1993-02-07-Heaven Brought To Earth Through Us

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Topic: Heaven Brought To Earth Through Us

Group: Indianapolis TeaM


Teacher: Tarkas

TR: Linda M.



TARKAS: Good afternoon to all of you. This is Tarkas, your teacher. I am pleased to see so many gathered today on such a beautiful day. There is much love and light present in this room following our beautiful prayer. I'd like for you to take a moment and feel the energy that is present in this room now. Think about this in relation to the Father's love.

I am pleased that we are beginning our sessions with prayer. As you know and we have discussed, the group process in prayer is important, as well as your individual prayers. We have begun to meet on a more regular basis and I believe this will provide us an opportunity for the development of more unity within our group. We will need this type of interconnectedness and unity as we progress in our preparations for this mission.


We will be learning many things together. There are things that I learn as I work with each of you and your group and I hope that you are beginning to see what you will be learning as well. Our concepts are simple. To live them as an integral part of your life takes practice and much discipline and time. These may seem simple, this may seem uneventful to some. But developing these skills to the point that they are an integral part of your lives will prepare you for what lies ahead. There are many events ahead of us that will not be terribly exciting. They will require some work and effort. There are some, however, that will be very exciting for all of us.

There will be times that are easier than others. You must prepare for this process . ..for these ups and downs. You must develop your own personal communion with the Father and God-Consciousness to sustain you individually and your group will continue to grow closer and serve a support for one another.

There are many here, and there are many with you all the time now, supporting your growth, sharing with you as they are able. Several in your group are receiving communication and I hope that soon, perhaps at the next meeting in two weeks, that one or another may be willing to do a portion of the meeting. There is a process of practice and gaining confidence and I trust that each in this group will be supportive of the individuals in that process. They will play an important role in allowing us to communicate our words to you.

I want to commend you on the efforts you have made thus far to share with those with whom you are close, and who have been a part of this group for some time, the words of other teachers and the words from our meetings.

I believe you have done much to organize yourselves and make this come together smoothly. I thank each of you who have opened your homes to hold readings, small or large. These things are all important to make this possible for us to learn together. Each of these deeds that you have done, to bring something to eat, to purchase something to allow this communication to be heard by all, whatever your role has been, it has been important. No task or deed is small in the Father's eyes.

We will be starting to do a series of lessons now that we are meeting on a more regular basis, and now that you are beginning to practice your prayer and worship. Continue to reread the messages pertaining to this. Continue to practice these things daily. Bring your questions to these groups or to those in your group who are beginning to receive. Soon we will be able to have many individual sessions as you will have several in your group who are able to provide this role for you. This will allow us to get to know one another individually as well as in the group.

There are many here tonight and several have requested to speak. I would prefer to have them speak at the end, if time permits. I am undecided as to whether it would be best to begin with the lesson at this moment or to allow a few minutes of questions first. What is your preference as a group? Do you have questions from previous lessons before we start on today's lesson? (response to negative) Then we will begin a lesson.

Materialization, Melchizedek Schools

Before I begin this lesson, I do wish to comment on an upcoming event. Some of you have heard about this event, but I am unsure as to whether all have been informed. We have been making claims for some time for an opportunity for a Melchizedek to be viewed on your world. The plans have become more formalized and the date has been established. There will be a materialization of a Melchizedeck in April on the 24th. The Naperville group in Chicago will host this event. There will be two additional materializations at different locations in your country. These dates are not yet known. This event has required much planning; it has required much discussion. We have tried to foresee all the ramifications and to take measures that we are able to take to assure a positive outcome.

It is the consensus of those involved in this mission that this step is an important one. It should not be used to be a basis of your commitment to this mission for we will not have this kind of event on a routine basis. You will need to rely on your own communion, worship, and prayer for your day-to-day function in this mission.

There are different reactions that individuals will have to this event. Some may find it too alarming to consider participating. Some may block the event due to fears inside them. We share this with you today so that you might understand why we are anxious to lay some foundation with you. Things in the mission are moving along quite well and much lies ahead, some of which I know about and some of which I am not even aware of.

You must discipline yourself in the next few months to master some of what we are learning so that you might grow spiritually and prepare for what lies ahead. There are many exciting and eventful times ahead for us if you prepare yourself on as many levels as you are able. We have talked about overall health, your diet, your exercise, your prayer, worship, your meditation. All play an important role in your daily existence. These things affect your overall health and well-being.

We are hopeful that this event will strengthen each who is present. We recognize there will be some who are there merely as curiosity seekers. We are not limiting this event. We are not asking you to solicit huge numbers of individuals. We make you aware because you are part of a group that is in a geographical range that might consider attending this event. It is your individual decision. Your ability to function in this mission, to grow spiritually, does not depend upon this attendance. Do not feel that this is something you must attend. There will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, most intensely felt by those who are present. There will be spillover to others involved in the mission. This outpouring of the Holy spirit will happen at each materialization.

There will be more details forthcoming. If you have a question pertaining to this I will entertain it at this point. And then I wish to proceed onto our lesson.


QUESTION: What will be the Melchizedek's purpose for coming here?

TARKAS: What purpose could you imagine this being for you?

HUMAN: I can imagine many -- to lead and guide and teach. I can see that many might see this as a Second Coming of Michael or as a false God, or as God, as many different things.

TARKAS: This is always a risk with humans. You have a tendency to elevate the individual to a God-status. The Melchizedeks are not the Father but they do represent the Father in many ways.

As you are aware, this mission you are beginning has many phases that reach far beyond what you, and probably I, can imagine at this moment. The goal is to make major changes in your world. In order to do this many things will need to be learned by you and much will need to be accomplished. There will eventually be schools when the Melchizedeks are on the face of your planet. These will prepare individuals to serve us and serve with us in this mission to bring about what needs to be changed.

This is indeed preparation for a time when Michael will also be present. Initially, he will be present for a brief appearance. Later we anticipate that he will return to be present for a longer period of time. As your planet evolves, we anticipate that his initial appearance here again may happen within the lifetime of many of you here.

In preparation for this, we will have our April event. There is desire amongst many groups to be able to visualize their teachers and we understand that we will have that option after this event. Each group will deal with this as it is most appropriate within their group. Some groups are not desirous of this, at least not at this time.

There is no need for this to happen. Others feel they will be more able to communicate, feel closer, and have their experience bolstered. All of you will go through periods of doubt, and you will need to deal with this, work through this to decide where you stand in your own growth process spiritually and your continued effort to remain committed to what you believe to be true in your heart.

There are many concerns. There is concern as to what would happen if this becomes well known. There will be some who will not believe. There will be some who ridicule those who do believe. You must in your own heart evaluate these things. It is more difficult for your group in some respects as you are at such an early stage. But I wish for you to have this information that you might make your own choices. Do you have a further comment about this?

QUESTION: I take that the Melchizedek will be visible to us for a short period at this particular time? Will they appear for a longer time later?

TARKAS: The Melchizedeks will eventually hold their schools here. Yes, It will be a short period of time. We anticipate it being around an hour. It has not yet been finalized which Melchizedek will be materialized.


QUESTION: If the teachers were also to make themselves visible, then do they need the TR to speak to us, or can they speak to us directly?

TARKAS: We would like at some point to be able to speak directly, but initially at least we will still need the services of the TR. The other purpose for this communication process is to prepare you or to bridge the gap for you, so to speak, in your ability to discern communication from your own Thought Adjuster. Several groups now have been assigned guides to individual members. Most members have guides in several groups now. So many in the group are seeking to develop this ability to receive.

You have several in your group now who are developing their ability and will serve in the role that Linda has served today and Michael has served previously. In time, you all will also receive guides and have the choice to develop this ability. Each of you is capable; it is a matter of your desire and practice. For those who wish to have this type of communication there will be support. In time, you all will grow much. You will grow in many ways to reach out.

Our purpose, as you know, is to develop your spiritual growth. A part of this purpose which we have been permitted to fill is to bring communication to you in this way and to evolve your several phases of communication to the point at which you will, or at least some of you will, be able to receive communication from your Thought Adjuster. This is not an automatic guarantee for each of you but an explanation as to why this communication is important for those who wish to pursue it.


HUMAN: This reminds me . .. this is actually partial fulfillment of a prophecy that I heard by some friends that I have not been in touch with for several years. They showed me that the Father was joining the heavens and the earth together. This was several years ago that I first heard this. And now, with this group and you, and seeing what seems to be the beginning phases of this prophecy . .. it's wonderful.

TARKAS: How do you see the heavens being brought to your earth? To Urantia? The heavens meaning the spirit beings and the angelic beings and ones that exist on a spirit level. How else do you see this being brought to your planet? Can anyone else comment?

HUMAN: I see the wisdom, guidance from on high being brought to this planet so we can find our ways out of the difficulties we are in.

TARKAS: What I am fishing for is for you to realize that the heavens will be brought to Urantia by each of you. By your developing these spiritual insights, by you growing spiritually. It is through you that much will be brought and become an active process in your world. The changes cannot happen without your will and efforts. We cannot do this for you. We can help. We are here to work with you but we cannot make this change ourselves. Therefore, you see the importance of your willingness to work with us, how much we appreciate your being willing to do this, how we work as brothers and sisters in this process. How only you can share this love with one another in a way that will bring about a transition of your world and allow it to evolve as the Father and Michael desire.

Shall we move on to our lesson?


I wish to speak tonight on faith. It is interesting how our prayer correlates so well. It would seem that we prearranged this. (pause) I thought perhaps that would be a bit of humor... (laughter)

Perhaps the air was a bit too heavy preceding that comment (laughter). I sensed strong feelings and the need to lighten the air a bit. I sensed tears, even in your TR's eyes.

What I would like to do is invite you all to participate in this discussion. I would like to solicit someone to assist me to make sure everyone has an opportunity to speak. I would like individuals to comment about what they perceive faith to be, in general perhaps, but even more importantly how faith is defined for them in their own lives.

If you wish not to speak you have the right not to do this, of course. But I wish for all who are willing to share to do so, for each of us will learn by this sharing with one another. Who would be willing to help me with this process?



HUMAN: May I say something? I really think faith is our acknowledgment of our relationship with God, and through God with every other being. Not only human beings but angelic, Melchizedeks and all other. I really think that when we acknowledge that we have faith, this is what Jesus was talking about when he told somebody he was healing that "Your faith has cured you". I think he meant that their relationship with God helped him be cured, not only physically but spiritually and psychologically.

TARKAS: It is true that if one is to be healed, your faith is most critical. Even if the Father says this petition may be answered, even if spiritual beings are there to assist, and even if a light carrier is there to assist. An individual can only be healed to the extent of their faith. If they do not truly believe that they can be healed, then they will not be fully healed. It is true that faith plays a role in relationships. I thank you for your willingness to share. Would you be willing to assist me in making sure all have an opportunity to speak if they wish?

HUMAN: Oh, yes.

TARKAS: Then I ask you to be the one to acknowledge individual members as they choose to speak.

HUMAN: Faith to me is . .. you plant the seeds, you put it in the soil . .... five or six months later I harvest peas. You plant the seeds and really have faith that this will come about. That is faith to me.

TARKAS: There are several components to what you've said that I wish to make a comment upon. Faith is certainly a living experience. This is a point I wish to emphasize. This is also something that grows with your will and with your own efforts through the tools we have shared. Thank you for your comments.

HUMAN: This is something that is very simple, and I think the truth is very simple. This is what I share with the children at Sunday School when we talk about faith because it not only is very easy to understand for the adults but also for children. If you take the letters F A I T H, F is for Father, A for and, I for I, T for Together, H is for here and now. The Father and I are together here, there is no separation and it also speaks of oneness. God and I being here right now together.

TARKAS: Thank you very much for sharing this. That is a very nice way to think about faith. It is true that each of you has a relationship with the Father right here and now. The degree to which you participate in that relationship on a conscious level and the degree to which you are consciously aware of this relationship will grow if you work with us. And if you work on your own with the tools we have shared.

I wish to emphasize this effort on your own. For even if you were to decide not to remain with me in this group, you have this capability to grow spiritually.

HUMAN: To me, faith is in doing what you don't want to do, doing what you are afraid to do, doing what doesn't make sense to do, and sometimes without sight-blindness, and without knowing. It is about faithfully doing this thing anyway. Usually I have found for myself that the most difficult things for me to do faithfully have been the experiences that have caused me to grow the most. Even the most painful, I have grown from the most.

TARKAS: You have covered much territory in what you have shared. The piece that stands out to me, and I wish to ask if this sounds like what you were saying: that you believe what you cannot see, that this might be an aspect of faith that you are describing. Is this correct?

HUMAN: Things that I cannot see?

TARKAS: That you would be able to believe without seeing.

HUMAN: Right.

TARKAS: There were many things you said that have truth in addition to this. The way in which I view those things is a little different. I see several things that you said as being attributes of character, with faith being one of those attributes. You mentioned courage, you mentioned several other things that are, in my perspective, part of various character attributes. It will be fun to learn together those different attributes and learn to decipher the differences and commonalties between them and how they all work together. For they do, in fact, work together. Thank you for sharing. It is true that faith helps you get through those times, that command more from you than you are able to understand by seeing.

I have another comment but I will wait to see if others comment on this other aspect that is in my mind now.

HUMAN: I think faith is our connectedness with God and everyone and knowing that no matter what happens to us here, it is by Divine plan. And even though I don't always like what is happening in my life, I know that I have learned and sometimes I need to experience in order to move on to other experiences. Without those unpleasant experiences, I won't be growing and I won't experience the next step in my life. I have the faith to know that whatever is happening is by Divine plan and I need to accept that, because something better is coming from my learning and from my growth.

TARKAS: Once again, there is much in what you say. It is true that the Father prepares a plan for each of you. The plan stretches far beyond this present life experience. This plan is reviewed by your Thought Adjuster prior to volunteering to work with you. This plan is larger in scope and usually focused. It is true that as you experience the challenges in your life, you have opportunities to grow spiritually, to draw upon these character attributes within you, and to develop them.

But I wish for you to understand many hardships that you experience are not necessarily the will of the Father. There is much in your world that results from the fact that you are free will creatures. The Father respects this will of yours above all. He does not coerce or demand that you follow Him. He will reach to you and draw you near, and if you reach to Him, He will join you. Because of this factor there are decisions that individuals make that cause repercussions to others. These repercussions are not the Father's will being forced upon this individual. This is something that seems to be a broad belief in your world that all negative experiences are necessary and brought to you for a specific lesson.

There is always something to be learned in those experiences. There is always the opportunity to grow and develop yourself spiritually. Do not believe that each event is totally the Father's will in that direct fashion. One, on the other hand, might say that if you have a life of ease that you have grown and may be more spiritually developed. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your angels are here to guide and direct you. They are able to lead you in directions that bring you in contact with an opportunity to grow in any direction that allows you to develop what you need to develop at the time. If you find yourself complacent too long, we might say that your angels were a bit lazy. So it is not quite as clear-cut as you described but I believe you understand the essence of the truth that is involved in being able to approach these challenges with courage.

HUMAN: Tarkas, I believe it's possible to grow in faith using your logical thinking. If a Supreme Being exists, I really have to look at creation to confirm that if I'm encouraged to think otherwise. It seems we are here to choose between the path of good and evil, always faced with that decision. As we look at good and the things it represents, truth and beauty and love, and the things that evil represents, the choice seems quite clear. Should there be a God, then God would be that kind of compassionate, loving Creator. I have the utmost faith because of a lot of these deductions. Does that seem appropriate, to think about it in that way?

TARKAS: Are you saying that because you recognize some larger force has to be at work in the evolution of your planet, that this allows you to accept intellectually that there is a God, that the Father exists?

HUMAN: Yes, and it also seems logical to believe the Father would be filled with love and compassion for all His creation.

TARKAS: Where do you draw that conclusion from? Your own concept of goodness.

HUMAN: Yes, I suppose so.

TARKAS: I appreciate that you share this. This is more than an intellectual process but your intellect can definitely play a role in your own experience with faith. It is appropriate to fit these pieces together and strengthen your faith in this way. I would like to ask you. Have you faced a very difficult experience, one that put you in a place of some degree of hopelessness? That you felt you had exhausted your intellectual capabilities?

HUMAN: Yes, not nearly as much tragedy as some people have faced, but I've had problems and adversities. As a student of the Urantia book I turned to the book for guidance.

TARKAS: Can you think of a time that would fit in this category where you faced an adversity and you felt that your own intellect was unable to assist you sufficiently.

HUMAN: Absolutely, I find out every day how little I really know.

TARKAS: When you reach a point like that as you did in the past, what did you feel inside.

HUMAN: I used to feel quite alone because I thought we were here to deal with everything on our own. At the time I didn't realize that the closeness was there, and there was a great deal of spiritual help very, very close. Now that I do know, I think I'm making remarkable spiritual progress every day.

TARKAS: So at that time, you did not consciously recognize the Father was personally with you and you perceived yourself to be alone. What allowed you to take a step forward from where you were.

HUMAN: Discovery of the text and reading it for some time.

TARKAS: What was within you at that very moment in which you were finding yourself so alone. Can you think about that experience? Is there something that you felt inside?

HUMAN: When I felt alone, I just felt that all of the responsibility was on us here on earth to work out our own problems.

TARKAS: Did something help to lift you up from this point?

HUMAN: Oh, yes. The realization of so many angels, with so many particular jobs. I realized then I must work with this closeness, that God was within me all the time.

TARKAS: When you realized this, did you feel anything inside?

HUMAN: I think so.

TARKAS: Do you remember this sufficiently to describe it at all?


TARKAS: I ask for you to concentrate on this. See if something comes to mind. Faith is something more than just your intellectual problem-solving. But I do understand you in what you say and you are on the right track. I appreciate how much you have shared. Others appreciate this sharing, as well.

Continue with your efforts; you are living in a good path and you are correct that as you become more aware of your personal relationship with the Father, you are indeed growing spiritually. Some feel that their faith is lost or stopped at times in their lives, but I wish to assure you that faith is not lost. You may not always be conscious of it, but your faith is growing. It grows faster at some times than others, but you do not lose this faith in a spiritual sense, your soul is developing. Next, please.

HUMAN: I felt that my responsibility was to recruit people for this group, and I've only had a certain amount of success. A lot of the people I talked to aren't interested in changing or accepting something new. A lot are satisfied where they are. Sometimes it is disappointing. I can't get through to too many. Quite frankly, I have more success with women, who are seemingly more open-minded than men. I realized that Jesus had trouble too. I guess I can't complain too much. I wondered if there was anything you'd want me to keep in mind while I talk to people about our meetings.

TARKAS: I am pleased that you wish to draw others to this group. I am pleased with the role you played, a very key role in getting this group off the ground. For, I believe, you were the "spike" to set this into motion.

It is difficult to be patient when you know of a truth and you wish others with whom you associate and with whom you care about to participate. In the end, you only have control of your will. You cannot force this on others. It must come from them. If the Father has allowed you the amount of time to work out your free will despite all the problems then should you not find an understanding of allowing others their own free will in this process?

But do persist in your attempts to reach others. Do not become disheartened. It does take time. You will develop wisdom in time as to who you will be more successful in approaching. What your main focus is now is developing your own growth, and as you do this others will see the changes in you and be drawn to you. By the fruits they shall know you. We will also be bringing others to you, so work hard to prepare. For we will bring many that you may not even know are interested or open.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that you can share much of what you are learning by sharing truths that have rung true in your heart, by sharing your own ideas as you evolve in this process in discussions with others. Truth is truth and for those who are open to seeking truth, they will begin to recognize this in your words. Soon their curiosity will be piqued and they will come to you.

I understand your impatience, your desire for truth to move along. You have done much and should feel positive and good that you have done these things. I know you wish for more to be involved. It will come to the point in time where we must pull together those who are here and willing to be a part at this point in time, to strengthen this group, develop unity amongst these individuals, and to assist one another in your individual growth. Your group will swell, you will reach out to others to a greater degree than you might imagine at this time. You must allow each individual to make their own decisions. Do keep in touch with as many that you feel you should. Allow some guidance from inside in this process. Emphasize, for now, your own process and your own growth. Did that help?

HUMAN: Yes, that's fine, thanks.

TARKAS: It may not be an answer that you would like but it is the truth about how your group will evolve.

HUMAN: Tarkas, as you know, there will be an international meeting this summer in Canada. Many of the students on the Teaching Mission will be there, I'm sure. I was just wondering if you or some of the other teachers may be coming along?

TARKAS: Well, certainly we will be there as we are here. There are many in this room that you are unaware of. There is much speculation of what may transpire at this meeting, but there is nothing confirmed that I may share with you. I am pleased that so many will gather together, for the sharing of their experiences will bolster each other in their process. As you might be aware, there is also controversy.

I appreciate all your questions, but I would like to go back to the topic of faith and continue around if there are others who wish to share their own experiences. We can have other questions at the end if time permits.

HUMAN: To me, faith was a technique by which I could reach out to things I thought were unknowable and to experience and know them. It was a sublime trust that I could know or receive things I didn't know were possible.

TARKAS: Michael, when he lived on your world as Jesus, relied upon his faith in the Father to a very large degree. You read in that paper at the end of the Urantia book about the faith of Jesus. Think about what it was like for him to walk upon this world. He developed an awareness of the Father's presence and he grew in his faith; he never faltered in this faith. It gave him the ability to face those things that he might find difficult, knowing that the Father was him. Even though he was unable to see the Father, he had the Father's love and support and he was loving and trusting of this support in his experience.

I am pleased that you are aware of this kind of support that is available for you and its ability to help you to reach out to those things that are not seen and known by you.

HUMAN: When I was younger, I thought that faith was to believe what I was taught by others, official church people. Now, I feel a lot of encouragement to trust what I know and what is revealed to me in times of quiet and prayer. But I feel confused because it seems that faith has moved people, or what they call faith anyway, to hurt each other. People have even killed each other for religion. Sometimes I feel fearful of trusting my own inner guidance.

TARKAS: You have brought out an important aspect of faith. To understand that it is a very personal experience; that it is tied to your own process in becoming close to the Father as an individual. Many times it has been taught that you need someone between you and the Father to interpret and explain things to you. As you know now, this is not necessary, in fact it is not desirable. It is important that each develop their own relationship and their own God-Consciousness. I am interested in what it is you are afraid of. What would trusting this inner guide bring about that would make you fearful?

HUMAN: I am only one person. There are a lot of large institutions founded in the name of religion that make me feel too small to have a voice.

TARKAS: It is very unfortunate that this is the experience of many in your world. You are a daughter of the universe. The Father loves you as much as He loves any other being in the entire universe of universes. This is difficult for you to feel inside yourself at this time. But I ask you to concentrate on this for it is true. You are no less than anyone else. No human organization had the authority of the Father to be more important in a religious and faith perspective than the relationship you personally have with the Father. In fact these organizations have actually caused whole generations of individuals not to grow in this way, to develop their own spiritual connection with the Father.

It is true that they do not always recognize this, that their intentions and motivations are often well-meaning. But the most important thing is for you to develop your individual relationship with the Father. You will grow confident in time with your inner guidance. You will always practice discernment in understanding what is truly guidance, what rings true for you. And will doubt those things which are only products of your mind. But trust in this process, for your angels and your Thought Adjusters are hard at work with you.

There are many of us here to aid us in this process. Grow in your confidence. Remember how the Father does love you personally as much as anyone else. Think about this every morning as you rise. Draw strength and comfort from this knowledge. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience with your brothers and sisters in this group.

I believe that many may feel some of the feelings that were expressed as well. I appreciate your reaching out to your sister when you have an opportunity to express such a thing. This is the way that you can support one another. There is much good within your religious institutions. But there is also much that is not as Jesus taught. This is difficult for many to accept and realize. But for the changes to happen in your world, each must develop their relationship and grow spiritually and support one another. In time, your institutions will truly become the temples of the Father. Are there others who wish to share at this time?

When you talk about faith in your relationship with God . .. how would you describe faith in your own life?

HUMAN: I think of faith in my personal relationship with God, which I consider very elemental, not philosophical. I do a lot of visualization. A lot of the time, God and I sit on a porch swing, walk in a stream with our toes bare, sit upon a fence and watch the horses gallop by, watch children play. I've been through some stressful times lately . .. and mainly I cry and tell Him of a whole lot because I want Him to make it all good and take away the things that hurt me. I talk to Him all the time and tell Him about what is good. We do everything together. I can't philosophize about Him, He's just part of me. When my times were so hard, he was my best friend. When no one was there, He was there. I really knew it. I felt Him there, holding my hand. There were times when I would visualize Him with hands out to me and I would just walk up, we would put our arms around each other. I felt calm and peace. He's my buddy, I know He cares for me. And that's how my faith is.

TARKAS: This is very beautiful what you share. You describe how you see the Father's love in all those things around you, in the beauty of nature, plants and animals and children. This is truth you are recognizing in all around you; you are feeling the Father's love. You converse with the Father and share all of your experiences with Him. The Father does, in fact, experience these things with you. This is what He desires each of you to do, to share and discuss your life with him on a daily basis.

You describe a worshipful experience in communing with Him in these ways, giving your will to Him to try to do what He is asking. Most importantly in terms of what we are discussing here tonight, you recognize that He is always there for you, that you can draw upon His love to comfort you and to uphold you. You described feeling Him present with you. This is important for all. You have many gifts and have learned much about relating with the Father. As you grow in your faith, you will grow in your trust for the Father. You will find your way to draw upon His love, to seek the guidance of your Thought Adjusters and angels to guide you through these most difficult experiences you face. There is so much in what you have described. You do understand these processes and you are using them in your life. Continue to pray and worship and your effectiveness will increase. Trust in the Father; have faith in His presence. Thank you for sharing this.

HUMAN: May I ask you something else? Sometimes, I used to write letters to God. I'd just relax and words would come into my head and I'd put them on paper. I considered that God was writing back to me because it certainly didn't sound like anything I'd be saying. Sometimes I could tell He was irritated with me. He also would make a joke; one time He told me I bothered the peace of the birds the way I went on. It was funny.

Mostly, He would tell me to be peaceful, calm and trusting. Were the letters really from Him? Would you know anything about that? I felt that they were.

TARKAS: The Father works in many ways. The Father is working with each of us in this dimension. I would say that it is most probable that you were being offered assistance. I cannot but speculate about where that assistance was originated. We are not permitted to have information about times your Thought Adjuster would communicate directly with you.

This is rare on your planet at this point in spiritual development for each of you. But our teachers are aware in talking with individuals that there have been times when individuals have tapped into guidance. Sometimes this is from a spiritual being, such as your teachers, or many times it is your angels. There are many beings around to support and guide and many have been here before this particular mission. There were many efforts made before the teachers began to communicate with individuals.

It sounds as though you feel strongly that this guidance was from within yourself or beyond yourself. I would say that if you take this in and let the truth be felt and you decide that these things are good teachings, good guidance, and are true, that you should trust in these. The process you describe of communicating your struggles, of seeking the stillness and quiet and listening, are the appropriate approaches. I would say you most probably did receive guidance. Did you find this helpful to you?

HUMAN: Yes, very much so.

TARKAS: Continue in your efforts. If you prefer writing, use that approach. If you prefer listening that is fine, also.

HUMAN: Tarkas, when I first began to trust in a power much greater than myself, who I believe to be the Creator of all living things, still my faith began when I took a look at myself as a creation of His. To begin with faith in Him, I put my faith in myself. Because I am His creation and because I've been told He doesn't make garbage, I began to overcome adversities. I began to find peace in my life. In finding that faith within myself, I am able to go into the world I live in, and the people that I have been introduced to in my little world . .. I cannot share with all the world what I have been taught, and what has been revealed to me. But in the world that I exist in today, my faith has helped me, and I see light come to other people in my family. I've had people drawn to me and I'm drawn to others. I believe that it all began with a trust of a power greater than myself, knowing that power had created me, and in so doing, having faith in myself to share that power. I think we all have the power of sharing peace.

TARKAS: We are very pleased and this group is honored to have you with us. You share much truth. I commend you on your understanding and your efforts to develop these understandings. You have searched and found truth, you have put this into action. You describe your experience at recognizing yourself as a daughter of the universe, the daughter of the Father, and you are beginning to understand who you really are in this universe. If each of you would understand this and grow in this understanding, all the rest would follow so easily and automatically.

You talk of feeling this peace. I would describe this as the Father's love that you are experiencing. Try to become cognizant of this and focus on this peace and love. As you grow, you will be aware of this more and more within your daily routine. Ultimately, in your career you will become aware of this all your conscious time. You talk of allowing this to flow out to others and others recognizing this and being drawn to it. It is true that if you allow the Father's love to flow through you to others, they will be attracted, and you are then showing forth the fruits. Thank you for sharing this.

HUMAN: Tarkas, I have a small thing that just keeps pestering me. Do we grow in faith or do we learn to use the faith we were given at creation?

TARKAS: This is interesting, is it not? I am thinking how I wish to answer your question. I would say that when many think of faith, they are referring to their conscious awareness of faith in the Father. And, indeed this does grow with your effort. There is growth within your soul as you make decisions and face the things you face in your life. And in reference to this experience, I would say your faith grows.

The Father's presence and connection to you has always been and is always there. It is constant. It does not change. And in that regard, if you refer to this in terms of faith, then it is true it always has been there for each of you. Does that help?


TARKAS: I offer it is a matter of conceptualization. We are able to see things on a different plane than you and I'm not always quick to come up with the response. Thank you for bearing with me...

HUMANS: Neither are we. (laughter)

TARKAS: We grow together then. Are there others who wish to share?

HUMAN: Sometimes I tell people that God has given us two kinds of sight. There are the ordinary eyes to see material things. And then there is faith to see spiritual things. If you want to see God, paradise, angels, Melchizedeks, your own soul, if you are quiet enough and peaceful enough to look, He'll just show it to you. It gives you a wonderful sense of peace and joy if you just use your eyes of faith, and don't forget to talk to Him.

TARKAS: Thank you for sharing this. I will attempt to present a brief summarization and add a few comments to what has been stated. I would say that this process of sharing has been most fruitful, that what has been shared has touched others, and I think this process is beneficial. I would like to know if you share this feeling, that this was useful.


Agondonters, Faith

TARKAS: Some groups prefer to have a more lecture-type of presentation. We will experiment with different things, but this was most fruitful today and I believe this sharing will benefit you in getting to know one another and in seeing your opportunities in being of service to one another. I believe we will use this format in the future again.

Faith is very important in your lives. It will be a part of your experience in your eternity career. You have an opportunity in this world to exercise faith in a way that many of us have never experienced personally.

You may think at times that this is very difficult and you wish for things to all be perfect. I can see your reason for thinking this way. But you must understand what opportunities you have for growth. Growth that will be of value beyond this lifetime.

Many of us are envious of your opportunities. We have difficulty understanding how you are able to have so much faith when you are unable to see so much. Most of us grew up in a world where we had more opportunities to see the other beings that were around and we were supported in our process of growth. We did not have the kind of obstacles put in our path that you have. But by your facing these and growing in your trust in the Father, you develop much in your life. You develop many traits of character.

Faith is very important in your character. For if you do not believe or trust in the Father, then how can you experience His love? If you do not believe and have faith that the Father is there for you and is able to share the love that you need, to wash away those reactions that you have to those things around you that you term emotions.

So faith is, in some ways, the first ingredient for you in developing character and facing your trials and tribulations, so to speak. As you grow in your faith and your awareness of the Father, you will come to look upon these opportunities with enthusiasm. You will be thankful for these opportunities.

This seems difficult for you to imagine at times. I assure that as you grow, you will begin to see this for yourself. Take advantage of what opportunities you have. Be wise. Do not walk into a dangerous situation or put yourself in jeopardy for the sake of learning a lesson. But be open to what comes your way. Face it as frankly as you can. Trust and have faith in the Father to be there with you in this process. Learn what you are able to learn and move onto what is next in your life.

It is important for you to also experience the joys and the peace that the Father's love brings you. There is much happiness in this. The intensity of this happiness and this joy is beyond words as you grow in this. You must have joyous times, times of laughter and sharing with others. Your life does not need to be a constant effort and you should not look for your life to be this way.

I hear a sigh of relief. (laughter). There are teachings in some organized religions that teach you to feel that you must always be working. I believe that you all understand that this is not necessary. You can enjoy your lives as you work at your growth.

If you think of some of the more spiritual people that you know, you see the joy and the peace, and ease, that they are able to approach their problems with. They are able to have those joyful times, also.

Michael, as he lived on your world, is a tremendous model for you regarding faith. He had faith in the Father to lead him, to uphold him, even until his death. His faith was great; he was able to experience the Father in direct relationship with Him. This upheld him through difficulties that none of you will have to face.

For those who have the text, take time this week and reread that particular paper. I feel it will help you in many ways. I believe much was said in our group discussion and I feel there is little else to say today. This topic is vast and perhaps we will want to discuss it later.

Are there any other questions on faith before we end? If there are none, I will entertain a few questions in general, and then I think we need to close. I thank each of you for participating. This was a very powerful and important session.


HUMAN: Tarkas, about a week ago, a lot of people were experiencing a lot of headache and a lot of emotional outpours in their lives. I know the planets were changing. Could you say something about that? Why we need to experience that, how to prevent some of the emotional outpour.

TARKAS: As humans’ emotions result from events that happen outside us, it is true that many hang onto these emotions and let them become a part of themselves. As you grow, you will learn how to let the Father's love fill you and let these emotions go. When you experience an event that stirs these things, allow them to exist and let the Father's love fill in and cover up these difficulties. Allow the Father's love to flow through you. Focus on this, allow this to become more intense, and you will find that emotional reactions will lessen and diminish significantly. This is something that will be tied to the degree of God-Consciousness that you each develop.

There are many theories on your world about emotions and emotional upset. There are so many factors that play a role in why these things come to the surface when they do and the fact that, at times, they come to the surface at many at the same time. To give you a more specific response regarding aspects outside of yourself and your world, I am not permitted to comment at this time. I know you are eager to have an explanation. What is most important now in your experience is to focus on your own process, the tools you have to be cognizant of the Father, to feel His love in your lives, and to allow this to dominate your very existence.

If you do this, you will find yourself free of these emotions, at least to the extent that they cause such difficulties. There is often much to be cleansed from previous experiences, and at times this is a formidable task. But have courage, seek guidance, trust in the Father, allow those of us who are here to help you.

You have all faced different kinds of difficulties and have dealt with different reactions to them. But I tell you on your world there are others who have faced so much more. You have control mostly of your own growth and process. Focus on this for now. I am pleased you are eager to reach out to others and in time you will be of great service in this as well.

I know this does not answer exactly what you would wish, but I think, in part, if you focus on the Father's love it is truly a tool to prevent these kinds of upheavals, to lessen their intensity, to help you through them. When you feel these things, seek your worship and meditation. Allow the Father's love to fill you, to reassure you. This is healing in more ways than you might imagine. Allow yourself these opportunities for communion with the Father and allow this love to heal you.

Is there more you wish to ask about this topic.

HUMAN: Not about that. But things are happening right now. I'm beginning to wonder if I should be in the agency I am in. Am I being directed to go somewhere else? I feel very frustrated where I am right now.

TARKAS: I hear your frustration. I know your motivation to be of true service to those to whom you relate in your work, those who come to you for your help. I cannot make this decision for you. These kinds of decisions are yours alone, and that is true for all of you. I encourage you to pray on this, seek the stillness and listen. Ask the Father fragment and angels to guide you. Listen to those internal urgings; look at what options you have. If you wish at some point in time to discuss this in a private session, guidance can be given you. But do not look for us to make your decisions for you. These are yours to make. We cannot live your life for you.

I know you are open and learning and seeking. The timing for any decision you make is yours to decide. You must look at the situation, identify what frustrates you, determine what you have control over, and what you do not. For that which you do not have control over, pray about this. For what you do have control over, seek guidance on how you might function in relation to these issues. Have patience.


Are there other questions? Then I wish to draw to a close. There are several clamoring for an opportunity to speak but I will ask them to speak at another session as it grows late.

So I wish to thank you all for your commitment and your interest in this mission, for taking your time this afternoon to join all of us. We are most impressed with all of you and look forward to growing with you and working with you. We love you all very much and look forward to each time we meet.

Go in peace. Trust in the Father. Have faith in the Father. He is indeed your closest companion. Good night.