1993-02-12-Strengths & Weaknesses

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Topic: Strengths & Weaknesses

Group: Corvallis TeaM


Teacher: LinEl

TR: Thea Hardy




LinEL: Good evening, my faithful students. This is LinEL. I am very glad to be with you this evening, and extremely pleased to have observed your progress/discovery this evening. Several points: You have done an excellent job encouraging all to speak. Also remember that process does have a structure. The structure, however, is fluid. You are doing an excellent job, and I encourage you to continue. The time spent, which was not unreasonable under the circumstances, does require me to change slightly what I had planned for you. You could say you are getting off the hook for this evening, except that you have already worked so hard. I think this is reasonable.

I had initially planned to go around the room and ask you to briefly discuss your strengths and weaknesses. However, we will save this until next week, barring changes of circumstance. Let me talk, however, with you some about what it is I have in mind. This is a beginning of deeper level teaching, and I wish to talk with you about action and strength.


Balance, Strength

When I was developing, growing up on my planet, I was intelligent and certain things came easy to me. I became known as what you might call an intellectual, at a certain point in my study career. If someone wanted to know chapter and verse, they'd say "Go see LinEL". If someone wanted to know philosophical details, they'd say "Go talk to LinEL. He will know". I was very proud of this, and sincere at the same time. But I had difficulty grasping the full heart of the matter. And I often found myself somewhat resentful of those that seemed to grasp this, yet did not have my same intellectual understanding. Eventually, I came to learn that it was necessary for me to balance what I knew intellectually with the action that would achieve the strength that would truly make it my own. And as I grew in learning and understanding, I came to find the loving of others, the living of the truth that I had learned amplified and illuminated all of that which I had learned. And then, having gained that balance, the intellectual aspect, which had been a strength all along, became truly a balanced strength.

I relate this for several reasons. First, to tell you I, just as others who have come up through the worlds, certainly have had to struggle, even on a planet of Light and Life, with weaknesses, of which I had many others. And, to learn strength and to understand some of how they relate. Strength means that you have more real power to follow the Father's way, to follow the way that Michael taught you when he lived on this world. But that strength is only achieved through action. Weaknesses, of which all who come through the worlds have had many, are virtually always based on fears. The only way that fears, which are at the root of weaknesses, can be overcome is to act upon them. You know, as we teachers have told you, that seeking the Father is first and foremost action to take. However, if you do not go out into the world and act, to practice upon that which you receive from the Father, even seeking the Father can become a self-centered thing. There is a balance between seeking for self and giving to others that is necessary to attain. Action can be many more things than you might think. When you are confronted with a weakness, examine and see if you can understand the fears from which it comes. I would ask all of you repeatedly to try to identify actions you can take to overcome fears. It is interesting that you discussed tonight some issues of comfort, because I am asking you to become a family group so that you will be safe to become uncomfortable, if this makes any sense. There are many ways in which the truths you have been presented with have similar interplays. Action many times means--there is a saying on your planet--feel the fear and do it anyway. Many times, it means grabbing the Father's hand and doing the things that you fear, until you no longer fear them. This is if the things you fear to do are truly in yours and the best interest of others. There are other things which you fear which can only be healed by taking the actions of seeking the Father and establishing reasonable ground rules for safety.

Part of the difficulty this evening is I have much to say, and we have not the usual amount of time. It does not matter. It can wait. You are already doing much of what I ask, and I am pleased. I intend to begin formal teaching soon. One of my methods which I will try to present to you next week if things are suitable is that I will talk to you on a subject, and then I will cease transmitting, and ask you together to discuss for perhaps a quarter of your hours. And then I will again join you verbally, and we will discuss what has been talked about. This will be followed by question and answer period, which would ideally be directed to the lesson, but can of course accommodate other questions as well. I will experiment with this, and see how we can work together this way as a group. After the way you have functioned this evening, aside from the fact that we will restrict the time, I think you will do very well. I am excited about anticipating moving forward in this project. And I will return to this particular topic next week. What I would ask of you to be prepared for next week is to share with each other at least one important weakness that you believe that you have, and one important strength. I would ask that you share the strength last. I will ask you to go around the room and share this. And then I would like to ask you to talk together. Those of you who feel you have similar strengths of weaknesses, please speak with each other. Please speak up. And eventually talk about ways in which you can approach the actions to help strengthen your turning the weaknesses into positive values. I am discussing this this evening because I think it is useful for you to have some idea of what to expect. I would like to consider this a class assignment, and unless we have other circumstances, I will try to carry this out. Thea is still having trouble allowing my emotions to come through, and this is more stiff than I would like. This is no criticism of Thea. It is simply to let you know that I am your LinEL, and I do love you all very much. I am prepared now to answer questions.

(long pause) Have you all indeed talked yourself out?


Julie: I do have a question.

LinEL: I'm glad to hear of it.

Julie: At work with one of my coworkers, I had a desire to say hello to her Thought Adjuster. And then I didn't know if I could do it or not. So, I said hello anyway. But I'd like to know, can we do that? Can my Thought Adjuster say hello to her Thought Adjuster?

LinEL: Yes, Julie, this is absolutely true. In fact it is a wonderful practice for you all to address the others' Thought Adjusters. And indeed, since thought adjusters can intercommunicate freely, you will find many interesting results from this practice. You are greeting the essence of the spiritual self of this person in so doing. Therefore, their future true self in combination. This is an excellent practice, and I encourage you all to try this. Thank you, Julie, for bringing this up.


Mark: Which kind of brings me to my question. I read something today in the Will papers, about the one, two, three. One of them was about letting the spirit of love of God flow through you to another person. And, I can think of one really ideal situation for that, is that you already love the person, and you're just letting the love flow through you more readily. But, in difficult situations, or people you don't even know, aside from just accepting them, how do you allow that to happen? It seems ingenuous, in a way.

LinEL: There are several aspects to this question that are sometimes difficult. In order to allow the Father's love through you, you must first yourself accept the Father's love sufficiently to be open, to be able to open to others and be that channel. In difficult circumstances, you are reminded of the fact that it is impossible to love other persons by the mere act of will. In many cases, what loving another person is is opening yourself to be a channel of the Father's love for that person. You can seek, of course, even in difficult circumstances, to remember this is a child of the Father, to try to understand as best you can. But nothing will replace your communion with the Father, and permitting yourself to feel worthy of his love as a way to build up the spiritual strength to allow you to actually love people when you are faced with those difficult decisions and difficult situations. Is this any help?

Mark: Yeah. The mere fact that I can look at somebody and not judge them as harshly as I have in the past is a place to start?

LinEL: Absolutely, this is a place to start. I think in many cases, most of you judge yourselves so severely that this often gets in the way. You have perhaps noticed that being hard on yourselves and being hard on other persons seems to come together. When you open up yourself to the Father, and allow yourself to know that each one of you is a special precious child, who need not heap upon himself or herself castigations and blamings. When you open up to realize how much love he as for each one of you, it becomes much easier to turn around and see each other troubled brother and sister on this planet in the same light. This is what I speak of. Judgment must cease not only toward your brothers and sisters, but also toward yourself. So truly there is no-one who can judge except the Father. And you are no more fit to judge yourselves negatively than to judge others. Does this help?

Mark: Yes.

LinEL: I promise you that if you make these attempts, you will grow in your ability to love and accept others without judging.


Dolores: LinEL, along with that, I'm having trouble because I'm going into a new situation where there's a lot of people who've been working together for a long time. They tell me things about each other that are judgments or things that I don't see, and yet they seem to be facts...but it's just their shared experience, and difficulties that they've had at work. For me, how do I go into those relationships, and not buy into the judgment of one person for the next person? Because, I don't think I own it. I'd rather bring the Father's love and give it to all the people than be contaminated by this side or that side, or this perception or judgment. How do you maintain a balance?

LinEL: Yes, Dolores, this is a very difficult circumstance, which I think many of you have faced many times. Often times, when you come into an already established situation, you are seen as an outsider. In this instance, it sounds like some are trying to enlist you to their particular viewpoints. This is a fairly common human behavior. It is difficult to keep your equilibrium in this. Let me ask you one question. Do you have difficulty in deciding what you believe about the people about which they speak, or is this simply disturbing to you that it's happening?

Dolores: Do I have difficulty....

LinEL: In other words, do their opinions affect your opinions?

Dolores: They're warning me. They're telling me this person is like this. Expect this person to blow up in certain situations. It's like they prepare me to believe the worst in somebody.

LinEL: I think perhaps this is a place where you might recall Michael's words of being wise as serpents, gentle as doves. Let me explain. There are times when persons may legitimately share with you possible potential problems, even though the manner of their sharing may be inappropriate and excessively judgmental. If you can do this, file away the information, but reserve judgment completely until you yourself have an opportunity to observe this person, and be gentle in the circumstances. By this method, you will be prepared should difficulty occur, but you will not be required to make any judgments that do not come from your own experience. I'm using several versions of the word judgment here. This is an example of language difficulties. Judgments is perhaps not the accurate word. I would be better to use the word discernment. It is always appropriate to use discernment when approaching other persons. It is acceptable to understand that certain difficulties may arise, and you may want to be prepared for them. This is not the same thing as passing judgment on their spiritual worth. When you are confronted with people giving you this information, if they repeatedly give you the same information, you can probably consider that this is also emotional judgment. You may wish to gently change the subject. You may wish to try to focus as much as possible on building a relationship between you and these new persons based on the two of you, and not base the relationship on discussions of others. I know this is very difficult, but you have already shown a good deal of cleverness in you approach to work circumstances, and I believe that you will find ways to deal with this. Would you like further clarification?

Dolores: Thank you, LinEL. I think some of the advice about seeing everybody as a troubled child of the Father really helps too. No, thank you.

LinEL: Thank you for your question.

Spirit of Truth

Dan: LinEL, is Jesus onthe planet now?

LinEL: Dan, do you think that I would answer that question for you?

Dan: Of course. Why not?

LinEL: Because this would not be a question considered appropriate by our Melchizedek planners for us to answer. As you know, there are many such questions. Also, I would probably not be the best teacher to ask, even had we permission.

Dan: Why?

LinEL: Because I believe in my philosophy of teaching, that it is important for faith to develop from your own struggles with reality, rather than from being given answers to things that you must seek through your own hearts and souls. Does this make sense? I know it's frustrating.

Dan: How does it affect the fact of whether he's here or not?

LinEL: I would ask you then, why do you ask me this question? What is the purpose for this question? Why is it that you wish to know?

Dan: In the Abigail papers that I read last week, it was stated that he would be coming here this year. Tonight, something that Janet provided us telling us that Jesus is here.

LinEL: I am not Abigail. I am not Michael himself. I answer questions somewhat differently. This may be perplexing, but I have my own personal methods which have been approved by my advisers. And I know this is sometimes frustrating. I would still ask you, from your heart, what is it that you most want to know about this? Perhaps I can answer better if I understand this.

Dan: Well, if he were here, it would be an incredibly significant thing. I would simply like to know. To further clarify the paper from Abigail, she said he would be here in great power. And although we wouldn't be able to see him, we could recognize that spiritual power. There would be some influence possibly. And I was just curious whether I should be looking for that perhaps.

LinEL: I would say to you, to you all, always, look everywhere in your hearts and your souls, and any parts of yourselves for whatever manifestations of the power of this sort. Because, indeed, Michael's presence is with us in many ways at all times. You have with you always the Spirit of Truth. Having that spirit, you can form here and now, regardless of Michael's actual existence in space... you can form here and now a living relationship, a true friendship with him. I would encourage you to do this, and if you establish that, you will not need to ask when he is here. Is this any help?

Dan: It's helpful in that it puts the responsibility on me.

LinEL: You will find that I tend to do this. I know it's very annoying on occasion.

Dan: If I could continue that a little bit, in a slightly different vein, would you be willing to help us decide, when we are unable to, who should be allowed to come into our group.

LinEL: I would be more than willing to help you decide when you have struggled together to come to a conclusion. Yes. What I want of you is to try to work together to solve these situations. I think you will find that this is not as difficult as you may think. However, if you become stuck, please know that I will always help you. I may not always tell you exactly what to do. But I will seek in every way I can to help guide you so that you can together make your decisions. And if it becomes troublesome enough, I will make a decision. I will not leave you without help in this struggle. I am here to teach and help you and to be your friend. This is very important to me, what you do together, because it is what we all do together. I care about every one of your concerns in this, and I want all of you together to feel that this is your group, and your process. Does this begin to serve? I regret sometimes being unable to answer your questions.

Negativity, Thought Adjusters

Jeanette: A lot of times, people tend to think negatively rather than positively. Is that because of lack of love within us that we tend to gravitate toward negative thinking?

LinEL: I think often this is a major reason, yes. One of the problems, of course, is that many think this way because they were raised to think this way. Many times they were raised by parents pressured under difficult circumstances who had been raised also to think in this manner, until it becomes a habit, and is difficult. Truly this is important, because your attitude is something which can give you great power over your circumstances, if you learn how to change the negative attitudes to positive attitudes. And because so often they come from lack of love, the lack of attention that would have encouraged a child to feel more love and be more positive. This is one of the places where your quiet time with the Father is so effective. Because the Adjuster can literally adjust your attitude at these times. Is this sufficient?

Jeanette: I suppose we're not really aware of being adjusted like that at the time.

LinEL: There are many many kinds of adjustment which the Thought Adjuster can perform, although we do not truly know the nature, we simply know this to be true. You may experience one that we have discussed. When you feel the Father's love, and you actually allow yourself to be loved by him, this is a moment of powerful attitude adjustment. I must say, this is conjecture on our parts, but we do believe it to be true, and we do teach it.

Jeanette: That's beautiful.

LinEL: It is truly a beautiful experience. This is the experience which one day leads us to sit with the Father on Paradise itself.

Language, Morontia

Dan: Do we have available to us anything like what the Urantia Book refers to as the harps of God, that morontia contrivance allowing morontia people easier access to communications? Do you know what I'm referring to?

LinEL: Yes, I know what you're referring to. No, this is not available, because it is a technology that is not material. However, it is interesting that you should mention this, because there is work progressing to see if such a device, which would work between levels is possible. Just as we are also conjecturing how possible it would be eventually to teach you morontia language. This is something we will always be working on because communication is major goal in this process. I would like to hope such a thing could be accomplished, but truly we don't know. This is one of the areas where what is happening here is unlike anything which has ever happened. So, we can not yet say it is impossible until we have tried our hardest.

Dan: That's one of the category of questions, then maybe you could comment on the legitimacy of that category. And I would express it this way. I thought to myself, perhaps you will tell us only those things which we ask, and we should be asking all of that sort of thing. For example, in the Urantia Book, it says that with the circuits open, we would have access to information about the life and affairs on other planets. I'm curious about whether we should be probing to find out that kind of stuff or not.


LinEL: I would say that for peripheral questions from time to time, this would be entirely acceptable. However, if I were to have my wish, I would hear from you more expressions of the spiritual difficulties that you have in your daily lives, and questions about how best to solve them. This would be my preferred choice. Part of what I was trying to explain earlier, and will explain perhaps in more depth when I can complete my teaching in the manner which I had planned, about my particular difficulty , is that many of you have understood many things in the Urantia Book from an intellectual standpoint. And it's always fascinating, as I know very well, to understand the nuts and bolts, as it were -- how things work together, and how they fit. In the end, this is not the essence. The essence is what Michael taught. The essence is learning to love the Father and yourselves and your neighbors. And no matter how many chapters and verses you can quote, as I well found out, no matter how many questions you can answer as to this aspect or that aspect, if your main focus is not learning to live love, your main focus is missing. This is why I encourage you in this. Because many of you have tremendous intellectual grasp of the book, and many more will come to that. You will also find in this process, that your intellectual understanding itself, which is a wonderful and marvelous thing, will be tremendously enhanced. It's very easy to become over-balanced. It's part of the mission of this mission, that we are trying to balance somewhat the focus on fact, and place the focus on action. Does this make sense?

Dan: Yes, it makes sense?

LinEL: This is something which was a tremendous struggle for me in my time, and I have tremendous compassion for the struggles of any of you who go through this difficulty. Sometimes it is difficult at first, as it was for me, to even recognize that this difficulty exists. Simply know that I understand. I'm not directing this only at you, Dan, but at all of you who have struggled with this problem.

Dan: It occurs to me that those spiritual needs . . . we know that. We know what we need to do. We know that we need to have Jesus's spirit and the Adjuster's spirit help us learn to love one another better. But on the other hand, there's this guy, from this other planet, that knows all this neat stuff that I want to know about...

LinEL: That is why I ask you please to continue to ask some of these questions as well. Actually, I enjoy this, as you can well imagine, because of my nature. I enjoy being able to give you some bits and pieces, whenever possible for me. So, I'm not asking you to stop asking these questions. Only explaining why sometimes I will not answer, and why I would encourage you also to seek the other. Because although we know that we need to follow the Master's path, it is often difficult for us to seek sustainedly to do so. And in the end, you may know how many angels, as they say on your planet, dance on the head of a pin, and yet not be able to love the person standing next to you. It's more important that we learn to love those persons. However, curiosity is valuable, and I would encourage you please to continue to ask. You know I am perfectly capable of saying no.


Jeanette: Why are we getting such unprecedented help? When I presume there's been fallen planets from other universes, why are we getting such unprecedented help now?

LinEL: Much of this is due to the nature of your Creator Son. Remember that all Creator Sons are different, and represent a unique concept. Michael is, in my personal opinion, truly magnificent beyond belief, in his mercy and his ways, he is...it is difficult to speak of this in your language. His marvelous conceptual grasp of how he wants to handle things on your planet and with the rebellion torn worlds. He has the Father's full will for this, and we can only surmise that these things are happening largely due to Michael's unique and individual personality. It is difficult to put this into your language. Does that begin to make it clear?

Jeanette: Yes, very much.

LinEL: We are thrilled to be counted among his creatures. Thrilled. All of us together are truly honored. There is no end to what can come of this. Truly no end.

Knowledge, Mathematics

David: I have a question along the lines of the intellectualism vs. loving understanding and understanding true meanings. I've had kind of a long time question that I've worked on a little bit, and maybe you can help me answer that. And that is . . with regards to what I understand to be the sciences or mathematics, the understanding of our physical world...does any of that have spiritual value? And also, for people that have a hard time with math here, do you have math on the morontia level? Is that kind of stuff important?

LinEL: I will have to answer this question in two parts. First, yes there is spiritual content in the learning of these things. There is perhaps more spiritual content from where we stand than has perhaps happened on your planet. Part of this is due to your current philosophical state of affairs, less than that humans in your situation cannot receive the benefit. Even now, as chaos theory, and its . . . so-called chaos theory...and some of its effects are beginning to reach many minds, the opening up again of the wonder of the Father's incredible plan is being again present in scientific minds. The natural scientific response to all the marvels of learning is to indeed marvel at the tremendous creation. Science can be a very powerful way to be inspired. However, it does have its roots in more material form. And I would say to you, that folks on this planet, who do not necessarily have this bent, do not necessarily learn your equivalent of mathematics when they progress. Everyone has different abilities and skills, and different projected roles in the future. However, they will all learn certain philosophical conceptual aspects, where the spiritual element is present. So, if you didn't learn your algebra, I have to tell you you may get out of it on the mansion worlds. However, what it truly means, you will indeed want to learn, and will learn in time. I realize this is not a complete answer, but perhaps it will begin.

David: It's a provocative answer.

LinEL: We can discuss this at greater length. Perhaps this evening would not be best.

David: While I have the floor, I'd like to take this opportunity to give some thanks, and I'm not sure where to direct this thanks. So many things have been changing recently in my life, and it seems my attitude has been very uplifted. And I don't know if it's membership in this group, or the spiritual counterparts, or where the thanks are due, but I would like to give thanks to all.

LinEL: You can be certain that your thanks will go properly where it is directed. However, understand that being together in a group like this does indeed enhance the spiritual responses tremendously. This is part of the purpose, of course, for such groups. I think you have all experienced a certain degree of enhancement in your feelings of spiritual reality during the process of this mission, and groups coming together. This will continue, and even grow. I appreciate the fact, David, that you are one of us, you are with us. I think you will never regret your move.

David: I think you're correct.


Doug: Could you enlarge the picture on performing the quiet time?

LinEL: Perhaps it would help me if you would say to me first what your own concept is, and then I can enlarge from there. Perhaps.

Doug: What little I understand of it is accepting the Father's love.

LinEL: This is basic.

Doug: And I'm just looking for any clues toward reaching my Adjuster, and the first step to finding a teacher.

LinEL: One thing I would encourage you to do, which would perhaps be excellent in several ways, is I would encourage you to discuss this with some of the members present. Perhaps get together with them during the week, and talk to different ones about their experiences with this. I can tell you a few things, but nothing would take the place of this particular sharing. I think you find in this room many people with many experiences of value in this process. Seeking the Father is the core of this mission, as I have said before. Simple words, however, there are many many different aspects of this approach. As far as techniques, there are many people here who can talk of different ways. But the purpose is to be in alignment, your will with the Father's will. And when this occurs, when you are truly open to the Father, then you feel his love, and this feeling, this moment of adjustment, this moment of attunement, enlarges your capacity for further spiritual development. This is why, as I have spoken of before, you may have a very close moment with the Father, and come to him again, expecting the same, and have difficulty. This is because you are always growing in this seeking. I feel like I could discuss this at great length, and perhaps this evening this is not appropriate. However, I would encourage you to speak with others. And I will try to give a teaching on the quiet time sometime soon. Thank you for your question, because this is indeed an essential process.

Barbara: LinEL, I have a question tonight that is of a personal spiritual nature. For a period of time now, my attitude toward my own spiritual reality and my desire to have a fuller, richer spiritual life has been growing very shallow and very dim. I find myself not seeking the Father. I find myself not reading, either the transcripts or the book. I find myself in very minimal contact with my teacher and with you. I find myself desiring not to go to meetings, although I always find I'm glad that I've gone. So I guess all hope is not lost.

LinEL: I am glad that you do come, Barbara.

Cycles, Anger, Intimacy

Barbara: I recognize in this a pattern in my life that began when I was very young. Putting an arm's distance between myself and spiritual matters. And I know of the reasons why it happens. It happens consistently. I do a dance--close and then far away, close and then far away. What I'd like to know is, what do you suggest in terms of . . .when I really feel resistant to things I know I should do, and that will bring me closer to the Father, what kinds of things can I do to foster the desire? That's what's gone--the desire. I'm bored. It feels like what it did when I used to go to church, and I'd just sit there and be bored. I wasn't bored with the people I was with, but with the message. And there's something dreadfully wrong with that.

LinEL: Yes, Barbara, I understand your question. The first thing that is necessary is to forgive yourself for this entire process, and to understand that, as you know, this is a process that has happened for a long time in your life. And it goes beyond pushing away the spiritual. It goes as far as pushing away other good things as well. This happens when we are hurt as children, and we learn a pattern of coping. You have learned a pattern of resistance in order to cope with pains that were more difficult than you could bear when you were young. The problem comes in when this resistance is not identified early enough and is allowed to continue to too great a length. It is easy to catch this early, and apply certain techniques. When it has persisted for some time, sometimes you must simply wait in an attitude of self-forgiveness, until certain conditions occur over which you have not complete conscious control, which allow a breakthrough to happen. I would also say to you to remember that you are experiencing an extremely painful anniversary. And this is very much rooted in this particular time. Every cycle will have its particular reason and meaning. If when you are early in one of these cycle, when you can still make some contact with the Father, you can tell him how you feel. Tell him you are bored. Tell him exactly what you think and fell, and know that this is acceptable to do. Tell him you are angry, if you feel anger at him. Because this will help...(tape turned)

In this instance, I would suggest to you that you are holding some tremendous anger, and that finding some way to be in touch with this and to release it in a way that does not harm you or others would be important. At this particular time, I cannot go into as much detail as I would like. But we can find some way to speak of this again. Understand that I sympathize with this. I have watched more than one of you struggle with this circumstance. I repeat, the most important thing to do is to forgive yourself, to simply allow yourself to move, trying as much as possible to do what you know is best, and not always act at this time on what you think are your feelings. Does this help?

Barbara: Yeah, it does. I probably should say that I don't feel really guilty. That is a different thing, this cycle from other times.

LinEL: And I believe you have noticed there are things about this cycle which are not as deep and pervasive. This is growth. Truly give yourself credit for this accomplishment.

Barbara: How do you suggest getting in touch with anger that's really buried so deep?

LinEL: I think if you were to explore the feelings around the difficult anniversary, however so much this may not be an enjoyable process, you would connect in time with the feelings you need to process.

Barbara: Might I request a personal session in the next week or two?

LinEL: We will see what can be done with this, yes. Thank you, Barbara. Know that I love you.

Teaching Mission

Dan: LinEL, can you help me resolve an incongruity that . . .I'll phrase the question as it involves me, but I'm not interested in just my situation. I think it applies well to our efforts to understand how people come to be part of the group. A few weeks ago, you said choose what group to go to, and I said does it matter, and you said no, it doesn't matter. But that seems incongruous with the fact that we're supposed to be led here. How am I to resolve those two things: the idea that we're led to be doing what we're doing, with the idea that it doesn't really matter in that particular instance what I choose?

LinEL: If you are talking about the basics of being led by spiritual forces, this is one of those very large topics. Would you like me to comment on this, then, specifically as it has to do with people coming into groups in this Teaching Mission?

Dan: It's up to you guys.

LinEL: I am a little puzzled at what you call an incongruity, because there's more than one interpretation of my answer. You have to ask yourself what it means when I say it does not matter. I think sometimes this phrase in your language as it is used may carry meaning tinges that I did not actually intend.

Dan: Then I would say that what I understood it to mean is that it would not be of any significance whether I chose to be part of this group or the Newberg group, or wherever. That I find hard to reconcile with the thought that we have all been led...

LinEL: You have been led to the mission. However, there is much range of personal choice, as is true throughout the Father's entire universe. This is part of your freewill choice. You could have made yourself at home, or still could, in any of these groups, completely aside from what I myself might personally desire. When I said this, I was trying to let you know that you have this freedom. And I will never seek to take away from you the freedom to choose. And whatever group you might have chosen, you could have made yourself a valuable part of this mission, regardless. It is my personal wish that you be with us because I personally enjoy your presence in this group.

Dan: Thank you very much for that. That wasn't really the compliment I was hoping to fish for.

LinEL: I was not giving compliments because I thought they were fished for. I was expressing the feeling that I actually had at the moment, vs. the answer that was necessary to give for me to allow you the freewill choice that we try very hard to always permit to all of you, because this is what the Father's mandate is, that you have this right to choose. Being led to this mission, that call can be answered in many many different ways. There are some led to this mission who will never be in a group, who nevertheless will fulfill many things in this mission. There are many many different ways that this mission is manifesting itself, aside from the teaching groups. This is one reason why your concerns that those who are seeking will be turned away are perhaps a little bit more profound than reality actually has. No one, in the end, will be turned away from this Teaching Mission, and there are many many different kinds of places for all.

Dan: That was more what I was thinking of...because we're trying to figure out how we're going to do that, how we're going to decide.

LinEL: I think it's important to understand that the teaching groups are not necessarily for everyone on the planet. If you think realistically about this, you will understand that there are those that are not yet ready for such an experience. There are those whose thinking is completely different. Nevertheless, their capacity to love the Father and themselves and their fellow man can still be enhanced. And there are many many ways we can reach and teach them. It is an extraordinarily complex undertaking, even though its message is simple in essence. None will be turned away. Truly there will be a place found. If for some reason, your group decided unjustly to forbid someone access, they would find some way, somewhere. They would not be left. I do not truly expect this to happen, however.

Dan: Good.

LinEL: I'm glad I was not required to tell all about spirit leading. This might have taken in excess of your lifespans. (laughter) And I would myself, be tired.

Katie: Excuse me for a moment while I just jump in here and be a control freak.

LinEL: Please do, Katie.

Katie: It's my greatest weakness. It's getting late, and I want to make sure that everyone who has not had an opportunity to talk gets that opportunity.


LinEL: I also would like this. Who of you, as it is said on your planet, would like to crawl out of the woodwork at this time? Has everyone who has a question had an opportunity? (pause) It is true that it is late, and it is time to close. This has been an unusual meeting. I have enjoyed it very much. I will look forward to seeing you all again, and look forward to beginning our lessons together. I think we will have much fun together, particularly as I learn to provoke Thea into revealing me more fully. She is having a strange reaction with this. (Laughter) Pardon her, while she and I laugh at the same moment. It is sometimes very unusual having the two personalities present within the same mind frame. At any rate, I will continue. I look forward very much to spending time with you all again. I am very pleased with the progress being made. Know also that soon there will be messages from other personalities. And the Father is always with you. The Father knows of your group. The Father knows of what we are doing here together. And Michael knows. He knows of each of you. I would urge you this week to seek Michael in your hearts, to seek his presence, to seek his friendship, to seek knowing him face to face in your own hearts and minds. And I will be with you throughout the week. All of your teachers will be with you, and I look forward to seeing you again. Farewell.