1993-02-07-New Beginnings for Urantia

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Topic: New Beginnings for Urantia

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Abraham

TR: Unknown



Opening statement and prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening my friends. It is I, Daniel, your teacher. Welcome to a new beginning, a new time for Urantia. Yes, the Kingdom of the Father, the Kingdom which Christ Michael has initiated, has brought truth about, is in the awakening of its cocoon stage. In and through the giving of the Urantia Book and now through the Teaching Mission, that which has been dormant for much time is waking from the sleep. And through these beginnings, through people as yourselves, will this good news be spread out so that the Christian religion can begin its evolution and revolution into greater truths.


Know that at hand is a new time. At hand is the beginning of great things. You who daily work to bring forth truth within your own lives will help to bring forth the truth in the lives of those around you. Because of your love, because of your willingness to follow the Father, the seeds that you will scatter will be the beginnings for the new Urantia.

Have much faith! Be open and hopeful. Do not become pessimistic with the daily struggles, the world wide daily troubles. Hold instead a more enlightened view, one which will fill you and those around you with hope, with the promise of a new and better life; one which is enlightened with truth; one that is enlightened with the spirit of love; one which is enlightened with the knowledge of eternal ascension, with the knowledge that the attainment of being with the First Source and Center is very much a part of your heritage because you are His son and daughter. Indeed, let there be in a part of your being a sense of joy and jubilation, a sense of hope and a sense that which has been decreed is beginning and will come to fruition."

Abraham: "Greetings. I am Abraham. I have come here today to give to this group my love and admiration. I have come to express to you our gratitude in your service, in gratitude for your desire to follow the Father. The Teaching Mission is becoming more and more a vehicle through which the new revelation of the Kingdom will be given. As you have accepted, so have you accepted within your being those gifts of the spirit which will enhance and give you support in helping to be open to the call of your brothers and sisters. You will become more knowledgeable about those things which require immediate attention to help them in their physical struggles and also in their spiritual struggles.

Continue to follow your teacher Daniel's lessons in building that foundation, in preparing yourselves. For it is, indeed, with the individual that change comes about. Once you are whole and stronger you can be pillars for others. Michael is pleased with the progress that is being made and the pathway that is being paved by those such as yourselves. Be ye prepared, for what lies ahead will call for you to be strong in spirit! My fellow brothers and sisters, I am happy to be able to serve in this great mission and to see this planet is not forgotten, only it has had to wait for more spiritual guidance which has descended upon this planet in a multitude of ways. Strengthen your resolve to know the Father, that you may serve Him and love Him, and by thus doing you will serve one another. Questions will now be entertained by Daniel. My love and peace go with each of you as you live out your lives, my fellow brothers and sisters."


Tradition, Progress

N1: "Hello, Daniel. Your statement about the evolution/revolution within Christianity that would be brought about by the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission and the conversation I had last night leads me to ask you about the many other religions in the world, and the many other sources of truth. What will be happening in those religions as the spiritual pressure increases? And perhaps you can answer that more completely, the full range of my questions there. Thank you."

Daniel: "Indeed, the Christian religion is but a part of the whole and is a part of that which you are more conversant with and knowledgeable about. The Spirit of Truth has been poured out upon the land and with the 'new presence' of Michael, will be more encompassing. As more and more people come into those truths which are eternal there will not be the disparity and differences between belief systems. There will be more and more unity in the essential truths. As it is now, most of your religions on this plane are monolithic in believing in One Deity, and this has been a start. As you understand from the teachings in the Urantia Book, there is much more. Yet it is a beginning basis for a belief in eternal life, in ascension, in the brotherhood of mankind, humankind. And so indeed will there be much more evolution/revolution among all religions in that they will, over time, slowly emerge with a more unified structure which embodies the truth of the Father. It will not, of course, happen overnight.

But be assured that the Kingdom of the Father is not for a select few, but for all. And because of this, even now as I speak there is celestial help being poured out in all areas. For in most religions there are essential truths. And these are being heightened and brought into more intensity. Know that it is important that even though the overall picture is to have the masses in understanding of the Father, it must begin with the individual and a personal experience, a personal experience with the Father. And thus religion must be a living experience. This is what is the total goal for the planets. And so with each individual there will be help available so that the personal experience can be manifested in their life. All of you are brothers and sisters and the doors to the Isle of Paradise are open to all. It is only those who choose not to, who do not walk through those doors, so to speak. Help is being given, indeed!"

Dogmatism, Growth

N1: "Thank you, Daniel. One further question along those lines. How do we as a group or how do I as an individual escape the dogmatism of past religions in the sense of 'having the truth'? And as we spread the news and the excitement, how can we also avoid the pitfalls?"

Daniel: "Such as??"

N1: "..of appearing dogmatic and intolerant or being? I don't know whether it's being or appearing intolerant and dogmatic in the sense of thinking that we have the truth."

Daniel: "All you are asked to do is to plant seeds and to give your brothers and sisters a new light, a new perspective. To become dogmatic in yourself will stunt your own personal growth. One must, as you have witnessed over the last few years in your own life, be willing and ready to be open to the calling and the prompting of the Indwelling Spirit. If you can realize that the religion of life is to be living and to be a personal walk with the Father, then you will realize that while others seem to walk a slightly different path than yourself, this may not necessarily mean that they are not living a personal experience with the Father; that they have indeed their sights set on following His will, as do you. To begin to believe that because you are knowledgeable of truth means that you confine it to one set of principles or one dogma, one practice, is not growth promoting. To realize that religion must grow and evolve as does man, and as man becomes further along in evolution, so, too, do the doors to more enlightenment and change descend upon the realm of mankind. And in the personal lives of each individual this happens daily. To avoid those pitfalls one must be in daily communication with the Father, to seek that quiet so that you are ever in the framework of knowing what the Father's will is. When you are striving to truly turn over yourself to Him, when you sit in the quiet, then does the Thought Adjuster, your own Indwelling Fragment of the Father help you in seeing the truth, in growing in the truth. And as long as you are growing in the truth you, yourself, can not be dogmatic. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. That was very helpful. Thank you."

Teaching Mission, Dissemination

B1: "Daniel, before the meeting K3 read us a transmission from Oregon in which the Revelatory Commission spoke, and then as you began speaking, making I felt in a sense, an announcement, it almost reminded me of Ham last year in Los Angeles. Do I have the sense that your statement and the statement we heard from Oregon are connected and that other groups are going to be hearing similar kinds of announcements? That is the end of my question."

Daniel: "The time is at hand for all groups, all individuals to realize that in order to follow His will one must be stirred to action, must be ready to live in a manner that displays a personal experience of walking with the Father, of walking to the Father via Christ Michael. And so know that as time goes on you will be faced with situations where you will be called upon to live the religion of Christ Michael. This is all."

B1: "Thank you."

V1: "Daniel, I don't know if I am dull tonight or whether or not I'm not quite sure with your answer what was meant, but I would think that all of our life that we have been aware of Jesus, Christ Michael, we have been called upon to live the best that we know how at the time. And I am wondering if there is something different coming along the way or is this just simply the foundation you are talking about?"

Daniel: "As you say, you, my friends have been living your life as you have been able to at any given moment. And so, too, in the future, because you have been working to create a firmer foundation and a firmer communication with the Father, your life will be strengthened with His presence more fully as you lead out and continue on your path. The Teaching Mission, my friends, is very much in growth and will continue to enhance and enlighten those who choose to listen. Those who are not aware, those who do not choose to listen will be aided, will be cared for, will be loved, and will continue as you are doing along their path. Know that there is much guidance and help now more fully available than there has been in the past. And because of this as circumstances arise they, too, will be bolstered with more spiritual pressure so that they are wiser in choice making, just as you have been and will continue to be. My statement was not intended to state that in any way have you been neglectful in choosing the Father's will at any given time, rather that as you have grown and have been more in stillness, communication with your Indwelling Spirit are you better able to know His will, better able to make choices that harmonize and bring out His will in fuller reality. And you, my dear friends, are thanked for your service and for your continued efforts in living fully your life in the call of Christ Michael. Do you see?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. That does help somewhat. I wasn't at all thinking that we hadn't lived up to the light we had, I was thinking in terms of being maybe more courageous in sharing the Urantia Book. I know my teacher this week told me to be more courageous. And I wasn't exactly sure, I guess I thought about it later..was I simply to share the Urantia Book more or just a matter of dropping seeds and not worrying about what other people are thinking but being willing to just say the truth and not worry about what people think. Is this the direction we should be going?"

Daniel: "It must be a combination of all, for as you deal with people there are those you know you can share the book with, the teachings with. There are those that planting seeds is more applicable. And there are those that just stating outright truth is more acceptable. And so live your life courageously as your teacher has asked in all of these areas. And many of you have noticed that as you sit with the Father in that quiet time you are finding you are gaining more confidence in putting forth His truths into your outer life, and you are daily striving to follow these truths. You are also beginning to see where these truths of the Father become more fine lined in the way you approach your work, in the way you approach relationships and the way you look upon others. As you are in more knowledge of the Father, do you not find yourselves becoming more tolerant of others? As the Father is tolerant with you so you become with your brothers and sisters. As you sit in quiet with the Father and feel His love do you not feel yourselves able to emit more love to those around you, even those hardest to love? As you sit with the Father and ask for forgiveness for your shortcomings, do you not find it easier to be accepting of the shortcomings of your brothers and sisters? So this is the message that I wish for you all to understand, that it is through the time that you spend with Him that you are given divine guidance, strength, and courage to do what He would do, to be able to follow His will a little more closely with each time you sit with Him. Does this help?"


V1: "Yes, Daniel. It really does. What you just said is true and I appreciate it.

I was reading the paper this morning, 'Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion' and I couldn't help but relate some of this to first graders. And I really try to give children choices within the framework of cooperation and learning, etc. One sentence that really struck home with me was this one that every individual has the right to human choices and human will. And, of course, in first grade it's within a framework. And I am wondering if you could . .I have to read this exactly so I will know what I am doing here. 'This liberty to choose for oneself is an endowment of the Supreme Rulers'.(54:3.1) And within the framework of first grade or any cooperative group or whatever, I think we have to give up that endowment for the good of the group. And I was wondering if you would talk on that? I think along that line, Daniel, am I expecting too much from first graders when I expect the inevitability of evil and sin and poor choices and all of this is a part of our human condition? And I'm wondering if, perhaps, I am expecting too much there?"

Daniel: "Always as one grows in understanding freedom and liberty does one come into greater understanding of the nature that in order to be truly free one must be able and willing to give up freedom and liberty. Let me explain.

As a child walks into a classroom and is told they may choose something to work with, and the child chooses something; yet in choosing this activity the child is, let us say, not understanding of the activity, is destructive with it, does not work within the framework for which this activity is made; and so as a teacher you would step in and say to the child that you would like to show him or her how to use this activity. To be more tangible let us assign the activity as putting a puzzle together. Of course it is not correct to break the puzzle pieces, to put them in the ear, to bite them off, to throw them at your neighbor, to put them in a light socket, whatever. And as a teacher, then, in order for the child to be truly free with this particular aspect, this particular job, the child must have the knowledge and the understanding of what the job entails, of what the activity is about. As you show him the work of the puzzle, how to lay out the border, how to put the puzzle pieces together so that they form a picture or a whole, and in stepping in and showing the child how to do this in a sense you have structured and taken away a bit of his freedom, because now you have shown the child what is the purpose of this puzzle. And now the child comes in and chooses the same thing. That activity that was dealt with before is no longer seen. Has liberty and freedom truly been taken away? Or has the child intuitively come into greater freedom by being able to put pieces together and form a whole? In reality he is much more free in being able to create something from all these little pieces than he was when he was randomly doing everything else with these pieces.

And so freedom has not really been taken away because of a structure imposed, but given a new and broader insight. For now the freedom to be able to create and do is much more exciting than being out of control as the child was before. And so as a teacher, as parents, as you work you must always set some sort of parameters and guidelines. Once the structure and the guidelines are understood, from that aspect, then, true freedom can emerge. In a society of Light and Life there is no need for there to be a policing organization, for the individuals themselves are able to govern and police themselves.

In a society with Light and Life those things that you feel could be a possibility are taken as an act of freedom, an act of complete freedom because as you, the individual, know and begin to learn the Father's will that which at one time seemed to be restrictive, blossoms and becomes an avenue for you to create and grow within. And so I say to you, all of you dealing with your brothers and sisters in ways which you must be confining or restrictive, to do so, so that in whatever way you do so it becomes educating that individual so that they, themselves, can grow and experience freedom; that as a teacher you will give children certain guidelines and principles. And once the child sees the value in not running in the hallway, not shouting, not talking to their neighbor at certain times, etc., etc., they will begin to experience a greater sense of self awareness which blossoms into an awareness of what is good for the group. What is good for me as an individual and brings forth growth for me as a person can likewise be good for the group and bring growth for them. And so I say to you, give to the children of today those tools, so that they can begin to realize and grow in more self awareness and confidence, that they can experience freedom. And by experiencing this freedom they grow and see it as something that benefits not only themselves, but the whole. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. That was a very complete answer. Thank you very much!"

S1: "Daniel, this is S1."

Daniel: "Hello S1."

S1: "Hi. I just wanted to tell you thanks for all your words of wisdom in dealing with people. It has really helped me in dealing with my mother's estate and working with the lawyers and the family. I just wanted to tell you thanks."

Daniel: "You are most welcome my dear. These kinds of situations are always difficult. It is hard often to maintain composure. Hold faith and continue to seek His guidance daily.



It would seem we have come to the end of questions and this is just as well for D3 is tiring and I realize you spent a lot of time before in your business and personal meeting which I applaud you in doing.

Go this week, my friends, and work to seek the Father. Spend time in quiet. I would ask that as we close this session, rather than have a group prayer that there be a time of silence, group silence for five minutes or so that you can quiet the mind and bring forth the spirit; that you and your Father Fragment may be one.

My love and peace go with you this week. Good evening."

(There was a five minute meditation followed by some final words from Daniel which are not recorded.)