reflection on the characteristics of the Heavenly Father. Ideally, with the Adjuster's lead, you should grow in that appreciation which is immediately necessary to your personal growth on that day, at that hour, at that moment, under those circumstances. If you say, "today I shall think of Him as a father figure," it is akin to saying, "today I shall wear the green glasses." But if you say, "I am your daughter or I am your son, come what may," then the door stands open. For the great God is powerless to resist the sincere call of His child. When God enters our lives, He cannot be limited by any human concept. He will express Himself in your life in accord with whatever is appropriate to your relationship with Him. Opening the door is the thing. Any technique that has that effect will work fine. Does that answer?

JUDY: Yes. I guess I was really asking the question about the relationship between myself and the Father and you answered that question. Can I ask another question?

WILL: Please.


JUDY: I'm still struggling with the notion of ego and I'm beginning to understand how it affects our thinking and our lives. But I still don't understand where ego comes from. Is this a wholly human phenomenon and is this something that leaves us with death?

WILL: Without intending to dispute present Urantia notions and scientific theories regarding ego, I'll suggest that ego is an adaptive mechanism; a tool of expression which is geared most suitably for the situations which typically recur in the material life. Ego is the soldier and advocate of the mysterious personality. Ego organizes and directs. Makes deals. Projects into the future based upon past experience. Ego pretends, negotiates, blusters and aspires. Ego provides all these services as a method of protecting, preserving and cultivating personality.

The irony is, a personality is perfectly capable on its own of dealing one to one or one to one thousand with all of the forces loosed upon the world and in confrontation and collision with the human self. A spirit-led interpretation or true spiritual grappling that the forces, events, and other personalities that are a necessary part of material life is perfectly within the capabilities of the personality.

But the ego mechanism is expedient. Ego normally shows results within a short period of time and does not require laborious searching consideration. Because humans are mostly animal and only partly spiritual, the attraction to proceeding through life based on ego strength and application is strong, beguiling and pervasive, yet anyone in this room knows the exhilaration of dealing with life based upon the personality resources rather than the same tired tricks of ego domination.

So in the parlance of your society you could say that the ego method is the "quick and dirty" of traversing all the challenges presented in life. But by dealing openly and genuinely, personality grows in spirit power and the chief benefit which is presented by personality dealings is an opportunity for Adjuster contact which we have, in the past, discussed.


Enough for tonight. Let us continue with your line of questioning next week. Our Melchizedek says he is most pleased with our group and happy to see the steady growth and progress displayed and the continuing expression of dedication demonstrated by your regular attendance and thoughtful consideration of the remarks and humble guidance presented here. That is all I have to say. Until we meet again next week, God go with you and embrace each of you.


Session 3

January 30, 1993


WILL: Good evening, I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.


Urantia Movement

Throughout the course of human history there have always been persons who received inexplicable urges, ranging from the carnal to the spiritual, and persons who have received suggestions that they should go to some place or do some certain thing or perform some deed. Great crimes have been excused upon the justification that the performer of the deed was following some unjustifiable instruction. And so we see now that even within the Urantia movement there is great resistance to the idea that there could be direct or indirect contact between celestial personalities, whose responsibilities are generally to guide the spiritual development in humans, and ordinary mortals alive on this planet.

The difficulty arises because of the fact that, regardless of the accuracy of the contact and any resulting transmission, the fact is that such communications are subject to no control whatsoever. Therefore the ultimate results of the communication, however intended, are completely within the control of the human receptor of such communication. Many members of the Urantia movement believe firmly, and rightly so, that such communication is too dangerous to lend any credence even when the sentiments expressed within such communications are wholly consistent with the teachings of the Urantia Book. The resisters will say that (a) it's not possible, (b) it is so improbable as to be absurd, or (c) the human race is simply not ready for this.

These are all valid objections. We cannot dispute their veracity. But still and all, many people desire guidance. Many intelligent people have little or no faith in the ability of human society to resolve the serious problems which beset it. It is as clear as the map you have now assembled [editor's note: the group recently marked all the known teacher groups on a map of North America and hung it on the wall of the room in which the meetings are held]. Many people scattered across this country and, in fact, all throughout the planet are regularly receiving communications. They feel urges and respond to them. They hear words and they act upon them. The Father pours out His concern upon all of you and that effort continues without restriction. It has all along.

The Father's ministry is the foundation for all that we do. It is assigned to us that we operate on a different level. It is becoming clear that the kind of communication that we presently enjoy tonight in this room is desired by many people, is solicited by many people, relied upon by many people and the fact of the interest is undeniable even to the doubters.

Something will happen. It is not clear at this moment exactly what will take place but I think that we are all in rough agreement that whatever happens will be consistent with the highest expression of the Father's love for this planet. Your parts in this will require patience, fortitude, responsiveness, availability and practice.

Each day there are openings and closings between people. We've talked on this before. Take advantage of the openings. Be alert to the closings. Reach out to your brothers and sisters. Share your concerns about where we are all heading whether or not those concerns have any applicability to daily life. And encourage them to exercise their thoughts keeping with the highest possible concept. When you communicate with your fellows, stay on the highest road. You have only a few moments. Each of you well knows this. It is the practice that will cause the approach to perfection.

I went fishing for some new fish last week. I felt some nibbles. It requires either courage or foolhardiness though to bite that hook, to speak out. [editor's note: Several of the members of our group felt like they "heard" Will as we meditated together last week when we had no transmitter/receiver present, but none spoke out.] It's not possible for us to provide to you enough certainty to satisfy your requirements. The more incline to the path of spirit progress the less certain any particular point on that path will be. It is the trend that provides the certainty, not the position. It's the motion, the progress, that builds in the human the feeling of wholesomeness and well being. Some day it will happen for each of you. The leap of faith. It's exhilarating. It's discomforting. We think you will like the ultimate result. In the meantime, we will practice again and again just as you are asked to practice with your brothers and sisters, the companions in life with whom you share responsibility for the tone and tenor of the material life experience. Those things are entirely in your hands.


That is all I have to say. Until our next meeting and our next communication, I leave you, as always, in the Father's hands. And we of the instruction team will do what is allowed to us to attempt to guide your thoughts and arrange an embarrassment of opportunities for you throughout the coming week.